The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 1, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

JAY, MAY 1, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. the time, but weather only a few J Easter in California. SANDIAGO. Cal,, April 17. 1!)00 My Dear Mr. Editor:, While sitting 3 on my rose-covered verandah, neath a canopy of sapphire skies, with the days!" Some way, when it comes to climate, we feel justified in criticising any other in the world, even tho unkind people further north do accuse us of being at the end of the earth, and intimate-that we only have a day'-be-foreyeslerday kind uf weather down here: How I sympathize with th.; old softest of velvet breezes from the lue CAN YOU SEE..... Why a person should The reason pay $4.00 man who told me he had just returned from Florida where he went to spend the winter, and was literally lioz'.-out!" Tho San Diego's charms are many, one thing she lacked Rain! A rainstorm here is an occasion of great delight and congratulation. I'nder cover or $5.00 for a Shoe Pacific fanning my cheeks and the sub-iil fragrancof violet ami magnolias wafted to me from Just around the corner do you wonder, as rpbbiiis auu meadow larks warble the cheeriest ci spring time lays, that in fancy I gaze over my shoulder at my frieds late 01 a snow-hoe world wishing that they, too, were sharing all this California lovliness? What may I tell you of an Easter in San Diega just passed? Shall it be ot its lovely women, resplendent in fine apparel, walking with gilt-edgeci prayer books in hand toward her beautiful churches , accompanied by fine looking men in their Sunday 'blacks" of the night, I smiled at the man who When. thanked heaven for a recent shower since now he might wash his face and hands! No easterner with the slight est consideration of California's feel $3.50 for Gents ings would carry an umbrella' aoroad ir. the land. Frighten the little nrnna all of whom seem filled with the spirit of Easter a spirit of Joyousness and good will to all men? )r shall ir be ntpAaJn . 1 AND.. ":uj iuu eiusive, away : Never! it is a pitiable sight to drive Into the country, where great fields of grain Just above ground, lie withered and J.n rw. "u. iauK-growers, However, solve TUB TRUTHS. DROP of ink will color a whole glass of water. It is an inch of yeast which makes a pan of bread rise, and a single cake of soap containing: unabsorbed rather of the mosques whose chimes, on this day of all days, seem to call all classes and conditions of men with In their crowded doors? Observe tneir decorations In white and greens only how effective they are. That portiere of smllax like a harp of a thousand strings leaching from the dome to the altar far below. Great banks of cal las too, in their exquisite purity, suggests groups of little angels transplanted to earth for the moment see how they me difficulty largely by irrigation, tho the difference in flavor is very perceptible, it Is said, between fruit raise,! artificially and naturally. The market Place, are fllted with guavas, persimmons, pomegranites, strawberries and $3.00 for Ladies buys the best thing to be had in foot, wear. We make a Specialty ol these grades Can give you any style you wish ana Guarantee Every Pair, FOR CASH ONLY. oranges, the latter sellimr ilkali can ruin a hundred times its cost in laces ind fine embroidery. After all, is it wse to take iuch risks with common soap ? Of course you an get along without Ivory Soap. So can a vigon without axle grease but it goes hard. 'rom 5c to 2tc a dozen. .All green vegetables are mirrhiuoi nestle against that huge cross of white roses like a Madonna surrounded by from the lor g-tarrying Chinee, who magnanimously cells von or;e la,K,. bunch of asparagus at if or two small cherubs. And as the tones of the great ' COTHIOMT I t TMff MOCTEff 4AM tit CO. CIMClftNATI organ pealed forth triumphantly what thought you as the girl, clad in spotless white, stepped forth to sing "He is Risen?" Were not the tremulous voice the throbbing violin, the perfume of WALL PAPER. The best and largest stock of wall paper to be found in the Hills .;r- on sale at Sanderson's on Shermau street.. oses, quite enough to make one feel ilCE! ICE! ICE! 1 pure spring water ilfilvered la irtfof the city In any quantity r trade a specialty. Bell fie 19t I JOB LAW RENSON. with the poet of the great soul "For the world is full of roses. And the roses full of dew, Latest shades and latest designs what it is made up of. oues at .,c. and if :,e onlv linger-long enough, will proably f,nd him reducing his price to a quarter, such close bargainers are they. Delicious sweet potatoes with a strong flavor ot rose, are no- selling at 3 for litc-tho the flavoring is lather more enjoyed than the" accompanying high tarn. Oranges at 5c a dozen, potatoes at 4:. You. of couise. pay your money and take your choice. California is said, you know, to raise but two crops, oranges and tourists! Of tho last mentioned, over 300(1(1 have vhdted San Diego this winter. That latter fact tempts me to repeat for your bei'i fit, a profound conundrum lately propounded Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. pring and Summer 1900 inrJ LrU LrLraruxruuuijijTnjTj We t!ik great pleasure in offering this sea- sou s purchase for your inspection, being fully me: vvny is California like voui iwi previous i 1 A ' i i . aware of the fact that it exceeds all our efforts. And the dew is full of heavenly love. That drips for mo and you!" Over in my shaded corner, by the soft light of a stained-glass window, 1 watched a shabby and forlorn individual slouch carelessly in dropping into a seat near by. Iiis form was boved and his lifad and neck covered with questionable looking scars, while his general bearing betokened foreign-ness to the occasion. He seemed so ill at ease amid all that purity. Soon I noticed a irl lean over and offer him a hymn book. He attempted to sing, his voice trembled, he seemed strangely overcome and soon great tears werf splashing the open page lefore him. Was he thinking perhaps of some good little mother way back east, possibly at that very moment offering up an Easter pelitton for her son, who had nanus - in sneer seir-derense, l sug gested: "Piobably because all you NOTWITHSTANDING THE KECENT days are palmy days!" Whereupon 'iKEAT ADVANCE IN MERCHANDISE IN was informed that it was all owing to the fact that they are both supported OUK LINE, WE HAVE NOT ADVANCED OUR by tou-rists! " J'KICES IN ANY SINULE INSTANCE. Last night we boarded the double We . Are Bound to Catch Your Trade on Furniture, Hardware, Stoves, Crockery, Fancy China and Glassware. and our low prices will do it. We are closing out our harness at cost DeMouth's "Ark" Our Men's Department is replete with decked tHy-. for a ride down to the bay, to view the American warships the very latest for men's wear. Italian and French cruisers by moon light from our sky-parlor. As we rode drifted Into the unknown? It was evi Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the new est shades and styles, ranffing in price from down thft' avenue, aflame with its in dent that hid life had been a hard one, numerable pepper-trees, we could bu but through all the; roughness, appre $7.50 to $22.00. remark upon the freshness of the ciation of purity and goodness lurked there. Presently the girl handed him heavy salt breeze, blowing toward us The handsomest line of Men's Spring her Testament she heard him join i As a mild devotee of Bacchus strolled by leaving an odor suspiciously like Suits we have ever shown; the very latest the reading of the Psalm. She told cloves in' his wake, the entire combina me afterward that he asked her after No. 70 Sherman Street. 1 tyi designs jn Inch grade tailoring, ranging tion fairly took my breath away. How the service if he might keep tho littl from $6.50 to f 25.00. ever, I revived my fainting spirits book always that he had determined to reform," She said to him; "But you with some highly deJertable preserved Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one- Go to the. ginger, kindly offered me by my cava see, my name is on the cover In tiny ih IPttPrinar. Will you promise to half the cost of made-to-order goods. Her, and. as a little vulgar boy whis irnarrt la Bflrredness as well?" With tled, "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight," and a swarthy Spaniard in nrnminea he went down the Our Boy's Department consists of every- many greasy garments and sombrero just be thinr nfossjirv fop r hov's eomnlete outfit, church steps, leaving the girl the re " I k,. f kiu rnns-h "find bless low called out, "Hot tomalee and Chile being our reliable goods, auu iuw priwes cancame." I could but say: Here's to yer, miss, ringing in nw anu larger sense of the Easter spirit within OSLY AIM. California"! Verily, variety is thLspice JT-h 1W7 by Stoia-Bloch C. her own heart. Someway it is easy 10 oflife. .. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liquors. Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city Main Street Deadwood. the to iis season we have paid particular attention moralize on Easter, and-to marvel that Just then an earthquake relentlessly other than goodness and purity should lifted us from our seats, and I have not FOLKS. iree-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just .roan Into A. land of such rare lovell a land OI sucn rare like vet ceased wondering whether Cali fornia suiests a sotce Jar or a rose ntes. 3, from f2.00 to $6.50: Irt and collars just like Papa wears, ages years and S."J jar. Which do you think? wnueyou decide, believe me. with warmest re In looking back upon my six month gards. Sincerely, winter spent here, I decide it Is by far JU: GENTS' FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, com HARRYET CLOUGH. ii J f the finest summer 1 ve ever uvi-h is Indeed "the winter of my content." l every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev- g that is new and novel woa by men. lTS of the celebrated DunUpAndStetson makes, . ia . ji i i What think you of a calendar whicn constantly contradicts itseit aa you A TESTIMONIAL FROM OLD ENGLAND., I consider Chamberlain's Cough Renae-the ast in the orld for bronchitis," FIRST NATIONAL BANItl read from It the words January, Feb y all eoou dressers, in an tne new saapes anu snuues lades for spring weaf. ruary and March, and then look from vour window onto a world which says best line of Fancv Caws we have ever shown, in only and always, June, June. June! DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. new style Plaids and Checks. The other day, in asking a channinj ralifnmla matron which sne consia- Shoe stock is now. xcomplete with the very latest in Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. says Mr. William Savory of Warrington, England. "It has saved my wife's life, she having been a martyr to bronchitis tor over six years, being most of the time confined to her bed. She Is now quite well." It is a great pleasure to the manufacturer's of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to be aMe to publish testimonials of this rharac- . . . . A lo Kolnir ered the finest month, here, of the year. United States Depository she replied in a tone which left one no lnination to question: "Why! my Three Reastms Why we Should Sell you Shoes! dear all of them!" And as I recall my DIRECTORS: T. J. GRIER, ,P. t SPARKS P. A. GUSHUR8T D. A. MoPHERSON. 0. J. SALISBURY. letters telling of ice-boat parties up at St. Paul chestnut roastings over grate fires in New England with even de ter. They snow xnai gran b" done, pain and suffering relieved, and valuable lives restored to health and happiness by this remedy. It Is for, sale by Kirk 0. Phillips. OFFICERS: PrMldant.....O. J. 8ALISBURT I Caabler D. MePlMraoa DENMAN Assist Cashier J. S. Vlce-Prartdent T. J. GRIER Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. FOR SALE CHEAP. My residence, at No. 14 Harrison street; also lurmture, carpeis iu M. J. WERTHHEIMER. tains. scriptions of occasional gentle snow falls in the vicinity ot Deadwood, Just to show the Gods my appreciation of their unfair favoritism, I pin on my white leghorn hat, stroll out into cur rose garden and pick a hundred roses easily. These rose leaves will eventually steal Into rose-pillows along with orange blossoms, violets and California popples, and as they lull one to rest they shall dream of a land which will surely some day waken to And Itself, a suburb of heaven. 1 Tea! California Is the word; It must ATTENTION WOODMEN! All members of the Third degree will please be on hand tonight. By order LIVERY FEED. AND SALE STAKES. Good Saddle and Driving Horses Furnished. Heayy Horstc an1 Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to -do heavy team irork or to more household goods and furniture. Dry wood tor's ale and delivered. T GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main St of the Depiffy Grand Hustler. Harry DeLeray. Li The Epworth League business meet Vnare been one ot her little sons who ing announced for tonight has been postponed for one week. V

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