The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 23, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1900. HIE DAILY l'lON'EEUTLMES, DEA 1W0 i i, s. 1). ;hrarv Carnival. ,, ,, - of the ladies of tilt; m . 3.. i ... . m-mm'twj' I At a B" , . tl i.i v it was decided Mis. 11. I). Hickok has removed her ; Viava Parlors to SI. I'pper Main ; street an 1 will be pleased to have . her lrkiiJs and patients call on h -r. Harrison Telephone No. 7 i. 11 Jo tf J V v. to thu Have da.v- carnival m ou-ait exhibit, which the benefit of Ihe n. ins on Tliurt da., ; Saturday, the IZlh. , t day. The Wouiun'.-: .iv are very much lnler-has appointed a com- h.rary. ' Cure Your Cold While You Can. j Is it not better to cine your .old j while you an. in its incipency, rather j tliana take the chances of it.s re -i;!'ing 1 in pneumonia, latarrh or ion. uniptiun. I .; ! V.:il.. iuiil ' Lbs i" Lea ana ,. to co-operate with l.,.e oi ;. i li nieaus mat nif -; 1 o - e . Bi ack c Hii'i Harncon N.-w TO, Over Phone.: L board, v !n one ot the most en- ,1 will Lrni' Hills, 202 (".liis as wen as jii-.ii u, - all of which diseases begin with a (old and may be prevented by curing every cold at the start? Chamberlain's Cough Remedy can always b.' depended upon. It is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips, druggist. rtainiiin ,1 i,i I itn U ( II .III . over In in Ve , ... ,l,,t,i,l Ihn llvi.i of aite bas h.u.n, Z., "y Co. " ' piegant luniiioi m ... e eifo" ...;.ii iii.. iit-v lit.. nn Main sircri. i.- i '.i.iiiiin- rooms, which will be 1 2 f H YEAR OF AIDEN BENEDICT'S FABIO 'llllv arranged for the other fea-liteiui' ,,vi.;i,it ,nnni'l I'll ' bres under " . t.,t atranneiiieuis an j Miss May Jamison of Torry ep. , ( , j t0 'eave in a .short time for a few I weeks' visit with parents and iiieuds 1 iu Ludlow, Mo I Mrs. M. O. Davis, an artist of Lin- coin, Xeljiaska. is at the Hullo, k. v.lui'e sh,. will Kivc an exhibition of her work Friday and Saturday aftor-, noon. Those interested in art are j invited. Mr. Champion., who has for .-evcrai mouths pounded iron at the Golden Reward blacksmith shop in While-tail Kiih h has moved to Lead, where ho is engaged wim the lloinestake I'ompanay m a like capacity. Messrs. .Maris and Fiero, who have been in the Hills making arrangements to resume work on the Hercules mine in Two Hit gulch, will leave for Chicago this moi-nins. having completed arrangements. Dr. dough will conduct the quarterly meeting sen ice.--, at the First M. c hurch next Sunday. He will preach at 11 a. m. and will administer the Sacrament at the close of the sermon. The entire membership of the church is expected and urged to be present. That was a monster. barrel of sauerkraut received at Zoeckler Bros.' market, it came direct from the packer at Kansas City and it weighs just 19X7 pounds, i" pounds less than a ton, and it is finer than silk. It has a wititen guarantee from the packers. The play "Fabio Komani," which appears at the opera house Thanksgiving afternoon and evening is one that can bo thoroughly recommended to the theatre-going public. Although this will lie its first presentation in the I I ills, ii i.. well known and highly re-conini' iideil by ;i ft w of our. il'.en -. Mr. Tlirooi and Mr. Campbell, of this paper, have both : ecu the piodii lion ;iinl iiiy it should receive a crowded OiirFoot Wrmers I be gi'"- Java Are Waitintr for You. Trouble About Pigs. . .1 1 1 .... . I O I .. .. .. m AN RO and Mocha Charles W "''" a"'' "a'"t ' Coffee Jucl-O Karl conn vesu-iu.i iui tale'of woe about some piss that and made troti- A ROMANTIC MELODRAMA OF SURPASSING EXCELLENCE. .aereu u- nf tnpm Mild lie. inere - - ; , rlL, er belonged to jiock. v ueu ine un , r;in h Kiew monotonous. ; GREATEST OF 9TOE AND SCENIC Coxy House wear for Old and Youn. The new FLEECE LINED SLIl'l'KUS a ud S 1 IOES a re nicest ever shown WE WANT YOC TO SEE THEM Zipp Shoe Co The best for Morning, Noon and Night. strayed over to Sttirr s and tried isCOra to !--'' ii 't waH - "o"1 EFFECTS. As Originally Presen ed In Njw York City. j Optra Men -. Noven;). 1 lll'lh, l'J.J'). , eir own. lie( K ODjecieu auu iwm 1 .:.. ,,r iu. nitr.-;. and then the POR3ALE BY .ouble becan. h-k as awaici.ii J. HATTEN 3ACH 4 LP.O. Ismagcs to tl ama?e m THIS SPACE IS RESERVED FOR 3,e pis ;m l ' amuiini. 01 i ii" i no coin, $." for takiim up mi loi- fi-cilin tlii'ia. lie In .'!s.!'i. wiili tlie : went liack to their ,: ii I ;ii oin i sed to May i i' ,; - . ic i more I rouble. fco! an"' .it?. T.'- ; 111 111)1.' kjJ rk "-A.,' ,Jc; : WHO HAS SCN.LTHIKa TO SA TO YOU A30UT WHAT MAKES A MCI: XMAS Pi!ZSCi"4T. -ab will open S .tur- .in at. P at I - 1 -1 1 I " .1 rr. Mi i'ay nior I la.aar o,' aboii! tee ,llll hi lie. 1 made 1I1 v A !- i- ;-. t. il.i. M of killed two vhicli lie lirought home j The 1. ai.n.ul .-tiitiie or "The Kgyp- l.a.i 1'iinci--:" to be alloteil .January , I. b; l i bel (11.. i.; on exhibition at the llaaa.'. Ticliets are given with j e v ry L'.'i pun lue e. The .' loci; of hol-iii:; good:, was never so attractive or j largo as this year. 1 tlSTEY PIANC for my family. Haw- I lev is the jnly regular dealer at No. , ith him arid will have mounted. It Of the Great Slaughter Sale and! i it is Over, j L a Bla klail about four years old. Seebicl ,r:r- ami unu ually jierfeit. tne ant-; jrS U.'U!'-' an:-oitlLei .swnuieiii .i i . The other lie left at his ram h in ('tis- ( IMPORT ICR AND DICSIGNfCR OF cr county Mr Martin was present and poke : Take Aciv.",r .r of it Wnile Yon Oan .n.d Fit ouiv. L out f v 'AirjU'rat Great v L the rat itii alion in Hot Springs. j H'.'.U. by H11I lock hotel. WE BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT FOR THE NEXT FOUR PAYS, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, WE WILL GIVE ONE-HALF OFF ON ALL GOODS PURCHASED AT OUR STORE. ACKEUMANN MILLINERY CO., Gowns and Pay Twenty-Five Cents ideeta pack of highest quality play- cards, hiving our American he- rnes' faces i:i the court cards. Just tie r cuds in every other re- Only a few days more leiuain for the pc. ;.:! of this vicinity in whii h to take aiivanta -e of the t;r. :tt oppoi tnnity v. !:i h a .vau . tie 1:1 to chulei and lit them, elves .,: the raid ami Liustc;;, w.nt r ulii.h a .'.:: ! s tlietn, at a ureal i.iv.iij over C.e u.-.ual I : 1 : I'a.d l'-r the salne Roods. W. 10. I -OWE 4: CO.'S ('!-, .. i-'ule is yet !: in;; on but it wiP. nov,- iiu.'un." but a few 1. 1!::. :. Vo;i ha 1 I) t; r t;:ke e ot' i; -1l .'..; ,'..y : - :r 1.:: , " d.xy cooJ,;. : -.r v CJi :z. l . . j.'.c;:tg. caco, ...Millinery t pra I i. ul and easy to re.i(l. ;; and novel. Malt-Nutrine Pepf.. .itKilor-l.ii-ei urewmg 11. rn. ,o:ii.;. M'i. Al-.O GHOZS. fu; Tl.ey 1 ; ; ' Attention Piy-kin Rollers. VY OPLCIAUTV n J. , Vtti'ntiitii &': 1 ' v- I) u-hvoo'l tool t:.;i """" U i'l'l tit) IS iv:i h ItiMnli wil I e 1. M at C:(y ball toni -lit ra'-th '. : , l.i ad expect 1 1o have t:i" m - '1 11 'i'iianl; givin 4 day. are jn lie (o come out, 1 ,eail ....FtecJ, Lferynnd Transfer.... b a stron'r team and will come to I !:;: i lit lead: liis in t he ci t y and am prepar ed to. SraiHl'Voed lr idei by a br;'-s band furnish ri" or saddle hordes on t In shortest notice tin- inti r.tioii of ;-ii'n , 1 erne vi- -torious. I,,' t 1: i "ive them ;i game, boys'. ON'i-; OF tip: HOYS. anisoa Pnone 151 S39 Mu St. Old Phone 171 MISS O'KEEFE, MGR. ! Ii ui't believe all that Is told you, ' v::t ,- and see CKi.Vs clothin.-; and a.! the pii.c.i. It will .,ui prise on. ( ','otl-! n ; was neer sold so iu 11 tic Hills. Chase's. 1 le.uiwood. ! Mrs. Mooney whi be at Iiooni -1011 , Vilnius bloeh, (very Friday, until1 i;;ri her not-tci tf ELECTION IS OVER NOW. YOU CAN T TALK POLITICS, PUT YOU ; CAN FIND PLF.NTY OF HOT TALK ; AT ACKER MANN'S FOR THE NEXT ; FEW DAYS ONE-HALF OFF. EV- ; lCRYTHING FROM NOW UNTIL THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd. Mrs. O. M. Davi-i of Lincoln, Neb., j loiineily of St. Louis, will give ail; :''. exhibition in the parlois 01' th" re'lo'l; b'.iel Friday and Saturday. 1 from J till 1 o'clock. Mrs. Davis' stud- I ie-, are all from life and she has a ; splendid inlleition of m; le figured. , Mow 1 is and lambcaoo scenes wUh her. Mrs. Davis intends to start a 1 la in , oil. china, water colors a-nd pastels at once. , tf The Non-Irritating Cathartic Easy to take, easy to operate - - 0 - Nomin.-.tion of Officers. The koyai Neigiibors w ill meet this hi re i. a satu.-'.e o.' !;". v. e nie 1 ; in ' then.: Yo.l -;. :i .- - .: : .oil; ".f..t f.;r V-'-'l nt ?!" f r J0.0O ; an (iv. u-;.ii 1 1 : a . sti". ,1 : o.d at? : for J-T ': tti ?! i." o f K for from $9.00 to $10x'): a cloak. .!.:. or j.i, ... t ! u ! 1. la : at from ?1 1.00 to Silk OH, for from?'!. uO to i :. .. 0:..' that h:i : !--eti s-"i:r: for from $3.00 to ?l ').". for:'. 0:11 '. 1 : : M: 1 (.-: t!i l-'-t, yard wide in.:.a;n , from 20.- dp. I" ' pau I. ' V.V.:!;in; :'i, .,. the best finality ever turned out hy any he; . ilui.i. : this :-a!e. $!.!). This is indeed tic Rroate -t sacrill e 'aletlis' l r -.-r lie u in.iii riratnl in j the Dlack Hills, or any section whatever of th wei t. Tho reason for this unprecedented sacrifice is that we must unload our mammoth stock to give the carpenters a chance to work. Willi years of hard usage our floor has be.. 0111 e worn and must be- rephi with the , regular trend of business enterprise and push, our front has become a-hack number," and must be replaced with a new and up to date one; our! fixtures with twenty years of constant servi ., hae done their duty and must be set aside for the new and mode: 11 one.; Wo have ordere l. and hem e it is that we must nulu c our Mock or move into ether iyt iters , while the work Is beiu.T done. V.'e decided to cie tlu u bli.: a 1 -1 -, so a Fucrifi.c eo::u:'.iU ; ale was put on cm ryth'.!:'; is noiir; - put f.i 1. tco, so come aloilT. Our o'.d 1,1 tom'rs. e .ii;!ly, we invite , v.v and get your share of the benefit. We li.c. served j n:i in : ii-fiio and clearance ; a'e .-. d:i: in - the raft 1 uty y.s.i.- -h:it v.e ! - "1 say, that the sale now on caps all preceding efforts it is the ;:a:itc.-t. sale ever put on in tro-, or any other country. Yours, for qui k sales and small profits, : evening in their hall fur the purpose of nominating officers for the ensuing ttrra. A full altendan- e is earnestly rerne?tcd. mnJ JLzJ JA ,' f, PERSON ALP.. Joins Ti rued I'loni Uapid Citv. Fe d Iai : of Terry arc lie city. C. E. l)ais went to Uapid City to Wend court. Dr. V. G. Smith of Stiirui-; was a 2. & M. arrival. S I c w - ShccsforFall and Winter Are Unexcelled Chambers Kellar went to Ranid Hood's Pills Citf 09 legal business. A. Wales of the Detroit & Dead- od returned from Denver. D Robes an-t A. H.'llaltz of Hulle "lorche are reiristerpd nt thA Rulloek. Custom Madi B. McDonalrl lo In tho eltv hiir- Clothing h ores for the Kansas City smelter. u. Hardin returned from Chicago lie he has been on minlnz busi- tess. Mrs. Tierney. accomDanied bv her J. William, and his son, left for nchester, Iowa. J. W Tin rrnn naatnr rt tho Our stock comprises everything desirable in Mens' fine Suits and Overcoats, " all correctly made and finely tailored. Every suit guaranteed perfect in fit,and no garment is allowed to leave the Store unless It comes "up to this requirement. pSfegatlonal church, left last night I(f Chicago, to be gone two or three During hi3 absence his pul- be filled by Rev. J. I. Sanford. "f- E. E. Clnilirh nr. A tr- C Tl riorlf thia city. Rev. Mr. Mahood of Lead, Kev. Mr. Tracy of Spearflsh, from Sturgis, where they have Visiting as we do tne markets of the world, enablea us to not only get the cream of the market In way of styles but insures for our customers a Baring of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Oar brands ar the best the markets show. Every pair of men shoes we sell la a standard at IU price. Every pair la guaranteed by manufacturers tc us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for the famous Florshelm Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FflfE SHOE; Our method of buying saves one profit Wltb iu it Is from "maker to wearer." MEN'S SUITS. laiu'y worsteds and cassimere in cbfceks and broken plaids, good t - attending the ministereial meet- 'S Of thu T4fVi. ..1 u tu MEN'S OVEKCOATS. Fine Beaver overcoats in black, brown and blue shades Kersey overcoats iu a variety of colors, Black Hills.- i udee Mnn a J ser'viciable suits, well made anc JJ Belle Fourche where he has all this season's styles, and worth $12. your choice. . . . 8.50 well finished, worth $7.50 for $5 SUITS.- MEN'S - Tr nt all finished and It la prob- wat sometime while the grand J at work, the Judge will go over J taish. He will convene court Bert Mnnri. of fancy eassi. A splendid line ft worsteds, round or meres and BDuare cut, all styles and a big THE CITY MEN'S ULSTERS. Heavy Irish Frieze ulsters, splen didly made up, extra heavy linings, high storm collars, workmanship and trimmings of A in the best, worth $13.50 for. . $1U MEN'S OVERCOATS- Pine Vicuna overcoats in the nw Oxford shades heavy Beaver and Kersey coats in black, browm and blue all made up in the T8e license was issued . ' - Foster and Miss Cora Look at the Fine Shoesin OurWindow, variety of new patterns to select from. ( A $12.00 value tt. MEN'S SUITS. Men's worsted suits, custom tailored, workmanship and trimmings strictly highest grade, all colors and styles, worth 15 AlQ your choice ...J..9I0 latest style and finely tailored throughout Worth $15.00 to $16.60, jor cholee $12 A d 0f Teri"-Wrt"?!ree of divorce was granted fcT7 Hannah Springer from Springer, both of Lead. "Bnrlington brought down nine- fcyJJJ f ore. M tons, and the j6MiSitAnni seTenteen cars, onrtTtt end" for the term of 24 .w0pen next Monday, la ready. tK.r ZJ forty-nine Jury cases, and ourt cases. v J. A. BERGER,Lead,s d.

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