The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 23, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 190, Til j: daIwV :ai: v. P lea-r'- f- heck the h oadfi of dy 11 A 3 t T. THE CI V D IAY LINE ecu 1 jiepbia witii Ko.jtetter'. .l'i. H 7T . 1 st 6 T 3 4 5 MiilLO AiVii a ss ss it f Poes ill! kind.; of heavy h.riiing. mown;? of heavy n;a; liinery. ex'-avation con-tractiiiK, hatiliir; of ore. etc. We've Gof All Kinds of Teams (era. Constipation, indirection, oil-i loii-noss, fever and aue and malaria are but danger signals proclaiming a ,' diseased condirion of the stomach. Good digestion is at the base of perfect nutrition. The Blttters strength, en the s tomach and cures all disor ders arising from mal nutrition. Ev ( ry one would do well to try it. Sf 8:8 tc y.i: they came in jet some B!ack H:il Cspper Ccnpar M.-u'.. i, pared to (io all ml The above is i-ir ,.-! la.cli at..! a.l e.f i.s.r i ..... ... Coys' C.iits ; nnl odd I'atil s Wiii b-- on sal.- ,:i i e.l! rieie idl 111 Lie i in , ci e in ' ii ' i" Lai i. L, a w.o. il va.. ti u o a b . c i.aiiuini ; I l:;ml.i of work. Itlmt our private leveiVno stamp covei i . !)..: jt-ija aad tl.e neck of the bottle. The Ji.a k ii pushin;; d-ic u . on it.; in o.if: y n. ; i gOOl ll Il2l" CI c, an Oiiii'n-M li. . i), : v. , Cli .tl': . !). Il.l'. i" n ; e ' PROalPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO in i ;,. .ju.Ii Lbio.v u i lacii' haud.s. 1 fl ouuuu) aim Ko.-is v-.e t. ut i ;!.;i City i the rt:iitr of a ihstri ' ; o, i u Kcl '..oud auu mm i rontalning some of the ric hest vertical ' Vl eA A. ill Jn "kciim iiihcr no Clothing is reserve:: i:i this c ip Office Nn. - Syndicate Bik. Residence Phone B. H., 169. Office Phcne, B. H. 118. JNOFELDHAUSEN, Prop. free millin? gold mines, copper anil 'in properties in the Black Hills. -viral prospects r-; phenomenal as i tie famous Holy Terror an be had on Opened i) i li mi mi u'. i.uit.i ii.n! open -i.t.;. A teU ti.i.u:"::t of the . oie made to tin; On::ili;i A.- (i.aat ;-in.-i ter ;ne utiini: o 5r ' '" i;' --ij'v.t. a trav o. ;u'il ::..''. ?-i l." i:i -o;:r. AnotluT le t mailt- by Uie Cliic;i;o CopI;''' n,r!liilij cotiiprmy ran' Jlfi.:: ed over to Smith. I guess Johnny had an idea how the thing was going. Wlieii unlii cuiiio in uud said tie wa.s fjoui.s; to lake h:ni to Rapid, Joliuny tumed to Rogers. 'They've tipped tlicir hand,' he says. '1 ain't going to get to Rapid alive. If this was on the squaie they 'd have taken us both ' "When the sta:,'e got to buffalo (lap Hoouo May rode up to the :itage and hhoved in his head. 'Hello, Johnny; that you?' he says. " 'All that's left of me,' says Johnny. CHASE'S in copper. j The company is iimipu m! of Mich- j gan mm and the work m in charge of Mr. J. B. Taylor, the vciicral iiii;;r,'cr. j :ea onable terms and at lower price5 th in in any other mining district Write for particular to E. C. John s,,n Hill City, S. I) 10-30-tf The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota. Owns property between Deadwood and RutabaTs Guldes. near Lead City We are now developing this prop We have millions of tons of medl- Lee-Glass Ardresr en Wholesale Hardware Bicclesand Sporting GocJs. J. C. CAKSOIS-', Ayent. Where They Sell Cheap Main Stree'.Deaiwood i '1 expected you beiore, Boone.' Then 1 Booue rides off again. The officers of the oiiipaiiy are a; follows: I'le.-ident. .lohn K nr.-i: president of thu Sm trcr lUrnis Furniture company. Henton Harhor. Midi.; vl e T. L. Wilk.-mn, St. Joe, Midi ; tl f ini er. John Koliin son, president of the Karni'-r-;' and Merthant.5 hank, Hitou Harhor; secretary. George M. Thre.dier, Hen-ton Harbor LH -rt uract-? Villi ll e... "Itiere was a woman in the stage i urn srrndo'ore in sight. thai night, and alter a little Johnny I mm mw "VM. 1 TV BT -r- . i WE SELL BABIES We have a tunnel proposition We are felling sto' k to develop the ;u operty. We have a few ni ire shares at 17V6" For particulars call on Aaron Ander (in at tin' mines, or Central City, o' tuius to her and says: 'Madam, I .see you re from the east and new to oar ways. Now, mighty boon this sta.,'e is going to bo stopped, but you don't want to lie scared, it h.u't to be 0 ! Be bure when purcliusing that you get what you want, if you don't, you , will never lie satisfied. We are not in Hie drug has;- ' ' ness fur our health . '"it for your load aacnts. It's a little iii nic, ,-,!;,. ,ut aji lur my exclusive beuelit.' I r,,. FOR W. BABBi ildATdU CiH.n M. K- M. CO.. i l I L. &. T. Building. Pes Moltio. In "Ilawkhiil gave Johnny a shove and Room:: loel li i in to shut his teeth, and they , p.iuvi d tliiougli the gumbo until ! . . i : . . i . . .1 i ' I. 2 1ST l ANNUAL 21ST health, for this tea. i n we are anxious to plea c .mi"!. If urn wou'nl moke sure that I ',! i . . i : , e -, ; - 1 1 i ; i I I ' lies, j,:ir; i . 1 1 n ll.. 1 . s !:,;!;::- tlis! !!.:'. i:.'i i MAc0T,DADr LEAD HOSE CO. PALI NO. 1, i in' j Kin in a nine ui.iv in ui i iciiiii I ( nek, where Johnny had gut his Water! my watch. There somebody . deiiii, 'Whoa!' and in a moment Uie 1 . la ce was surrounded. The woman Ih ;an to scream and ei en then Johnny j : . ,i .1 to i aim hi i ; ' I'eune .May auie to the door a::ain ;,;:,: . ays, '(id out, Johnny,' anif Smith You're Riiiht. At Miners' Union Hall, Th Nisrht ".' n ks2i vi up' then pat rot;ie a reliable dru ".'r.t and yen will set what you want. Our stock consi.ds if i very thim; in he dru:; line. We carry the lx""--t assortment west of Omaha. It i.s new a:id trcsh. No old sto k on, our shelves we can't keep it there we sell it out too fast 0 9 h 0 t it 9 NOVEMBER 29TH. Chamberlain's Orchestra. CAN EE PURCHASED OF U3 Fn J'i;i('i:S Ihcy t; i ii ,c till the w;iv l'i'ni:i " en';" !o SID. (H) We WantYou to Conic In And sec iir clcanl 'itic ol' I'.tihics ( 'hilil, i ti i s j crialh- invit(l. Then ;.,aie him a shove as he was begging to ha.e his shackle.-: taken off so that he would have a dian e to do something for himself, and he tumbled out on the ground, Smith after him. Then the stage drove on." "That was Smith all right," said the ex-agent. "I bet he fixed the rope him-i-olf." "When the Plying V outfit came into the country," said tue man from the ;i:lls. "there was a young lad with theni who was new and wanted to be dead tr.ush. One day he wa.ked into the buiil'hoiise holding a nkull in his hand. " 'What's 'hat you've got?' says one of I he hoys. " Skull.' " 'V tiere d you make the rcii a-?' ' Hi': il im.' lays the. boy. 'It's Lame Johnny's skull.' 'Well, most of them punchers was your- ? when fresh j your i Around Hill City. James Graham of Hill City was a Burlington arrival la it ui.Jit. He nays that the new hoist for the I,e-ia mine is expo te,l to arii tod:. ; ei will he in. talb d nt on e. Work i; bein;; pushed and tlie mine is looking fine The "Tine .Welles" whi h lies near Hie Lena and i owmsl by 1 ' i - Stiee brother:-, is 1 i-i:,'; i!celn", d 1 v a lhaft which i ilovn I'ei t on a Co i'oot vein of ore which run: ;:!. it f r to the ten in cold. It ii U by a doc; carpaav in whi Ii a larso amount of 1 1 i dock is owned by Kentui ky people. An Old Miner's Dream. There Is nn old miner living near Central City in the Black Hills, S. I)., Who was a pioneer in that reirion. During the past jpVS ho has sunk scores of prospect iSfe. He Is constantly on the fookoJrfsfor a fabulously rich mine which, ae ording to a death-bed statement paid to have been made by Father TV Stnet, exists in the Black Hills. Father I);; Smet died In St. Louis years a ;?o, and the story reached the Black Hills that, shortly before breathing his last, the celebrated priest, uttered these words: "The rldinen of gold is in the .Black Hills. They huve not found it - yet. They've almost readied it. but not yet. It's there." ; The old miner is workirn; and searching for the f.ecret. The finding of the mine la his dream bv day and nidit. O ' Filed For Record. James A. ProfHtt and Matrie A. , Proffitt to James P. Hymer, lot i, blOik A, Cleveland Heldils Addition ' to the City of Deadwood; $12:. L. M. McKlnney and A. McKlnncy. a parcel of ground in the City of Lead; $G50. Rosa McShane to Robert C. M -Shane, one-half interest in the T.ittle Missouri lode, near Kirk; $1. One' option agreement, two notices ol pendency of a: Hon. and one mortgage deed. Samuel S. Jolley and Clara M . .Tol why take chances (losing selves with eld medicines you can p;et i distantly drugs. We hare them for benefit and we propose to COMMIITTEES. KXnr( TIVR X. R. Treweek, Con Oreon St:ir War-Jfin, C. IV Tooliilge. Dan Walsh. Tim Kelfv. Wm. I.nng. n.OiiH- f i! C'mlidgc P.otiert Daughertv .I'dilmcr nintafsm, Bert ("notidgc. John I'sti.fliicr i. Arthur KMrldite. W. H. T'..ri,,.r. i ":1 1 iSianley, Tom Ilulvoy. Thos. Ryan. I'i..i: .1. '. (1r,.,.n. Frank Kilpntrlok. C. f. .lines. C'hai. Vnrncv, yf. J. Hnrris, J. yi. r-di-r !"- (I'-'t'Ici.T .1. F. r'"ter, A. Frasier. TI',K"i"i" SFI.LTVC- Tin Foley. Hon C," -n. X It. Trr-'. . cli. A. Fne ipr. FX AMP' TI1 I. .1. fireen. Dnvo Mnr- fin Mike McMhn. WILCOX PHARMACY. ! 9 Go Ahead Corner Fhennau at' ! !). a-h.'o,-. .: O'.0O0" 0'.COO'.0'.30- . "'.. 0 .O C . .i . 0',9.9 ptLsiiins' ourselves into your confidence until you reaii.o it. ,,rf.,.,,TI ,v v- T)!,.kin'on, M. 1.. 1 R! ' Fr id; .-'. T.. P. .Trnklnr. W. P. On A . J ' O'Uri VV lt-:rv P -lur I've.. HI i :..ii. Fred X -. II-.- Wmc ' .!. X IVI,. mm ?mm t in. 1-it I , nt. S.i-i i i fiom Texas and some of them had; known Johnny. They took tint lad ! .ml li:t i, ..lie him :: back' and bury, l'-i ".' .- I !.-.'. .Tsrry 1 '. ' " 'tr ' ". rliv.iv nn''i;i-l. I-ir'snKtcin. i F. Zionrt. I I ! :lie Lii!i fi..-;n Then 1'iev oinrted I' 'i-i,ir. I- Clivrn McKinnpy. O. V. L. FAUST. Ph. G, Prop. B" K rij .; j Molion. j;.,' . ii rV L, L- l1 r " . It L IL.. ii Z. IflFThe Best Cooks in the Country recognize the superiority of Liderwood HaD.u;;.'.cr.uii Co H- LEA & PERRIES' him until h - was half-dead, and finally they gave him an hour's start out of the country. That was more than he needed. They (Ouldn't have caught him with fifteen minutes start." Sleigh-Bells. The snow which covered the ground to a depth of several inches, the genial Biinshlne, the touch of cold just enough to lend a zest to outdoor exercise, and to bring the warm blood coursing thru one's veins and d'.o-v it In his (hecks, yesterday was an incentive to those whom fortune and rtrcumstnn es made it easy, to go out doidi riding. Numerous parties took ndavanta-o of the day. the snow and the sunshine, the merry laughter, the jingle of bells and pretty presence of charming girls, high-stepping horses and all the concomitant pleasures of a wintry day lent a zest and a delight to THE ORIGINAL SAUCE ujner rcTrDeuiDt ler to Thomas F. Jolley, lot IS, block i : 'tfrx&hjre )t aciivARC or imitations .;: Bottle. prn.m. ...t. c IVf 1 row i ; 'eadwooi, s uh.i.w, . . . . , ,v ...... 1 n, . r. .1 and ever v varirfvnl nnd, dUhM. 45, Ramsdell's Addition to the City of Spcarflsh; H00. '-&TT-OyiJ Umost InvHlin.hlr John Duncan's Sons, Aohnts, New York, THE LYNCHING OF LAME JOHNNY (Continued From Page 1.) r' rsif GEO. V, AYBRS & those who took advantage of it. John i m-. is Treber took a day off from business cares and with his wife, Mrs. Willoth and invited euests made a trln around Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. he ran a bunch of ponies out of the " Cheyenne agency. He had three partners In that deal Big Jim, Brocky and . a duck they called Tony Pastor. ' They had a running fight and Brocky got hit, but they kept going until a hard blizzard came on and turned the Indians back. Brocky weakened and wanted to He down, tut Johnny' tied ( him on to his .saddle and quirted him x, to keettJipJUa circulation. Tie js fin1 - ally had, to leave him, though, and I heard not long ago that they had found his bones. That was a ride! When the boys got to Battle river they had seventeen out of the sixty-eight horses fast, and the fdeigh ran easy. Others followed his example and to have watched the turnouts which passed and repassed one had but " to close his eyes and imagine that he was on New York's celebrated wriiMffMnffffTfjrtf, horses they started with, and they Hardware were, nearly dead themselves. It didn't discourage Johnny, though, and be made another Indian raid. Then . o We Want Your Ear and will incidentally whisper about our removal sale bargains. Investigate, as it is cheaper to sell than to go to the expense of moving the goods. Our new quarters in the Adams block will soon be ready. DEMOUTH'S ARK, No. 70-72 Sherman St. he turned his attention to the coaches. "In 79, he held np the incoming stage at French creek and his rake-off A BUSINESS PROPOSITION and Mining Supplies.. was 13.25 and a Waterbury watch. is a palace fit for a king, The above cut represents the new nnri h ARll tl fill a inn a tnnnnlAT. bHataJ The committee having the affair in Saved by Electric Light lat thck rpt t. An Interesting calculation has re- ,..Vluni ttTBISta c,, n,L t vmMimggmuiMimrm cenUybeen made which shows that now ona iyU' That disgusted him and he started to leave the country, but Just then the woman in the case came in and they got on to his routs. Capt Crawford of the 2d cavalry at Spotted Tall was notified to keep a lookout for him. That was the Crawford that was ed at Matamores. Johnny had a partner with him of the name of Rogers. On the night of June 20 the two of charge is composed of such well-known Sioux City business men as: Hon. C. H. Lewis, judge of District Court for sixteen years; Hon. John C. Kelly, owner and editor of the when the electric light has entirely L. Pierce, which is now offered to the there will be 6000 less deatha an-. hH, ,t t1 k ',;' " " nuallr. these beinr so much mora iia-' " "Vi.VfcAXl C"" "..r, .1 Main St Deadwo o3. tealthy tflan J J these columns and need not be repeat- manner there will be far less sick- a, Thl. . . . ... . . . . Sioux City Tribune; John McHugh, general manager Iowa State National bank; Maris Pelrce, ex-mayor Sioux City; John Hornick, senior . member HorniCk. Heaa and Mnorn- W P VTo them hid out in the chaparral near the agency and about 10 o'clock the next nest In the world, when - ereryone DMlnesa prop0slUon. The house Is uie anwi one M bioux uity. it is ley, president Security National bant i "-" ""wm uuuujuuui ib u-Bsurer oi ue iuna. i nnisnea in tne choicest woods and the j Make all checka narahiA tn h. FIRST IIATI0H1L BANK I g nanusomesi uung; is situated on the , treasurer of the fund, W. P .Manler iwueuce Bu-e mu i suoux vxcf, xa., uii address all com- munlcatlont and remittances to A. a. DEADWOOD. 80UTH DAKOTA. isii uwb tea years ago cost b7,UUU to build. WRh similar advantages it I would be worth $100,000 In Chicago or Qaxretson, secretary, 718 Toy Building. Sioux CRy, Iowa. Ban FrancisMk and rniitav tti& my,ar1Wm Badges are for; sale at Russell hammer today Is well worth 140,000. It Hlgble's, Deadwood. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver The Union assay Office EcUbUahed 18SS. Ho 37 Leo Street Deadwood. Will Giv. Correct Results of Botk Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. CN ALL SAMt'Ua U ROUQHT TO THB OmCB. M. H. Lyon a Co United States Depository DIRECTORS: Custom Ore a . SAunvaT. t. j. a&rra. jj. z. sparkst. oushwbt. : - . D. A. MoPHSHSOW. i . We are now prepared ti treat custom ores by the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. Golden Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward, Deadwood S.D f : "'yt-. SALI8BTIKT I Caahte "m 3 los-Presldeat....;T. J. ORisa Aaslat Oashler ....X & DKr1 J

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