The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 23, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

Lr. NOVEMBER U. 1900. TIIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD w OOD, S. D. sa J. JULIUS JONES, MANHOOD You Can Bank. on gottlng the beat In the MXA1 Una If you get It of I9 Slnnnf a hraoai French BhYairlmn.vaill antaklranrayouo i of Lobby Saloon has gone thru a thoro course of repair and cleaning and la now one of the Nicest .PlAoe to be found In Deadwood for a social time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK yous or diseases of jrisomQlatl'alns in jnsounial oinsia rimplrs, Unfitnsss Coastlpatlon. It stops -s ol Oiscbarf a, Uio tbo too to wiucn sill thahrjrmraof ImBotencr. BEFORE ano arTEH jUneysaad therirlnaj f-TrpTijxyn gUasaTlsasis anil rratnrra amall rissHHIIi. CUPIIiKNE Is tits only anown naumr - Trnii labo",slrlVit.oa,by wU CcndlcrFMclroul.raDl Uatimonlala. ,.i.i.. uivol MKPIC1KB X T. (X lUixZxa,CaaTnuclio,Cal. JbrSalskt FOR SALE AT FAU8T'S PALACE P HARM ACY. 1 Tr8U Why GO TO DEADWOOD OR LEAD, when can furnish you for less MONEY ? C 6 MT AL CITY. SO. DAK. A Complete stock of Hay, Grain, Chop Feed, Flour, Wood and Coal. I ONLY ASK.... ROGERS &SON They always hare a neat, froth stock to select from, and you caa always got Just what you want MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL Security at a lawful rate of Interest BuUeea strictly confidential Will call at your residence If requested. B. JACOBS. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK HOTEL. Diamond Club Club Rooms- 607 Main Btreet Pleasant, Warm and Comfort able. You are Always Welcome. SNELL A CO. Proprietors. REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED TO THB ADAMS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAT AND MAT BE CALLED BT EITHER TELEPHONE. tf Tli Arcade Peter Ecklund. Prop. where you get that delicious drink known thruout the country as Anheus-er Buscb you know beer. A nice luneo constantly on the bar. Best brands of drinks and cigar always band. Lee street, Deadwood. Ijifo and State School of nines, IjOOATH o at RAPID CITY.S. D. OFFERS THIS COURSE AS FOLLOWS: 1... A MINING ENGINEERING C COURSE. 2. A COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE, The next term begins Wednesday.SepL 19, 1900. For further Information address. .. ROBERT L. 8LAGLE, President, Rapid City. . a ike BUGGIES, CARRIAGES And SPRING WAGONS. Made exclusively for the Black Hills trad. If you want a new vehicle of any kind it will pay you to call and look our stock over, and learn our prices, for they are the lowest of the low, yet tlie vehicles are the Best of the Best - FULLER & BROWN. Xext, to City Hall, Deadwood, t. D. THE SINGER is now locaated In the 8YNDICATE BLOCK Lee 8t near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing machine. Second hand machines for sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of mrchinee repaired. A. N. PARKS Mgr. This Space la Reserved For CORNWALL A CO. FEED And FUEL "" PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Cleanses and beautifies the hair. . Promotes a luxuriant growth. J Never Palls to Reatore Gray Hair to lta Youthful Color. Prevents Dandruff and hair lailtBfc 60c. and tl m at Drugs! Ma. ly p-:Vri. .k u S3 Occident g V : "' f-y. : fl- p i -" - - iii'li -H - us.; -i aa 'ial RUSH. K. MORTON.'M. D I fs. 1 f. fs. 2gg$883gS888S8SS88888888l ..InsupanGe.. GESK Y & SViONAHAN X-aOiCl, SOUtll JO Ft 13LO RESTORED "CUPIDENE" This treat Vet stabk) 'VluUuur.Uiepreacrlp- au nor generabva-urnus, suck as Lost Manhood, Back, Seminal mission, Nerrous Debility. jjaca.Qeiiunai X. uiiasuitun, iiin'iui auuiir. Horry, ExIiaoaUtif Drains, Varicocele ainl alllossn br tlar or nirbt, Prorenta rjnk-k- li not criecicM leaaa to opernira" J TJPlPEllBicliirms tnaUTai, Us soiaUlmnnrilsss. yorransoiaUlrnriiirilsaa r rrfn"q ... u cum wuowu ma -" lr"T .'a. THE DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE .. ..21 Lee Street, I j the pl.-ice to go when you are'n' ni- whi n j on are not broke s l.i c. ou are lirolie, you can i t i!!oin-y, and w hen you have n:oii''y you an ci t bargains on what Hi.- other fellow left when lie va - broke. Anything and everything is carried in stock at DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE, ai.i:, .s ;11 ' ! ; I I I imiI! I'liom- No. 41 Vi-v.njW-ALAaKA A full 6tock of coffins, casket. Mm MM GO, Dynamite and Black Powjer, Fuse aai ,Capsf Electric Batterte, Battery Sipplies- W. ADAMS COliPAHI vAJjAAsa WORD ..:a:8:S:8:8:a:: . .rtuemenu under uu. ItertiK innertloti. when LtertU r a WU"U " than one month, three Unci noahia in Advance J" M.o.M.t9.19-(9-9-ltS- 8'-.a7Ta7iwHELP. J$H :SJn-Girl for general house-tNT,. . .. telephone 1254. for general houae- trs TreDer. iincuiu U ' . chambermaid. Apply at nil ock r'.n.iiT washing to do. PTBTfriVonable. Call Har- telephone No. 1S4. Pluma. rr- Intelligent permanent P Office and outside work. fr. Morris. P. O. Oen. De- irery- fPlalinsewlng at Room i White house. Will sew at Cm or go out by the day. Call 1,00m or g UiMtw " - jkou clty- LD-ComforUble room and Wd In private family, for gentle- Ijjij and wife. Addrese wo. ao. Im pioneer-Times. sa-ao-o-ao:an-ao-.ft " -r aal C . mfi M M M.M.ia.lO. fcS .jj-S-S:8:8:W:M:si:M:oi:o:o.o.o. fott SALE 10 horse-power boiler, r .... vnr nnrtlculars. address (ompieio- ttoneer-TImes. r""1 .ao. ' rAD DCNT. :S:88:8S:S:;8:S:8:8:8:88:8:8:8:8 OR Kr.r i . iMC(i"nj ........ rooms for rent 721 Main street )RRENT. A house with modern ements, furnished or unfur- improv nlshed. Inquire at DeMouth s Ark. CoRRENT. Nicely furnished rooms in private family. New nouse, electric light, bath. etc.. at 23 Centen nial avenue. PoTrENT The Mrs. E. C. Miller lodging house. Inquire of Burt Rogers at Maloney s assay ornce or C. 0 Corder at H. n. Young's of- Ifire. 11 70R RENT Four room house, well water, f 10 per month. Inquire 16 Terarre street. V. IHOOMS furnished ior housekeeping. Parties seeking comfortablo and pleasant winter quarters, will do well to call at No. GO Centennial avenue. I OFFICIOS I'1.1-' I; i.N 1 . 1 lie linet and N' ! . jit'-tun 1 i ; 1 1 1 . 1 and if'.ectri-: l.i.tnl ol li es in 1 he fity are i'nr I ::t low ju ire ;.. lu- ': :i:e i . '. .Ii-wctt, Kotuil 2tiJ. Waite tiul hi : i: t. 300 MS TO KiON'T AT M OI )I;KA 1 L. PRICES. Suites of liviirr rooms in the WA1T1-: IH ILDIN,';. each furnished v.ith :team heat; electric lights; lath, water closet, lavatory; hot and cold water, arc for rent at moderate ' -and reasonable prices. Will le pleared to show them lo anyone who mav be interested. O. C. Jewett, Asent. "'" LOST AND FOUND. ' :8:V . 't '. LOST. Hi iv, i i n O. nlwoo.l l Lead, pocketlnMik i ( r.laicin'; nut- ::o'd-pie. e and r-imio filver. Finder return to llattc-nbach's store and receive reward. LOST - ' SPpIi's 1 -dieV li ;; tainln; leave at I' r., I- , C:i- i ; t. ,To-!!.. a la- I 1 ( ."li JV) iluiolc con--imi of money. Finder uiccr-Tinie 3 office and reeeive a rcwaru. STRAVKn From the hills we,t of ....jCsffltialUily, :nt. roan Uors. white Spot on. wither.;, bad bell on, about 9 years old. If the tinder will notify me where to get him or hrins him to me at Central or Deadwood, I will pay for the- trouble. Patsy Ross. MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) "Mes all kinds of Floral Designs nd Is headquarters for cot flowers, Rotes, Carnations and all other flow- of the season URNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. 0. E. S. No. 23, DEADWOOD. Regular meetings soeond and fe'j'th "Mfcya at 7:30. All members cordially -Ha?,1 ANNIE I. PHILLIPS. W M. Miss Harvey TEACHER OF PIANO. 3 ii 4S STUDIO, 305 mDAMS BLOCK. BEADVVOOD, S. D. tSh. moohs Blacksmith and Wagon Maker JJRSESHOEINQ AND GENFRAL RE-WRlIhi DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. AQ kinds 1 Carriage and Wt Wood Work; alto Carriage "ornlghinga. utt4UPtnSt. - DeadwoocaVB iTfiFNT A Ii on ' . Oi A I V CATERER AND PUBLIC WAITER, Parties, Luncheons, Picnics, Etc. BULLOCK HOTEL. Merchants Express, Next to Opera Houee Block, Main St . .Harrison Phone No. 141. . Transfer work of all kinds solicited and promptly attended to, packing and moving of Pianos and household goods a specialty. Your business is respectfully solicited. C. W. Kendle. Mer. GOLD, GOLD, HOW IT 0LITTER8I S.LL QOLO LOOK8 ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILL8 GOLD IS THE REAL THINO. Made up In all klnde of Jewelry. Watches, Chains, Rings, etc. by BUTLFR The Jeweler, 51'i Main Street. LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, Is what you get when you buy yonr meats of GUS KELLAR The poor man's frelnd. Tfcjr all look alike to Ous, and It Is one price to all, and too best and moat palatable meats to be bad In tbe city. 6424 Main Street, - Deadwood. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT New Waite Block. DJBADWOOD. IV. U Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. Ieadwoo-1 olflee at Glllruore llouif. Mot ijrja. Wp'lm-sdayB, hu'1 Krllays fMd o'l'i,.. 415 Main S'nvi, TTin i "-il.ivs nnd Satuniavs NEW CLARK PI.nrK KKXT POOIt TO L' e S. ASrfAV OFFICU. MOW lU'ILDIXC, MOW FL'RXrn'h'K. nicw i ii X( ; In roniiecilon wltii th lic-iaurm;'. ar leu finely furnl8h'd wlt hot uv i old watr ttnn b.tth. Ojicn l.iv nil night. Short cnt j a specialty. SlUC YOU Prop Siivgr i' for:: ! Li Black Hills Hi- H. R. LOCKE c; CO. ti c: a:j ,vou ij Q Th- v I.r'i'l n. )iri I- !: -.'.iu-i .y. :.'. in rhRiingt jm v ' THE BRICK 9 M s-l M Si a ! BS Next door to the Bullock) F1 B SR s 1 sc M FINEST ORCHESTRA In the City as Carry a full line of Best i Wines, Liquors and CI- gars. IB You are always welcome, an 0 RYAN and RILEY Props. M SS)IClIOBECSn)EtI10JItl LUBEN COMPANY New Labor Union Hall, Lower Main Street CARRIES A FULL LINE OF Staplr I Fancy Groceries AND GENERAL' MERCHANDISE. -Prompt Doarrerr oi all Orders," ear Kette. lo 44 honta Oonasibnia and - aaaaa. , disKfaanmfrrasUM Brtnarror- A Saw.rTStslbTHsBnal vMrf MITtf I ,rwo's1tlijuHnconinlinllUal I IS ANATOMICAL FTCTW? COMFORTABLE, PVF-r.l aee rAtAnobti ' . '1SE LF-AD JUSTA B LE. , r WE WILL MOVE f .', -V fit: r"ir r ( il ni;;- ;;i w m,;;mI,is iii liir- Ai..M" 1 1 lli Id i Hp: -i.i-M. Yi- : i- !..(-. (.! -I ' -; I l:it lilll.-l 1)" i . ;i v . , . :i . 'r !;'. i ;,-. (Jlaabes Accui ttLcly JjlUeU ( Hours 10 a. m. to 12 in. and 1 2 p. m. to 4 p. m. All Catarrhral Diseases Treated. ' 7 p. m. to 9 p. m. PRACTICE LIMITED TO EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. fieo of DickenBOu'a Drug Store, Lead. South, Dakota. IC Nn. TO i - Slici nian Si SiL CAJSwA AJUJS- AAAAAM i UNDERTAKING .... and EMBALMING si Al I ITO DDAururft ai THIS SPACE RESERVED Skilfully and competenUy done. robes, wreaths and, In fact, everytning pertaining 10 iuuoriu qalla. constantly on hand. cxi jao33iirsorsr Harrison Phoue i34. Parlors. No. 114 Sherman St FOR S. R. 5flITH. We Want... You to understand that we are under small expense and can do better by you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our- competitors. OIto ns a chance to prove our assertion, by glT-Ing as a trial order. JOLITZ & LYNCH THE BILL OF FAJRB ..AT.. TiB Spilii Eestaorai Is eoaspleU- Tbssr table merlta tfee yablie. Na U La Street. U tbe -Tja KORTaWlfisTattK IaTJCT la tka saort llae betweea DEAUWUOSI aa4 8IOTJ CTTT, 8IOTJZ rALLM, tT. PATJL, MINNSAPOUI ant DTJIaCSSaV ' Please bear tXU la Blad. Walter Lr Vcrcoc, M. D ''8 EYE AND EAR SSflH Ocoullst B. M. R. R. 'od. S. D. . . TeL Harrlaoa Price l. of L.Ls ncrfvs

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