The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIOXEEK-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1899. ONE GENT A WORD FOURTH OF JULY, ilans and Rules for Rough Rider Contest on Main Street ,i1ji..tjj"H"rM. ,i.,ittii.,t.. 1 1 a w .arsrsand Jb J"' 01 " nnsi J'nze Saddle, Bridle and Blanket Seeond Prize $10.00. Advertisement under thla head ONE CENT A WORD each insertion, when run leR than one month; three lines, $1.00 per month; payable In advance. MONEY SAVED!!: Steam, 6as and Water i. cacn naer mut pay an entrance fee of $2 J to W A. Ickee on or before e$ ol an Kinds. July 1. 1M9. 2 Ktu u rider must tx clad In con WANTED HELP. spicuous costume and ride In the entire parade o. .'uniijcr of contesuuits limited to DEADWOOD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Furnishi help for all who employ la- We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... 25. Number Kiven to rider In rotation aa payment la mads. Dor ana procurt ponltions for all who HOLYOKB DEAN axu MARSH STEAM PUMPS 0,AHAd8iOUX CIT . want work. MRS. B K A N'SFI EUD-CONK- LIN, U5 Sherman strwt. N.I. WOOD, A. M M. D.. Prtsldnnt I We also Save money in buying goods in Chicago Medical and Surgical Iastitate, MEN You can earn wages while leamlna WW"'" W Helen Sachs barber trade and eomplet in two V large quantities. This is made possible since we OI7 LaSalle Avenue, Chicago, III. (lsUblbhdia CUesf glass Bmj 1st, 1S7S.) Th oldest. UrtML hmI MtlUbl d ..hi MIW. 4. Each rider must be on time when number Is called and .tart over the course or forfeit his entrance fee ami chance la the contest. 5. Each ridur has only one ran over the course, Any tia will have to be ran over under these same rules. 7. Each rider must furnish bis own horse. 8. Each rider will be furnished with months; catalogue free, Uoaer Bartxr Medical Institution In the Northwest. College, Mlnneapolte, Mt-- 1-rlvate roBia ft.r niUenU with flaHIItlea for tnj erfflflT. HurrtAI .MMUttaa n-fs.HJ I. aa.. lout sol untitle nan . Write for ul miliars n Dafonnltki and Broes, Club ret, Curwatur of the fining Piina Tnnr r'.r.A. Pianoforte Lessons AND French Glasses Daily; WORK WANTED Competent woman. Catarrh, Bronchitis, ParalyBi. Epilepsy. Kidney, Bladder, Eve, Ear, Bain and Rlood riRae, and all Harglral Operations. liest facilities, apparatus and remedies for the iUoceeMful treatment of ever form of disease requiring medical or ur(ricai treatment. We absolutely raai aatee a cure every ease of Nerroas Webllltr and (lineaneH reuniting from almf the day, No. 8 Water street, rear Fish & Hunter's Planing Mill. a lance eight feet long all of similar Urmsapplyattlie Black Hill weight, by the committee. and indiscretion.-of Youth and Manhood: HnemaUir. have six large stores in which to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cash discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for OASH. Our oustomers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find bis: i MONEY SAVED 9. Bex-h contestant's horse must be on Steam L&uudry rkmr-m, MealaaJ Weakness m'ht tows), Impotentf I - o eanui power , Varieoeele. HrdrootlA. Htrir- MAN and wife without children wanted to tare, Palme,, ete., to., Chat-re Reasoaable At and experlencw art Important-No rnertmry ..r injur). -ua medicine umi-,V fim iWf fmffa work or bunnies work on a farm. J. SHOUDY. Inquire at this office. a lope when he spears at a ring. 10. No rings will be counted that are torched by the hand; but all rings must be caught on the lance and presented to Ha luwtkltMiM aeep-tea, wfttmli.'trie BBitttM-f-ft. Failure Is unknown to us, we cure thmsnis annually. W-e bare ten thou Hand tentfrnniial letters mi til fr..m the judges on the lance at the outcome of WANTED Specialty salesmen for hieh grateful patients permanently cured. Write u tediij. Patiante from a distance treated hy mail- 34ii,-i,ea sent ei'erywKrrr free from gaze (mi brrmk-ige Stnte fii'l hittnry mnd rjrfu t yiftnm of your and nend f'T pinion end traM-(-'tiijltattn .reeand confidential personally or tiv letter 1 0 pae Book all Cbronle aid Aarflrlcal Hliwase rod list of 1 ftO qeeetleavs lYetv the run. JAMES P.WILSON ttorney-at-Law, OlrmjKe Club Building Corner jjmui and Dead wood Street PLAN. A straight run of 750 feet, more or less. class foo.l products, exclusive territory Kiven: want hard workers with ability; Slve your experience. Address this office C-lu-lm meouon rJlls paper j only one way. First ring will be 75 feet from the starlliiR mint All other rings GO TO ... be 75 fn't apart, more or leas. The Clothing 5hoes, Dry Goods and k'DWOOD - - bowtn Laot. rlnKS will he Inm rlntrs 2 1-2 Inches In KOIl SALE. BY BUYING FRANX SCHREYER, diameter, suspended on a wire 12 feet iKSIKAHLE building lots on Fresh and Salt Meats, I H. MOORE Notions at. l.imxiln av-furnished to (tf.) einic. liiKlesiilc; 1 urn l.t-r build EDWIN VAN C1SE more or less, from the ground. o DISSOLUTION NOTICE. Joseph Ford and George Hartzell have dissolved partnership and Mr. Ford will continue the business of the firm. He Is No. too Sherman St. nilh and CHASE'S the exclusive spent for the Ford roof WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP The Henshaw . . paint, and will apply It to roofs In any part of Deadwood, Lead or other surround Carr & Berrv Block. Deadwood. lng places. He also makes a specialty of Wagon Maker, H3ES43EING A M GENERAL RE- European Hotel. LOTS foil SI.E Howard's Aildition 1 1 i s al'liiicu to I ira-1 w M. Ijeaulifully locali d on the Park bem h, adjoining the Dudley spriiiK, in the First ward, is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at olllce of EDWIN VAN C1SE. LOTS FOR SALE From $35 up In Pleas-" ant View Addition to the City of Dead-wood. J. J. FELDHAUSEN, Black HUle telephone 169. gravel roofs, and any one desiring work in that line should address him In Deadwood. ,l,.f.,M.t..;HH 1 1 i.f M. l-H-i-i -I -M"! "I? t Late "The McTague." DANGEROUS PIGS. IRINli DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. m Kinds of Carriage and Waf an Wool Work; also Carriage For- Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. Omaha, Neb 1S09 Parnam St. - Ilud II Fine Street, Deadwsod, I. B. Ei Lease Mrs. Mary FOR SALE 2 lots and a neat 1 story residence thereon, at No. 148 Charles street A lap personal effects such as furniture, horse and btiKKy, cow, etc. Call on or addroes C. K. Seiti. Register of Deeds office. Call on the The Peccary la Wntolljr Fearless as4 Will KlKht Han or Beast. A writer In the St Louis Repnbllo says that the most vicious and fearlesa member of (be brute creation U the peo-oary, or wild bog, of Mexioo. Thla animal seems utterly devoid of fear and displays an intelligence In fighting man strangely at variance with its apparently complete laok of mental attribute. Tbeir ability to scent men is particularly markod. The only thing to da when they get after yon is to ran away from them as fast as a horse can carry yon, and then there is no oertalnty thai they won't catch you. They are nearly as swift aa a horse, and their endurancs Bkforb Butins of beat Apply to FOR 9 ALE Furniture emd 1 paying lodgings In town. Pioneer-Times. America's Most Inter, Lath. Shingles, Sail bin, nd Hollaing tai St. FOR SALE Three of the beat ranches on G. W. BEED. Mgr. Bear Butte valley, 16i aeree aaah; or $1,09 lmaroTemenU oa one; win be soM is as great as their vioioasners. A friend of mine encountered a drove of them In a wild part of Mexioo a few Eloquent Ladg Orator. at a bar sUn. Inquire at tha Ptaeec Painter, Paper Hanger, Kalsominer. Havtes seoureri the paint shop formerly ootnipied by Will am & Son uo-dier tha new Westewi Uototi Telegmpk ofBc, I am preparwJ to promptly execute Bll orden tar house ftalntlnr. paper baagt&c, eeJettaemloK, anl all werk of ttiat efciater. I etuOl emptor ilr fint-daas work-sen and wlU sauna aattsfaetlain. ft wfll not be httw efeea X etw to work, but how good. TVtal orAra aotlalted. O. C. LACKOUS. Times offlee. J. P. HYMER. hlltttitms and Adjustments. Notary Public. FOR SALE A diamond atud, on and oae-half karats, for less than wtieleeale Will Lecture at ASSS Si BUh tWTla tm Tt price Inquire at ehls oflle. .the Opera House J m mmmtr Oa AH ktete ol w riUl beads wrMm MiT. Fieiee (et rate. beBre FOR SALE On easy terms, the house and lot at No. 9 Stewart st. Inquire at No. 11 Filmore st. W Bh. Dwftwood. a D. ( TVhoiMi: RarrtMo 10. : Black HUW 1U. years ago, and his escape was almost miraculous. He very foolishly shot and wounded a number of them. Than ha took refuge in a tree. The peccaries kept him in the tree all that day and through the night They circled round the tree, grunting aud squealing their delight at the prospect of a feast He soon exhausted his ammunition and brought down a peooary at each fire, bnt this had no tenors for the beasts. Toward morning tbey began to eat those be bad killed, after which tbey formed in line and trotted off. If they had not had soma of their own number to devour, they wonld have guarded that tree until my friend, through sheer exhaustion, dropped from his perch and allowed them to make a meal of him. The wildcats and tigers that infest the Mexican wilds flee from the peccaries with instinctive fear, and even rattlesnakes keep out of their path. rttMis FOR RNT. T.J. DO WD, Deadwood, June 16, 1899. Sxoloj ect: "The Signs of the Times." FOR RENT Furnished house, at No. 88 CO TO Denver ave. lf9trtiMtLA. I l. K'ICELY furnished rooma at reaaonable Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop rate at Noble Mock, T21 Uain etree. MRS. GARR. I'wHiiittivcr, jeweier D OPTICXAXt. HLHj Jsvelerj Maie to Order. FURNISHED rooem by the night or week, or lodgings. 26c and 60c. GRAND CEN TRAL, Main street. ntototteF.E.ii. V. a call and I idll guar wttahet to work and ,. " FOR RENT SUfroom house, Just newly papered and In fine order, at $18.00 per Gates' Roc and Ore Crusher month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 402 WU STBEBT - DEADWOOD. S. D. HH44ttttMM M Ham street, or at YOUNG'S office, Lee GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co r. street. Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Papers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln FMomjl Snpply Co; y Lincoln, Neb. a- FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by day - AAXilUUUIJUli week or month. Inquire over Ladies' Bazar. "irdwart company. IewasHardwara, yolei and -pattss Good. FOR RENT For the summer, to party with small family, furnished five rom house, with bath. 9 Forest avenue. Special Fine Crusher Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Yanners. Tbey are th. Standard. Gates, Slioos cinca. IDles Adopted by the flo-nestake Mining Oo 1 TI - OKABA FOR RENT One nicely furnished room, '729 Main street FOR RENT Four-room house. Inquire of Miss Cooper, 7 Forest ave. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. Room 19 Syndicate Block, DEADWOOD, 8. D. Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friad. LOST. a :UilW, UDLVQ HOTEL tO' THE WEST. Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery Finder please leave at LOST 3 flat keya. this office and receive reward. I GATES KM WORKS OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel SUBURBAN RESIDENCE FOR SALK AT A BAROADJ. Geod. mH"" g-room frame honaa. eriUr. fltw xwa .gronna. threanioajHara FOUND. ..." ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO, ILLS, M tA mA nUnted ta FOUND A black water spaniel answering to the name of "Rax." Inquire at Pio-naer-Tlmea office. nuMca v.

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