The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 8, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1899. law whose success is fully up to expecta rE OEADWOOO PIONEER WATCHES, piAMONDS tion. "The republican party is unreservedly for sound money," said the platform. The dollar on a parity wttb gold was never as firmly established ln the United States MTABLIBHER JVNB S, 187. m BUCK HILLS TIMES. Established april, 7, 1877. THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES an it is today. "The Hawaiian Islands Shoes With a Reputation. should be controlled by the United States,' ran another plank. They have become an Integral part of the country. In regard to 1897. .. Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry, Black Hills Gold Rings, CONSOLIDATED MAY 14 Cuba the republicans of the nation assem ,1.,1 at St. Louis declared that "the United PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. States should actively use its Influence anil e I Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless good offices to restore peace anil givaln-dcpcndciiee to the island." Cuba is free. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday Sterling Silver Novelties, .110.00 One Year "We favor the continued enlargement of 6.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 Six Months One Month WEEKLY I sailed Every Thursday. One Year Six Months SHOES! Are noted tor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. At Special Prices for the the navy and a complete sysiem of harbor and sea coast defenses." That. too. has been redeemed. In the Unlit of such a splendid realization of a platform the republican party has the warrant for makinir at the Next 20 Days e t t X Entered as Second-Class Matter Deadwood postofflce. : at : L. C. VERPLAST. iis conventions of this year and next a siltirisiiai of love feasts. Some tilings have been done that were not in the platform, nor In the minds of men, nor in the ken of prophets. A re- THROWING DOQUETS. Twenty-three years aim today the first newspaper published In the Black Hills NO. GO flCLG-rXXXBLTlL St, A. F. SNYDER MaIh Ciraat I . made its appearance, in size n wa pages of five columns each, or ten columns publu'im administration lias raced tne arj solutely unexpected. The Philippine prob in all. Today the regular issue of that . .1 . ....I..,..,.,.. Tho ntiln.r miner S fort V-l'lK'Ul cuiuui". l"e has grown with the town and development of the" surrounding country. It is far in FIRST NATIONAL BANK advance of newspapers published in other towns of the same population. It Is, all lem was one to put the sevrrcst test upon the wisdom and faculties of the president. Step by step, and through many trying successive phases, he Wis made his upright, brave and patriotic decisions. Ho has kept .closaly In touch with iha people. Their will has been his, and he has been its unerring interpreter. Republicans admit that they feel good. Under such circumstances it is easy to be a republican and pleasant to be one DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN $100,000 - SURPLUS 3150,000 things considered, a good newspaper, a credit to the town and well worthy the liberal patronage it is receiving. It Is a pleasure to publish such a paper in such an appreciative community. CASH TALKS DIRECTORS: 0. j. salisbury, t. j. qrier, p. b. sparks, p. a gushuest d. a. Mcpherson. VALUABLE TO READERS. A Marion, Ind., publisher says: "You do not come to Marlon every day. Agriculture, transportation and commercial expansion were the most prominent topics discussed at the TransmlsslsslppY convention, in annual session at Wichita, In the meantime, reliable mercnants ue- OFFICERS: gln unusual bargain sales. Their prices Cashier . ...D. A. McPHERSON Assist, ashler. . .J. S DENMaN President.... O. J. SALISBURY Vice-president T. J. GK1KK We have got the goods and want your trader are published in the advertising columns of the leader. If you read the Leader's advertising columns you can save many Kan. This Is a sign of a larger view and a broader spirit. This convention of farmers and business men addressed itself to the serious and thoughtful ( onsideia' Ion of how best to promote prosperity throne1'. imes the cost of a years subscription in he amount you save by taking advantage we ;he i'ltell ieiit applicnt ion of all fornix ot industry, instead of wasting i t s time f frivolous debate over tinaniial fads and Come and see us, will treat you right. f the bargain prices printed." The statement I hut. the advertising in lie paper make it valuable in its readers i one which comparatively few newspa- social t henries This pr;o l i',i I prin pla ys ilsel f in t lie all ept ion v. n ! 111 leplio SPECIAL SALE DAYS! and to icr men have hciikc enough to make and tin '.;iv freight r I Ayres & farflman Hardware Co. f t it Is a simple proposition. The adver tin . morion!! ineroha at of developing' marine. ser is loo frequently treated as an inter loper, and in fact the statement is too - o- ften made that he lias no right to exist, nd that in Helling him the privilege to MONDAY Furniture, all Kinds. Begin the work right by buying at the "ARK." .TUESDAY Curtains, Taints. Fix your house. Trunks and Satchels, If you're going t0 travel. WEDNESDAY Stoves and Ranges. On these the best discount of all. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery. We have elegant pat- esecrate the columns of a newspaper the uhlisher is ba.ely prostituting his art for gain. As a matter of fact, the news which is contained in the advertising columns of tei ns. FRIDAY Granite, Iron and Steel Ware. Prices cut half in two. I the average newspaper is much the most vitally Interesting to a majority of the The confederate veterans are holding a reunion near Washington, beginning yesterday, with the worthy object of extending aid to needy widows of those who fell In behalf of the "lost cause." President McKinby has accepted an invitation to address the gathering, and doubtless his words will be inspired byp the same generous spiri of reconciliation and loyal reunion that marked his utterances during his southern tour. These are always occasions of effusive sentiment, especially among our southern brethren, but in this case the eloquence will be directed toward practical good. O Carl Browne, who commanded the ex Are You Prepared? readers. Mrs. Brown cares a good deal more to know the price at which A.l.ims will sell a can of tomatoes than she does for the exact condition of the Russian-English-Qerman-Chinese controversy. Mrs. Smith doesn't really care a rap whether the Yang-tse-Klang runs up hill or down or whether It belongs to Russia or Greece. Any difference that It may nauy carriages ana Jumpers. SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash Boards, Tubs, Boileri, Wringers, Ironing Boards, Sad Irons. Buy these today; you'll have 'em read y for Monday. GOODS DELIVERED. DEMOUTH'S "ARK" 70 Sherman Street. tremely left wing of General Jacob Coxey's make to her ia so remote that she doesn It, but the fact that Wertbheimer I army ln ltB hUtoric bul bloodless advance realize upon the city of Washington, threatens to has reduced nainsook to 5 cents a yard and dimity to 8 cents is of vital concern to Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. k includes all of the latest and neatest summer footwear No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Price. and our stok is the freshest as well a t e largest in the B ill. Qo to " her. organize another force and repeat the performance. The only way to dissuade Mr. Browne from this spectacular enterprise Is to serve early notice upon him that the Mrs. Jonea may have been struggling through housekeeping for fifteen years or more and no one ever said to her "Uneeda tramp law will be relentlessly enforced all along the line. , o THE POWER OF THE PRESS. Buscult." She read it In the Pioneer- FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY Times and it is of more Importance to her than Chamberlln's latest South African policy or Hornberger's latest Philippine "The power of the press" is a common expression but few really realize its ac UuU power.. Deep thinkers do not heel phlllipic. When Mr. Matterner learns from an ad (GEDDES OLD BARN.) New Carriages and Buggies. ZIPP'S. tate to assert that bait the crime of our country may be traced to this source. But great as la the influence of the press, it The Best Driviner and Saddle Horses vertlsetn nt In the Pioneer-Times that Rosenthal has cut the price on purple neckties and that Zlpp has reduced the tax on lemon shoes, it may easily be of more moment to him than to learn from the cannot begin to equal the power of Hos- tetter's Stomach Bitters over disease Most diseases originate ln a weak stom aim uuuuuwu nniwuni uuwuwn innnrxnnmwuuwnniuuwuu" j3- news columns that Giovanni Maacagul of irnitmr t n i nn Spain has been arrested for pushing his ach, the Bitters strengthens the Stomach, purines the blood and cures constl patlon. It will tone up the nervous sys- push cart a little too aggressively. MM LUMIJ tern and stimulate Inactive kidneys. As an appetizer it is unequalled. It cures Mr. Jones may feel benefited by the advertised statement that the "Happy Bill" cigar at 6c is absolutely the best cigar that was ever offered to the public sick people, and an occasional dose regu BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY WBKK OR MONTH a specialty . : Prompt and Careful Attention will be G ven to 'Funerals, for which we have both v hite and black hearses. PLATIHOTYPE HOTOGRS PORTRAITS ln OH, Pastel, Water Colon and Crayon a specialty. J togrrapha colored; Pictures framed. Amateur werk enlarged ln bromlo Kodak and Camera Suoolies. lates the bowels and prevents well people from becoming sick. If you want to get at any price any place. He may look upon On dll personal property c value. A large stock ol unredeemed pledges at sur- Erisingly low prices. All usinesg strictly confidential Til Deadwood Laii Dfflei. this statement with some degree of sus well and keep well, use Hoetetter's Stom ach Bitters. , plclon and he may eventually determine that tt contains tome trifling Inaccuracies, a 21 Lee Street. P but even so, the statement Is perhaps as truthful as many that appear ln the news columns. People are Interested In advertising, and It ta right that they should be. The adver j 4 " A Fair Outside Is ' a Poor Substitute For lrvward Worth," Good health, inwardly, of the kidneys, liver and bowels. Is sure to come if Hood's Sar- tising and the advertising pages of the magazines are full of the latest news ot PbototpwrpliilDC on SILK and Porcelain. We hare moved into Gl.J dough Studio. No, t a Main street. Lead, and are prepared to do all J r Black Hills Institute titof. 11 i- n.,i . rvi . .r.lifl may i" i the -world, and It is practical, helpful and useful news. The advertisements are' frequently embellished with pictures that are Aueyu sv1 wui jwhus wi in nm run aTiinrsmTfrin. ruw!"!" ni br mafl to be enlarged. Our work im done ait Lome. BLACK HILLS PORTRAIT ART PHOTOGRAPH 00, No. C B. Main St., Lead. . FULLER a-TORMS, W OF .... OSTEOPATHY saparilU is promptly used. This secarei a fair outside, and a The; Chicago Restaurant. consequent vigor in the frame, with the glow of health . on the cheek, good The beat emtng place is the city of fully as artistic. as those that adorn the reading pages. And, as a rule, the information contained la the advertisements Is shad, more accurate than that ln the literary or editorial portions of the publication. : , "" 1 ' ' O REPUBLICAN HARMONY. ' : Republicans are harmonious and eonfl-dent' for the best poaalblt reasons. The platform adopted In national convention at Taken up. at my ranch, canyon, three and one-haK from DoadWood, one ha7 J wetoht about 1.000 pounds, VJ Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretory. J. J, BECKHAM, S, A. S. O. appetite, perfect digestion, pare blood. Catarrn "I hare had no return of the catarrh which troubled m for yean, since . .k.,Mer. I Deadwood. Nice tablea are set. and er-rytbinc in the way of eatablec la pro-Med. to the entire satisfaction oC the aToeeta. Snort orders served at any Urns of day or night. Open ail of the Una The proprietor worn irk to have peo uar w. on ion, v ,u -4 Hood's Barsaparilla cured me.f If as. Job MAtrrni, Washington St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. DySDODAla - - Complicated with Htm- lng costs oi keep and advert! Deadwood. a IX. JfJ, and kidney trouble, I suffered for years with dyipepela, with severe pains. Hood's Barsaparilla made me strong and hearty." J. B. Xxuroa, Main Street, A.uburo, Ma, St. Louis three years age has been wrought Into law.and turned Into action to a remarkable extent The pledge are accom TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Tr n end ehronlo 11mm such as Urn, kidney and stomaes. 2" J 8h Vitu,J J," to tb ailments tt which the people e this section are Mr. Ws benefit about N per mL zfjsir&isz s,5 are sszsr nmX CF.FICE EEETTELL CLCOK HAD CITY. S. t MAn a 4 T H! ple glv him a call ana a trial. im. .WOKO CHONQ. Prop. eeeoeoee esooooso JOHN W. GIBBS, AritECtamsiiiifsteMit plished facts, ; Prosperity was" promised, and It has come In ampler measure than One of the finest farms in was 'anticipated. ;'. The causes of depres M.h ki.M am rvn tad thrsi I7 sion, accurately pointed out, have been removed. v There is a new protective tariff TseSl rm ears Btt Ale; the .taTWrtas; ami t 'l sJhhle to fats with goo tynjiRJi. at I per cent, (tt) D.A.

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