The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 22, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 5900, H.; OLD SOUR DOUGH. o. ..e ' . .i 1 tii.vl I've f.-uzi-ii, t I .1.- .. TFIE DAILY PIONEEK-TI1! LS, lEA!VOOP, S. D. Caii nt til.-'i .' !..; . ; .1: i h. ; !.:. ... - 1 ' ... i i I ..'. I ViCVBDi DC f m', i :i :ui ;he ; i ! .. .! -..i.0 I in th.-- :!!! j M r . M . iii.' .'ii- '.i ; l i k, J . .1. till 1 IilLi. C. i ii.ll Li. :!!!! in i!io H..YI- Mi- : ttl. '! c!ir.' lo, th" V; ii: Owr I!..:-. - N.-w ;...!. Pc.ones. Harntori 110, Black Hills, 202. ;3 l-1' ""' ::t i tf grans the soul, , , ; ..Mir:i i, !: ui. I I o.j.l li.Ull.l .,.iiu, Iruiii thi.s .r. - j :.. .a fin- ' i.jin....,, iii.,..-, : I mini i.-eclii U.-l J. "-'.Ji;'' 1'. I .Willi. ''-. . l u.... ...".. iiiiji.ii. .il.u.., Imu ii.:. j l. 11.11,1, :.l..l. 1 m ii.i .. j lijau:, . a va, lui ielli-ls UUUlliiU'unU 1U lUu I'-jiati. oi lia J'UUiaxii. 'i'lie oiliiiul vote oi J-uwieiiLu iijau-ty Li jjixc iiu id, bi.a in labuiaicU I.IIIIU ilfcf '1 btvOLl-U, : ii.i:i a lr.-,i . 1 Bur . ,. of il blllKlT ..1 u '' '"' . ... v.m liu' f.ieU 12TH YEAR OF AIDEN BENEDICT'S '" , .. ills ill "iJffkiliK." Co. V " " 1... nunc "il'i i1" ax-J tiiJ 'I"' ' I . . ii I H:.TTltt' luiui, ocLUpiui too luuch t jiatu to imblish iu tho piipt-r. It lim Ijuou juiutcd oil book paper aud cau bo , ,,1 f.!.i 1 ' ,. . pan . ..-.I ;i I'laim." i 1 ii' rii.'il'J my lonst'K'1- i.j. .. . . I 1.1 !"". 1 .. .,1.1 ih.. am. Pat, 't' tin of uiy Borrow' I"5 ill Li' fmvi-d to aree' P )'"U h-arn now Hemic Misfortune WB yf ' , ,1 iUl hc-r tailing" to me. , i ' ri .: .. . ; . o HwdT.-. iiair ("'.. c,. wriiiUl.' emolu-ments and hu.,t .1 , iup-: . itixiiu ,s ever D.'i t ki'iiV dni sture ELECTION IS OVER NOW. YOU CAN'T TALK POLITICS. HUT Vi)1' CAN I'lND PI.I..NTV OK HOT TALK AT AC HERMANN'S FOR THE NET FEW DAYS ONE HALF OFF. EVERYTHING FROM NOW UNTIL THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd. Cure Your Cold While You Can. Ib it not better to cure your cold while you can, in Its incipency, rather thana take the chances of its resulting In pneumonia, catarrh or consumption, all of which diseases begin with a cold and may be prevented by curing FABIO ROMANI i with mv partner all summer, orM. ''".. ,.. o,-!- cold creek Cross-1'""" K ' ,hr.lllrht of "loc&t- A ROMANTIC MELODRAMA OF I"? ..J frak." SURPASSINQ EXCELLENCE. iofl we loc-iii ft""8 " fh -ie 0f the soaon Our Foot Warmers Are Waiting for You. Cozy House wear for Old and Young. The new FLEECE LINED SLIPPFUS and SHOES are nicest ever shown VEVANT'YOU TO SEE Til EM Zipp Shoe Con had at lUc pur copy. Mrs. 11. K. Wardiuan, formerly Miss Kato I'hillips, writes friends in this city that she and her husband are very pleasantly located with Mr. Wardman's brother at Carlsbad. New Mexico and Mr. Wardman is already very much Improved In health. The Oxford club, recently organized by the coloied waiter sati the Bullock, will give a ball at the Opera house on Thanksgiving evening, November 28. It will be under the management of J. H. Galbreath and will be the awelleat affair of the kind ever given . In the city. Music will be furnished by Prof. Md'herson's orchestra from Lead. All the county offices will bo closed wMn r. ,w ,.rk wai a "fake," oolilnt! GREATEST OF 8TAQE AND SCENIC EFFECTS. As Originally Presen ed In New York City. .,! ,hc tot-twtsted tundra travel"1 , for lnp,r We Uif w'"" every cold at the start? Chamber-, Iain's Cough Remedy can always bo I depended upon. It is pleasant and j safe to take. For Bale by Kirk G. : Phillips, drnggiat. L ST'bui.Bry U.amK-r who herds Opera House-, November 29th, 1DO0. ... ,hpv m breed. KX'l a if mod "claims" miht THIS SPACE IS RESERVED FOR r.h..-! '"' "u, ' this afternoon between two and three i.Ylock in older that all county of li-ceis may at lend the funeral of Mrs. It. II. 1'urcell. wife of the deputy county treasurer. IACOBS j ih.' im" 9 I.. I In' iui ' !i 'l .'!. Tl attnii h'' l'v-r i!i ion :it tli. will I." :h '1.1 lllMI.'.' !:i r and II, - I r.ll ' 1 1. ..v. i.l. '1. I'.ilf fan. i ll -I. j WHO HAS SOTv L THING TO SAY TO YOU ABOUT WHAT MAKES A MCE Xf.'iAS PiUlbENi". 'l'l. 1:1. U ill jl I. .1 1. '' .... r. I u . - I . i h ,.r Tin :'j. I n; : ! !. ; !. ;i. 'I':.. I h ail I !.. -.; ;.. (1 II.. in. Villi ('.!-.. I.. j : t1 1 .1.. 1 " 1 1 t (J i-iati-il. u In api iMl')K,TKK AN!) I KSI( iN'KK' OF iowns and ('Hi . ;i I : i ii I ., i I: :. i.l "T!,e C :j p-j ti;:a I'. .1.. . ' l'i .. diluted J.muary I I . I .. I i li' l ' O . i . on cJ 1 1 ! i i I inn at ' I hi - . .:..; I., v !l : : .. '. t'.. ;.l t'i In: lie 1 . .- v. 1 1 1 i : anii.ln t !'. :n. : . jraid fur the II i' I ! : 1 I I) l'l" 1 I . ah i In-' '. I. I! .', i.ii t.l.'; . -:.! .11-1 nuiii.; ti'.i i Co: W. 11. LOWH iillj-lit thrill.. at a tivil hauie goods. .ml CO. i h. ti ( l.-arance Hale is yet go- ....Millinery K lulu! 1 1. . Ill '..'.us. i I hiu'li II.- I, ha.l I. FilE th.' ' 'i1 i.l siifl'iai .1' ' You had better ing on but it will now continue but a few more days :.h.) the liazaar. Ti. i;et are given with . v. ry I'a jiurehase. The stock ;' holiday goods was never so attractive or large as this year. Collectors of campaign badges as well as those of a speculative turn, should read the announcement of the disposition of the Pierce home at Sioux City. The badges McKinley MY SPECIALTY Hist of Attention jlven to Boarding Moving or Bryan are weil worth preserving. J I GEO BEIEB They are for sale at Russell & Hig- Heavy Machlner llnrttes. Get Prt. m ble's. ESTEY PIANO for my family. Haw- ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... ley Is the only regular dealer at No. 639. by Bullock hotel. I have the best roadsters in the city and am prepared to eDtt And other inimutahlp laws. U they robbcil us hy refiular srhetlule So we know just what to expert Meat Nome we're scheduled to BtrugKle latil we're financially wrecked. Vre seanvl into suhmission and silence By the men the Government Bends ) force ub to keep law and order While they keep claims for their friends, id collect In on indirect manner An exceedingly burdensome tax, numed, for a time by th traders. And then transferred to our backs. un sick of the scream of the eagle And the laws of dishonest design, ull'm going in quest of a country Where a miner can "locate" a mine. Wb I have rustled an outfit, Itese placers will know me no more, or I'll try my luck with the Russians On the bleak Silurian shore. DUNHAM. Some. Alaska. Dot. lfiOO. For the best line of watches and furnish rigs or saddle horses on the shortest notice. Jewelry, go to the Deadwood Loan Of fice. BiMMMiMiA 539 Main St, I "e J WE BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT take advantage of it it will pay you. Our large sto k of DRY GOODS, CARPETS, SUITS, OVERCOATS, JACKETS, CAPES, FURS AND SHOES, all go at the greatest sacrifice you ever hoard of. They must be sold hero is a sample of how we are selling them: You can buy a Ruit that formerly sold at $10.00 for $5.50: at $15.00 for $9.00; an overcoat that formerly sold at $12.00 for $7.50; at $14.00 to $16.00, for from $9.00 to-$10.00; a cloak, cape or jacket that has been retailing at from $11.00 to $15.00, for from$6.00 to $9.00, or one that has been selling for from $8.00 to $10.00, for, from $4.50 to $6.00. Carpets: the best yard wide Ingrains from 29c up. 1000 pairs Ladies' $4.00 Walking Shoes, the best quality ever turned ouby any house, during this sale, $1.95. This is indeed the greatest sacrino 6alo that has ever been inaugurated In the Black Hills, or any section whatever of the west The reason for this unprecedented sacrifice is that we must unload our mammoth stook to give the carpentere a chance to work. With years of hard usage our floor has become worn and must be replaced; with the regular trend of business enterprise and push, our front has become a back number," and must be replaced with a new and up-to-date one; our fixtures with twenty years of constant service, have done their duty and must be set aside for tho new and modern ones we have ordered, and hence it is that we must reduce our stock or move into other quarters while the work is being done. We decided to give tho pi.blic a benefit so a sacrifice, costmark sale was put on everything Is going going fast, too, so come along. Our old customers, especially, wo invite to come and get your share of the benefit. Wo have served you in many sacrifice and clearanco sales during the past twenty years but wo beg to say, that tho sale now on t aps all preceding fi'oi t.; it is the greatest sale ever put on in thi;;; or any other country Yours, for quick salon and Mnall ji roStJ, FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, WE WILL GIVE ONE-HALF OFF ON ALL GOODS PURCHASED AT OUR STORE. ACKERMANN MILLINERY CO., MISS O'KEEFE, MGR. LOOM J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler, la Headquarters Found Stolen Harness. WhNe delivering groceries in the ar of Joe Hattenbach's residence ' Giles of Arnold . Bros.' grocery Md a good pet . of double harness Men in the bushes. It had ovi-' been stolen and ached there be removed at a more convenient ason, but the snow came and the Jff as probably afraid of being Wed. The owner has not yet been nd, but ho can have the harness ' notifying Marshal Grlmshaw, wins his property and paying the For Black H ills Gold Jewalry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him just what you want and he will quote you prices by return mall. REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house In the Hills. Mens ShoesforFall and Winter Are Unexcelled Custom Made Clothing Our stock comprises everything desirable in Mens" fine Suits and Overcoats, all correctly made and finely tailored. Every suit guaranteed perfect in fit, and no garment is allowed to leave the Store unless it comes up to this requirement. Visiting as we do the market of the world, enables us to not only get the ! cream of the market in way of styles but insnres for our customers & saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" . -' Competitors Our brands ar the best the mar- j keta show. Every pair of mens j shoes we sell Is a standard at its price. Every pair is guaranteed by j manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are I sole agents for the famous Florshelm I .MEN'S SUITS.- MEN'S OVEKCOAfS. Fine Beaver overcoats in black, brown and blue shades- Kersey h ancy worsteds and cassimerx? iu checks and broken plaids, good serviceable suits, well made anr overcoats in a variety of colors, well finished, worth $7.50 for. $5 all this season's styles, and worth $12. your choice. 8.50 YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. K. Griggs, attorney for the Bur-Wm. is in the city. n- $3. Throo, left for Bussey lal, r visit with relatives. John R. Wilson returned from Rapid where be has been attending irt. D. Leedy arrived last night Cape Nome, and will go down to W City tonight. V'T,Brrnes' the Omaha manager P. p. collier & Son Publishing m, Ib Ih the city. ! Hrris Franklin and Mr. and E. Franklin and little daugh-- 'ert for a trip to Chicago, New and Washington. fk" ThomPso of Boulder, Colorado has been looking over mining Jy In the Hills, left for Colo- wpectlng to return in a few H'ehley arrived on the vi u?m Chlcao. wnere she has rtw v her mother- She was Wta t y her nU8ani. and they r p?if for a 'w days' visit with Wttljr-s brother and his wife. r Sncent left a the Bakhorn tU fatDOT. Mitchell Vln-two coubIm, Webb and Leon tod David Pember. who went Bnrlinxton train. THE CITY S Tote ot Lawrence coun- to can be had at Tbaea at 10 cent per Wrif?1 to1 . wWre4 Tlaoeat of ImA and SUITS.- Shoe for men. THE HWORLDS GHE1T FDfE SHOE; Our method ef baying saves one profit. With us K is front "maker to wearer." MEN'S ULSTERS. Heavy Irish Frieze nlsters, splen didly made up, extra heavy linings, high storm collars, workmanship and trimmings of A in the best, worth $13.50 for. . $1U MEN'S OVEROOAT&r- Fine Vienna overcoats in the new Oxford shades heavy Bearer and Kersey coats In black, brows and bine all made np In the latest style and finely tailored thro Rhont. Worth fl&H Al ft to $115, yow ernsfae $16 A splendid line of fancy eaaa meres and worsteds, round r puare cat, all styles and a biff variety of new pattemB to select from. An A 112.00 Talne tor $9 MEN'S SUITE. Men's worsted suits, cvstocn t&B-ored, workmanship and triM-mlngs strictly highest grade, al colors and styles, worth $18 Al Q year T $16 Look at the Fine ShoeJin Our Window, J. A. BERGER,uad,s d.

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