The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 7, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIOHEEB TI1H23, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNK 7, 1899. IF TOU AM NOT BUTTNO AT THE Money lean en My srnpsrty; monthly payments; low rate of Interest. Call on or address Dr. F. M. Oanta. STANDARD CASH OROCBRT. IEU- 4. 4. 4. MAN ST.. TOC ARB LOSTNO MONBT. THE NEW CUSTOMERS ARB INCREAS Bad management keeps more people In Come on You . ING DAILY. t poor circumstances than any other ons The Ledlen Tlsiss- baa received a line e. To be suocessful cos must look ahead and plan ahead so that when a fav 33a 1 of wide embroidery in serviee and cambric, that Includes the latest designs and Is most complete. orable opportunity presents Itself he Is -MBt-.-'w-.ifc, . . ill.- ' ready to take advantage of it A little forethought will also save much expense To cure piles, strike at the root that's CATALOGUE FIENDS AND CATALOGUE CRANKS and valuable time. A prudent and care- ful man will keep a bottle of Chamber Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem the way. DeWttl's Witch Hazel Salve strikes at the root It removes the cause quickly and permanently. Don't squander time and money trying to remove the ef edy In the house, the shiftless fellow will fect. Kirk G. Phillip. wait until necessity compels it and ruin Ladies' Bazaar Omaha and Chicago Prices duplicated at Bloom's and his best horse going for a doctor and have Order "Commencement" day cut flowers from Mrs. Mather. FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DE LIVERY AT THE STANDARD CASH You Don't Have to Pay Express Charges Either, a big doctor bill to pay, besides, one pays out 2$ cents, the other is out a hundred dollars and then wonders why his neighbor Is getting richer while he Is getting poorer. For sale by all druggists. There is a time for all things. The time to take DeWltt's Little Early Risers is when you are Buffering from constipation, biliousness, sick headache, indigestion or other stomach or liver troubles. STORE. SHERMAN ST. THAT 13 THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH. REMOVED Take Notice, Citizens Your headquarters for genuine pi The attention of the ladies of Dead-wood is called to the new and van-led assortment In the lines mentioned below. Especial care has been exercised in the selection of a most desirable stock of Union Suits, of summer weight, with long Bleeves LADIES' WRAPPERS. MOST COM- Bring Your Catalogues with you anos is now at No. 639 Main st, by Bullock hotel. Come right in and be at home. fji and Examine our Goods and Prices. C. E. Hawley will be there all he can. They never gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. Everything new and neat at the Holzner. DAN HICKS, colored, an expert with and always SOMEONE. W. M. Gallagher of Bryan, Pa, says: PLETE IN ASSORTMENT AND OF THE VERY LATEST STYLES IN DESIGN AND PATTERN. BLOOM'S 661 Main Stree. For forty years I have tried various cough medicines. One Minute Cough Cure plants, will make flower beds, care for plants, clean yards, clean and lay carpets, wash windows, take down stoves, etc. is beet of all." It relieve Instantly and Telephone Pioneer-Times. cures ail throat and lung troubles, coughs. ?Sf I "f -4 ! 4 4 4 f colds, croup, whooping cough, la grippe BY SAVING THE NICKLE AND DIMES and pneumonia. Kirk O. Phillips, YOU ARE EARNING DOLLARS DURING THE YEAR. YOU CAN DO THIS BT LADIES' SKIRTS, IN SILKS. SERGE, BRILLIANTINE, LINEN CRASH, WHITE PIQUE AND DUCK. LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS, IN INDIA LINEN, DIMITY. PIQUE AND SILKS. Rooms to let at ths Holzner. LOOK HERE! Nobody la selling such good pianos for so little money and BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE. SHERMAN STREET. easy term a C. E. Hawley. Do not al t: For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy What you want is not temporary relief Th Only High Crade Baking Powder Offered at a Mod rate Price. low anyone to deceive you, but always see his pianos and prices and terms. You All the first-class stores of Deadwood have agreed to close their stores at 8 from piles, but a cure to stay cured. De-Witt s Witch Hazel Salve cures piles, and they stay cured. Soothes and quickly owe It to yourself to do this. No. 63!, by Bullock hotel. o'clock. By patronizing the stores that heals old sores, scalds, cuts, burns, wounds quroibs ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOLIS AND observe this agreement and doing their There will be received at the Bazaar during the present week a shipment of goods for Ladies' wear, which have been selected with especial care and will be strictly in keeping with the latest modes and fashions. and skin diseases. Kirk O. Phillips. PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS M DE shopping before 8 o'clock the buying pub OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE FOK A PERFECT FIT. SEE CHARLEY 11c Is ssured courteous treatment and CALL FOk IT. & RAMSEY. THE TAILORS. better bargains, and will greatly oblige Physicians are the friends of the fam f HOT MADE BY I THE I V TRUST. De Witt s Little Early Risers act as THE CLERKS. NONESOCOOD. ily. HARPER Whisky is the fhend of the faultless pill should, cleansing and reviv W. L. Nell, D. D. S , Crown and Bridge work a specially. Gives gas for painless 1 njsiclans. A most valuable aisistaut and one that can be trusted. Sold nly by extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Phar CARR & BERRY. Deadwood. S D j The Ladies' Bazar Lsl ing the system, Instead of weakening it. They are mild and sure, small and pU as-ant to take, and entirely free from objectionable drugs. They assist rather than compel. Kirk G. Phillips. macy. Furnished rooms at reasonable rat- s by Have your eyes examined for glasses 639 Main Street. THE CITY. the day, week or month, at iha Holzner. free of charge by A. F. Snyder, the op F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dentu'ry tician, free of charge. 1 j'vV 'i 0 W V V'. 'j v '. -J vty vtn.i'v 'i Mrs. Nott. of ths Ladles Bazaar, desires Prof. Cook has secured -Colonel L. F. of all kinds. Gas administered. Kighteen years' experience. Rosenthal block. copeland, "the kjng of the platform," at Dr. Bowman has returned Deadwood, to remain permanently and resume his practice, and will occupy his old offica over Deetken's drug store. I was seriously afflicted with a cough for several years, and last fall had a more a cost of $125 for one lecture for the Spear to stats that ahe ha Just received an assortment of union aulta for women' wear. They ars ummer weights, with lone sleeves and are admirably stilted to the Black Bill cllmata. fish Normal June 15, at the commencement Take your watch work and engraving to A. F. Snyder, the Jeweler. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mr. P. Ketcham of Pike City. Cel.. savs- exercises. The Ep worth League of this city closed a contract yesterday for Col severe cough than ever before. I have "During my brother's late sickness Irjm I onel Copeland to lecture In Deadwood ised many remedies without receiving Wednesday evening, June 14. This will be much relief, and being recommended to a rare treat, a charming entertainment of try a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem fun, wit and eloquence. Let Deadwood edy, by a friend, who, knowing me to be sciatic rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Balm was the only remedy that gavj him any relief." Many others hav? testified to the prompt relief from pa:a which this liniment affords. For sale by all drug people show their appreciation by going Tne joom formerly occupied by Dr. Weld, are for rent Inquire of F. D. Smith. Partly furniahed or entire, five room house for rent, 12. W CenUnnlal Ays. New conslfnment of potted plant and Choice cut Bowers at Mrs. Mather, 418 William street . CoL Copeland. "The Klnf of the Plat-tond," will lecture In Deadwood' Wednes- a poor widow, gave it to me, I tried it, and with the most gratifying results. The first bottle relieved me very much and to hear this great entertainer. Reserved seats on sale at Fishers Bazar today, 60 gists. C. L. SlEWERSg Gunsmith, Locksmith, cents. the second bottle has absolutely cured Dr. Seymour here June 27. 28, 29 and SO for four day only. A child's set silver plated knife, fork and spoon free for Diamond "C" Soap Everything new at the Holzner. Do you eat? At Guns Kellar's meat wrappers. Ask your grocer. HEADQUARTERS me. I have not had as good health for twenty years. Respectfully Mrs. Mary A. Beard, Claremore Ark, Sold by all druggists. All kinds of fresh cut flowers on hand at Mrs. M. Liebmann'a.. FOR SALE On easy terms, the house and BICYLCES market, oo Main street, you can get all FOR" lot at No. 8tewart st Inquire at No. kinds of good meats at the lowest prices 11 Fllmore st. ay evening. June 14th, at U. B. church en "Snob and 8Dobbery." Beat for Col. Copelnnd'sc lecture on tale U FIs-sl's. Reserved aeaU M cent. "Snob and Snobbery" by "The King of the Platform" Wednesday evening. June 14. Get teat at FUhel'a. Quick sales and small profit i kep meats I fresh and: good. Don't forget the number, I The Society , of Black Hills Pioneers has (42 Mala street secured a rate of 1.25 to Spearflsh and .ho BICYCLE SUNDRIES. DR. A. Ft. NAULTEUS. PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg ! store. Main Street. Dr. Gluthe's Celebrated Trusses on hand. return for the annual picnic to be held at J. S. McCllntock, city bill poster. 728 that point oa June 14, UM. Main street. ,, The Most Complete Bepair Shop in the Hilli Oo to the New York tor closing out ale before the stock la broken for rare The board of directors of the Society of Black Hills Pioneers ha selected Spearflsh j bargains and elegant goods. as the place for holding the annual picnic .Ellen Rlaehart was granted a divorce yesterday from w. A. Rlnshsrt, and was oa June 14, 1899. Round trip ticket, $1.25 Regular conclave of Dakota eommaadery no. 1. K. T. this (Wednesday) evenlns mi ii.'ll.l.ii.wassiiiMii.. pp.......!. -in-Lrvtaarui -iT-trir-W.iwtfir. t-"-rn-" GREATEST DRY GOODS SALE! June T. 1899. All Sir Knights courteously requested to sttend. By order of E. C. GEORGE M REEVES. Recorder. warded $36 a month alimony until the further order of the court and the custody ( of the two children. Jt ?M l South Dakota lady, Miss Hay Recers of Oroton, who won the first prise trip through the continent of Europe with all expenses paid la th Minneapolis Journal's most" popular teacher contest. South Dakotana are winners anywhere you nay put them. Tjfj" Prof. Cook of Bpearflsh Is slated ever . It Is not at all humane for the dog catcher to tie a dog to his wagon and drag the life oat of him. nor Is It at all safs to life and limb for an amateur Ever Held in the Black Hills. M. LIEBMANN'S NEW STOCK! Bomrht by W. E. LOWE for Spot Cart at a great discount. The ptux-aee include tinea ot Spring Dry Goods, irtdcdi will bo void for much lew than ACTUAL. COST. SALE BEGINS equestrian to mount a horse hs -is unable to guide and ride on the sidewalks built curing Col. Copeland for Normal lectors expressly for those' who walk. June 15th. The Epworth Leane hare eon traeted for Col. Copeland to deliver his The contract for putting the steam heat ing plant In W. E. Adams A Ca'i nes block, on Sherman street, has been award' -v-u?".Jd.8npbbeiliereJim14i Th New Tork store, on Sherman street. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19 ed to H. D. Hlckok of this city.. Papers were drawn up and the work will begin conducting a genuine closing out sale. Mr. Crane ha decided to go further west Immediately, v. :" The Omaha Meat Market will dose its , -ana continues until all the Goods are Sold. Today to your last chance to secure the one-fare rates to Hot Springs, account of floors this evening, June I, sot to stay closed, but to collect, repair and put In some needed machinery, kc'to meet the ths G. A. R. reunion." ' You should also ar aemana of our customers. Win i range to take th Burlington's 1:10 train, as you arrivs In Hot Springs before dark JO. with full Uns of goods st prices that 600 White MsrseUlee Bed Spr 6 5c; worth fL25. ' 600 yarda Organdies, Dmbroid and In time for the evening's programme WE WILL OFFER : 1,000 pnir LslW tan and black LUIs Hose. 25c; wortlt CSdi 600 Ladles' Shirt Waiata, 60c and 65c; worth L60 to $2.00. 1,000 Tarda Aasorted Dreaa Oooda, e to 85c; worth 25o to 66c- ' and festivities. ' 1.000 pair lUw. Ribbed Bote, 6c pair; worth 16e - ' 1.000 pair Mlawnr llae Lfela Ribbed Hoe. IS.; worth , 1.000 pair Ladles' teat block aeamleaa Hone, Be; worth 160. Members of the Society of Black Hills Linen and Fancy Summer Goods. 16c yard; worth 25c to Ma c n-t i ... uoH inn. OB Pioneers are requested to meet at' city hall. Deadwood. Thursday morning. June none can beat and sell strictly for cask. . Colonel Orlgsby of the South Dakota Rough Rider, has a pia. for capturing Agttlnaldo by the ns of esralry. which he ought to be given chsnee to carry out Put a South Dakota rolunteer oa a South Dakota broncho and Ag-gy wHl hare to a new record as a sprinter, or throw up th sponge. Minneapolis Tribune. Clotha at about half price. 8. at 10 a. m., for th purpose of attending th funeral services of Thomas H. Russell, the first president of th society. liaclies, Misses and Childrens' Shoes lower than ever before onered.- jBeautiful Millinery , at half price asked by less competent GEORGE V. ATRES, President. PAUL REWMAN, Secretary, -Lead City papers pleas copy. Ths Hot Spring encampment will begin today, and the people of the place have been actively engaged for the last few day iwJ Boys' Clothina will be offered at ACTUAL COST during this Sale. preparing tor It. The excursion train from THE MODERN BEACTT Thrives oa good food and sunshine, with Plty of exercise the open air. Her form golws wlta health and her face ,Ioom 1U IU beauty. It her system oeU cleansing act Km of a Uxstlvs remedy, she nse the gentle and pleeaaaat Eyrup of Fig,, by th California T'-S Fyrtfp Co. only. sioux City arrived there shortly before dark last night and was well loaded with Passeegers from the eastern portion of the Ute. Th train made" the run from Sioux city la about twelve hours. maw ii s 1 lr--.rnnj-lnj1J-uUL

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