The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 7, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY Pi . .VEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1899. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS TRY ALLEN'S FOOT EASE. Assaying 502 Gold and Silver. ABSOLUTE A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. At thla season your feet feel swollen, nervous, and hot, and get Dr. C. B. Clark went to Hot Springs. Mrs. Maud McPhetrldge went to Rapid City. Reduction Enforccmci tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-litse. It cools the feet and f makes walking easy. Cures swollen and The Union Assay office, NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEAOW0CD, S. D. Will Give Correct Results of otJt. MIsb Florence Courgon has gone to Cleveland to spend a month or six weeks. Mrs E E. ClouKh and Mrs. Geom Roil OF left for Hot Springs to attend the entamp- C. A. Scott and wife and J. W. Crist of Spearflsh passed through the city en route sweating feet, blusters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try It today. 6old by all druggist and shoe dealers for 25c. Trial package FREE. Address Allen 6. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 20 PER CENl UIM ALL GOODS. SHvjJoj5Cc. On. All Samples (J?roizff7it to tfie Office. n mt- M. H. Lyon & Co. Agents for the Blickenderfer $35.00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. to Hot Springs. Mrs. R. C. Hayes and child left for Illoomlngton, 111., and other eastern points to spend the summer. J. H. Delaney, secretary of the Detroit & Deadwood Mlnlnsr com nan v i with SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE ORES. The smelter will give special rates upon Bepfliig May 25 ud Ending in low grade ores where they are not of an especially undesirable character. If the bis wife for Hot Springs. Carl Dawson, one of Fred Haines' as ore Is low In sillcia, like certain Carbon sistants, arrived from down the road. ate Camp, Galena and Lead City ores, ws MMMMIIIMIIMMI Mtfftl where he had been doing some work. will make a correspondingly low smelting A. H. Marble, cashier of the Butte rate, so that orus sunning but $8.00 or To save closing our store to re mart goods we will allow 20 per cent d? count as a sweeping Reduction on Dri marfced in plain figures that were Z lowest. our 110.00 may be mined at a profit. Call at MINES AND MINING. uounty bank, and G. E. Hair came In from Belle Fourche, and the latter left for Hot Springs. the works for further Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, General Manager '" MiimiMi "' i mm mm. ,,,; C. C. Hughes, general superintendent, and F. A. Harmon, division superintendent for the Elkhorn, arrived In the city. latter organization took charge of the fu O. A. R. EXCURSION. Henri. Archer, Fletcher, Crater, Jr.. and other, stockholders Id the Ga neral obsequies and laid the loving sister having come by way of Belle Fourche. H. H. Armstead, general manager for ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT ENCAMP A Stetson Ilat marked f5.00, now away in her last resting place, the Faulk-ton cemetery, today (Thursday) at 10 o'clock a. m. The kindest sympathy of MENT G. A. R., WOMAN'S RELIEF lena, Mining A Smelting; company, returned yesterday from Spearflsh and left In the Afternoon for the east. B. 0. Johnson at Hill City, S. D., Is ex- the Galena Mining & Smelting company, did not go any further than Edgemont Monday, and returned to Deadwood Our Gotham Stiff Hat, marked 3.50, now TTnta mn-nhaA 4tO Ai. ' ' ' m CORPS AND SONS OF VETERANS, TO BE HELD AT HOT SPRINGS JUNE 7, 8 the entire community goes out to the be "'tl IVCVi. P.ffy UiJW cluslre agant and headquarters for the rich reaved daughters In this the darkest hour Hats marked f 1.00, now AND 9, THE "ELKHORN RAILROAD" WILL SELL TICKETS TO HOT SPRINGS Vertical free milling gold mines and cop TO BUILU THE NORMAL DORMITORY. per properties of the Southern Hills. 8ev 20 per cent off on our Latest Style, of Crash and Straw J AND RETURN AT ONE FARE FOR THE Mullen & Munn, the contractors of this era prospects as promising as the Holy of their affliction, but through the gloom of sorrow's night there Is a rift in the clouds In the blessed thought that the form of their loved mother Is robed in Immortality in the brighter, better world be ROUND TRIP. TICKETS ON SALE JUNE Terror was are for sale on reasonable Wllite ShnTd city, have been awarded the contract to erect the new 25,0OO dormitory at the 6 AND 7, GOOD RETURNING ON OR T TT. .. . . IO terms. Telephone or write for particulars. BEFORE JUNE 12. State Normal school In Spearflsh, and their (U.) yond, where her blessed angel spirit will prove a beacon light, guiding the feet of The fltarner boys, at Ragged Top, have WATCH FOR IT. bond was "sont east yesterday, to be approved by the Btate regents of education. her orphan girls through earth up to rtuuuereu vvnite Shirts, marked fl.00, now .... Unlaundered White Shirts, marked 70 fonts, now! Heat quality Launch-red White Shirts marked f 1.50, now ISest White Shirts, marked 1.00 now recently made a good discovery of ore on their ground, and it assays as high as 1200 heaven. There were four bidders for the work, they being Mullen & Munn, N. J. TupllD and Olaf Seim of Deadwood and John H I will sell next Thursday, June 8, beginning at 1 p. m., at public auction, the finest outfit of household furniture, at the old post office stand, ever offered for to the ton. It lies in a shoot that runs DELMONICO'S. onto the Humbug ground, owned by John Delmonico's was founded In New York Russell of Spearflsh, and their figures ran Doyle, and the lessees of the latter ground ale in Deadwood. by John Oelmonlco, a poor Swiss emi very closely together, Mullen & Munn be i Collins and associates of Lead, have also JOSEPH FORD, Auctioneer. ing the lowest bidders, followed by Mr. grant, who landed there In 1825 with only made a good And. It la stated that the ore Seim, Mr. Tuplln and Mr. Russell. Mr they have found Is of good shipping qual 2 In his pocket. Two years later he sent for his brother, Peter, and his nephew. Silk Bosom Shirts, marked i.r.O, now Silk Hosom Shirts, marked :. I .LM, now FaFucy Bosom Shirts, marked 1.00. now Mullen expects to go over to Spearflsh to Itjr, and that they are preparing to begin DRUGGISTS, ATTENTION. The South Dakota Board of Pharmacy Francois, and the "sign "Delmonlco Broth day and will make preparations for the beginning of work immediately udod th will hold a meeting at Deadwood Friday ers" first appeared In December, 1827. at new building Nos. 21 and 22 William street Lorenso. morning, June 9, for the purpose of examining applicants for registration under the state pharmacy law. Those whose Messrs. Mullen & Munn also have th -uomor aepnew, joined them In 18S0. and ending it away for treatment. The first clean-up of the Detroit Dead- 004 stamp mill at Oayvllle resulted In J7, short run. under difficulties, and tfc toono,(lar In the company are feeling encouraged W the outlook. The company has expended In the neighbor- SIto In 1836. Delmonico's was the nm.. contract for putUng up the new water Fancy Bosom Shirts marked 75 c. ;.ts, now 20 per cent off on our renowned 50-cent Working Shirt, now 3XT eckwear. nlsed resort of fashionable society, then tank at the Soldiers' home In Hot fir,rln applications have not been filed can file them with the board on that day. Black gathered about the Battery and Comm.. and they have sent a number of men down Slip. The first Important move was to Hills papers please copy. Stood of $25,000 In and upon Its' premises there to perform the work. o . SOUTH DEADWOOD ELECTION B. C. BENT, at Oayvllle. There are about thirty men Pa the company, all of whom have put In Pure Silk Neckties, marked 75 cents, now Choice Silk Neckties, marked 50 cents, now C!i-.i:..i. - . . . Beaver and Williams streets, where fame first came In the person of a plain cltiien named .Louis Napoleon, afterward Emperor Napoleon Third. After him came the The South Deadwood hose company held CLO8IN0 OF THE SCHOOLS. The public schools of the city will close rrom 1500 to 11,600 apiece, and they an its annua election of officers last night, with the following result: oijubu X5GW8 ana Ktring Ties, marktnl 25c now . . J nounce that they are going to stay with this week for the summer vacation. Teach Prince de Jol&TlUe, and later his two we present proposition until it is on esis of profit ers and pupils are busy with examination's nephews, the Comt de Paris and Comte Our 20 Per Cent Diseoui and the mounting of work for exhibition de Chartrea. Old John ilmonlco died full of years and pride of success. Lorenzo Foreman George Lynch. First Assistant Ed Karcher. Second Assistant W. O. Keller. Secretary Will Parker. Treasurer W. H. Bon ham I Therej w 11 be an exhibit of the work of the schools Friday of this week and Satur bought out his Uncle Peter and became day UD to noon. Th thlrH on Suits is most remarkable when you see the Goods. ner me election of officers and otw will be In th. n m.i, -ki ., the head of the new line. Uptown went the tide of trade, and Delmonlco promptly moved from Bowling Green to the north niialrtavaa UA St ..... I ... . JL BAD HOLBJ. 'Swift.'' James Martasll's Oreat Dana, fell Into the old cellar on the Harding lot, along Main Street. Monday night, and must have been in there three or four hours before his predicament was, discovered. There Is about wo feet of water la the cellar, and the big dog was Just able - .uau uvou uisuoeea or a lunch and I ana tne exh h ti nt th. s us.., etuu tuuriu refreshments were served, and the meet-1 wards In the school buildings . of these west corner of Chambers street and Broad .ng was one of the best the company has wards. The people of Deadwood should way, f Jha next move was to Fifth .nU. A fine suit, silk lined, of the best black Imported ever held. turn out to see these exhibits and Fourteenth streets, where for sixteen $20 worsted marked $2$xo, now The graduating exercises of the hlrh years all .the great publlo dinners war. to keep his nose out. The gentlemen who A FWOHTTUL BLTJNDBR. glTea. The Grand Duke Alexis. Dickon. finally discovered him did their best to get school will take place Friday evening of thsl week In the opera house. wur oron cause a horrible Burn, U. Cut sir Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica ThssJseray and the prince of Wales ware A fine High art fancy worsted suit marked 20.00, fclm out, but In holding a light over the entertained privately or nuhllnlv .h. 16i now - - . salve, the bee m th world, win trp the pain asd nromnM Ka.1 i r- Horace Oreelay presided at , the Dickens wny,"nifeuld oot bereacued. Seme; one fen! Want af 1.1 1:JiLj v tr.-t.-ll dinner. The Ch Ambers street ' borne was A fine high art suit, silk OM Sore.. IW Bores, Uloem. Boils. ff0f Cnrn(rc rlons, . Cores, all Skia Brunts. 1 IUL aJpringS faced, marked $15.00 Hot abaadoaed uatfl m, but' the Four, w vaatam str. mvu who rescued the dog. Ha was able to 121 now teenth street house Was "the Delmonico's." ecOT fu em oa esurth. Onto K& snake the dog eome te him, and by placing Probably the most famous dinner ever box. Cure guaraateexL Bold hr Phtuina war. ui anunai Hteeusen. vrnggltU. was Induced u ellmb ap until some of the LIVERY STABLE. first-class sernceable suit, well tailored, marked $10.00, now - 8i given in, that house was that of 8ir Morton Pete, about W7J, at 1150 a plate. In 1871 the move from Fourteenth street tn ansa could get him by the back of the neck ' o NOTICE TO SETTLE. and he was lifted out, about as nearly dead F. B. SMITH, Manager. All parti e. knowing themselves Indebted iwenty-sixth street was made. Lorenso in price, . suit for euery dy wear, unequaled marked $5.00, now 4i died la 1481; Blvo followed him a tew to me are requested to call and settle Good 'Riffs and Saddle Horses jack Fasaold was the one to discover film, and he at first thought from the their accounts with me at once. months later, leaving Charles Delmonlco. (" M. LIEBMANN. sr., an estate easily worth two million. r at Reasonable Rates greens earning tree the hole that It was a Oft on Hoslerr and Sweaters o NOTIOH. dollars. He lost two-thirds of this fortune la Wall street, and died alone la Jan mas. The old hole is a .menace, and should be ailed up, either by the owner r k. Off on Mackintoshes and UmlnM 20 per ct. work on the City Creek properties In uary. 1881. amid the Orange mountain TELEPHOUrB ISTO. f55. Ban oa BJree- HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA. property, or by the authorities. It is half tilled with water, and tha aw ... the pneeeasloa of the undersigned to now Off 00 all classes of Under wners ne Bad wandered In mental distress. - - being prosecuted under contract fay John Charles Delmonlco, the rounmr. I Beofleld, Dan DUts and Isaac Trottsr.l ruieu at Twenty-sixth street for fifteen k oas been rotted out, aad to sot capable -f-.SJeMaLceat, aps soma man. may walk into It some day who are solely responsible tor all labor, I JobjTC and -"Philips!- kav. ... 20 per ct. siaea aa Bead waiters over the dining materlala. txvichinery. 7ete.7 employed thereon, and neither the underslxned nor Full Line ol - snc aie before relief can ha room, ana safe, respectively, for tw.n. cured. i, also a danger to the health of Off on Fancy and Whits Vetta Off on Trunks and VatlieJ. Off on Suspenders and Belt. Off on Collars and Cuds. Off on ency and Plain Nil- Off On Cotton. linen and Silk B saM proDerUes are liable for any part nve years. Delmonico's cafe, whererer located, to the best club la New T v,nUy. as it to filled with fiitb and thereof . .: germs will soon beg I, to breed. . tkm dstroit deadwood imam) where else can so many genial spirits be 20 per ct. COMPANT. R. H. MURRAT. CAMERA'S ; AND SUPPLIES. rouna gathered or such a variety of man : s - OBITTJART v ' ' (Faulktan Tim- ' sheretaiT. siiKuea. The restaurant w.. Dated May it, 189f, (tt) oeea cheap. Strangely r enotxfc. Mrs. Bertha Todmaa died' at her home have always been sold at hlrh w " v oa Tuesday. Mar to . The Boss of the Road Ove Diamond "C 80ns to a high trade clock p. m.. of dropsy, resulting from laundry soap that can be used la hard two persons can dine there quite reason-ablyjr as turn portion la always enough tor AT tmi Queas. aged IS j Md or eon -water. - r -- souse just Hven uo a hari- -: alls 50 Cents. room and Uth. with breakfast, cost ilOO Fishers Bazaar, t i-w wesa. hot there are some men Urtng It is DOt at all wonderful nr nh waw usea to pay Lorenso or Sire Ddi... . f 663 Main St. nomenaL tt Is the simple result of Inraulnr lahar nnivmfftu Per weak 'tor their reams est Wn. . VMMMMa WJJ rAATfttlliminn. ...... Huawsrviiig nevouoa t n WeU chosen SDeclaltr. csnnlarl with 1 '1 u-ii. wita Board throws I. . a By Reason , of these ami Rfdndinns WCf dltioa of the house that has proved very nomitable - determination . to mast.. Aetna Ponder Co. muy is that a reputable customer must nia profession in all its detail, simple and comnlez. Th aa. ,n K. awrer be presented with ale bill 'r be , , m ' hi. imwj which hare combined to make him the Enforce the Cash System. sued for the amount. ' . foremost optician or his day. Imitators and rjret.nrlar h. a.k. ... 2". -he was mar ried at Ripos. WU.. to x, A. TtKhnan. and unio. thre. children were bom, Mre. Hand Cam anj Mis. Mae Todman of J- I-URdo, redwood. rtto to be pr.t Mrs. Todman cam. to South Dakota la issi and rd at ITuroa untfl September. 1SS5. whi she re- to this pla re bar and termed children ah, laaTM u. CODY hi. method. .nl t ..t....f - ' .Hinniucv ijissoLrmoM notick- Joseph Ford and Georce Barta.ll k. Dynamite and Black Powder, Do your Bargain Hunting durta g thews three weeks of sor H I KeduoUoa Bale, and yen win be awe of finding game at iuuvuuw in ins i una or their ad rertlslng. endeavor to mislead the public br a emsnsrisAn nt v. dissolved partnership and Ur. Ford m continue the business of the firm. Ha "fa tween their work and his, but It ends m r utsiuw isiiurev Use the gl thev so often tnlunnlv Fuse and Caps,: Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, - the exclusive agent for the Ford roof Patat, and will apply it to roofs la any Part of Deadwooa. othw .j. tag places. . Be also' Dr. Seymour will Tteit this city In wa. but I ainra un nipti. -a-K. I - v I to consult him should Wm i . , . wa" membe, of favel roofs, and anv en. . thereby avoid the rush which marks - ' ti. i.. and the L. q. T. M. -" -iing uays or his Tlalt.- Consul- , " wna uig won in I th1 Un " Jdrem him la Deadwood. tauoa ires. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY.

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