The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 29, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1900
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. li:.l)voo, s. I), i lH.ACK HILLS), SUNDAY MOKNINd APRIL 2'). V)oo. FIVE CKNTS. St. Onge --i. p. Boon.-. .' V inos. SEIIC MARTIN PEOPLE'S PARTY PULL TOGETHER Our i.iitli in the wi-.''.:i:. virtue and pat i iot ism of I lu Irain'eVso! the Declaration of Independence and the immortal Constitution limit upon it; we denounce in unmeasured terms the insidious attacks made on n.itn. I; 'eds.- II F. Kemper. j ( "ii mm im. t he i . poi t of i'oi: ic i 1 1. e was ! ived ami the com in i 1 1 dis-! charged. The . onimittee ,,n resolutions, thru its chairman, R. N. Ogden. reporteq SffAYS HIS PARTY w ith countenance of the it publican ad substantialh as fellows- ministration, which, at the liehest -.1 plutocratic interests, has subverted tie- tjcan County Convention from Discordant Ele (institution and threatens destruction Their Convention Yesterday the Acme of Harmony and Abiding Faith. of our republic in a so-called colonial policy, by virtue of Ahich men tire ments of any Kind. uiunc Rreathina Patriot- Resolutions Adopted Evoke Applause and Commendation of the Delegates. Resolutions. The people's -party of Lawrence (ounty, in convention at Dead wood, for the purpose of selecting delegates to a state convention at Canton, the duty of which in turn will be to send delegates to the national convention to be held at Sioux Fails, S. D., for purpose of ratifying the nomination, heretofore made by the people, of the next president of the United States, William J. Bryan: Resolves as follows, towit: That we reaffirm our allegiance to the Chicago and St. Louis platforms ot IMC, and pledge our faithful and unceasing labors to spread and promul Ud Devotion to Party fiL.nimnndv Passed. liiaii""""-' bayonetterl because struggling for independence or hanged because they cry for freedom. We recommend abrogation of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty and denounce the republican administration for its complete sacrifice of tho Monroe doctrine in negotiations for the construction of the Isthmian canal, and maintain the right of the United tSates to cut and fortify his waterway without the aid or consent of England or any other nation. We sympathize with our fellow citi-Continued On Page 6.) L-iUrtin for Congress" campaign The delegates elected to the populist county conention convened at tin court house in this city at 2 o'clock WupOD the sea of politics about wki ago has been full of sur- vesterday afternoon. But little time ud innovations new things in' gate the enduring declarations of those iiacribed and time-honored rjles was lost In preliminaries and the meeting was soon in running order. Some admirable documents. Wucting campaigns. It was an little complaint and comment was tifora new man to enter the irena and vanquish the uuin- made upon the meagre number of dele Mitors-! it was an innovation for gates in attendance, but this was explained by a memler, who state I that HON. E. W. MARTIN. Unanimously Endorsed For Congress by the Black Hills. the apportionment made by ihe popi; Mdite to be so unanimously M bT his own precinct, his own I ill county, his judicial cireui: lists to their convention was much less than that made by the republicans, and Ktlon of his state. It was an he thought if the crowd was to be klon for a convention to coni- found it would be at the City hall. ljebusiness that called it togeth- We Make I 1 OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR ... . J Men and Boys f A Sti the committee had time to am the credentials of tho dele- 1 There will be many more sur- tatog the campaign and ihr ptofall will be the majority of kwtfor Mr. Martin. The Convention. ambled In City hall and was cal!- lotder promptly at 2 p. m. t y by our own South Dakota soldiers in the war with Spain, and the struggle on the Philippine islands, two battalions of which went from our own county, and tender them our thanks for the brave and loyal manner in which they bore themselve, writing their own namjs on the imperishable tablets ot fame and placing their state among the sturdiest of the nation's defenders. 4. We tecognize Hon. Kbon VY. Martin as an able, honest, eonscicntious man. a true republican, jtlioroughly equipped for the duties of ripresnta-tive in ecngrcss and instnut our delegated in the state republican convention this day lioseti. to us.- all holior-abl" means to secure his nomination, which will Ining new lite and eio'igy to the party ami insure ictory at the polls on next November. :,. We endorse ami recommend to ttie state convention Judge (iraniilc Demi, tt as a person Well qualified for the position of delicate from tne Eighth Judicial circuit to the national republican (onventon. and our delega- au George V. Ayres. w ho rea: 'tbllihed call. On motion of Mr. WlfDeadwood, Mr. Thonvis I.'. 8f Lead was made tenii;or.iry a, nd on being introdiu !, It briefly and substantially as f 1- t 9 The public have been in the habit of looking to us for the proper styles in male apparei. Each season we have shown that which is newest sml best, fid have established the stand, ards In this section of the country on the same lines as those which have met with popular .aver In the male fashion centers t ue country,,,.-.. Our exhibit for tne coming season is really the most interesting which we have ever made. The styles of the men's garments seem to us to possess more rraceful lines, and the boys' and children's clothes are more Uateful to our minds than any which have been produced in ltany years. The fabrics thru-out the entire line show the progress which has been made in artistic cloth weaving, both in America and abroad, while the perfectly matched trimmings speL. volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturer. Taken altogether, this exhibit is well worth the effort it cost r.s to gather, and we will be more than repaid for our trouble li it proves as interesting to Proceedings were opened by Fied M. Brown, chairman of the central committee, who called the meeting to order, Faust, secretary of the committee, read the call. On motion of Patrick Smith Henry Court of Spearflsh was ele.tcd temporary chairman. Will Faust of Central was nominate i for and unanimously elected temporary secretary. It was then moved sinressi vclv lh;:t committees on credentials, selection of delegates to the state convent;. i.i and on resolutions be appointed by the chtlr. Cajried. On motion of Judge Moore th temporary organization was made permanent. The chair then appointed Messrs. Foley. Hili. Kemng r. Kidd and Boy, r as a committee on Credentials. It was then moved and seconded that Major J. B. Fairbanks, who wan present, be given a seat in the convention with th" full powers of a delegate Carried. Committees, On committfe to select delegates to the state convention, the chair appointed Messrs. Brown. lieemer. Smith. Cusick, Mansfield. Landis. McGillis and Brown. On Resolutions. Messrs. Ogd n Scoggins. Gilbert S haad, Furios'. Taylor and Fail banks. Convention then took a short in order" to giv" the i n cre Homer Boetwick, V. G. Ricj, R. H. Driscoll. M. C. Campbell, H. P. Korey, Joseph Peters, O. E. Peterson. William Andrews. W. S. O'Brien, J. W. Gibbs. Walter McKay, R. F. Tackabury. James McQuillan, P. A. Gushurst, M. L,. Ric. T. I). Edwards, T. E. Harvey, E. May. Anton Jtirich Jr., W. C. bower. H. E. Dewey John Esterbrooics, S. E. Crans. M. P. Polk, W. W. QuilliTli. Alternates J. M. Fish. William Sel-bie. W. II. Moore, H. M. Stearus, Wes Anderson. G A. Parker. 0. W. Howes. Sam Schwat ;-wald. Jainr s Rogers. II. . Alexander.. J. H. Burns. O.'.iom. J. G. Keith, Frank Hoper. A. Hatt. n-lnK h. W. E. V. MiCain. W. T. Graham, II. P.ischeff. I. (Uil.lberg. W. II. heal-an. V. A. I. kts, Joe Schwing. .1. V. Faigo. D. G. Ferguson. E. V. Hatch. S. Koeiiigsberger. Chambers Keller, J. C. O Donnell. P. Gard. D, 0. Craig, M. 0. IdUerton W. M. Bowman. S. P. Morrell. W. A. Renter. Anson Higby. C. B. Clark. F. M. Wright. Jacob Simpson. A. W. Avery. J. G. Thomas. Chas. Hardin. C. A. Scott. David R. Thompson. A. G. M Shane. S. H. Smith. L. A. Fell. Frank I-wis, William Lan.. Ira Putnam. Shell Graham, Ole PanielsoJ, John Kissiik, N. H. Schenck, John Cochran. Mason Tyler. W. B. Thompson. Henry Harwood, A. H. Lundin, John Spargo. Albert Steele. Msno Voight. John A. Blatt, John Bustin, John Stannus. Peter Godfrey. G orge Aifidegarth, John Hawgood. De egates. Those who attended the convention as delegates were: pea,! wood. First ward. Frank Keller. M. ilartwell. G. W. Howes. Phil Atkinson. G. A Parker. ' S. . otid Ward. Gei rge V. Ayres. Arthur Simp.-oli. George W. Clark. G. G. li. nnett. J. H. Wheeler. W. Ii. Bonliam. James Itogt is. Sam Schw;V,;wal J, W. J. Tluu'iiby. Third Waid J. T. Giilr.ior-. H. M. Ste-irns. Walter S. Simpson. V. II. Moore F. P. Smith. H. O. Alexander. ton this day chosen are intruded to I ui not expected and I am un-ti to make a speech. Tin" o -jauof every county In the iShnk I ltl Lawrence county, are u.Mt-j'M. We have before us inc 3ippolnting delegates to be WsEtlon who are to nominate iMite tor congress, prosid. r.tiai K l governor and other minor f I think, gentlemen, that you plth me in saying that, wiili pibody of delegates in that eon-Strom the Black Hills, and with ,M for congress, Hon. LI vV. pftpplause.) who has the un.ini-jPPortfrom this portion of the e will be successful. Gentle-f fll not detain you longer. IJOU for the honor yo'i have ipoa me. we will now pi .i- as we anticipate that it v ill. you The spring shapes in Hats and the new shapes in Haberdash ery will also be shown for the first time today. We will speak of them in more detail at anotner time. present Ins name to the S.tate convention, and urge his selection as such del gate. We recognize with pleasure the able and faithful servhes of our republican representatives in congress. J. W. KOW I.Kit. .1. SIMPSON". .1. N. HAW'i.COIi. T. I) KliW HDS. .JOHN U'XPBKIUJ. i;i-;o. l. guk'.cs. p. K()( ; KKTt'N. Mr. Martin's Address. The r. .elii'J cf the ,esoliii:ons w-re freonetlllv i II t el'l'll t ' i With apul'-USe ROSENTHALS PALACE J dentials an opportunity to ;m et aud report. .i ;. ! lo-v The committee nil credentials ca.r.fl Ff H E MyiYrTg A Af 10 N A f B A N K 1 j . 9 that was tuilfi stpeeie aici .e.i.. ,;,,.,,,;,.- ;lo,,t.d ,V then . u, ic loud .alls for Mr. M-rlin. w . i tin i The i 1 to h: ..n..ii. in and reported the follow ing d-i gat s entitled to seats in the convention: IVadwood. First ward: '"ii trl- LoWinger. A. H. Oleson. K. N' ' :-:.. John Ryan. Chirks Conn- r S A Ward. John Glickau. Situ n I icohs. chai' s nt a .'onuriHt lift. 1' lil i . ale: b 1 1 Deftwood, South Dakota. ,.A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. si i if :: W.!S tl lil e th- 1 accor led to i llt few 01' 11 AND crrr, counts i two lam .it' STATE. w In les- A-.'-'- 1." i that. i: . I dm M. J. A. Benton Burton. Third Wa:d Kidd, Henry M.Gil!. J. IS. Hani-Mansfield. Fourth Waid - I Brown, H. X. Otd n. J' hn IJoye, mciic. .1 !H akiug .'-be -1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 s Were il.-.'ll : h. it K. 'irimshaw. D. G. Ferguson. Fourth Ward. Seth Bullock.. Joseph Kick.. A. J. YV". Fowler. J. -J. l"t ldliauscn. George Fuller. John H Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. Harding. ImiI- First Wiril T. I' il'v. J B. speaker had a dear nude, -aud.'ig d The eimi-ly new and inter stilly i- o s of the coming campaign. tll; ' ' ' ; a ,-lear and concise speaker, one who will lead and dominate th - politics oi ii w lot-fslntion in c ti t rinT.T.flf!TTnTIS the state a,s o . r--- - s the Pionctr-Times purpo,-s 4 Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. J f,,H 1:.I..V I 11. r . MUiB of Tei ry was made t.-in -f tretar. Committees ver l follows: SSJtL. W. Valentino, A. :. Arthur Simpson, O. 13. .lick Stannus, W. E. Smead. Geo. . ; tou-J. w. Fowler, M-' , Jacob Simpson, John Lund-II-Edward, George 'JriE. ;a to State Convention K. K , D. Edwards. Peter Gird, berger, W. H. Disney. s Hiriln, Levi Trisler. I Resolutions, 'ralttee' on resolutions te- Mlowlng which were anani-pted: T RESOLVED: By the repub-'J'rence county by their del-. : convention duly assembled. " ' re-affirm and declare our 8 to the) national republican 1 to lt princlplea and policies, become a part of. the legU-4 history oC this nation, and 4 livthe platform of that ;"! at SL LouU In 1896. ' fully endorse and cotn-" ', able and, patriotic -ad- Pjresld,entKinley. '-' "sH to the country unpre-Pertty. to lu 'arms on fesistlesa victories and " fg with ita blessing of : trest to the islands of 4 remain,' adding Hew 1 Prestige to the Amer1 rrw the leadingjyiyon "' ti part taken borrowers names or To anv txtcnt warranted by collaterals ft k. Accounts Solicited and i Burns. S. hw nigsoei eei . u. uiii, Spearflsh. K. W. Valentine, P. O. Craig. O. Riiier. P. Gard. C. A. Scott. S. P. Morrill, M. P. Edgerton, W. M. Bowman. Lead City. First ward: T. P. Edwards. Frank U-w is, George Fogl"song John Corcoran, John N. Peterson. E. F. Irwin, R. Punlap, R. H. Purcell. Second Ward Walter Smcsd, Ernest May, Anton Jurich. Fred Pennington. M. D. Polk, I. P. Jenkins. John .Esterbrooks. Ole Panielson, William BarmWo, James McQuillan. Third Ward Thomas Harvey, Dave Morgan. John Gibbs. A. H. Eundin. M. L. Rice. S. E. Crans. G. E. Collias, Har-i v Harwood. G. M. I'inkerton. FrntTth Ward W. T. O'Brien. William La-ng! Gus Abramson. G. Cruick-shank. J. A. Blatt. J. Z. Putnam, C. Simmons. A. P. Carter. Gayville. John Stannus. Peter Godfrey. CentraL-Titus E. Corkhill. John Henton. E. P. Peterson. ' , (Continued co P rit.) Moore, J. W. McDonald, D. S. Kennedy. Second Ward Robert Stewait. J. L. Marccnx, J. M. Cox, C. C. Edwards Joseph Menzil. Third W.ird E. Burns, V. Timson, W. E. S-roggin. Fourth Ward. A. Fillion. Lewis Thompson. George ltrimer. I'luma. O. F. Ong. James Hunter. Central R. G. McGillis. W. L. Faust. Engtewood B. F. "Landis, J. B. Fa-gin. Terry. -W. R. Monkman. Blaine Mealy, Charles S. Hudson, David Rogers. Garden City. John Little. Whit?wcod. P. X Barsholl, C. W. Taylor. gayville E. T. Forrester, John Hi-reen. Two Bit Patrick Smith, Spearflsh. Henry Court, W. L. Els-wick. H. V. Gilbert, Mountain- Meadow. Gilbert Tower, H. E. Walter. Portland. Lloyd BoswelL 3. J. Donnelly. " . "'-'. - . j Correspondence Ihvited. 9 J i iU HIt.-I.- TTi'lU is .it the fr. printing the m to he used as a campaign document, it is not reproduced here. Delegates to State Convention. DeiegatesW. E. Smead. chairman. Seth Hullock. H. E. drinish.i w. ueo. .. Avres. W. H. Honhant, E. -I- Wash-baugh. Arthur Simpson. D. A. McPh.-r-son.G.G.BenneH.W. A. It.inkin. J. H. Wheeler. A. G. Allen. J. W Fowlor. C. 9. Owens. E. P. Pet.rson. W T!iori. bv O.W. Matson. E. P. Parnhan'.. Johnson. D.' R. Kennedy, l- vi U P. Jenkins. George Fuller. A Frank, Q. - CUrh '' ... ., At. Walter S. Simpson. A. Shaw. I hil. At M,RUk.e. H T Cooper John Wringrose. John Clray. T.ta. Jorkhlll. M. D. Bates. Corp bins, John Lundberg. ur ion; e. n. i . mv m . service of intendino; investors. 3 W. E, ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. . w. Titr-sr ntirn -Vic Pre. HARRIS KAMSJWW, rren. - k M WM. SELBIE. CuUer. j "'aJ

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