The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 21, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 21, 19fl THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, & D. "The AmericaiTTorter'' j COUPLE FllA i IN :S:?S:S::!S:!i:K:S.:!;;!;:ri:!;:Si::..::r.:a:ri;!S:r.:&.K:!3;S:S:S:S: I MIKES AND MINING' s a 9 12 3 4 5 7 ' 8 ! 9 0 fg:!J:?;-.?;:::WVV.: VV ,. is our cost mark sa:d all of our imni'ii.-,,; u. K I The aij'H f Men's joys' Co..ts ..Suits and odd bants will be on, s.Uo ai Co... ii thev ai.d 1 arc all pone the choicest of brews, mellow and pleasing, has met with instant approval by a discriminating public. It Clolbing i.-i reset -' in this )e. Jleniniibcr uo than dry or line methods. This leads me to think that our process is pe uliarly well adapted lo the treatment til the low grade ores at Cripple ('n ek, the b;we t. ot whi h are about the average of sour Black Hills ores. 'I he Cripple Creek ores would require less limestone, as they i arry but sixty ii;0) per cent silica against the seventy-four per cent In your ores. The Colorado mines yield large bodies of iron pyrite some of it like yours Is nearly barren, but much of it carries some value. Limestone, of course, exists everywhere near the foothills, hile coke is very much cheaper than with noii. We have also better rail-load facilities. After a full examination of the subjiat, I am well .satisfied tin' Dead wood process is quite a-well, it not. belli r. s'l.ted for Crip'ile is superior to the best imported products. Its high quality is assured by the fact that it is the product of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass n St. Louis, V. S. A., KIRK DEAL CLOSED. Colorado Capital Will Develop Property on Home-take Extension. The ileal wh li I - :i s n!.-i: for several months on the property lying between I-eail I'ity and Kirk is practically closed. The ileal involves nearly $400,000 and includes aliout Tit) acres of giound lying south of Lead and presumably on the extension of the Homestake vein. The buyer is the Crosby-Ehrich nyndleate of Colorado, and Mr. Crosby has rn:nlc two trips to Europe in the interests of the deal. Work on the main shaft will commenced by the first of January. A hoist with a sinking iipaity of a thousand feet will be in I ilied and the shaft sunk to a depth of :;o fee I within a year and a half. I'' pa;, or.- is not encountered at tie- bvh. 11 ' '' tions may be -vt. ;- ! ' vn''. One btindre, ,!.; I v. t:i"i and dollars in -e li 1 -il -d . : " : ' v ed for deveioeiai tit p'n't-n '. 'II. "re CHASE'S Brewers of the Original Buduciscr, Faust, Mich-dob, Anheuscr- ( Standard, Pa! I;xport Pale. Exquisite and Malt-Nutrine. here They Sell Cheap Main Street, Dead wood City Is the center of a district i (i i 1 1 . than for yours. This containing some of the richest vertical : ati -mi tit i v. holly di in! ei sled, a Miss harvey tree cold mines cornier nml I milling milling 1 1. 1 1 njlertle in the Mack Ili;is. in n ' -. u in hi ma 1 1 1 anyo'ie from ado: e,' to (li l r,( p Iiro-pe, ts phenomenal as TEACHER OF PIANO. d laie a mvi pal. WE SEI UAM S lie i aa t i,ni BLOCK. S STUDIO, ' DEADWOOD, 1 1. ad nun. I . -in in a . a '' ' fatiiic;: Holy '1'error inn be had n;, I ' """'' 1 : tti.- u-iu at lower prj,.. I 'ban in any otln r miniier distrb ' ' Write for '.aiti 'I'.-wy IO H. C. Jo!,-. I :. City. S. I). 1,,-30-tr i 6 9 e e r.i i i Tire two or t b 1 1 i - " : : i propel ty a nd n I ..! will eoon as the ib ! 1 1 1 1 1 i warrants It. The new ei ,n'Mi ri v ' the Ileit Kxteii a,' , , work will be iii li. ' den, the ;,ei t . A bun claims in billed in the patented. It is i h,- im the mill where I bei e i supply and haul tie on llilld i)'' li 1 1 ; 1 1 i ' I v , an body. Be Mm by .There - I .inl in i iTiii.i to he m i. I current about p i . , I : '' i ' the re" i -it ion a '-e 1 1 : i ei in build a eooil HlitiT to it in tend m an dxav line I '. all kinds of heavy haiilini;, niovinn of iieavy muehinory. exiavation contractile. hauIiiiK of ore. etc. We've Got All Kinds of Teams i n l.'. " w ho i n vented it . am uiel'i'- rn !l-io lil-.t e lb' llL,e Ol' : o old ; what i, In n p'o-i li.i - : a .- in what uii wail, if wil in ei he sati !i' We are Iml in lb i less for our he,-. i;h, oil We ale ailMoll.. p if you wiiuiil ma! Irni, i!n, leed it in America." I ln-M followint: are t lie facts : '1 I iron pyrite to form n reubi:-. that Its origin is lost. This ? j;, U;;1: ,-':,!, il Caiii.-s, llhi'-k i i : , ; -. , i ., ! - ' i i -1 Unities ;mil i'xtv 1 la hi; , ... ! .,, : i All Kinds of Babies yoii. that to do all and are prepared kinds of work. You're Right PROMPTNESS IS OUR MOTTO Office Over Sprinkle's Barber Shop 29 Lee Street. Residence Phone B. H., 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. JN0. FELDHAUSEN, Prop. then patronize a reliable drtiKrUst and -you will get what you want. 1 Our stock consists of everything n the drug line. We carry the best assortment west of Omaha. It is new and fresh. So old stock on our shelves we can't keep it i (here---we sell out too fast. CAN BE PURCHASED OF US lu l'KK'KS lliey liiiic." nil lite w;' lioiii n;s to $10.00 We Want You to Come la Ami set- our olonant line of Habies -Cliililieti is peeially invited. the older metalluruists meant by "" ritic smeltine;." Tin1 first, one to adopt the process in the United States, was, I believe, Dr. llartlett. now of Canon City, Colo, lie used the process in Maine and published a series of very interesting articles upon the subject in the transactions of the American Institute of Mining Knjji-neers. About twelve years aso I bcan my experiments at the Dakota S hool of Mines, of which institution J was then the dean. I was much aided by the works of both Ftartlett and Austin, aire by the work of our Dr. W. P. Ileadden, now at Fort Collins, and by Dr. Huffman, now of the Institu! ' of Teehnolocry of Itoston. Mass , both of whom were then fellow profes' ors Of trying to pump water to the null, and it. is believed (hut the ore can be hauled just as i !.c:ip as the water could bo brouL'lif to it. - The new company haa plenty of money to thoroly develop the ground, and if it Hiiccoodfl in openinc up tin-other Ilomestakp, as thorp is every reason to think it may. it will bo of Inestimable value to the HillR. PYRITIC OR MATTE SMELTING . IN THE BLACK HILLS. (From Or anil Metals ) Owincc to their low crado ores the Black Hills people have been forced to make many improvements in mining and metallurgy. Thev built the first biff mills for the reduction of very low grade free sold ores. There Mr. John Hothwell developed the iblori nation pro-eas that Is now used by a" mills treating s'li eons ftobl ore -, and there the so-called "pyritie prorpss" for smeltlnj? Rilleeoup f-'oM ores has had its mn-t Riieee -r.fui ntipiii iti in. The term "pyritie emeltint?" is m-ployed only in the s.i a.-.e t lint I'erev used it fifty yearn nno anil refers to a method of smelting where the cold and silver values are collected in whnt is essentially an iron matte funned from iron pyrite arryin : lit lie or no copper. T. J. 2DOWD, feliiim.;!, Cptitio . Jet1' Then WILCOX PHARMACY. ! r,i I of mine nt the School of Mlii" i. Ten ack Hills Jewaiw to Ordrr vour- $ when fresh. , -roiir ft i 'onier Sherman and Doa'lwoo.: why take chances dosing with old modi i ines oil can g.-l, ((instantly drugs. We have them for hem-lit ami we propose to w o i!h- Clkho; ;iK-r lur K'. R. G:J..M3.liiJ-J a ij Hi i i lo Ahead c St. IjC.'LH Wi khI . e.'ifM a SO we built the De-idwnni ;";i! i Delaware Sni'dtins Worl;--- t entiy j sold to the, Ooblen Reward mu f. ;'. land whl'-h hns run conl inuc. " lv ':n j its erection. j There has been ' one i ffre i o ie strict the term "pyriti:" 'mel'er" I ) ' a pro ." in vh'ch there is no e-' "- 1 acisiii : fuel ill til" f i rua '"' : ; i , the out -voivt li of tie !!' "-or ito-I i'e",s of nriK!n:.-; steel' Aficr il " ; in- vented, Ha'lowav, ie Kir-'fim! at-l tempted to De-cscnierive . I'lpb.ide ores, i ! that is, to smelt withmit fuel. After-; j ward Dr. Aust'n patented in tbi-i 'oun-i J try a ero c- in which the ee"yerter ! (ei realize it. OHO U iilQiiil UVdb Securit rhisiav; I a iawi ul rate if nit, - ,-si. strictly contldeni.iaL Wil, at, your re?. .W. L. FAUST. Ph. G. Prop, g ! -nc if requesttsd U. JACOBS BOLLOCK HOTEL. OPPOSITE TH mm mum m Lidg-erwcod MaurJacturin C 1 ; I 0. F.PMELL i i--:eadwo6'L 3. ; Ati a t ; h - -1 r Tne proi ess is very aie ieni n no . been lifed for hundreds of year at Kongsberg. Norway, and for more than one hundred yearn in Uu sian Siberia. As used at. Dead wood. it. is employed" to smelt a hi ..ilv silheous gold ore .with limestone for Ih'.x and Iron pyrite. to form a reafulus Formerly an absolutely barren pyrite. free from Rold, silver and copper, was used, but since 1R!M, copper sulphide ore?,, . also from Butte, bei. u. .a.d, ded. These ores were h;"dled at n loss but cleaner sla'is a ii had by 'b'-ir Use. Pyritie concentrate-; from the Homestake stamn mill, carry iiv: tome Rold. but. no conper. ara now Iwed, while bnrren-pyrite in sllll oeea-Blonallv added. Anout twenty ions of was rlispc: -it n n and Ftueii hvt wn n-out. e:ii 'innii. iocs fuel, alteei'.led In ' t lie ordliiary blast furnace, which is very prn'nisin -, Indeed arid to whi process the term "pyritie s-Mtdtia-" i ' ! usually applied, d:: fha n iv i ,r r; . r it ri-rxTHir. j K ldonn Starts. The Kihb.nan i hloi in it ion plant was started for a te a. 11:11 la t. n: ;ht after i-tamlini? iule last ni'-V: for -ev-oml months. It. will ; ta.rl f!-'i . -city for a permanent run to,l.-y. and il . ..... 1A . if mr. i ' . j- ', -! 1 1.. ; i ' A MM 7 - nid a hundred Charee are concentrated into one ton , between seventv-hve Of matte, whi-h is shipped to Otna'ia ., mon wn! be employed. for further treatment. The ihint i an j - - smelt 800 tons of choree per day and j Concentrates., produces a very low Rradp of siliceous ' tieorgu H. Best of Bay'tiold GEO. V, AYHR J Wis ' ' ' . . i mu,.i H Wi,M Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Cv who has a lease on the Yellow Bird, is working a force of men and ha i a shaft down forty feet oirrm eight-i foot lodge of ore. The ore is free Dijllins and rusis qjii an avjage of J $12. to the ton in gold. ' The Burlington ore train brought i down twenty car loads of ore, 3G0 I ore, about two minion uooars ($2,000,000) annually. The slags are extremely siliceous, averasim,' nearly 50 per cent silica. They are very low . lnj. Aeftc-tle -Mm- Mns. Pdncipiiy lime "and magnesia. and afford a practice which Lans in hia work upon "Matte Smelting" says is without a parallel upon the American continent. Strange aa this may seem to metallurgists, familiar only with the low silica slags of lead smelting, there Is noth-. lng whatever new about It. At Mai a-fleld, In Germany, there has been tons. The Elkhorn brought down I ifiirMiirtirertrittniitrp THE PIERCE DEAL" AND THE PIERCE HOME yesterday three larpe cars and eighteen small ones, 200 tons, and on Monday, twenty-thee carloads, 175 tons. mined for nearly a thousand years, a schist which gives about the same slag and produces about the same matte as la now made at Deadwood. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. '.V- The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Ge. Organled under the laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. Bryan or McKinley Followers to All we did at Deadwood was to put Own a $60,000 House. together the siHrn'ores, limestone and pyrite, In -such proportions as to form practically the same matte "as at Mansfield, except that our precious metal was gold and silver, rather than silver alone, and we besides, have adopted the process to meet American mnAIHnna rif lilvh.nrtAft lfitini etr rtiiiiiiMiiiigfttgigfiftttr. We are now dcvelopins this prop- We have millions of tons of medium grade ore in sight We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few m jre shares at H'fcc. For particulars call on Aaron Ander-tson at the mines, or Central City, or John Pierce, the man who has done more than any other ten men to boom and make Sioux City Is well known in the Black Hills thru his efforts to promote a -meritorious mining enterprise known aa "The Pierce Deal" He spent several thousand dollars and two years' time working up the sale Deadwo od. Neither the cyanide mills nor chlo-rinatlon plants found it profitable to compete with us in the purchase of i siliceous gold ores, altho these ores are apparently better suited for wet address GTADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO.. Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building, Des Moines, la. vi a ittijjo uhli. vi iree mining koiu mines adjoining the Homestake ground and only failed thru the avarice of some of the clafm holders In holding their claims too high. The above cut represents the residence of Mr. Plere at Sioux City, who has adopted a novel plan for its disposal He built it a few years ago during the boom days of Sioux City at a cost of $60,000, but now that he is only a modest real estate agent he deems 1, mo cicccuiv unuoiuu iuu ciiicuanu iui ins income. I He many friends of jut. anu mrs. fierce ail over tne country have become interested in the scheme of purchasing campaign badges of McKinley or Bryan and giving FIRST HATIOML 8.ii1l DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. cavu jiuivuMw ui a uauso iu uypuiiunuy or owning this great mansion Forty thousand of these badges are to be disposed of at 11 aeh The allotment will be made Christmas Eve, December 24, and all car. u nuiuii) iiuuier uuurmauuu, uuaress, A. B. OARRBTSON Sec Room 708 Toy Block,' Sioux City, Iowa, Badges for sale at Russell & Higbie's, Deadwood. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver The Union assay Office - - Established 188$. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will Givi Correct Results of Both Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. United 5tate5 Depositorv Custom Ore DIRECTORS: i a J. SAUSBCBT. T. J. ORIER, P. E. SPARKS P. r'r3i D. A. McPltERSON. ON ALL i SAJiES JU BOUGHT TO THE OFFICB. 7 M. H. Lyon & C We are now prepared to treat custom ores by, the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. GoMen Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward, Deadwood S.D 1 Pmidt.....aj. 1AUSBCET I Chir." cnENMAN I L VlidMt ORIBR I Assist Cashier . . . J- u J 2

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