The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 20, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1900
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer Ti M ES. fcrb v:ak DKADWOOI), S. 1). ( I5LA. K HI l.l ,S ), TI I I V, x V 1 : V : ; ; .: II i: CKNTs. RUSSELL ' H A r? "! I S O N OBJECTS. n ? ? E I.L R ru f access as "Hollo Money" in "The . Rogers Brothers in Cent ml Park." 1 '" 1 '"- c-v.os herctofm e an -uspected ers,atilify as a comedienne and ran :'e-if! Po; lie W. REVE Ol AESCREED i- in1; and dan e as well a !ie can a t. 5o,i Wants icn in Por-to ON i I ' . :i i (.., , . M. ..ll.l !a'e ,:'lr,'. Ill I'i to Retain Rico. Nin l'1 m. :- m ol' in tar , to !! ... The K'aw Krlaie.-iT Opera i om piny iirid Jerome Syko in "Foxy Qnillei" are greatly prai-ed. e-ie in!- lv bv H'Usi al Dim i r 1 1 . Tlw. V,.r V.i.l, i - n i l( ( ni-r s- .. - i;u - i - V,y id. j . : 1 1 e I 1 1 II;' lie i.(i'.:.J.--..U. Ui h..--. ' . j r i r : iiit in i ! I. .ii Tin- a ! partinent sa ; THE LAST BATTLE OF HOSTILE TKf BE5 Old Two Strikes who - lanned and Executed the Extermination of the Pawners, Dying1. publican i eagers ugusu t ii.;.a:tni. :M'lt C.-'le, the order i! e1' tie- will stand president an.d Decide to TNo Vanricrbilts have Arranj edto Absorb t astern Wabash Lines Reduce War Tax. Holiness Convention. DOSTON. Mas.s.. Nov. I'I. Th- Holiness .(invention v hi b be;an on th-1 .' h an-1 will continue until tie- li. in the ,le -e Lee chlll'i'll. li'!ii'iv i lar -elv attended. A number of ;"!.- ! i peak'-r ; j ' ;i i tii ipale. IM; ;nt..-convention of Hie Port'-,inout h ll.ili neis oi-'anizaf ifin v. ill be he'd in the latter p:et of D.-.-rmb..,-. TliN con- I ProbaL I y be Reduced Fi will Ab-of the S'il -FfHd -thf, errrr'-rrny H The mod (apablo ever mi'stei.l jnto conic pera n-iice. Ail c;.'a-s au-ree t lint it i one f the "rreato'-t musical orjan-'''t!oT .v-r heaci in America and the created in the field. Peter F. Iliil.-v in "Hod -re. Tod-'e K-Co" will make a lonu run at the Mad kon Pntinro theatre The hoiKo i -i pa l;e,i ;t every performance. The rn'ipen o rnnHv eniuv his curtain fpooefioq. Vhon bo fir-t opene 1 lie: mn in New York ho u oi to te'l flie i::,,,,i"" to "o out between acts and snr-prK-o him by bavins him a diamond rnr. l .r t wceK he came Ik 'or- the curtain and ended his renin rt: with hlq meal lines about the t in ' .Tic t as he said this, a pneka-o was thrown on the sta"o Ho nicked it up. hut did not open it until he reached his iln--q The Atchison System scrb Wabash West Mississippi. teen Millies of Doliars Yearly. l of r. ention will be under the direitn Seth (V Rees, the Friend prea h - -1 Study of Capital and Labor. piiii.hi:i.i iiia. Nov. r.v ahhixcton. i. r. a'Hi,. u. i . ami ..... i . . . ..-in o;b , Nov. 13. means i-uni-meet toinor- l s, alter . on- NF.W VIlliK, N .v. I'd - Spe ial. It i s aiinoun ed that the Vandei bilts have arian.'ed to all oil) th.: Waba.-b lines ea. t ol the Missis ijiii and tho tie 01 Uie in- . The rt' H : 1j i ; '. n lean A I he mi system will ab oi b the Wat- Willi I lie 1 1 iileut have about j in" room II contained not one but ,ii i .. ,i in ill.- war i eO"r diamond r!nr. IVil'ev un,.n bash lines west of the Mississippi. ,1 In n i ' a into the h a t of the buffa'o nuntiy, and finally :.iiind the Pawnee; en-en. amped a a i ompa-at've'y narrow ranyon. T! Sicnx started a ma'I "herd of bu! 'ii. and dr'vin : them i::t the upier I o' the an; o'l, started them down inward the camp of the Pawnees. The nu'a'o went hen-'.lon-; throiich th canyon, and tho Pawnee warriors ha ti'y moant'n-r. followed them out on to the broad plain, leaving tho wntm n and clr'-lren behind Then the S'.ii'x sweet forward and e pan the tror1' of extermination. Thev snared no!'' r voo'h nor a -e and h i-1 n'mo t eomi.'e'ed the -lan"1,er v - 'i the Pawnee hra- es retnrni -d. Then fol'OWed a creiOlef in v.-hi h til- Iwati of the hn"- tr'nT heatd of tenor than I' e era k ef i'i t:o- T'h" Pawnees fe---hf'as thev - pt..-.,Vi revenues fif - tnen. r.n not r,-.'d a wonl about dka inn tax. reil I 111, 111 a.ilv. coiein i ion ol the hidii trial commis-.-!(. n, whii h is di cir-sin que., I ion-, in v hi h - a pita I and labor at int c .vied. 1 1 in the 'ity tal.iir; te-tiniiey of reni (-( nlat: is of the different re tlons of tho Mann'ai turers club of this i i'.v. IManv others intere-ded in in dii trial affairs are also beiii'r interviewed. Much valuable Information has already been secured upon wbi h the alert intellects of the experts of tho Industrial -ommisHion will be able to work to advantage. iiiiMiii im-r ni"orp tne curtain. They rnme too fa"t for him. A native tenor is .-ech a rn-!tv that Will Be Investigated. Pin.. Kid-e A .-i-iiry. S I) Nov. IS. Two St: ike, the Sioux ihieltan. the iinrei -oiistriK ted sava.4 , 1 y I n on his lied of skins, hears the lliiindei in hooffallas of tho bulTalo on the p'ains that skilt tho eternal hills. Two Strike, tho wily, the b.tter enemy of the whites. Is dying, in his Dakota wi warn firm in the faith of his fathers thai he will but close his eyes on eaith to open them in the happy hnntinr ground. About none other of the elders of the tribe of the Hacntahs does there (enter so much of inti-rc: t ai about this old brave, who e heart holds "a nobility of hatred" for tlm enemies of his people. The chlerta''i took part in the la t ujiri- im: of the Sioux a -a in t the whi'es ten years a 'O and when for ed with the other-; to civo up the nneoeal on. bat he :ai -"The hoilv ! -.-iven up. bet the . i v ' t never surrender s ' T'lere j: onle one Is'in-'on eai-ih ivfin-a Tvn St:-ike ho'ip in greater hatted 'h-'i the wlrt" r:i"n, aiel 'I at i - tin- 1 P'arv fo- of hi- l-'h" th.. P.- i '" l 1 ( 1 1 mi'-inr 1!) friqdlN'i:' U.N. I. - . -NOV w ' Defaulting Cashier in Kentucky. NFWI'OKT, Ky., Nov. 19 Special. Tho German. National bank was i loseil today by the bank examiner. Cashier llruwn is a defaulter to tho .amount of two hundred thousand dollars. Ka:o traek bettln? caused his downfall. Hiciwn has Mown. nal. Xay advice from Manila hat Captain .McCalla of the ,Pr Newark lia-i lieen called be-fide liuaul (ii impiiry on an order iy ,il:i;:ial ICemey. Ho in r,,j ,v nant Caldwell, the tark's ?f otnl ni'licor, with irra-lil lOmln t m n 1 1 lai k of discipline. Indictment Must Stand. AN Vi:KT. , Nov. 1!). Special. I nntf man a tod do-palr of find'n" one. and in manv of tbo late,- , omfe onera prodii' tioni no tenor parts are wrif-I ten. The riotonians are more for- ; tnnato than nnv of thnfr oomnetttor5 In the Ivri fle'd. Thev have re nred j a nhenomennllv voiced tenor, Albert j Parr who b-- fronted rreat intorp.-f ' hv ni-f' iv cin-in-T and intolli-ont netfnor in tlio operas of the;r reper etre. Tn "The Vcerv" AT r. Pprr an rears to nn-i'iial ndvanfar dninT (1... I ,".,.1 !., t for i TVm-" v li'i rid nn -l.f to tl.o deo'l, I,, t tho c;, v i n'l'i1!'- d'et'fin ren- Alt eni' i- l to (iia: h tin? in-Mrs. Van l.iew. the ,i i ; i bar red with iimmll by Jealousy is re , i me. y (Wirt re -.lit a :ain is', wife. '.vrin:: M id in la" ! fur t ! etson .'"'fed 'or ' ,". net for )i"T-' ,"'- I ' JS. with ovorpr.-. -infr nun.'ier ;. won 'h. - .Tl ilnv and n" I'm e--eat na''on o " - V 7 p.-, n, a vo H 'e r-nntncl fiS- Wv Tv.-o e...n,o ,.-h h'-o.-n ban, ... ..v Jf-x Wl : - " -r ... V;"f -r irnei.a 1e - II;. i i yr t:.t..r J ' ' , V '-' ' , ; 1 f"r and b's '"l -"l i,.'t ,-of n-io ' ! ' a ' ' ' ' pggiSr L Inc. f ' '. - .-"' ' 1 T"'0 "trP ' oeo.'c'.'.i. o I not t'O'i I . ' j r; ;;; "'"i 1-t'-.. r.-... .. j ; ' , , ' r r .(" b I n.-e- ' . ' - o . ; '..o n - 1 .1 - I ' t " i- I""- "no- " .. -r,.,,," '-,, i-.a T- V-'?.. 1 J 'H '-'ii 'v e.l ..( f O.o ' a v.a-e I. i-r .'-'-.'.' ; ike hear; t'" il i -fine b."( n the t i,.- in ll toe!: p' l e .i'i lie- --i 1 .-,.. f !' o ri e. T'ay y i a r-- w ! ' a" ivti""S ami the Seep OM Two S' Pen n1" lri '')" !a-t b.-!'".. whi e i :';i cil'it 1th 'lilies ol in-'ir i -em" -r th" 1 i h:i-e hated a-have wa -ed I " " " ' -i .1 vinr. AA'Tinr, Kln.T- . p. -1,-in-r, r. ni-eo,,,,) Vir f'n Tt'irv-M' in ti-'-' i fiiinlfi- nevl .e-i. . nn M- -itinn cj:.lnov P'iricr in "Tho fln'r M'av will be amon" the p?ays proven 'ed 0 Large Additions to the Navy. -v X Rays Cure Baldness. TNNA. Nov. 111. Special. Dr. that i ( ' I) or. Tfle vi-n t t ween f'aan va l e Hats fchra k, the X ray specialist, claims !h? X nn .; will (lire baldness. of extermination No prisoner rior sipei'V or eanroo-e, v a ; I- ' v.-a I'll in favs that several experiments e V . J proven the theory conclusively. Senator Davis Is Worse. PU'l.. Mini).. Nov. 1!t.- Spe j :i I atnr Davis pilfered another de- HAVE ARRIVED Good Ho.t's C?iycit rinr'-GO. Nov. 1 a.. 1 Poad;, Oood Streets, and nn !( s is in region le , ; hJ an I '--.'-1 ; 'J t:s spoil todav ami tho end Is 1 momentarily. iort:n'e in convent 'nn until the 2!:h 1 '"'e -;-! ; here frot-. all pa' t of thr eoi'etry who ri"'i" I a '"'esf aw.k- 7 November Weddings. Our stock of this famous brand is now complete fOOKLYX. N. (.. Nov. 10. Not- en ; i ' I h i fi on the . la't'e or in the ra:,l ujiea ' -en" vMlaes All we '.- put to t''o ' "e nr the I e;.--ib.a vl . In one oT r-ieov': i;,'ie!-' Ha'd Ibu t fie p.awr ei Ia;n tai'iitin" (h S'eiy oa--.-- "Sine.. ",ater; ran and tree: ri"v th" Siouv has fo'iml the Pawnee on hi; war rath." The r3w-- B-it'tp. The battl" in '"hi h Two ct,iv0 ) the ho ts fc the Saiux n ,iint tlin Pawn(es was foii"ht near a hi'1" stream known a; "The Frenctrn '' a " a branch o the TtonnbFcm rk' ms ahoef piiie-; s'oieh of T.evi'i"fnn Neb. For ener'a t cn ; Ilia T'''vne' ; 1 ad he'd the valiev of th" Pl-"e TI was the mo f famna- hiie-il(1 hen' :t 'h ef. r-eai ik tint P I'lcd. from the i-it a;e i ii ,n -; o1 er-at i n j WASHINGTON, I). C, Nov. lit As finally adopted the United States I naval iin n use for l'.ml involves the Won: tructicn of thirty two vessels of 1 f.ttui) tons displacement, more than double that laid down in any preced in;: year. Contricss will be asked to authorize three l.'i.OOi) tirii hat tie. hips, two lri.iiui) ton armored cruisers, sixteen IhlOiMon armored cunhoats, ten 200 ton gunboats, three lfi.OOil-ton ((illiers, one 7,'IHi) ton repair ship, and ono TOOOton marine tran.-poil. Th( five fkhtini; ships proposed are more formidable than any of the -same cato-fcory yet designed. With Hie seventeen now i 1 1 i n or authorized, and with the six battleships and two armored cruisers already in commission they will irivo an offensive force of ; thirty .ships'. The (olliers are design- '. cd to deiiver on a sin rle voa re from Norfolk ten thousand tons of oal at "'inibi ! ani. Pa '( Pa -o or Hawaii. They will have sufli ient speed to a: -iiimjiany a fleet of battleships on a lonj; cruise. i CRUSHED TO DEATH. , 'i in the n: : ;-- ns. F: e :vz Be Imagination Supplies A Creat tar.din? the impre ion that June ! most popular month for wed-the facts show that October, :bcr anil December are months kh the greatest number of mar-i are colehrat- d. Experts in ity who have examined the re -say that (hose al-o demonstrate Janiary. February and 1 'tare of t n Part of the Pleasures of Life jeets treafe 1 foi n ;a. and. Pa,;-ii 1 ' oast let ". t. bein-r ' ekl ' (M ef , i ernes the s"' je- f "d eveen . ' (ioP'ir-; for i"" 's in roo l lei' "ev and N state the In " in r evnendi'm inioi'iav'n'T f ' ' fruits and a' re a d are in n'"dhoV5 o; Th. fa are the least popular months I ran k, da ad ; i ; rc'-a t- d v Yoik. In k'to'v enact, d a e bv Hie ro'-n on-; of t pro-n X "v -k"t n- ! M,,r ; -- ! ... fo-: --riol P'o"V tl... Tl.i .1 1 1 Carriage in the entire year. . "-round on th roni th" nor'h, t.nffa'o n'-en-; i in it elf wa ' r in t 't nn t a tl-". fin -!t I so w. i pri pa wi illie trat -d a- in the f, to have lii.-ir ,-'.)tlie. a . n't , :j. : k :- i.i r. in h am ; . . 1 1. . . to I fational Convention of Chi Phi. I !'!" a t I hat many men will made to measure beady made. So ibey do ri' ' ' i-'ai i.ieiit of w bich In n pay o: I'li'r s hi ar-, ' a-e Is tbi-t : a eon ly li l Hiey hna .j Ihev ;" t the sli( ll label d k 1 l.lllei.l ha 1 -ef n AXTA. f!a . Nov. 10 The na-(onvputien of the ("hi Phi men ; road ; is bearin r "f" "("iiiy --nnie stdend le.erat 'on wb sa i.n ."' provion enn-tant h'1' thai-- i k'o lb k ' I " 1 !:et'"i I ,, ..,,,:.. ,,r a here todnv. and will" continue th "lr h -I He OIK . a .- . avc im i b i.i ! the I Hi it"'; 1"' h inn of luing to a mer- . s'-n-e oal'l pa; il...l ta i:d 'lays. As Atlanta has about two "i tnpmliers of the fraternity s able to supply a fair sized con- m herst If. Two hundred dele- The-e ilolhe "'ll die - ed, a l.aut tailor. "Will j on hav t h 1 " ' Another I 'ernational M.v ri.T; . Id I.VH'IN. X .. 1 1- S.v ' i' ' Th" yo'in-jr Duke of Man he- tor and il.-'.-n " ii'ie. tnian, 'he iiin Vrr of a f";i ki-pati. Ohio, t-'lliirr! . were seeie'ly a Jook nt tin el. i' le men o' the it ilio.' Tl, . ',,. -,,1 b. Ind'fiti Ik" . "ire in ontai t. h Wie I t'v cf ) (), n- (nn that they f a w e in Pawnee. Abort the leeteh century dr P from out' ide are nl-o here, and I pitt royally entertained at the I fs of the local members. The ' ' 'i " hb h thev k" i "t they mot a ikav ks eery t'me contact with t!" mi'hko of the n'ne. ea-e rava"od the barters of the fraternity during Burlinyton Switchrran Caught Between Two Cars and Killed. G. A. II.). ton, a lui mi ,-rlon hwit.h-iii an. hi, killed in die aids near the. .'inciter banday af.ernoon by being ii u.- bed bctwei n two cai s. He was helping tin' ii!.;,1' 'which wore heavy fiuUht tars loaded with coke anil cbal. It was his'piaco to separate married last cdne. day a::d bar" irono to Ireka'id for a wedd'n'T tour. Thev will seen sail for Am1-"!. ROSE NTHAL'S invention is at the Colonial c.liil). Palace Clytliing jliiuse Fliiet was given tonisrht. Sal of Citv Dcnrta. P YORK. November 19. Oomp- . ......... -. -. -. . them and weih ca Ii one separately and ono had ju.-.t been weighed, llii l0'er will make sales of city f tomorrow and next dav to tho THEHMERfGAH NATIONAL-BANKS fat of J5.3C3.935. The proceeds st " - S , - t?s i"T ':' :'; J-i - .' -k ' f .-' !' . ..'-. '-'-'i. ..?,- ; a . " '' -4 a k';i;nw-;h'' ".'ti' vv " fwie are to be devoted to paying tla aboilt tn ha oonnlroil fnr if-Pwka, the largest Item bein? '83S.30 for three parks, two In 't and one In Richmond. Ceadxvood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE CITY" COUNT? and STATE. "at largest items am for new Pawnee nation. If carried off littV hi'drer. and strJwn't warriors with eoual impartiality. The strength of the trihi was sanped, lint its spirit SHI unbroken. The Sioux won fre-ot'en. victories over their weakened enemies and forced them to a oortrse which they had ever before spurnd r.n allianee with the whites. He Advised Peace. The Sioux had killed scores of whites who had the couraee to pierce the wilderness and establish horoes. Soldiers were sent against thorn, to nunlh them and the Pawnees, burning for revenue, went with the white -o! diers as scouts. The Slonx warrior were punished. Two Strike bided his time. With the other 'h'"fs be Ina''-urged his people to make peace with tho whites. It was the only time th" wordi of peace had ever been known to come from the fhieftain'n Hps. It wa not a case of hating the white man less, but the Pawnee more. With tho end of the active oamnalgn the FKhool buildinea nntl nltoa 17 K - t500.000 for a new East river ; Member 1, 1910, Is the date of thebonda. Drafts and Letters of Credit Theatrical Notes. "fk. Not. 17 I Snorlol a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a t 4 e a a ? Issued, Good in All Parts of the Wop I jj . pl ArWvi t. ' . . 9 " ecorea a nil in COLLECTIOITS to Promptly and Intelligently Attended htti flrat aPPearnce in New i Play at the Republic thea-her Jd. Ha t... . r a a a as a a a had (Oupled tlio cars and given the. signal to the engineer to back up when ho notb ed that tho train pipe needed flxinsr, and, forgeting probably to signal the engineer to wait, he stepped bark to fix it. He was completely out of sight of everyone and when he ioms ilio tiain was moving and he was ( aught between the drawheads of the two cars. He screamed and Know, who was working with him, heard tte screams and rushed to him. 'Ihe tiain wai stopped and he started to tell how It happened, but lost con-tontciousnes8 before he finished. He was taken to the depot and Dr. Co-burn sent for. He was suffering terribly and the doctor administered an anaesthetic and took him at once to St Joseph's hospital where he died ,-ery soon after. The accident occurred about 2:30 and he died about an hour later. He was so badly crushed that even the knife In his po ket was broken. Mr. Holton was about twenty-three years old and unmarried. He wm a young man of exeptlonally good habits and highly thought of by all who knew him. He was a member of company L., First South Dakota volunteers, going out as a private and returning a sergeant. Since his return a little over a year aio, he has worked for the Galena Mining company, a short time for Houghton & Graham, and Just one month for the Burlington. His father. N. Holton, Is a carpenter at the Homestake, and hla mother, one brother and two sisters live In Omaha. The remains will be shinned to Omaha for burial this moraln. and will be accompanied by the father. I ?Prtlng company, which In- r 8. AKolrw. TIT T m MOITE'S' FTJRITISKSD To any extent warranted by borrowers ! SyruFoFigs r, Henry Bertrman, Claude names or collaterals. I I fort liken "3 Annahelle AGC?J7eas3iJtfy andfivmpty. : S Accounts Solicited and 'JErjanser will present Miss r"TT.v "Sweet Nell of Old white soldiers withdrew from their Pawnee villages who returned to their hnntln? ground and their villages. Ad-abel Ellis, who knew better, perhaps, than others the fullness of the Sioux r'ot and the circumstances of the Pawnee annihilation, has told thja story. Two Strike and his Sioux waited for an onortunity. Thev would not be content with a mere battle In which po many warriors should be killed off, bnt thev were after a chance for extermination. They wished to root the tribe ont from Its place In the land. Extermination by Sioux. Early In Aoeuft, 1874, the Pawnees started from their homes on a great hnntlnr expedition. Thev were lead bv Sky Chief. on"e noted for his prow-e"5 In the Pawnee tribe. Sioux run- Correspondence Invited. ft Yar, er meaire PIIiZti ember Sl8t- 71118 l-- Chan's first anTearan-e Our long; experierce in the Black Hills Lj. Play iince Tlalv'a is at si a a a a a a a a a a a a a a v ? seryice of intendino; inves'r rtL "Dl 0reat RnbT" 8t i'l-8, Klaw will Cleanses ihe System Gently and Effectually when bilious or costive. Presents in the most atxvptaMearm the laratjye principles of plants known to act most ifneficialy. TO GET ITS BENEFICIAL EFFECTS BUY THLjCEN'JINE MANFt). BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUPCQ 'SAN rSANCISCO, CAI. tOUISVIlU.KY. NtW YOSK. HX for jnyfiir - pr SOtptrtcnim. L!" Veil of tm tw.-- " T HM a. ltiuij an DIRECTORS n i. - .in ihj renaino Cjn to a collection H 6en making for serer JOHN TRIBElt BEN BAXR. Vicm Vrm W. B. ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKUN. Prea. WM. BELBIE, Cuhler. terv carried the Information of the r lfdtn- Tait hunt to Two Strike. Then the Sioux took the war path. They cat down M cored a notable

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