The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 28, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PI0NEEK-T1MES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. SATURDAY, APRIL 28 1900. dorsement from that county In the re . , hv court- u .. ,o trlpn HU'l u- - publican state convention for congress raartial for frauds In the contracts for Pennington Is now the only county not uhnr work at Savannaii auu THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLAClt HILLS TIMES ...u. t .h outh. He was captain in heard from, .ill the re3t having en dorsed Martin. PsoandIi the corps of engineers and let contract. r the improvements under his charge. The extractors were the members of the American Construction company. .mp .sod of New York capitalists and sneMilaiors. Capt. Carter was also ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1837. THE SMALL DAILY. (By Countryman.) The editor of a small daily must be a versatile man, as can be reddily seen. He must be an all round worker, and know how to do all kinds of newspaper of the work, inspect w. overseer PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. the rontriictorK auu turinU rscd hy ork. If his paper is a political organ he should enter into politics, in so far nmllt.-l the bills. The amount of the fr iii.U and thefts in which Capt. Carter was implicated was $2.u0..M or $ ! 000,000. On conviction ho vas con. as attending all the political meetings, conventions, etc., that goes. He should force his personality into the town af are overcome by Lyttia Em Plnkham's Vegetable Compound. Fifty thousand happy women testify to this In grateful letters to Mrs Plnkham, Menstruation Is a severe strain on a woman's vitality. If It Is painful something Is wrong which tenced to dismissal from the array, to fairs, and be a leading citi TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year Jlu.00 Six Months 5.00 One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year v 2.00 8ix Months 1.00 zen. He sliouui stuny tue town have the shameful record of his sentence published in a newspaper printed at his home in Pennsylvania, to pay and people and be a'l authority on local matters. J nere are many o X r prizes in store for the editor in a small a fine of $5,000 and to be imprisoned for five years. It was one of the severest sentences short of death ever pronounced hy a court martial. Every kind of social, political and financial Influence was applied to procure a re-fence of the military Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. LydU E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound town, if he will but grasp them. Thru his daily paper he wields a great influence, despite those who talk of the decline of the power of the press, and if he uses his Influence aright he is bound to rise, politically, civilly, or socially, as he may elect. I believe I have spoken of the editor of the small dally as being "Prince of the profession." giving this very brief outline of his a I will promptly set right; If B TODAY'S COXVEXTfOX. - or t0 deJa ,tB exonitIon. The The republicans of Lawrence county rage bocame a flagrant puhll" scandal, will meet in delegate convention at ,Jp wa3 tr,e(, and sentertced two ye4rs City Hall, Deadwood, today to select Un()er a pretense f)f examining delegates to the state convention and lhp' ord secretary of w..r Alger to Instruct those delegates for whom up the report of thp (.mlrt martlnl to vote for a congressional nominee for a year and a half. In the meantime pmall offenders convicted by military courts were sent to prison by the excessive,, or irroguiar write to Mrs. Plnkham, Lynn, Mass., for advice. Evidence abounds that Mrs. Plnkham's advloe and medicine have for many years been helping women to be strong. No other advice Is so unvaryingly accurate, no other medicine has such a record of cure. SOLD ONLY Ayres & Mmi Hardware a The action of the Lead delegates at a caucus held Thursday night leaves no doubt about an unqualified instruction for Mr. Martin. This part of the convention work will be a mere ratification of the will of the people, as expressed at the primaries Monday afternoon. The selection of delegates and distri score. At length, when obstruction was no longer possible, the record of the court martial was approved and execution issued. TUn proceedings in the civil courts were interposed. T hese have finally come to an end iind the convicted c 'llcer miibt go to prison. C. L. SlEWERS. duties I have endeavored to show wherein he deserves this title. Does he not find his editorship the embodiment of all that is delightful and refreshing in Journalism? He is his own master, and free to carve out his oww destiny, and, I may add, the destinies of others. In proportion, has any preacher, any teacher or any leader In any walk of life more power for good or for evil? And to the honor of the profession 1 can say that invariably his power is used for the good allho many tinici l.e lets his ow n opportunities slip past. I have sometimes been criticised for asking too exalted a -vii w of my profession. If this is so and if it may be called a fault, then I wish that every journalist in the land was likewise afflicted. They say that those in love see In their adored ones virtues and charms which are not discernible to others. I am in love with my profession and therefore may be excused Columbia Bicycles The announcement that Viscount Hinton, who used to earn a precarious living grinding a hand organ on the streets of London, has won his fight for the earldom and estates l?ft by his titled parent will gratify the lovers of justice, however deep the chagrin and disappointment to the British aristocracy. If the organ-grinding earl has any sense of retribution he will con- REPrrtLicAN A meeting of the republicans of the City of Deadwood is called to meet in the City hall, Saturday evening, April 2Sth, 1900, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a Republican club. All republicans, present and prospective, are invited to attend. R. C. HAYES. Vice Pres. Republican State league. V. J. THORNBY, Executive Committeeman for Lawrence County. Deadwood, April 25th, 1900. AND BICYCLE SUNDRIES bution of the honors will require some tact. The workers who won the victory openly are entitled to consideration first, and then there are a large number of men who have not been Identified with the party for several years, who took an active part in the primaries. These returning prodigals must be welcomed and put on the active list. There are also a number of good republicans who openly and honorably opposed the will of the majority, but gracefully accepted defeat. They are republicans and good workers. Thoee who at first opposed Mr. Martin and only came to his support after they were dead-cock-sure the battle was already won, as well as those who were on the fence, should be considered last. All this, however. Is only by way of suggestion. The convention will i tinue to discourse popular airs m thu heights which some hurdy-gridy for the delectation of his ' if I ascend to The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hill noble compeers in the house of lords. That august and somnolent body needs the enlivenment of a few rag time ditties, judiciously administered, and the new earl is obviously the man for the occasion. might deem extravagant. At the risk of repeating the rules of well ordered journalism which every journalist knows is part of the ethics of his profession, I would impress upon the men who make the small dailies, and those who think of joining that number, the importance of honesty, ac- The Best Cooks in the Country recognize the Huronite: Hon. George W. Snow of NOTICE. I hereby give notice that 1 1 school orders issued and registered prior to January 1, 1897, by school district No. S, will be paid upon presentation at my (.ffice in Central City. Interest ou the same will cease ten days from publication of this notice. superiority o: Bon Homme county has been frequent- curacy, impartiality and thoroness in ) ly mentioned for governor, but the't'ic'1' work. In all essentials they j doubt of his nomination. The ticker should govern themselves by the same handle these matters in its own way and for the best Interests of the party. A good beginning was madeat the primaries Monday evening and if continued, the result at the polls in November will be surprising. LEA & PERRINS rules and the same code of honor prevalent in well established important SAUCE THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE newspapers thruout the land. C. K. WEEDON, Dlst. Treas. general favor with which Mr. Herried's name Is received leaves hut little doubt of his nomination. The ticket could not be stronger than to make 'it Herried and Snow. Mr. Snow's name on the ticket with Mr. Herried would make it invincible. Dated at Central City, Lawr ence I 'tm&wi r-Mi ::Nfve Bowie . CWAMC Or IMITATIONS For Oame, Steaks, Roast , Soup, and trv fai-tMv (if made dlshef. county, S. D., April 26. 1900. . lm srr-tM4 , mot Invaluable. C. 0. D. LOVE MESSAGES. Man's deep devotion and woman's selfishness and Inconstancy are illustrated in the case of William Mann, of New York, who has Just heen sent up f:ir ll.iee months .i a lesult of hift Jomm Duwcan'sSons. Agents, New Yobk, Madison Sentinel: Candidate F. W. . Martin, for congress, in the Black Ida worshipful admiration of Miss iu, buw n vi in . mwuj uuuci ill II 1 D T tli iov of the household, for 's voice DANGER OF OCEAN WRECKS. It is stated that the Atlantic ocean contains many wrecked vessels which drift hither and hither, and as their positions change with the winds and tides, they are a constant menace to ocean traffic. Because of the great expense they are not destroyed until they have inflicted actual damage. How like this is tie action of many persons, who wait until they are ill before treating such dangerous symptoms as indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation, liver or kidney troubles. Don't allow them to menace your health. Hosteter's Stomach Bitters will clear your system of out it no huppincsn can be complett The ordeal through which the exp taut mother must pass, however, I so full of danwcr and suffering thi Halstead. Mann s miaiuauou ror we ; own COUnty. In the primaries he car-yonn woman was so great that he ' rled 125 out 0f the 147 delegates to the would sometime 'bend her as many as Lawrence county convention. This dozen :iop-vt.l telegrams in a sign gives him a solid delegation from all day. These sultry messages finally . the counties of the Hills; andvIs evi-reachad lhe aggregate number of 1,000. dently the coming ma j from that sec- he looks forward to it with indescribable fear. Every woman should know tM the danger, pain and horror of child-birth can le entirely avoided by the use cj " Mother's Friend," a scientific liniment. Bv its aid thousands of women bmj oassed this (Treat crisis lit Derfect safetv and without iam. our ikxjk oi put- One carious thing about them was that , tlon "It is an 111 Wind That Blows Nobody Good' That small ache or pain or weakness is the "ill wind" that directs your attention to the necessity of purifying your blood by taking Hood's Sarsapa rill a. Then your ivhole body receives good, for the , purified blood goes tingling to every organ. It is the great remedy for all ages and both sexes. Dyspepsia " Complicated vjHh Itver hd kidney trouble, I suffered for years from dyspepsia, with severe pains. Hood's SarsaparuTa made me strong and hearty?' B. Emerton. Auburn, Me. they were invariably sent "collect," which probably accounted for their Argus Leader:' It looks very much value to all women will ne sent free to any address by Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga. . ' Mnt AtA thau ar.iit. like CnnfiTPfmmnn Martin 1r Martin out, attentions annoy Miss Halstead, ! carried the primaries In Deadwood by a11 impurities making the blood rich and the nerves strong. It curtd ail but the expense catised her no 6l!ght 400 majority, swiped Lead City easily, Inconvenience, she being a poor sales- I set 125 delegates out of 147 In Law-lad. She Informed Mann she didn't , a county, and will have the prob- stomach disorders, and is an unequalled spring medicine. See that a private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle. llke it. but he refused to believe It- able lid backing of the Hills in the Custom Oire .iiHnt think it nnflglble. When the ate convention. Ws ars sow prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide H m roini courier: rne management having control of the preliminary arrange menu for the national populist convention at Sioux Falls has succeed young woman had raid out $200 for these unwelcome messages the had her admirer arrested, much to the regret of the telegraph company. While Miss Halstead Way have' been in a measure justified In her impatience because of a shortness of "spending money, any person of sentiment cannot but admire Mann's steadfastnessi loyalty and Per cees at reasonable rates. Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co. . aan V ed in getting the well remembered, former order to "Pound the Itallroads" Hood't Ptlla eur Htt till ; tho non-trntatlng n4 I toned down to the point where the rail First Ward, Deadwood -: South uaKo only eathartta to taka with Hoodl Baraapartll. roads are willing to contribute some thing toward expenses. Another mon A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM. We are aware that the little child is king or queen of the home. The smaller the child, the more true this statement All bow down to the little child. His wants are the first to be looked after. When he smiles the whole family smiles. When he is sick, the whole family is eager to Watch and help. Whe he dies, it seems like the light has out of the home. How true it is that "a little child shall lead them." How important it Is that this little child shall be well trained in the priclples of morality. There Is no doubt that the greatest agency for good today in the training of - these children is the Sunday school; and the great agency that keeps . the Sunday strous surrender to corporate influ euces! sistence, and deplore that law can thus interfere with love. 'Still, it is Just as well that the incident came into court and was given wide publicity, as it will point out a smoother path to other lovers with limited resources. Many a young man who is lavishly generous S ' DeSmet News: Webster Davis, ex mayor of Kansas City, imagines be is sawing great chunks of ice in advo J. L. MARCOUX'S New Undertaking Parlors cating the Boer cause and ripping England up the back. Web, wears his f J: No. 20 Lee Street IArf. Now Opfk to thr Public hat on his bump of self esteem. i o Vermillion Republican: Imperial republicanism is expanding. It has extended from Vermillion to Aberdeen, and from Sloux Falls to Sturgts City. Poor picayune Plankington, however still remains in a populistlc predicament . '. Alcester Union: It is officially denied that the fusion forces of South Dakota are making warlike preparations against the British. - . - - school evtr to the front and trains it, is the State and International Sunday school convention system, tf which our ttate Is a part No agency has done so much for our Sunday schools as this. It is continent wlds. and includes every state, territory and province. Mr. B. F. Jacobs, Atwood build": ing Chicago, is the chairman of the International Executive Committee. by nature is sadly impecunious through circumstances, -His every impulse prompts him to shower sweet gifts upon his inamorata, but alas! hi income is barely sufficient tor the ljall bed room rental and the "qufcic lunch" refection. The original and resourceful Mr. Mann, however, has shown him how he may overcome such a sordid obstacle and lavish upon his loved one coolly presents of flowers and bonbons and Jewels and, ether things sr dear to the feminine fancy. All he need do is to send them C. O. D. , THE CATTAIX CARTER V CASE. The supreme court of the United 'ates has refused to interfere with Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west 1: i All Embalming Done by a Professional in the nn. 1 ONLY FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. -..2 3 , tJR, 1TLORA 'ti. STANFORD. Homeopathic physician. Office ' and residence, 374 Williams street Morphine, liquor and tobacco habit MARTIN AND THE BLACK HILLS. Sturgis Record: E. W. Martin carried near -all of Lawrence county at the republican primaries last Monday, which assures him practically an en- i Harrison Bell 'So.' 80 .1 Calls Answered by Dajror Night. sentence of Capt Oberlln M. Carter, treated. - .

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