The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 18, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1900
Page 2
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 THE DAILY" PIOXEEK-TIMES, DEAD WOO D, S. D. 1300. !E2 is to say, the Iiryan leadership whiih has cost the democratic party bo mui h, is not demo ratic. It is nopulistic and socialistic. It had it.- JL q I L- '"ai l HIS THE IUP II11IIK MEANS TO YOU. Deadwood Pion i:i:r-Timi:s. ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. vALL OUR. v-.v:. 'v. , . v.... IV. I'.I.ACK J COVINS TIN- EXT SUMMER GOODS i .f TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT. LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. ' might be found just the thing to use in commemorating the fame of the sailors who went to their deaths in Havana harbor. The soldier with the gun on the Peoria pedestal could be tinkered with by a Lee-Metford, and there were several hundred such board the Maine, the figure will be distinctly appropriate. Governor has made good one of hi- campaign threats, and has reappointed several members of various hoards who failed of confirmation by the 1 a -"t state senate. This action Is intended to lay the foundation for a i on t est over the control of the state hospital for the insane and other institutions next winter, but it is per-fe tly safe to conclude that incoming Governor Iferried will know just what" to do in the premises; for the people of South Dakota have said in unmistakable terms that they want a clean sweep. Minneapolis Journal. Ginghams, Dimities and Percahs THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO., Daily $1.00 Per Month. Weekly $2.00 Per Year. Deadwood, South Dakota. i We hnvo ft nine rcw lino uf Mu-.lin ( ii 1 1 it won r which Me are also selling hi h irrtat lii; ra i 11 . A h mitilul li t" nf bed Hpreaila, luce curtains, 35c NOW GO AT 2c. 25c NOW GO AT IPC. but nur (umirirtti'rt Irr different forms that docs not palliate tlic offeii. ST Tl:u JI no m a j f re ac er.wc ft tj g I mi in -U L'L .VllMiS i.fc Ul U H ui.fc THE LADIES BAZAAR. 3 should it lie set up as an immunity from punishment. Whatever pun-l.'linient the law or the fates has in store for the foul tenoned Dunn Cart Orator will be merited. origin in the darkest regions in the .outh, in the h ast respe. table sections of the west, and in the mo t forbidding districts of the great cities of the north, where the paramount politb al thought is hatred of "niggers.' detestation of sound finance, and abhorrence of industry and thrift." This is riill:nir if into the Bryan wing of the party more severely -than the republican- ever thought of (loin-:, but the- Chioniile goes on in even a fi rc"r vein, a- follows "The Impossible has been under'ak-'en. The inevitable has been the result To make sure of one populi t two democrats have been driven awn v. To lure one socialist, a do.- :i individualists have been lost. To gain one money lunatic thre sane men have been alienated. To coddle and . pamper a mere handful of radicals a l I vo atin; every quack theory known to , 'mankind since tee dawn of rivili.a tion whole trdons of cnnservati business men have been alarmed and antagonized. To deify the -tramp it has been necessary to damn the n.ill ioenire, whether he deserved It or not." I Cnl Menrv V'itersor of i'-e l.e-,;-; 1 ville Courier Journal, copies the above extract for the purpose of rebuking the Chronicle, but he cannot deny the truth of what it rnvs. Hecan only savin effect, to bis Democratic contemporary- "Hu--b' Don't talk so loud"; He adds: "intemperance of this sort. J however, sustained by facts, whi b. upfortnnatetv nrp only too apparent, will not contribute to help the deni-crats out. of the sloueh In which mis- ' h ading has plunged them ' I - - I """ " THE SAME OLD TACTICS. During the recent campaign Promissory Joe made strenuous efforts to divert attention from the mental weakness and moral defects of himself and his man Friday by a Hcries of attacks upon the manager of the Pioneer-Times thru his paper, and whenever he could Ret an audience of one or more. They were coir lied In the language with which he is most familiar, that of the dives and bawdy houses, and terminated In the Infamous harangue from tho duntr enrt the nlht before election In which he exposed bo working' nf a we:ik and denraved ' ORGANIZATION OF THE HOUSE. Not nearly m much interest is tak oii;anizai ion of ted. The over-i ontrol makes than it would house So far undid:. te for in in the prospective the house as was expo v.lielmin"; repul li an this oi less hi! 'antn-e li.i v . bci ii in ! cio " now known f iil op The Club Restaurant. An elaborate program of "vindication" has been prepared and will be pa bed thru the Montana legislature this winter If W. A. Clark has as much influence With -that body as the election returns would indicate. All of the men who were smirched by the briberv investigation are to have their ihara'ters whitewashed, and Mr Clark is to have a new certificate of election and testimonial of virtue with which he will arm himself when he makes another effort to break into the United States senate. mentality, and drove from him a nnm- I H' .-tUor has formally announ ed him-her of votes that otherwise would!"'" "e " '' ''a k:l r!- of ' have been cast for him thru mistaken t.-U, who has been elerte.l for his vniM.. n,n wn nondpil - term. Third termers are scarce. Mr. fackanl, with a larsc ac JOHN "WAGNER, Prop. rt innvnia iYa antf-roQnnrt i n rr pleefOr . and that the Plonoer-Times had been mild indeed, In its characterizations of the Meals Served to Order. quaintance among those who have served before, is considered a promising candidate lie is .secretary and manager of an irsurance company at Redficld. There las been talk, too, that A. G. Somori", of Grant county, speaker for another term in the chair. It would bo a violation of all precedent of state and tenilory. Somers was Hon. K. V. Martin, the real, live, Illack Hills congressman-elect, arrived Wednesday evening in good time to hel; celebrate the result of election. He diove down from Deadwood In company with his son, George, and will spend about a week on the ranch at Martin's Valley. Hot Springs Star. Dung Cart Orator. The vote of his own ward, his own town and county, warrants the assertion that his whole course during the campaign was illy-advised and carried out: that had he accepted the kindly and well meant advice of the IPoneor-Tlmos nt the he- FOR SALE A MONUMENT. Any one who Is looking for a sol dlers and sailors' monument cheat) can net one by applying to the pro ginning he would have saved himself fleeted as an anti corporation man, but the humiliation of exposure and his turned out, after he became speaker defeat would have been tempered a pretty satisfactory representative of the railroad lobby. He made up the ID. GIIjLxETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATChES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR LINGTON & M. R. R. No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. with mercy and sympathy. Now tho fragile veneer has been removed, the mask has fallen, his mental and moral deformities are exposed. Will he profit by past experience? It Is feared not, for by tho same method thit worked his humiliating defeat at the polls he now hopes to bluff the attor per authorities at I'eona. III. I he piiTiiided folk of that town erected i vhnt Is regarded as the finest mnnu- ! mont of its sort in the country about I a year ago. but have since found it impossible to pay for it. The sum of $1?fl0fl lsstill due, and there appears to be some hoodoo connected with the j number. Thev have found It impnssl- committees to their general satisfaction, and although himself a farmer was accused of going over completely to the corporations. However, he Is not yet announced as a candidate, and it seems hardly probable that he will he one. Willis E. Benedict, of Cutter, is a much more likely candidate. He Low Rates West and Northwest. lOvery Tuesday during October and November the Burlington Route will sell tickets at the following remarkably low rates: O-ilen Salt Lake City, Butte, Helena, and Anaconda, one way, $28 37), Round trip $50. 7u, return limit 30 days. Spokane. Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Victoria and Vancouver, one way, $3. 3a; round trip, $.r5.70; return limit 3U days. Ti; kets and Information at al! Bur-HiK'ton ticket offices. An Important Difference. t neys who are collecting the evidence pon which to base Impeachment pro- ' served two years ago in the senate for n0 to Collect the remainder, and in Custer and Fall River. It has al Do you Know ceedlngs. It Is hard for a fool to learn even In the school of experience. If the Dung Cart Orator insists on ,ielf destruction the community will he well rid of an incubus without troubling Itself about the manner of his taking off. As to the frequent and unwarranted attacks unon the hired ways been customary to alternate the senatorial nomination between the two counties. This year it was Fall River's turn, and so Benedict stepped down and ran in his own county for the lower house He is not announced, but is rather expected to be a consequence, will offer the monument at public sale. Of course, a secondhand shaft costing $.10,000 Is rather a cumbersome bit of art to dispose of, but there must be somewhere a connoisseur who would like to add It to bis collection. It is true it, could not be pood as a mantel ornament, and It would pot add to the attractiveness of a Newport lawn, owing to Its rather rrewome nua'ity. In fact. In mnnv wavs it mltrht fall to plea"" the Individual collector, but as there are al-wnvs communities enr-a-red In erecting monuments on the pro-ends of col- A Good Thing When Yi,u See i man of the Pioneer-Times, time, the ! candidate. To make it apparent to thousands, ho think themselves ill, that they j are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs ! cleansing, Is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California ' Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all druggists. I fates, or some unforseen power inva- Still another possibility Is A. "W. rlably provides the punishment. ! Wllmarth, of Beadle, who was defeat-There Is such a thing as a retributive . fd for speaker two years ago by Som- Jnstlce, a punishment for every crime. I exs. Ho made fi good showing then would be a considerable factor Whether committed against the laws and of nature or man. A singular fafali- i now. If vou do, then come ami not. only SIC 10, but (.isle -S I ..""() our brands of SIIEKKY, ANGELICA, POUT ami MUSCATKL Tlicy Arr Tlio Best in the West. 5 Fino Old Wliiskey of father time $3 00 and up FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Case btvr delivered free to residence. Main St. ty has heretofore resulted from crimes of this nature. With tho proposed Impeachment proceedings the Ploneer-Tlmes has no o- j j .,.!otl) eond'c ted d"rinT certain DON'T TALK SO LOUD. ' periods of patriot!" enthudam. some The Chicago Chronicle, a democrat- ono rf thoo mlht b" Interested in lc paper, enlightened bv the result of knowing that this work of art Is In Adams Express Removal. . The local office of the Adams Ex- I press company has removed from Main street to the Syndicate bio k. j Lee street. Room formerly occupied by the postoffice. .1. K. Warren has I been installed cashier. I more Interest than in the punishment the recent election, has been giving the market. Owin- to the faiulre of of other crimes and criminals. Perjury its readers some neart-to-heart talks n fateful peonle to contribute a snf-obtalnlng money under false pre- upon the causes of defeat. It says: ficient Maine monument fund thH sec-tenses and similar offenses may be ( "This unenlightened leadership that ond hand mortuary emblem In Peoria S u ! 2 5 s a j 2 n S . 8 if THE I N SLATER r? A TRUE AT'D TRIED--NOT A SMOKER DISSATISFIED. S m I III VblkJfi,ll - V ft w 2 2 s 1 9 K"'"J ,V.V ' J T MA fcS r-ViV.v.w-w. V1 " I : A You smoke one or a dozen the taste, that eaine iiixiiiiiniiiiiinii A CJigar with a Full, Kich, Ileal Tobacco FlaTor J from the time yon scratch the match to light it ? m sweet, mild taste, is there it doesn't get rank. The more you smoke, the better you like them. ii until you're singed your moustache with the "butt." It's made of. Clear Ilavana with an Imported -- wrapper. , s They're good all the way through. Buy one THE LEADING M S 5c CIGAR s KKHmillMlUlWTH try one. is 9 m For an after-dinner smoke, try an INGLATERRA. Are you looking forsatisfac-tion Cigar Satisfaction? Try an INGLATERRA the Cigar that SATISFIES I WWWWW auujuu.i r, II lin ff n m 5 mn i7Mi.tvi St.. 5 610 Fourth 8t.. G I Distributor fQEO. Wl g W A.Y Sioux City, Iowa M M I: r -zzz-zzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzszzzszx rxamyiaiiaianm1ni,..niiiiiy,.Tri.,tll..m

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