The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 6, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-TiMes. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK LULLS), TUESDAY MOIfNING, JUNE 6, 1899. FIVE CENTS. 23d YEAB. lice quelled the disturbance and the pub rj. COUNTY CONVENTION. jiliS SURROUNDED a push by the engine, and was brushed oft by a narrow-gauge car that stood too near the Klkhorn switch track. He fell under the car ami was crushed beneath the wheels. It dewdnped In the examination' That Union Pacific Train Lawrence County Republican Elect Delegates to the State Convention Robbers Are Corraled lic and the newspapers condemn the whole proceedings. A cruiser has been ordered from Martinique to Teayenne. to bring Ilreyfui back for trial. He is expected to arrive June Ctj. o The Paris Abandoned. FALMOUTH, Eng., June G. (Special.) The steamer Paris of the American line, which was run onto the rocks five miles from here two weeks ago, has been abandoned by the owners to the underwriters and salvagers. The work of blasting the rocks out from under the vessel Is proceeding, and the final effort to float the ship will be made Friday. By Officers. 4 of his body that his neck was broken by the fall from the rar. Ir. Flick, Elkhom surgeon at Rapid City, and Pr. Shaw were summoned, and came up to Piedmont on the regular passenger, but went right back. Cornell's remains were taken down to ('ha lrtih, where he made his home, and will be burie-J there. Cornell went out of 1'cadHuo'l ou a special freight yesterday morning; earlv.. He was a man about 30 years of age. and had a wife and two children at Chadron. A coroner's Inquest was held at Piedmont yesterday. i. Posse of Three Hundred Around Resolutions Adopted Endorsing President McKinley and Judge Corson. Them in Hole In the Wall Country. auaHA. June 5.-(Specll.)-It la re- t Union Pacific headquarters to- U.t . Posse of 300 men ha. chased Z robber, who held up the Union Pacific and express train Into the "Hole-In-UeWall." in Wyoming, and that the ... I. .urrounded. l'osses have been hot M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offers the Following EXTRA BARGAINS! For This Week. No old shop worn stuff! No Bankrupt 8tock! All lew and Fresh Goods! NOTE THE FOLLOWING PRICES ON lite Dress IMs and Laces: 10 PldCea Chfcck Nainsook at - - 60 a yard 10 Pieces Check Nainsook at - 124oayard 10 Pieces Check Nainsook at - - lGeajard 10 Pieces India linea, fine quality at 6c a yard 10 Pieces India Linen, Fine quality at 80 a yar 10 Pieces India Linen, Fine quality at 10c a yard 15 Pieces Dimity, Fine quality, at - 8c a yard 6 Pieces Dimity, Fine quality at - 12', c a yard 6 Pieoes Pique, Fine quality at - - 10c a yard Laces and Fine Embroideries. All the Latest Novelties worn this season, French Val. LaceB, Patt. Val Laces, Egyptian Point D(.' Paris and all New Laces, at from 3c a yard on up. FINE EMBROIDERIES AT VERY LOW PRICES. M. J. Werthheiraer & Bro. on the trail of the robbers ever since the City Council. The regular monthly meeting of the city council was held last night, all members being present but the mayor, D. A. McPherson, president of the council presiding. A communication was read from Mayor Star relative to the matter of a public park, to the expiration of the water contract, and the condition of the First ward hose house. A committee was appointed to take up the matter of a public park, consisting of Aldermen Muim, Irons, Moore and (larland. The invitation of the Fourth of July executive committee was accepted. Mrs. Kphniitn's claim for damaL'is was referred. - Is It Malaria or Alum. I Popular Science Monthly.) Languor, loss of appetite, Indigestion and often frverlshtifsa are the common symptoms of a physiological condition termed "malaria." All these Symptoms may be. and frequently are. the effect of the use of alum baking powders In food making There ts no question about the poisonous effect of alum upon the system. It obstructs digestion, prostrates the nerves, coagulates and devitalizes the blood All this has been made clear, thanks to phvsii ians, boards of health and fon.l , nmmi.ssioiis So "highly Injurious to the health of the community" does the eminent head of i he I niversity of Penn & of the hold-up, and have been reinforced by fresh men and horses from all tocUont. U 1 8lnl0Bt certala lhat tne gang Is composed of members of the fa-boiu Currie gang, that has made the Hole-in-the-Wair a rendezvous for sev The Lawrence county republican convention was held in Headwood yesterday and delegates were chosen to attend the state convention at Kedfledd for the purpose of nominating1 candidates for Judges of the supreme bench of the state. Yesterday's convention was held in the city hall, and was called to order by George V. Ay res, chairman of tbe central committee uf the county, about II o'clock. The meeting elected Dr. J W. Freeman of Lead temporary chairman and H. II. I'urcell temporary secretary. These officers were subsequently mude permanent. The committee on credentials was made up as follows. John III, itt. John Wring-ro-e ami It tl iiobiiisuu This committee leported upon nue, ligation that there .e:,. se.iu nine deleg s present from the various wards and j.reiinrls of the "lil' lillll.-.l Hi M al ; III I he eon vein ion il i. a, found Spealfi- li I'rosvillt; bad lieell oilil.'Iiil in the lall for lite CollVeTJ Hon. and Palsy I'atlerson was ar cordi ugly -iven .i eat in the convention as the ac- en! years past, and thi-re is a strong belief that the Roberts brothers and Currie with the gmiK themselves. It is prue- sylvania. In Parker, consider the alum fol tkally certain that a bis hKbt will soon K reported. The billies llf the eily il'.;.-e II t eil III louiu petition: bakiio; .ow.,.-.. that ho says "iheir sale fhouM be prohibited by law." "To t he Honorable I he I'll v I 'on in 1 1 ,1 tl FIGHTING MADE DIFFICULT. lily of 1 leadwood I ' ; d ' I these i iri limstaln es il is worth '111 .vlltle ,,f iey hoil-eWife to employ Heavy Rains Make Artillery Movements me .( little . are thai is necessary to keep ,a ii x..,i ,,us an eh-nieiit from the Impossible in Luzon. MANILA. I'. 1 . June j. --(Special.) The food of In r family A pine cream of tariar baking powder "Tile llll ' ieL'lle, I )t li.S ol I, .1 , 1 . n. , do inns", earnestly petition your homualde body to do all in your power to enfelie iht orl i :ia .ices prmiiiin for i 1 u 1 1 1 i u s am? health of the rity lv prompt rellimill cf Karliae. offal anil c.Mier refu-ie and waie tnau. r from streets and y;ml-i. The price charged ly ilraynien ami expressmen (."!) nails to $1 a loaji has S'MMlli'J eces.-ie. wlinh is I hi ly kind that should be heavy rains are makiiiK the movement of artillery almost impossible, and that branch of the army service will have to i redi'inl il legale fliilll that pn-clnel. Two iiiorc com tni I lees were appointed, one the comiillllee on delegates to till- used ought to cost about I.", to all cent a pound. i tieretore. if you are paying ! be practically abandoned for the present. f f f 4 f' $ 'f f f tniit-h less, soraet hing M wrong; if you A detachment of the First artillery lhat are paying IT, i ents or less per pound, the J was taking part in the Morons oyrTftljons an.l doulttless has led to much evasio'i by Qjiju-uinjiruijux ru-.jru-uuTjijUTJijauTju powder is cenainly made from alum. hculheholders. llllifl we suggest that tlir city today was unable to proceed and the nutans and ammunition were (burned to Always beer these simple facts In mind of Iieadwooi pjivoie a largv si-uw -ngr prevent capture by the rebels cjihoii. not only for collectinx debris ant The Americans have resumed hostilities waste from the streets, where it is not when purchasing baking powder. o - - Mrs. Rewman's Funeral. The funeral of the late Mrs. Paul Rew KedUidd convention, ronsistiiig of W. U. Siiiimd. J f. Moody. J. Wuiers. John 1'e-tet-inti and James Munri. utvl the cimruil-tec on resolution-, consist i of (J. (;. I!ui-noit, M. 1). Bates. I . It Kennedy, A. Chiltner and (Jeorge Ball. The committee on delegates reporti'd a list of names and the report was adopted, the cert iticaU being made out as follows : HEADH'OOl). S. I).. June 5. This is to certify that at a delegaw convention of the Republicans of liwrence County, South Dakota. the following named persons were elected as deJ'gates to the Republican Slate ConventioD to be practicable to wash it out by hydrants actively, and detachments of the amy of occupation have been stretched across the Morong peninsula of Luzon, the purpose Jolt also for serving the residences and mar. was held Sunday afternoon from the collecting su4i rubbish from barrels, family borne on Vau Huren street, and was fioxes and other depositories kept for thai largely attended. The Society of Black being to hem a strong fort of natives la ami force them to fight or surrender. The eouny has already been driven out of the purpose in the back yarns. tVe l.'lieve if Hills Pioneers, the I leadwood Are depart this were done all citizens would co-op FALL PIPER! WALL PAPER! "Some timet her narrow kitchen walla Stretched away Into stately halle." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltroly new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are especially Invited to see them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la tbe time to paint your bouse. Remember that my store la beadq tartera for ail kinds of pal Ms and painters' supplies, capitally for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint made. Oome in and ret color cards and study color aflaots. The Old Reliable Druggist, ment and the friends of the departed and totnof Morong. and there has been brisk , erate cordially and much groot! might be her fmsband assembled at the residence fighting at several points- done in elea-iB-ing the city ai'd guarding held at the city of Kpdfleld on lb- L'Mh and arttl as an escort to tbe cemetery day of June, 1X!H". and tfce delegates to at against sickness likely to romi with warm after the service. There was a short ser Oregoi Volunteers Start Home, ., weather." mon by Rev. Father Stanton, rector of WASHINGTON, June 5. (Special.) i This petiliiin was signed ry fceveml tend were instructed bj' the convouiion cast the vote of the entire delegation: G. C. Moody. I). A. McPherson. John Costello. S E. Crans. Thomas E. Jlarvey. W. K Smead St. Ambrose Catholic church, and music It was referred General Otl has Informed the war depart- ' hundred ladies of the city Wot thai le will send the Oregon volun- j 0 the commiitee on fire sjifl police sad teri home this week. They will land at j city Attorney Rice was instructed to pre Portland And will be mustered out imme- pare a communication in reply to it. . H. Ward John H. Burns. E. H. Warren. S. C. Policy. H. T. Coo pur. Walter McKay. '"WX- ' Mrs. Gibson's claim was referred. Tne 0 '! netition of T. H. Russell for rebate of James Mcljtilllan Main Street VWV C DOII ITPC I was rendered by Mrs. Westpbeling, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Baldy and Mr. Fllnterman, Mr. Wethrell being at the piano. The floral offerixLgjt were the most profuse ever seen in the city, the beautiful casket being literally obscured by the banks of flowers and designs. Father Stanton's remarks were brief, bat there were about them distinct traces of sublimity, and before he ended there wene few in the house but were striving to keep back the tears. Henderson's Election Conceded fl taxes was altaiwed. and t&xra were cm WASHINGTON. June I (Special.) The celed for the years 1SS2. 1XS3. 1884, 1S65 Henry Schmitz. Kirk G. Phillips. N. T. Mason. J. Moody. Jtvhn Gray. Frank McLaughlin (ieorfte McHugh. I. R. Crow. E. V. Martin. Jdhn Wolzmuch. Jdkn Hawgood. Oeorge V. Ayres. James Munn. M. I). Bates. E. M. Thompson. J V. Freeman E. V. Fowler. FREEMAN Chairman. O. G. Ben ate (t "Una at RepresenUtiTe David B. Hen-6l6, 1887. IKK) and 1S!H. pmvlded that R. H. Drisooll. John Bell. fcnon of Iowa as the speaker of the next j he leave a shqp four feet wade on Ray-to" U conceded. Enough votes have ; mond street. W. H. Honham. W. (I. Rice. Pletged to Insure Jthat result, and 1; A hundred Aillars was allowed the Are fTiir a nirnin a ii MAXiniiAi rutin J. P. Belding. U Indications are that the other candi- ! .department fee Incidental expanses. The J W. U. H. Pl'RrEIL. Secret kxy wJB withdraw. i reports of the various city officers wire The comraittee on resolutions submit sane tel the fnllnwine retiort . and it w as leferred. The oommittee on Internal improvements wuh instructed to advertise Sultan of Sulu Hostile. unanimously aiiopieu ny une nnnnin WBW YORK. .Inn K ICu.1.1 1 A 1.,..- l.l.lj nn rAH vant.1 mure ir 1(4. of Pe it resolved by the republicans o tl .. Lawrence county, in convention assem ni dispatch to U Journal gays: I auJUn of Sulu. who h hen i- Tsiaeadam. The city treasuner was instructed to ool- bled that, whereas. Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 ki eoiMimne in Judge I) Cnrsun all of VA to he favorably dlswiaed toward the l t the license from the opera bouse, and hose charactreisties or hok.-sty. in'eitriry nd judicial ability promise.! fur him by his neighbors anil fellow iliiiii - ten years United States, has imported a large quan- I the chief of politic- was instructed not u T 01 from Singapore by way of allow any more -performances until the . With a View to roo latino 1K I li,..nn Ik nnlll igo. when the people of the then newly admitted state were asked to elect him to tm.rt he highest judicial office at the disposal The city engineer was Instructed to as of the commonwealth, and pointing witn nrl,ld In ill. mATIflr in which he has placed certain whether or not the city has any inese arms he has stored on Wn4 of Slaal, and Is colslng a force "wn at Singapore." tltlt to William strot from Guy tfreet to' himself so securely in the affections ann All Sprnag creek. Branches of Banking Business Transacted, Tke matter of W. L. Rogers was left An Excellent Combination. with the city attorney- admiration or tne peopte oi me umc state during his term of office; therefore,, be It Resolved. That the delegates elected this day be instructed to do all in their power to secure his renomlnation by the republican convention at Redfield. S. IX. on Jane 28th. The pleasant method and beneficial Bllla allowed were as follows: W. E ertecs of the well known remedy AJ.rrm 190: W. H. Moore. J3S.20; Teter Syrup of Figs, manufactured by th" DRAFTS ISSUED en China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rico, Caimfokuia Fig SvRt'p Co.. illustraU Blackborn. J28.75; Wllnon, Kinney & Co. Resolved. That in President McKinley Africa, England, Franco, Germany and all Porta ol tha World, at the Talue of obtaining- the liquid laxa $73.85; John Wringrose. Jl Ta; Fred Zipp the country has a strong, safe and resolute chief magistrate, who in difficult and tive principles of plants known to be lowest ..arket rotes. ts- v.tar-irii- I.teht comuanv. $304.41; W trying times has conducted the affairs of medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshinc to the w im.n i?n .1 O. Garland. 13.50; J. J Silver a Secondary Issue. JASHINOTON. June S.-tSseclaEx- ta? Wilnier of ow. president Natlosal Bl-Metanic league, and Tr' GonMn both out in Inter-artn, fjaat .llver will ke a sec-iaut la tie presidential campaign uai IT' tTXitt' imperialism Sw WiU tbe lMdln quei-mJrU WnUemen that the "T" Prtjr will be so guided. PAaB?,1" Returned ,0 p- (Special.) M. Zola, the m to mnn,ed .to "e city, and op. J. Pbtl Proaeoutor for COLLECTIONS mode carefully and accounted lor promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable taste and acceptalile n the system. It Feldhausen. $13.50; J. M. Brelsford, $3; G the nation In wisdom and In a manner which has brought great renown and prosperity to the country and lasting honor to his name, and the republicans of Lawrence cofcnty indorse fully and pledge is the one perfect stivnirthenine; laxa Torler. $2.60; Standard cash grocery, 65c; tive, eleensiner the system effectually. Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. dinpellin eolils, headaches and fevers F. C. Tucker, $201.40; Hartsell &' Ford $50.60; Paul Rewman. $7.50; L. F. Hilde- gently yet prompt Ir and ennbhnar one thempelves to the support of his policy and administration. to overcome habitual constipation per IS DISTINOTIVEIiT brand, $1; James McDonald, $7: A. Peterson, $3; John Jennach. $3; police and sal manently. Its pe'fct freedom from every objectionable quality and sub The convention transacted its business with but little flourish and everything stance, and its acting on the kid era. aries, $393.33; streets and alleys. $867.25 liver and bowels, without wea ciiina? went through in a hurry. There were no The bill of Stearns & Co. for $35 51 was referred to the chief of police and the or irnta'in them, make it trv ideal laxative. speeches and nothing that approached the Accounts of Ba:ike, Corporations and Individuals It is parade. Tbe meeting! lasted but a few committee on water and Internal Improve In the oroooss of mnnufncturinp; figs ae ured, rts t.hev are pleasant to the be ijf "u" laat the case wUl minutes, and Inside of an nour arter it solicited. Correspond enoo Invltod.. ment The bill of W. G. Murphy was was over a majority of the delegates from tabled. Board adjourned until June 2Q. around the county had left for their homes. DIRECTORS: . E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. taste, but the piedu inui qua nties of the remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method kuow.i to the California Fig Svprp Co. only. In order to aret its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAM FKAKCISCO. CAL. LOTTO VTU.X, II. KXW TO RX. K. T. Par sate by all Druggista Price 50c. per bottie. residenussaulted. otu. ... --(Spectal.) President if, sad tk Ue' race at Auteil jes-pl'uZ d antl-mites e, ""tratlon. On. of the mUm.i bold a to attack the - o Tra nman Killed at Piedmont. D. B. Cornell, Drakeman on the Elk- ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KN.OW ABOUT LIFE INSURANCE. ESPECIALLY REGARDING THE NEW YORK LIFE, HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. BEN BAEH, Vies PretldonL horn, was killed at Fiedmont yesi.ruay 8EE WW. SELBIE, On shier. forenoon while making a flying switch. He was on a box car that had been rven - uuimrm nai HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT with club. The po-

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