The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 18, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1900
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 5th YEAR. DKADUOQi), 8. D. ( HLACK LULLS SUNDAY', NOVKMKKK IS, 11)00. FIVHTKNTH. EGRO BURNED DECIDED AGAINST NEBRASKA. TRANSVAAL FLAG IS UNRECOGNIZED FROM DEADWOOD TO NEW YORK AT 1HI STAKE 6tate Cannot Hold Bank Responsible for Treasurer's Defalcation. OMAHA. Nov 17. Spe la!. Suit of the Stittp of--Nebraska" fteatosl The Omaha National bang for $270,000, was decided today by the jury in fa Tor of the bank. The state attempted to hold tho bank responsible for a portion of state treasurer's defalcation. neaa and the girl apparently overcome with grief She said they had been froling with the gun. which waa a 38-talibre, double-acting revolver and It went off before she knew It'. She said she was engaged to dates and they were to have been married today. Gatej recovered onsk-ousness Fri-day afternoon sufficient to talk a little ana contradicted the woman's statement by saying the sh. oting was not accidental, but intention il. Miss Van Afcen was arrested and t;tken to Rapid City, where shj is in charge of Sher Iff LeeIy. She expressed a desir( to sen Cites before she left Keystone, but was refused. Cites is not more than twenty-one yrderer of Little Louise Frost Burned by Colorado Mob. Gossip About Chicago, Cleveland, Albany and the Great Portuguese Government Prohibits the Flying of Boer Flag. ORDERED TO THE COUNTRY. cr twenty two. ard is a teamster U'hn Voluntary Confession Re-moves and Question as to His Guilt. The French Uiuister Expresses Faith in the Honor of America. ivas uvea in and around Keystone for several years. Piedmonter Meets Many People Well Known to Black Hillers. Bessie Van Aken Is about eighteen and belongs to a notorious Lead City family. She has a brother who Is at present, an amalgamator at the nRWVER, Colo., Not. 17. Special. -Preston Porter, the negro who out Kitchener Uses Precautions Against the Boers Receiving Aid. CAPETOWN. Nov. 17. Special. General Klt hen r has ordered the ln-hibaifants of all tho towns to move Into the conntrv and keep separated. This Is a step to prevent further aid to tho Boers frcm the towns whero concentration makes It possible to es- ape detection. WOMAN WAS CRAZY. Woman Who Attacked the German Emperor Was Not an Anarchist. BERLIN. Nov. 17. Special It has developed that the woman who threw be ax at the emperor was temporarily mad. and the rumor of an anarchist plot Is dlsproven. a Dietrich's Plurality. LINCOLN. Neb., Noy. 17. Special. The official canvass of Nebraska Bhows Dietrich to be elected governor bv a olurllty of 861. Wedand murdered little Louise Frost LORENZO MARQUEZ, Nov. 17. Spe. lal. The display of the Transvaal flag has been prohibited by the Portuguese government, which no longer recognizes the existence ot a Transvaal government. at Llmon, Colorado, was taken to Lot last night. The sheriff Lpowered and the negro burned at L (take. The lather of the girl set When one In or has travelled through a wide range of country It is easy to be impressed with what he may see, but to make those impressions interesting In cold type la quite a different thing. I promised my good friend, Bonham, that I would give the readers of the Picneer-Times my views, of men and things, as I saw them during my travels, but I fear I have been very slow in fulfilling them so far. and if this and others that may follow, , to the pile. It wis no more than had been ex Homestake mills Her sister. Minnie Van Aken. was tried here In October, 1 894, for the murder of Thomas Johnson. She was acquitted on the ground that the killing had been done in self-defense, but the general opinion was that, in spite of the girl's statement that she had killed Johnson, she had not done the shooting, and was shielding the real murderer. She afterwards married Ed- Daniel son of Yellow Creek, and they left the country. Bessie Van Aken returned from the state reform school last spring. During the summer she was employed an a waiter in the Wacner restaurant, and later wtnt to Keystone with a woman who bad been keeping a lodging house PARIS, Nov. 17. Special. Del-casse, the minister, disbelieves the report that the United States Is in possession of the plans of the French gun secrets by stealth. He says he knows of nothing to Interfere with the pleasant relations between Franco and America. Ltd hy the authorities. Governor Lnu, in speaking of the case said : dent with the modern, and abounds with historic incidents, dating bock to the tme Hudson discovered the grand river bearing his name. I took one of the steamer of wliat Is termed the "day line" there is also a ' night lino" from 'Albany to New York. I think no lover of the early history of our country, or who admires the grand and beautiful, should die before he takes this ride down the Hudson. It would take a more graphic pen than mine to even attempt to describe what one can only fully enjoy by seeing, and, I might add, feeling. My stay In New York extended Over a period of eighteen days, which waa pretty well occupied by combining busl ness with sight seeing. We, of the Black Hills, think that Deadwood and Lead are up-to-date; I matter of fact, hanging Is too (or him," and he voiced the sent!- of a large majority of the peo- seem dull sometimes, personal and of Colorado. At the same time again remineseent and almost gos Iwnior Thomas reservedly contend- tha; Illegal hanging would be out harmony with the laws of the state here. She and her sister. Wllhel- that the civil authorities have a sipy, and always common-place I shall at all times have the satisfaction of feeling that the larger portion of those who may lead them know that I niake no pretentions to be more than commonplace simply a "Black Hill- mlna. a year younger than she, were to perform In protecting even Irter, black with crime as he was. sent to the reform school at Plankin-ton in Peeemher. '98, and the sister is still there. while Omaha thinks she is the com it the same," he said, "I have hope that he will escape lynchers. er" away from fiome. I can only say ' that from the start, to this date, my journeyings, a "constant round of spirit of thd law la with the peo- DEADWOOD IS THE WINNER. ind will remain In them just so tetson Hats as the Anglo-Saxon exists. The pleasure," with perhaps one exception which I may refer to later I say from igloSaxon honors his women. He Wins Pigskin From Spearflsh in a III m protect thpfr virtue and their hon- Hard Fought Game. The Deadwood High school football wen to the lpst extremity. There bothlnghe will not do to avenge tho of a woman'j honor." team left Deadwood early yesterday morning for Spearfish to meet the State Normal team on their gridiron. ing Great Chicago snaps her finger and with a knowing wink, resounds her loud timbal and asserts, "We are It." Yet, on many lines, the difference between Chicago and New York is as great as between Sturgis and Lead. Her clearing house reports, I am informed, by one of her largest bankers, is larger than all tho other cities of the country combined. Her foreign commerce bears a like comparison. She has one hundred and forty-eight parks; in size, from a half block or less, with its statue-fountain, bit of green grass and trees, to its great Central, which contains nearly twelve hundred ptres. Nature in Its most lavish mood; Art, In its highest Wednesday, Porter made a vol- lary confession of his terrible crime Althi the was fall HAVE ARRIVED lue start, because I stepped into the sleeper at Piedmont on the 3rd of October I received a royal greeting from that coterie of boys, Judge Bennett, Col. Steele, and Messrs. Jenkens and Ayers, on their way to Chadron, as a reception committee to escort 'Teddy" to Deadwood, in his swing round the circle. Their good cheer, their fine cigars and bubbllng-over enthusiasm, made the first stage of my trip very pleasant and the warm hand-clasp and earnest "God-speed It was after this the people of ing fast and the temperature was per and Llmon decided to take the nearing the freezing point, the Dead- into their own hands. E. W. wood boys started amid the joyful the father of the murdered latter of horns and the echoing of said: would be btter for the eommun- their favorite yells. They arrived at Spearflsh at noon and were met by I Our stock of this famous brand is now complete ir the people of Den- tho Spearfish team and escorted to the ! you, as I bid them good-Dye. will long would fret together and exterml- perfection, an 1 the wealth of one of the greatest cities In the world most tte rest of the family. The uvenann noiei. wnere an eiegani oin- ive a peasant mPmory. ner awaited their arrival. j 8topped four days in Chicago tak Ml" In the blood. Tho other I he teams lett tne noiei at 1:311 baa served a term for the same ing in the sights and visiting friends. My next stop wa-in nrth western Ohio where I have a brotner engaged In the pa, and the father Is no better than SOna. If Donver neonln want ta doing a good act thev mleht lavishly bestowed, have all combined to make It a place of wondrous beauty and unrivalled Interest at least on this continent. Its magnificent drives and walks, its many shady nooks. Its zoolo-rical department. Its art museum and museum of natural history, are each and all perfection of themselves. One could spend a week there and come away but half Fatis- pr take charge of Porter and his leaving Preston Porter to me and The Imagination Supplies A Creat Part of the Pleasures of Life In no case is this so well Illustrated as In the fact that many men will pay outrageously high prices to have their clothes made to measure because they imagine they Ket a sort superior to ready maie. So they do unless they Ret the famous High Art Clothes, every garment of which bears such label oil business. It was a revelation to me. When I was but a small boy. living in the central Ohio, the "Black Swamps" of north ivei'torn Ohio, was a terror in the eyes of all people supposed to be worthless for all purposes, I. .... n-....!. Mn.1,,.. .,r..l Mends, am TOlng dawn with Porter and o'clock for the gridiron and tho game was called at 2 30 sharp. The toss-up was won by Captain Thompson of Spearfish, and he took the field, giving Deadwood the kick-off. The ball was kicked off by Martinez of Dead-wood and was downed at the twenty-flve yard line. Spearfish made several center rushc. but lost on downs, giving Deadwood the ball. Deadwood took the 1-p'l and by a series of rushes carried the ball over tho goal for a touchdown, civ ire Deadwood five roints. Martinez then missed coal freeman I am eolne to sit pel ran keep my eye on that man Old Castle Garden and its great that without vfllnp hfr.lllso there' 18 "t going to escape. I am aquarium was one of great Interest to Fo see that he sets all the Jns-Pwels In tho henna p- I only wanted td find the being a mer- Dan. It would have Rilled me These clothes please the imagination und insure the sense of well (liesKod, and save ouc-half the pri o whi.h one would pay to i hant tailor. Will you havy a look at these clothes today? r' Wt the vrone mm. hut Por eonfesslon dears all un and now me. Every species of the finny tribe from the common German carp, to the seal of commerce from the frozen north Is seemingly exhibited therein, all free to the public every day of the year. The Brooklyn navy yard, with its magnificent ships of war, and all the paraphernalia of the navy of a great nation can be seen and examined for the a-king - in addition to many things of historic Interest, from seemed to be no bottom to the land. It was said to be inhabited only by tile worst criminals of the state, who ' if they could but reach the dark and impassable recesses of these swamps, were practically free from fear of arrest. Today, tho greatest growth of corn I ever saw in that state, or any other, abound. Such farms, and faun, buildings can not be found in any other part of the state. Literally hun-I dreds of thousands of miles of til- j ' Is but one thin? to do. and that Wd him to swift justice. I am find the ball was taken to the center find kiiked off by Howe of Spcrnfish. It was downed at the ten yard line, trlvln Deadwood the ball, which they Irst en a fumble. Pnearflh then l usher) the ball rcros the poal. pivin? them five points Howe then kicked , goal, glvlne Sp nrfb-h six points, an i j 10 see personally that ha cmt ROSENTHAL'S y friends and their friends Palace , Clothing Hniise """anil Hlieo are nrennHnj- fn P' n'"l- I d(1 Tint Inn. wh.l specimens of gutns rapture! by Paul I Jones down to those taken In by ,l death will ha .. Iuvj lit h&s"wrSUghl tho i.Tiaiig4 Some 1 m I safely die." ! fifteen years ago, s3me "lunatic," as Sampson at Santiago. The great u u u-ua ft 'OLE TALK. 1 Republican r.nn... tii111 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITOR FOR THE......... Ft "viiji caa ww Ten Days Longer has been revived L congress win pass a P'WIonment MM ..tti.. a CIT7 COUUTT and Pre,tlation Of tha .nnthorn Sw li1er hou8e. It Is stated When we will leave , tlie old Damp (ipound and go into our new quartern. Ifr. .TefTrica wants to say to you ail that he is hot goinpr to move the - inaent will oppose the rmV" j Pound that the ac- Hcauir keeP i"P the sectional Vt 0)6 DOrth Md outn 3 M been endeavoring to Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Farts of the Wor i Deailwrodjiye, Timowas then (ailed nrd the flirst half was over. A rest of ten irdnu.tes was taken and the ball was taken to the . enter and kl' ked off by Iff we of Spearflsh. It was downed at the thlrtv yard line. Deadwood then pushed Spearflsh up the field and thf y they made a tonch bock just as tine was called, .giving them two more points, making them seven, and Spearflsh six. William Hurli-s of Spearflsh bad his jawbone broken, and several of the Spearfish boys were knocked out. The game was umpired by Prof. ITedee of Deadwood and Brown of PpearflVh. The tlmekeenern were Otorge Parker of Deadwood and George Reld of Bpearflsh. The game was a hard one and the boys played well. Mnch credit Is doe the Deadwood boys for the manner In which they won such a glorious victory, being handicapped aa they were. The game was a good clean struggle and the war the Dewxxl played football was astonishing. Thev were outclassed In weleht and nfreneth. hot when the Deadwood bovs hit the line something had to move. The tonchdowns were made by Herman Vollard of Deadwood and Louis Howe of Sriesrflsh. and the tonebbsck whl"h saved the rame for Football Oimu COIsIsECTIOXTS a Attended to "Promptly and Intelligently ShoeStoc k Wisconsin $9; Chl-aro 5: he. was thought to be. bored a hole for oil. He struck it. . The result today there ere simply tens of thousands of producing wells covering all that section of the state. Thousands of farmers have becomj simply wealthy from their royalties, which Is universally t very sixth barrel produced. Vast fortunes have been made by operators, and "Oil is King" in that part 6f the state as much so as cotton is In Mississippi, and bids fair to remain so for many years to come. At Astoria, which is Just on the border of the oil held, I stopped three days. It Is a beautiful peace of some 15,000 people, built np largely as are many other thriving towns In that part of the state, through the Impetus given by the discovery of oil. While there, I revelled In sweet cider, and almost glutted myself on peaches. 'And O such peaches! I stopped two days In Cleveland. It Is thirty-five years since my last visit. A mighty change has been wrought. Nearly one-third of the glory of Euclid avenue has been destroyed by commercial greed. Fifteen and twenty story buildings occupy what was then the finest resident portion of the city. Yet, I still think it the finest street of beautiful homes In America. The soldiers and sailors' monument is worth going hundreds of miles to see. Among other places visited was Rockefellers' place. Suffice to say that nature, art and money have all combined to make It one of the mdst charming places I have visited. Took one of the fine steamers, that are today almost floating palaces, for Buffalo. Then by rail to Albany, wnere I stopped two daya. It la troalnt ol" c,t- 11 00111 om" " a ss a s a is ss is V S3 S3 S3 S3 SS 88 S3 SB S3 a A U a S3 SS S3 88 S3 SS SB S3 88 US 88 88 S3 SB er MOUNTS' FUKXTZSKiUD To any extent borrowers names w warranted by collaterals but unload right here at this end. lie ia offering SNAPS in f0TlNi AT KEY8T0NE. WS tr of Minnie Van . William I fW Accounts Solicited and FOOTWEAR Correspondence Invited. W 22r lt fn a hme K r.Tone. and wfn nrob- Deadwood was made by John HeTron Our long experiercc in the Blaclt Hills 16 at rWw? 7terday he wa pnrinr the game Hrrnan Vollard It vi. tt doctor had no nv Merrick and WUHam Tns of service of intending invcs'.r thu" . " M ot , Desdwood were sr, . Of !Z!L,,d the he. DIRECTORS within the next 10 days; come and hia line of Winter Footwear and save 10 per cent. Yours, JOHN C. HAINES, lnc- This rame nves iwinwoou t..c fhamrfon-hlp of the Nn-hen HUN. and the boys feel very Jubilant over their snccess. Arrr the mm the members of the ioothall tssm Mr were Invited n the Afrnnltnrv Trr th lad'e o m Normal and coffee and cake was 1 W. & ADAM 8. HARRIS r&lNKUN, Pre JOHN TREBBlt . BEN BAXA ?te frm "a the plol, shot te nres the r"lSCT they Tofd .Ha womia fai his W1L BELSn, Caahtar. K:M:R:B:B:tf:S:.K::S::M 9 :i:iii -

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