The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1900
Page 4
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THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1900. TOE DAILY PIONEEUTIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. 72 Assaying 50c Gold and Silver ASSAY OFFICE THE Seebick announces an expose of Spring Millinery Established 18S9. No. 37 Lee 8t. Deadwool WILL GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. .KS ls ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE, ON ALL S. M. H. Lyon & Co. Ant frr h Rllrkpnsiiorfpr 135.00 TvDewriter. slone to keep the smelter busy for five years. Advices from Belmont, Nev., note that the Klondike has receiver returns from ore shipped to Selbv's smelter ot 6.43 in gold and 2o per cent lead. In an incline that is being sunk gold values Increase with every foot. The Silver Knight has taliped the edge at a depth of eighteen feet. Three sample;, from it assayed Silo, l.onn and l.-Moo ounces in silver respectively. Boise. Idaho, sends word thai the Tiptop group, on Florida mountain Owhyee comity, has been bonded by the Trade Dollar Consilidate Mining company, of Pittsburg. Pa., by whom it will be operated. Park City. I'tah. reports that the Marsac letinery has shipped sixteen bars of silvc- bullion to Salt !.ake, averaging a trillue over 1,200 ounces each, or more than 20. nun minces. It is from or-. The last bar was numbered ::i;.i:!i; which sows how much bullion has been shipped by the On-taiio Mining company. The Mackintosh sampler last week shipped 2.4S1.-pouilds. of which the Silver King contributed l.loO.iiiiO and the Daly-West I.iis.'i.oihi. The concentrates from the Anchor amounted to lttS.ono pounds. TRY ALLEN'S FOOT EASE. r MINES AND MINING. ..j 12 Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real milliner- magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seehick. The foremost feature of I lead wood's n.illinery merchandising this week will ! bowing the season of placer mining is The Gold Hill. The Gold Hill Mining company is sinking a shaft on its Rmkvc-iI -Top , property, v.liicli is down a bout !n Ii'ft. l ilt it is not expet ted that ipiarlzil" will fri reached before a depth of L''in feet,' which will he sonic time in .Inly or AtlKiii-'t. The depth of the iinartzite at RaKcd Top is, however, merely " i liiiitter of conjecture, as nobody there has ever reached it and the miners can judge only by the appearance the shales. The shaft on he Gold Hill property, which formerly belonged t) the old Rattler mine at Carbonate, has a sinking capacity of Hum fiet. Miner's Attention, I have made arrangements with par 'ell opened up. The Kilpatiicks arc worl 'ng tuiee shifts of K"ven men each on I heir Ragged Top property ami Ccr sh.i't is i!ov. i about I'.'io feet. The shaft in Spoa.'fisn anyon will be sunk 4."iii feet anil drift run in under the Ra'.'ged !.; shaft. The Poi tland Mining core pan at Bald .Mountain is working a large force of ne'n and are shippi r, between mi anil s." tons of ore a day to the cy-i'liiile plant in this city and to ibe cyanide plant at Spearlish. That there is tin in California. Colorado and .South Dakota is an established fact, hut so far it has nut hern f.iunil in any one of the three statesss A powder to be shaken Into the siloes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous ' and hot. and get tired easily. If you I have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swol- i be an attractive arrray of "first hats" and small hats for streets and shoping at popular prlc leu, sweating feet, ingrowing toe-naus. blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 2"c. Trial Package FRKlv Address. Allen S. Olmsted, I' Hoy, N. Y'. AI TKK THE "1.1 1 VETKKANS. Many of the old veterans are now very susceptible to coughs and colJs. anil find a good friend in Chamberlain s Cough Remedy. It is. in fact, a favoric with many of them coughs and colJs ami particularly as a safeguard agimt pneumonia. Mr. J. S. IMtt.'of Short Tract, N. Y. Vols., say-i: "Iast winter while getting out ire, I contracted a severe told, which settled on my lungs so badly that I thought sure I would have to send for a doctor. L. P. Ilurnett of this place, recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. 1 bought a twenty-five cent bottle and the lont-nls cured me." This remedy is for sale by Kirk C. Phillips. drua;Hl. in sufficient quantity to be ot cominer-i ial importance. Tin has been pivlit-ably mined in Tasmania for twe:ity-five years. Tin' plans of the new cyaride plant at Yelhv creek hav ben reivhed Ironi the Gates Iron work., and upon receipt of th.'m, )t was found that the proposed mill site is impracticable The company is looking for anothei site. In the meantime tanks have bee.i pun based, roads ure being graded, stables built, and other preliminary work is being clone. There are but two Government ii.s-ti-tuttons authorized to receive ores for assay, one at Deailwood.and the 1'iiitec States Afcsay Office at Charlotte, N. ('. It is not th" polic y of the Governnh tit to enter into competition with private assayers. therefore the haig"i at those Government institutions are fixed at $ '. ties at Colorado Springs to place upon exhibition at that place, samples of the different characters of ore from mines and prosiwcts of the nortnern Hills, and parties wishing their properties represented in this way will hand Into the office of the Deadwood-Colorado Investment company, prior to May 1st, samples of their best ore, labeled with name of the owner and location of property. O. I". PRYCE. Tungstic Acid. The following letter refers to a sample of 15 pounds of ore sent by Col. George from Jack Gray's Yellow creek mine, to the director of the mint, thru Representative Gamble: TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Bureau of the Mint. Washington. April 17. Hon. George K. Roberts. Director of the Mint. Dear Sir: In reply to the letter of Hon R. J. Gamble, enclosing a letter from Mr. Geoige In regard to a WAQ0NS AND CARRIAGES! We Are Closing Out Cur Business in Deadwood. And we offer our large Stock of Vehicles at Greatly Reduced Prices for (Sash , WE ALSO OFFER 2rJJSs a,g; . .. lwls c Vcrpas( No. 60 Sherman Street. ICE! det on the b ind wagon '. n !';is. got the ice Families supplied. II. r-i ison tt lephc ne So. 120. i ison tt lephc ne So. 120. lor gold and silver- other metals til tame C When You Drink specimen of wolframite ore carrying gold, I have the honor to report the following: t r General Mining News. Greenwood. B. C. correspond' nee says- that the Moreen claim in Dead-wood camp has been bonded by Andrew l.aidlaw of Spakane. Wash., for ;pi.-I'O'i. This pioperty is an extension of the Buckhorn and has a good ldge. A dispatch from Helena. M ,nt.. states that the contempt proceedings of the Ilopton & Montana against the Heinzes for alleged extraction of ore The sample contains 40.1a per cent of t'tngstlc acid. 7.80 ounces of gold per ton, and 2.65 ounces of silver per ton. For such rich ores smelting would he the proper process, but if on development it is found that the ore contains only a small per cent of tungstic add and a correspondingly small amount ot Java and Mocha gold, I would suggest that the ore he gnFnfmwfmmmnFmmmfffmmnfmmwmifffffWfffwfB The Ladies Bazaar 1 g Silk WaiStS for this week a fa !;iro-;i,. 3 p New Dress Patterns for spring frwllv Summer GOodS in IVrcalos, Mcivcri.ol C'.in- hams, and all fashionable fabrics for sumnu r j3 drosses and shirt vaist. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s e. i Mrs. Hott, . Main St. Dcadwood 3 crushed and concentrated, producing a concentrate containing a high per- rentnire of wolframite and all of the j COFFEE You get the best. gold, contained in the original ore. TfiU concentrate could then be mixed with crude carbonate of soda, such as A5K ( produced In many parts of Wyoming and subjected to an oxidizing fusion thin treatment the tungstic acid which is combined with iron and man ganese In the original ore, would com S2 btne with the soda, of the sodium car from a mine under an injunction have bepn dismissed after four days' hearing by the supreme court. Rossland, B. C, reports that the fhaft of the Sunset, In the Simalka-mecn country, now down 1S3 feet, has a tl.irty-seven foor crosscut at the Mil foot level that is in ore all the way. Two samples from the bottom of the shaft assayed over IS per cent copper. The ore is strongly impregnated with bonte. Buker City. Ore., sends word that the Gold Ridge has been bonded by an English syndicate for $100,000. The property Is regarded as the richest jr Eastern Oregon, and Is to be, energetically developed. The Simmons has been bonded by eastern capitalists for 140,000. An American Mining News correspondent at At Bodie, Wash., writes thai the Tom Quick, on the south sic'k bonate, foririing a soluble compound 5 of tungstic acid, vtx.: tungstate soda When cold, the fused mass should be J. HATTENBACH k BRCt Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Fise and Caps, . Kleetric Batteries, Batteiy Supplies. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Karl's dover Root Tea crushed and leached with boiling water when tungstic acid would go Into solution In combination with the soda 1 1 GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO, MEBSOLL-SEBGEAHT ML Rood, gives Frwh,Cler Skin. CurwCoii-su Inc'ilfestion, and all Eruptions of the akin. An ajrreAhle Laxative Nerve Tonic. Sold on absolute Rut ran tee by all dnafgisu at 25c, 60c and tl.OO. 8. C. WELLS & CO., LEROV, N. V. Oct pnopnicToaa while the Iron and manganese as well as the gold would remain as an insolu ble residue. The tungstic acid could be recovered th soluble Dortlon by well- Tot Sale by the Painee marmacy. JIUUI -" known chemical operations while the of Trout Creek, has made a discovery Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists .ia and ailver could be extracted oi cerusite or carbonate of yead. A V claim in the same vicinity is geUing from the Insoluble residue by any of the methods now used In treating gold RUBY GOLD MINING & MILLIE COMPANY ore that, when heated, shows globules A 0. F. PURNELL of lead as big as rifle bullets. The Tom Quick dump has been found to gove as high as 76 per cent lead. In Hard I Deadwood, S. O. Agent for South Dak. Scrabble camp the Mlnh & Toroda OF DEADWOOD. CAPITAL STOCK $400,000. Divided Into 400,000 Shares at $1.00 Per Share. Treasury Stock ioo.oco Shares '4 Mining company is getting assays of $56 in gold and silver, and from 17 to and silver oies. This Is a brief outline of a purely theoretical process, as I have never known of gold ore being treated to extract s tungstic acid, snd the practical value of the' process could only be demonstrated by a test upon a working scale, , Respectfullr yours, f CABELL WHITEHEAD. Assayer, Bureau of the Mint. 52 er cent lead on one claim. Grand Forks, B. C, advices give Jay P. Graves as authority for the state INCORPORATORS AND OFFICERS ment tnat bis syndicate, operating In Boundary country, has $UJ;oo!ooo James CoxzetiyVormax T. Masox, Orville U. Pryce. THE THREE BALLS You Know What Tiny Mean. They mean that vim ran cunh'I'-ntisl-lv borrow all the uionpy ymi ""t 0,1 ail pii)nal property of -.iuc "ur office. We. carry a laree tn'l of unredeemed pledges at rke- tlnti" surprise you. I BbdIiims Strictly Conndential. . o ,; ' Concentrates. The boiler house ait the Highland bolst is being enlarged sad two add! tional boilers are to be Instilled. Placer gold ls beginning. ' to come Into the government Msay office her frnrn f-i various banks in the Hlllr worth of ore In sight in the Knob Hill above" the tunnel level, yielding a net profit of 3.50 per ton. He announces that the smelter rate at this, places, whore the Miner-Graves syndicate's new smelter ls nearly completed, will be $3.50 to $4 per ton. It has a capacity of 250 tons per day. There Is estimated to be enough ore In sight In Phoenix The Board of Directors of the Ruby Go authorized to sell 50,000 chare of the treaa price of ten cent per ahare, fully paid an cxcluayeily for the deTetopment of the P owned by the company. It wil pa yo Id Mining and Milling Company have been ury stock of the corporation at the low d non-assessable, the proceeds to be used ortland mining claims In Ruby Gulch, u to investigate this offer and get some For further Information inquire of Jamea tock at thU low price before It U too late. Consett, or Orrllle Ui Pryca. No. 2i Lree St. j The Deadwood Loan Office.

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