The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 16, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Till: DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOO D. S. D. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1900. A BIG, TRAIN" IkAf-FICi Hit) D c. passt n-,T run. ,J "Jri,''w tLiyo box. ore 1111,1 I)ut thorn on full feed next year, h n it is hoped corn will be cheaper. I'nUI very recently the supply has ! UmM for i Mliti.liy. iUl.i loUI' ' m ln.-s thi? iiJ cou- o Oil,) ipsh 2r.:de aaMng 'out;..:- Cn-rocJ jv a Med-c-.::3 Price. FIGURES ON NUirtdLrf OF TnAUb RUNNING TO DEADWOOD. and Elkhorn Run On An i'kuii.'I lion,,. Iid.s u I'm" .-Ikiji. ami ;iM k.ll.i: Burlington Average About Seven Hundrci i niilt'te Ol UW'I'-lloilc , X f I Trains Each Way in the Course o mMy Powder ','1 IUn,!!)!; Nil,, a Month. in,! I', new nr: ri if , 1 1 been fully equal to the demand, owing to the. fact that feed was scarce in the west, and many who usually carry their young cattle through the winter have been selling them off and saving what feed they have for their cows. However, the surplus from the ranges has gne out. and -the disposition now i-; to hold on to what is left unless pn. -os j-hoiild advance very materially, oung cattle that a year ago brought and "... i,;,ve been selling this tall .,t T", r,, j., It js )jk(,v (h.u I'.--.. iin,-,.s wii ailvan.e very soon '' " aian.l continues. Denver Lilian to (.' liuni- ,il th,. T. .': in Hi.- '' '' - I wo ."I'-ton h ' Ii.' i'l.-i.'ly la..-,,! I ,; VADfc 3 M i HE fkOtfE SO cood.: lill' M TV i I' l'i ( !III t V Hot b. io nl---,1 lr;iins n:!o i; .l'i -:l to a'! li;. flit Willi ail Hi,- i i:.' ;i.l.-tli.r 1'in 1 I' ..lit 'II.. , :;.n; v. the l! a i! 'I Mi.-n V.' .-.v t'i.1 u lii. Ii iron i aif . ;i.:i!i aii.l ......f.rt o! . n,j In ii (ill . on :ii ir,. ,): . ( t I mi'! DR. BISMARCK DR. GEO. a. VON WEDELSTAEDT i i ; ., a i i, 1 )i :nl wi mil 'i I), ii v. JootiZs Pills -;- Fi " Office Waite Building, 'Phone 202. am! I an.! . -i-i..l ..i. ri I-.-- tlir aliiuen-L'.-nilv yet d.v Illl.l , n. .t r 1 1 .e irriS.H.. I t.t-y art a..t!y. . I. .-ui-e rile, ri OurFoot Warm :rs M City Creek, Phone, B. H. 201. Ve omfort s .ii 1 1 WE NEVER "MIX" IN POLITICS ir: into 1 out i;i. . , , :;. r ! a Mi . i.i -. ilian tlii.- i . 1 1. i.i-; ri.Pii - a ami tah.-Iiaais daily, . tlir service a points in In. i n : 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 Siiinl.M Al i' W . i i 1 1 : i I - , i ; i. .. y 1 1 . m--. wen' I ni' : ' . I ;i ! I . iw Th.- m.'w i ' f. i : i : i, i.i m;ii si.i rri; ;t io I S 1 1 1 I -IS ii i ! ii i i i -1 . - i -i- -1 ii i u n WE WANT nr To Til EM Zipp Shoe Co ral H in-, jir- -.v. ' rl ! fort- r- lirin mail win! urlia thai tiaii Ii. h. I-'O'I! ,-a li HaM Sun .! Notice to Royal Neighbors. a - o'liu i,' ::, Kne.,s, llii-ie will be a I l'i '.day night. W A 1.1 IS( 1 1 M 1 1)T, Oracle. Philippine Earthquakes. I'lniipluiie islands are in a of . on -taut tremor. Most of vibrations aie so slight that an be ..lis. TV. d onlv bv a special I bet i -.ii !ii Iliad; nr I Who.. '.: ------1 1 - a in . tli li.- Iiaftic demands. 'I .. , ;, 1 , t w cell 1 1, ad'.v 1 ;. n, S... , i ,-i,,. liel Wer 11 I .! i ... ,, ii, ' , I;.- and Aladdin. ' o n ; i..,,-load bet w. en 1 1- , i ,,. .... M.iunta in poi nt i d i ily , -. , a . . all of tin"'.' ran in - p., , ;, There are twenty six pa sent'er But We Do "Mix" With Our Competitors i When It Comes to Selling Clothing.1 Dry Goods. Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Curtains, &c. I we are in a position io "mix'' to a , i. . essful finish, as our goods are 1. .iighL ill cry largo quantities and .an undersell any competitor that' . a r traveled the pike. We have for j tli. past few weeks been running aj balance sale of our entire stock, for1 i. a-ons stated below, nnd we will con- j tiniie the sale until November 10th. j i r. r:: ' a a ' .. a o. i U.- r i.i I i.,i:n- - I train- between I )ea. v,o. daily . ept Sunday, and ud I 1 1 a in ' in I rum j '- . .11-1 I. r "'.'.li :o Oli-l I ' it . -oiin.-i oiirng .V Mis- I Maddiii and ! oa i'. t Im, K ; and as No. Wl ; wood at I r. 1 fr.'i 'lit. gets , I s I'' .1 III., j 7 arr'.'.s at ' tiiri freights ' Ii I'...,, d a a. tiutm-iii invent, 'd for automatically i'.ordiii" the iiiovement.s of the anli ., i,'ii-t. A little ili.turb.uue of 'ti.. il.g.-tive organs, and the entire -y-l'in is affe, t. .1. Many people pay bltle ati.ntion to small disorders of th stoma- b but they keep gradually - :; iil' worse, and then ocmes tho .aitli.piake. a shock that causes seri-. n illiie.,s llostetter's Stomach l:itt. is should he taken at the slighted sign of constipation, indigestion, dysj.i psia or flatulency. It will euro Momu. h troubles and strengthen tho whole sy-torn. Our Private Koveiiuei -lamp cov. is the ii. ..-k of the bottle. t i W it. a thru a ;v, no, - prill II ; f II..- n. 'i- i i elan: ; a . in l in. No. L'S a"-av i';i,;n li and il ; n;i;,n-!'. I') a la ' ;:'. No L 'I;.- r,il;.-:- Sunday. Tlii- is a big item, bul not or son in five hundred jM ih, m;ll ; has .my ide;i of t lie inim. n- it v traffi-' on the two road--, th.- ;. of t ra ns run in addil ion to t h F. ni'-i T-. tile. men employed i'l in .' t ln-Mi. or the amount of tnon roads pay out in th,- i:;;i i, monthly. onl con1 Wh a wood this . far 1 I,, lt. t w een now and that tune you can buy the goods of us at almost your own price. At our store you can find anything von want, but especially are we putting forward our men's fall and winter clothing, overcoats, suits, &c, .Hid our ladies', misses and chil-lii.ti's capes, cloaks and jackets. In tl.-se departments you can buy a suit H at formerly sold at. $10 0(1, for Ja.r.O; it $1.1.00. for $!IO(t; an overcoat that Whi - ti: whi II plies hi-v no I arid J', lie 1.'.- :-:ht , h-an-d on on th - Klk- i ri illl BLACK HILLS FEED & FUEL CO., (Formerly Paul Rewman.) See bid 1 1 1 a r Ail f Coal I I M unit - Sir la fan Coal. r i i ii 1 Wood. Office at mo orders Walter . km. for II (':,' pi., I IMPOk'TKk' AM) I )i;SH NKK' ' I' in. as oiriuoda I... m, .My sold at $12.00, for $7..r.O; at I si I on to $lnii(l. for from $!l.0() to j b'Pii alt. 'at ion I . I'' Ilia:' i i mi; ;l cloak, cape or jacket that la, been retailing at from $11.00 to on. for from jai.oo to $9.00, or one Gowns and ..lid ; ... 1 1 .r Whir w .-a ! l a a 11 ' e I.e. t Hid 1.1 J. JULIUS JONES. .HEH AND PUBLIC WAITER, i ..!. LuiKlicinr., P'cnics, Etc. I'.l 'l.l.i iCK I It 'I 1:1.. The HurliiiL'lon lia , i and or.. . t ra fr.-i-hi .a I'll.' b. t '.',.-. !l llel-lworl ;,- ,'it a '::.. I a ny t i'u. I.. ' v. .- in 'li- morning and i; .Ti !o Til's i n : i-V.-n ( i '. : (.! '.-: Iiol i ' , (.-, I' 1 : .oil 1 '' V.'ei'll I i -ei', ''"' ' !!abl Mo lat.i'n I'a :: It i mi., i , --i, inr.- a day b. ' ". , oa 1 1 ,,d :' : h and an . ' . 1!' i - ;"' and Iron i n , .- n fi'h lire. It ran; tw.-tt lid we. n this . it v a ud I .. a !! h v, ay. till , lain-.' f-n ' FaiiL'e. If i- doubtful if too 1"T :;!.. of li.i j, ai.y I, Fai il at lias been selling for from $S.0u to j I o mi. for from $4. ad to $11.00. This I i indeed the greatest, sacrifice sale I hit inaugurated in the Hla. k Hills, hi any section whatever of the west. The reason for this unprecedented i ....Millin ery I i train-, in th" ' ! ,- i-.mJidi n o: e the I'lln beiVV'ei-n Id Mouira n. It. ily w ith a double- .il e . a: s, and . pre s ( o.acii. U"e ell I '! . nian-' ii t:.e t 'in. and MY SPECIALTY Moving It'-1 nf it. -ni ion iv.'ti tn Itiir lin.' !I rs.x. del Trl v its i raae ryst, ru tliut V 111, Heavy Machinery i ni ill .m r. h VI ' u - a. v a, A-l a. i b. Th mi onl-No. .nr' ....Feed, Livery nnd Transfer.... I have the last roadsters in the city and am prepared t furnish rijs or saddle horsi-s on the shortest notice. el Hi m yci r in and ynr out i r , , two. n h,-re h,, j,ln , ,,,, ,A , ninin line at K.K'.-im.ui liunn mon'h of O. lob,,,- , .. - Dead. v..od on the standai-i track. There w.-r.. f, w , i .! the month but what eleven or t trains were sent out and th---, hardly a day during the month i,d . ii r. City Creek Hand Laundry. All work don.- to oi.I.r, gathered . ml de'i-ei-i-: Mrs. C. K. Storer; Harrison 'Phone- ". CHEAP EXCURSIONS WEST Vu "The Northwestern Line." 'Mi il, :o'.. ; -Mid and ."(ith, N'ovem- r i.i ii . i .a ii. ;:i th and 27th, ONE 'V V ticket.- Will he Mild t.) the fol- . v :i l: c('oi ti t s : i'OCA'l KI.I.O. IDAHO oCI)i:N. I'TAH iii:i.i-:a. Mont. i; KltlSOX. MONT. At the very low rate of $2:1.00. To PORTLAND, ORE SEATTLE. WASH. SPOKANE. WASH. T A CO MA, WASH Only $2S On. (Correspondingly low rates for the round trip to all above points. Call on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket ,k do. vn Harrison Phone 151 1 539 Mllill SI. Old Phone 171 tin. a. riliee is that' we must unload our mammoth stock to give tho carpen-l, i s a (banco to work. With years of bard usage our floor has become worn and must be replaced; with the regular trend of business enterprise and push, our front has become a "back number." and must be replaced with a new and up-to-date one; cur fixtures, with twenty years of .(instant service, have done their duty and must he set aside for the new and modern ones we have or-dted. and hence It is that wo must reduce our stock or move Into other quarters while the work is being done. Wo decided to give the public the benefit so a sacrifice, cost-tnark sale, was put on everything Is going going fast, too, so come along Our old customers, especially, we invite to come, and get your share of the benefit. We have served you in many sacrifice and clearance sales during the past twenty years but we beg to say, that the sale now on caps all preceding efforts It la the greatest sale ever put on In this, or any other country. LOWE. Leader in Low Prices. The ldkl.orn fr. ight f.nii- a:.- run on the "chain gang" system out of Tia. Iron three ways, towards llead-" wiim. I, towards Casper, and in the dire tton of Long I'ine. The syst. m is, tirsi in first out among the train ! crews. In this way one crew may not reach Deadwood more than onco ! in four or five days. j Young Cattle Good Sellers. The demand for young cattle seems to bo stronger than for feeders this fall. Tho explanation is that, while v...... !,. ,-.( rouph feed in the some train was not annulled !. .re of the lack of engines. This ,i-on account of the heavy shipments of stock on the main line, that bran h of the traffic being given the preference, and enginps being taken from this run to clear' it up. Three hundred and twenty -five trains out in the month means the same number in. Of the seven freight trains that cover the track between Deadwood and Edgemont daily, five of them have crews of five men each, and tVA nt V. i ! Agent, for particulars. Miss Harvey TEACHER OF PIANO. men I l,M ln i'"'-J i mem nave crews ot six each. There arei on th mn tan ! pastures of Kansas and Nebraska, corn Mens ShoesforFall and Winter Are Unexcelled large locomotives. No. 334 and No. 335, which require the attention of two firemen each. i:; scarce and high, and many who feed for market will buy young cattle this fall and rough them through the win ter. pasture them during tho summer. aDAMS BLOCK. 3. D. STUDIO, 30b DEADWOOD, Railroad companies designate their I, trains numerically. No. 216. No. 20C. ' No. 204, and the extra out are freights 1 tnat run to Edgemont. Np. 44 is the ' -Passenger. These trains all fravo in' the morning, the last one out leaving i 9:15. No. 210 is the Spearfish ac-! eommodation train, which leaves in ! the afternoon. The trains in have op-' POSite Odd niimhava Hhn T 1.1 If . ! Jackets, Coats and Capes LADIES REAdY-TO-WEAR APPAREL in an elegant variety of Visiting as we do the markets of the world, enables us to not only get the cream of the market In way of styles but Insures for our customers a saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at FALL styles, ana ai prices mai wm apyeai iu wou- ain ore train makes ud and eets awav ' ail ttie ne W home" from Deadwood at 6: 15 in the morn -! UOmiCal P'UVer. inZi2yZ We call your attention to the very low prices at which these There are three the? are all IIBW, Stylish Je day time and one on at night. " . ' rr m'A(P 78 night crew works until everything !a.Iid COr eCti mAaG' s cleared, up, this taking frequently Competitors Our brands are the beat the markets show. Every pair of mens shoes we sell la a standard at Its price. Every pair Is guaraateed by manufacturers to ns, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for the famous Florshelm Shoe for men. THE liWOELDS GREAT FIXE SHOE Our method of baying saves one profit With ns It Is from "maker to wearer." I.AD1KS JACKETS - Fine Ker-!.'' jackets, in black, cantor and urn shades, lined' throughout with the best Komaine silk, made with coat sleeves, applique lapels large pearl buttons, a $12 value for $7.50 LAMKSr.M'KS. Ilcarj uc ) ;1,.s, thirty ineln lni, nicely ia:Lh. nn.l fmishl, fine mercer-lining, -lfrHl and trirarned with Thibet fur-a cape that i ,,,-ver ld fr lesa t han . .5.-..00 we offer for .$fj.JU LADIES OATIvS-IMain and crushed Seal Hush, thirty inches Ion-, made with a luphtorm collar and edged with Astrachan, "5 enure night. No. 216, the early freight out of ueadwood in the morning, is usually the train that makes the run from Hill t-'ty to Keystone and back over the yt8one spur, this run being added regular run three times each eek. The Burlington is prepared to "ouse eight engines In Deadwood at time. The round house has six tails, two of these stalls holding two "arrow gaUge engines each. Other Tfttof Oie locomotives, No. 334 and . are the largest manufactured, "ponging to class D3, and weighing pont 130 tons each, with their tanks. irk v" 257, 303' 32- 33- 312. 256 and "belong to classes Kl, K2. K3. and v "Perful and heavy machine, " "mailer than those of D3. There bVT swltch engines, one of class E Jjjo the other of class 01. There are narrow gauge locomotives, number jr 1 to 6, Inclusive. No. 5and are nsed exclusively for haul- ore, one of them being kept In tvr?paIr "hop constantly. Two of tI t take tnrn 18 helpers on the ta, and the remaining two are LADIES COATS. Tailor made coats in all shades, lined throughout with Skinner satin, made with the latest bell sleeves, velvet eollar, satin lapels, fancy strap Look at the Fine Shoesjin Our Window, ped back, and worth $15 $9.95 fine mercerized lining, a $10.00 Talue for $6-75 J. A. BERGER,Lead,s. d.

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