The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1900
Page 2
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V to- THE DA 1L PIU5EEIM1MES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. THURSDAY, APRH, 26 " The "Best is the Cheapest ft on other informations in stock the county attorney consumed some long months in appealing to the supn me ccurt. That tribunal said the information was bad. but that the court oughl tc have taken the case from the jury. vives of the town, his sales of lauJj-fitim had increased to an extent that permitted him to think seriously of Luying an automobile. Hundreds of tin wives of the workingiiien of . .t place were in the habit of putting anywhere from half .1 teaspoonl ill to .i THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED A PHIL 7, 1!77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. Now the judge and the prosecuting attorney are quarreling over which was Experience teaches that good clothes ivear longest, good food gives best nutrition, and a good medicine that cures disease is naturally the best and cheapest. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best medi upheld, and Tom's wheels go round and round. Verily. 'a man with a pull mightier than the law. taldespooiif'il of lauiidaiiirii into t h beer ninths of their spouses on Sa-ii day i wiling, and the custom is glow lilt lapidly. I Inn semi immediate aition shoul I) taken lo prevent its spread is paieiu PIONKEK-TI.MES I'UltlaSHINU CO. For the past two weeks tl.e Kinky I this fearful habit is checked ! nl 1 1 1 the women of New .ler.- y but Ilius of the other stales of the union, will lesort to this hidden, iio:' TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year $lu.('U .Mountain News lias been daily dis playing the silver Hag of distress and lias been tiring small pica-rockets in a vain endeavor to attract relief to the waning cause of Hryanism in Colorado. Notwithstanding its courage- cine money can buy, because it cures when all others fail. Poor Health "Had poor health for years, pains in shoulders, back and hips, with constant headache, nervousness and no appetite. Used Hood's Sarsaparilla, gained strength and can tvork hard ail day; eat heartily and sleep tvell. I took it because it helped my husband to -whom it gave strength." Mrs. E. J. Giffels, Moose Lake, Minn. method of preventing their bus I ts Q on. iviuulii o.uu i,.u One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year .' 2.00 81x Months 1.00 I; lids from xercising their prer .g..-tives. Th- common law which i-. if effect in many of the states gives the husband the light t. wallop his wife with a stick no bigger than his thumb, ami the women who use lauranum to prevent their husbands adniinisteni Catered as Second-Class Matter at the Dwadwood Postofflce. i reating whistle that Bryan is stronger than he was four years ago, the News nalizes that his following has slipped away from him in that state, as elsewhere, and that it is today doubtful it lie can muster up a bare majority in Colorado. Hence its daily plea lo silver men to come buck to Bryan. By appealing to local self-interest with an argument that is the rankest of sophistry, it hopes to arouse the support of the people of that state for the lost iIh necessary and permissible puish-lneiit are thus to lie classed with l!:o lawbreakers ot theioiintry. A woman Hooli Kilt cure liver ili: th nnn irritating ind alj othtrUc to la hp yjth Huod &rm)rllU. Lead intends to picnic at Yood lake unbeaten is :i woman spoiled, and thv sooner this fearful, terror-inspiring ci. --toni uf the Jersey wives is counter ;. ted by drastic measures the sater wii1 b the tulur of the country. the coming Fourth of Julv. and is will cause of tiryan. XO ROOM FOR DO CUT. Before the primaries of last Mcr day evening no on knew wnere tl.e Lead Tribune was at; not even the !-itor himself; he don't exactly know yet. but hoj es to afte rthe convention next Saturday. He ver cautinnslv inlts that the primaries were suflicjent-ly emphatic to warrant a i t e an in ate surmise as to how the people s;a,.c' on thp consres.ssional and senatu, ial matter, and he Men noes so tar a.-; to assert with Mnie decree of potitlveuc s that " I he hrst fact that is settled e" SOLD ONLY CHEAT Ell Til AX CEO HOE. Daily reading of the Congressional Record is likedv to set atloat curiosity Ayres & ffariaii Hardware c Alexandria Herald: It is understood that the Black Hills republicans will present the name of E. W. Martin lor congress. Mr. Martin, viewed either from a moral or intellectual standpoint is one of the strongest and ablest men in the state It would be a genuine pleasure to support Mr. Martin for congress. He would honor the position ing to give entire charge of the affair to the fire department. The matter will soon properly be brought up for discussion at a meeting of those interest eci. The Call, which appears to be the otflcial organ of Lead's mayor lect. says that it is astonishing how nritiy citizens of Leael th"re are who eonsidir that they are c ut out for a policeman. That is suggestive, but the mniv the pud speculation as to the causes back of the perpetual anti-patriotism crusade of the N. vv England representatives in ('entires. The attitude, of the land at one-' take a place in the Inmt 1 ranks of that bodv. - ,. Hun C. N. Ilerried. of Eureka, lias merrier. and we trust the best man C. L. SlEWERS, Columbia Bicycle little group composed of Lodge. Hale. Boutelle and Heed was regarded as inexplicable during the period of three or four years just prior to the beginning of the Spanish-American war. Those versed in the history of the sugar will win. Weste rn Union s wiii' put into t he tile Popular rest; -If-vv iinling . locks business rooms if urant. the Viggd finalh decided to become a candidate for the ii publican nomination for gov leinoi. He will lie nominated In' ac- I elamation and elected by from lo. to I jo. nun majority. trusts of the hast and West, however, had some slight insight into the controlling impulses back of the stand re star ami ( chicks ant. Wolff Fink's j.-wi-iry store I. Ileig's ycMi-nlay. These have; be, ome quite the rage' m AND yond ipie.stion anil l an n ,-i v M linin,; Ijajority, is that the republicans i -county demand a connressinaii at I lit hands of th state eonvention. Th 8eond fart that .ip)ais protninent on the surtaee, is a deep dissatislai iiivi with the manner in which this end i i thf state has lieell baffled in Ke'titlH vhich was ;i,stly due us, ami what th prominence of our county desei veil, in ether words, a general dissat'sfa- Ii n Vitli the delegations sent to tie- stale cenvtntions during the past years." Then, thru fear of offending so::;-one by aniu univint nt f result t f the primaries, the Tribune ventures this explanation: BICYCLE SUNDRIE Leael ami a gi at many busim ss house taken by the New England delegat ion, ,, r.NACCD.M.l'.ANI El BY A UK I i A v I IS. but as yet the motives that impel the! "Up at my camp near the l-'mir same coterie to set itself up as oppos o" i'lak.s" said Jim Bark to the Ari'. n l The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hi have- them. Walter E. Snieael lias call im, of 1 be Mm kholders ot th le bote I in I .. ad. to ue .1 Jl bovs a 1 a 1 ii' ( ,'a pc 1 1 1 1 . with a ri Hi o.-'U i .... I We've gut a lei e pro; t Mr i inuy - 1 1 1 1 s 1 I e k i ; .1- .1. there. The edd la.dlb.ll-d ui till r r i j . . i ii v ,1111' I lone sta lo- c O., lock f.,1 i.ird ol di r. elo . ot le i ; . 1 1 1 1 1 tin of i v t ii i a - .lectin J Mi I I l:u I otl.e be of 111-,i: i powd'T Win heater ha been u's and nothing but the l..-st goes. i.l' tile new IIIIS WII.' l.olltilt tin Spanish war. win n we ioiild inient all day with tree nuul I MIL - IP lot I Ii u: el 1 in everything Ann i iean and in favor of everything rebellious and 1 1 ease mahle a re ki pt hidden. It is i mpc.ssi ble to ascertain just at this time why Senator Hoar has const It nt ! hi m.'lf t n M-'eiit of Aguina bin. the Filipino sprinter. It is line S. nator Hear is not a good press agi lit . He i an gc t bis in, -it -tci primed and can put it into ",ood English, but it is always palpably a press notice'. This, for instance, is a paragraph from an address delivered Wednesday in the senate: "He de'S"rves to be remcmiierc.1 with that small hand who have given life. LI j 1 1 ; 1 1 1 g pla follow iug 'Ii tie- i ( I ll- I" Will I t,.t i bam . i I w a v nt on, W llioll k d, i mIii.IuI lie ;o rough trenches, learnini: the ; it i.l w u ai home. We foiiii.i t hat a bullet h nu em' of the m vv Wim lusters. Iriv n by smokeless powder, was good for four foot and more of pine timber and lor more, than an inc h of iron. I tle ugai the boys had done about everything in follow-- Th,. ". 'o train is ii.v at el .'T are- added: leave I., ad . Sunday tinin i !ialit:oil m Two more Olle leaves e other at Shortest : Shortest : Host Direct MSlllBBSaSBBBMSaMSSBBBiBBSSBSBBSBBBBaBBBB : Saves : Hours Hours Kansas City, St. Louis and all Southern Points i nere is not ,i repuiiiK an in that does i:ot speak ot Judge Moody Ciindidacy with kindiess. but t.iey argue that it is too lar-tVtch''l to admr Of our refusing a lepresentati- e- in lewer house, iti Hie hope of wimiii.g i stnator, anl the cpposilioon to Mr. Eben V. .Martin for coiigpss on Hi" ground of being deprived tf a high : office does not satisfy the .iverag" n publican." It grows bolder, and as a result of a 'review," expresses an "opinion:" "A careful review of th" delegate.! ejected last night in Lead, shows that fully nine-tenths -jf them favor a congressman, rather than take chances on the legislature; and fully one-halt of them favor under all circumstances the endorsement of Mr. Martin, as the can end at : 4" Ji. in. and th hooting line that could be done and everything dearer than life toi'be p. in. Harney L'ngle, the man who was killed Tuesday morning in the Holy Terror mine j,t Keystone, was in T.ead a few davs : go looking for work and his name appears on the register nt !. their country in a local cause. He shall live with Kossuth, with Oon. I'aul, with Joubert. with Emme t, with Egmont and Horn, with Nathan Hale, with Warren, with all the great martyrs of history." It is noted that Senator Hoar failed to include Washington in the list. There was a time when the immortal long ago. but I was mistaken. I sent them up a wagon. I In hauling down some firewood they broke th" bolsters all to flinders. The bolsters hold up the wagon bed. you know. Well, the :oys figured out all right the rebuilding of the wood parts, but came near being stumped on the iron fixings. They got some old wagon tires an l cut thern in proper lengths. but hadn't a Days Days And To ireorge was considered good enough to Camplieli house, where he stopped while in town. Mr. Engle was a single man highly respected and it is said he was to have been married soon. Guy Knowles will have charge ot Equality during his father's absence in California. Guy will probably engage J;m Ccnzett to write the warm editorials with a ied hot poker on sheets of asbestos especially prepared for the occasion. Col. Conzett will exploit his way that they cotibl see to punch the necessary bolt holes. Finally the question was solved. One of the ooys carefully marked the places for the bolts, stood the piece of tire against a tree and put a bullet, 30 calibre, through be classed with Aguinaldo, but a more careful reading of the life of our greatest national hero has probably caused Mr. Hoar to discover in his character some defect that renders him unfit to associate with that good man Cape Nome Portland, Seattle, and all Pacific Coast and Montana Points, didate by our county convention. Ai to the other half of the delegation, it lLay be said that they are not radical in th.- opposition. The Tribune is ot the -opinion at present writing that by the time the oounty convention can-enes, all opposition to Mr. Martin will have disappeared, and that he will receive the unanimous endorsement or (he republicans and a delegation of his Cwn choice to the state convention. The Pioneer-Times is in a position to positively assure the Tribune and the Lead delegates to the county eon-Tcntion that Mr. Martin's nominatl i the tire at each place marked. It was a novel sort of blacksmithing, but it worked.'' W.T.ROBERTSON. I TICKET AGENT. financial vagaries and chase political will o' the wisps thru the columns of the paper while Guy will engage in an occasional ghost dance. Tribune. o Mr. Hoar errs as a press agent in that he claims too much for his star. Whon the wily, skillful hired liar of some theatrical company attempts to praise floridly the juggler who spins plates and tosses cannon balls in the air, he does not claim that he is the ADDITIONAL BELT LOCALS Theo. Geskey transferred the west half of lot 17. block 9. Sur.nyside addition tc Lead from Hans Busson ami wife to Dominick Panerio for a consideration of $600. Custom Ore equal of Mansfield or Irving, nor does CLAN STtARTS. To the Members Clan Smart i iO p S.: The funeral services of our late Clansman Daniel Hunton will be held at Terry at 1 p. m.. today, April Zf. All Clansmen please attend in regalia. Will meet in Society hall in Lea.l at 12 o'clock noon. DAVIT) W. DOW. Chief. ALEX. ROSS, Secretarv. will strengthen the party in the star, the Black Hills and in 1-awrerc county. Of this there can be no question. The Black Hills want ;ust su.h A man In congress. The action of tr.o ctnventluns of the other counties and the Lawrence county primaries aoie than venfjltfthls. We sre aow prepared to traat custom ores by the Cyanlds cess at reasonable rates. Northwestern Gold and 8ilver Extraction Co. Among the Lead visitors yesterday were E. C. Johnson of Rapid, E. C. Hansen of Lincoln, S. R. Potter of Chicago, T. H. Hein of Omaha, F. M. Pierce of Lincoln and C. T. Taylor of Omaha. he dilate upon his anilities as an actor. Herein Mr. Hoar lacks the ordinary cleverness of his calling. Fie would be justified in saying, for instance, that Aguinaldo "deeerves to be reinembfred with that small band who have lowered the record for ten seconds flat. He shall live with W'efers. Duffy. Sherrill and John Owen." In this he would have been justified and would have given no occasion for First Ward. Deadwood - - South Dak( JERSEY LIBERTY. The HbrtieB of Jereeymen are ser-Jously threatened by the outbreak of custom Ic a little Orange town, re Mrs. George Collins has gone down to Courtland, Neb., for a few weeks' visit. Mrs. Collins has been in poor health for some time and goes with the hopes that it will benefit her by the. change. J. L. MARCOUX'S New Undertaking Parlors Mr. Hoar is evidently unfamiliar with the specialty of the man he is engaged in exploiting. In the meantime there will be much inquiry as to why the New England senator is working for the Filipino. He has never b-?n in tho habit of doing these things for his health, as the sporting folk say. The physicians, after a consultation ever Ixniie Jacobs, have decided that he was suffering with appendicitis, but whether an operation will netes-cary or not has not yet been decided. ,ouie was teported a little improved lbt c venicv. ccntly called to public attention thru ft police court trial. From the evidence In the case it was -shown that the complainant, an voneat worklngman, was cut offfrom the pleasure of beating his wife durlat, hJs weekly sprees thru the infamous fcablt of putting laudanum In his beer whenever he became violent Strive ar h might be could not overcome the consequent tendency to somnolency, ! No. 20 Lee Street Tom Dennison seems to be about the biggest man in Omaha, after a.. I Are Now Open to the Public Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west i " t , - . ... kbA, altho filled with a virile desve n- thal ,R gjj and done According to soundly thump his wife, he could .nty comroon repute Thomas Is the operator IK ftcrosa a kitchen table, sodden an ! of a number of places where men who useless, while she Jeered at him anc ve anxi0U8 to demonstrate the truth taunted him with his helplessness. of the 0d jon, about a fool and his The dance .given by the Rathbone Sister's lodge of . Terry was a success financially and socially.. The Miners' Union Opera house orchestra furnished the music and general satisfaction was expressed by all present with this new orchestra. . r S R. Smith was appearing at his best yesterday and was very much elateo? over the news that he had suddenly fell into the heritage of a grandpa. Mrs. Sadie Jay lor (nee Sadie Smith), presented her husband yesterday witL a ten-pound baby boy. ' la tne court ne touna no reurcss. me money have full opportunity to do so. All Embalming Done by a Professional in the an. ; ONLY FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. pjesiding magistrate, who is also the mlr druggist In the town, found It the defendant and uncovered his mal-'-aaance by admitting that tine tiie Mt of drugging their drunken hu' la had become common among th One unlucky day many months ago he was arrested. It was after a political campaign, when the wrong color came up winner. He was tried to a Jury, and ' the Judge said the information was bad. Instead of prosecuting him S Calls Answered by Day or Nicrht, - : Telephone n -0. so V : 1 . ' '

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