The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1900
Page 1
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The ' Daily Pioneer -Times. h YEAR. 1H:aI)VOOD, S. I). ( I' LACK UILLS), THURSDAY MORNIXi; APRIL 2t. VMH). FIVE CENTS. cauht mstling cattle north of Green River. Wvo. A force of cattlemen sultan will give the czar valuable rail-toail i cm, e ss.ons. The report is scout- e d in di plomat ic i i re b-s. HERALD DECLARES FOR M'KINLEY pursued hini and after a rurining fa silude, Curry was killed with fifteen bullets in his tiody. This makes three of the I'nion Pacific robbers who have ;r of aid to filippinos ladelphia Firm Will F urn-Munitions to the Filip-pino Government. THE CZAR MAY TAKE A HAND Turkey's Railroad Concessions Are Said to Be Alluring to the Czar. been killed. eligibles to meet the demand. Ther is not now a single name on the- l:g 'ib' list, and five appointments are ;r be made- early in June, and others will fullew hoitly. In the Ii V(!:tie cutt-T service a cade t may be commissioned as a lieutenant after two years' satisfactory service. There are now inly twelve third lieutenants in the service-, as against thirty-si seond lieutenants, and the same number of first lieu-teuants anil captains, rer.pectiwK The salary of a li-utenant is thirl lieutenant JlJoo. second lieutenant 11500, first lieutenant fixoo and cap No More Plague. Says Bryan and FJryanism Are a Moral and Physical Menace. SAN FRANCISCO. April 5 Special State Brand Commission. I'lKKRI-:. S. !.. April 2.',.- Special The state' brand commission will meet tomorrow to c lean up all the- work not passed on. It will have about 300 brands to pass, and will be in session for some time. H. F. Menton yesterday received his commission as census enumerator for this city. Honolulu advices say that the plague has entirely disappeared. No Further Trace. SIOIX FAI.S.'S. I).. April 23. Spe Ohio Republican Convention Is tain $250o. Applicants must be between IS and c-ial. I'p to this evening nothing fur iny Refuses a Loan and Junta Is Appealing to Russia. ther had been learned of the four pris Report That Russia Has Made Terms With Turkey Is Not Credited. Harmonious Hanna Declines to be a Delegate oners who escaped from the Sioux Falls penitentiary on the lath inst.. and the officials of the penitentiary have concluded that further efforts to Stone Barracks At Fort Meade. FORT MKAMK. S. I). April 25 pecial. It is expected that the new barracks which are being erected at this fort by the government will he completed by the- middle of May. The building is made of stone and its dimensions are llo by 1)7 feet, and three stories high. This is the first of a number of similar stone buildings whie-h are to form a jtermanent affair. trail them would prove fruitless. The bloodhound which was placed on the NEW YORK. April 2 a . Sp ial . The New York Herald, an independ track of the fugitives tracked them to ent newspaper, published a double- 25 years of age. of vigorous const it u-tion. physic ally .onnd an 1 v. ell formed and not less than 5 feet. 3 inches i.i height, of good moral cha.;.cter and unmarried. The examination wiU I e in the following branc hes. Spelling, geography of the t'niteci Sta'es. grammar, composition and rhetuic. aritn-metic I first grail". I alg;-bi-i geometi.v. trigonometry., physics inorganic cheai-istry and general inf.)rmaTi-'i. Three days of seven consec utive hours h will be i.llowed for the examination. Pet sons de-siring to take- the examination should c-ommunii ate with t:u civil service commission. V'ashingtoi,. I) C . for details. CONSTANTINOPLE. April 25 .-Special It is reported here that the czar lias agreed to guarantee the sultan aeainst the use of force by Am-iica to collect the indemnity. In return the leaded editorial this morning, cp daring for Mi Kinley. It says that Mryan ind Mryanism represent a menace to the moral and physical welfare of the Fnitecl States and every American a point east of Hawarden, la., where their trail was lost. The bloodhound was brought back to Sioux Falls and started from another point. This track waf followed south of town to where it merged into the track followed and abandoned near Hawarden. The officials believe that the photographs and descriptions of the men sent to officers thruout the country will result in their apprehension. 3. April 2'k Special Agoneil-mraged by Germany's former i.v, recently appealed to the icnt at Merlin for a financial "he 'oreign office promptly re- advance any money, saying rmany could not afford to an- the I nite-el States. The Fili-ta is now appealing to Russia, inpcfiil of more successful re-vgoiuillo openly iioasis that a pliiu firm offered the Filipino cm all the munitions it ch--ovided payment was made in Aguinaldo accepted the of-ice. and Agonc illo says, is pre-d assume the offensive in .May. should lend his aid to defeat him. COIJMMS. ().. April 2a Sp rial. We Make The republican convention is a har monious gathering. 1 he stat" ticket was named by acclamation. The St. I.iOuis platform ami administration were recommended and embused. OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR ... anna declined to go to I'liilade-.phia Serious Praire Fira, CON ME. S. I)., April 2'.. Special. A prairie fire was started Saturday, nine miles southeast of Conele. supposed to have originated from sparks is a delegate-. horaker.Gov. .Nash ami ongressnian Grosvenor anil Mick we re made delegate's at lame . Men and Boys ; Told By a Fireman. Among those who will i.ave- in a short time for the frozen wilds of ' ,ii-Nome. is .lames i-'ra'.vb y. For i n-past two terms Mr. l'rawb-.- has ch -u-pie d the position of c hi'-f engineer ot the M.-adweieiel hie- department, and so we-ll have bis efforts to i;i i e- the- department to a hign.-r stand;-, ! ol ,-. e-;-le lice re sulte d that toelav il has net .1 -upeiior in any w.-sle-ii, .u II- 'i..- e e-1 b. e cell the- Watch to I -.a ke 1 :, I :: - pb aj nt for the I,, iv and to pi , , -1-the 111 i il li a pparat a - v li n ii w , 1 1 i luake- 1 1 1 -1 1 - ueiii' a .l'e ,-ului ; - - i-:- .Old s.l fe I . I 1 I -,11-e I , e el 1 i I , ! I 1 i 1 .1 I The public have be in in the proper styles in male apparci. that which is newest ; nd lies'. habit of poking to us for the Kaeh season wo have shown 1 d have established the stand. Report From Roberts. ON., April L'V - Special. A rr-ii Lord Kobi-rts says that he i-lis men so as to surround t he ci'S operating near Wi pe-in r. cr capture thein or prevent mi joining the main body at It. The war olfici is i n-in the belief that Lord Ruli- Sllc -e e-.-,. o - - - h's New Congressman. INCTOX. i. (', April V. 11. Killt;. the sill c t .--,1' e Hobe i ts. w as svvntn in a le; sat in conguss to., ay. lb !"! with i In e I s by tin .bin.e i I ganiat ii ill li h.i. w mi the ,, ,n 1 1 i . in -; lid e-sle en, of every )ire i.iji in i h. ity. anil the boys to shew t h -1 tlt, ards in this section of the coii-tty on the same lines as those which, have' met with popular r in the male fashion c-iiiers tcie country Our exhibit for tne coming seas-on is really the most interesting winch we have , ve-r made. . 'I In stvb-s of the nn n s j;ai iiie-ufs sc-e-ui to us to posse ss mora ."rueful lines, and the buys' and children's clothes are more taareful to our minds than any which have be-en produced in 1: any years. The fabrics thruout the e ntire line show the progress which lias been made in artistic i loth vic.iving, ho! ii in Am-rica and abroad, while- the pe-rfcclly matched trimmings spe; !. volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturer;; Taken altogether, this exhibit is well wollh the effort it co-l i s to gather, and we will be more than repaid for our trouble; n jt prove s as interesting to you as we anticipate that it v ill. The- spring shapes in Hats and the m-vv shas in Haberdashery will also be shown for the first tiim- today. We will sp-ak of them in more detail at ano'-ier time. R0SENTHALS PALACE The Children's Gift. Xd'TON. I). C. April J.V A gold watch made from gobl ami paiel for by ii-nny cms by fifty thousand school of the northwest was pre Admiral Icwey today, run McCleary of .Minnesota made nation. i'leiiatimi of Mi. h'raule y. p, -Nin , ) i.iul as c hie I. at a late inei-iiuc i - . 1 . . to make him a lift b- i e-se r, helm be bit feel' t lie 111 II t II. I'll" pi e.-el!t i 1 tii- .-hapc of a li.iilu.. emblem, it ie o ; t ie-man .- eiillmg. made i f 1 : ! . K II: I-tolil and was tin- wnik of " t i Fo holm of this c-i t y 1 1 is a beam 1 1 : i I ie, e hi workmanship and pi' -ea;-j with ran- skill the- sens.- ot the u'i- tle ttllii ), Ml F.illiillll po:,: . I lie t it-sen i a t ic in will shortly be made it a i.ilbd meeting of the b-pai fluent. Colorado sonic-times assesse-e unpat-litecj, unproductive, claims at J.iiin each. California, usually, at $loo e-aeh. foi taxation purposes. The 'igure oi assessment eti a proelucing property varies with th- amount of , oininon sense possessed by th" iimntv assessor. avld: "That's mine. 1 had it first. ase Ball Yesterday. . 2, St. Louis. '). Cincinnati, rg, S. Boston. .. New Yoik. ilyn. ti; Philadelphia. 4. New York Herald. from a rancher's stove pipe, which was 0 Fell From a Porch. pierre; s. 11,. April ivi -spe, i.-,i. lairieel north by a heavy wind, making it lively for stockmen trying to save McHher Superior Mathie-lda of the siock. Darns and houses. Many tons Benedict uie convent he-re was badly Strikers Give Up. .AM). O.. April 25. Special, striking mac hinists deserted of the strikers this iiioiiiiiig led to work under former Tin- men struck for a niiu- injureei yesterday by tailing tnnu a theamer of hay were burned The heaviest loss reported was at the Heydlaogh ranch, where everything was burned except the house and stock. There are other smaller losses. Much damage was done in large pastures. high porch. It is feared she has received internal injuries from which she will not recover. A child she whs holdini; at the time' was severely injured. Deadwood, South Dakota. k A DEPOSITORY FOR THE ienator Chilton III. ,'ORTH. Texas. April enator Chilton is dange;c.ns-dire fears are eiitei tamed irst. Heavy Snowslides. IMA HO SPRINGS. Colo.. April 25 Special. The Colorado and Southern CITV, COTJITTV ax i, STATE. Wiil Build a Wool Warehouse. V.VJA.E FOI KCHi: S Ii.. Apnl 2:..-- Spee ial. A meeting 'of the Nottheril road has lieen experienc ing some elif fhulty with land and snowslides above this point during the past two clays Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. t I he snow has been rapidly melting Black Hills Wool Growers' association was held in this city last week fur the purpose of considering the epies-tion of erecting a wool warehouse, and other important matters. Final arrangements wtre made for this storage room for wool and all of the principal around Georgetown and Silver Plume Bollivar Declines. s'GTON. 1). C. April 2o.-'ongressman. Dollivar, the va orator, declines to permit his name for the vice presi-the republican ticket. resulting in slides. The people in the upper part of the county are pre- COIieXiECTIOXTS to Promptly and ! pared for big slides and as a result Intelligently. Attended there will not be much danger to lives. The mines at Silver Plume haVe shut MONEY FTJRXTTSHED wool growers agreed to store their wool until a certain date. It is believed that a better price can be secured by this method. It is estimated that 200.000 pounds of wool will be clipped this season. o- Revenue Cutter Service. Aspirants who may desire appoi.u Ivirrnwors names or Acts gentlv on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels ClEAnses the System n effectually To any extent 3 warranted hy collaterals down to wait until the danger is past. At this place most ot the snow has disappeared, but on the fountains, where the fall was heavy, snow will remain for a week or two even if it should turn warm. There is no danger from floods in Clear creek canyon at this time. 5 o Endorses Quay. Bl'RG. Pa., April 25. Spe-state republican conveption endorsed Quay by a heavy His supporters claim that ure next winter will re-elect senate. ermany Approves. . April 25. Special. The food and supplies to the ist Indians by America has 1 by the' German press. : 0 4 Arrnunts Solicited and mtnt in one of the most desirable pa-is tm a I IL M . of the government service will jjt'n have a chance to demonstrate their Rich Telluride Ore. SPRINGDALE, Colo., April 25. Spe J Correspondence Ihvited- 1 - Our linr experience in the Black Hill is at the 4 r,( Itit.'tiilinci- investors. -r : C I qualifications: and if they shall cial. A. J. McCorkle has made a strike j Ml 1VV ei iinvux..... of very rich telluride ore fn the Glad rtnnMnLiTiiLi iator tunnel (adit), after driving the tunnel only twenty-eight feet from the 4 "5 TS DIEECTOES ICIALE found eligible, it is almost certain that a good career will be op ned. The Inited States civil service commission announces that an examination is tq be held for the position ot cadet in the revenue cutt?r serric?. The commission is especially anxiom for a good supply of candidates', as it has experienced consideraJiH difficulty in securing a sufficient number of JOHN TREBER. 4 w. E. ADAMS. mint o ey BUT TMt 6tNVIMt BEN BAER, Vlc iin Robber Killed. Neb., April 25. Special. re been received here at quarters that George Cur-d In the famous Union Pa-bbery in Wyoming a year een killed. Curry waa H HARRIS FRAKKWN. Pre. tunnel where he began, work. The Gladiator is the east extension ot the Ellen, and the tunnel being driven west will eventually enter Ellen ground, known to be rich, at considerable depth. V''', VTM. SELBIE. Cashier. 6UI?RSIATGrSYRVr(. MieiiitriuwimMaMinvu 2

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