The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 18, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1898
Page 4
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I THE DAli.Y i'lONEEk-tlMES, FRIDAY. MARCH 18, 1898. THt CITY Rejrel wteaaM sad feftrtwu. Mr. ana Mra. w. n. carter return m yesterday from a health resort 'n Montana where tbey spent three weeki. Mrs. Carter's health was greatly benefitted by ber visit there. r n n Dr. C. B. Clark waa unable to go tt For elfgai.t Itppera go to Zlpp's. Home uii'lti apple butter and mlnco meat, Id pint Mon Jar, at Deadwou1 Cash Grocery. THY STEARNS DIAMOND COAL Fresh cut fiowere and flora! designs Sundance to del lever an oration to the JUL Ci. A. R.. at a grand reunion held by that organization yesterday. t i 'v f t 1 s I I t I Satsatollals.eca 1B7B, r r t r. r ; I , i m I 'Wanted Four Brat clfjs salesmen, raimlile of selling best ret 1 merchants O.mhI position for right parties. Ad-dirs Eastern Mfg. Co., Manhattan Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. Qnoninq fop Miilldlng. Chicago. (or any occasion at Mra. Llebmann's. ! Have you tried the new Swan's Dowi. Flour Tin re la nothing to equal H Try a sack aud you wilt uu no other Sold by all grocera In Deadwood. Children aud adults tortured by burna, seal Is. lujmles, esxeina or skin dlseasea nitty secure luatanl relief by using DeWttt's Witch Hasel Salve, it Miss Lyon, late of Haines' store, has f to -mm i removed ber dress-making parlors to apartments over Adams' Red Anvil-Entrance on Sherman 8L Absolut olutcty hire Q RAND In compliance with a general order Issued by the National W. C T. U., a 4 MMt SI.H WWII CO., M VOML la the great Pile rtmedy. N. K. Frank lln; K. O. Phi'lipa. Francis E. Wlllard memorial service will be held In the M. E. church at 11 .11 G Oa m., Sunday next A general Invita Whoopin tougr Is the most dlatress Ing malady; Lot its duration can bo Zipp can (It any toot Ui perfection tion Is extended to all. cut short I y the use of One Minute If you ant the beet of nicata call W. J. Thornby went up to Lead last Clearing: Sale at rargos market In the First ward evening to soe I'rof. Boyd, who has Cough Cur , vhlch la also the bent known rettiddy for croup and all lung We have oynter. fish, celery, pojltrt been at the hospital aeveral days. Mr. Thornby aays the professor is In a crit and bronctilil troubles. N. E. Frank MILLER DERBY Top Notch In Hat Excellence. and everything lu lbs market. Wt lin; K. 0. PhltMpe. will please you eviry time. tt ical condition with an affection ths brain and la delirious most of the time. l For Sale A Doe matched driving What pleasure la there In Ufa with a AT Dr. Dickinson considers his conditio! team, S and 7 yeara old. Dr. A. H headache, constipation and billons dangerous. Bowman. nessT Thousands experience them Miss Essls Watson, the 17-year-old who could become perfectly healthy ANHEUSER-BUSCH, 8T. LOUIS daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Watson WoDderful Quality and Capacity for wear make it more than satisfying moneys worth. by using DeWltt'a Little Early Risen, AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER 13 died at 11 o'clock Wednesday night, of IEBMANN'S. MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, pneumonia, after a brief Illness. The the famous Httle pills. N. B. Frank lln; K. O. Phillips. HENCE ASK FOR IT. young lady had a large circle of friends Don't ainoy others by your sough who will regret ber early demise. The Go to McOILL'S for MAY, GRAIN, funeral will occur at 2:30 o'clock this Graea in avayv Titm Goodness in everv Particular aT lng, and tlsk your Ufa by negletclng a cold. Onit Minute Cough Cure cures and ROCK SPRINGS and DESK afternoon from the M. E. church, the CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel " Ml coughs, colds, rroup, grippe and all pastor, Dr. Clark, officiating. ephone No. 114. throat aa:t lung troubles. N. E. Frank The snow bas almost entirely dlsap Prices- lin; K. O. Phillips. The Syndicate restaurant, on Lee pea red and ths atmosphere Is mild anl atreet aeta the best table In town. Try pleasant again, aa before the atom. TWO BIT MAP8 FOR BALE. A. a WILSON. It and see for yourself. J-12-tf The water reservoirs are filled and there Is a large head of water con-'ng down the ditch euch as It la We are F. D. Smith sells smithing coal. After y sars of untold suffering front Judge the'r Merits for Yourself. The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat We Are Sole Agents. piles, B. W. Pvrsell of KnltnarsvWe, A thrill of terror Is sxperlenced when Cut in Two. Informed that the farming districts a brassy cough cf croup sounds through Pa., was cured by using a single box of DeWitt's Witch Hasel Salve. Skin dla will derive Incalculable benefit from i : i Po'i P& r ', i V',t ?- the house at night. But the terror the storm as the moisture will soak In eases such u ecsenia, rash, plmpli soon changes to relief after Ont Mia to the ground. and obstinate sores are readily curs J ute Cough Curs has been administered. There waa to have been an open by thla ft mous remedy. K. G. Phillips Safe and harmless for children. K. G meeting of the high scJ-rol literary so N. E. Fra nklin, Phillips; N. E. Fianklln. A T31 Zt ciety laat Tuesday evening at the city VV M I III I it 1 I I t--l ,I""t-? r-l.l 11 1 lit II,. w STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS THE ARE YOU GOING TO THE KLON hall, but as the jury was locked up In the court room, the society had to stay BEST. DIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY out. If the jury comes to a decision so 13.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU Man am Judged by what they do. So that the hall can be secured, the meet' MIOHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT Hood'r Sarsapnrtlla, an Its great SwMitHHtintiU LliwiitwiiMrJ'''",","'M4","'"4w',i''ie Ing will be held this evening at half ITS COSTING A CENT. cures have gives It ft good Bams every- past seven. where. It Is the Ons True Blood Purl' The popular Delmonlco restaurant, The ball given by the Ancient Order tier and rtat Nerve Tonic of Hibernians, was a success In every under the postoOce, Is now In charge of Mrs. Weyman. The tables are sun- - .j. i 1 1. 'n mm mm mm wm mm ... mwmm - t . . - -- -' Hood's Pills art easy to take, easy to operate. Curs Indigestion, biliousness. sense, beyond expectation, mere was s large attendance, a great many ladles piled with the choicest of a alt au J Price M ssnta. everything in the market and with Is Larger and More Complete Today Than Ever Before. and gentlemen of Lead and other nelgU I Imrlng rommunlttea being present. The ! competent cooks and help the creatett Patron i a thoroughly coosclen- LEADER OF Low Prices pains will be taken to please the pat tlous Druggist. Tou will And him at music was fine, furnished by Prof. Kreuger's orchestra. It waa one of the rass. 1 Wilcox I'harmacy, Sherman street. most enjoyable dancea ever given In 'This will be the last lecture of the There are three UtUe things whtck season, aald the chairman of the do mora work than any other three lit the city. An elegant aupper waa server at the Palace Cafe. meeting, but when he reached home tie thin ereatcd they are the ant, A very pleasant surprise party waa and met bla wife and aha found that he the bee end rwwitfs Little Early RCs tt Addition to.Our.Large Assortment of S!i!lt Eir.:sra, Tiri, Stns, Giitlsry and Sporting ecads, VT Also Carry a lull Line ot Iron. Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps era. the last being the famous Uttl Kiven In honor of Miaa May Byers, Thursday evening, March 10. There had forgotten to atop at the Ark and get a new bath-tub, he realised how u a Dills for stomach and llvsr troubles. K rue had been bla statement Q. Phllll M: N. S Franklin. was about thirty-five glrta and boys present They all had a lovely time. Supper waa served at 12 o'clock and S53E HAVE YOU GOT 1U KLONDIKE BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE KliVKR? IF YOU liAVE, BUY s! FOR Yi)UR MONEY THAN ANY after aupper tbey played more gamca WORTH AT BUT Oil S AND GET A Pirct Rational Dant OTHER HOUSE. o Prices tho Lowest, Goods tho Best CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA and went home with a big smile on their faces. SOLICITORS, FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MASQJERADK SUITS OP ALL TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN DESCRIPTIONS FOR RENT AT MAX TOWN. Life of Frances E. Wlllard," published FISHEL9. The C. A. GfllFFiTH IIMDWARE CO. Ed under the auspices and Indorsed by ths W. C. T. U.; the only official book; pre Everybody Is an epicure to greater or less degree. The great number o: ANVIL. OF DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKO'A. TTnjwi States Uepositoxn? OilH PAX3 UT, $100,000 . . . . . . SURPLUS, $160,000 BIXXCrtOlM. a I. SAUSS0BY, T. t. ttHlkm. r. K. KP4MS, f. a. OUIIOMTU p. A. MnPUBIMOM. pared by Anna Gordon, for 21 years Clioxxn.ax2. Ot, Deadwood, rsons In Deadwood, who board appre Aetna Powaer Coi: Miss Wlllard'a secretary; beautifully lute a meal wnen tne artlclea ai ' nr brought before them snapping hot,a irt m mtt li illustrated; only $2; tremendous demand; bonanta for agents; superb book; liberal commissions; credit giv prepared in a manner that will tick)' the palate. That la why the Palace Cjr.zrr.lt3 izi ivA ?rj D. A. MoPHKMHOK J. I. UKaMAM frMtMnl 0 J. SALISBURY I Osrtlse Vlarasl4e T- t. Oat-iS I A Irtsrt OMhMr en; freight paid; write quick for outfit Cafe on Lee atreet has the largest and and terms. The Dominion Company best trade In the city. Everything l cooked to please the most fastldlou fuss ssd Caps, Authorised Distributers, Dept. 8, 354 YESTfTOAY'S PERSONALS. J. J. Faysl and Major Simmons went taste and everything that Is choice It Dearborn St., Chicago. To reach the people of a city, town to Keystone. the market can be hail at the Palace t ElEstric Batteries and suit you. If you are tired of that old J. F. Diets, ths Sheridan coal man, ar dry beefsteak, that alcp coffee or heavy rived yesterday. AYERS & WARDMAN J or community an advertiser likes to use the paper of the beat character, the one that goea Into 'he beat homes and la read by the best f-rtple. Many advertisers, however, t Jleve that, all cases you navs oeen getting, ;ust cry J. F. Edmonds and W. E. Hitchcock . Battery SsippSlss. THE NEW QlSlmore House Under New Hanagement. Offers More Attractione for Ices Money than any Oth .... Home In the City Beat meals, Beit Dining Service, Best Kooms and Best Location cf any House in the City. r? 9 i 0 0 l j 0 the Palace, and you will And Just what went down to Ksrstone yesterday. you want. Division Superintendent J. R. Phslan of the B. k M, Is np from Alliance, Hardware Company. OArry the Largest and Mm Complete Stock of If you ars troubled with ths night things considered, the beet paper la the one that sells the most copies. When the paper taken by the best people Is also the one takes by the most people, W. I Allans Go. Agents. mare, here la a remedy. Go to the Ark F. H. Brown and Mrs. T. A. Vanghan and buy a pair of scissors. It doesn't of Whitewood were In ths city yester that la alwaya the one paper that an make much difference what price you day. From all over the country come pay, but of course those pretty embrol Seth Bullock left last evening for advertiser must use. Such a paper Is the Pioneer-Times. It Is read by more worda of praise for Chamberlain s dery aclriors will do better than cheap Cough HemeOr. Here la a sample Ut Omaha and Minneapolis oa mining bus lness. er ones, xou put tnese under rour Carl Blank Prop. people than all other Black Hills dal lies combined. pillow and If It don't cure you,better ter fro a Mrs. Shep, of Little Rock, Ark.: "I was suffering from a rery se Hardware aod Mioing Supplies 1 1 In the Black Hills. Chas. W. Freeman, of Denver, was go back and get a rasor. among the prominent arrivals There are night prowlers about tho rlty and our people will do well to keep their weather ere open for them. Imi Read the announcement add f A F. vere cc ld, when I read of the cures that hi d been effeoted by Chamber-Iain's Cough Remedy. I concluded to give It a trial and accordingly procur Snyder, the new jeweler. Slcopinrl Sale. R. O. Caspar! of Chicago, was an ar Winter Oood Must do. evening W. W. Osborn'a daughter observed a man standing at a window Call on A. F. Snyder the new jeweler .i r r r rival yesterday and Is stopping at the Bullock. s mm e- inair t rir riprnrp (or anything In his line. It wili Pay ed a be UU. It give ms prompt relief, oeeolng In. He disappeared but was 89 Per Cant Discount on all Winter Goods. and I the best reason for reoora Bridge Superintendent Oleson anl seen again later standing at a window. For some time I bare suffered wllb his assistant, John Carlson, were up rheumatism, and tried very Imagina mendlBF It very highly, which I dj with pl iaaure." Mr. Osborn was at home then and seising his revolver he rushed out of doors, from Alliance yesterday. Purchasing. DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA ble remedy, without effect. Mi F. 0 S. Welle advised me to try Chamber Men's Wool Fleeced Linen Underwear ,75 Men's Wool Fancy Striped Underwear ". 0 Fred T. Evans ai rived yesterday Veterinarian Treacy attends Dead-wood t ie first Tuesday of each month. in time to see the prowler running np the bill. Mr. Osborn fired twice at tbe fellow but thinks neither shot took ef from Sioux City and will remain a few TeUph me Fu lleade. dsys looking after his Interests. Frank E., R. B. Mockett and tain a pain Balm, tettiing me than li had cured many cases of long standing like mine. I have ul four bottles and feel wire that ons more botL fect. He followed after the fellow who Men's Wool California Underwear j M M Men's Ptush Underwear j'M Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Undorwear 88 z Ladies' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Undorwear, ,'75 M Udlea' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Undorweir, Combination L28 LO0 Ladies' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear. Combination 1 aa nt STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS had disappeared and waa unable to Geo. A. Hagenslck, of Lincoln, Neb., THE I EST. find a trace of him. arrived yesterday to look around our mining districts The Omaha Bee aays: "Wesley Stew will mat t my cure complete. A. P Konls, Claremore, Ark. If you are la need of smithing oni BAXBj, Treasurer. SOL STAB, President. W. OOZ, eoretary. We i re an x low to to a little good lu this w ld and eaa think of no glens aoter or better way to do It tkaa bv srt of Sturgls, 8. D., made a flying trip to Omaha yesterday afternoon In the Child's Natural ',0 Heavy Woolen Flannels, Gray, Blue and Pink, per yard M If and want the boat, aee F. D. Smi'h. Interest of ths exhibit to be made by NOTICE. All persons indebted to ms are re the Black Hills district. He assured DwooyiiiDk 11(111 recommending Ons Minute Cough Cure as a r rrentlve of pneumonia, eomsv&p tlon aid other sartons lung trouble quested to call at the office ot Frowley Gaps, IlltUns, Gloves, . Leggings, and Gdrman Bocks. NEW YORK STORE. the officials of the Exhlbts department 0 that the Black Hills will make a fine Laffey, whsrs all acoonnu due ms bars bora left for eoUectloa, LOANS 1IADB OH REAL E STAT 8, BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIAB'.fc HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. Col. Stone la atill running the Syndicate restaurant, on Lee street, the beet place to board In town. Try It and be convinced. l-12-tf. that tallow ar fleeted eolda. K. O Phllllit; It. & Franklin. exhibit especially In minerals and asked that the 6.000 feet of space which 0. KELSON. haa been reserved for that section be C. L. Slswers repairs safss, locks, The New Jeweler.. held a little longer until tbe require Shares of Stock for Sale. Payments and Interest Payable Monthly TO THE LADIES. When you want Art Linen. Flour da Both ments of tne exposition can be com guns, Mercies, trunks, cutlery, ate. J. H. Graham. D. U. S.. dental par lors o fer First National bank. Dead' Us Bilk, Tyrtaa Dyes, call oa Mrs. H. Mra. Bullock and her daughters have postponed their party unfit FrMay evening of tbla week. plied wtth. He was given until Marca 20 to eomply with ths conditions and promised that decisive action will be wood. Crown and bridge work a spe jr.YATVXlCtiL MODEL i. Mooaey tu Noble block. Lessons Kiven In Art Needle Work. Stamping done. Call and Sea A. W. COB, Secretary. At a literary club the other day one cialty. taken before that Ubi" of the members rsad that musical In J. F. EDMONDS, General Agent A customer said:" I bare had the AND JEWELCT best n ct since I bare keen buytag w trumsnts had been made from aluminum, but tbst whlls they proved very Aterckd ""JaV t Fargo, t'aat I have had for a year." lirhest Hooors-WerU't Fsir, good, they were very expensive and to yo vi TOHBST027E3. zioiiTjrraTs, Froea the well kaoww works nr nnn. better tban those sold at DsMouth's 0ol4 Hedsi, My winter Fsir. Dr. Qants. dentist, over ftossntisj clothlr g store. CROWN AND BRIDQX p rfe R Ark. Legs! Blanks at this offe. WORI-Zips a for fine shoes. DEN BALLARD, EameUourg, Iowa, J. C. Carson returned yesterdsy from 'I DON'T GET LEFT. IF TOU HAVE a business trip out northwest. NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM S Having secured the agmcy for ths above wall known ana, for Western South Dakota, Northwester Nebraska and Northeastern Wyoming. I respectfully solicit orders for any klnC of Foretgi and Amsrtaaa Marble and cr T71E tfiAfjfAf CYC Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Ogden rsturnei yesterday from Chicago and New Or- KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUT 11.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A Keystone Restaurant n Roopened M.n'tot Bush & riundhenke. Praotloal HoUl man who will rive "' 24o meal In the City. Meal Titkets 15.00. I Good Home Cooking i By s Pirr -C'ss Woman Cok. FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE, uegal blanks at Plooeer-Tlmes ofies. I Him Ma.uS OraalU work, rtaraatseing satkfao-Uoa In every porticnlar and prloes as low aa the lowest If la ased of that Spectacles and eye-glasses to fit every body. Gaaraataed to fit or money re-tudeo, O. It. Brandt, of Lead, has a aorel Ths finest and largest stock cf mondi, waUhes, Black Hills I elry la the district plan for dlapoelng of a stock ranch at leana, where they visited several weeks gfiih relatives. (The Olympic club will give a deuce at the parlors this evening. This Is not Intended to conflict with ths party given by Meedames Bullock and Rs-mer, hat If after ths party any of ths young people feel disposed to corns down and dance an hour or to, they will bo welcome. class ot work, drop me a postal sard and I wUl sail wtU sen Diss and da. Hlghi jore, this state. The ranch Is good nt and worth at least ftSOO. ilgms, I aa a nna-aent restdset kere f . Jtwtlrr BAinlactnrsd to order, fin swatch rvpalrlsg and ttifrarlr Li vnL Read Us similars distributed In this Issue or call at this oOos for farther A Cffe Ceeasi sf Tartar t wear. ana can always sormt errors. a vr. &zBaTCN. 9ttT80B go. Daota 1 panliaJnra, Hothen's 014 Itasd, 13 Uatti t'reel, Cf i- IF"

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