The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 25, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1900
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Daily Pioneer -Times. The DllADWOOD, S. I). ( I i LACK HILLS ), WKDXKSDAY MOKNINd APKIL 25, 19( M). 4th YEAR. FIVE CENTS. responsibilities I n this way. in la my m v BERTS CAN May -.!, for a purse of six thousand dollars, t he men to weigh l.n) pounds at 6 o'clock. LABOR UNIONS THREATEN DEWEY interested ind ha political matters. ( hosen i al ling. 1 state. "This inciib nt i llrSt an sel NOT ADVANCE but the voicing of nity. The rumor was current hist night that an A; ile-d, commanded by Admiral l-'ai ipihar, was en-roiite to the Turkish mast to enforce tin" collection i f the indemnity. The sultan heard the rumor and sent a special inessi nger to the Ameiican embassy in a hurry to learn the truth. The denial of the story greatly relieved him. America's Fate in the Balance. HKKMEN, April 21.--Special. -The Congratulatory Telegrams. WASHINGTON, 1). C, April 24. Hon. K. W. Martin: Accept my hearty congratulations upon the result of Lawrence curity primaries, which 1 believe insmes your nomination Ly acclamation. CAS. H. BURKE. Boers Occupy the Attention He Must Not Use the Work of Non Union Men When He Comes to Chicago. SULTAN ALARMED BY WAR RUMORS American Embassy Denies That a Fleet Is En Route to the Turkish Coast. Permission Is Given to Americans to Rebuild the Missions Destroyed. f of the British All Over the Free State. Bremen Wiser Zeitung sees spectacular i l iiixh n::-u a desire on my part of many rcsp. liable people in South Dakota, that the highest intuests of the slate should be held sacred, rather than selfish interests served, and does not relate to persons save that they should be men oT right character. These things cannot bi disregaided and success follow. A strong, solid party front is certainly demanded: cleani methods and pure iihii ; a campaign of reconstruction as ..gainst destruction. Concessions may i,e neiessaiy both on th" part of tTTe party management and any who oppose it. "Thanking you most sincerely for the honor conferred, I remain very truly yours. "CHAS. M. DA LEY." ANOTHER CANDIDATE. YANKTON, S. I).. April 24. Hon. E. W. Martin: I extend my most cordial congratulations on the splendid endorsement of your own county as well as the entire Hills. ROBERT J. (JAM Bl.K. itrs in AmDUsn niiac di iiimi Under Rundle and Capture Police and a High Board Fence Protect Carpenters Building the Grand Stand. Thirty-Five. possibilities in the American trend toward imperialism. The I'nited States, it says, is passing thru a serious crisis. Tin coming presidential campaign, it lxdieves, will decide the fate of the republic, which it holds is in serious danger. "Full equality and true liberty as they existed under the first pri sidents," the journal declares, "now have become legendary, and it is pos-sibk that modern republicanism may produce an ambitious president who shall rfpeat the role of the gnat ;0.'DON. April 24,. Special. the HOT SPRINOS, S. R. April 24 Hon. E. W. Martin: Hearty congratulations from everybody here upon decisive victory. JOHN A. STANLEY. U continue so active in all parts of Free State that Roberts' proposed CONSTANT1 NOPLE. April 24.- Special The sultan issued irade granting the privihge to American missionaries to rebuild the missions destroyed in the Armenian strife, several years ago, for which Washington demands indem ance has been indefinitely postpon- flloenifontein advices today state (the field marsnal has been coni- to dispatch several divisions in ous directions with troops to drive enemy out of the country. A force YANKTON, April 2 4 - Special. --Mr. George V. Ayres: Accept heartiest congratulations on your decisive victory. Yankton county caucuses' unanimously endorsed me. notwithstanding the advice to the contrary of a certain Heudwood statesman. ROBERT J. (JAM Bl.E. CHICAGO, Ills., April 24. Special. Work on the grand stand from which Dewey will view the parade begun to-da, the work being carried on by a force of non-union carpenters. A high board fence and squad of police kept out the union pickets. The union men ( hum that, if Dewev us"s the stand, union labor all over the country will boycott him for the presidency. To Avoid Offending. BERLIN, April 14. Special There is a very considerable movement en foot in Berlin just now to change the name of Koniggratzer strasse. whii h was named after the dace where the British in Bundle's command was lushed ami thirty-five captured liv ; We Make Boers. The President at Canton. H. C- Preston Announces He Will Stand for United States Senator. MITCHELL. S. I). pril 24.--The Mithchell Daily Republicm of Saturday contains the follow ing editorial announcement of the candidacy of il. C. I'rcston for the I'nited States .senate: "Having received encouragement fi mi! friends all over the state and having been given many Haltering notices in the press. Hon. H. (.'. Preston of this city finally authorizes the lt"pub-lican to aiiiieiiiu " that he is a candidate for election to the I'nited States senate, to sinned S'-nator R. K. Petti-grew. "Th" Republican warmly welcomes the anrii unceni"nt. and bikes this op-poituniiy to state thit : p'lb'f" Wolf Bounty Case. I'llEURE. S. II. April 2 1 Special.---Th" supreme court Saturday afternoon handed down a dc-ision in the case of OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR .... ANTON. 0., April 21. Special. ! president and his wife were greet-warmly when they arrived here imorning. A committee of citizens. lied by former Secretary of State , met the presidential party :u the Men and Boys j t and escorted them to the .I -ley home. The president will rein here for ,i quid visit until dnesday night. The public have hem m the proper styles in male apparei. that which is new-st rnd best. habit of looking to us for the Each season we have shown . 1 d have established the stand. Bryan With the Sunflowers. PCHITA. Kas.. April -4.- -Spf i ial. comtiy on the same lines as those J. Bryan is the guest of honor to- ards in this section of the which have met. with poju, lar v; r in the male fashion centers iltatthe annual bampiet of the Stin- I h rougboi: i this state will, without ex-el ption, warmly spous" Mr. Pre. .Inn's candidacy lor they rei-outme in him :in bonorabb man. one of umpn st ionablo aiiility,. amj a candidate who combines .ill that is possible to make a (lean, able and cvmnlary candidate fir a position as high and honoiable as that of i'nited S,t:ites senator. Hi. is a strong man in every si nse of the word, triick- tui" country. Our exhibit for tne coming s' oi-on is really the most interest :7"-;u' ' fter league. He is accompanied by (family, who spent the whit)1 in sas. MexicarrCitv Destroyed. JEXICO, April 24. Special. - The ire City of Pacuna. in the interior. I destroyed by fire. Not a building eftstanding. Lacuna was a town of i thousand inhabitants. ing which we have ever made. 'I lie styles of the men's uai ments seem to us to possess more, crateftil lines, and the boys' and children's clothes are more tasteful to our minds than any which have been nroduced in lrany yea is. The fabrics thru-out the entire line show the progrcsr. which Ii:.s been math" in artistic doth weaving, both in America and abroad. while the (diipie, and a iditinm rep'lbl a strong man who and pros-can party les to no fi b ml. a i cbeei islies ' enl piinoipi is the app' Danger in Minnesota Woods Mii.n pril 24. Spi cial. Quay is Not Seated. WASHINGTON, I). C., April 24. !Clal Quay was denied a seat in 'senate today by a vote of ;;2 to Dl'Ll'TH. I'niess 1 the woods of Itasca couiMii i mi;' s soon to damiieli northern St. Loui-? and this year is likelv to perfectly matched trimmings spe;.L volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturers. Taken altogether, this exhibit is well worth the effort it cost t:s to gather, and we will be more than repaid for.our trouble ii it proves as interesting to you as we anticipate that it vill. The spring shapes in Hats and the new shapes in llaherelash- try will also be shown for the first time today. We will spe-ak 1 of them in more detail at anotner time. J ROSEN THALS PALACE prove a repetition of ls!t4. when tini-bl forest tires cleaned out a large area Base Ball Yesterday. Mcago, 1; St. Louis 4. I'ittsDuig. GnclnnMi, 3. Boston, 3. New k.t Brooklin, 0; Philadelphia, UPON WHICH WILL HE RIDE TO DEFEAT? San Francisco Evening Post. rnn! destroyed several towns and hundreds of 'lives. So far no serious damage has been reported from the t now i aging in this section, but the woods arc now extrenily dry and the fires are spiralling rapidly. In the swamps, which ordinarily ait as cIimUs to the spread of fires, there is very little water. So far the cmnuiy in which the fires have been is cut-over land, and little besides brush and sei -ond growth timber has been burneii. One sawmill has been destroyed. Kail-road property is being protected by extra precautions. The fires are the Wk.a A rfV A. A. A. A A A A A JkA A A AAAA iVA A4 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Floods Around New Orleans. W ORLEANS, April 14. Social leflood situation in Louisiana and SilppI is not greatly improved to-' The Illinois Central hops to trains thru by Thursday. In Stowns a train has not arrived for week and they are isolated. Wilts have become scarce and un-Ule freights get thru soon famine utinent even in New Orleans. Mead' County bank against .1. I). Heeves, state auditor, in which the lt;er court was affirmed. Tliis is known i.s the Wolf bounty case, and was brought to settle an apparent conflict in the wording of the statute. The holding of the couit is that the amount of $5. hOO appropriated for the year 18H9 applied to that portion of the year up to the begirning ofthe fiscal year be Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE, Austrians were defeated in isuij by the Prussians. Already the order has gone forth that in order to avoid giving offense to Emperor Francis when he visits Berlin next Sunday week the most direct route from the Anhalter station to the lirandenberg gates, which is this veiy Konigratzer strasse, is to be avoided, u is to be doubted, however, if the imperial guest would subscribe to the suggestion of a number of correspondents of the local papers, who urge that as a delicate compliment to his majesty, the street be renamed Franz Josef strasse. worst toward the t ass lake country. w AND GITV, CQTJXTTV ginning July 1, 1S09. and that the continuing appropriation of $.,u00 for each fiscal year thereafter begun wic. the fiscal year hegining July 1, 1 S99. In that much the supreme court chang Russia Deporting Laborers. HAMBURft. April 24. Special. -The Prussian government has resumed the' expulsion of laborers from northwest Schleswig and this time if therp is any Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. Turkish Torpedo Boat Sinks. NSTANTINOPLE. April 21. Spe-"Thirty lives were lost by the ex- of the Turkish torpedo boat. ".Saturday, off Beirut. Syria. Trie i lank after the explosion, and "Ure crew, consisting of twenty -"Wanil five officers, was drowned. ed the ruling of the lower court, which held that the first appropriation was for the whole of 1S99 and there was no other appropriation until the beginning of the 1900 fiscal year. There is 110,000 now available and claims are on file amounting to $23,000. complaint it will be th" governments of Russia and Austria that will make it. Eight Russian and Galician workmen who were employed on the railway between Tinglieff and Sonderburg have been deported.. COLLECTIONS to Promptly and Intelligently. Attended Pro-Boer Peace Meeting. CAPETOWN, April 24. A uniquely constituted peace meeting was held in the Oudtshorn district yesterday, upwards of 200 persons being present who have relatives serving in the Boer commandos, and the chief speaker, a farmer 84 years old, has thirty-four relatives in the Transvaal and Free State armies. MOITE? FimXTISHED To any extent warranted b- 'borrowers names or collaterals. Taylor Confident. HINGTON, D. C, April 24 k-Taylor returned here this and expressed himseif as that the supreme court would la his favor. He declined to whether he intended to return to Chicago Nan Drowns Himself. ST. PAUL, Minn., April 24. Special. A man registered at Hotel Hall as A. H. Cosgrain, Chicago, hired a boat at noon today and rowed into the deep water at Fountain lake, Freeborn county. He then wrote the addresses E. H. M'Alpin Insane. CHICAGO, April 24. Edwin H. Mc-Alpin, a prominent politician of Huron, S. D., who recently came to Chicago for the benefit of his health, has become violently insane, and now occupies a padded cell at the detention hospital. Physicians say overwork caused his mental, collapse, but they believe he will recover. Daley Not a Candidate. Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Invited. Our long experience in the Black Hills is at the service of intending investors. Against tha Japanese. $MA, Wash,,, April 24. Special. Sates from Oregon to the Phila- convention have decided to en-r to secure an anti-Japauese fUton in the republican plat- 4 "HURON, S. D., April 18. 1900. O. M. Osborne, Esq., Howard S. D. Dear Sir: I must decline to be considered a candidate for the office of governor of this state. "With President Tucker of Dartmouth, I hold that a man must be in politics- in a 'responsible or Irresponsible way.' For political dabbling 1 have no regard; for 'responsible politics' I have not the time nor. the Inclination, apart from my ordinary duties as a citixen. Every citizen should be of H. R. Cosgrain, Windsor, Canada, and Jane L. Richmond, Madison, Y., and took off his hat and coat and left them, with a packet of letters, in the boat, after which he jumped overboard. The -body "has not been recovered. Large quantities of dynamite have been exploded in the vicinity of where the tragedy took place. The parties named by the suicide have. been notified, but have not yet -responded. DIRECTORS r JOHN TRKBER. Resolutions For Gamble, YANKTON, S. D. April 24. Three Yankton precincts at the republican caucussea to nominate delegates to the county convention passed rousing resolutions for Hon. Robert J. Gamble for senator. The utmost harmony prevailed. ' . '..-V .''--" W. E. ADAMS. BEN BAJER, Vies Pr HARRIS FRANKUN, Pre. WM. EELBIE, Cashier. 5Coy and Ryan Fight. V YORK, April 21. SpeclaL ' -4 Tommy Rran ilgned artl- six-round light In Chicago,

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