The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 18, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1898
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IONEER-TIMES. TWEPTY.SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), FRIDAY MORNING, MAUCH 18, UN8. FIYE CENTS 11 HE Daily OKLtEH OF HIBERNIANS. !( I IN MEMORIAM. MASSING THE TGOCrS, the .:i::i;:s iiidustry. stiMIIMWSU Wm. Thompson, of Jackson, Michigan, sun of President Thompson, who, in life, was president of th Portland Consolidated Mining company, arrived At the last meeting of the Deadwooi "Calumet" Does Not Belong to a Caking Powder Truat, but Consumer are Rapidly Learning to Place Their Truat In "Calumet.,T Fire Department the following resolutions upon the death of a brother tire-man were adopted: i yesterday and will remain a few days. Austria Endeavoring to Support Company Being Formed With Ood, In Hla merciful wisdom bus The Ancient Order of Hibernians Is distinctly Irish Catholic In Us organisation, benevolent In Its character, but Its prime object Is to arouse the spirit, elevate the character and unify the Irish race Into one common bond of brotherhood. The motto of the society la "Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity" attributes that appeal to the noblest and most generous Impulse In the human heart. Friendship in re a View to Slnklno a Deep Men fit to remove from those wuo the Ruling Family of Spain in Domestic Affairs. I i If 1 I 1 I I N Mr. Thompson 1, the heaviest stockholder in the compaany and la carrying bond, of the company aggregating mora than 1200,000. Th property was sold under foreclosure, a abort Urn ago and Mr. Thompson 1, out her to n II Shaft at Ragged Top. knew him best and loved him for tboae virtues which makes a man liked, Barney Klernan. i I 1 L3 U look after hi, Interests. Therefore, be It Resolved that we, Senator Proctor Tells Senate NONE 00 GOOD. garding each other as member, of on Detroit tnd Dg&dWOQfJ Mining I the member, of Dead wood Fire Depart meat do hereby offer our most sincere sympathy to his mother and thooo whoa lov can only measure the loa hi, passing has caused. lamny; to extend an necessary support What he Saw in Cuba. The Harbor Mined. Co. Organized Operations and protection In sickness and distress to be animated by a fervent purpose of at Two Bit District. Resolved that these resolutions b mutual assistance and forbearance; s read upon the minute of the lHai- adoring at the same altar, and holding wood Fire Department and that (ho There la much hatred for the wh l American cruiser. The groups aJoaj tht wharf look at btr and curse tie hip and th, government that tent bur. 1 heard on man say this morning: "Wny not blow the Montgomery to h li ilk th Main?" "Wait till th Vlacaya goes and yu shall ee," replied hi, companion. All this make th United State cl .1-sens nervous for th cruiser's safety and th Montgomery mil to-morro w. None too soon for her safety, perhaps, but that la a story to be told from Kiy Wt. Th censor would rot pas. It. Th Americans feel that no physlcil or political good Is gained by moorlr g th Montgomery off th Machines, the public landing. Even aa a bluff h r presence la futile, for th Montgomery is not so considerable as the Vlscaya or Oquendo. 8h Is not In their clan, but th Havanese do not know that and figure her up aa th next best proposition to th Main that tbe United But, government ha, to offer. Thi.t la what w who go down to the bty Id hear daily. If Admiral Slcard really desire, ts Impress th Spanish people, and I vice lata no confidence when I say that tli warmest wish of hi, heart 1, to An more than Impress them, let him ten i th Iowa over. There , an Iron work, the people can understand. Thar need object lessons, and the low would do much to correct any erronl-ou, notion, they may have touchlni the American navy'a capacity as a harm producer. sacred the same holy tradition of moth erland. Unity to be true and united name be forwarded to hla relatives. There Is a proposition on foot at the to each other and assist in promoting present time and which may material m THE UP TO DATE M. J. DONOVAN, R. L. HILDERUilANt). JOHN CARR. each other's welfare and rejoice In Ise in tbe near future, which will prove each other's prosperity. While influenc of Inestimable value to the Ragged Top district Parties have submitted a CHEAP FARE TO KLONDIKE. ed by this principle, deceit or hypocrisy Is unknown and proves what a blessing It Is for brothers to dwell together house Washington, March 17 Spatial: Munch K. brute, register of the treaT-ury, tiled this morning from stomach trouble. Everything 1h quiet around the executive mansion and the department,. Although troops are being rapidly mussed on the sea coast from different pans of the Interior and mariner are hlng Bout aboard the vessels. The movement of troops and mariners are DRY GOODS plan for sinking a large working shaft through the lime formation to quarts- Tht Riturn el Celonel L. Col. Richard Lee, the original and only proprietor of the Oen. U. S. Grant lode is mingling among th Two-Shilling. Squaw-Creek, Hairless Mountain Ruby Dlshpan, Jagged Top and other capitalists at the Bullock. Col. Lee. who waa originally discovered at Rapid City, located, opened up and developed by the Rapid City Dally Republican, Sioux City Journal and Minneapolis Journal, ot year ago, now pines for publicity in the Pioneer-Times. Th boon Is granted. We note and rejoice over the following change In th inimitable Colonel Lee, late ot the Peacock coal regions, Kansas: A new suit of clothes. A change of health underwear possibly An entire absence of overcoat indicating the approach of spring. An air ot greater repose. He allows capitalists to approach him, now. We remember and regret the following familiar characteristics: In unity. Christian charity by bear The recent rate cutting Indulged in (3 He and the matter 1, now being con ing with each other's weaknesses; aid sldered by those interested and affect ! by It. It 1, believed that quartxlte. ing by wise counsel distressed or erring brothers; by relieving their distress if by the Pacific railroads and steamers, have played havoc with rates. The fare from Chicago or St Paul to Daw-eon City was 350 to 1 500 until the Ca J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. r.i. which la the foundation ot the aillclous ore formation, can be reached in VtiO and soothing their afflictions. With these cardinal principle, em- nadian Pacific began slushing rates, feet below the surface; some good miners, who are familiar with the con In which was met by the roads on the American side of the line. The infec blaxoned upon Its banner, the order Is propagating Its benevolent and patriotic influence with such effect that in struction of the Ragged Top district, claim that the quartxlte I, In the neigh tion spread to th competing iteom-shlp lines plying between San Francisco, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Vic borhood of 800 feet deep. The Kllput- every city and town of Importance from the Atlantic to the Pacific may be found flourts Sng divisions of the or rick and Dacy shaft is 430 feet and it Is claimed that the last 150 feet was in toria and Dawson, until now one can go from Deadwood to Dawson for from $150 to 185 with prospects ot a fur m shale, showing the limestone capping der, united In a common purpose and bound together In the same fraternal to be about 280 feet thick. The theory ther cut But to tbe average Black A fata' fondness for the glow-worm, has been pretty well established thav irj i ui sii'0 tvvn iiu viiwi i i wealth. the formation In the Ragged Top dis TO AID RUSSIA. Pari,, March 16. The Aurore to-day affirm, that th French fleet 1, beln, prepared for mobllliatlon, adding that feverish anxiety prevail, at all the arsenal, and ahlpyard,, which are work A pathetic passion for the dead sea trlct does not differ materially from ties, making In all 100.000 members In the United States, and such are the teachings Inculcated Into tbe members that from this number are gathered the leaders and projector, of every other organisation whose object is th amelioration of the condition of Irish Htller a trip to Alaska would be dear at any price, unless they have time to waste and money to burn. Better star at home and avoid the hardship anJ disappointment pump-kin, notoriety. that at Bald Mountain and Ruby Basin. m A tendency to forget regular hour, At some period that entire country was no doubt covered with limestone, which and meals when "Interested la capital." A disposition to drink too muoh min Kindred In the old land or the frater TREASURER'S OFFICE. eral spring water at the Bullock' has entirely disappeared, however, being carried away by erosion. Whether or not three ore cotarts will be discovered at Ragged Top as they have nizing of the race In the new. Dead wood, Lawrence county, South j Laxness aa to social duties he rare in We Bll Goods Cheaper than any other Home in the Land. For This Week we Offer fift Pieces Silk Walat to Skirt Lenajtha In Bilk black and fa&oy colore at a redaotion of From 33 to 5G por coot. TMs c!S! lEtinst Efsry Ltij ia iia U:L Wo Are Daily ReoeiYlng the latest choice noreltiea in Ereai Qooda and will be klad to ahow them. ly Invites friends to dinner. been at Bald Mountain, remains to be Dakota, March 14, 1898, I will pay on presentation at this office. Bridge Fund directed jy wr0 tntm army and navy heailiiuarters here, while everything upturn culm on the surface there Is a tempestuous undercurrent.. The administration has been Informed tliut Austria Is putting forth every ifToit to Induce the powers to support ili ruling family of flpaln in the event of a domesiic revolution In that country growing out of the settlement of the Cuban question and that Austria would support Spain In case of war with tho United States. Henuior l'roctor addressed the senate this afternoon on the desolation he hiiw while in Cuba. He drew a most dismal picture. He said that Oen. Wcyb-r hud ailnilttii). In a letter to a friend In Havana, that the harbor was mined and that officials In Havana knew how to explode them. There is opposition here to tht de-muud of a money Indemnity for the Iohs of tbe Maine, In case a Spanish huud blew up the ship. Senators and represen tut Ives who are usually fair and Just In all their personal relations declare It would be disgraceful to this nation to acctvt money for the lives of our deud sailors, to put a price upon their heads. "Demanding a money in demnliy of Spuln would be like a man Kolng home and finding there a mur TO THE TEACHERS. Tie work of the State Normal School in But this Inventory of the ohangb. seen. Warrants of Lawrence County, up ta It now appear to be a settled thing and Including. Registered No. 293. In that the project of the Kllpatrlrk at Spearflsh, South Dakota, during the spring term of ten weeks, beginning ing until 10 o'clock at night The Aurora says th French northern squadron at Cherbourg I, ready fof Immediate departure. Th ships. It a; pears, ar being swung during tb,i night at Cherbourg, for the adjustment of their compasses. Finally, It is asserted that, In orde-to complete the necessary number of officers, second year student, are to tv. appointed midshipmen, and all the admiral, have been Instructed to arrange to reach Pari, within twenty-four hour, after being summoned. The Aurore explains that the moblll sailon I, connected with preparation to support Russia by a naval demonstration In the far east. terest ceases from thl, date. wrotiKht In Colonel Lee by "decay', effacing finger," and the receipt of nls naval pension, are no more than time, care, disappointment and tbe failure to find a shoot on quartxlte, or sudtfsn and Bros.' syndicate to drive a working tun net back under the district from Spear JOHN WIL80N. 1 April 5 and closing June 10, will psr take largely of tbe nature of an Instl tute for teachers. Treasurer of Lawrence County, B. D. flsh canyon has failed for the reason that a number of the property owner Intermittent jet, of wealth, will work In the average man. There will be very complete and ft TO HELP PROSPERITY. held out and refused to Join the movement It Is to be hoped that this new The colonel, who la the time thorotiKh reviews ot Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, Penmanship, Drawing Composition. Elementary Science, Al A convention has been called by the enterprise will be carried to a success should be styled "Admiral" for he ha, snuffed salt water and saltpetre In the midst of booming guns and gale 1, a Business Men', league, of 81oux Falli, ful Issue as It will mean a great deal 1 gebra, Botany, General History! Book' to meet In that city, April 5-6, to which to the Ragged Top country. delegate ar Invited from all the com keeping. Rhetoric, Vocal Music. Math' ematlcal Geography, English Lltera better man than many suppose, mentally, morally, and meUllur-l-call-y DETROIT AND DEADWOOD CO. mercial association, and business societies la the stats. The purpose ot the ture, and Physics. Methods ot teaching (Ah!) will receive attention In connection He emits a world of "Idle persiflage" convention as set forth In the call is: On Tuesday the Detroit and Dead- and not a little sound sent. 1. To Increase the present prosper wood Mining company was orgsnlrcd with all reviews. A aeperate class for the study of methods In Geography will also be conducted during the first Mining without capital In th deep ity la our ttat. at Detroit, by Messrs. Warren, Murray, In Peacock coal measure ot Kansas, dur 2. To develop our natural resour- Andrus, McCallum, Baker and others. Blx weeks; one for methods In Pen ing th throes of populism and Mrs. In who recently purcraied the P. H, LI. J. WERTMIEIUER Ct 0H0. mantihlp, during the first three weeks; j Lease, are said to have disturbed the 8. To encourage and help our man Smith group of claims, In tho Two Bit one for methods In Vocal Music and ! M m poise of the Colonel', Intellects. But ufactures. district The company w II put $25, TO RELIEVE THE NAVY. Washington, March 16. One of the most Important measures ever presented to congress, designed to benefit the naval personnel as well as tbe enlisted force. Is now In a fair way to speedy action, and unless there 1, some unexpected obstacle placed In Its course there should be clear sailing for the bill before many day, are past The president', powerful Influence la behind the bill and hi, request that It b given prompt action Is expected to lead to its adoption this week. Attention ha, lately been drawn to the necessity of augmenting the number of officers In both line and engineer,, and bureai one for methods in Drawing, the last what ot that? Card,. Indeed of coal 000 in tbe treasury for working cipltal, 4. Bow to build a dti 6. To secure Immigration. four weeks. A close In History ot Ed might have ruined him. Whisky ta wKh which two shafts will be sunk to alopathlc doses I, fully a dangerou ucatlon and School Management will recite dally. The practice school will quartxlte and mining machinery be pur chased. It la expected that work will aa populism. The abnormal use of NOTICE. be in session and will be open to the be commenced In less thai two weeks. whist, logamechy.tMdle-de-wlnks, grab bags and other alleged Innocent mind observation of visitors. Th Black Hill, Pioneer and Histori derer who had killed his wife and children, und Instead of punishing him ask lug him for $10." The queHtlon directed to this government by Spuin as to what construction Is to be placed upon the purchase ot warships abroad Is considered Ingenuous and Impertinent and tending to Increase the cttlrungenient. War preparations continue. Secretary Alger and the president to-day approved the contracts entered Into by the ordnance bureau for about 12,600,-ooo worth of ammunition. DroJectlles. foods are also perilous. AT TWO BIT. cal Society of 1877 will hold Its annual A cordial Invitation la extended to teachers and high school graduate to CBfonel Lee we wander from the hi fBAaaua, Pr. as taa, Caaklw. meeting at the court house In Dead- JoM.Tmaua, Tim Fia attend the school during any portion ographlcal path will be glad to sen The Chicago and Two Bit company's wood, South Dakota, on April 7, 189S, or all of the term and take any of the an? capitalist large or email, clear-eyed at 7:30 o'clock, at which time the an shaft is 245 feet deep. The material The American National Rank chiefs have Informed the secretary, that if the country go to war, it will find the navy lamentably weak and deficient In the number of officers. The or bloated, red-haired or bald, married being worked In at present I, a hard nua! election of officer, will take place and such other business transacted as or single. He has ground to develop eandrock that Is highly mineralised work mentioned above that they may elect, providing only that they are sufficiently advanced to do so with profit There will be no charge to those ac In nearly every district and no pre Assay, have been had running aa high may be necessary. judice against capitalists. FRANK M'LAUGHLIN, Seo as 4 per ton In gold. Of .SXAOW00O, BOTTTH JSAXOTJL Does a General Banking Business. cepting thl. Invitation for anything The Great Eastern shaft Is 186 feet i bill has the approval of Secretary Lone and Assistant Secretary Rooevelt and I, regarded aa the fairest and best measure ever framed to relieve thi navy. whatever. The use of all text books NOT A MATRIMONIAL BUREAU. HARNBY PEAK MACHINERY. deep and the porphyry has just been will be furnished free. Our well Parties desiring to purchase mining worked through and they ar now In th shale. A larger Inflow of water equipped reading room, expensive ref President Burt ot th Union Pacific Will py intsrsst oa urn, oertlBoatss of d,p,lt Will ay .aad tall xohaagaon all parts of th United lute aad Xarop. erence library, and large general libra' machinery, hoisting engines, air compressors, station and sinking pumps, was encountered when the material Railroad company I a very unhappy ry will be open to all man. Th director ot th great rail etc. fin II to-day these have rested Muli-ly on lite proruipe cf the bureau chief. A number ot foreign contract that could not be made at all except for ready cash wero entered Into to-day. All the available rapld-flrlng guns In Kurope have been bought, and their changed, whloh, however, la easily JTM mak a apeolalty oa all kinds of collections, aad ailjbasiaeM erll be transacted oa business principles, WILL NOT BELL CUBA. Madrid. March 16. A semi-official agency today publishes the following Board, Including fuel and lights, Is hull-up batteries, exploders, fuse, tee hall, cars, skips, blower,, etc., ehould road property admits It, and has taken handled by the large pump. The indl cations are Improving. from til to 14 per month. Unfurnish the public Into hi, confidence oa the consult th undersigned at th Bullock ed room, may be rented for self-board' subject; but there I no relief. X month until Friday noon. announcement "It la useless to talk ot th tale of Cuba. The business eould not be ar lng at from S3 to 13.50 per month, ago. in pursuance of hi, new policy, Th property Include a complete No. M S4HDIL, W. AlXTSTOti. of Oh' THE HARRISON MINE. adVBAu. It is hoped that many will avail them JOIN TBtSt. aunus 1 WILU4S) a ADaUa. the president announced that tbe ladles am tut. t standard saw-mill plant, th best In selves of this opportunity for improve employed at th oompany headquarters th Southern Hills, The Harrison Mining company.whoee ment and It t, believed that none who ranged except by parliament, and It Is Impossible that any Spanish chamber would agree to sell the Island at any price." at Omaha, muat resign. A machln (hop, with lathes, power property Is situated on Blacktall gulch do so will have reason to regret it The decision caused ouch comment drill, shaper, emery wheel, shafting, 1, shipping Its ore to the KUdonan mill Boarding places or rooms will be se In tbe press, and. from th eomaoUoa belting. eta. at Pluma for treatment Tbe owners cured for those desiring such service. provoked, the public at large might rea transportation to this country will begin to-morrow. Only thirty-two six-inch cannon could be had In all Europe and thesu huve been secured. There were plenty of smaller calibre, bat these were not wanted. Larger rapid-fire guns than six-Inch, such as ar, needed for American projectile, are not uiude In Europe. FRANK P. WILLIAMS, Agt Address, of the property are working only three nlnara at n Fount who hSVS HO dlffi- onably have supposed that a mall F. L. COOK. Prcnidsnt. Spearflrh. Sout'h Dakota. March 16. culty In breaking five or six ton. ot or TO J0" I . a. Th .hnn la about four feet other female attaahee of th oompany day. The shoot Th Ploaeer-Ttmts gives twice the per 1898 mxi asva urii w . . . . loeal aews pihllshed la any other daily had been thrown on cold cuamy. this WINTER o thick and twelve feet wide at present FORCING CHECKS AGAIN. Fred 8. Rollins, who recently served a thirty-day,' sentence In the county Jail fer forging and uttering forged check,, 1, under arrest again on a charge of forgery. Rollins, who gave the name of Jaa Morgan Ul, time, presetted a check tor 110.76 to M. R. Russell to be cashed. It was a check on the First Natlogai and a-ivea nromtse ot developing Into I is the only way the president can now explain the numerous letters be is re-1 A CARD. a large body of valuable ore. The min cetving requesting that h select a wit GRUB ers are engaged cross-cutting the for "HR AMAZON AS WILL SAIL, Inndun. March 17 Special: The Editor of the Ploneer-Tlmes: mation and It hi expected that atner for such and such a party from among th, large number of ladle, he has Just deprived of employment Most ot th Knriiaa at ore will be encountered. The In Justice to myself. I ask you to say that the article In last evening' Independent relating to the late Mtss Essie returns from the reduction work, have J Dank of this ctty, and was drawn In fa vor of Jim Morgan and signed J. D epistle, mix business with th, matri averaged 140 to the ton of late. It will Am a: la warship purchased by the I'niteil stutes will be formally transferred to its new owners to-morrow. A crew from the San Francisco will march on board the Amaxonaa - id so be readily Men that such a proposition Johnson. Mr. Russell hesitated when PURCHASERS. Watson, does not state the truth. Instead of being 111 but a day or two, she had been complaining a week or ten monial proposition, and request that President Burt personally see that o 0 o 0 rill make money fast for the owners. the check was presented r-nt Rollins good , sober, and it-ong wive b sent put up a good smooth talk and finally ucceedea In getting th money. CONCENTRATES. days prior to my first visit which was made on the 10th Inst At the first visit I pronounced it a case of severe One gentlen.aa, who signs himself W. F. Webber. Denver, Colo.. No. 2872 Can buy Uielr vrioter'g supplies of Groooriee, THAJ3, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETC . . . . . . Rollins also passed a Check ! the Champa Street" declare that he own Palace Cafe, for 110, also drawn to Jim will set sail for home at once as she I, already coaled and provisioned. A dlnpatch from Rome says Spain has purchased the cruiser Wax, from Italy. We are reliably Informed that grad pneumonia, and the next day wld her fa'her that I feared ,he would not re Morgan and signed J. B. Johnson. Hi several fine farms ot Irrigated land In Colorado, has a home la Denver, and lng Is being done by the Higmano Chlf Mining company, on the property cover and held that opinion during my is regarded as wealthy, want the pres in Sonic gulch purchased from wm. attendance. Yours sincerely. ident to send him a lady who will mak ..j - id. Mtmmiif intends W. W. TORRENCB. rtsiauu, wu " - r. I . ... - . mm received a meal ticket and 15.00 In mon ey. At the Only restaurant Rollins presented a check for 120. drawn the tarn aa th others, and received two meal ticket but th Chinese proprietor would not pay him the difference in At th low prioes current before tbe ad ranee occasioned by Q Ui Dingley bill. Every thing ezoept IT0U3 and EUQA.H 5 at th old prioes " soon to put up a substantial hoisting sw - r" " of age. plant and will sink a deep shaft for th. Eo& rnetW and remits wheal The owner ot a saw mHl at Anthony, A CARD. Editor Ploneer-Tlmes: purpose ot developing the ground. The Eyrapof rig is taken; It is pleasant &1 nfrcslizt to tb last, rxi acts comnanr doubtless own a fin large Kan., writes tbe president to assure hla fiat It he can prevail upon on of 8INKINO TEST WELLS. Washington, March 16 Senator Allen la In receipt of a letter from Chat. I). Wobxitt, director of the geological survey, in answer to a request made on March 7 regarding the desirability of having special authority for sinking test wells In Nobratka, Iowa and South Dakota and for various preliminary Dear Sir: The statement In la. group ot valuabl claims. iPh . hj. there, he wilt marry her and give her rrsSij 71 promptly oa u Kidneys, lira ixi Xowsls, cloa&te tb ty evening's Independent does an Injustice to Dr. Torrence, who attended our h It Is apparent that the destruction tea af jstaaHy. dispels ooUa. bead money. The forger also presented n check for $20 to 8ot Rosenthal to b cashed, but Sol was too sharp for him and did not advance any money upon . Roll In, also gave a 120 check, drawn In th nam way aa th other, to th Keystone hotel proprietor who, after a great deal ot smooth talking his discharged stenographs to com a good home, "provided she U not too fond ot society and oaa furnish her daughter Essie. She had been In poor ot the D. and D. amelter by fire last week has perceptibly affected the bus health ten days before he was called, on the 10th Inst At that time and mm m iness of the city, generally speaking. I' V nnn W kJ lj own transportation to that point' tss t&J revere aad onre nnbitoai eewdaiioa. ftyrap of Fig ia th cdy rsssdr of Its kinA &sgX fiaastngto theteisseaaae- WKh exception of a few. the small ar A Cheyenne (Wye.) eltlsea, who subsequently he pronounced her case L LI my of men who were employed at the most serious and told us that he did saTes-M am nraaBDa. mvmvt us signs himself "A. U. Beakiemsn." says be waits a pretty stenographer for a tr isr.L-a aad tardy bcneSolsl ia it pleat are looking tor work. There are many people In Deadwood who did not not think ahe would recover. We are satisfied that he did all In his power la wit. A. C. HORNBERGER. PROP. ' Ncrt Door to l?c;tcll:3. realise the value ot the smelter until Numerous such letters have the treatment of the esse. operations connected therewith. The director states that the systematic mirveys made by geologist, hsve resulted In the production ot maps ot certain areas which show the depth to water. If authority were granted by congress to drill test wells the result, would be of Incalculable benefit to the person, within the arid and semi-arid region. The director concludes by stating that the matter Is one of such public Importance that It Is well worth consideration. after It burned. eTxrSs, prepared a) from tho most kul-yaai sriiabaaot, hi mrrtz&aest eat!eeommead it & t3 eai tare mad it tbe most celrtd by President Burt Ttstoffietal Wm, WATSON. and urging on the part of Rollins, advanced 16 upon It Rollins was arrested while trying to ell the meal tickets he had procured from the restaurants. He waa given a hearing before Justice Early yesterday morning and waa bound over to the grand Jury la 1500 bonds, In default ot which he went to th county Jail to await hla hearing. He toll begs that the newspaper whloh so a JANE WATSON. Th delinquent sale of th Challenge tlvaly circulated th tact ot th girls Dead wood, March 17, 1391 tr2ir rcEff T kaova. Mining company took place oa Wednes being thrown out of work will now day afternoon as advertised. Only Ljrcp ef H Lt tor tda a 60 m kXss by all leadlas dm wars thee matrimonially Inclined pen Th;e held good for a vhori time only, as with all new goods porchaaod the adraoo must be added. about 23,000 shares of stoca were sold at tbe eale, and went for the amount pie that he Is oyereUng a rail road, act Best of all to cleanse the system la a gentle and truly beneficial manner la when the Sprlngtlmeeome. as the true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Fig. a matrimonial bureaa. of the assessment and costs. Th com Jlsj rnUaUo dir-; t viae try c3 Lsre it ce ksai "will po-t i to rrxr-Uy f asy one wbo . -itatry fc XtoMaaootptacy pany will soon inaugurate some extso sir development work oa th ground. ' tZlll VZVI T3 LC" I I'll Good work, praetpt CaUvery a&i lev iesa ta th ftessr Ttanes Jo nam. that J. B. Johnson was a miner living at Lead, bat admitted to th stats's attorney that he did sot know ,uch a man. This la th nam a need upon th forged check he paused on Charlie Bran, at Lead last tall. Luy the geaulne. Manufactured by th California Fig Syrup Co. only, and tor sale by all druggists, at 60 cents per Deep shafts will be sunk oa both the CURSES ON THE MONTGOMERY. Havana, March 16. Americana her officially and othm ar apprehensive for the safety ot th Montgomery. The rcsTlaea ( gzZt lSre Challenge oUtea la Sprue gulch and oa th Kohl Grand claim on Two Bit, botU. Ik.. ' Vw I V. t r"it.' ..A C "' " j"" " '" f" " ..i i C32 vv w w w w w w w w v s w wr . .! ' - r- ii -

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