The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 24, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. TUESDAY, APRIL -4. 1500 think, for the congressional nomina tion and now if he fails to get the en dorsement of his own county for sen ator the machine will say to him that lie can hardly 'ifit to be ele tcl tt THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. Tp BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. Lai office. Mr. French is in the deal to parently he does not consider that these serious defects in the handling of thier troops calss for anything more than an academic discussion and faultfinding- Hearing in mind Gen. Boiler's previous stupendous blunders at tli first battle on the Tugela, it might have been supposed that Ixjld Uooertn would have followed the disaster at Spion kop liy a summary reconin.enda-tion for his relief funu further opportunity for making errors. There is nothing inor extraordinary hell) Mil him in his own county and will thereby even up an old score. .luilKe Moodv's old-time friends can Wonaena That ordinary treatment falls to relieve painful periods. scarcely believe that the umlei'sland In situation in the Black llllls nr 111 PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO, th sute, or be would not permit the use of his name as a candidate for ill the events of this little war than the fact that, although disaster after disaster has marked the British cam I'uitcd States senator. It is not believed by those outside of Lawrence county who are in a position to Know, that .ludse Moody's name is lieiti).; used by certain of Lawrence county's lead TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year $10.00 Sli Months 5.ou paign, only one general lias been vis ited with any public expression of h.'s They know Lydla E. Pink" ham's Vegetable Compound will and does and has, more than any other medicine. Every woman knows about Mrs. Plnkham's superiors disapproval to the extent of his removal from his command. Even One Month i.oo WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2. 00 Six Months 1.00 O 1 T 11 ( in w It is intimated that the othce ers in honor and to the credit of Judge Moody, but merely hoping to accomplish the defeat of Mr. Martin, an I for their own political aggrandizement. We believe that by the time the state convention is held Judge Moody will hint that statement true he will at least before he ever gets any votes for will wait tor tien. ami liimer an I (ie.i. Warren to ask to b relieved before action will he taken on Iord uoberts Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. riticisms of their incapacity. Evidently it is not alone in the army medicine. Every woman knows some woman Mrs. Pink" ham has cured. But nine women out of ten put off netting this re I nitfd States senator. They don t want of the United States that there is niucn saving irtue in a "pull." o Moody, only temporarily. It will lit surprising to his old friends if h" per . V. 1R TLX FO A COXaRESS. The handeome compliment Mr. Mar tin received at the Deadwood prima THE ' .LMF.Rirj.Y J! I SOX mits his former enemies to thus dupe him and use him. They know very well that Judge Moody can never be nes yesterday was traceable to several causes. The first was the ability ann character of the man; the determina senator; they know that the lilack Hills counties have as reed and united tion of the masses to have a representative in congress. Another fact SOLD ONLY liable remedy until their health Is nearly wrecked by experiments or neglect! Then they write to Mrs Plnkham and she cures them, but of course It takes longer to do so. Don't delay getting help If you are sick. She has helped a million women. Why not you ? Ayres & ffantaaii Hardwars A lull is pending 111 congress r cre-at and maintain a reservation for the .American bison. The history of the bison is pathetic. At the time of tie discovery of America immense nerds cf these magnificent animals roamed f.vei" the prairies from Mexic o to Groai Plave lake. Vast numbers were killed solely for amusement, and it was n"'. i. mil many years later that 'lie bom J were gathered to gether by ilie rail roads were found to be valuable, in in favor of having a Black Hilld congressman and in favor of Mr. (ramble for the senate. That is the only wise political course to pursue. It is the only course by which the Black Hills may secure representation in congress. For that reason the Black Hills counties are united upon such a course, anil that should not be overlooked is that Mr. Martin has in less than two months developed Into the best politician in the state. He has all the good qualities of the best local politicians with none of thtlr faults. This added to his personal popularity, brought about the results. It is only an Indication of the vote that he will receive there would be no division at fenti-ment in Lawrence county were it not 1 832 the bis'iu disappeared from th C. L. SlEWERS. Columbia Bicycl which have passed since he put himself in the political fl if 11. for the inordinate irsonaI Jealousy next November. He will carry with country east of the Mississipi ; :iver; in the '70s it was driven off il.e praii- anil ambition of some of Deadwood s him the republican county and legisla tlve ticket in every Black Hills coun ty. Of course others will place a dif ierent construction on the result, but under similar conditions others would ies west of the river; in lS'.in the species was almost exinctt 'Mid captive rrimals sold for as much as $1,imi('. Since that year bison have been b en foi sale to showmen. At Lincoln uark many of them have been lr !. some of tLem having been sold for tl p purpose of stocking Yellowcst ine p;nk AND citizens. The republicans of Lawrence county cotdd not more certainly aid in preventing the Black Hills from having any representative In congress than by seeking to Induce Judge Moody to become an active candidate for United States senator. We can not believe the BICYCLE SUNDR have done nearly if not quite as well Had Judge Moody announced his can- Uierre Journal; Custer county at ts convention instructed the delegates to the state convention for E. W. Martin for congress, Butte and Pennington counties will take the same action and it will be up to Lawrence to either endorse their own man or turn down a Lawrence county man who has been endorsed by every other county in the Hills. aiaacy Derore so many podges had The Most Complete Repair Shop in the been made to Mr. Gamble, ne would undoubtedly have received some mpre be breeding and raising of bi.-oi is easy; they subsist on the c'.arsc . ol sincere and earnest republicans from among the masses will be party to such a purpose. OCR ST.IXDIXG ARM'. We are wont to say in the United Shortest Shortest votes, but it wa3 a losing right from the beginning. The supporters of Mr. Martin were earnest, enthusiastic and active. The opposition was also active and battled bravely against superior numbers. Both sides conducted a fair and open campaign and there is no cause for any bad blood from any source. The proper thing to do now is to consider the matter settled and at the convention next Saturday select the strongest possible delegation to the Btate convention Instructed for Martin, Burke and Herried. These delegates should fcod and require no shelter. While sentimentally there is much to commend the proposition to iiu-serve the bison, not much pratti -.d good ran come of the proposed measure. At this time in many parts ot (he country bison ore being bred for shew purposes. The creation of a resen i-t'on for them would be spectacular a1; a penitential offset, for the hearths destruction of the animals, but such .1 policy would not restore the bison mitigate the shamefulness of th former destruction of the native herdj States that our standing army consists of a few thousand soldiers, more or less. In one sense this is true, but the real standing army of the United States the army that is doing more to make the United States a good place to live Madison Leader- The fusion forces were put out in the city election at Sioux Falls this week. For two years the city has been in their control an 1 it was designated that the election this spring would be the means of showing the strength of Senator I'ettigrew in bis home town. With all the city organization behind it and the use of questionable methods the fusionists were defeated by the republican ticket by 379 votes. It is a silent messenger "lost Direct Saves and a good place to own property, and a good place in which to rear our children, is the great army of Sunday Hours Hours schools, where ttie children are taugl.'l to the senaior from that Dart nf the ' right principles of morality and good To state as to his future in political Ex-Queen Llluokalani will sail from San Francisco to Hawaii in a couple of be selected with a view to their strength and with a view to harmony. During the heat of the campaign some unkind things were said which will soon be forgotten. weeks, never to set foot again on th citizenship. The golden rul Is of benefit to good government, and Sunday schools teach the golden rule. There are about HS.OOO Sunday schools in the United States and Canada, with about mainland of the United States. She is 44 Every Well Man bitterly dssappointed over the failure Kansas City, St. Louis and all Southern Points And of congress to grant her a biK pension thirteen and a half million members Hath His III Day. THE RE4M CANDIDATE. That the real candidate for United and say 8 if Grover Cleveland' were only in the White House she would be given "justice." The agen ex-queen is by no This is our real standing army. Bibles are better battalions when it conies to States senator is A, B. Klttrtdge of Days Days; fiioux Falls 1b not longer a question means in want. She has an annual in The Pioneer-Times has believed it to To come of about $25,000 from property in be so all along, and little by little the the islands, but believes that this coun evidence crops cut. Judge Moody genuine protection The International Sunday School convention, whicn meets every three years, is looking after all of these Sunday schools and is tha only agency that gathers the Sunday school statistics of the -whole country. 0 LORD ROBERTS CRITICISMS Is seriously a candidate, but he try owes her several millions on account of the subsequent annexation proceedings. When the ex-queen sails Cape Noma Portland, Seattle, and all Pacific Coast and Montana Points, will soon learn that the friends who bare urged him to come out are only using him for a tool.. Here is a portion A doctor's examination might show that kidneys, liver and stomach are normal, but the doctor cannot analyze the blood upon ivhich these organs depend. Hood" s SirsaparilU purifies, vitjdixei and enriches the blood, h cures you tuhen "m bit off" or tvhen seriously afflicted. never disappoints. Eczema "My mother's fce, hands And feet tuere terribly stooUen cxth eczenvu Used Hood's SarsnpirilU i the druggist's suggestion And U aU disappeared. 1 recommend it . to my parishioners.'' Rev. E E. Jenkins, 407 Governor Street, BoAnsviUe, Lid. - of the evidence: . N. T. ROBERTSON. away from San Francco, the incident will be closed so far as the government is concerned. She will be just llk any of the other wards of the government in the Hawaiian group. Press dispatches from London yes'er ay contained extracts from the yett. TICKET AGENTJ tvnich Lord Roberts sent to tr.t war YANKTON, 3. D.. April 20. Last evening's Press and Dakutan said; "Ole Odlaod of Gayville, member of the effict when transmitting the iepo: ti of Oen. Duller and Gen. Warreu relating to the operations of the British nrtr.y lower house of the legislature from this county, made the staternent in Vermillion this afternoon that Hon. I la Natal during the week ending Jan nary 24, last. Lord Roberts' dispatch B. French, of this city, is an avowed Custom Ore ij so diffuse that it is only by creul candidate for the United States senate. Mr. Crane of Watertown, secretary of examination that one can siit out -lhe The action of the senate in refusing to displace the Spooner Philippine bill shows that there is an earnest purpose in congress to enact legislation for the islands In the present session. One of the measures which antagonized the Philippine bill was that for the construction of the Nicaraguah canal, but deeply interesting as this project is to the people of the United States at the present time, here is a desire that even ores by the Cyanldj important conclusions drawn by hi in VUafKimta We sre sow prepared to tr sat custom cess at reasonable rates. the republican central committee, came - to Yankton last night, and his move Concerning Spion kope he cumk-imia Gen. Warren fos having failed to carry Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co out the orders given him oy (len. Bai Hood Phil care Htt llli; th non-h-rlftlnc an . . , , a , , f 1, "T) ' mly othirtl. to uke with Hood'. IUrnrllU. FlTSt Ward. DeadWOO(l - - DOUin ler and for having neglected to inform the latter of his intention t ) a'jt upon a different - plan. Naturally he is ments this forenoon Indicated that he sought information." - The paper goes on to say that Mr. Crane's visit was undoubtedly political , In nature and that he 'was probably looking up the matter la Gamble's interest It also mentions several visits that A. B. Kittredge has recently made that measure shal not be allowed to secure the right of way over the one equally severe upon Oen. Bulled for to deal with the Philippine problem. The United States has a very strong his disinclination "to asert his authority and see that what be thought best I J. L. MARCOUX'S desire to see the Alaskan civil code here and hints that .Klttridge Is en was done. The eonimander-ln-chier bill adopted this session, but 'he eouruging Mr. French so that Yankton frlendh of that measure did not succeed la putltpg it ahead of the the evidently has little regard for an off.c-r who gives the right orders unless lie sees that hi orders are obeyed, Ke county will be divided and Mr. ,Kltt red go can then capture the senatorshlp New Undertaking Parlor Spooner bill. . .himself. r; I noticed the article concerning peaks of Oen. Warren's error of Judgment and want of administrative capacity, and refers to Col. Thorney- Bryan says Dewey's avowal that he Is a democrat makes him a good Atner- No. 20 Lee Street croft's order to retreat frcm Spiou k p lcHn cMtmp "not a Porto Rico or Phil- Now Open to the PublK the senatorial candidacy of L.' B. French in the Press and Dakotaa last evening, and I happen to know that there is a good deal more truth, than oetry Ja it. remarked a 8outh Da-kotan and an -office holder this forenoon. . He doe not reside In Yankton and was a guest at the Pierce. "It is Are as -wnawarrasiaoieana neetiess -, jppln dtrsen.", It must be consoling sumption of responsibility oy a subor- t0 Spanish Admiral to hear that dlnate efflcer." ' ' ' ' t iwey ( aory orer the Philippines In-, As Lord Roberta is la siprerae cum- cldent. ;But Brpan may be mistaken 1x1 and ot all the iiriush lovres In Soma about the matter. Africa one might have expected that Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west fact that Kittredge and others of the! his scatblnc crltldsins ot his nbordJ-republican machine want to kill off 1 nates would have been accompanied by ah r.Ur.ii. nMHA u., n DfAinnnl in the Ail a definite recommendation that they bw relieved of their commands. He seems to nave said too much or not enough. His dispatch Indicates he rec Mil miiuuiiiuim wuno uf u riwivuoiwiiui A terrible blow . wlll be dealt ' to Pewey If he should be defeated for the democratic Tic presidential candidacy, providing he wants it ; Fully as bad a blow will be dealt .to his reputation If, he should concent to accept such s post at alL In fact, the admiral has dropped a long way ln the regard of the people of the f nlted States In the two weeks Kooert j Gamble, politically, aad it was for that very purpos that 09 was induced to announce his candidacy for the senate. - Klttridge himself Js ths real candidate for the senate and if the republicans get the legislature ne will " elected. Gamble is shelved, they - , ; 7 ; 7 only funeral car in the hills 1 UarrilWD ognition of ths lack of exactness and! V.L.kjinalJ .. v. 4 Calls Answered by Day or Night. - ' . i gwod system la the strategy and tactics of the Ratal commanders, tut ap-

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