The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 2, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1899
Page 6
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MMMMMMUMMIHUINItlWWHHM iniMHIUHttWWSWttMM BRYAN GXKKEY hava money to loan la any quantity on good, terms. Seal estate, bronerafe and fire iaaur- LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. I ancw business traasactoo. All btwfncaa 'attended to with promptness and care. Brettoll block:. Lead. (3-23-tf.) Chief of the fire department, Tim Foley, LEAD'S Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. 1S99. LEAD, S. D. by request of the Alerts gave mem, a JUNE 2, i flllHIIIIIlliniiiivDili !.. n FROM COL. UNN. I) May 27, IS!'!' it This so Incensed and woundel Human (lark that h enKaK'd lawyers and xave notice of an ImpeiidliiK suit for ilamaRts. V.wteplay throiiKh his lawyers, Messrs. ii'n .....I . u. i.iuu,.r In Ihe in- practical laiK on nre maimers iu ui latier b hall last evening. There was a good crowd out and all engaged shrdlushrdlushrdlu Mrs J. C Moody was in Lead calling on friends yesterday.. The lieadwood & BalLimore stamp mill in (Jayville will resume owraUana in a few days. The damage occasioned by a I car falling through the mill being almost I eems very unfortunate that a Mark Mills Orand Army pol shouM wlv not to at Hot "Mini n.ii'1 nai ' J. tend the department encampment at a)f I Juik lion whh lll.-il. and, in th- reply Hun- on.inu ihi. or hM-itiiHc lew than a h Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. repaired. The accident is one that seldom- pyiuiao j . -. fare rate could not be obtained fr ni the railroads A half fare rate Is considered liberal In the east side of the state, but t may be too much for the Black Hills. We do not intend to dux-uss the railroad rate, but rather the cause for the actlou Of the Lead poet. can Clark anked for $112 actual expense, $.10 prMit which he would have derived from the how, and I.'i.OIK damages to his reputation and dignity. The ministers. Messrs. Woodcock, Mar-pie, Tetters and Sehenck, have engaged Lawyers Kedlon and Thompson, and put up the nix'essary retaining fee. They occurs and it is hardly likely that after the experience they have had that It will ever occur there again. gtonomasons are making good headway on the foundation for the new Faust l(tck on trie southwest corner of Main and I with Father Itedmond equally shares the cost of getting out the first Injunction, - For many years an effort had been made to secure the atiite eiicanipmn for Homo town In the Black Hills, but the (.uestlon Of expense prevented. Lat year a! fun- II leek or streets. Mr. Faust, says he will surely have the roof on the structure by and paid it themselves and now that this additional expense Is upon, the Tribune ap the Fourth of July and if the work continues as It Is at present the task will be ton Major Anderson. Bailey Madison of With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. pealt to the moral people of Load In this accomplished. I way. If you approved of the action of our ministers in stopping, what undoubtedly Sturgts, Comrade Abt of Lead, myseir an J Others succeeded tn getting the encampment located at Hot Springs, beeause we wanted our friends on the other fide of tha Missouri to come otut to this wonder Mr. Charles J. Russell and Miss Anna j Howard were united In marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Lang In ' would have proved a stench and a stain on our city, you can assist them financially the Washington addition last evening. Kev. and show your approval and help shoulder land and learn what a wonderful country (1. 0. Ware performed the ceremony in the the burden, which was taken up in behalf the west side of the state waa, and prom presence of quite a number of inviul of the city by the ministers. The latter did not ask this, and the Tribune suggests guests. Mr. Husell Is employed in the Homestake foundry and is an Industrious laed them a royal welcome from every town In the Hills, in fact a Hits reception tor Ithe east aide. To make It successful I 33. IsO,d. S. and exemplary young man. Miss Howard is a recent arrival from Kansas and is a It as being only proper that the city should do this and show that Lead Is a inoril city. Tribune. 0 young lady of many accomplishments. They will reside In Lead. HEY WOOD. Alba Heywood, otic of the world's grcat- the railroads made a lower rate than ever before given, yet no man or woman from the east aide of the state can make the trip to Hot Springs short of twenty dollars,, and from that to thirty, to say nothing about (their expenses In the Hills. Jiojr7 comes the Lead post, presume1 1 to! It is (lulle evident that Ihe citizens of nt comedians will lie In Ijeail next Monday Lead desire to have a kindergarten ea- night, June In the Miners opera house. tahllshed. that is if ihe iare atlendanee i fid Ms fit? p? Mr. Ileywood w;lh securil by the singers at the niicra house Wednesday night was any criterion. The house as full and all be one of the rkhnst In the state, and plunges a comrade's knife into the encampment falls to get a rale as i lub, which society Kuaritnlecd him a large sum of money. The house w ill he crowili d for everybody Is talking about the great comedian. )ow as that given those who must travel from eleven -to fifteen hundred milej In their desire to visit the Black Hlllii, including Lead Oily and Its world famous Jlomeetake. paia tne ciost niiinliun to I lie program that was rendered by Lead's h.-si talent. A good Hum of money was raised ami the institution of the juvenile school is assured. Other entertainments will lie given, for the same purpose and it is hoped that all will show the same intenwt as they did at this one. The ladles who are at the hmd of A HANDSOME FRONT. W. R. IHcklnson, the druggist, will have tho handsomest front In the city. The old one was torn out yesterday and a large number of mechanics are putting In the new one as fast as the work can be .' Why should the Lead post desire to lAtura the erww.m nmen t and Rtnv awar fpom It because of a paltry dollar or two. If the Lead veterans felt aggrieved, would the enterprise feel much encouraged over their success so far and they are the kind of women that will not be satisfied with partial success, but will keep on until the The Entire Stock of the Cohn-Gumbiner Co. Consistino; of object to accomplished. o ' SATURDAY EXCURSIONS Clothing. Furnishing Via "Th Northwestern Line" to Hot H not have been better for them to have privately resolved to kill the encampment and say nothing about it, and the whole thing would have been dead Ion ago. We of Hot Springs the visiting comrades from all over the state may be able to bold the . firing Uns in the absence of the Lead boys, and n be al to enjoy ourselves notwithstanding their absence. It might bn jrseo well enough for recruits to kick over j half rate, but veterans never, and be- fvaJaes, the grand army boys didn't Ax the railroad rates. Springs. I To Hot Springs and return at one fare ' 8. R. Smith to still selling the 165.00 Singer for 132.60 oaah, and other at prices tn proportion. Col. Joseph Ford Is doing a rattling business at roof painting in Lead. . Charles Hungerford. the Terry barber, Is visiting his parents in Deadwood. The Pioneer-Tim la on gate at I D. Jacobs' Bacar, where you cam also ret the finest smolce la town, (tf.) S. C. McMaster, the Central saloonlst, has opened a resort in Hobo Jim's old place to Deadwood. Cbtorodjna Oough Mixture will oar tiat eonsn, or we refund tho money. L. for the round trip tickets good for return on or before the following Tuesday. The Hats, Goods, Elkborn la the popular route to this pop Caps Etc. ular resort Aa th train leaves Dead- id p. m. at the close of The famous Canton band U coming nf hours. FOR rlALH, TWO HOISTS. One twenty-horse portable friction P. Jenkins, Druggist. tf. tt baa been the boast of some Dead wood , gad Lead cUiseas that the Lead band could Clean put anything In the ftt, and. the . Canton band Is coming expectlnK to have t Meadjjr (ona whh tD id boys, end Canton boys will have to do all 'playing, assisted by the Sioux Falls engine and boiler, adJustlMe bamd toot Slightly Damaged by Smoke and Water. We Have Settled with the Insurance Co.'s at Ed Rogers, manager of I. H. Chase's break, with S00 test steel cable, eom- Lead store, was aa early caller la Dead- wood yesterday. On large blower, sottafate for fifty Bsnry grthftrtsal's Msajr offlo . will lon'sraeltlnf fnrtuus. i'ttV wtsdaonary Motion drum botot. own th band, and if. mighty slip jni of b tsmporartly jooat4 tn tbs ftaseaem of bit reaidenoe. No. I Oudnn strsst fiftaan horse- power engine and boiler, town aid go down to Peadwood, and. thus to slip tbrougti Lead DOt picket 7V If ITwe) Altar presses for ohlorlnatlon or ,ThedoTe..(key, ihehuatlfng, utteket on ihe Dollar. Genvs Uacs. there are any'oM toMlera in the band ws'll bet a full .canteen,'' thy ran cyaalds" 7- i Ehqulreaiuteaid,a (tf) wnejoestiancfeta y eeiven parues learing bq the Elk horn for Calumet. Mich.. scape boi. Dewey's picket. ,. J , We fag, the actios; of the. pott In Bore ways tisra ' neoeeearr lo state just Bow.. , Hundred are coning to tot n-eampmeot who intend to travel all over tt.; 8. B. Smith is bavtnc nice trade to WALL PAPER, lis to selling at ens old the Hills and bow would Leal fel if mm ma was to get a resolution passei In the vrioea from lOo op per double roll." " ' (4-20-tf.) It li not too late yet to go Into the Cohn Doampmeot refusing to visit Lead because the railroads wouldn't knock oft one hun Oat Flower furnished on twenty-four hoar notice for all occasions from the cradle to the grave. Special rates to wedding parties Qumblner Co's store and get great bar dred and twenty cents of the rate an gain In clotbingt Anyone needing goods The Insurance Company's loss is yourgain. Owing to the rush during the past week we were unable to wait on all customers and had to close our doors. With better facilities from now on our doors will be open. People well know goods are very near given away, and we will continue at the Same?iato until the stock is closed out. COHN-GUMBINER CO. in that line will not be wise tf they miss DouDoed. This resoluiUon business U some times dangerous when firey untamed and funerals. Black Hills this grand opportunity. C. G. KNIGHT. Teleohon 1126. M. J. Alltneon has money to loan at youths get la the saddle, and we think there must have been aome of then pres reasonable rates. . Real estate and Insur ent when Ool. Dewey resolved to kill the ano business transacted; collections JOHN ELMEHK, Black Hills Grand Army encampment made.. Cotton ft Andrews block. Lead. It may be Impossible tor the Lead post to rescind their death dosing resolution (G-24-tf ) House Mover and Beuairer. MASONIC ft ODD FELLOWS' BLDO., C OR. MAIN AND BLSBKER STREETS. William Lyons left for Omaha yesterday bat perhaps this famous resolutloa will not to visit with relative for a few day be AA Work Dons With Promptness and dlspstrJi ,.m prevent tha eiUsena- from coming down. fore th session of the K. of P. Grand SOUTH DAKOTA LEAD, nd we hellers Hon. W. 8. 0"Brteo will be Lodge. He la one of the delegates and will HIAWATHA PARK, - LEAD, 8. D. able to recruit a good slsed company under such able recruiting officers as Comrades Join the Lead crowd next Monday. A great m&niy old watches which are M a a e, considered aselesi mar b brought Abt and Wells, and eome down to - tba Spring wHh banners tying and borna tooting, and thus keep unsullied the fair into aerrlos by taking them to the Furniture m Dickinson-LIay Company J Beemer-Orboo company and bars name and tame of the greatest gold rain Oism repaired. (tf.) tng town In the world. " " ARTHUR LiNN. Has Received DEALERS IN - William Brewer, a HomeaUfco employe left yeatorday by way of the Blkhora for DUNCAN CLARK COMES BACK AT THE New York city to visit hi father and mother. He will be gone two or three : MINISTERS. . Furniture, Crockery I Glassware. months to take a well deserved rest and It will ba remembered by our people that est the 26th of April, Duncan Clark and hav a good visit. an aggregation of several kinds of femalea traveling under the nam ' of "Duncan B. fi. Smith has the) exclusive sals at the nw HERRI CK Sanitary Rfrlg-mtor: It Is the only one made that hat a circulation of air, and keeps dry Clarkt Female Wastrels were booked for Everything Strictly up to iate and prices that cannot be beat performance i th Lead Opera Bouse Three Cars of Wagons, Buggies, Surries, Carriages, Rockaways, Eoad Wagons, Buckboards, Road Carts. Phaetons, Express wagons : Etc.i ; From the Racine Vagon and Carriage Works. Also ; second hand rigs cheap. Will sell cheap for cash ; or on installments. I S. R. SMITH. LEAD. when fat use. , (4-204t) Th reputation which proceeded Duncan Clark waa of a moat unsavory kind and at The Derby ha changed hands and th Deadwood where h was allowed to show, place has been temporarily closed tor re Undertakers and Embalmers. pair. It la now la the bands of pain tars hi performance waa ao rotten' that the pros and people war inanlmows, In d- sod paparnangers and when they are through' with tt, tt. will be on of th soundsg It. On tb day K waa to appear la Lead, tb ainlstera of th city, acting tsndsomsat and moat attractive resorts hi 7 Jatntly, secured aa tojuactioa reatralAlng) th state. Messrs Meyers eV Sen era of Afo. 3 Mam St laorn from plsytng. '. '. 'J ', , Lfad, South Dakota. J Redwing. Minn., are the new proprietors; HismejniasftitttMt

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