The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 16, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY. MARCH, 16, 1898. Obuuiwr. K.ll.r Atlorn.r. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. AND COMING! march ie UtAD, . D. Third Annual Ball Ancient Order Hibernians CITY HALL 19. Moody a Waah.o.UKh I'h.ntnr. Kallar. A k uriCX Ol BtlkkUr .dAL. - ... of BiwUi Dakota, Oounly af lawrauaa, a. .1 iirull Ciurt, kia-btb aauiuial utrciw . i.aaal ua Oaiataira, , iaiutitf. VM. Tba oro I'afb. U-dd Mlnln. Ouuipaay, m aurpora. tiou, ursauiaad and e&i.uiui uuuar aad by virtu, ol tha law. ol tb. .taw ol Smw Xork, and J oka Dim, and aji-bard tt.ia, wkiaw traa aajuaa ara ka plalutilf uukuoau, waur. aad aotaar. ud tk. ,'Ui orate Imu.iI. laauad by tha aald Oro Vaaba Uola kliu.u.O.MutMkuy, .ud buuiuarad 1. la a. tUDiuaiva, uunilwr. ml w a. UiotnaiT., luiulirra 41 14 luuiulv, and Baav Wr. aA to kj lianuaiva, aaah ot aald lorat"iua' iKMid. ball. I lor iha nia of Bhw g. ami iIUh Auaual a&Ui, Ikiai, kud p ykMa te t'karl. a . haah, nuatea, r iMMU-ar oa Aaama '.ai, I a, au luor. tMuuoularly daaorikad la tb. uouiplaiut lu IbM acuiH', DrlaadauM. NoUi u hjr.liy .ivau, thai by virtu, of a of .uravioaur. aud mum lu iha abu v. aa. uud auliou uu th ata day of pabraary Aw 1A 1BVS, Thirty Day. we will be conauntly receiving new Lines departments. Oar store is toe large and our departments too particularize. We can only M- that while in many lines there advance in values, owing to hcreased duties and other causes contracted for before the advice, and we own ,t at old prices it lasts will sell it at old price-?. HERE New Dress Goods. Now Millinery. New Carpets. New Curtains. New Embroideries, New Laces. FJOR the next m all numerous to has been a big cur stuff was and as long as New Ciothing. New lats.and Caps. New Shoes. New Furnishings. New Wash Goods. New Organdies. We Havs the Largest and Mast Complete Grocery and ETardTjaro Departments Weat of the ZXlasomi. Wc Solicit Your Patronage bc fl-rl mm mm mmim i-.ocvca.f a, xx NOW IS THE TIME To purify your blood with Hood'. Sar Mparlll. March, Apr!., day ar. iha trying months of the year. At ills sea son your blood Is loaded with impu'i tlea which have accumulated luring the winter, and these impuriil.u mmt be Immediately expelled. HoouV Bar saparllla Is the One True Blood i'urtfy-er. It Is the medicine which lias accomplished many thousands ot .emsrk-able cures of all blood diseases. It In what the millions take In the f pi ing to build up beulth sud ward off sIckneNS. Fl'tU INSURANCE. We have Juxt received the sgeucy of ths Hanover Fire Insursace Co., of New York, which has Just entortd this field, capital $1,000,000, and 'or them we solicit a part of your patronage tu this line as they have been In business since 18.' 2 and are reliable. This agency now represents five companies, ks to) lows: Home, of New York, . Orient and Phoenix of Hartford, Conn. Mer chants, of Ncwa k, N J., and Hnove: of New York. FHl'U g. iIARRM. H. B. YOUNO. DR. BABCOCK'S OFFICE Is now located In room 14. Syrticate block. Entrance from elebe- e nt Main street. NOTICE. All persons Indebted to ms are re quested to call at the office of Frawlsy k Laffey, where all accounts due me hsve been left for collection. 0. NELSON. NOTICE Or' ANNUAL MEETINO The regular annual meeting ot stock holders of the Pocohontas Mining com pany, will be held at the tri of J. P LeBeau, Central City, 8. n on Tne day, March 13, 1898. at 2 o'clock p. m.. for the wlectlon of a bonrd of director; to serve the ensuing yesr and (or the transaction of such other bus'ness a msy properly come before it. S--lw. JULIUS REnSAMTV. See. NO KXPERIMRNT. Dr. L. Miller's experlencs la the treatment of long-standing and dCBcult nervous dlscanes, makes the euro sr re in the esses he undcrtakes.for he sends the Incurable away without taking a fee. The cause ot disvaae la t,ulcklj apparent, the doctor does uot experiment but removes It, ss rapidly the co-operation of the patient allow. Among other diseases these ar curable: Stammering, rheumatUm, St. Vitus danca, catarrh, goetlr, piles, diseases of the skin, blood chest, throat, liver and stomach, producing, nervous prostration, weakctiitig fuucllous, da bllity, dlxa.n"Hs, Ions ot memory and other symptoms. Consultation free At GUlmore House, Wednesday, March 14. from 1 to 5 p. m. The Elkhorn la the best line frost Deadwood to the East This statement Is verified ty everyone who has traveled over the road Splendid equip ment excellent service, ur urpaasel Urns and good connections. Call at ths legant new passenger depot and set rates. Through sleeps- leaves Tie the Elkhorn every night at o'clock THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD OR OUR SAVIOUR IN ART. Coat ever 1 100,000 to publish. Contains nearly 200 full-page engravings of our Saviour, by the great master. Every picture la reproduced from soms famous painting. Agents are taking from three to twenty rwders per day. Ths book Is so beautiful that when peo pis ti they want It The Hermit age, Prado, UfflsL PltU. Louvre, Vatican, National ot London, National ot Berlin, Belvldsra and other celebrated European galleries have placed their greatest and rarest trsasurea at our disposal tbst they might be engraved tor thla auperb workV'FIRST O LANCE AT 1HB PICTURES BROUOHT 7 cARS TO MY EYES," says one, Cleared $1M first week's work with ths book," says another. "Some high grade man or woman shoild secure the agency here at once," says every editor, "as $600 can soon be mads tak Ing orders for it" Nearly f 10,000 ex penad on new plates for edition com lag from press. Also a man or woman of good church standing can secure po sition of Manager and Correspondent of this territory, to devote ail his time te employing and drilling agents and corresponding with them. Address tor full particulars A. P. T. ELDER, Pus-ier, tig Michigan venae, Chicago, Illinois. Ko deception praettosrl No tl0U Reward. ACX YOUil DHUQCIST for a geaerona 10 CZriT TRIAL CIZ2. .a-, r t .. I Aae r i t UMMON. lu III. t'H. nil (Vol ( II,. KlKliUl Ju.lli-I.l Ol-cu.l .1 ib- -1..1.. ..I r.,,1'1, (j.., vnbiu uui I... I4W"4I, IN.,,,,,,, K,m ,,p.i N.,.i i,n , f Uncoil, . .Mllii 1, .iaim S. '"Mi-1' ! I. iMva :iit ll.--.UU. ..I lfc.u,. lu.ila -WIHlatfTMllUlt. TUl IIM41IW.I JJuUuta. Vim,, Mm tiilr .uiuiu-.iumI and ruirMl ki wvxr Hi. ,..iii.i.iii ,,( iu. ,l,ui!., lu Ib. I...... 1 ui ,i. ..m,t cj.j, ,i,., ni i lu llu nj f ,1.. ,.,wrk 1 . .mniml curl t Hie niun iu ill. rtij f IwhlwinHt l IWr-ll. 4Nllltr. fe.Mllh llk.a .n.l hi M.r.a I W . f iur.uwr , th. r.,u.,,Ulllt on U ulm-illH.r .1 hi. ,.fflc. In lb. fit i.f InhuI. i,i, iu uui i'. .unt) .no .Ul siiiiib Ibirly dj. srt.r 111. M.rvin. ul tin. .uiuiuuii. ttn4i u, ;OlBl lit Ul. ltJ ul am k nric, Ullil l( UU liul lu anpwvr lb. Mid uHuplaliil vuhln lb. Uui. al.iriaHti.l lb. ulMiitllf ihi. ai'lMMi vlll juiiu.i,t aaiul l. u tb. mnnln. Ik'i and biillrl iliulai. Sn,'Ai, wits iurm u una ui..ii : 1 -r mul or .nuuiu F . Il-W IM till. ..'IIIIU. l d f.Utwrf iitt, rH.u.mui K..U.A. . fliinliB'. Tu tli. .Ii . bamml; I at- iiiHli. Ibal t a e.Mila!it! lu tbl. artlim III m t- m.- ..f tiwcwra of ibvai. litlllad : couri ai ibaniurt hnuw lu tlia wnl rlt of Uwd I ao-Mi, oult IM..11U, .m lb. Win ! ul r.uruar. ! Ml, urn CH.aaRa. Ssix.a. I'Uiutilt. Atturu.f. Uawdwiiud, HoulS IakiHa. rirM ruunnati aaiva iwa. W.Hin A bJaroa Attra, UMMllNH.-WONtt UhMAKO-OOMI'LAlNT t J riiao. State ot iuth Dsinti county of Lawrmor, av u i nv'iu i u i, rikihii luuiciai inrouit. Tboun. Urwll., Plallitlit. Vraurl. . l-l,i., l).f.m.oU Tb HWta .if Mouth lH.kna mdi srMtlnt To lb Imit. ualuail dataudanti You r hrli .auiuouatl and raaulrad In an. mar th. i-.,iuiialiil of tha abu nauiad plalutlfl . win ;m nmn in in. omoa oi taa olar of tu tli autiu.d souii al IMaUwood, Month lMkola, Ui. nilaiTiiwr. at thair offlo In tha Martin A M.Miu iilurk, In (Mdwonil, bouU iMkota, within w.v w. mtv. a nui, in WIM.P .inn. n.w.. .1. .i,.r tn. Mrvi(-a or Uit. MuainioKM af af tli. day at Mrrlra, or tk. plaintiff mil I ii. Jii.Utuwi uiim von for tbou-BmdBvM kunilr.d dollar, with si th rat. oi i par to tun par annum firm th 1.1 d of November INS.-, bmKlM lb. nad of tbl. acam. Dated .1 ImwIwimkI. Bouth UakuU, tbl 7th day rabruar, A. l. lim. AAtXkJXtlAAVk riAintlff'i Atkvo... Tc th. d.tmidant naiuad bovi iaa nouxa Uial tb mmplalnt b.rlj wa. niaa m tba nrBo. of Iha olark of ju- .uo a .nmi.n court at IMadwood. South Uakou, on Pabruary Mth, A. D. 1mm. BUkTin a MaaoM PlalnuO Alhmi.i. (Flrat Pnb. Marob 1B9S.) (Mabtib A Maawii, Atteracya) rCMMONl.atUrOOMPLAIRT FtLtD Ht Of South IlkkOta. Cl.hth Jadlnlal IM.u Oonn'ty UlreuU 0turt '1 kbd for Lnwrauos, Oharlo K. Pjrd, PlalnUS. v. Franrl (!. (irabia. Uafknilant. In Slat of Boat h Dakota Mnd. aractlna- Ta th a bo v. nanird d.randant: Von ar .unmonad and raqulrad lo an- rr lhoomhlaiuiof in. ,itfiM Man.. .!..., which will Im BImI In tha offlo of th olark oi th hot. entlUcd court, at Uoadwood. South ta- n bvt, a oKpr or vour aoaw ar u Don th nteerlban at their offlo. In Iha Martin !S?da','.'.l)"ood' H?uu' aatts. wliaw thirty day. aAr th. awrlo ol thl ubv km on yiMi, ... InaiT (f u day of terrlo. aod yon fail lo au-war tba MuniuaiH. m.m.. ii... lima, th. plaintiff will Apply to th court fur Ui. - . im i u in. oowpiajn. Dated, al iMMUlwtMMl B.a.11. ILL day of fabruary, A. D. lu. VuI'v' fUAXdte rlalntlffia Attemaaa To th. .wiva a adi rtokavtata nouna that u i.i. .l !uT'5 Ihi? si. i , a th. Sao. ot aiars of u .bora rnuilad iwnn at liaada I Sooth Dakota, on Pabruary SthVliSs. (ftrst Hub. Marvh, t, UlM.) IUuUmAUu.. . .. 60p.u!a -Mo"k1' ANu-oo'ktvuiHr "tat. of Mouth Dakota, County nt UwroBOl Ti.."m .f a1"1 Judlelal Olraaik rwBMD, Fr vol O. (Jrahla. rahM..i Tha aula of South Dakota awd. stmUbs, Toibbovnmaddatn.nli south Dahou, and lo Mirv. . nP7of yoTTawat up Ih. .uuknritw. at oAirTl Ithi ulTiTm m atuon Block, In Haailwood, B-iath okTwuk. ..ohI.'i.Vorth'"; ihuB-: Ih day ot aam,or ih plktaui 111 t... Iu,l,u.nt airalnM yuTror .l-hllhoi. intara.1 at tb. rat of all par vautnai oar annnn. fr"nl oMnlajr loth, Imn, baud, th ihiu ol tbl. aiHiou. i, .aa Iktted al D.kdwntid, a. D this I'tk da it Fabruary, A. D. ikVM, " ' PlalaUaO. 1bm. T df.bdAnl ahov. aawadi llaa lakuoUi thai complaint karaln Sld in th. of Ih. U.rk oi ttTabov Tmluld o.MAh00'1' K Bt.kTta a Mao, ' AttoTMy for Plain tilt, (rim PnbtlokUoa Marok t, IBIS.) oTioa or PcarxiTcaa ... 7 'B'urmma tbl I hart nprudad In labor and lnipmv.ui.rki no th. Oojaar. todVtBaaaTao. ihraa huadrad (Awmii d.uiaiTTTTT VT !? . whl ' TwaVdoT'fo. IS! Vt,h,,lVraU ot -.1 Jl iCTr.'f, -"'.'' ' MM, B.VIM-J Btatnu. of thi tjlited Mate, aad ?"rb" "l and than o da troai roa u.. S- .Tr"'. "" Toaara hareby BntlAvd kat SPauditura a. (Mvo.n.r wllh ttik.T.1. krltur od of th .aa. .) """"t""! torl In aald i lalni .III b -aiT ZTSnlmT 'If orllMr, yo., w,wite,, vrko kaTSTd n rjd ..pwditura. a raaulrad .rtVL J5! Bakdwood, S. iv jaaaary , !-. rT"' W. S. ti DB a. IHntut. A'tlnn001' "0B OKOn BUTBJiU- fnlhcrnutityoonrtota.. Oontr ot Laa. State of South Dakota. tMWfoBok, Niitll-5 . barah al.aa lk lal w. . - - .... h7 tt. a- .' Tl ' -al at aeooanl irf laiwranaa. ba. been aal lor heartaa- aald ..Ullmi ??'"Z"S'b' "''d patiuo akoa ini of ih. nimitr. "e Saal a Dated Janaary Ilia, A. D. IsaS. Wiudaai A. Bi.aa.BT, dad ot Ut Ooaaty Ooart. ones or roaraiTpaa, To Jia oh Balkn. Ma huteTa. .au V.m ar Informed thai S kave Mpaaded I. labor kad improv-m -aia cm IB Man AnkJontremto hZ leod the Ban iuloulo raotla. km te.MaTol two boBdrad dwlar la tk dk Oray mialna diairtet laaran. roanly, Bomb Daho-e, Bw ik year aad- ..Vri.""1-." waa aoa for i-ir" a.iwia. ta aatn mb. j annuo Pre. Uot, Mo. 1 kad ik Ban Aaknaio tod nular IB aro- vi-iiaw .1 untloe WmS. Bavtoad MaUite. of Ik. tilted State, aad art aavaadaiorw wereto for tka rrl deadin. Daeambu l,t, lavr, aad ihaa aa dom yea lhavana IB .dm of SAO am aaah af wo teiai, or Sim la all. To. ar k.rv-v aotiSad .mi If within alaaay dar. from poiteaUoa af thw r-a aamva. yajmr pwipoitkim at mm luandtiara a. anivKf wttk Ika aodereiae4 ?l.-HlM.lThM Ik. kubaarlbar, y.amr au-uwaai, who aa aaadav tka I V laiiiira mw rmiu-aaj ny aatlvm BSlld, W-vrU... D....Au-ia2",1,a4" A sarssKKjrT MOTioa. CrvMna Mlnlrtff Oom, Daadwnod. Oomaaap. prtaatpai plaaa af nf worka, aabf Baal a, laya-rona. auaaty, Mwata I oc.. Stthlnntoritmswa. anara at eu-arvw. of eke a bora named anmT.i . bald la lie one. Inwdwond, S-tk IrMmiTmmml 1Mb day at .aauary Imm, aa aw.jld (I. l, "'i '" P h r war kted . tu eapltal man ad tka a-aaaaay. parataM . , I) to taa kraaaara. .alia. Bataaaaaa, DeaOwood. Aay ram. apna wataa Ku aawotaaaa. BkaUia mat. kiapaid aa fabraary Wi, l-ua, wiu ka aa. Uaomm aad advert ur mmmt BaamTplT maat MU kave tea Baaa haaxara, wlU k. ratam Cktle aamtoa mt ka "-a at tea mmi. am i lata at biaraa, c eSaa p m. at that af fa, pay Mid dadiaaaaaa aaanaaS knataaar was aem. ot atf nkii.s d - w srtTkoo, Bv aader at Uks Bnard kf hara tto mmmm -000.7, w lth day at raornar A u7 that BI 10 o'el,. . a. ot aald day, laanT; depot ik. rartiar term ol thl. mm, to-wit?o? kk. taim. tMUS. al tka snarl .1..' li TV.. on BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS THE BEST OF LIQUORS. IF YOU NEED KSY. GIVE HIM A CALL. Miss Mollis Ackre is a late arrival In Lead from Ishpenlng. Mich. F. J. Davis registered in the city of mills from Lincoln, Neb. I. L. Marcoux returned Monday from a brief business trip to Chicago. H. E. Seaman, of Omaha, was a at the Campbell house yesterday Wan ted A first class dining room girl at the Springer House, Lead, lw Chief of Police James Corcoran, was confined to his room yesterday by Ill ness. Joe B. Moors left Monday evening fir Huron, this state, on a brief buslnews trip. William Warren Is seriously 111 with pneumonia, and vague hopes are en tertalned for his recovery. Mrs. W. E. Royce came up from Elk Creek Monday, on a few days' visit among friends In Lead. George Kllngerman has gone to Omaha, where he will accept a position In one of the packing houses. 8am Ford, of Portland, will be in sharge of Walter McKay's real estate office during the Illness of Victor Jep-son. Ths fu eral of Timothy C. Harrington took pU:e from the Catholic church yesterday afternoon and was well at tended. R. N. Hunlg. of St. Paul, was a visit or In the city of mills yesterday, the most blustering day we have had this winter. The Modern Woodmen band, of Lead. have elected Prof. Dave Foot as their leader and director, vice Joe Fratb- away. resigned. Mrs. Ben Sit lies Is enjoying a visit from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gamer, of Hot Springs, who arrived In Lead Monday. All outside work with the exception of shoveling snow, waa at a stand-still yesterday forenoon, on account of the disagreeable weather. Sis of the dance hall girls, of Lead, were arrested Monday, and when taken before Justice Stnead had their rases continued till tbe 22nd Inrt. Three of the Inmate In the houses of prostitution. In Lead, who were ar rested last week, were before Justice Smesd Monday and plead guilty snd were fined $10 each. Hope Ixxlge No. 60. A. O. U. W.. will shortly have a Workman band, as the members of the Lead banf have been examined for membership in that wor thy order. Dr. Zerfllng waa In Dead wood yester day to see his patient, Mrs. Jas. Hart, who Is seriously 111 with pneumonia at St. Joseph's hospital, where the doctor has five other patients. The assistants in the Lead postofllce had good exercise yesterday morning. shoveling out a large quantity of snow that had blown In through the folding doors. Mrs. H. W. Stevens and children, will arrive in Lead Friday, from Lee, Mass., on a few weeks' visit with her brothers Dr. D. K., W. R. and Charles Dickin son, and their families. Mrs. W. W. Smlthson came up from the Hot Springs Monday to help nurse Victor Jepson, who has been 111 with pneumonia for the past week. Victor wss considerable better yesterday. George Mitchell, who for the past year has been clerking at Henry Mon-helm'a, has resigned his position there snd will leave shortly for Newcastle, Wyo.. where he has been tendered s better position. The funeral of the late Peter Heled- gen took place from the Scandinavian Lutheran church yesterday afternoon, under the a iplcea of Hope Lodge No. 60. A. O. U. W., of which he was a mem ber. Rev. O. J. Akre, who offlctateld, delivered an Interesting sermon. The Reno Novelty Co will play a re turn engagement in Central this, Wed nesday evening, and will give a performance at Terry Thursday evening. Prof. Reno Is indeed an artist in his profession, and la worth seeing. His trained dogs are Immense. The hard wind Monday night tore off the top of the high lumber plies at the planing mill and scattered the lumber around In One shape. It blew a regu lar gale, and ths light snow was blln 1 ing to those unfortunate enough to be out in K. Little damage waa done for such a hard wind. The D. C. train, which left Deadwood near 7 o'clock p. m., Monday, waa near ly two hours making the trip to Lead on account of the snow having drifted and some of the passengers got off when train was at Antone Oiovsr's mine, and walked to their homes, beat Ing the train nearly an hour. NOTICE. To whoa It may oonoarn: We 'lavs this day lsase4 the "Modoc" groua of claims, in ElackUll Oulch (I claims), vu: the Modeo, Crown Point, Good Hope, Double Standard, and King Sol mm lodee; to Fred A. Blonden. of Lead. 8. D.. who will be responsible for ail labor, material, supplies and other accounts laenrred in the opera tion of ssid group of claims. Central City. Feb., 4th, 1S3S. HENRT BRESSERT, BARN XT FRANKLIN, W. L. FAUST, SARAH GOULETTE. KOLLIE OOrjLKTTS, RASMUS KELSON, Wit A. SINK, J. K. UATSON. "HOUSE CLEANING. " Ws are new prepared to do house and earpet cleaning with eeatneM and Thursday, March 17th COMMITTEES. Executive. John Tlerney, Jas. Flaw ley, Matt I'lunkett. Reception Jas. Frawley, Hen:y Don ovan, John Tlwney, M. J. Donoviu and John L, Sullivan. Floor J. P. Laffey. Jno. R, Russe'i. Timothy Fol.v. JinM ruai..b m,... " - riUUKKl. rrompter Thoa. Hurley, Music Prof. Krueger's orchestrs. Supper at ths Palacs Cafs. Ticket $1.00. GUARANTY RUPTURE CURE. Dr. I. 8. Weyend has opened at tl Lee street. Deadwood, a branch office of the Guaranty Rupture Cure of Den -ver, Colo T'als Is an absolntsly safe method of ours and without cutting 1 1 ioss or urns from business. The time required to effect a cur. Is about sixty 'aya Ths patisnU are treated about once a week and only a few minutes i quired for each treatment Consultation and examinations tree. For testimonials and references, call at his office No. 41 Lea street, (Mrs. L. C. Mil ler's). Hour 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. JJUQUBKT SAlJMlOnOl SJ BTInln. 0 aapaar. rriMipai plaea uf SualiMSS, Daadwoad, loaSI LrwaMOa nf works, laid KaonlalB, Uwraao. MBMr, Boath Dakota. "" . ""V.! - " S" a th BMowlBf daaorltwd Moak oa aoooaat of MwaiawBI Ba. i! ind oa va. IS, OAS af Jra-n. idba tk. aw Mia a. f th. Cart. Nub. Shan. tx so sie oo a e 10 h awe low am io at s Farta Watt. at. V " It Tka. E. Bana m f0 U M . las. t SS .Swao ao . 10 Jinko P Bl.lAaahUa 31. Pullar W.a aaa IS aasnrdaaaa with la la aa4 aa ada ei SON 10 a board of dtranlata. m mah aiMuM T KsinwaiT, -ill b Mid Dallas SatMowa, tfT Dsadwiaid. L.wraaoa Ooantr l."k.ikl' a IB. soa da Marah Imi, " p. a. at tk.l Say, mpa. .aid aril' QUal M Mil kMtk, mtul rik. mi AdTwlMas and AAPaaat at aua. a is u IHMkir.Mll mM.1 NOTICIOP, APPU ATIOH OB UTrXSS Ot AdadniatraUan. Slate M Snath Dakokt. In Uj. aiaiur of Um art mot B .ratio N. Barker. KiMlsa kt karab mivmm Au J a, r aiad with th. Olark ot Ihi. Onart, patlll... prajlDCtor laMarof AdatiaiatraUoa o? thVaMata ' "'J " ""'. . a. sad thai wtardaa b. 1MB day of Mwah A. U, law, ml 11 otllook A. M ., of aald dar. na a da. ai . . . j tbl. OoarL kn-lt i al th. U.Mh k i..a .. .... Omirt kooa, Uwnof, u th. Oooit Bomm la ba "' aadwaiMl, la iha aald Ooantj of Lawracca ... ea.. w t. a. ana. tmia piu., haa and """"i paraDa ipi.ra.laa bw. appaar and know nsaM wfcf ta. patlll aboaid set b. graDMd. vaiaa van. its, a. D lass. Wiut.a A. .iBiratB. , . " of ha Ooun Onart. (rtrst PsbUokUa M.rBS,Uw) ( riwin a LaS.r. luti) TAjotioK of APPUoArtoR roa utTTiaa of Adatlalatrauus. talboaoBBMoMUtof Bh. aoaatt at LaaraBaa. left k eu c4 SoatA loalh Iklhokk, la ot Mm aakak ot Taosta Mooahaa. d Botlsa of MiBIBMklna Inr ' " mt i.i.ih. Mob. .."f'V 4 aui. MonaAati, ha. lad "llh kba oiork ot this aoort, . paUaoo, efatat AwiraatadaiiBlavMlonof taaaMaw tf Thoaw Mouahaa, n.a..a, and laat Satardai. U7 of htatoa, a. B., lakS, at IttZm rt V ft arataiar tana of Ihi cKMirt,k1t; oth. Bar.' tana. In, atth eourt mmv laar OL at th. aoart aaaaa la tka mi. rj lakdWOOd. ht Iha BUd anaala J t-u. M baaa aat tor aoartas aald paattea, ahaa and tkm nJ prno tBHnaiod star sppoar sad hoe mom l BH. BBHBB. aSOIIiq B Dated. Marah A. A. D. lL WttXIAM S. atMIIABT, ads.ot ttw O. taly Coari, (lim pubUaaBoa Mafak a, 1SSS.) Obaatbar. Kallar, Attanw. unaaoita In iba "troolt OoojI ofth. Wsrhta tadlotal oi. allofttkt St f South iMMuite, la sad tor ootus.r. Th aa aod Tram) OaaiBaar, s ootpora- rraaeu 0. Orabia, Dafandut Tb. BhMS ot Soase baAot. to Mm boot BAnad n.i.Baantl Toa ar. harabv ml aad aaaaind tn ha aaB.pia4M of tka ataBuiS la Iha akova aa.. wja. anu b Bias la tka odtoa ot "AhwoktllteSooart atkk.OoBrt Ho.i.1. tl,a I IT Of OokdWOod. Snath UakMa. umI te ...aa 0o!,,f.',!r tola aald aoaxpialat oa tb. nbaorlbar al au oAas la tha aaid titu ot Daad-w.m "Bid waa W Bad KM. vidua Ibirt, da. T l!J!rrto h"BBMBOBaapoo ;im..i-olaal at kk. dar or aaah twrna, ai-d If foa tall w - wmw wmm aarai iH witata taa Bin. udm. pauaaar ib u aenoa anil teka Jadsmaol ! S? aaadrad aUtr-aiabl I ttdrtF-OB. OBO haBdraatke Aiu. lla. ll I vl-A!akr-at trass dot. M kk rat ot toa pw Mot pmt ksaaki aad om. utl aoaaa. f koaaai aad rate of lala r.vraarj ata, usa. Oaakoura rtlau AkWraar. TottMAboaa Tak. mmt itnm Mkst Ik aoatplaisl la tb. Sbov. OkBUad aaatoa Baa dcia a at BMalark ot Ska iUmi -:f- - mmmmt u TjVZJj. ,11'' ' oa ka ta day - i wBuiiai kkia.k, . t Pawatil'i atAaraa, Wist PaMlasdoa Mara, a, ISM, DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. The Challenge Mining Company; principal place of business Deadwood, Lawrence Oouaty, South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that there U delinquent npon the following described stock, on account of an assessment levied oa the tttr day of January, 189$. at a meeting ot the board of directors ot the company, the several mounts set opposite the names of the respective share holders, as follows: No. Name. Shares. Amt ti W. 3. McGowan, (000 $300.00 30 E. 8. Kelley, $$ T. E. McKLalay. HT. I. McKtalay. $7 T. E. McKlalay. $$ T. E. McKlalay, SI T. E. McKlnlay, 40 T. B. UcKlnlay. 41 T. E. McKlnlay. 41 T. E. McKlalay, J. W. Fargo. "I.l McKinUty. 1500 100 tsie M00 $000 KM) $000 tsoo 1000 1090 150.U5 SOO.Of 120.00 HO.') 100.00 00.00 1M.00 (0.00 (0.60 $00 M.00 And ta aooordasee with the law and aa order of the board ot directors so many shares of wach parcel of such tock as nut bo nnssisry. will be sold at public auction at the office of the secretary of add company, on Main rtrset, Deadwood, a d on tha 18th day of Marcs, ISSt, at I o'clock p. m. of that day, to pay ths said dslia- nent aenestmiat toctthar wtik the coots of MTtrtSstsfl u4 tisusg of ... - . .n w apuai BW .BoaBIBBk ik. .utMxribar, fiuukMi, akwlS of I ittt nu. owiuty, Hvala ,d aouu liakuia, fur thai parpua., a'U .il at public auction at th froal d.aur ol th. Oourt Uouaa lu lu Uliy af Daadwood. tiounly ut LawratH-a, and Biat af atta '-rikirki. on Waduaadaj- tba SU. day af April, Iraa, at Itf o'ckaik ib ta uMauooa ot taal day, taa raal .Maw aud teitrlMaa-ad praulaa. altaak iu Ik Ooaau at Lawrauva, aad aial. of novo. IMkota, aad iln.u. lu aald dud.matil aud fctavuuoa Bi k auld aad tharaiudaawibad a. jo All that oarlaia vaiu or kid . toss and aarta oBMiuiu. prwloua aiaiala of Bold. aUvaf iiuickuiwr and utaur aiataia, aud alteawa la tea bitewouj idkart htiuius dcatilet, la I iiuJii Oouuty, h ruiatly larrllury ol ola Bow bat. Of Boat. Dakota, and d-J, ta teokaWl Tk uru OMh Ual. or Blulna aiaiai aa Mbjhland Ohlaf BIU bMwaaaMa!ak7Jat Ouivbaud lb. aaat fork of BpraaaUuiak, koualad M'S-'kkU M.,y loda, all Oro Oaoh Iwt Ulus otarly fuU alaad olala Bj. at . lAtW ia and located lu kororauio alia law aa.! aarllSrat of looauou rurdd la lb oSo ot Iha r. .later ot daaua ot aawrauaa Bounty hM-BMrli Daituta Territory, now aiakt of kouU Dakuta Bald Oro Oaoh. hliulnff luda kkvia. baaa auarayad wo uarsa who bumlu. uoaipaay by Uharla At, Bo ualalar by daad dated Aka-uet loth. laau. aad dulk raourdad la tha .dBa. nt uT. 7. . . 1 of kawrano Oouuty, toraiarly Dakota larrltory aoa; Slat ol Bouth Dakota, haother with all the dips, Spur aud aaalaa. andall ika T7 puul, Hint, ,aikail.r, and BiuaaimlhSanas auarta, rook aud earth, lh.rn and all Udrau tela, mineral lau da. uuchinar. rV prov.tu.ute. " Io;.tbw wllh all Bur? alua-ular Ih lanflMeota. heradltatuauM and n.pui wiiauoaa, tharauaio 7 lousiua- or in any o.a kpuarlalnltuj, and IB re-venlou and ravenloos rauutlmler kud reataiadara reuta, and oroai. than.,1. A..4 .Ii Mala, rtirht, UUa. Illteraau mtaH. . Ului aud demand wbateuever a wuil lalaa Mia auualllyofMwaaldOroUaok Uold Mlnlra, Oua." pany ut in aud lo Iha aui. an4 kfymttprntt aad paraol thrraof wllh Ih appnnaaanaaa, otm BtBoB thereof .m may t. nBuleui to aaAla'y aald ada Bl.Hl aud Boat, aaiountlma- In all te a mmm Z. koatrv. thoond eevaa baadrad tonyama duli and al.bty.thra aaote ( w.lh Uiterwt iberauu from th. data .. ..A i,J. .T audailasorulnsOuaMofaala, jao uaauwood, koutk DakuteF.hraary Pth at att rxcaurr, u . . a.rlB ol Lawreooa OoSMt. MoOdf B Wttkaliauuk al .... . PlaluUtt'. Atkuruoya mmMmm run puuiokUoa rb. is, lass. tsdwln Taa 01m, AMoraay.) otios of Axi of asAt. kstatb. mW PlrtUa of an iwla mnA ' - - Oourt of fall Klver Oouaty, Booth iMUoav Btad. on Ih pautlo. of th u-1rMnd Amanda J. 1 i. . .. " tet of WlUlaa. W. iat Fleluhe '" In. an nm-m II . . real BMala nf aald Ih. danaary term j.. , ui aaiu euart, to-win oa tha WHk day of February, imm, 1 mtuM uu or alter th Bid day ot Ataroh IktM, w .1 pi I vat. au. ki tb. huthaat bid- ,v" real taw deeorlbad a toUuw mo. 'Ill An aadivided oaa.An.rtk lirte. Maade lode, lot NO. BM. and an aaia-a 1 '"" lutereet la the o. B. loda, lot Bo. aw. tw ated te Two Bit uuloh, Lawraaa. Uouu InU Dakota. Off.r or bid. WIU ka MaaJ ... olll. ot Adwla Van Oik la Daw) wool, Bo.4 Dakota, in- at the add ran ot Ik. aadarataaad. But Bpriaaa Pall Bjtb, oiniaty, Boalk ImSmT Dated Ihi. Sta day at Maroa, A D, lwa. . . . La PafiBm. Adalnltrah-la ot th ombm ol William w? La MM JoTioa to uaxDiToka. swate of yjateu. Johanna tie keautur Of ih. aalata U.i. ,A "TTTT" ."") ,. aerabv mm. k. .m. f,r' rd aa, of, aad alTaL atv-im alaluui a,raint Ih. aud daoaaaMLto at kart lhn, Btih Ih aeoaaaary ooaSr B to3 .mi. aria, th. Brt aubllall.!' tee aald eaMulr UmmSwxmm, mTui te utTatlaS of AawraBoa, koutk lakawr oaaip a. weauwood, a. D., FaSraai-T t. laja firat pabUaatioa Vahruary ., itaS. a-vr,-.,, J . Z 7 t-ariey, ABtoraral aOTloa uf baui of BBi.., Butats. bT rm"l 'Oo Lawraua u-a-ShaiUi Dakota. Bud. ,K. .TV f,U!?w4 e-rokk ot the poraoaTad ian. bubcmw tor aa ardar ta aau -Z . aid minors a tka faaraar. kT TT LTL." T1 to-'r,i on ih. lv, dip W l,bJT'' ""J I hll, onaad alter ih ImZ TJ Marok nut off k mtim aad tel at artiateZlt. ria-J LtriV, f" a ika Bmiia Anoma i tteadwood Buaal ta Daadwood, la aaut - i .rl ai. to dMonhad a. mMuw to.-,., ' BU aad lateTMi, ba'aa aa as divided two a. van lk InterMI of Md Prorloar-, riarramaa aad Arthur Marramaa of, I. fc... onthMBt quarter ol tb aorthaato aaarkaro Moa. lea ( to), lb .oath half of Va-T-d quarter at BeoBoa aiovaa (U) TowaaJu. ema rtrr r-rHH DaktHk, on Ih loUowtas larate, io-rniTZ f.?0 arateBia of aaw by aonaAy arta Mid La wr an a. aountr. a. Datod ihl Std day ot fahraary, A. D. UN, Oserdlaa at th paraoa aad MMMut If. .fin tm Id First PkbUoatloa P.h. la, mt. (W. a Elder, AttotBty. 4" m ioatioh roa a PAti?. at. a. a a. iwj Load oAVa. Banid rn.w a v ru. v a. Met. ' lapUOtty aivwa. 1 muMm hi bavahw .n. ru.k a. oy a Ml Malwaoaah lw a . wnoa pjMaoBVoa addraa. to itaadw.A South Dakota, baa tela ... ai 1 .. 7 -lananr, .r Jiatl M " Jl T.S. a"'W- PMteat Bw lie . Umaw tmm at k oa, IBSO Wra 22, V"10 t"ld Wlt HUrOM. STOBkd S Miaiiuj Daartei, Ooaaty ot Uri.., ... THil. tA aad daatemttod By ka A d - ww aaa. oa aia ta ta ai eva, a at. II am bar 1ul, ta Tanuai. a h a . . a a a ot . H. at. MerkUaaiaaid laoi Ma. lad? kaa. aZ on bad a. rot low, ksantt wtlUMlTOBB JbODB. BWaUBlaff I I. ktesBmi with aoraar Bo. a. P Fa. ""w no, mjv. a ' I? i?' post atarkad 1 OV.- , i, W. 0. tone-,.. amaaad Bo. wsaaoB Bona - . I ...v.. law., Batw aaam pa- ' '- -- J . 1 ! tern io aoraer Mo. S, Ibmwe earth , BJO fwM k. eorawr So. 1, thaaaM mvLZTrnf ! mi IkrA S taeiloMmar taa, t, t. piar, It u! plBBlnff. lheaamberof ta. WiaMTiaMMr tta "'" prMMBd lawiia mtm.t aorifcMM kad MMtHhweat, eteimtaw M AtaM te a amimwaaMrly dlramlm fnmt tea a,. ... T.2 1MA.S tarn la a nfvnh.kMarly dlMwum tiula aaa dMenwwry, onataiatnc aa area at latail .. UVaOAa aAiDB. Baanaulmtat eov.Tp-ik. 1, ineallakl with aoraat Mo S. fMamnmrn (.mm x . Ily.'-J?."- j"- maH Ba, 1 bar. aortk ,J- U. Wt ka.a.1 laa, a.., X..r to'r" -o. ft, tyawM. k. BorthSI Sy .waMBiOftoKWBaw Ao. I I JI CSf 5tJa "-A a-wdiw iTJ pia-uaa of Bs llanrlaoa lode, Bart ar Ba7l.aVa aoaSMa with lb Ut Oak Lad or mVmJmL ot OAt. aara waiah la no. owb-ed. 1 . " HJ of taa. amlmed alou to. vr .bjIi-. It va. Praaamad diraotum of whteh to aa. ?-ZZ mtewaat, ahdrnta. tnm tarn la . em. ...r.Z 5",,"...n dkMovary aa.t lav ,M, M i mautaaatori; .ir-MUoa. Mmt area Ur, t . I JJamaiirM.kJtel.44r mt ba d-kM. aad UvaUk Ma of lBtWaar, a-J. aetM armMoa U- SO to U- Bi B. mltfi r1 S paasrdad kj thm Baiuidar. etna at Lawvaaa. .. Vm-n'"t"1 ar. oa M A , rrrrr s. karri. im. m , . ,r H" a mt sroaao .tra. sy Biihmia Ah, aa W. by nakaawa. . Anyaad mi pnm alalmladt krWasly .r p, Joaat aald I laaaum aad tin lm lT- ,"""" waaa are ntMrMto bar m-.r wrMlaim waa toa Ate, mt bm r. i Atete. toad MM at Baorn o7, "a tea t-Z " aarta, tea Mr," p., - 7m ; aa- i f wiu a. I ml tea prcvMtoa af tea rUM. AV IV rtrr-a. St I aaaab. aada iW a. a. mm aa. a mmm .,. . a apaaicaaua Kara pmaat baaai . a.m.d Itea .iia.Hiiu i., a a, . . . ot wii-r aav PraaeaTuvaa, a aau. (nrkt Pnb. baa u, 1S.T.) AHajj.aaa1t, TJ'".o Aei.tcATto roa li mu 1tet2r f"b w5 Boawa, te a. .. . . v w. aw- w ar a wm wi vwt a in. oi , , .... . ... tn for kMtwr mt AdM.,r,,fl, at . . . ,, Praaa aaarm .w-,a, aad a. . .. . s . iflaiL' ' -3f way batna a n.f nt a raw . ta-wtii mf k... fc . ( avt lana Ifcwarf, M , , (. , . City of laiaa,.t, la w.a w- - r Ba aaavm bmA ff.- k. . .. , . 'S P la. I , , JXTwT to o p-a-a a..... a. S. A. It f- a."-b m T. J. DOWD, PRACTICAL Watchmaker, v Jsrsbr And OPTICIAN. Black Hills Jiwsinr Mt ti Ortftr. Wstoh Eiamln.r tor ths F. E. s M V Orr. a. a trial and 1 will sqaraDM. uk Hwuwn ib wora aoa pnom it Stmt. Odd. Pottofflci. Disiti Hardware Company. Wholesale Hardware,' Bicycles and Sporting floods. llie.Sl.8a BAKJtKT OMAHA Dadoa4 Co.-Hyiidloa. block. j. c. mm, aeibi. Hotel Fargo, AT ' Hct Springs, South Dakota, Will entertain you 'all right, whether tick or well. Uo titers for a chang , Everything Flrst-Cltss. I MAD WOOD. S. 0. CHAS. BOHL, Proprietor, I. tb. oaiy ptao la town lo .vt a ood Lanaa. rotlowlaf I ta. '. BILL OF FARO. Ham Sausage Blood. Ch Swlas, Cb.ese Llmbergar, Sauaagt Vsal, Cbia Brick, Sausaga Summer, Chasss Smesresss, Sausage Ur.r, Head Obeeae, Frankfortsrs, Pig's Fast, Bggs Boiled, Wlen.rwurst. Bsrdlnss, Sour Tongue, Pickled Herring, Dili Pickles, Chow Chow, Dried Beef, Pickled Bel, Bins Fins, Fromsga ds Brie, Hand Cheese, Salt Sardells, Imported FrankfurUrs, Anchovls, Salmon, Lobsters, Carlar, Appetite Salad, Neuf chattel Cheese. Strra Cheese. Hs runs a goof clean comfortable place. Give him a call and bs con rl ne ed that It la the "Only" pi aoa la town. There is bo other paper la the Bills equal to the Pioneer-Times as aa as. T.rtlalsg mad? usa. T 1 1 to 4. hour. Onnorrhma sad a aaa mm c inoti inmfmn th. nn KITMil hr Mwiu lraiwwiUimiqiioinneinlliHWi I mv-.-i.. it- iW lMU,MHMa MW.I a. 111 mM, Ui.mi ll.ia. nw """'M'.i.iTfl.Ta.f rt-Tii rtfi'TliI """W tk..uliAjo. L!PMUMUA JSV -'' WVWWWWWVVtltAIViltA IMJECTION. ; a pesl'a::nt c::i ; i l tb nmt nhailiutt eajaj of OonorrSM 1 and Onirt, riannifMl In frmi I M I day. tin ntlirr tn-atmttil raqamd. SiiM br all ilniRlrta. , A MiatMSS I a mv I A. t mmnm .. 'J TO LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. GUY LAMBERT. UOUUM). TO HIU Ilul, Livery, FeeS and Boaraini Stalls Suaci.l u.utino kIt.ii in and boardln. took. Fin Saddlt Horttt a Spiciait, KuililWh ItiiiUling, Muln Street, Lead. Fowler. Cull & Whitfield ATTOKNKYN AT LAW. May Blooh. Main MrMt ANTHONY TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, 09c 10 'IE.1h)II Houas Butnto THE BIG BRICK Department Storo ! Full llu. ol av.ivtbluf ooDiunlly on band. MILL, HTI1IT. LIAD PATENTS n. r. and roasto, PROCURED. EUGENE V. JOHNSON, SOLICITOR , AND - ATTORNEY IN PATENT OASES. I7JH He' Torh At., Wk.hln.-ton, D. O. Ctt'ce E.tabliihd 1868. Moderate. Charge The Club Restaurant Best Table in City. Heals all Hours. TiokeU$.. SI NO YOU, Prop. FKANK LAKE. DRAYMAN AND TEAMSTER. ' Hauling of Every Deecmption. Goal Delivered to any Part ot tbe City. Dead wood, - South Dakota Patricks Ball. To I Oiven by the li. G.&T.HosoCo. At Ulnars Union Hall.Ceatral CKy. Thursday; March 17, '98. Si Committee: H. M. Flak, Chaa. DsutSdh. H. BuSSStt Floor Committee: Chaa. Deutaeh, J. Johns, T. H. Thomas, J. Lutey. Oeeeptlon Committee: O. Wattars, J. M. Thomas, A. L. Palmar, Cha. Nor nisa, Sam Ooddard. Emo'e Orsrestra, Prof. Junes Xea, prompter, upter at sirs. J. J. Leak!. II firemen reqaeeted to eome la sal- A3SAYERS. M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER AND 8AMPL ER. DKADWOOD BOOTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS taaljty Laoratar ail Assaf Office or Henry Schnitzel UhsB, r.O BoaOb. auspUiwMUea.FaMll.rMiKM.vt l rlv, prompt MMttUea. TMMBM4. ft Ihi Salt .rl.ntod nrnn.ei i t 4ol lor k. Bloatro Oyanld. r.rnmm, C I. P.toa Ma. ,ge. Uboratory and Mpllaa works la faa. taidtaw. Ml Joy cte BA.Osvls.oz. ASSAYERS. BmBwBBmTBmTaB- oflloei Pin. ItiMt, 0sMlM Omtxr, Hon (UUU Dead wood. 80. Dak. -TaT.1 MILLARD J. E. Markel & San, BOrXXXTOXC ThirUeeth mnd DoagUi 8te. LEADING HOTEL OF OIIAHA. af set daetrablo tneauon. Am.ruma nMBOpt daysa&ap, roxii Pita 1 00 par dap .n-" nrui wan ib humnm. The New Murray. Thoroughly Rf fitted. Rates $2.50 to $4 'erEay SpaeialiaN.eywMksr .poaac .lkatloa B.BUOWAT' Pimesttt. a. at cncuriT, Clark. Kfs2;::rtert fcrESisk Ellis Pitj.1. DR. McGF.BW IS TBS C'NLV PIOIALIST WBO TBMAf S AU. Private D!.v&$es Warnem. and ww tl MEN CNLY S Tm toe irlMiea. M lean ia Caaba. Book trim, jiDilta- UoerrM. I is MS, at litk aU rafHBB Its, OMASA. uXB, FEATURES OF xyiobern rOH MARCH. setar sf to. Umainvj fneroyed t ( ss intf H. ASMrtaaa Iadaifery. iutMn Tb Trovam esert Daecrls-Mon ofUui a Royal Arjmai. oolwUsk, EafUad, la whlok tb. Mack DtagasM 1 French MadeslaaUEgalpment. iMisteMd. Masbtx Iter OeattNttna; M from VoicndB(f and Kwn IS Btearn XnTas. Torty OaaMOl turn ( anoj a( MaatenleaJ Xrlt.Il Arm( and iseOandr MD Bd Wtj life oe; mat withVMi lrna . smss auseuts, saaw. at swK. Mmm U aa4 SB MecHS Otalnwi ferfcadh. Aif ii Jotaa Oaie br B? raalfo o Inwtor of wnl ST:. A-ii iTT. knatnc Alao A tplkeabM Mi: 1 she jspo.K.a aid Ova Ifjwwj- atTsJB eW M)l Oe tf?t teujui aai nu. tujui eev t zs. )06ttMWaaeaV ewua&a Ba) snniiiM., ikawrwry M any aaw r tonoas Sraf II or, and c !-.. Ut p m' Pkte. ra. Aflar. f-mu Bad HAaavawttea. Ia , aad Hrnawto tea Maanraa. Hmwutr) la. S mar. wr Taata aad Saant. I aab-hir .imrki A .., JMtof at aaam. a . m iHaerkaa tat kf BMAl rl tawtk.w a? aama mumr. . . . despatch. Glvs ut a trial Harrison Telephone No. lie. GILES A McNAEB. H. M. FUANXUN. See. sorts, k Tickets $1-00, - . vavvaaj aaa i-a aoa aaa. waa amavai-d a. ... s . I M 4M. aa. w - mfi a. i -. t. aat 1 1 va a a . Maa.. .. . .

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