The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 22, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

The Daily Pioneer-Times. s Pages 5 to 12: L J 04th YEAIi. i!:advooi), s. i). . i:lack hills, stnkay moknim; apkml !t Ml. FIVKrKXTS. dav on the H' i THE W COURTESIES thousand a Hlie se three Sound ue due at Vcug-week. IVdeial a i BIG' FOUR OF NEW YORK t ports ii "! b- . Hi;. 1 1. i pate 111 tl. 'luit ARE FORGOTTEN thorit ie.-, .lupane si nuessai quired McKll ; a '1 all n; -1 1 a! : ii a .. i .':..l tol I' 'I I ills! s I ! 1 11. 1.1 aa t :i l'i .'I . vVaidii'-r buil-i'i.ii : ud ail an-! .a- fi. h:.-- - -.1 !ll. !:t ' "t: ! i-p' :- ' t lie ,ib a i-.iU'f : 1 1' ' ' i.-'i ",' i : : 1 1 : 1 1 i 111 l : i 1 ', I Palace i n. jnti. it lev fiif i :. d ; their c 1 1 - to Piatt. Today'.- i i m-iiium giv.s ;'u iia'io;i-j til ball a voiv big bo .st . fie ( aip.ngn ! now I.- oil in 'inii'-st. What the j harvest !'' a. ii are lot.- am! bit ; or ; a y that '.' per cent of i; ha e exact ly f '.'.'i each. I u. ii moil iit of "show"' nioii. ; .( -the anti-pauper laws upon lla- Japanese immediately BUTTE COUNTY FALL IN LINE Republican Mass Conventicn Instructs For Matin Burke j and Gamble. 1 ' : alt.V 1 in th. - large iiu! an. ;. ,-t in- pi P11 ,r proceeilin,! Wa't. a th. I il'i. the 11 1 ii" 'i lie I 1 Is Rumored That Cuban 1 1 ti. .: witt. t h I'. IS..- t. ill. s, ! n da rii w a hai 1111 hi ti ,0 . llaiinlto . 01 The 1 1 si il 1 1 1 pa this money in local agents of i.v ininiigi atioi. soi iety in Japan. -1 a Have Dwindled Considerably Since the Old Days of Conkling. Officers' Are Drawing Two Kinds of Pay. ml irsed t in- nai ion Hist rin t d the d'-le ;7 al adtninis! ra' ion p-jipp vv.'.D ...Ota i' easy ia tmsive; that q 0 s 1 1 on 1 i . I it is do.iiitl il that commencing with themselves, and in all honesty, they can survey ih- situa i nates to the state convention m use ill i ! honorable means to secure the noniiiia I lions of Hon. E. W. Martin of Dead e Navy Gets the Biggest Ap Two Thirds of the Black Hills Counties Are Unanimous For Martin. Drop in Steei and Iron. NEW YORK. April ' Special. Steel nnd iron shares have dropped from 3 to 4 points on Wall street. The wire trusts' have declined to rosuive work at all the mills ordered dosed d:'wn by President Gates. The case of Gates has not yet been deciib iV. o Shaw Will Attend. MITCHELL. S. I)., April 21. Spe rial. The local committee, who has in charge the arrangements for the G. A. An Interesting Discussion of York State and National Politics. propriation in the History of the Union. tion and reach an unfaltering conclusion. How much of a factor and what kind of a factor Dewey is or is to be in the approaching contest, no one. be lie ever so astute can tell, but that he will cut no small figure if he persists in his declared intentions must be conceeded by every careful, i onscien-tious thinker. With the admiral out of the way, it would be easier sieddiug all 'round, but there is titti- hope and less prospect that he will whim raw. Hryan s nomination is a foregone enn- wood, and lion, i nartes ti. iitirke "i lie! re for congress; enuorsed Hi) i. Uoliert .1- Gninble for United Slates senator to succeed Senat ir Pettigrew. Helegutes s-leeted to attend In state convention weie: beander l.H-Chaiielle. 11. A. Gilbert. George Kai-stoi,. George E. Haire and . i-5. Cheesemar.. The experiment of holding a muss in-tead of a delegate convention was so satisfactory that it will probably ! a loptetl in the future. CITY OF MEXICO. April 21. ripe. BELLE KOl'RCHE, S. I)., April 21.-Sieci;il to the Pioneer-Times The r -lubheans of Uutte county deiaiti.: froin the u.-ual r ile of holding count NEW YORK. April 17 -For the first tl The Spanish newspaper Coneo Hanoi, in commenting: on the l)uk" Arcos' invitation to visit Chicago on It. encampment this summer has re ceived a communication from Commander Palmer In which he states that It anniversary of the battle of Manila onvi ntions and instead of calling til legate convention, the chairman i'ii- i hi in y central committee called lis: it win oe a lung time belor- after an earnest effort he has leen able to secure the attendance of Commander in Chief Shaw, of the national G. h an ad of rudeness can In- torgot-, which, we repeat, is quite ,u 14:1- time within my recollection New York city today experienced its first state convention, when the boys of republican faith got together and elected Piatt, Depew. Roosevelt and Udell dele-gates-at-large to the national convention. This "hig four" is not near as big as the famous ijtiartei. once led by ('onklin. vied the fact that tin patent, not to say onmipot- nt ' boss" now was only rue too" tl-i'-ii: but what ii iiiiia tl, ranie with Yankee usiur ami ciis- A !.. to come to Mitchell during th elusion, and the wirty , cei ned as to his running have been made to in I i. t i accept the dace, in,: pn nab! v w as I cpe, ted .H i lined with thanks :-t.v iiiti-KMorts;... 1 u.'i ! ti . ill'" w . .. I .. . . V , a. ic, st. ite encampment. This inforriation Ias. at- tin- imiko in- i-ragiiu anil In iia Eulalic an ti stify." will lie hailed with delight hv the old soldiers of the stale, who will be glad ; We Make WASHINGTON. Ii. C. April i ' .uial.-. l ie Q-iiiy iiis.- ui.l i i.;i i i ,i it ' !o greet tin ir national couim.iuder. Mr. i Palmer also writes that lie has se, itrcd it' Is hoped t i - -.' hley w il! l'i ' and S hei. !:a ,is ill loiglir. lu-endth avoirdupois I ft i"i i silay ,H Ih ' oVIucK nds i iaini that a minority of two o ..iiu t! lie..,. ill v ai. st 1 1 11, sill II t a rate id one laic on the railroads to I refill iiis lav or is a.-'snr-u. Se.i-;-)i- 1 1 and pr .- in :r.i - t " . ri made gone by its s!ib"'ety. craftiness and cutinitiu Foi '.lie o:- two m asonsi j i i'oci 'dings t) e encampment an I he is of the npin-j I , ki t i- i'i ; 1 1 . licon introilni i ll a n solution iiir ; OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPUING CLOTHING FOIt. .... 1 11 Cr oil ion that h" will he aide to get eve" aj lovv r rat-- fi.iii this. He s'ti s that' an investigation ..f t ii.- rune ..- t nai a wa ;i d with ,t.-r. and tain army onn is in '. il,i ai" draw- I 1 1.. ' 1 . w . v r 'tail- ! Calmer u p..; ti.e.isui e of sa ai, ci ' it Ii--, nf i li, it i. ; 1 1 t pay Inmi tin- nrmv. ami also from i insular ir-vi rimn n 1 li i i;f. i Men and Boys ; li.lll'l vv i It's all 'U?i;in;ton. he. ,pni :i fb i tioii it t' .0.11 sal.s! ui'iiuarv 1 1 1(1 1 tile th ial. rin- house passed a naval ;i obi inaii to lauli ,it t Ii '.I itab'.e siugi st ions hut tain priation liill whit h i .i r i n s over si.-, millions., tin- largest .miouii; in ll' Iter, wi 1 pl.lll IS III I I iglll.A . story of the natifln. ;k,1 facts and direit energies to their lliiow if adverse to your ideas an icy. Boer Prisoners Are Women, CAPETOWN. S. A.. April 21. Spe four iitiiiured Uht prisoner- 4 4 t.Illes. New its own. as. and the list U In-hind tin-a little -war of vou have heard. Teordmd to bathe in the river t Not to York has doubtli ss. behind the hospital hotel. Several used to go into the vvnter hut were lly (omilled to do so ninid the ..f casualties is already large, considering the numbers engagiil and the time elapsed. l'i a Croton dam ;i force or re of the crowd on the hank. Sud It was discovered that the pri fcrs who lefuseel to bathe were wo "he public have bun 01 the habit of looking to us fir the proper styles in male apparei. liach season we have shown that which is newest ; nd lies, lid have cs-tahlishcu the stand, ards in this section of the countiy on the same lines us those which have met with popular .t v.r in the male fashion centers t ne country Our exhibit for tne coining scuron is really the most interesting which we have ever made. "I he styles of the men's garments seein to us to possess more rraceful lines, and the boys' and children's clothes are more tasteful to our minds than any which have been produced in ir;any years. The fabrics thru-out the entire line show the progrcsr. which has been made in artistic doth weaving, both in America and abroad, while the perfectly matched trimmings spe.'.k volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturers. Taken altogether, this exhibit is well worth the effort it cost its to gather, and we will be more than repaid for our trouble ii it prtoves as interesting to you as we anticipate that it Till. The spring shapes in Hats and the new shaies in Haberdashery will also be shown for the first time today. We will speak of them in more detail at anotuer time. l in nun's clothes. They were redily removed and placed in a separ- building. Investigation reveab.l (act that there were several oi her i"stru ting a new n s-I ie water supply of i ij- continuous tales . : m ed by ( 'ariiegn- s i " -. uu.iiii'i I.Lst ;. . lit . . it I., all the trusts, i- -,. a . r. increase of .i ; a . . i 1.7a insti a. I of n traitors refused; has-.imired thohsand idle men Tun laboi crs . eryoir. to in the i ity. Hi of iiosperiiy i II all-iip ol and large i i these men .i ctnts a day $i..Vi. The . teneil to the '! tooea among the prisoners, all dis-at men. Base Ball Yesterday. -Tucago. 3: Cincinnati. 4. St. Lou'--. Pittsburg. 4. Philadelphia, j; llos in New Yori and th -y speedily secured a complement l: take the pla e of the old hands, at the handsome compensation of t a day. These nieu .started for the works, were met by tilt: oiu f l New York, 2; Brooklyn, .j. Disease at Manila. MANILA, ADril 21 SDecial. The tonic plague Is increasing hei c. ROSENTHALS PALACE lorce. a fight ensued, two men were killed, -iveral injure-!, two thousand national wire ordered out. one soldier was killed tie first day and there you are at this writing. It's tin- "teen deaths occurred last week 'strict quarantine measures have p enforced. Cordons of troons sur- Nthe native market district, whore COMING DOWN FROM HIS PEDESTAL Chicago Tribune. old, old story of might makes right. Of legal oppression of men morally It Is said Carnegie made J4y.oiKt.UtiO last focase has a foothold, and non( Permitted to pass. Foot and mouth year. Did he? How, when and -where 5 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK I f98 has appeared among the tattle, in the reports helaas received from the concern all over the country, for it '"lit here from Singapore. Canned posts in the state that the attendance was desired, if not expected, that a sig- fill be fed to th soldiers uaJl the at the encampment will be larger thaa nificant hand or two would be shown any previous gathering in the history bearing upon national movements, is- r1 Is stamped out. Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE of the association. Mitchell Is mak- sins and candidate, narticularlv the Insurgents Cut the Cable. I I did he make earn even one pakrv dollar? Possibly and probably his bank account was swollen by the amount stated, but It was by and through the toil, sweat and danger expci i nc by nun whese reward was scarcely more than pci mission to live. These reservoir contractors will miki- a firtuiie out of the work of men to whom they refuse sufficient to set a table for a moderate family. Uut ! forget. Pres- VILA, April 21. Special. -The AND err?, couittt ing liberal arrangements to feed "ana sleep all the people that come and to provide amusements every hour during the day afld evening. latter. In other words, it was hoiied that New York republicans would declare themselves in regard to the vice-presidency, and indisposition to, whip Roosevelt to the post for nomination. As an organization, the convention did not go that far. except ay implication. fVnta have cut the cable bawen Pttd Iloilo. Communication with rwthern islands will be shut olt weeks until the cable ship can from Singapore. Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. Terry Notes. Business continues good at Terry Newsoaoer Office Burned. with the Ubual increase consequent to nnd that by the circuitous method of the coming of spring. A new store, withholding approval of his adniinis- handling men's furnishing goods, boots tratloa as governor; but, counter-ex- and shoes and saddlery, has been open- pression came from temporary chair- LOUIS, Mo., April 21. Special. -Fofflce of the Chronicle was ziitte.1 COLLECTIONS to Promptly and Intelligently. tHjarlJE - tW ortiiHi.- Otlr4crDT ITJeSEieader of Oelrichs. Attended perity, like a magnetic wave has swept ,tbc continent, and if there are such things as the Wardner bull-pen; the Southern telegraphers' strike; the strike of the metal workers and allied trades; the reservoir strike; the shutdown of the Joliet steel works, et., etc.. they should, 1 suppose, he accepted-well, merely a strange coincidence, as it were. i H. B man Eieberg, in his address, in words F & I i Ityers have permitted the Chroni Te their plants and the paper .ed as usual this afternoon. The covered by Insurance. MONET" FTjrtXTISHED To any extent warranted " by borrowers names or collaterals. Davidson of Oelrichs will be manager, as follows, referring to Tedciy: There has been a good deal of sick- York will make no sacrifice of ness in the town, including two serious h!m vet- and not untU the 8tate nas cases of pneumonia, both of which are hud another term of Roosevelt b Ils now convalescent I governor will we relinquish h:m to Mining matters are somewhat quiet what wo hcpe are hipher om,r8 in A few men were laid off at the Mogul, store." bV- w Thi is a somewhat memorabV- ww in the world of sports. m"akinas it but will be given employment by the same company in a short time. The Subsequently, Kings county 4 Brook lvn) delecaten mi t in caucus anil rie- " MWUIIIO WWIIVIIVM MOW k ! Floods I re Serious. ORLEANS, April 21. Special. tooQ situation is growing worse. ,rWult of continued rains. Many 4 kve been destroyed and the in-compelled to flee for their The Mississippi levee is report-4 h on the verge of breaking at IwlntB. The situation be'oiTei 'armlng every hour. Sunset company has been looking over, . . . . , , , dared their senpe to be that Lieut. arkma urnnnl In PVilnrann anil Tnmi .' Correspondence Invited. J leceiv tne , ,, , Gov. Woodruff fehould i-Iiiimhv will o-n InaM t r talra -n n r(-Q rT dpes, for a time at least, the death ot pugilism in New York and the opening of the base ball season. The Hortfon law. authorizing bosing to the extent of twenty-five rounds under the auspices of regularly chartered athletic clubs, was repealed l5y the lately ad Our lonp; experience in the Black Hills is at the ie national -ticket. .f , . ' - second place on t service of intending investors. DIRECTORS me numa. ilia uiucc at uic ouusirv mil , , .... This action was not reported to the be filled by A P. Garrett. The Port- v, , , ' , . .. . . '-tfonvention for the reason that th-. land Mining company has been making' ... r. . . , . , . . h , . . -" boss had forbidden, but he formality arrangements to have-ore treated at of .. bo88 . Wa, mLam. at the cyanide plant In Spearfish , pHf hed much what ec. Miss Minnie Beebe a Normal schoo. r graduate, has, arrived in Terry to ail procedlnel vcneincBt hIg. the position left vacant, in the schools by the resignation of Miss Rhoda Kem-l t Qulgg, erstwhile chaintan. of 1r - v - y- ': the county committee." Of coarse the Japanese Immigration. s FRANCISCO, Cal.. April 21. J Toa Labor Council has decid- W. PL ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. journed legislature, to take effect September first . The grand army of bruisers and the mighty contingent of backers and hangers on generally, at once arranged for a grand carnival of bou" beginning in May and continuing untjl (CootlsiMd os Pace Five.) HARRIS FRANKLIN. Pres. BEN BAER, Vice Prea WM. SELBIE, Cashier. to Protest against Japanese cooli on. Five hundred more Jap-

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