The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 13, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 13. 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. MaJbiWfeffcw!. DON'T Be Fooledi (INE CENT A WORD ASTROLOGY. ASTROLOGY. Your past, present and future life told for $1.00 and upwards. Advice given on mining speculation. Give daje of birth, hour if known. Butler, P. O. Box 838, Lincoln, Neb. Omaha Merchants Express, Next to Opera House Block, Main St. . .Harrison Phone No. 141. . Transfer work of all kinds solicited and promptly attended to, packing and moving of Pianos and household goods a specialty. Your business is respectfully solicited. C. W. Kendle, Mer. sssKr.'j .. vi?? GOLD, GOLD, , HOW Ttj LITTERS I : . a.LL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL THING. Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, J. R. BUCHANAN, G. V. A. HAMPTON, City St. Paul "We Lead Otliers Follow My Stock is Complete in ALL BRANCHES and my PRICES are Tlx Lowest of t3ao Low Try My Place with an Order and if not fully Satisfactory in .eve'y way don' come again, no. 7. charles street GREEN The Grocer ! 1 j Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madlaon Medicine Co.. Madlaon, WU. It keep yon well. Oar trade ntark cut on each packaga. Irtce, 3J cenfe. Never aole In bulk. Accept no subett onunt tute. Ak your drueglst. SSK!W SSSSSTSSTC STHF RRICK - V 1 fl Z V i Next door to s g ! the Bullock) I pgt nnrtiFSTPi R -lri the City Ii Carry a full line of Best I Wines. Liquors and Ci-. f igars. 7, lVou are alway3 welcome- g K r VAN and RILEY Props, i? ' . LUBEN COMPANY New Labor Union Hall, Lower Main Street. CARRIES A FULL LINE OF Staplf 1 Fancy Groceries AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE. 'Prompt. Delivery of all Orders," our Motto. ! T. J. DOWD, Walter, Oplitioa. Jeweler Block Hills Jewelry to Order Watch ICxamincr for vhe IClkhorn R. K. Wjr ail Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. Lobby Saloon has gone thru a thoro course of repair and cleaning and is now one of JNTlccst; Place be found in Deadwood for a social time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK W- H. MOQRE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL REPAIRING DUNE ON SHORT NOTICE. AH kinds of Carriage and Wai oh Wood Work; also Carrtaja Kurnishlngs. and 12 Pine SL, - Deadwooc. 8. B PARKEK'S HAIR BALSAM CIeanai nd txtititifi ttn- ha.r. 1 Iruniol"' luiuriant pniwth. Never ili to Kostore Gray Hair to its Youthful Col r. Prevrntt laiidniTand r.a'i-ImUiifc :- 2Er. The Kansas City , it ,'. . 1 1 1 r-. '..-. . i. 1- .1 1' .1 j . - :. 17 1-rivaW v. .... .1 ' c i,-, (:,- at .t in : . ' cn n. Coin. State School of nines, LOCATED -A-T RAPID CITY. S. D. OFFERS THIS COURSE AS FOLLOWS: 1...A MINING ENGINEERING CCOURSE . 2. A COLLtGT PREPARATORY COURSE. The next term begins Wednesday.SepL 19, 1KO0. For further lnformaUon address, .. ROBERT l 8LAGLE, President, Rapid City, S. D. Chicago P. A., Omaha, Neb Ticket Agent, Deadwood, S. D. Fl Minneapolis THE DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE . . . . 21 Lee Street, Is the place to go when you ar broke or when you are not broke when you are broke, you can et money, and when you have money you can get bargains oa what tho other fellow left when he was broke. Anything and everything is carried In stock at DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE, HUM IWMl 1 UUUC ilU.M. A 1 VIGOR! vitality: an r Adams Express Removal. The local office of One Adams Ex- J.. v,3 , ..uujuiiy nas removed from i Main street . to the Syndicate block. Lee sttoet. Room formerly oeeupied Ul" 1'o.stoffiee. J. u. Warren has ; been install. -d - ashier. ! m TIME TABLE1! DEADWOOD LtMcoln Omaha, C h caiLo, St. Joseph, K ansus C. ty. Ot. Louib and all I Denver ! Portland I Salt LakoCitv, San Francisco jjomis mm ana anr, nM po,nt , Aest J rains lc.w as hI!.i.h: No 41. Vi si i In . I -. I-"xirfHfl. daily. Hut Springs, Lin- eolii, Omaha. Chicago, and ail points Last, riouih und West 7:4.". a.m. No. a I daily evept Sun-d iv. II il l Mcimitiuti anil Sieartish : 10 p. ni No .el l-'rii -j.'hi. ilalli pii'tpt Sat;l.iv II11I I'lty. Ciu-'or and l-aL'ruioiit !l : 1 T. a m. Su:e!.ivs ens fr-it-M Kavi-p .i...'". 00 a n Tra .us MI--V.. .i. '.illi.i.s-No 4:1. Ktist P,is Hgei-. dailyi'cla p. ia. No. : S.-;iril-h Tn-.iii, itallv- except. Sunday ! : 1 fi a. m. No. !:):;, Freight 10:!,o a. 111. Sundiiys this train arrives,: 45 p 'in -i.i-eini' .! tut; and Iiliiin; chat; tai smh;- f ri-- . ii ill Mi: j trains .till .'.;iy an-1 sl...i!ii-t''p 0.1.. -Is si I I .eil 1-ai ii-c , le-ckc I ti all points 1 l.,f": ii ,0 1-.' . inn. ul'lc.'. li! .ii ara . . . i'l .,1. ..t !. '. Kit VI.-... .1.1 I . , 1 . 1 f ni lenali.i Nh .v t. in ii'i-:r. i si in. 1. ;. ii.. -"Ti.i-: v. 1 '..ii, ir. 1 1 1.1 1 A ill 1 1 r 11: . 1 ks Hi 1 w !:i:n 1 - v mi -:i 1 l.K 1 I I - 1 1 ' c 1 .1 ' 1 V e . S . r, a in . '1 :;.i a. in. M ::.'.". a. 111. . 2.0 1 p . in. I 1.1 . . . . . ; I S'l niiay Id'.'... 1 pi Sunday l.! iv I .i.!y . x ' i'l Sunday 1 ).'.; Daily 1 taily. ex 1 opt Suaday Daily Daily D ,i. .-. ecop( Mn: : iv . . D.i.. . . D.ii', . , . X- 1 d Suin.ay ..12:1 a p. ui i 2 . 110 p. 111. I . . :M . p i" j . 4:20 p. in. j . : r,n p. m. ! . ... 1 : no p in s-oii m : . . !i : 0') p. III. . . . lo . 2o p. in. 1. i:vi. i.i-.aii c'ity Dailv 7:42 a. m. Dai I Dail Da:l Dai! Dail Dail y, oxec pt. Sunday y y, except Sunday S: 10 a. 111. '.) : rf a. 111. . . .1l):.",0 a. 111. ... 12: lo p. 111. ... 2:25 p. m. a:4H p .1. . . 4 . I.", p. m. . . . t'. . 2." p. in. 7:25 p. 111. S : 25 p. in. i: 25 p. ra. 1(1 55 p. m. y v., except Sunday y y y, except Sunday ' y. except Sunday v K A- M. v K. !!. Tin: XiiltTiiV.'r.PTKHN LINK. IiEl'OT: B.tW'.n lieS'laofKl aial Pinf Streetj. Arrti. LVyaiU Trouch trains to Omaba ("hicaKo, St. Paul. -Mlu-, iieapolia. uitb close cuii-nec lions for all polnla west and south, at Fremont and Omaha 11 a m I P m, DEPOT: Lower Main Streot. Arrives from Whitewood, Sturgis, Rapid, Chadron and intermediate loints 10:40 a. m. Departs 8:20 a. Ei-Arrlves. DeparU Deadwood for Belle Fourche 1:50 p. m. 9:10 a m Whitewood only 7 : 30 a. m. 4 : 35 p. rn DR. TODD. Physieiaii and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No. 11 Mill Street. LEAD. S. D DISEASES OF THE SKIN AND BLOOD AND ALL DISEASES MEN AND WOMEN. Mill loi Pflisca' PRIMARY. SBCONDAR1 AND TEK j " Vene7eaH31seases" in ThPir Most Maiiqnant Forms. i STRICTURE, RUPTURE AND, PILES, RHEUMATISM, KriAvtL,, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COMPLAINTS. ! Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Buoo. Unnatural; Losses. Sexual Weakness and Impotency in '"Young and Middle aged Men. DISEASES OF EYE, EAR. NOSE. THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER. STOMACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. DR. TODD'S SUPPORTER FOR THE SURE CURE OF RUPTURE. NASAL CATARRH:- Or. Todd, original aclenunc cure. iBdudlBK ,-emedlea and txtatinefct In ordinary caau f 1 P per mooth.- Contultatioo grea. . ! . the to 11 to BUGGIES, CARRIAGES And SPRING WAGONS. Made exclusively for the Black Hills trade. If you want a new vehicle of any kind it will pay you to call and look our stock over, and learn our prices, for they are tuo lowest of the low, yet the vehicles are the Best of the Best FULLER & BROWN. Advertisement under ttu beaauis ,,T . WORD each insertion, whtn than one month, three limb run te0 , , , i oo Der month, payable ia advam- 8:5 WANTF.D-HELP. - 2-K:8:8S:S:S:S:S:R:!S: ufl E ' HEL.P WAN TED. Reliable I ..ii ... hiw-h vrml liiln ii .it- ! mtn to ii "-o" - . oa!. greases, paints and var '"""l,,. ' Salary or commission "die (Vutral Refining Co., Cluve ian.l, Oliio. I . v !;) - l H I lor K''un;u iiiium- Hi-ik Hills telephone 1JI. worl 1 3vfVff" -tUn 1 'Ur ; -- ' ... i. i. 1. : .. ...... tl t I-' teatu liic: uii in ',, . Fuinisn board, tools, trans, nurum and positions without any t-xiH ii '' Sjn-cial for thirty daj.-t, ' alio have classes for ladies in liair dn s.-iiiK, mauicurinK and mahssa-sf. Apply !')' mail- Molcr Collide. Mm- neapolis. Minn. j i vfONTKl- Family washing to do. : Work (lne reasonaoie. cauii.n-, rison telephone No. 184. Pluma. J WN'rt:l-(;il1 fr Kncral house work at No. - liaymonu ti. nirs. p. A. Haines. WNn:i. - InteliiKont pcrmanem man. Offu-o and oius'iu: worn. A T. Morris, 1. O. Gen. Delivery. FOl'M' A pocKetuooK. Appiy to Pion. I niK-s WAXTlil'-A girl lor general House work. Mrs. W. L. MCl.aiiKiiini, North Williams street. WANTEl'- A competent Kill for u-n- m1 luiiisework. Apply at Mrs. Charles Zoellner's, No. 8 Van Huron street. Itmleside. ! WANTMI).- Three girls for m-neral J housework, two cooks and one I -undress and one good yard man. Good ;i;ts to ail. Apply to Mr, i Conl-:l:ns Intelligence iillire. 7 Wall str- I. Lead City. FOR SALE. FOR SALE. Household rood. : a count of removal. No. 41 l'orest avenue. lOU! ,ot FOR STLi:. One nearly new No. L' Dodso crusher, can be had at a bargain. J. 1'. Hyimr, Deadwoo.'. S. D. 1 ; FOR SALE HeaUns s t o v e s a n d household poods at 812 Main street. I FOR RENT. ! :sj:v:vv:?;:v:'-vvvv FOR REIT. The Mrs. L. C. Miller lodging house. Inquire of Hurt j Rogers at Maloney's assay office or , C. 0. Gorder at H. U. Youngs ot- ce. lT FOR RENT. Four room house, wen water, $10 per month. Inquire 16 Terarce street. FOR RENT. New 7-room house on 1 Forest avenue. Electric lights, baths and all modern improvements. Apply to Pioneer-Times. OFFICES FOR RENT. The finest and best located, steam heated and electric lighted offices in the city are for rent at low prices.. Inquire of O. C. Jewett, Room 202, Waite building. ROOMS TO RENT AT MODERATE PRICES. Suites of living rooms In the WAITE BUILDING, each furnished with steam heat; electric lights; bath, water closet, lavatory; hot and cold water, arc for rent at moderate and reasonable prices. Will ba pleased to Bhow them to anyone who may be Interested. O. C. Jewett. Agent. " FOR RENT On Ingleside, house with seven rooms, with barn. If tken at once, can be had at $15 per month. Inquire of J. P. Hymer, office In Martin & Mason block. LOST Monday afternoon between Hattenbach's store and Ingleside, a sealskin pockctbook, containing silver money, certificate of deposit on American National bank, cards with owner's name. A reward will be Paid to the finder if left at Pioneer-Times office or 48 Lincoln avenue. Estray Notice. One grav mare, weleht about 1400, branded L on right shoulder, dim. naa bell on when lost, October 5th. der please notify F. Zipp, Deadwood, South Dakota. STRAYED. From the hills west of central City, one roan horse, white spot on withers, bad bell on, about ' rears old. H the finder will no-Uty me where to get him or bring to me at Central or Deadwood. 1 will pay for the trouble. Patsy Robs. - S. 8. No. 23. DEADWOOD. Uf5? mewtlnga aeepnd and Ic-nth tt 7: SO. All members cordially -EUSiANNIR I. PHILLIPS. W. M. T " Emtny Notice.' . - r w auy xuxa vu v - v Pndrle, one black and white about four year sold, branded TJ. N. Owner can have same LProTtag Property, paying for this ana expense of keeping cow. W. O. HEAKE. lostofflc, Deaawood. B. D. fated, October :o. 1900. Next to City Hall, Deadwood, S. D. I Watches, Chains, Rings, etc., by BUTLFR The Jeweler, 651!2 Main Street. LUNCH COUNTER. . IN ED HEALY'S PLACE. Neat and Clean. Everything pertaining to lunch, Bueh as Lobsters, Oyst-crs. Salmon, Baked Beans, Pickles, Cheese, Bread and Butter, Tea and EXCELLENT COFFEE. H. F. LANDER. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DttADWOOD. 8. D. Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. Ekad wood office at GUltnore Home. Moo-dftys. Weducsdays. and Fridaye. Ld office, 415 Main Street, Tuesday Thursdaye and Saturday. Palmer house NEW CLARK BLOCK, NEXT DOOR TO U.e S. ASSAY OFFICE. NEW LJUILDING, NEW FURNITURE. NEW REDDING In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnlshod rooms wltk hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night Short order a specialty. SING YOU Prop 71 Never Before In Black Hills History Hm the aotlnia tten'i o accurfttclyro produceil. or never berbre hu therebeeu nob Grand ((election of the ubllm of the Hills, as ire now nhowuat the popular Studios of H. R. LOCKE & CO., Mam Btrtet, DEADWOOD I Main Straet, They Lead Othera Follow In riintotfrnphy. Cabinet Work jr Ph'atlnotype. Southern Railway. TRAN SERVICE. apply to S.G.WARNER; G. P. 4.T. A, KANSAS CITY, MO. I VVYVVyiyVWrWVVVVrWVVVV'rVVy WWWl WE WILL MOVE November 20th Into the New ADAMS block. From now on we will make a CLOSING OUT SALE cn all lines of goods carried. Come to our store for I5AKGAINS. DEEWOUTH'S ARK PORT ARTHUR ROUTE Straight as The Crow Flies" BETWEEN KANSAS C1TY GULF L No. 70-72 Sherman St. ' DOUBLE DAILY UNDERTAKING AND EMBALMING IN ALL IT8 BRANCHES . Skilfully and competently done. A full stock of coffins, caskets, robes, wreaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia, constantly on hand. Harrison Phone 134. Parlors, No. 114 Sherman SL SHORTEST LINE AND QUCKEST TIME TO PitisfciP U.. Jonliii, Mo , Ft. Smith, tL Teiartana, Tsx.. S'bmejor ttn BranmcBt, Texas, and Lake Charles. La, THROUGH PULLMAN SLEEPERS TO: HOUSTON AND GALVESTON. - Visit the famous ARKANSAS Health Resorts: Siloam Springs and Sulphur Springs. CHEAP RATESTO ABOVE RESOKTS ALL THE YEAR. .HEAP LANDS: . . Along the Port Arthur Routa In A rkansas, Texan and Louisiana are to be found the most productive lands In these States. .These lands can be secured at very moderate prices, an d therefore offer r great Inducement th. homeseeker...The fact that t hit territory is fast being a le" by ceople from the Northern States, p eaks well for Its productiveness, Fruit rice and timber lands easily se cured.. . Large for.unes l.avo already been made In growing rice In 8outhe rn Louisiana.. .A visit will convince you- . . '..a. ! Otct 60 years MnDMflM P.I SHOP ; Dll IS hTB been In use by the leaders of the Mormon Church and their follower. Positively enroa the worst case In ola ana yonnfr .. rfi.jMiinn u n..H. -m i,r no. rt-1 1 tmnkiiir. tf?nra LmL ariaiHB iron cnwti w pju-u'"i "-i'."i v. , , " . , HaalMwL ImpoUMT, I-w Power. Mht-L4Ma, fcip.ramatorrl.oM, iBOomai. Palaa li, BacJ ETil Drea, Hemlnal Enliiiui, Udu Bark, K.rrowa Dbtlir. Homeseekers7 Excursions ooum FIRST AND THIRD TUESDAYS OF EACH MONTH. llOn, mop. HIICK.W W a,u.(v, r- -- ' Uda. Eflecu are immediate. Impart rigor and potency to ere: despondent, a enra U at hand. Ecs tores email, onderelopi . . KA. . k.. ( I... t 'Ii l.v Tn.i 1 . deEDondent. a cure U at ttand. Ecs tores :u.TI tn. . i ererr email, oooereiopea ,.. i m v. m.u. i t if f net too. Pon't ge T-wHrhlnif of nn mrjiuii. oiimmim a nmn cuuuiiee. to cure or t"' - frOB. Dmrny CrL. Ban tTramelaeA. CaL PHARMACY. - . r: r-.'ttt VI all For 1- H.D.DUTTON, Vrav. Pass. Agt KANSAS CITY, MO. IA, UTBIB Bull uc , icuki ww. m - Minn0 mfnnilMl. with l,M. a Dicuna FOR 8ALE AT FAUST-8 PALACE

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