The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 13, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1900
Page 2
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 . 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. MONEY LOANU ON COLLATERAL THE DEADWOOD PIONEER-TIMES Aetna Powder Cj Dr. Hinson's Lecture Postponed. A telegram has been received stating that Dr. Henson cannot be in Deadwood to deliver a lecture Thursday, November 15th, as advertised. The new date will be announced as soon as known. magnate, to forget the disquietude of the past few months and take up the actual business of life as it was before the regular quadrennial wrangle began. No matter what there maybe Of disappointment, the wheels of government and of private business ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. Security at a lawful rate of interest. Business strictly confidential Will call at your residence if requested COVERS TUB ENTIRE BLACK MILLS D. JACOBS An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands, ho think themselves ill, that they Cigar Store Opsite Boned flstc; i UJ am a m fttfo LINOIYI'E COMPOSITION TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT m and Ods must whirl on, and the sooner the bearings are adjusted, the journals oiled and the machinery started tmoothly at its old gait, the better it will be for the country and the pe ople thereof. The effects of ,a campaign and an elec tion should not last a day beyond the casting of the vote.-, and the time has now come to take up the ordinary routine again. Kterirlc EKt riti I are not afflicted with any disease, i but that the system simply needs 1 cleansing, is to bring comfort home 1 to their hearts, as a costive condition ' is easily cured by using Syrup of Kigs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all druggists. Weekly $2.00 Per Year $1.00 Per Month Daily We Want... Vou to understand that we arc 1111 !er small expeunt- auu .nil ,"tlf iv you on MEATS f all kin-ls bn any of our competitors (iive 11.- -i Deadwood, South Dakota. ADAMS PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO. Library Notice. hame to prove our assertion by ;lv ".tig us a trial order. JGLITZ & L Y M C H Ik Lakst Thing; Out Hot Springs Star: In our own ftate the victory has been a glorious one a complete one. I'ettigrewi-m i-ROIec!" anil The people' T'uTeT " Hon TC J. (Janible will lie the next U. S, Senator. And proud indeed may w- be over the election of such a splendid state ticket, from head to foot ilie Black Hills is especially delighted over the election of its bright and honorable citizen. Hon. E. W. Martin, to congress. Although villainously assailed he comes out largely vindicated, overwhelmingly elected admired and honored, even more than before he was nominated, by the people of the Hills and of the state. TMS BILL OF KAK'K LOCK llllc' ( applies to the librarian, can have a card in the public library so that they can boroow books entirely free -by complying with the rules an I regulations of the library. Tlio.-e not personally known to the librarian must come with endorsements by taxpavers this is done to protect the library against loss of books. Remember the place over the postofficc. tf When you want to go to Central, whether it be day or night, just go over on the street and climb in Tel i-MN stitehl :ll,,:ir AT.. 1 : 1 SV.vMM.i:! l;ci;j lHii, ler's hack. k YvrE5,A?t. paiierj; Stories of the Stage. ' Is rociil Their table merits 11, e public No. 19 Lee Street. mi nt from politic s docs not involve l.i-i retirement from public view. His ;airiK and doings will still be of in-teie.-t to a great many people; but, unless hi ; future utterances are more ao 1 eptable and appropriate than the sic kly congratulations he extends to the president, the most friendly interest therein will gradually fade away. In an interview on the results of the election concurrently published the c x c andidate makes one or two notable observations, but his outgiving is more noticeable for what is omitted than for w hat it contains. There has been a remarkable efflux of comment and opinion on the events of Tuesday from Democrat ic sources and the main theme of these outgivings is the necessity for the immediate and thorough reorganization of the Democratic party. In most instances so far noted it is either directly declared or plainly implied that this reorganization must be effec ted in such a fashion as to elimnate Tammany hall and "Boss" Croker from the party counsels. The c onsensus of Democratic opinion seems to be that Croker and Tammany lost to the party the State of New York, and the loss of New York was the loss of the election. The general demand, therefore, is that the Democ- utMvvijuu SOUTH DAKOTA. John Jennack, The well known hackman wnose barn Is that imposing structure on ti 0 corner of Carney and Pine streets, is prepared to furnish the finest rigi in the city for funerals, calling parties, pic nic crowds, etc At a meeting of men whoplay ac t in New York the other day it was decided to nominate a presidential tic k-et, which would look after the interests of the profession. DeWolf Hopper was chairman and addressed the meeting. "I think 1 may say without hope of contradic tion." he began, "that 1 JW ... ih;aivooi oi; lead when I why i ;o to misli ni lor less MUNHV we of the ax torial fraternity have been ' Residence 'phone X3 Harrison somewhat overlooked in the election of presidents. We have been passed over and treated with scant courtesy. This may in itself seem to be a matter of small import to the powers that be, but we desire to have our representation, as well as the labor part v. and Art Exhibit. The trustees of the public library will In the near future give an art exhibit of copies of the great masters and others. Also pictures in oil and water colors done by amateur artists. CENTRAL CITY. O. DAK. we will demand the same (Wild 1 iiany pictures are ueiug uuiuiceu aim racy shall be enfranchised from the 1 cheers here interrupted the oration.) others loaned. The association would be glad of the co-operation of any lo- j c al artists or anyone who hase works of art that she would be willing to j loan or will donate. The members of I the board will guarantee careful ban- 1 dling and safe return. lw A Complete stock of Hay, Grain, Chop Feed, Flour, Wood , vl Coril. manga inuuence ot inmmany ana us .sav that we will eventually have to boss. On this subje-t. so important form a party of our own, and I beg to to all other Democrats, Mr. Bryan has propose the ticket we have agreed nothing to say. "Great is Tammany ; upon." Following this the followinf and Croker is its prophet!" This ex-j ticket and platform was adopted with- A. GOOD CAMPAIGNER. One ()f tli.' ! t u 1 1 ! 1 ..! rr tin c aiif.c of Mil' r iii! liii in ; Hi" can:pain j 1 1 -1 nl"l vm- r. .Lis. A. fluoric. II'- 1. :i drum 1 ;it (if the old scllonl. .lihI a iiMht (if the ' 011-feueiacy, lit j t :i typical Ait, '-u an, and nti(k!'T lor Amcii'.ui priu iplcs. Hn was an aid'-nt wnii.rr for liian and Biyun's part) in IV":. and winked for the party :i;,in in is:v alt!n In; served notiii; 1111 the leaders or the party at the time that In; would sever his affiliations with them if they continued in their tendency to discredit tho work thu A met lean soldiers were doing- In the field. And hp kept his promise. There was not a man in the campaign more; ln en; in advoeatins the princ iples of Americanism as on-un. luted in the platform of McKinley and Roosevelt, and none whose convictions were; more positive, lie worked eai ly and late, under ail conditions and in all pla es with a i?rim determination to assist in perpetuating hue Americans in, and the results in the pre lncts he; viMted speak for them-beives. Col. (ieorge made more speeches dining the campaign tuan any other republican speaker In the Iilack Hills. He held twenty-lour meetings, and was fotny from tho time he started out until ho Kot ba. k. He accepted the ass.lKiiuieuts Riven him by tho republican committee, and asked no questions, and made no suggestions. He went where he was sont without remark, and did not disappoint an audience In a single appointment, either thru failure to be on band, tardiness, or the manner in which he treated the issues he had to speak upon. He was consistent all the way thru, and treated the opposition with supreme consideration. Ho always exhibited the greatest patience with questioners in an audience, never became irritable, and treated his- opponents like gentlemen at all times. He was ready for a joint discussion at any time, provided always that his challenger gave him sufficient notice, that he might be able to get out the supporters ot the opposition as well as the republicans. He was particularly strong in joint debate, because he has an endless fund of argument and never bo 011103 ruffled. He clamation voiced the sentiments or ! the ex-candidate on tho occasion of his A X'xicxI Order I OXI.Y ASK. .. latest visit to New York, and if these sentiments have been affected by the election, he is careful not to let the fact be known. If the Democratic party is to lie recognized without Croker, Is it possible that Bryan may also be left out in the cold? Annual Meeting Masonic Benevolent Association The annual meeting of ; trckho'ciers of the Masonic Benevolent Association will be held at the office of the secretary on Saturday evening, November 17th, 1900, for the election of a board of directors and transaction of sue h other business as may be presented. A. W. COE, Secretary. iHiT THIS J TO tOU. 3 top 1 Think out protest: For President Charles Frohman. For Vice-President Abraham Hr-langer. Secretary of State Al Hayman. Secretary of the Interior Michael Shea. Secretary of the Treasury John B. Doris. Secretary of Agriculture Jacob Lift Secretary of War Colonel John B. Hopkins. Attorney General Samuel Shubert. Postmaster General William A. Brady. 1. A full dinner pail for the hardworking actor. 2. Salaries to be paid at the Saturday matinee. 3. The abolition of all matinees. 4. MrRj'-iBiofnoy for everybody, exclusive of present needs. 5. What are we here for? 6. Trunks to be delivered every night on one night stands. 6. No-stand ot less than a week. 7. Alimony to be agreed upon at 12.50 a week, no more no less. 8. Bus to and from the theater on one-night stands. If BRYAN IN THE SOUTH. With the exception of three or fpur of the sfnaller far Western commonwealths, the northern states are arrayed against Bryanism in such overwhelming force that their vote on Tuesday may fairly be taken as the solemn verdict of the entire section which maintained the integrity of the Union by force of arms. Three and" possibly four, border states also repudiated Bryanism, but with these exceptions we find a solid South, casting its vote for the apostle of cheap money and all the other populistic heresies which were embodied in Ihe Sioux Falls and rvansas City platforms. The Macon Telegraph, a leading Democratic journal of Georgia, gave SUMMER GOODS MRS. E. P. SLYFIELD, Osteopath and Masseuse, 14 Van Buren Street. Tho following so-called diseases are successfully treated by my mode of treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of Limbs, Milk Leg, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Constipation, Neurasthenia, Coldness of Extremities, Paralysis, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Dizziness, Stomach Troubles, Dropsy, Sciatica, Dysentery, Torpid Liver. Female Troubles, Varicose Veins, Goitre, Headaches, Hay Fever, Indigestion, Insomnia, Jaundice, Lumbago. Alcohol baths in connection. Ginghams. Dimities nnd Percates! THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD fOR NOW GO AT 25 c I We have 11 nice 1 e Uiie nf Mu-lln t'ii.1,-rw-ar which we re Imi sellliiL- a' emit Ki:riHin. h nil . 1 , . ,,i bed spreads, lac-.- c ii?ilm. 3 35c NOW GO AT I 22c. 12c. the key to this phenomenon in one of its deliverances on the eve of the elec They til go it n ccat lift t kt cimt icm am'. t l In oc the- c 1 1 M M' 1 1 "f" B THE LADIFS AZAAR 2 9. Actors not in the first act to be placed upon the gallery door and everybody to have a chance. 10. Critics to wear muzzles and to be chloroformed during the tlon, In the following significant words: "The majority of us In the South will support the Democratic nominee School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the entertainments yet to come: Dr. Henson, November 15. Mendelssohn Male Que.rtet, December 'j. S. M. Spedon, February 19. had but one Joint discussion during aa usual, but many 01 us will do it not the campaign, and that was at Hill City with W. T. LaFollotte, fusion candidate for railway commissioner, ana It was conceded that LaFollette 11. Every actor or alleged actor to have a chance at Broadway at least once every season. 12. Advance agents shall not play parts. 13. M. V.. Leavitt to be restrained from playing "The Spider and the Fly" in the future. k 14. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" also barred for all time. i he Club...,.! be- ause of his teachings, but in spite of them. We shall vote for him In spite of them because, whatever may be the paramount issue elsewhere, the paramount Issue In the South is the supremacy or the white race." It was thus not free silver, nor anti-Imperialism, nor any other of the Bry-anlte "Isms," that gave to Bryan the electoral vote of a practically solid was a novice before the Colonel's 1 logic. I He always gave a willing ear to all questions and remarks propounded by J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Collections in all parts of the Black Hills or anywhere in. the United States Investments and proper of Non-Residents carefully attended to. FIDELITY BONDS." Both telephones In office and Harrison 'phone In residence. Restaurant political opponents during tbefaours South"; a it the quastioa of what tW Southern extremists are pleased to Notipe. Dr. A. H. Bowman has moved his office Into the Adams block, rooms No. 210 and 211. tf of his addresses, and If it was matlon that was sought he gave It; li derision was intended he passed it S3 JOHN WAGNER, Pro style "white supremacy" could have been eliminated from the Presidential contest, there would have been as few Southern as Northern states found in the Bryan column today. Even as it is, there is a strong tendency on the part of the younger generation to drift away from the oU Bourbon moorings, and join the Republican party, especially on national issues. This ten Meals Served to Ordwr. Present Bills for Settlement. All persons having bills against the Lawrence county central committee are requested to present them immediately to me for settlement GEO. V. AYRES, Chairman. MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) Makes all kinds of Floral Designs and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses, Carnations and all other flowers of the season FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. on wiia a good nature that always gave him the sympathy of the majority., He spoke in every county in the Black riills, and in all important places. He held two meetings in Harding county, the unorganized county adjacent to Butte, speaking at Camp Crook and at Harding, and his dency was noted in a recent article In ine New Orleans Picayune, one of The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. the most rabid of the negrohatlng or Organized under the laws of South gans of the South, which proceeded Dakota, to combat it by demonstrating that the J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler, la Headquarters For Black Hliia Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this prop 33. ILVr. GILLETTE The Pioneer Jewelrr pnd Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELEY, ETC. . WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR LINGTON 4 M . No. 659 Main Street. Deadwood, worn up mere -was eaecuve. ' The strong features of his campaigning were his references to the record - ot the democratic party on expansion and his constant admonition that the' sovereignty of tne United States be Republican party is still as inimical to the interests of the Southern whites as it was In the older days when it did, as. claimed, so much to affront them. The Southern people are no erty. We have millions of tons of medl um grade ore In sight We have a tunnel proposition. more Bryanite at heart than are the upheld. He presented incontrovert old-fashioned Democrats, of Pennsyl notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just what you want and he will Quote you prices by return maO. REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house In the Hills. FIFTH ANNUAL DANCE We are selling stock to develop the ible facta to sustain Lie former prop vania and New York. osition, and his Interpretation of the Constitution and an able citation of property. We hare a few m jre shares at 17Hc For particulars call on Aaron Ander SOME BANNER PRECINCTS. - Nemo. McKinley US Paramount 43 son at the mines, or Central City, tr addresa GLADIATOR COLD M. ft M. CO, Do you. Know hBtortcal facta supported the latter. His service Is recognised by ail republicans, and bis promptness In fulfilling his engagements is appreciated by the central commttee. He is Justly entitled to the compliments of the party and the gratitude of every lover of good government AW . ss Rooms 613-14 I. L. Jb T. Building. t artin. God of Battles.... Des Moines, la. LAKOTA TRIBE NO. 1, I. O. R. M. Low Rate West and Northwest. Every Tuesday during October and A Good Thing When Y u See LP Moodle 176 Toomey 13 Perry. McKinley, -64 Paramount 13 Martin 58 Promissory Joe... 11 November the Burlington Route will sell tickets at the following remark ably low rates: . ?1.."0 " J - I If you do, then come and not only SEE. but Ogden. Salt Lake City, Butte. Hel City Hall November 15 1 our brand of SHERRY, ANGELICA, TOUT sm MUSCATEL ena, and Anaconda, one way. $28.55, Round, trip', $33.35, return limit 30 days. , . . TO, BE LEFT OUT. ; 1 Ex-Candidate Bryan's telegram of congratulation to President McKinley was, perhaps, under the rules of etiquette observed on such occasions, a complimentary necessity; but it was evidently a bitter necessity, and so far as the ex-candldata personally Is concerned the custom might better have been honored in the breach than In the observance. Mr. Bryan Is out of politics, and the present probabilities are he will stay out; but his retire- No longer will the eye be confronted who hideous, unconvincing caricatures and cartoons or the ear affrighted with the wild howls of the parti-Ban. All that could be done has been done and the fight is over. It now Music by the Cyclone Orchestra. ; Spokane, Tacoma. Seattle. Portland, Victoria and Vancouver, one way. . , They Are The Best in the West - 5 . Fine Old Whiskey of father time $1 0 u FAMILY LIQUOR STOP e $33.3; round trip $55.70; return' limit. 30 days. f remains for the banker and the ditch digger, the butcher, the baker, and incidentally, the capitalist and trust Tickets and Information at all Bur Tickets $1.00 1 lington ticket offices. ticu iir-t r tNif irif"t ik

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