The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 1, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Uniun to loan on eltT nroBertly: monthly payments; low rats of Inter IP TOU ARH NOT BUTINO AT THI STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHKH-MAN ST.. TOU ARB LOSING MONEY. THB NEW CUSTOMERS ARB INCREASING tUILT. est Call or address Dr. Jr. M. uenu. Bad management keeps more people in w - ooor circumstances than any other one cause. To be successful one must look On June 1 Mrs. Walters will open a dining room In the HoUner, over Chase's, where genuine home cooking will be served. To cure piles, strike at the root that's the way. IieWitt's Witch Hazel Salve ahead and plan ahead so that when a favorable opportunity presents itself he Is ready to take advantage of It. A little forethought will- also save much expense ami valuable time. A prudent and careful man will keep a bottle of Chamber Come on You . CATALOGUE FIENDS AND CATALOGUE CRANKS Omaha and Chicago Prices duplicated at Bloom's and strikes at the root it removes the cause quickly and permanently. Don't squander lain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem t time and money trying to remove the ef fecU. Kirk G. I'hlllips. Order "Commencement' day cut flowers 4 from Mrs. Mather. FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST At edy in the house, the shiftless fellow will wait until necessity compels It and ruin his best horse going for a doctor and have u big doctor bill to pay, besides; one pays out 25 cents, the other Is out a hundred dollars and then wonders why his neighbor is getting richer while he is gettiug poorer. For sale by all druggists. There is a time for all things. The time to take DeWltfs Little Early Risers PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD You Don't Have to Pay Express Charges Either, Mrs. Nott desires to call attention to the newness and completeness of her stock in the lines mentioned below. The reduced prices heretofore quoted are still in force and a number of additional cuts have been made, to take effects at once. LADIES' WRAPPERS, MOST COMPLETE IN ASSORTMENT AND OF THE VERY LATEST STYLES IN DESIGN AND PATTERN. CASH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MON EY'S WORTH. ri EMOVED Ta.kA Nntlr-A r.itizpna.. is when you are suffering from constipation, biliousness, sick headache, indigestion or other stomach or liver troubles. ? S 8 They never gripe. Kirk O. Phillips. JLVYour headquarters for genuine pianos Is now at No. 639 Main St., by Bullock hotel. Come right In and be at home. c. E. Hawley will be there all he can, and always SOMEONE. Try Hasty Pudding at Franklin's Bring Your Catalogues with you and Examine our Goods and Prices. BLOOM'S Shampooing and manicuring at See blck's. Everything new and neat at the LADIES' SKIRTS, IN SILKS, SERGE, BRILLIANTINE, LINEN CRASH, WHITE PIQUE AND DUCK. Holzner. DAN HICKS, colored, an erpert with Palace Pharmacy. W. M. Gallagher of Bryan, Pa., says: "For forty years I have tried various cough medicines. One Minute Cough Cure f 4 66 1 Main Stree. eU r sV y Jr- plants, will make flower beds, care for is beet of all." It relieves Instantly and plants, clean yards, clean and lay car-pot, wash windows take down stoves, etc. Telephone Pioneer-Times, curee all throat and lung troubles, coughs', colds; croup, whooping cough, la grippe Girl Wanted At the Only Restaurant. and pneumonia Kirk G. Phillips. For elegant slippers go to Zipp'a. LOOK hare! Nobody Is selling such good pianos for so little money, LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS, IN INDIA LINEN, DIMITY, PIQUE AND SILKS. There will be received at the Bazaar during the present week a shipment of goods for Ladles' wear, which have been seleited with espenlal care and will be strictly in keeping with the latest modes and fashions. "Calumet" Does Not Belong to Baking Powder Trust, but Con-umereare Rapidly Learning to Place Their Trust in "Calumet." Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. You receive prises tor using: Diamond "C" Soap. Your grocer can tell you and easy terms aa C & Hawley. Do BY SAVIN u THB NICKLES AND DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOLLARS DURING THE YislAR. YOU i .N DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE STA JDARD CASH STORE, SHER-MA.l STREET. What you want is not temporary relief from piles, but a cure to stay cured. De-Wltt's Witch Hazel Salve cures piles, and not allow anyone to deceive you. but about It. Dr. Seymour here June 27, 28, 29, always see his pianos, and prices and terms; you owe It to yourself to do this. No. 639. by Bullock Hnrl 30, for four days only. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND they stay cured. Soothes and quickly All the first-class stores of Dead wood have agreed to close their stores at 8 PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE heals old sores, scalds, cuts, burns, wounds ! OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE NONE SO COOD. o'clock. By patronizing the stores that and skin diseases. Kirk G. Phillips. CALL FOit IT. observe thla agreement and doing their shopping before 8 o'clock the buying pub Physicians are the friends of the lic la assured courteous treatment and family. HARPER Whiskey is the friend of the Physicians. A most val .vir. i'. Ketcnam or fike City, al., says: "Duringi my brother's late sickness (rm sciatic rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Halm was the only remedy ihat gave him any relief." Many others hav? testified better bargaina, and will greatly oblige uable assistant and one that can be THE CITY. THE CLERKS. Diamond "C" Soap is a bleb, grade to the prompt relief from pain which this trusted. Sold only by CARR & BERRY. Deadwood. S. D. laundry soap that can be used In bard 'Ladies Bazaai liniment affords. For sale Dy all drug Furnished rooms alt reasonable rates gists. or soft water. W. L. Nell, D. D. S., Crown ana Bridge work a specialty. Gives gas Boom to let at the HoUner., Hsirdresaing ait Seeblck's. ZIPP'S FOB FINE SHOES. Diamond "C" Soap la a wash-day friend. ChiWyat lta acquaintance. DictewrfDlckeia! At city hall If ay tor painless extraction of teeth. Over by the day, week or month, at the Hoi iner. Apartments for rent, suitable for housekeeping. No. 41 Lee street F. M. Oanta, D. D. a Modern Den DeW'itfs Little Early Risers act as a faultless pill should, cleansing and reviving the system, Instead of weakening it. They are mild and sure, mall and pleasant to take, and entirely free from objec Phillip's Pharmacy. 639 Mam Sireit, It is so seldom that the people of this vicinity have the opportunity of seeing IL Don't mlsa it tistry of all kinds. Qas administered. tionable drugs. They assist rather than Eighteen years' experience. Rosenthal a strictly first-class company that they will hail the coming of Atba Heywood Thomas Nellaon a Dane took out hit block. rat naturalisation papers yesterday. compel. Kirk G. Phillips. Have your eye examined for glasses free of charge by A. F. Snyder, the op with delight. It has been a blessing to Take your watch work and engraving to Our cltisen will hare an opportunity of such attractions aa the Alba Heywood company as they are now touring the A. F. Snyder, the jeweler. Satisfaction C. L. Siewers. guaranteed. tician, free of charge. Dr. Bowman has returned bo Dead- west to the largest business they have ever FOR A PETRFBCT .FIT, SEE CHAR enjoyed. They will be seen here on the Gunsmith, Locksmith, wood to remain permanently and re LIE A RAMSEY, THE TAILORS. evening of June . sume his practice, and will occupy his 811verware free to users at Diamond old office over Deetken'a drug store. Everything new at the HoUner. Do you eatr t Qua Hollar's meat C" Soap. Ask your grocer. All kinds of fresh cut Bowers on hand HEADQFoARR-BICYLCE market on Main street, yon can est 8. W. Russell, the principal men of tbe at Mrs. M. Uebmann'a. syndicate that Is starting work at the old Uncle Sam mine, on Elk creek, arrived la all kinds of good meats at ttra lowest prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't forget the number M Main street. Deadwood Tuesday with his wife, and In DR. A. Ft. NAULTEUS PHYSICIAN, SURCrEON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street Dr. 01athes Celebrated Trusses on aND BICYCLE SUNDRIES, tend to make his home here in the fu ture. J. 8. McCllntock, oity bill poster, 7t6 Main street (if The Most Complete Repair Shop in the E hand. M. J. Donovan, chief of polios, has lost his handsome blackthorn stick, that was consulting the eminent eye specialist. Dr. "W. I.. Seymour at the Bullock Hotel. June 17, U, It and SO. Thrs only one soap In the world for m. That's the aoap they call the Diamond, ,. -C." The Ladies Basaar haa recelTed a line 4, wide embroidery la servtse and eam-Mo, that include the latest designs and Is most complete. . Congressmen) Charles H. Burke, Judge I B. Daffy and Kirk O. Phillips went wit is flpearflsa yesterday afternoon, on the ' train, and intend to remain there sereral ays, on a flshlng excursion. Mrs. Nott, of the Ladles Basaar, desires , to sute that she has just received an assortment of anion suit for women's wear. They are summer weights, with long sleeves and are admirably suited to the Black Hills climate.- - , Regular annual meeting for the election of officers of the Dead wood Pioneer Hook 4 Ladder Co., will be held at the parlors Thursday evening, June t. at I o'clock. All member will see to their uni-form and report at meeting. , . - W. H. MOORE, Foreman. B. H. Harrlmaa and wife telearaphed recently presented to him by a friend Just back from Ireland. The chief left the stick at the poetofflce, and some one car rled it off, probably not knowing to whom It belonged. The chief would appreciate Its return. GREATEST DRY GOODS SALE Congressman Charles H. Burke an Bounces that he will push the claims of all discharged soldiers of the Third Vol Ever Held ifi the Black Hills; unteer cavalry (Ortgsby's rough riders) against the government for back pay due, and will do it without charges of any M. kind. He will push their, claims as vigor LIEBMAIWS NEW STOCK! ously aa any of the claim agencies and will Bought by W. E. L0WB tor Spot Cash at a great discount. The nnrehase Includes eeneral linnet of Soring TM VuJa 1 lie BV A' ww-, TOiaon ww oe soia wr much less, than ACTUAL COST. SALE BEGINS do It fully as satisfactorily. The remains of A. J. Smith were inter red In Mount Moriah cemetery in Dead wood yesterday afternoon, the funeral ser -from, Seattle to Mr. Franklin in thla .city that they bad boarded the steamer at I o'clock for their trip to Alaska. Mr. Har vice being held at the Congregational rlmaa Is the principal owner of the Gold church, conducted by Rev.. J. W. Barron. Reward and Is starting with hi wife Pa tor.. Music was rendered by the male and a party of others tor a three month's FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19 And continues until all the Goods are Sold. "WE WILL OPFBE: sojourn la the north. : quartette, from tbe Methodist church, on der the leadership of W. O. Rlos, Mrs. H. 1 was seriously afflicted with a couch A. Cable being at the organ. The pail for several years, and lait fall had a more ewe sough than ever before. hart bearers were Albe Holmes.. John Green ough, Thomas Saunders, J. B. Falrbank. 1,000 pair Hisses' Ribbed Hoee. Se . 600 White Marseilles used many remedies without reoetving much relief, and being recommended to H. W. Ellington, and Lloyd BoewelL Bed BnW5 Bed - 65c; worth $1.25. Bands and Astleys BngUah-Amerlcaa ouv yaros vrgiu try a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem-ody, by a friend, who, knowing me to b . a poor widow,, gave it to me, I tried 1L 1,000 pair Ladles' tan find black Ll&l Hose, 25c; worth 65a ' . 600 Ladles' Shirt Waists, EOo and e5c; worth fLOO to 12.00. " 1,000 -yards Assorted Cress Goods, 9c to 85c; worth 25o to (So. - 1.000 pair losses fins Lisle Ribbed Hose, 2Sc; worth (5a 1,000 pair Ladies fast black seamless Hose, fc; worth ISa shows will oh are to exhibit her Jan t and a, bear the reputation of being the most elaborate and entertaining ezhlbt- and with the most gratifying results. The Linens and Fancy Ooods, 15o yard; worth 25c " 6,000 yards Carpets. Mattt Cloths at about half prk tioo ever organised, possessing many extraordinary features of merit never seas with other shows. Sands and Aider's , Ladies'. Mishap' and nHroTica qv ( nrst Dot tie relieved me Tory much' and the second bottle has absolutely cured me. I have not had as good health for twenty years. Respectfully Mrs. Mary A. Beard. Clamnore Ark, Sold by all drag-gists. V ' ' ' 11 o i ' i THB MODERN BEACTT Thrives on good food and sunshine, with English-Americas shows have occupied the foremost rank Is amusement realms for forty years; have visited the princi Off6r6Ca '" -vuu wuuqo lUWDi lUall OVD1 w-- Millhfer at half price aaked by less compete pal cities of Ire continent la their remarkably successful career, and bring with them the very beet show ever pre- plenty of exercise in the open air. Her tented. That they wUl be eminently sue- at ''ArrrrwflT8' Clothina will be ott at ACTUAIj COST during-, this. Sale. xonn gom with health and her face o ful here, a. leewbere. goes without nioom. with Its beauty. It her system! saying. Wherrer Its greet white dty. of Ing actloa of a laxative ! tents Is mzmmA lta - LOWE remedy, she use. the gentl. and pleeeaant and lta snany surprising pleasing at-. ymi . of Fl,s. m.d. by the California traction, and Innovation, are a eooree of "'BEEMIVE;,'-I Wife. CiasiiaxMss ysisin ,i, nnii lv,y- ---,r nn n n rin --- - aaeftisas m the most astounded ntm()fwAMMwwwwwww'

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