The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 13, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1900
Page 1
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Fifteen derks are wo: kite.: (lav and ROCKEFELLER members towards its use in fact, since it has become a part of the cit"'s fire tiiditins; lone but little use nb-'ht enrolling the '!c -roUees. " They have already enroll, d 7x.:,;, and it is E REPUBLICANS GIVE UP KENTUCKY The Montana Copper King ; ' 'imaied that they will enroll alto- . 1 ' ''"'"'i' It i, a big .lav's win k . j for the pi e-cnt fon to , nroll lift y I Indians. Ten thou ,,ml full bloods . bae absolutely j. i , ,( p, i-t .l.uuaiUb. i'.ni .lij ;k4iiw 4hw- - . th m ! th. .i rj i:t., " . Advance cf Kic Stctk O.c tit Thai ygfk-esr ncrsWcair he "Copper Kinn':-Netherlands-Kotel . and returned a ' fio';-,". of rV.iJili.V ' : - hit produced r in Caieornia. c a rs in the niant this he held mull-interests that made N'F.W YORK Nov. 1'!. Special. Marcus Daly, and Moiitana millionaire, dual in his room at tl in the c.iy today, lie had been ill several mnnr trf'Tri'i-1-;''7rll Trrtfti Ti KtmTfiirn Trip, taken 111 '' in ' hi- . onilition. but whi h proved futile. Mr. Ha!y v. a - one of t he most prom : n.-nt chara ' ll " -.v. t. He la -an his career as a fortune aid b. i ii ie in t i me one of the con : roll inn stock' Anaem ia iiipjurmine in Montana. In addition t .ions ether mininj; live stock a ml ri al est at him a millionaire several times over. He wa- b.iin in Ireland, cumins;- to the nit.'d S' b"'-. lb' w a . ambitious to make monev. and hi andidaterfar Governor, is DefeatRd. tlecuon ras iviace mm Another Fortune has been made ol it, ami I would sue, erst that in the futuie a liitle more attention be Kiven it The water supply for lite purpose.- as be, n r ai.n.l and m.i .. cimiLUaiul on the score of pressure , ;m be mud" In t he city, dit i ihut, d , "tiveni. nt l ; for the ii-,. el tirem. nt are sixty h . drants. situat. d as follow .- Main street 20; 'c-t -oa,lv:i , 2. Deadwood street. 1; Williams strict ': City Creek street, 2: ( 'entcnica 1 'street. 2: Sherman street, tl : rha'-b 1 -dreet. -I; Wabash axenue. 2. Terra , street. 2 : Filmoie street. I: Van Ha Man street. 2: Jefferson sire. t. It: I. in ! coin avenue. A . .la kson and Taylor i av. p lie. 2 ; total. CO. lublicar.s will Contest Elec ! i Jocks on Wall Street Have ! Gone up all Along the tion of Several Democratic I. - when he was a . Ill -t desire was to . S:m Francisco, lie , ill WHS lllejnn )- . . s he not money . lie jiassed thru all , d all the set- a jirospector. but T. v ant ai;e, and it was . Line. c, t int.. th,- co, mine... So he worked his way to landed in ( 'a I if. in i :i wtiheut a cent, and his first tiite. s fur. in:,, of the nilkv farmers. As soon ( !ioii-ih lie w. at up into the minim; country, whi c life a.l cut ores of the pro-pector. and experiem ba lis and discomfitures. He became an adept a he made no strikes that could be turned to his nn not until he fell in with Maekay. .Flood Congressmen, Since my incumbency (he depart ment members have been free from disease, and death has not visited our and O'llrien that . doped the famous . ibv he benan to be favored by fortune. When they loiSVIU-i:. Ky., Nov. U.-hpo- j family of firemen, for which we I slioubl be truly prateful. Finani ialh we are in excellent shape and so far as I excellence and ei..ciency are concern ml. few. if any, departments excel us -Tho re pu If 1 K'un staie cenuai Imittet' has issueo n ai'u mi ni. n-c-Jing Hint .tkcs, uie repuuiicuu A DISSERTATION For the Delert-'tion of the Thinking Public. . ' Th.- hit.. Dr v. r I'm.V him df . " of the i !:i f i - of modern " 1:1c a' ia-i- hip in In - ;i.-:r- - as I : ' j ib t:t of the A: :. a a!i I .ibruiy v. "-.- .' th.iit!on in 17. s.ii.,- "Ii was for- . 'lunate that III.- public library system . I start i'l w hi re it. dj.l imd.-r th.; sup- "' el ". i ;ion of the e 111 i ncn t in en who ion- , I : tillltcil the lirct linrail of trustees , oT the l!(,4on public library. Chief anion; the...- nen was (ban,. Tiik- iior." Dr. Tool went on to say that . the policy of these men was largely i onccived by him, arried thru against the o:ios;t ion o! lahvard F.verett and , . ot hers. ," I Mr. Ti-cUnoi-'s idea was that the li- biarv s 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 be made a; free as pos- silde. as att.a tr.i- t'i all i l.i .-.-;, e- pi (ally to tl.o .. a I:. . ta .te for lead- in;; was . i to be .'mined. Mr. Tick- . 11.11 '. XleV.'S Wi-e . I'.aie.l by Itohelt ('. t.l 111 op. Htm ol tie- larce.-t minded If:, a ;.-a a bit .' t s has p' oila ed. 'I'l.e p.'i.ii ill.! ai ." I;-: : I n tlioimht ,f v. n: : I, i .) o. i a ; i la mind'; and at - t ' ' ; e ' '. '"' i'e t 1 1; i ill r.- of ,'."i. it.t. !.i . nt :'M I i :'l i .1 i -mi- . ill;:. . ..' I' .. ... . (,1-1.1. Thee .. h:i- 1 ;!.;." d it : . a :: inipurtaii! I .. :i; :. . ii 'i : . ami the 1 a; llier NKW YORK. Nov. 12.---Special.--I'radini; on Wall street continued tremendous today. Tlio total sales since .lection have broken tho record. Stocks have gone up nil iilonK the line, it is estimated that John P. Hoc Ice-teller lias cleared an immense fortune the last few days In tho advance of his stocks ulone. fn- irovfinor is deieaicu, uui urn i-that the 1 1 publ i. ans will con- Jin: tl!0 I urn (if several demo Tan lies poet fully submitted, Fi. -.s'K KKI.I.AR. Chief of Deadwood Fire Department Deadwood, S, H., Nov. 12. l'.Hiil To the Honorable Chief and Metnbe. of the Deadwood Fire Department (lentlemen I have the honor of lrchsni' ii mi tii(! fgrounus 01 uann. ehinnina Machinery Abroad. ILAVAl' K F.Fi. Nov- J -. Milwaukee Conisto k. they put him in a i foreman. lie first attracted attention as a mininK expert in his report on the Alice mine in Montana. His boardini; house man at Hutte had secured him seveial positions and Daly had abandoned them for one trifle or another imtil the landlord was heioming disansted. He worked for several wccks in the Alice as he had never worked before, and he was ((instantly examining the ore. He quit work, went away, interested the Walkers in the mine, and induced tin in to buy It. When he went back he was made superintendent, lie hei;an Investing in minint; properties on his own account, and when HaKKin and Hearst e.-e li had :-e. ured a third interest in the Anaconda also got a third. Most minim; men have forgotten it, hut the Anaconda was first wicked as a silver mine. The discovery of copper was altogether an accident, and would not have occurred had not the silver lunched out. imlii in'.; Daly to sink deeper than he intended. Daly was for a time the ride ow ner of the Anaconda, pnrchnsinr; it for $::n.(iiih. but he had not the money to develop it, ho he interested other men with him. eiivim; up two-thirds. He was the breeder and owiu r of fa t horses, and his horse farms were t he most elaborate in the w e t. 7 1 i s wealth w a s e t iimi ed a ' l-i iiiin nuil. hine shops have lately received Jeonlci:; from brewery plants, Ice Henry Villard Dead. ' NHW YORK, Nov. 12. Special. 'llemy Villard. the railway magnate ' died here today. submitting to you the following port, as your secretary, for the ; ( nding November 12, I'.HUl: i Continued on Page .1 ) tines und Hour null machinery to . . .:. mi ill i'i j,.' fk.ii. lin-tnllc Ml loicigii ii"""". kauktc ' c:r n il lias lately sluppi d L cars of frch'lit to France; ami muni in .hi pan, and Just (omplet- ia iar-e plant at Alsopp s r.rewery, 2i fclaml, ""'1 i-- installing plant:; m feica. t f AT C ATI Philadelphia's Grcrt Dog Show. I !-A ! : : : .Hi 1 1 A. Nov. 12. Ho.;; of V va Fl U -ft rj MM ,:r iiri'i- It i ; : :: o t e: ; ; ; in ' thin:; that in tl. : o lit i ' ;:!. i,;i.-n and int. ic t i : 1 Iddcil hii EGULAR ANNUAL MEETING Of TH5 DEPARTMENT nada n i'lmn all prominent U n-I iiitcil States ami li.nry inn us from 1'nglnnd aiid on exhibition today in hall lit the anneal dis-I'liilailclldiia 'Do..; Show The liit of prizes is the offered by the member.-. rlicultur of til Hats mm: t. '!;! by the m . ,;,!-. ol I isaii wood ill the public 1 ibt a i'.v and in I ryim; to rial;.' the . iy all' ;c tve not only to cot liou'e peep!" b'H to the stran:;ers , within o": 'ac - Inwti of the size j and j.i. i. :,i (!) f lieadwaiod oit'dlt ' '1o lie a'de to support a free public li- ; ocaition fcest ( :-t'A''lV lunch show organization. any Cut in Armor Plate. HAVE ARRIVED SVASHINGTON, 1). C. Nov. 12- iecial . It is announced at the navy lartmcnt that the armor plate miur- Frail;: Keller Elected Chief, James Munn First, Frank Pcjck Second John Ryan Third Assistants irturers have agreed to acrvufr a Jailer sum for the armor than" spe- d in their lii'ls. Work on the 7f- Our stock of this famous brand is now complete vessels for tue navy will he re ined. rs. Elizabeth btanton s uirtnaay. KEW YORK, Nov. 12. This is the Iniversnrv of the hirth of Mrs. F.liz- . Iiiarj-if v.c would only halt, stop a while, anil put on our think-cap, but in the mad ru-h to make money and secure po.-ition, the cultivation of the mental faculties are overlooked or of onlv seiondnry consideration. Money and position are both uood ; wo (ouhl not t-i' t alons very well without them, but they should not be the first and only aim we have in life, j That nohl and silver, house and land cannot be taken with tts when we 1 ass on to the s'reat bevond is a foregone .onrlm i'in. but there is a possibility of takin-' our mentality with us. in fact if any part of the eso can ' ;;o on and on thru th- eternity, it is that whi.h our rnenioivs nave learned .and slop I awav, thru the activities Ol our meiitalilii's. So would it not . u, 1 tn devnte so'ae little portion 1 of monev and time to acquire the ; thiii.'-s Unit fire imperishable that whi, h if all material things fail will still . I ti r w iih us? th duly Stanton, who Is held in th honor by the entire sisterhood of iierica and those beyond the sea as She is SI years of age today, Tho annual meeting of the Dead-wood lire department was held in the lire parlors last iimht, and officers were elected for the coming year as lollows: Frank Kellar, chief engineer. Miiiin, first assistant. Fiank Peck. sc. ond assistant. John Ryan. thin, assistant. Joe Poznanski, sei rotary. John '1 reher. treasurer. Jth intellect unclouded and views as tonounreil as ever thev were. The Imagination Supplies A Creai I Part of the Pleasures of Life In no i asi. is this so well illustiated as in the fact that many men will pay outrageously high price i to have their clothes made to measure because they imagine they get a sort superior to ready made. So they do i n le-,.-; they gel. the famous High Art Clothes, every garment of which hears such label The e ilothe ; please the iinaginat 'on and insure (lie sense of being well dies. ( .1, ami ai.' one half the pri, e wlii. h one would pay to a mer-, hae! tailor. v c ijj Santa Fe's Limited. j j At the contra) station are two hose narts loaded with 500 feet each of the best hose manufactured, while in ilhe center of the city is stationed an-! other companay the Deadwoods sini. 1 ilany equipped, and in the First ward I the Fountain City Hose and Ladder I company, also supplied with every ,' convenience and necessity for lire li.'.hting. j There is for use at fires at least PiMM) feet of good, serviceable hose, 2tHMI feet of w hi h is equipped w ith tin-'new (Oiiplings, wline the Hook ii r (ompany at the central station is ' . :i ip d with every device for li-dit-ing fire that, good judgment ' an :".; :-st. It The ehemi :il engine is in ordcC and available for u -e at all times, altho th. ic seems to be a dislike among the f HICAGO, Nov. 12. The Santa Ke Mr. -Kell ir established its limited services, it is tri weekly, instead of daily. is a member of the Hose and Ladder com- kh will he continued during the unanimously chosen to sh, The I Ma' path of November and probably 'ill ', eld land for cultare :i;ion in the narrow- end of the year. The Santa IV'-' Fountain City pany. was .-ucceecl h,iim ( .Mr. M unn b. Pioneer Hook Mr. Pe k to th pany, and Mr. " for I'lillmans will net be filled Vi'.i: kit ha-.,, a, look at these doth'.: tod.iv :oir;s to the Deadwood K- Ladder company, . itomestake llo-e ( one ; K an tn the 1 lead wood ; 1 1 f ,ro;res and . is recognized Ivaneed thought , not hing out of in December. ! Hotel Holacaust. rather than elm : en e. In this a eiili.'ht. nia, n' a ; in li'ie w lth ' of the day.. Tin place in the ( "in ' to the school am re Hose coinpanay. j ! KOSEiNTHA fOPLAH I!U i'R Mo.. Nov. 12.- ' Palace Clothing House inn of the library th . coll. .-re. but its ial.-The Citiord hotel a three- j Following is the report, of ( hud j Kellar Tor the period he has occupied FT frame building, burned here : ' morning. Five are known to be r'i.anil it. is feared severaJ-oihiirs . buried in the ruins. Manv of th rstswere badly burned. o- ! A Russian Pianist. I niLfiSVlEfilCAN NATIONAL BANKl Ccadwood, South Dakota. a A DEPOSITORY FOR THE ? true mis- ion i.; not to nc ; o niu.o ... . a lame cM. nt it i ' to be compared us an obiu.-t, (.peil'T;.- care a:d ex-vjii- '' 'a-': th" modern , ,,, .i.. . ... ... . '..: l ie -it beds. rare plan's in ( on. orwitorie-;. music bv (Xic'lent bands or galleries and museums. Net. very strh tly usefirt thoie thin- c hii't" recognized everywhere as mini-'ering to the' real culture of the peopl". the library be then the phut- wlieie you will come, not merclv to study and store the mind with so-called useful knowl f EW YORK. Nov. 12. Ossi Oabilo- j ilsch, the Russian pianist, made his ! but before frneS'e hall tonisrht. He anneared I Berlin, just before sailing, at the ,jr. Wis a CIT Y COXJITTTr and STATS, 'ir". pms concert of the Philharmonic TV'--' ", Chairman Jone Onniid. the position: To llie. Ifonoraole'Vlayor. Cii Council and's and Members of the Deadwood Fire Department : (lentlemen I herewith respectfully submit for your consideration my report, as chief-engineer of the Deadwood Fire department for that portion of the term of James Frawley filled -by me. Since coming into command of the department, the city has been visited by several conflagrations, none of them, however, being of a very serious nature, and a., of which will be desribed more in detail by the secretary in his report. The fire department has been prompt to answer to alarms and renaered the city much valuable services, saving by its promptness and efficiency hundreds of thousands of dollars to the property owners. Each company has striven to vie with one another in the discharge of its duties, and the result has been that efficiency and discipline has risen to the highest point, so that the City of Deadwood today has one of the best volunteer fire-fighting forces in the world. There are five fire companies in the ere are five fire companies in the pncAoo. Drafts and Letters of Credit lulled. Good in All Parts of the World edge, hut also often to have a good time, to refresh y-aur mind with humor, poetrv and fiction. Where the bovs will find the wholesome books of adventure and tales such as a boy nt-- where the girls will find sto- fsrS' lairnian Jones la opposed to the prosed reorganization of the democratic ty- He says the party will never ow men who have been traitors In Mem "ries which delight them and give their F PMt to dictate In the future. .;. COLLECTIOITS Attended to Promptly and Intelligently ri.... kARIS, NOV. 19. Snwlil Tho PT- Acts gently on the Kidneys, Liver pUon closed today and the build-P being dismantled. The fair f w nnanclal success, but It is X Tf- any extent warranted by borrowers names- or ? "vea it clearea a small sum. and Bowels v, ' collaterals, & Troon. Will D - XAtA.. 1 WASHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 12. THF YSTEM and In each the complement of f A jrH-'- J is full. Young, active and I ; - p - rf-rtt ni nry- city 'S-lal.- All TTnUaJ Ot.- In members bers vuai.u DUliCS llWa l PftO Rlfn -n, v . oith-iciastir members fill the rosters ti. uo wuuurawu 1 1 un, F lnd as the restilt of the peace- election ik. fancy and imagination exercise where the tired housewife will find the novel that shall transport her to an ideal realm of love and happiness and where the hard-worked man. instead of always being expected to read improving books of history or politics, can choose that which will give him relaxation of mind and nerve such as "Chimmie Fadden.' "House Boat on the Styx " "The Pur-suit of the House Boat." etc This may be an ideal liorary. hut not out of the scope of this community, if the citizens were as public spirited as they should be and show a willingness and cheerfulness to do and give their mite toward bringing un this standard The little library that has been sustained nearly six years by the hard work-the still harder task of soliciting bv a few women. O for a Mrs. Hearst, a Carnegie or an Allerton. to come to our rescue and preserve the majesty of the town, and the dignity of the library by placing the latter above the position of a common beggar. L T1! Kansas. Nov. 12. The . " ' a Accounts Solicited and it Correspondence Invited. si ss i Our long; experierct in the Black Hills at jj . service of intending invrs.. '- - ? ; ss -8 DznscTons Jl W. E. ADAMS. JOHN JREBKA. gj !;, 1ARRI3 FRANK1.IN. Pre. BEN BAER, Vic IrrM. a -Wa. 8ELBIE, Cashier. ' SS uir Dawes of Massachusetts. 40 it nrV .v- of each company, "and material is not lacking from which to draw in the event of loss. During the year there has been turned into the department treasury the sum of J1600; out of which has been expended the sum of $1586.10, leaving a balance on hand of $13.90, which with the benefit from the smelter of $100, and the gift from the Homestake Mining company of $250, leaves in the benefit fund or cash on hand of $363.90. The department is well supplied with apparatus, all of it in good repair. li. Cherokee. Creeks, Choataws. Kw' "1 8emlnolea .living in 11 PERMANENTLY Buy th c-tNuiNt - ii an fo By GuWvNUTg.Syrv'p(S LrVtotry. and it has been an-tta the work will be com-i r m tT0 years, when there will Wjinl61? 0Pen to 016 Vh,tcs- l'Kion hat men engaged in field JIX'tV; -.7.e'iC -'w iuo inaian .country. ' '- " - -

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