The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 20, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

IS JO, I'M THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. If CENTRA WORD :-GRAND BALL-: LjmenU unuer .u. C.RKSCENT LODGE NO. 20, D. of H. f(jV.V eam .no.-. m oae month, three lines jontb. payable in ad van--. MINERS' UNION HALL. Central City April 26 M)o COMMITTEES: Executive Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. P. Williams, Miss Alida Vincelktte. Reception Mrs. T. Connors, Mrs. A. O rrans, Miss Alida VineelleUe. KANTED-HELP. j 1 am direct agent for all the leading and best steamship lines that run into and out of New York, .Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia. Hall iiiiuiv, li.U-veston and Pacific roaxt ports. 1 ran .sell you railnxid tickets in onnection with steamship tickets at reduced rates. If yon wish to send to the olfi country for your friends or relatives you will save mony by caihiiK at ,t he Burlington route tiiket othn' for full information as to time, tickets. &-. WV1. ROBKRTSON, City Ticket Ae-nt. ICntertaining Mrs. J. Ilinlon. Mrs J. C. CaTanaugh, Mrs. D. Williams. Floor Mr. H. Williams. Mr. J. Cav .inaugh, Mr. Axel Ericksuti. TICKETS, - - $1.00. O C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEADWOOD. H. D J. P. HYMER COLL EC TI0HS--JO J US TMEN TS- SOI Aif FIDELITY BONOS. All klndi of bonds written: Appeal ct-tachment. replevin, bonds for executor administrators. All Judicial bonds executed without del7. Don't ask jhu J. A. GREEN liKAPKK IN describes an interesting: condition A lac; v liv.nj of affairs v.: her ! t.I.nvrer:i e, .cIumJ. W hen Mass., she was liavm an ..wn;l pcil vitli her stomach. She had had them off and on all licr lite and had s-uallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug store "1 was losing flesh everyday," said she. "Som days I was so weak I couldn't get out of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I wouldn't be here now" Two dollars' worth' of Ripan Tabules was all she ever used, ami tliey made her a well woman. Her husband siys she looks better now than he ever saw her. Shs) made hi:n t.ike the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Kipans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family no . s!.e first heard of Ripans Tabule MILES Thoroughly Equipped Railway Special Saturday Excursion via Burlington Route. One fare for -the round tr;i lo Hot Springs and Custer every Saturday, good to return oo or before to- f ol lo l 'J Tues- 1 day. Calhoun Bros. DbbiIwooiI Traisler L'ie Aim I'repired I) -VII'is of transfer o;K notii e. To try ihru i- to b-i .rod ; t I ;,- .mil u. opWe'j AU'k lon I'iANii TKl'i K Tl - liii'' an J mu-i' 1 1 ui'K f-jr '.li' nf an i i-lrHIO-i Mar. S" p Your Sh(e i !!!; i:-t;i (.MHO i :i s o' ' I HI 1 1 V M ci .Veds.i PATCH JOHNSOHN '. ." I,ee treH. Where it will bo done with n. iLni'sa and DISPATCH. Anna A. Leuhrs no. en main street. I -s all kin I- of -; to the, j ii 1 1 1 . you priii's ii' - - 1 in her line. 'ton: :h.- .li-jp- 'I w:!l l,e plea s'd t) i anything y.u may t ni-r jv . yoo will tl ti i con.Miatitly in reaily made wrapie!' t . k a nil p line of and u ndergariTienL. liH'li she has on sal al ia, It will pay yo'i . .all on h-- tn'-ei- J. K. Baker. A. S. Havtlen Baker Cf Hay den ABSTRACTORS Syndicate liUn k. li.idwol. S. I). A-J'i iws -t you tire I': Tiun -. do general A" woodi-hoppers n h iro3. -vr Hudson. t'omen .leiiionslrators; ap- C Verplast, snermau street. jDWumeu to bind aress borne. Steady worn; uis- jisgdvantag-: ask your dealer ,ou Kora Shields and Alko Odorless shields. Kora wust without sewing. up on (or cauloKue of work. Kora .25 Kniiiuie St., New York. FOR SALE. LlE Second hand, in tood gH. P- Center Crank engine. p. lide crank. 4 and 15 1 1. i , boilers, C H. P. upright Uoil IB pumps, wood lathe, pjlleyo. Iter machinery. Sprague Mn-Vorks. 1-1''' Jouea St., Civ.n i ; IE Premises at 5."i liwer Heet, $i'M) 00; half cash, bal-i time. Apply to R. M. Ma- JLE building lots on Lincoln lngleside; lumber furnished L EDWIN VAN CISE. tf) B-350 head of mixed cattle, j of mili h (i)i, - and 3 year I, 2 and 3 year old heifers and , For li rms apply lo T. B. 1, Cenienuial or Henry Kraw-wood. FOR RENT. T Six-room house, SOT I p-i street Apply to H. B. r Two good dwelling hous-M STKARN. r Office loom, lower dou: : Washabaugh block. Ap-lllen & Mann. r Overland hotel, Sherman newly plastered tbruout; lights, steam heat, sewer ins, etc.; 24 rooms besides ling room and kitchen. Ap jn Baggaley, Agent. T Delmonico Restaurant, ' to postodlce. Furnished i heat. F. D. Smith. rEDSITUATIONS. 'Position, by a flrst-tlaas i electrician. Address Kn-Pioneer-TitneH. ILLANEOUS WANT. ten for housecieanlng of Jobs of housework, at No. et. or P. O. Box 78&. Dead- ng done. Will go out by take sewing at home. I Miller's Lm street. HEO-AGENTS. FIND! The Aluminum Card local agent wanted to take Qinumicard cases and printed tie and cample, fulloutflt, 15c MY CO. 585 W. Lke St.. Lgocl ' L by Mr K w The Shortest and Quickest Route to Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Eletfant now Pullman Palace 'deeping car,, and Free Re clining Chair Cars on all throuoii train. Railroad ami Steam tionery AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET. ' (,'H t.-s a few of his prices as foilovv i'tid wishes to announce thai all othe,' t ()ils in his slock are In-ing hold t the same low prices Per Can. '! i.iiialoes l-'l- do freh eir, Hesi Cream try Butler i ' H4splel'll h-s.t Ranpberni'S 12Vj pest Siniwberrie 12'.i FXeellellt IJirille S&lll e of 1'ii'i a- lilli was 2,'e qt , now 20 l est Mustard 1'ickles. ier :)t. .. 20 A trial order is solicited, and th'1 tst of satrsfai tion guarauted. THK HILL OF FARE .AT Tie Spiim Bntairiit i-, Complete Their table merits the patrouaee o the public No. 19 Lee Slreet. Beebe & Cleveland THE GROCERS 10. Sherman Street Harrison Telephone III. Are nreoaretl to supply yo jr '.vants in the line of groceries or confection, cry. With a complete" stock it the Ipvc e.-t prices, they respectfully solicit ; share of your patronage. In 4 hours OrtnotThn r. t tfirtrharrfi-Ntroni th nnnaTryr-, Jin-'1r.'jlbvSnntil Vidyl Hniw. of ALL ltrmrwiT-, or P. Vox gO I - N V-r':, T. J. DC WD, i Watchmaker t Optician, , Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. DON'T BE FOOLEDI Tales tbs genuios, origioal ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Ce.. Madison, Wis. It keeps jpoa well. Oar trade nark cut on each package. Price. J5 cents. Never sol 4 in bulk. Accept no aubstl- opt( ea tnte. Ask your druggist. RESTORED "CUPIDENE This rrest Vnieubls Viumur.tiiepraKrlp. phrdti, will julckl j cure you ol all ner ceneruivo omiis. vuch m tost Man bnod. ict.bemJnai a.mi9SinD. isenroos wouiiy, iix-ry, txljaaiiun imiirs, Vrtcnrl sua all low, by da or right rVerents qofc k- ItnotrhwtcMt pail to HpermatorrhoM, and orrvis ul ail uuponues, frtnety per eeot srs tmnoted wtt ship Ticket- to all parts of the world. For further information call on or write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent, Deadwood. S. D. " friend to sign for you until you gt our rates Lodge officers, treasurers, and official bonds specialty. Olympic Block, Deadwood. Phones Harrison. 138; Black HI1U. 10! Phone lo residence. Harrison. 8&. From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Carpets beaten. Carpets laid, Carpets sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. The lest of refetences Leave order as John C. Haines. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL REPAIRING UUNE UN SHORT NOTICE. All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood. S. D jontuciou-i blood poison, nitrlit. Iiwe. iiervon leliility and allied troubles treativi under a leca fii.irantee. ' 'ornvpondenr sirielly private B"Wiire nf imitator who are opyimi ar xn (Write fur qui-stion lit.) ion Curtl5 St.. Ifnvcr, Colo. Dyspepsia Digests what you eat. Itartlficially digests the food and aids JNature in strengthening and recon structing the exhausted digestive or gans. it is the lat est discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach It in efficiency. It In stantly relievesand permanently cures I'yspepeia, indigestion. Heartburn Flatulence. Sour Stomach. Nausea SickHeadache.GaatralBria.Cramns.ant al 1 other resu 1 ts of 1 mper f ect d i gestion. Krsparsa by e c Dcwitt Co.. Ctjlcaga. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, Iiidapo macro a we Man of 1NDAP0 THB liaSAT HINDOO BEMC nnnnriEaTni iM all NrrnntJ DiMsMftss. Fsvttina, 4wf)lM8tMwA Nightly &.i9-iodw. rtr nsUMwi nsust aboM. srin 'Igor and sisa to nhmnkn otc-vba. and qviekly bnl urair rMtorfM iom Mmno in old or roan. Kuilv t.rtisMl in viwat nnr.; Pwi M ..Oit s DsacttftsM Six for tfi.tMritK a written omnruntm to w otf mny fdfM.. DoxT UTTT A IMITATION, bat UMivt oo liATf n 1KB PO. If roar draaiM 1m Mt t i we tniiwnau pnwa. WTIjOOX PBlAJBLMACT Omawoo . wAA4 SO YEARS' f EXPERIENCE D Trade Mark "rf lli Copyrights Ac. . Anvonff ftndlriff fketrti and drnptlnn mny nnlckly rertin otir opnion free whether ad tnTMition ! pmbAbly pAtentable. fommonlr tioniiMrictly Handbook on FatnU ent frefi. OMent agency for securing patent. P(nia taken thnHitrh Munn A Co. receive tpeeiMi nortce, wit rmut emmre, in iDe Scientific JImericatt. A hanrtomHrmo-tmfrd w(-.t. 1rrmtxr-culatloti of any pcientltlc fmniai. Term a. 3 a fnar mnnthtv IL Sold brail newadeaJera. Cure V Sk w Cook Remedy Cc HAS THE ONLY SUPE CURE FOR PRIMARY. SECONDARY os TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 3a DAYS. You can b oiLOOD POISON IS,:, lo Kno Ainnionl No. l.j Lee Street. Wishes to annouiKe that his place is now in reailine.-s to reeive patrons. A Full and Complete Line Of all the latest and staple drinks, and the bst brands of cigars will be constantly carried iu stock, while his motto will be A Quiet Orderly Place To bring your friends for a social game. 0 SaSaSawBawaluawK aVaVSatawaSaVaawBaSaVawSSat treatdi at home for the Sam price under same ifjUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will contract to pay railroad fare snd hotel hills an! no charge if we fail to cure. If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH ami still have ai-h- am! pajo. MUCors PATCHES in mouth. SOORE THROAT. PIMPLES rnPI'EK-OOLOR-KD SPOTS. ULCERS on any part of tre ti1v H MR or EYEBROWS FALLING OUT It Is this BLOOD POISON that w fHARANTF.E to .-uri We ml frit th most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORI,r FOR A ASE WE CANNOT CURE This disease has always B U'FLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public hut.. Kinus ami Ktnperon o forrtiri Uo have weeumbed to this disease even when uinler ' h trwtnnnt of 'he best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we hve a SECRET REMEDY know" onlv to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no lew. tho twenty different concerns have started up to Imitate our rre-iiiiient. prompted by our uuprecedented success; today Dot one of the remains In business BEST BEER ON TAP AT 5c We Stand Alone Without A The White House Forrest Hill The most desirable location in the City. Its attractions are fi nely FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER. STEAM HEAT. ELECTRIC LIGHT, No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thous,in1.s and has world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. -Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLEDGES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Single Successful Competitor; 1928 M?S0flic Temple, CfiicaR 111. Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNTEY ST.. OKiAHA. J. C.CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Offlc Syndicate Bll TIME EAST BOUND." t tlm? between Norfolk ty enables pasengerg ue-i No. 4 to reach Sioux i. m. dally. trs saved between MIN-T. PAUL Jid the BLACK t bound, leave Mlnneap-3l Paul at 7:40 a, m., &05 p. m. Arrive Nor-a 7:40 p. m., connecting )NT. ELKHORN t. MIS-LEY RAILROAD ; train Black Hills stations ' the PARTICULAR atten-to the change of time in C C1TT. 6:05 p. in., dally, -Norfolk Junction with ihus enabling passenger ng lines to make conneo City without lay-over. Mtau mi -BEISDT COMPANY, THE FINEST MEATS AT Cos Keller's Market MANHOOD ttos ol a Ismoa French tods or d.crw3 of toe Insomnia, fainsio tbe fimpleiw dullness Constipation. It tr" Const Ipat iiarhantf. ol dn li '..ten M a. I loe WnnH. I" inii"M-ui 1 - - ' rmrof J mrxKi k idnet mod tbe nrinary - rIinMRatrenctbesaal reorsmll weak rk. . mm ,iffrr are m carod BT Iwiim "lwrue FT r, t' .wr'-a mor retunwd l es boxe. doe. Doi atfeot a BsrmaaeBlsosw MUNN & (hwisr- New York i C42tt Mala Stroot, De40od. ftB eUUI AT PAULCXv PRAEMaOX

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