The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 15, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Tuesday, March 15, 1898
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. TWENTlf. SECOND YEAR. FIVE CENTS DEADWOOD. S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, MAUCH iglwu. AX ELECTRIC THEORY OR. CROSS EXPLAINS THE USE 0 HIS MACHINE. Food Prepared With "Calumet" Is Free) From RochsUa Salts. Alum, Lime and Ammonia. "Calumet" Is the Housewife's Friend mm NOr.Z l7J r DRY GOODS HOUSE p LI. J. WERTHHEIUER & D00. 71 Maine be vu glad of it Hie remark ao Incensed tba boys that tier aet upon him and after giving him a wvere beating, dragged him with a handkerchief about bla neck to a nearby pjet, aad If he had i-iot been rescued by me of the older boya be wotd have fared badly. "PEACE AT ANY PRICE." Waablngton, March IS: Aa Interesting development Saturday waa the effort of the "peace at any price" patriou to frighten the country by hLiting that Spain might have the aaalfctance of Austria or France or Germany or all these powers In case they deoidsd that the noble Spaniards need a soual thrashing. It looks aa If the syndicate which Mr. McCook represents and Spain pre work lng harmoniously to the end of averting war and securing either the purchase of Cuba outright at a cc it of several hundred millions or the guarantee of Spanish bonds to that amount. Nothing can be conceived of that would so quickly change the genuine ad miration that congress now has for President McKlnley into bitter contempt and opposition than his Indorsement of the purchase scheme which Mr. McCook has been presenting so persiarently. It is said in navy circles that the Donaus arrival in Havana need cause no surprise, as it is quite probable probable that all the European power hiring interests and cltlxens in Cuba will send war veaaela to protect their interests and subjects in case of con-flirt between Spain and the Volted States. In diplomatic clrclea it is not thought that Austria will Involve herse'f in this affair if for no other reason than to keep out of trouble she woull create for herself at home. It is fenerally conceded that the European tltuatlon precludes aggressive Interference on 'he part of any European government. Other questions interest the European nations much more than does Cuba. While the president's messaga to con gress, in which the report of tie court of inquiry on the Maine will be incorporated. Is still expected either on Tueaday or Wednesday, there is some reason for believing that the Issuance of thia communication may be deferrrd until wees: after next. The Minneapolis and Columbia may not be sufficiently advanced; th ammu nit Ion may not all have been ptrchaaed the coast defenses may not be li entire readiness. It may be readily seen that toe president with hli customary caution may wish every detail perfected bef re taking action. i We Cell Goods Cheaper than any other House in the Land. Fop This7eekveOI7er fifi Pieces Silk Waiat ta Skirt Larurtha In Bilk black and fancy colors at a redaction of Hi From 33 to 5C per cent. 03 llll Thia ttll r..M I a J., lm It I ..4 1 mi Hill litielwel UUIJ LI.J I J I..J LUJ. Wo Are Daily Seoelrlne the latest choice noweltles in Eress Goods and wilt he fclad to show them. U. J. WERTililEILlEri Ci L7.D. WATCHING EMPLOYEES. Stw IlLMHinl laatttatlntM u Otkwta Kr. Itwl rl Their Mrs. It Lmm loti.ii," the rutom elsewhere, Kinl it i j;eberally true in this il j. that tli. employee in financial in-titutintit- are required to give I owl. tLe amounts varying with tbe tli pie i,f rt immobility of tbe dutiit w lm b they perform. In addition to tbm. however, a super Tiaion, ri.rj itiR in method, is maintained oter fin b employee. It is lieliereil that tbe cultiration of eii'neive liabita, tbe contraction of del ls tLith inliate that employees are living Ivyond their salaries, niid the) aMK'iatii n with un dofiraMe characters all may be looked uj.m as furnishing ground for suspicion that ' tbe employee has not actually committed a breach of truet, be f in a fair way to meet a temptatiou which may prove too much for him. It is tlu-it-fore not unusual for an employee in such sn institution to receive a summons to appear before the controlling official, and kindly, but firmly, to be given the option to change bin course of life or to leave tbe institution. It is also felt by thoee wbo are in teres ted iu the management of sucb enterprise!, that the cocfldenoe of the public is apt to lie impaired when tbry know that men of bad habits ami tlme keeping improper company are employed in that concern. It is then-fore on thia ground, as well as lor the better security of the fuwls wlmh are intrusted to their kefiniiLi. that financial institu tion are iu the Lalut of keeping suob a Close wUh over Ihe daily lis of tbtir in lnyt e In the tuse of mercantile estab lishment, both large and smalL in this city, it is not the custom to re quire bonds ol employee except it tbe case of a few. Nevertheless, the proi rietor such establishments fci id it iitn-tssury to guard sgainpt tl eilunoeruf the dishonesty of eL i l. Hbd it is stated tbst one of tbe boat methods known to modern business men is that of noting the babits and the way of living of tbe employees. In all large establishments there sre a certain numlier of employees who occupy confidential positions. They are supjiosed to keep the mem bers of the firm poeted in regard to wast is going on among the force of employees, nud tbey, in turn, are inspected by the members of the firm. It is a mutter of everydaj oc currence tbut the bead of a large establishment is notified that some employee haa made some purchase or acquired some article, perbspa of as small lmjoitauce as wearing apparel, wbicb stem to beanindica tion of extrHVugiiiice, Sucb a biut is very apt to lead to an investigation, and tbe head of tbe bouse ia soon put in possession offsets which show bow tbe suspect ed employee spends his time outside of business boms, wbo are bis asso ciates and other facts of a similar character. If what is learned seems to warrant it, the employee is warned tbut be must change bis mode of life. It is believed that by following such methods the beginnings of wrongdoing are checked, and employees having a knowledge of tbe requirements of tbe firm in this particular ar in a measure fortified to resist temptation to fall ia evil ways Washington Star. Fmlmi at Blew. Wbilo acres of fertile soil are oor- ered with all the plants that can stand the English climate, there are others from more sunny climes tbst must have the protection of glass snd beat. Tbe puhubouae, which aocommodates the ferns snd palms of priceless value, is 369 feet long, 100 feet broad snd 66 feet high. It ia tbe largest aud most elegant structure of its kind, fitted up with sll the modern inventions to make plant lite strong and vigorous. A spirsl atairnise conducts the visitor to a blgb room or platform where all tbe exquisite greenery and graceful forest of plants csn be viewed. Tbe Tiew is a glimpse of fairyland, a veritable illusion of tbe senses, a midsummer night's dream. George E. Walsh iu Lippincott's. Drmla Trovkla, Mamma Why don't you study your lesrioua as Tommy Smart doeat Johnny If I studied like Tommy Smart does, I'd be afraid of getting brain trouble like be baa. Mamma - lias be any brain trouble! Johnny Must have I Be says be likes to go to school 1 Pick Ms Dp. Faaaliag. Bass I suppose you think I'm a foolt Cass That's whst troubles me. If your supposition is correct then you ere a mindreader, and therefore you cannot be a fool, and yet well, you understand. Boston Transcript Aawther Clevar Wmhs. "My wife can tell what time it Is In tbe middle of tbe sight when it Is pitch dark." "Bow does she do Itl" "She makes me get up aad look at the clock." Chicago Eeoord. A Ma AMraetl kVast. Barnes People talk abort Jonah as though he were the aalackiest man she world ever saw. Caedd And bo he waa. Think of tbe bard lack of a man wbo has passed throngs bis sxparienoe ia sot being aa sotor. With the notoriety Cut that IS tie whale crperienoe gave bias Jmh eosll have played to fuU boats the potency of his brief, and the companies upon tbe fact that they may still secure patent to valuable ground, prior to July lat upon extremely easy term a. Uncle Sam evidently means to suspend the practice of giving up large areas of mineral ground for anything less than tbe full amount of work required by law. CYANIDE KIN. SING AGAIN. Mr. Bole j manager of the company operating the cyanide plant and tte property on Blacktail divide formerly owned by Malt Carroll, succeeded in procuring a temporary injunction ag linn B E Roatiter, wbo bad closed down the plant about a wek ago upon an attachment, and the mill was put in operation aznin Saturday even-aod is now rnuning at full capacity. The matter will come up before Juilge Atnidon probab y to-day to bedi)osrd of fiually. HARDIN COMPAMEi. Ibe Uardiu and Two Bit, deal Eastern, Great Northern and HarJin Standard mining companies, of Ihe Two Bit district, met their monthly pay roll yea erdny. pacing ahrad of the regular lime, to enable Manage! Hardin to go ai to look alter the new atuelltr buMucs. Mr. Hirdin will g.. east to-Jav A tumor was alloat lo effect thai '.be Hird n company bail struck asoilier leHge f rich ore in i' eastdrilt, ai-othat ihe Gi at Kis'etn and Great Northern com pan I. had struck ore m ibeir htft. Tiiia isd-ni a by Mr. lltntiu aud other meu-tiers of tie com pan e weie I'tet at the cnniK y. er.l y. They r n.e indications are tety tavrsl'e, boa ever. A.N APOL'MiY The P.oi.e. r-Tino o.l s readr' an epo'o,y lor ih inf iur appetran e of this issue. Ltt eveuihg the water supply comm. no I to tun d wn a d about 11 o'lbx-k nim t riitiielc rio, pt. A our Liotipe ni whine is driven ty a'rr port, the mad n wa rcnlerid ultnly un-lr-s. li a then to lute kmi obtain a lull fori e o "orinti. to set the paper tip by ban I and thia is the caue l tbe poor appearance of the pilr. Tin I deeply tegretted by us, but Couid Uot be helped. Under oiditmty circumstances the paper will bear close scrutiny aud tomoirow we shall be in our normal stale agaiu so we ask that our holtconiicg bm excused. MRS. EDMONDS DEAD. Mrs. Jenol S. beloved wife of J e. F Edmonds, diid at 6:30 o'cl. ok last evening in child-birth and of Bright disease ol the kidneys. Mr Edmonds was ill only a few hours and ber death waa a si tere shock to her husband at-d the frn ndt who aurrounded Hie death bed. Ihe child lived and at last account gave protuiti of surviving. A more extended account will be given In tomorrow' Usue. Announcement of funeral will be made subsequently. Morris Ooleablewtkr Leak. sleigh containing Morris Golem-blewikl aud bis ton of Danville, Pa, was recently precipitated by a snowdrift over tbe edge of the moon tain fao-lng Bear Gap valley, 600 feet below. Golembiewaki tossod his son from the sleigh as it went over the almost per pendicular wall of mow, and be landed safely In a drift. His father went down over the declivity with the horse and sleigh, but saved himself by clinging to a tree that be struck in hi descent Tbe hone, valued at 11,000, rolled to the bottom of the declivity and escaped on Injured, while tbe sleigh waa totally wrecked. Philadelphia Record. Wom Ws Snake. Mr. Laura Ormiiton Chant says in regard to women smoking: "I tried a cigarette once, but tbe result waa by no mean encouraging. Broadly speak lng, I see no reason wby women abould not smoke a well as men if they want to." Still most women wbo smoke do not smcke a well a men any mora than they chew as well as men. We ssy "most," not "all." Boston Journal. Africa Moakey Skuas. Africa's monkey are giving out In tbe neighborhood of tbe Gold Coast they bare been exterminated, and last fear the colony could collect only 7,060 monkey skins, whereas In 1694 168,408 skina, valued at 1906,000, were ixported. New York Bun. Masters With Big aUrlee. At tbe top of the scholastic profession are the head masters of the great public schools. Some of these draw incomes almost equal to those of Judges or bishop. Tba head master at Eton gets bout 1,500 a year. The bead milter at Harrow gets a salary cf 1,-600, plus tbe profits of a boarding house of 64 boys at 90 each gross, c?,260. The total income of tbe bead master of Charterhouse is about 6.043 10s. Rugby may be classed with Bar row as a paying aohool. Winchester Is not so good. A bouse master at Eton has 40 boys 111 for board, end 31 each pupil, if tbe master Is classical man and not only a "dame;" gross, 4,440. Assistant masters at Eton get 300 (or tbe first two years; afterward tbe fees bring tbe amount op to an average of about 800.etrand Magaxdoe. Tne morning stars sang together for Joy. Bow unlike a cburci choir l,; "I dont know. 'The stars la their courses fought aesinst Bisera.' They fought Bow like a cburob choir I" Cblcegs Tribune. mm TWO CRUISERS The Powerful Warships Built for Brazil Added to Yankee Doodle's Big Navy. Spain Failed to Secure the Chili Vessel -Brooklyn Joins the Squadron. Wasuukxton, Murch 14 Sptcial Ag'Ot nf ihe v rDtuDt cumpleted h urcl ae f the two cruiser built a' Nfi-htl", K-igland. for Bratil and t'iH ptj-ctia-e whs confirmed by the govern ti) nt today- (.'oinmauder How-eNon of the Kurjat station or ilefvil to m ti a force of men from tbe sin Krft'it-uro, now at Lisbon, to go to Newcastle ami hoist the American flag over tlit- new puichaeis, wbicb arc ready to coinmUtion. 'fbey ar.- tli.- "A'i ii .tia" aod "Burroxo," iiu, I'uiit at Nfwi'atl- by 'be Arms' rutins. Their dimensions ar-: Length 330 fif; I cam 44 f l; draught 17 feet. Tin- :i in un'bt consists of ait 6-Lcb, f ... 4.7-iM-h, ti-n V.'2-.ttch a Til four 1 4 null Anuv.ioug rapid-fire guns, fur Maxim tuic.iiue guns and three tor peilo iuU-. 1lu 6 inch gun are ar-ranged to tin. thre.- ahead and three aslrrt . Tin- engines dtVe'.op more than .o''0 h jro power, and give a speed of 20 3 Lnoin. The coal supply t load ilnutil i 800 loo, or enough to tenm 8 (0 ruil a. Th-y ar df sciihed is til ing hIkiuI a fhVieol aa the A foinoi XII, or iIih rruiftvr i.w.ik, Shi Kraiiciscu and Malliwore. li i now reported ou re'Uble autb-ority that Spnio baa failed to set or tlie O'iiigins from Chili. Senator I'roctor bad a long lour-view with the president tbia afternoon 00 the Cuban aitualioti. J. Kocr ii appointed postmaster at Flaukinton, S. D. MOVKMKNT OF VESSELS. Kit Wxst, March 14 -Special: The H.ii'canei-r arrived from Havana ibta morning, reporting all quiei. The li x'lie sailed for Havana thii afternoon V ILL JOIN FLYING iQUADUON. lOKTKK 8 Monroe-March 14 sipeo-ia': Tne Brooklyn arrived from Brazil this morning and will join the Flying So, u ud rou. AL'XILIAKY CKUlSSEBi Kiw Yokk. March U Special: The naval board, appointed to purchase and 0t out auxiliary cruieers, heid a meeting here this morning to prepare for uc'ive work. OKA All 111. Hi E ( OLLAl'sE. WiNona, Minn., March 14 Special: A apan of lh Northwestern railway drawbridge collapsed today Injuring Six men. KILLED A r JOHANNESBUaO. CaraTowN, Sut ra Arnica., March 14 Special: Wo f Joel, trustee of tbe Barney Birnalo entitle was shot and initanlly killed in l.i offlca at Johannesburg to J ay, by a former soldier uauied Fuidlhei'i. The oiurJcrur was arnsleil. COUNTERFEITS ARB PLENTIFUL. Denver, March 14: During the last two weeka the attention of the business men of the city haa been attracted to the unuHually lur?o number of counterfeit Bllver dollars made of silver, that are In circulation. The counterfeits ae such rnmurkahle clone lml tat ion a of the genuine coin that It la almost Im potable to detect them and even gov ern merit experts are frequently at a Iohm to choose between the falae and the true. It Is thought that there are vant numbers of them In circulation, passing freely from band to hand without question. At the mint yesterday It waa stated that the situation la ao serious that the treasury has made It the subject of a communication to congress regarding t'ne propriety of adopting a new device for the coin. It Is estimated that there arc fully S20.000.000 In circulation in the country. All that have been found bear the mark of the New Orleans mint, a lower case "o" Immediately under the eagle and are dated 18K8. .'he government Is making every effort to detect the men engaged in thia business, ao far without succesa. though it Is believed they are made somewhere In the south. WANTED TO HAND HIM. Chadron, Neb., March 14: Robert Parsley, a student In tbe high school of thia city, waa aet upon by a crowd of his follow students and nearly lynched on the school grounds today. Parsley, whose mother la a Spaniard, and who Inherits the trait and disposition of the race, in a dispute which arose during recess defended his mother country against the reviling of the patriotic American lads to tbe extent of saying that it the Spaniards bad blown up the MULES AS TIMEKEEPERSA Ttor Km Dom Tkatr Trtak ea the Tewpaah. They QWk It was Just before 7 o'clock In tbe morning and tbe sun bsd Just come enough way from across) tbe sea to climb np part way on tbe big globe and cart i a pale gray light orer the awakening city. Laborers and shopgirls were hurrying to work, ahlv. ring in tbe cbill air that marked tbe redden appearance of winter. On tbe bridge crossing tbe canal at tbe weigblock two men stood watching the spprosching boats, and yawning and stretching in con-templation of another day's work. One wss a canal employee. "See thoae eleepy mules," raid he, as he stretched himself sgain sympathetically. "Bee thst clock over therein the tower of tbe railroad station across tbe river. Two minutes of 7. Bet you those mules will give tbe time first before tbe whistle blows. They're great on time. Enow it better'n you da Jost watch." Tbe three gaunt beasts, with their ears flapping in spparent forgetful nesa, were urged into a trot over the bridge, and the two men dodged the tow line tbst slipped over the bridge railing to tbe other side of tbe canal. It wss one minute of 7. Tbe mules stopped on tbe towpatb. All three loudly brayed, and tbe chorus of "Enh bows" awoke tbs sleeping people along tbe canal bsnk for hundreds of yards. And then tbe whistles in all tbe factories sent out steam into tbe cold air and in tones (brill and somber sounded tbs beginning of tbe day's work. "Wot I tell you t Them mules beat 'em out by a minute," remarked tbe oanal employee leaning on tbe railing of tbe bridge. "They won't go no further. Tbey know it's time for feed and rest. See the boatman. They're going to takea snub tad put on a new team." Lines were thrown and in a fe minutes tbe csnalboats were tied fsst to tbe bank. Three dejected looking mules, still munching a wisp of bay, scrambled up tbe gang-plsnk, and their places in the stable of tbe forward part of the boat were soon tsken by the timekeepers. "Why, those mules," remsrked the canal man on tbe bridge, as be watched tbe new team starting under wsy and tbe towline stretching as tba lines were cast off, "know more about tbe time of day tlsn yon do unless you look st your watch. Tbey work Just so many hours. They go along the towpatb with beads cast down and ears drooping, to be awakened occasionally with tbe whip, when tbey bays to bustle across bridges and take np tbe slack of the towline, but when breakfast or dinner or supper time comes, wby you can bank all your monay on it every time tbst they'll boiler within a minute of the right time whether it rains or snows, whether it's dark as pitch or the sua shines out clear and bright Tbey may call 'em Jackasses, but there's wuss that wears pants." Rochester Union and Advertiser. Aa "Allege'- Sears. There are some advantages in the ute of tbe word "alleged" in order to avoid libel. A reporter bad been incautious in a statement, possibly true enough, but bsd been warned to be more carefuL The reporter in this way extended the applicstioa of "alleged:" "Alleged Mad Dog Scare at Bamp-stead. An alleged mad dog, said to be tbe property of an alleged butcher named Frost of Atlantic avenue, is alleged to have broken bis chain yesterday afternoon and attacked the alleged daughter of Thomas Drewsbury, who claims to be a tailor in the same street Tbe girl is alleged to hare been treated by Dr. Topper, an alleged local practitioa er, for tbe alleged severe bites in tbe bsnds and legs. It is further alleged that tbe alleged butcher was last year sent to goal for r week by th alleged magistrate of tbe North western police court for not keeping bis alleged ferocious dog under proper control." Thst young man had the bump of caution too abnormally developed, and be was soon no more is tbe sub editor's room. Nineteenth Can tury, Aias, my new umbrella I miss It with a sigh. The day I rashly bought it a friend was standing by. Next dsy it rained. Be borrowed it to be returned that night, but since tbst fstsl moment it hasn t blessed my sight Be lent it to a neighbor's wife, and to increase my woe she lent it to tbe minister, and it's still npon tbe go. Be lent it to a student, who lent it to a friend, and still it a going, going, gone. I won der where 'twill end. But through tbe cloud of borrowers one rsy of hope I see perbspa I may be lucky ind it will be lent to me. Chicago News. Tba Chinese wear a skirt knee breeches, cap snd sandala. Aa win ter comes tbey iscresse tbe nunber of gtrmf jta rather than their thick' oess, so that the circumference of a Chinaman in midwinter often ex- teeds bis height. Tbe favorite drink in Nubia la saade from fermented dhurra bread, it Is called ombulbul, because it Bakes tba drinker sing like tba aigatiBgale. Tbe proportion of people la Norway who tseak Easlieh la larger Qua la any other country of tba pccU. ... Wtafewt m Ctare aaS rtlUse tK Elrll riald-nts Oljrrt la to Get CMtrtfaiwI Fare F.ieeeainf Vlial of tk Barth-st I m KM. Dr. William M. Gross of Oiliest 1. His., believes that hi electrical iim-chine, which has been tested at the Laclede Gas, Light and Power company s plant at the foot of Vimiid street, will revolntionisie the methods of producing electric power. Primarily Dr. lima ia at war witL tbe schools The scholastic idea is that electricity 1 a status force. Dr. Grrwi bold that it ia induced. He ad auct a argument in behalf of bis theory that electrician laugh at, but do not refute. Some of tbe testa made by Dr. tiros aad his associate by mean of kit haw been successful in a small detrren. others Will fullow. and it ia i.t.t tlmt by Match 1 It will tw known w bet her tha Gillespie doctor or tbe practical elo-trician are right. Dr. Gross is manifestly of thoughtful habit etata. 60 years old, bald, gray bearded and trcig of frame. He is the leading practitioner in tbe liitletpie neighbor hood and has a local reputation as a mathematician. No man in the community stands higher. Hi backer in hi electrical iuventi, n are John H. Eilnr of Gillespie aud Frank Fried and William Brandt ol Mount Olive, Ilia Tbey are men ot means, amply able to stand the expense of the experiment. Their indorsement of hi theory tell better than words of tbe faith that la reposed in him. btill there ia a division of sentiment in Gillespie, many of Dr. Gross' neighbors believing, with the electrician, that hi idea is chimerical. Dr. Gross recently discussed bla theory. Beaaid. "My purpose is to capture and utilise the earth esuking electricity. I am in opposition to the achoola in believing that electrical force 1 itiduoed and not static. I do cot prctaud to be an electrician. Time will tell whether I am a soHtttist. "The earth and iu atmosphere are tbe armatare, and tbst portion of spaoe between tbe earth and the aun ia the electro magnet of nature 'a grand dynamo electric, machine. The inn is shining on iwe-half of tbe earth all the time. Its ray are vertical ou some portion of tbe earth all tbe time. The (pace between tbe earth and the ran ia heavily charged with electricity. Corrnt of thi electricity are induced out of space by the revolutions of the earth from west to east. "In accordance with tbe rule of electric curreuta tbey pass in opposite directions, going from east to west. This I in obedience to tbe law, interpreted by Lens more than 60 years ago, that induced currents of electricity alwsyr go tn opposite directions to tba eW-trio magnet! o force producing the current These current are brought down to and through tbe earth's centrifugal force. This foroa tends from the center toward tbe east. The current tends from tbe east and to tbe center ot the earth. When the center becomes surcharged, tbe current flows off st about tbs seventieth parallel, producing the north and south winds. "I will say nothing about the construction ot my machine, but my object Is to get a centrifugal faros exoeeriius that ot the earth. Getting that 1 be lieve I oaa iaduos the electrical forot that la In space. "That is the kernel of my idea. "The earth travels 1IX miles a minute. My machine must go faster than this la order to iadv the electricity I want "I aa not quia s alsfled with the results attained, VI got a decided cor-rent but enrioatly enough tbe strongest flow waa from an altitude of only 100 feet Tbe ma handling tbe kites then bad to put on rubber gloves. "I got my idea in 1695. Itoamefroa the discovery that the earth was full of eleotrioity, resulting from experiments with the ground wire of a telephone. I lay down and thought earnestly of bow I could capture the earth's eleotrioity. It earns to like a flash if I could overcome the aarth's centrifugal force I could utilise ibe eleotrioity it induce. That Is what any rtaohlne Is intended to da Whether It will do it or not remains to be seen." 6t Louis Post-Di tbs London policeman oat aa average arrests seven persoas every (rear. sSaasasasefA at -r- Boib the method a&dT teal when Syrup of Figs ia tokos) It is pleasant aad refreshing to tha taste, and acts rsntlv Tet Monrotlv a the Kidneva. ver and Bowels, nlnara the eye. ca aSjetn&llj, dispell oclis, be&4 tarn acVsto a&d ftfera and eure habitual ejocstlpatioo. Syrup ef Figs Is the eeij reneuT or us und doosi. plsaeinz to tLa taste ana eeoUtle to the atomash. eromct ia Its actios sad truly baaaolal ta Its af jets, prepared orJf from the most fc,i7aa aaaLle tmbttitaoas, Its anany etraeiient auali Use cnsaaaead It to ia sad have torJtt It tba see! tCTSIaf reuse :y taowa. tjvp of Ylji is for e ta 50 mt bo&Lae by all kaii?-j dnf p;U. Axy reliable dr?- mho cry est Lira it ca tssd -U pro sets It pscsytl for sry cos whe O 80 GOOD. Uaai Osaatae. r irTi I TTrr National Bank' BOTTTH OUCOTA. Banking Business. 0BM rsceta. 'asj o o o o o o 0 o o o o o ( ( ( o o o ( t c 1 L j x f 3 r r-" n if If I I ! i 1 j t , ' i ) i ) : ! ! f! only, aa wiLh aw 41 a aa . .4 . TW.f laaU. as . WJltas-ta- LsIavrUW Btsaa ruiu, rras. Baa tUaa, The American C SXABW00O, 1 Does a General q a Will piy tnteresi ua time eerU&oatte ef dap salt, Will bay ul sell I w azchugt on all parts of the TJaited State and Stirop. I -fill make a specialty oa alt kinds of ooUaotaoaa, aad aU'wustasoe . j rll be traneacted oa business prlaclples. J AMPKL W, 4U.XHTOW, ot Okloaea, WINTER SUBMARINE BOAT A SUCCESS. New York, March II: The submarine boat Holland was given Another preliminary trial last evening. She moved out a short distance frum the pier at Perth Amboy and with John P. Holland, the inventor, the engln ear and another man, disappeared beneitth the water. She remained down a d apth of about fourteen feet for nearly lialf an hour and then reappeared at tie surface. The object of the test was to determine the amount of metal belli it necessary for her operation uder water, as well aa to test her diving taz.Es and compressed air apparatus. Af er the Holland oame to the surface the inventor said the boat worked saUifV-to-rily, and that he was ready to g ve her an open trial in deep water. It has been decided to exhibit her in th low.r bay next week. WILL BUILD THE DENVER MINT. Washington, March 14: The secre tary of tbe treasury to-day awarded to H. Ferge of Milwaukee the contract for for the erection of the Denver mint building at bla bid of $223,661. UNTIL JULY FIRST ONLY. A Tern poser y Suspension of ti Late Ruling Relative to Mining Cli lms. News of special interest to mire own er was received yesterday by th4 Hon. Edwin Van Clse, whose recent trip to Washington, D. C, has borne fruit in the following letter: DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL. , Washington, March 11. 1. Mr. Edwin Van Clse, Deadwood a D. " Dear Sir: Your letter of the 7th In stant with eniniil brief, la reie!vd To-day I have prepared and the secretary has approved, a communication di reeling. In substance, that Kulo 94. of the rules adopted December 1, 18ST, be continued except that all ai plica tlona for patent passed to entry eiore July 1, 1898, or prevented from p:u:ng to entry before that time by reann of protests or adverse claims, shall lie ad Judged and determined according to the rulea heretofore prevailing. Thiin will protect eclsUng applications, an 1 will also give those who are now about to preeent new applications aa tppcrtunl ty to do so before the new rule gcee In to effect Very respectfully. WILLIS VAN DE'VATER. Rule S3, above referred to, la t ie re cent ruling of the secretary requiring that where a number of mining claims are patented upon work perform 1 up on one claim, that the amount of work done shall be equivalent to $500 worth of work upon each claim patented. While the ruling of Dec. 15th le gen-rally regarded as but an affirmation of the law aa It existed, yet the suipen- alon of the practice of patenting group of claims upon $500 worth nt dona upon on claim, would have worked great hardship to lupt rUnt mining Interests ibout Deadwood. Mr. Vaa CIm la to J congratulated upon PURCHASERS- Can buy their winter's tappliot of QrocH TTL'.O, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETC. . .. .. At the low prices current before tha advance occ&sicn&J by the Dingley bill. Everything except FLCU2 and EUQAH at the old prices DI1Z1DT7GCD . rs 1 ; is U Li u O li I U, A. C. HORNBEROER, PROP. llest Dsor to TczzZL:2 This holds ood for a iLort sail , a saw stexta e e wh aa awh.4 J fate uJTv A-Ul wUVUeUIUU laUV V added. ... we t 'wWk time Jf ' vy w w w w

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