The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 11, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 11, 1900
Page 5
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f- THE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOP. S. D. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1900. r ! "Calumet" m ihoi thollght-tiit, i)V.:r.i j.-.d ,ir;obt whc:c,c- .' iTcjod Damages Against Gould. NEW YORK, Nov. 10 Special The jury returned a verdicts for $5000 damages against Howard Gould in favor of the millionaire's former valet, Mowbray, whose eye was blown out on Gould's yacht hwile shooting fireworks for the pleasure of the Gould party. only would go into the .assay sample The gold being msdleaXile and not tasily broken up in& tine particles would still exist in comparatively few parts, 'which we may assume to be not more than ten parts, bo that the chances of having one of these parts 1 in the assay sample would be only 1 to 100. Your assay might show a j result ol several hundred dollars to j the ton, but you might make 99 as says out of the sample which would targe and two biimll carloads of ore, amounting to 300 tons of ore. Friday it brought down eighteen cars, over L'OO tons. During the week the amount of ore brought down from Bald Mountain by the Burlington was nearly 1500 tons, and by the Elkhorn. over COO,, making a total of over L'lliio tons of ore treated in Dead-wood during this week. This means something over $40,000 produced by Paid Mountain in a week, exclusive of cyanide plants operated by mine owners on the ground. On election l?fi8:V? Baking ivder a v .i a ! ,tiOT Wholesale Desertion of Recruits. COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 10. Special. -Out of six hundred Philippine re-rruits here awaiting transportation to the Philippines, over a hiiiiclrrel lescrted last night and search has so far failed to locate them. ;oCOD. f h'jo f . ia, no trains were run and ye the HIMuii n did not run. so it m five days for the liiirhngton and ster-ans four (2sJ Co. for the Klkhorn. - - - . Teddy's Telegrams. 1... Vi AV.V.V.VAVV.VV. ' f DR. BISMARCK DR. GEO. VONWEDELSTAEDT EMBELLISHMENTS FOR THE JUBILEE (Continued From I'ukc 1.) ' One 4tHi'utuUjc ,.,dihii,i-iliuU'.(I a.luu , .t,h Office Phone. B. H. 202. of the telegram.-, which cane' .u.-w'U!j.'. i44ay-. -. w-a-. rj.t'rum in Harper, of the Chicago uni-It read: "Aicrpi niy per-Diigratiilatioti and best wishes, never been so happy." I'lesid, el'sity Minal i 1 hae ,-ipal siriteis Continuous ' st reamers of t Vrn t ! n wcic hung on both sides of Ma:n streets, from the City bail ulinoM in j the First ward. Posts wei,- ere-led j at the outer edges of the sidewalks, , and wrapped in the red. white and ' line. On these posts the out iniiuus streamers were hung, and tile effect j j , j i Another I icadwond as from Sdh Mullock of whom the governor de- show only a trace or nothing, while too true value of the ore would be ll'1' per ton in gold. This is merely an i! lustration of what might happen aid what frequently does happen when-reliance is placed entirely upon tls-result of assay samples in purcha-mg a mine. If it appears from a can fill examination of the ore that tic miftffifrl t-sttwt- fn- vet'r ttwiHll pario ( les. th-en by taking a large liunili--' o assays a reasonable estimate ma. be formed as to the ((intents of there, but under general circumstani -an investor should insist upon a work ing test of several tons, under ordi nary working conditions. Another mistake which is frequently made by mining men who pose as experts is to take a niimbi r of assays from a mine, and then In striking an average of the results oh tained, put it finally as the avcra. value, of the ore. this is entirely -i roneous, as can be shown by an actual result which 1 once witnessed in the examination ol a mine by a wi !! known expert About, twenty Ram pies were taken from which assai .-, were made. In two of these the a say showed a value of over $100 p. r known the best West." I -, ribe.l owboy Soul ll s one of ill the I takola t read publican. .-..nun Our Foot Warmers A re ';i il itifi Cor Yhi. 'ny llnllse vc;ir for Old .111(1 Yulltl",'. The' new i li:i:ci: i.i.i:i si.iim'KKs :i ml S I I n MS ; i re Ii i rest e it si low II. w i: want Ynr to si:i: tiid.m Zipp Shoe Co. IVltigrew i, now a maverick. ' HOW TO EXAMINE A MINE. (Continued From Page 1.) Res. 21 City Creek, Phone. B. H. 201. v.v.v.v. v.v.,v. i WE NEVER MIX ' IN POLITICS i ' But We Do "Mix" With Our Compct- j ; itors j When It Comes to Selling Clothing, Dry Goods. Boots, Shoes, Carpets. Curtains. Ac. I j For we are in a posiiiwn to mix to a! 1 -,icc cssf ii 1 .finish :is our goods are j an exaiiimat ion, but what I mean to the whole thing, sav is that it. is mil and I I ie I i e l e sin 11 reports usually was inagniiiceni. iiuniing was lopped and knotted over the entrance and in the display windows of every place if business in the city, and additional lighting was noticeable in every More. Over the square at the corner of Main and Lee streets, between tho two banks, a large live pointed star of diop lights was bung, and within the star was perched a large Anieij-. an eagle. The ltulloi k hotel- had up a large globe of incandescent lights over tho square in front of the hotel, to represnt the earth, lioih designs elicited much comment ami admiration. The people of the city displayed admirable zeal in the matter of decorations, ami their taste was ! bought in very large quantities and (impel iter t hat an undersell any vv the Were ever traveled t lie p which r.i and otlici veral ton ton : from lie. We have for been running a to per the past few weeks clearance sale of our I easons stated below. cut ire stock, for and we w ill con-Noveinber l."th. tiniie the sah that time you can us at almost your Between now and buy the goods of give undue prominence to that part of tin- examination. When one is called upon to4nakc a report upon a mining property he should first study tho history of similar properties surrounding the one to be examined, and make a careful note of all facts pertaining to such properties, and all circumstances whic h might in anyway affect or inllueiicc the proposed niieslineiit. He should slate Mich facts as ho learns from his own knoivleclL'o as facts, and give his authority for the statements he obtains limn oile rs. The investor wants to I. now about the i 1 1 mate labor i-oiuli-ticii, . iho li'eiiln c baizes and trans-i in tat ion fa- bill's in general . the f'a-. i;,iie, lor obtaining uood and water and all oilier niat.-i ials w be h might ,!i .mi May enter m'u the problem hi extracting the miiicials from the ore and marketing; the product. f 1 1 i lb. things have been care- ng own price. At our stole you can find anyt von want. but especially arc putting forward our men's fall winter clothing, over-eats, suits, and our ladies', miss, s and dri-n's capes, cloaks and jackets Pop's Whiskers. 't gi'eai time in Mil a Sioux Cily r.iilrc payment of an e After a There will be ell. S. ".. whei man exacts th lion bet. The and c . ( li i 1 In I vailing, so that when the twenty a j says were added together and dii'd I ed by twenty, it gave an average i;i!- I lie of nearly $"u per ton for the ore j A winking test was made upon 1 oi Fi ! tons of this ore and it was found that : it did not mil over per ton In gold , Tlie'-i' assays we re entirely accura'.-! and the sainpb-s were made with the j greatest can', but the trouble was that the highest assay lame from the ! place where there w us the le.nst quan-tity of ore. and He- lowest as. ay came from the phie-o where there was the largest quantity of ore, so that ic-all.v an a- av means nothing, tin!. , von know how urn. h cue there i- of t hat ( barai ter. I ' ( If i nurse, tie- c ill '- i cry i-l' i" n 1 tiiry principles, hut they ar,. tieier llieless f ii -i 1 1 1 1 ii I i v confusing to oi vestors. and many men have In-' i thousands of dollars by not taking nioux t My man Seebick will and leave Ibis morning for Mil h i these de pin tmeiit -i vou can buy a suit ; tl.Ht forme rly sold at $IOn., for ."(); Int. $l."i.oil, for 'i mi; an overcoat tbiit ' formerly sold at $r' oo. for $7 ,'di; at j SI I "ii to f lii 'in. f-r from V.' t I ; ; ; ii ie i ; a cloaK . c .ip,- or jacket that has b. .-ii r.-tiobn r a' from $1 1 on to i :fl.-. nn, for from ;im to f :i no. or one llv .'tiidod and noted, the expert. l Gowns and N rc-iulv tc exa I that has b'-en s a e. i, for f i on itself, from Ig the -:i 111 1 1 ! nine the miin Ins samples a I ways laki in itself. No I. icnihl niak 1 1 ! . roil.-. 1 1 1 a ' e :.- from tie- itiiig' lor frm $s tin to l J I .".'I to .(i.i This l e-ale t ; .o t ifi.-e s.ile -1 in the Mia 1; ll'lls. ! whatever of the west. i - ihd( ed the : -r inaugurate a i iv section them into consideration. "lit NTKIt M. MFIUWir.HFIt " ...Millinery this unpr. ccdentecl I we must unload our to gi ve 1 ho c.irnen- I The reason f sa rilico is that, mammoth sto. k boiibl be b-s., than Urn pounds of re, and these samples should be curie -I to the surface ami there carefully ,,.1,-hil up until the largest piece is ot over tile size of a hickory nut. ; j . i- which- they sliMiihl be quartered own carefully until a sample of to work. With years I our floor has become t' i ; a cli an of hard tea H 'xt of Attention? MY SPECIALTY Moving I .t ven to Hoarding it hie pounds is niaue lOl I lie as- alio I BEN ER GEO iilornes. wei rruet Heavy Machinery ., ., . Not.-s should he keil ill the nolo book as In the place from which the sample- is taken and a statement. ;i s to tin: conditions of the o;n at thai bet will be paid or (her., w ill be blood on the moon The u:, : made when the campaign was young, the Sioux City man b. ir in r Brandt, a druggist of Mitchell, dial Mi Kinlev would be c b e t d. The Sioux City man put up a sub t.inlial amount against Mr. MtandtV hikers. Now. these whiskers of Mr. Brandt's an- the pride of paiison county. For thirty years they havo neen ( ombeil ami brushed and fed on ionic and beard vigor until .Mitchell has iiimc to be known as one of Urn windiest places on tin- weather map. Their hue is a rich, daik. iron gray, and w hen the southern z'ph is softly lilow, and when the north winds-moan and how I and i-i,-n u leu then, is a weather , aim. ibi ; womb rial growth of facial altall'a is regarded as a thing of beauty. Fiery barber in Mitchell has fondled it. and its hen cficent indueiice has been sm h that tonsorial strifes there are unknown. But these whiskers ale to be shaved off ami will be brought to Sioux City in a small sack. For the first tiime since I'lys'-i s S Grant defeated Horatio Seymour Mr. Brand t, face is to be smooth, and hie iew of the pill boxes will be unobstructed. The amputation will not be without ceremony. A general invitation to all the lepublicans of Mitchell and Davison county has been extended, ami the razor strokes may be accompanied ly a little rag time music from the Mib h-ell Glee club. It will be a time "for your whiskers." ....Feed, Livery and Transfer...- iiing its size ami aui CHEAP EXCURSIONS WEST Via "The Northwestern Line." (in ()( I'.'lrd and ."Olh.. N'ovem let- nth. Kith. Ihlh and 27th. ON'i: WAY tickets will be sold to th- following points: I'OCATFI.l.O. IDAHO OCIiKN. I'TAH. HFl.FXA. MONT. (lAUIUisON, MONT At the very low rate of $L'3 no To PORTLAND. ORE. SHATT1.F. WASH. SPOKANE. WASH TAl'OMA. WASH. Only $28.00. Correspondingly low rates for the round trip to all above points. Call on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket Agent, for particulars. point , lmve t Ik- lust roadsters in llie city and am prepared t furnish nrs or saddle horses on the shortest notice. other . lie ii lust a in ( -s w h i c li might be c (iii.-id. r. e unpen tant. A pari of each i worn and must be replaced; with the regular trend of business enterprise land ;.u-li. our front has I ome a j ' k I ui'il" r." and must be rc-plac( d with a new and up to dale one; ; cur fi.vtinis, with twenty years of I constant sen ice, have done their jdutv and must bo set aside for the I new and modern ones we have or-j died, in.l hence it is that wo must ' i"duce our stock or move into other I en. alters while tho work is being I done Wo dec ided to give tho public the benefit so a sacrifice, cost-mark sale was put on everything is going going fast, too, so c ome along Harrison Phone 15. 539 Maill Sf. (j Old Phone 171 fully i an ol lhe-e samp!''- should be (ill" ,,.,,1,1,-d out hi the . xiiniMier ii ordinary gold pan in "t'lr that he may study the1 mineral i (intents of the or,- in this way. If it appears that the gold exists ill coarse ,-ie it would show that the re parti--ult of nil- his assavs would be! entirely too un oo i Our old customers, especially, we . foundation ((intents of certain to constitute the of an opinion as to the THE SINGER the ore. "To illustrate this, suppose sain- 0.0a oz. nle of 100 pounds contains mean that the ore value of $20 to tho gold; this would contained a sold invito to come, who have served you and get your share of tho benefit, in many sacrifice and clearance sales during the past twenty years but we beg to say, that the sale now on caps all preceding efforts it Is the greatest sale ever put on in this, or any other country. LOWE. Leader In Low Prices. is now locaated In the SYNDICATE BLOCK Lee St. near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing machines. Second hand machines for sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of m-chines repaired. A. N. PARKS Mgr. Mens ShoesforFall and Winter Are Unexcelled ton. If this gold in the ore consist-of five particles of 0.01 m. each, as might well he the case, and the 100 pounds sample was reduced down to the ordinary size for making the assay, it would be divided into "one thousand parts, and one of these parts Coats and Capes Jackets, Philippine Earthquakes. The Philippine islands are in s tsato of constant tremor. Most of these vibrations are so slight that they can be observed only by a special instrument invented for automatically recording the movements of tho earth's crust. A little disturbance of the digestive organs, and t,he entire system Ig affected. Many' people pay little attention to small disorders of tho stomach, but they keep gradually getting worse, and then ocmes tha earthquake, a shock that, causes serious illness. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters should he taken at tho slightest sign of constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia or flatulency. It will ( uro stomach troubles and strengthen tho whole system,. Our Private Revenue) stamp covers the neck of the bottle Methodist Episcopal The usual services will be held in the M. K. church, both morning and evening. The pastor will preach. The subject this evening will he "Why We Love America." The usual hours will bo observed in the meeting of the Junior league and the Sundav school. LADIES REAdY-TO-WEAR APPAREL in an elegant variety of all the new FALL styles, and at prices that will appeal to the Economical Buyer. We call your attention to the very low prices at which these garments are offered, -and remind you that tbey are all new, stylish and correctly made. Kit II in Visiting as we do the markets of the world, enables us to not only get the cream of the market in way of atyles but Insures for our customers a saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Our branda are the beat the markets show. Every pair ot mena shoes we sell Is a standard at lt price. Every pair Is guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for the famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE? Our method of baying saves one profit With us It Is from "maker to wearer." I'A 1 IIS. lleavv r.oiii-h' I.AMKS .FAfKKTS .-v jackets, in lihn k. .aiii :l"-s. ii ( ir ,i ml il,iii indies lent:, nieHy ;iik1 finished, ii"' iiM-mT- i ; i 1 1 1 aihl trimmed that is I 111 I llLfs, "I Tliihet fur ! a n sha (les. ! i iic( i h p m with t In- licsl l mai no silk, with mat sleeves, a 1 1 1 i 1 1 ii e lare pearl biitjoiis. a sli' value for Liliollt made: l.lpeU $7.50 l e.lpe ess than never sold foi .llVr for. s.l.(H) Tailor made ami i mhi-s CAl'KS. Plain t hrouh- Free Liberality. A lady who recently returned from a visit to Chicago reports having been present one Sunday morning at the First church of Christ. Scientist, when a collection wa.s taken for the flood sufferers of Galveston. Texas, which amounted to one thousand dollars even money. There was no special appeal made, only the simple announcement that the Sunday morning collection would be for the Calveston sufferers, with the above result. It Is not generally known that Christian Scientists are liberal givers, and they never dedicate a church until every dollar is provided. Their giving Is a practical demonstration of Matt. 6:33, and their daily Prayer Is for "that mind to be in them "which was also in Christ Jesus, to love one another, and. to be meek, merciful, just and pure s.uin, made eon Is in all shades, li out villi Skiiitof with the latest l.dl .- i ook at the Fine Shoesjin OurWindow, u-usImmI Seal Plush, thirty inch.-;. u.Mli;i(le with a lii-li storm ,.,,,.,,. with Asti-aH.Mii. velvet st rap- collar, satin lapels, fancy ji.'d hark, and woiih S1." iVr . . . $9.95 tin.- m.-re,'iiz-l linings, SiO.flO value for $6.75 J. Ac BERQER,Lead,s d. $40,000 a Week. Yesterday morning the IhirlinKton we train brought ' down seventeen j

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