The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 11, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 11, 1900
Page 2
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1 . THE DAILY -PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER n, Dr. Hinson's Lecture Postponed. A telegram has been received stating that Dr. Henson cannot be in Deadwood to deliver a lecture Thursday " November loth, as advertised. Aetna Powder fij, THRU WITH POLITICS. Under the above heading the Argus-Leader says Borne wholesome things that will apply with equal force to Deadwood as to Sioux Kails, except that the stress and strain has been greater in Sioux Kalis than elsewhere gallons to pump the supply needed to the height of the city tanks. Tlife expense of supplying water by gravity is quite small after the collecting apparatus is installed. Such experimental construction as is suggested would probably cost little if any more than the boilers, pumps and house re- THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 187L THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. for the raswn that it is the political headquarters of the state, as well as I quired for the pumping plant and the necessary expenditure lor pipe to I The new date will be announced as j soon as known. . I An Important Difference. ! Tp make it apparent to thousands, vho think themselves 111, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition is easily cured by using Syrup of PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. ail Caos MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL Security at a lawful rate of interest Business strictly confidential Will call at your residence if requested. D. JACOBS. Cigar Stors Opposite Bullock Hotel. We Want... you to understand that we are under small expense and can Uu better :y you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give ua a chance to prove our assertion, by gluing us a trial order. JOLITZ (Sl LYNCH TKIt.MS OK SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morr:u. Except Monday Jl'l IKI One Year Electric Battfria Batteiy Suppiieil :. oo 1 'W ssuc) Every Thur.-l.t Six Months. One Month. WEEKLY One Year... Six Months. W. E ADAMS COMPAQ Bntfired as Son'l-Clas Maitcr ai tin Deadwood I'o.,to!lic . Kigs, manufactured by the California I Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all j druggists. Library Notice. Any boy or girl in Dead wood who I applies to the librarian, can have a j card in the public library so that they can l.oroow books entirely free by j complying with the rules and regula-! nuns of the library. Those not personally known to the librarian must . inn.- with endorsements by taxpayers this is dom- to protect the library against loss of books. Keniember 1 )he Latest Thin? Out j pump water from the creek vicinity to tile city tanks will soon exceed the I cost of the work necessary to collect 'the, ground watt r and deliver it to the flume leading to the city tank If a half million gallons a clay were to be pumped, tin- amount of money saved might easily exceed $J;:,'i a v ear. w hic h would be interest at six per cent on about $e;i .nun. It would pay to expe nd this sum in addition to the equivalent of the cost of the fcitepifisr -pinttf-' fn- t)lrtfttttir:-n -p;r:riy Mipply rathe r than to pay the ru:iu::ig expenses of a pumping plant. Tin- f:t' t just mentioned and nie further fit t that the water from must of the springs and all the bedrock water is hard and objectionable for use as boiler witter suggests the con-, .side-ration of the usual proposition to cities in hill country, i. e. the impounding of imeontamin .t. ! surface waters, in reservoirs large-enough to retain some of the Hood waters of the spring and of rainy periods and furnish them to make up the deficiency in the low water flow of the stream. Where there are no sources of pollution which are uncontrollable. ,such impounded waters are likely to bo more satisfactory for general use than ground waters impregnated with minerals, .and the low cost of i the home of I'ettigrew, who has been J the niOst prominent factor in the pol-'ltlcs of the state. The Argus-Leader says : ! 'Now that tli- election is over, ' thcreis great good coming to Sioux Kails. For four vears a large share of tins city have devoted entirely text lull, b atte ntion to politics. 1'olitics has i-nteied into tneir thoughts, has manipulated their business, has even divided them upon social lines. Certain politicians have attempted to win -urnl (roister --fiv thftr vnriy -by-i.i..ccttiii4 iit -n oppo.-il to them, by throwing a lar-e volume o! trade to mi 1 1 Iranls fav i)i ,i id.- to the in and dive iting a large quantity from merchants again. -t them. Hitte r personal attack.-, have been made against many gooil men sole ly be au.-e of political differences. Slanders have been engineered against others solely i for the same reason. Men have refused to io-operate in the upbuilding of the i ity because they believed that the .success of an enterprise would , build up certain men of their party. "It has been a long four years of ' politics. Koi innateiy, the period is ; past. The overwhelming defeat of the party and the inspiration which brought that disturbance into our city i affairs lias cleared the field and tho city will now regain its normal condi- j tion. Hereafter when any man or j set of men attempts to run boycotts TUB BILL OF FARE LOCK ami ' I f-MN stitch 1 '.chines Hi. place over the postoftice. tf '(unbilled m- i in one 'I'll,- ..AT. speed is Restaurant STAMAl;i Lotaiv. When you want to go to Central, whether it be day or night, just go over on the street and climb in Teller's hack. W. R. YATES, Agt. the Is complete Their table merits the patronage of public. No. 19 Lee Street. DEADWOOD . SOUTH DAKftTi John Jennack, The well kncWn hackman wtidse barn is that imposing structure on ti t corner of Carney and Pine streets, is prepared to furnish the finest rigs In the city for funerals, NEEDS AMENDING. The members of tin- 1. -rlsIM ui l;ct from the several lilac k Hills counties should to I'ierre in .Ian uary as a unit tor the anic-nlnn n' of the present liquor license l;nv. The license is none too IiikIi and the regulations prescribed for the conduct of the business is about as pood as can be enacted, but where the injustice comes in is that the state nets one-half of the license and the county only one-half. This is unfair. The counties having few if any saloons get the benefit of the large amount of license paid in Lawrence and other Mack Hills counties. If, as is claimed, saloons breed crime, .the counties in which saloons are maintained pay for punishing the criminals and they need all the license money for that and other purposes. The Caddy case and alleged perjury cases growing out of it afford a striking illustration of the facts cited above. Already these cases havo cost the county over $5000 and the end is not yet The amount of liquor licenses paid to the state by Lawn nee county for one quarter would cover the cost of th"c cases. This is a matter on whi h we can all agree. 10 TO DEADWOOD Oil LEAD, when I Why:: can furnish you for less MONEY maintenance when compared with the j (ailing parties, picnic crowds, etc. cost of running pumping stations. 1 Residence 'phone S.'i Harrison, makes the proposition for a gravitvi Art Exhibit. Tho trustees of the public library will in the near future give an art ex TOE S.7-.G-E CENTRAL CITY. SO. DAK. A Complete stock of hibit of copies of the great masters I and others. Also pictures In oil and J water colors done by amateur artists, j Many pictures are being donated and I others loaned. The association would be glad of the co operation of any local artists or anyone who hase works of art that she would be willing to loan or wiy donate. The menxbers of the board will guarantee careful handling and safe return. lw or propagate' slanders or persecute opponents for political views, such a matt or men will be crushed by the weight of public- opinion. The old theory of politics whic h has obtained more or less in this community for a generation and which for the past four years has wrought so much evil for Sioux Kails has been shelved for good and a new regime of commen ial and so. ial union lias come. "Hereafter the energetic men of the wity will cooperate for the lip-building of Sioux Kails. Hereafter there vvi'l he no personality attempting to warp everything into politics i for personal aggrandizement. Hereafter u- shall stand together ami after those i in pi ov tn i -it I s ami those enterprises which w'll make lite city what, it de serves to be, one of the mn.-i beautiful and most, flourishing i ities of the west. "The stress and strain of politics had to come. Hut it is past. Those who forced the issue doubtless still I supply very attractive. All of the watersheds visited in your neighborhood hail mining claims vvhh h might ; limit to a greater or less extent the .location of chinis for impounding reservoirs., i xcept tile upper part of the City Creek VMlt..-r.-hed. The ljln-tiill of value of existing water lights must al.-o be eonsidered. If the- e.-li-niate of cost of piimpiUL' is correct, .it .would pay to expend at least imiii to irocflre a gravity supply of, nun gallons a day. In cither words if the Witter from any oilier source cost $L'o a million gallons it will pay to expend the sums mentioned 'for the gravity supply. If the witter costs more titan f-".. proportionately larger ' sums can b- profitably expe nded upon the plan propo.-c d. These suggestion's are made, .as al- ! r ady stilted, .as some offset for my serious obje tions to the proposed de- ; velopment of Witter supply from the vicinity of Whitewood Creek. I did Hay, Grain, Chop Feed, Flour, Wood and Coal. v... -A- Trisul Order I OX I. ASK. Annual Meeting Masonic Benevolent Association The annual meeting of stockholders of the Masonic benevolent Assoc iation will be heid at the office of the secretary on Saturday evening, November 17th. 1900, for the election of a board of directors and transaction of such other business as may be presented. A. W. COE. Secretary. THAT THIS 3 feel the dismay and feat. But even they soreness of de- j not have time, nor was I authorized, w ill see that a j to go into a detailed examination of top i Think MEANS TO YOU. continuance of the baleful system is impossible and they will johi squarely for the good of the If ALL OUR 5 SUMMER GOODS MRS. E. P. SLYFIELD, Osteopath and Masseuse, 14 Van Buren Street. The lollowing so-called diseases are successfully treated by fffy mode of treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of Limbs, Milk Leg, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Constipation, Neurasthenia, Coldness of Extremities, Paralysis, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Dizziness, Stomach Troubles, Dropsy, Sciatica, Dysentery, Torpid Liver, Female Troubles, Varicose Veins, Goitre, Headaches, Hay Fever, Indigestion, Insomnia, Jaundice, Lumbago. Alcohol baths In connection. any project, .nor was I able to take even a general view of all the sources of spring and Impounded water within reach, so that I have no definite recommendations fo make in this report, it is certain, .however, that a thorough investigation upon the lines mentioned, ,of the available watersheds and sources of supply from hign springs and high bed rock water is desirable, and it Is probable that such investigation will result in securing an ample water supply of bed rock water procurable by gravity, .which will be satisfactory and will be more reasonable in cost AN IDEAL CANDIDATE. Thruout the canvass the president of the United States was mindful of the dignity of his great offic e and he upheld It. He went calmly about the public business before hint. ehibiun ; no unseemly eagerness tonceining the election, and taking only such part in the strife of polities as custom exacted and propriety sanctioned. Hardly any other public man of either party seemed to stand so far aloof as he from the stir and fervor of Uncontest. Mr. McKlnley's letter of acceptance was his only public attempt to influence the minds and action of the voters, and that was an argument of such convincing weight and moment that neither his own nor the public Interest called for any further word from him. It was the chief campaign appeal on the republican side. No other utterance In behalf of the republican cause can be compared to it In power and effectiveness, except the speech made at Canton by the secretary of war. Mr. McKlnley's letter and Mr. Root's spee h are doc-ments of a very high order. Their statements of fact were unshaken, their arguments unrefuted at the end of the campaign. The president needed neither apologists nor defenders in the campaign, and he had none. To tell the plain truth about his acts and policies, .to make clear to the mind of the voter the nature of ue questions with which he has had to deal, the conditions that have confronted him, and the results achieved or in process of achievement and to expose the errors, misrepresentations and delusions of those who assailed him these were the labors, these the duties of the republican camaplgners so far as the administration was concerned; be DEADWOOD WATER SUPPLY. Supplemental Report. Bloomington. lib, Oct. 'IZ, 1'JiM. To the Common Council of the City of Deadwood, Deadwood. S. I). Gentlemen: The objection made, in my report upon the pollution of Whitewood Ginghams, Dimities and Percai?s3 THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR 3 i We have nice new line ofMu-lin Cnrlerwear which we are also wllinu ftl Krtat Bargain. A n-autlliil line of bed ipreada. lace curtains, 35c NOW GO AT H 2c. 25c NOW GO AT 3 12c. i than tho propositions for water t i supply the present deficiency' which g They all go at a aaciifce. ac come a cik inci (jet lu 011 the (.KOl.M) J-LooR j, Ei THE LADIES BAZAAR. 5 laiuiiiiillliiiiiUihlUiliiliaiiltliiiuaiiiiiiunaiauiwaJ are now under investigation. Respectfully submitted,!. CHARLES CAKROLL BROWN, Bloomington. III. . 1 5 . K School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the entertainments yet to come: Dr. Henson, November 15. Mendelssohn Male Qu?.rtet, December i. S. M. Spedon, February 19. ' Creek, to the underground water in . the vicinity of the stream, makes it 1 rather incumbent to mane some sug-I gestions as to the possible unobjec-tional resources from which to draw I water supply at least to fill the pres-! ent deficiency so long as it may exist. As to ground water, my best information indicates that "bed rock "water," especially if found at the lower levels of the main valleys, is more or less impregnated with mineral, including iron and sulphur, i which make the water hard and more or less objectionab.e to taste or smell. If the springs found during my wan-i derings over the valleys and hills conio from "bed rock," all such water ! is not subject to this objection, and if a sufficient supply could be obtained without interfering with the Notice. Dr. A. II. Bowman has moved his office into the Adams bloJt,' rooms i No. 210 and 211. tf i he Ciub Restaurant. J. P. HYMER, Olympic Block, Deadwood, S. D. COLLECTIONS NOTARY PUBLIC. Collections in all part3 of the Hla k Hills or anywhere in tho United States Investments and proper of Non-Resi-dents carefully attended to. , FIDELITY BONDS. Both telephones Jn office and Harrison 'phone In residence. yond, that the- were occupied in the ' wholesome business of liolflinir the Present Bills for Settlement. All persons having bills against the Lawrence county central committee are requested to present them immediately to me for settlement-' GEO. V. AYRES, Chairman. Hill -city is the center er'a'THfCtrict containing some of the richest vertical free milling gold ;xnlnes, copper and tirf properties in the.- Black Hills. Several prospects as phenomenal as the famous Holy Terror can be had on reasonable terms and at lower prices than in any other mining district. Write for particulars to E. C. Johnson, Hill City. S. D. 10-30'tf Water rights of others or without requiring too much expenditure for extinguishing those "rights, .a very satisfactory supply could be furnished. JOHN WAGNER, Prop. mirror of truth up to Bryan in order that the people might pee him as he Is. Mr. McKlnley's dignified attitude In the campaign and the complete justi City Creek has several such springs fication before the people of the broad policies he pursued In Cuba, in the ' at a 8Ufnclent holht to rea h tn citv Meals Served to Order. tanks by gravity and they can be de- Philippines and in China, have in MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) Makes all kinds of Floral Designs and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses, Carnations and all other flowers of the season FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. velopeu at a very low cost for construction and maintenance. Similar springs were found on all the water sheds examined and the only difference in cost would be that of carrying the water for the greater distances 3VT. C3tIXji3L.ESTTE: necessary, or for pumping over the divide. The water from many such springs as were observed would be creased the respect and confidence with which the Amerfean people regard their chief magistrate. Men who sometimes yield to the emotion of pride of country will rejoice that they bare no excuses to make on behalf of the president for nig conduct and bearing during the campaign, ft has been a model of correctness and beyond the criticism of the most ex-actltng. Lord Roberts has found time amid bis multiplied labors and excitements to send from South Africa to London telegram rebuking bis home-staying fellow-countrymen for the form of welcome with which they have receiv necessary to furnish the full supply for the city, but they present a pos The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. -WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON A M. No. 659 Main Street, DeadwooAJ, sible economical source for supplying the present deficiency so long as it J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler, is Headquarters For Black Hills Gold Jawalry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just what you want and he will quote yon prices by return malL REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house In the Hills. FIFTH ANNUAL DANCE . The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this property. We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few m jre shares at 17c. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address GLADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO.. Rooms 513-14 I. L. ft T. Building, Des Moines. Ia. may exist It Is quite possible that a development of the underground flow of bed-rock water of which these springs are the overflow would result In a considerable Increase in the sup ply, pernaps aumcient from a very few of them to fill up the present de ed nis discharged soldiers. Lord Roberts Is a temperance man of pronouno ed views, believing as little In alcohol nctency. This can only be determin Do you Know es an Ingredient of patriotism as ot ei by tests similar to those now be-courage, and It Is no wonder that be rln made under the Whitewood Creek Creek nas been disgusted by the accounts he Dea Bucn teau m tne cltT watershed would not be expensive LAKOTA TRIBE NO. 1, I. O. R. M. and all water secured could be dis A Good Thing When YouSeeit) Low Rates West and Northwest. , Every Tuesday during October and Nrember the Burlington Route will has received of the orgies which disgraced the1 London streets on the arrival of the returning troops. T beg earnestly," bis message runs, ?that the public will refrain from tempting my gallant comrades, but will rather aid them to uphold the splendid -reputation they have won for the imperial sell tickets at the following remarkably low rates: charged directly Into the city supply, by making the proper, repairs to the flume. At present what water flows In that creek does not reach the city's tank. A reason for not trying to secure SI A Ogden, Salt Lake City. Butte, Hel If you do, then come and not only SEE, but t;iM-our brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, POUT ;in l MUSCATEL ena,, and Anaconda, one way, 128.35, additional supply from the vicinity of Round trip, $33.35, return .limit 30 army." The heroic "Bobs" Is a fight- City Hall November 15 Music by the Cyclone Orchestra. I days. ? er of such approved ability and deter- Wh'tood Creek which Is Important on the financial side, Is the fact that Spokane, T&coma, Seattle, Portland, znlnatlon that he can well afford to do a little preaching on occasion.. His sermons are always treated with re- They Are The Best in the West 5 . FineOld Whiskey of father time $3 00 and up-' FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Puna kn Pnl!i,Aw1 4- .J - M ill M. such supply must be pumped up to the city tanks. The high prl"e of Victoria. and Vancouver, one way, $33.3: round trip $55.70; return limit 30 days. ' ' "'. - ' f coal In Deadwood makes this pumping epect, even If they are not always Tickets and Information at all Bur Tickets $1.00 ;.. iKiiiacu tree iu rriueiiic. u keeded and it's more the pity that 'more tnan usually expensive so -that they are not always heeded. i' mlght cost 30 or more a million Hngton ticket offices. ."

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