The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 1, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1899
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIME8 THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 1, 1899. SSSTE ONE GENT A WORD , md Jobbers of . knBotarer MONEY SAVED I ,m and Water Advertisements under this head ONE CENT A WORD each insertion when run less than one month. Three lines 11.00 per month. Payable in THE WORLrrg COPPER. Denver Times: The active demand fer copper proprties in the year 1SH8 would indicate one of two things, either an increased demand for copper or a decrease of the copper production. There has uiuluubtwlly hen a great increased demand because of the great success in the motive power of the world. Electricity and its manifold uses will continue to Increase the demand. In 1898 Wis ol all Kinds. WANTED HELP I for. the minea of the I'nited Slates produced DEADWOOD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Furniahes help for all who We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. This s made possible since we 5LYOKE DEAN AND ARSH STEAM PUMPS ,gAHAendSiorjXOlTY. 625,000, Oou pounds of copper, or 60 per cent of all the output of the world. The employ labor and procures positions for all -who want work. Mrs. Brans-fleld-OatLklin, 95 Sherman St. year 1899 will produce 600,000,000 pounda of copper. Enormous as this yield eeemi N.E. WOOD. A. M. M n .lh . ChicagolHkfcal and Surgical Institute, apparent to be, the great copper combine, or copper trust, has control of 475O0O,000 WANTBD A eompetent girl at lira. D, tc Helen Sachs oi Lasaue Avenue, Chicago, III. (IsUbUsked la Ckiesco Si by l.t, 1978.) The oldest. UrL moat HHr.l Bj have six large stores in which to place them A. McPtUTMA'A hm4lel InstltaUon la the Northwest. Our customers reoeive the benefit of our close rnvste rHu rr mUmu with fhHlltlea for lav WANTED A flnt-clAM bArber UnmeSUto- pounds of this product, or about five-sixths. The capitalization of thle great eopper trust is J500,QOO,000. The Unfit la controlled in a large measure by the Rothschilds and by the same men who control the Standard Oil Company. The r purchases and cash discounts. esaerfeacy. Burgle. ors,Utm porforned la the bmI elasitifle rnaaaer. Write for circulars on Dr.rmitki and Brmoes, Clnb Feet, Corrature of the Spine. Hies, Tumon, Cancer. Catarrh, Bronchitis, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Kidney, Bladder, Eye, Ear, Hkln and Blood riseasee, and all Surgical Operations. Best facllUlae, apparatus and remedies for the successful treatment of ever' form at Hiauu ly. Apply at ths Oampbell booM bArber hop, Lead. (tX.) Pianoforte Lessons AND Tench Glasses Dally; ms&ptylui Black HiU team Laundry, wood, So uTff Dakota We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only tor CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will WORK WANTBD Coimpetettt woman, br reqairlnfr medical or survlr) treatment. We absolutely gum an tee t cure avery of NerTvus Debility and dliranes reaultlnr from anuses and Indiscretions of Youth and Manhood; Animator-rsM, Heamlnal Weakness m'nht Umgeg), Impoteacr (Joss of 9xuai power), VaHeooele, Hydrocele, Htrlc-tstre. Phlnsaala. .. et.. (Iamm x trust expects to protet the price of oop-per both in America and Europe, and eon-templates making a profit of 6 cents per pound upon the annual production. It is the day, ait No. 8 Water at.. City. find big and experience are Important No mercury r injurious medfofnes used -ffr time Uitit from work or business MEN You can earn wages while learning n lacoraaie eases accept a, ToTnedicine sent Co. I). Failure is unknown to us. we cure thousands annually. We hare ten thousand letimn iis.1 lt tr ,,n flu fm MONEY SAVED barber trade and complete In two months; catalogue free. Molar Barber Colloge, Minneapolis, Minn. barely possible to do this at the present high price of copper. When, haw-ever, it is taken Into consideration that the average selling prices of copper for twelve Vears past has been under 12 cents per pound it would seem that the grateful patients permanently cured. Write urn teday. Patients from a distance treated by mail Mrdirtnes tent everywhere free from gate and breakage State JiiU history mnd exact symptom of your cos? and send for opinio and terms Consultation .tee and confidential, personally or by letter 1 AO nae Hook oa all Chronit and Aa retrial Blseases rud list of 1 SO qnesUoats free (Meatlon .his pa per. j Girl Wanted For general house work. Mrs. J. W. WVstpbeling, 41 Ferret Ave. iMES P. WILSON torney-at-Law, lymjdc Club Building Corner Knnui and Deadwood Street )W00D - - South Dakota. Clothing Shoes, : Dry Goods and WANTKIi Girl for general house work GO TO . . . BY BUYING Mrs. J. Deetken, 33 Stewart street. tf FRANK SCHREYER, trust has undertaken a big task when It prcrtnisefl a profit uf fi cents, a pound. The demand of the consumers for cheaper copper will l.ririK about gTeater developments of topper properties and the practice of economy in the cost of production. So that it Is not probable that the enormous profit of 6 cents a pound could be pcnmuicn t ly mai n t ijiticd. The etiect. houcwr, upon the miner and niiuitiK ' r . u d t ; i h is already apparent, ('tali. Norlhirn California, Montana Notions at Fresh and Salt Meats V. H. MOORE WORK WANTBD Competent woman, by the day. No. 8 Water street, rear of Fish i Hunter's I'laniiiK Mill. Wauled A (lining room gh' at the i 1 1 Ke-itaurant. Nro. too Sherman St. WHERE THEY CHASE'S SELL CHEAP 3 fhe Henshaw . . Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. cksmith and Wagon Maker, European Hotel. pW.m AN RE-M DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. 1 Klndi of Carriage and Wagon foot Work; alio Ccrriase Fur- FOR SALE. Desirable building lot? on Lincolu avenii", Ingleside. Li:ptler furnished to build. Edwin Van Cise. t'. Lots For Sale Howard's Addition, his addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoin ing the Dudley Spring, 1m the First ward, is now open for settlement, tie plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Cise. Lobs tor sale from $35 up In Pleasant Vterw Addition to the City of Deadwood. J. J. Feldhaoser, Black COMBINED. The First ward meat market and tba "Cash Market," Che new firm fa styled the "Omaha Heat Market" Theg mean buafcness and will do it tout Heat at Omaha prices, coins and sas rw and gt a pleasant surprise ait lSx and Arlroiiii an- being eagerly prospected fur new cripp, r. and the result will, undoubtedly, be i lie opening up to the markets of the world immense new copper deiKwIts. nil or which Is liound to Inure to the benefitfi or (he grtjht West. Science has entered tlie field and is endeavoring to discover (a reliable substitute for copper for eWtrica lpurposes. It Is claimed that a new composition has already' ben found that will in many Instances take the place of copper. It Is claims that the new material answers all the actual working requirements of electrical engineers. If this be true, it wvnld have the effeet of towering the present price of copper.. Copper shareholders, however, will continue to be optimistic until this new composition has unquestionably demonstrated Its ability to take the place of copper. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb mi II Pin B treat, Deedwsod. I. a 637 MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It Is certainly gratifying to the public know of one concern In the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and eotds, hare glyen away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and hare the satisfaction of knowing H has absolute! cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asthma, bronchitis, harsenosa and all diseases of the throajt, cheat and lungs are surely cured by It Call on Phillips ASteensen, druggists, and get a free trial battle. Regular size 60 cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price refunded. Call on the Is Liter Company, Before Buying Nonas, i Ladles sad bmisekespera, reelect) tsj hare roar feather beds, pillows aod BASS tresses cleaned up before I tears town, 1 Winter, Paper Hanger, Kalsominer. Having aacured the paftnt strop tx- Hills, telephone 169.. Lonber, Litb, Shingles. Sash mm, ui looming win only remain hare to Jons 1. 1st m bars yea orders. F. W. Si. PSLPJUa, FOR SALE) New Hattenhauer ptoae-ton at bargain. Inquire of J. J. Feldhausen. 2n St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. DeWltt s Little Early Risers, Th limi little Dills. Orerlsod House. - J. P. HYMER. FOR BA14J Furniture and lease ot txrt paying lodgings in town. Apply to Pioneer-Times. jolleeiioni and Adjustments. Notary Public merly occupied br WllUanus ft Bon under the nenr WeHtem T Talon Telegraph office, I Am prepared to promptly execute all orders for hooae painting, paper bangrlng. cAlci mining, OlAetBg nl All work of that charaater. I shall employ only flnrt-eiAM worJt-men and will gaummtw watbtMtXx. tt will not be how efce& I cab (Jo work, but how good. Trial ordtara wllettad. O. C. LACKOUS. Wl 1m fa. tn..v irtn w n a ... - - mm w. o T M Oassntr Co. All kinds at FOR SALE Tares of Um best ranches ea BeAr Butt valley, M acres saeh; orcr 1,M mproTements OS eae; will be sold at A barastn. Iwruirs At tht Pleesr Ttmss sffles. -A MtteUl bonds wrHtea . -TL1" NEW YORK STORE LOSING OUT SAL Entire Stock and Fixtures will be T 't n your bono, hrttfe InnirHiM potldw. G E -"". umwoM, a d. l"Ww Barrtsoo iU. Black Hills 144. asd aas- FOR SALB A olameod stod. prlsei half karat , for less Cbsa Inquire at tbli since. CO TO U. DO WD, MAOTXCUtx. FOR RENT. Jtchmaker, Jeweler Nicely furnlstied rooms at reasonable rates Noble Mock, 721 Main Street, Mrs. Qarr. Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop n OPTXCXAW. Jevelerj Hade to Order. FURNISHED rooms by the night or week or lodgings, 25c and 50c. Grand Central, Main street. aminer for tie F, E. & M. Y. can lad I win guar In irok and 8rR - DBADWOOD. 8. D. FOR RENT Six-room house. Just newly papered and In fine order, at $18.00 per month. Apply to Cush-man, 40? William St., or at Young's office, Lee st ' tt hhhma..,.:-..... L1,.Tm,M,,u 3 AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln Photopjb Supply Co. Lincoln, Neb. m FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by day, week or month. Inquire over Ladies' Bazaar. Sold at Cost Within Sixty Days, Consisting of all kinds of Dry Goods, Silks, Satins, Crepons, Poplins, Whipcords, Novelties, Organdies. Lawns. GiDghans, Calicoes, Muslins, Etc. Ladies' Men's and Childrens' Hats and Caps. An ideal linr of Shirtwaists Silk, Satin, Percale and Calico. Large stock of Ladies Wrappers and Mens' Odd Pants Immense stock of latest Ribbons, Parasols, Hat Trimmings, Belt Buckles, Laces, Purses, Mens' Gloves, Ties and Suspenders, Fancy Braids, Oh in aware, handkerchiefs, dolls, Scissors , Jack-knives, Jewelry, Silverware and Stationary. The best line oi Mens' Womens' and Childrens' Hosiery and Underware. Blankets, Comforts, Carpets and Rugs, Overalls, Boiled and Work Shirts. A Complete Line of Shoes, Also a six roomed house and furniture one bicycle, one spring wagon, two lots Jals Hardware. ,8PtIa oa. FOR RENT For the summer, to party with small family, furnished five-room house, with bath. 69 Forest ave. I w waaa tSjS1?!.. "OMAHA FOR RENT One nicely furnished room. 'atol to. 729 Mala street. FOR RENT Four-room house. Inquire O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. Room 19 Syndicate Block, DBADWOOD. a D. of Miss Cooper, 97 Forest ave. STRAY NOTICES, SXTBUKBAN RESIDENCE FOB t a UJT TTTV M. ' tf t t. SAUO AT A BAIMJA1N. Oood. anMaaidal 8-room tmo 60x100 feet and a 7-8 Jersey Cow, Iboaw, eeUar, Hts seres sronwl thrw STRAYED From Carbonate, two horses, one dark brown, weight 1,100; cut from wire right foreleg. Just below shoulder; shod All around; one Ugh aorrel. white Uad feet. Utile white in face, unshod,. Leare at Simpson's bm, Deadwood, or send Information to pioneer-Times. am fcnoed aad ptuN Deadwood New York Store, x H T7 tstpsat " I to I'Vttalblea, fljolotns the P asr 1A3iKEL & SOW jjjj; -

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