The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1900
Page 4
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TKl-a3DAr. APRIL 19. TIIE DAILY PlONEElt-TIMES, DEADWOOU, ri. D. Seebick announces an dxpbsc At saying fOc Gold and Silver THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Established 188J. No. 37 Lee 8t. Deadwoort WILL GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH g GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. ON ALL S-.. .(... 11 ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. 8 I 1 I'll I rv Spring IVJllll Went Over a Steep Bank. George Angel left his team standing on cne of the corners at Iead about 2 o'clock yesterday morning, and the animals became frightened and started down '-he gulch for Deadwofld. There were no witnesses to their ruad race down the dark canyon between Lead and I'luma. nor thai around the sharp corners between I'luma and the old hall grounds, but at this place, or tlio bridge, a few rods distant, they went over a sleep bank, piling horses and hack in a heap at the bottom. Mr Angel secured a horse and followed down in search of iho runaways, but no trace of them was found until after daylight, when they were discovered, ono upon the other, and the hack a total wreck. After untangling ftiem from their perilous position it was founil that one of thsteeds was badly crippled, the other slightly bruised, and the vehicle badly demolished. I M. H. Lyon & Co. ! Agents for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, t '4 5 Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. MINES AND MINING. vw. For real millinery Funeral of Gay Kemper. The funeral of Miss (Jay Kemper took iilac yesterday afternoon from her home in Spearfish. The funeiaj service was tea! by Rev. Mr. Pond of the Kpiscopal A Proposed Smelter. Kx -Governor McConncll of Mulio. who shipments for the week pcujds. The ore shipments from the distric" aver church and interment made In the Spear- Ilia been in the Hills fur sevpral days, has niheence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seehick. 1 he foremost feature of I'eadwood's millinery merchandising this week will lish cemetery. The eldest sister. Miss Kate Kemper, arrived yesterday morning from Chicago. The other' members ot the family, the faiher, brother, Louis, and two sisters, Khoda and Essie, were all present. The following lailiet, went over from Head wood to it tend the funeral, Mrs. S K. Thomson, and the Misses Leah Pease. ( ii inishaw . .M.iriella Kllis, Kthel Wringrose and 'Horothy tiohlbloom. age tons per month Titanic, I tan. report. that the ship-inentii last week were ieventy-.sevcn ear-loads of-ore and four carloads of cone en -trates. The latter were equally :,vided between the Mammoth and the Heck. I'en-iMn n ial - Kureka shipei thirlv-tuo cars of ore. Itullion-Heck. ;ritini . i 1 S.v.insea nine ea h and (lodiva seven. A custom mill to treat the low grade ores of the Slockto-i district, l lah, is prac been 1 ixk Imk over the country wilh a view to ereetiiig a smelter here, in which ores will be treated by a new proeea.s of pyritic smelt IriK. lie took home with him a mimher of samples of ore to make tests and if the tt sts are sat Uf.irtory. he experts to return and will probably build a smelter. He thinks conditions here are favorable. Ho has had forty years ex-perlen"C ill niinliti?, has been governor of Idaho two terms and represented Idaho In the I'nited Slates senate. The News Condensed. The Miptellle colli I of the I lllU .l Slater decided that the shippers pay the war tax neeetsary on package sent by tically assured. There are many thousands of tons of ore uncovered in the Hercules. 'et Argent, Kathrlne I. ion Con . luand Cross. Silver Coin and other properties that have Ioiik been awaiting t reai inent. I be an atti active arrray of '-first hats" and small hats for strcls and shoping at inpular prices. A Business Man's Proposition. The Ruby Gold Mining and Milling company has et aside one-quarter of Its entire capitalisation of four hundred thousand Wilh the new plant a fair profit ei this class of ore will be assured. eharei of stock as treasury stock, to be used exclusively for the development of Dli NALLTEUS KEMOVKIJ. Dr. A. I'r. Naultuus has removed his office and residence to the Carney buildinir over Ixiwe's clothing store 681 Main street. I The Ladies Bazaar 1 An extension of the Midas, on Deep Creek. Utah, has Etrlpped for 300 tut a body of ore that ruin from $38 to $107 in gold. The Silver King, at I'ark City, has declared a dividend of fifty cents a thare, or $7j.Ooo, and stockholders believe that extra dividends will be declared in duly. Thus far this month dividends of $202,500 have been declared by Utah mines. a"V I I - 11 . . l-'our men wei- killed and two dangerously wounded at WIihIImt, Pa., as the result of a row. The man supposed to be responsible for tho murders was after-w ai d killed by a train. Japanese arc pouring into the country. Two steamers arrived at Victoria with P'OU on board. Seven hundred and eighty more are expected during the week. The duke of Newcastle, leader of the ritualistic parly in the Anglican church, said In New York that the only solution of the Episcopal church question was disestablish men I. in a speech at Albany ex-Governor Alt-geld told what Jefferson would do were he alive and in power today Fourteen constituent concerns of the waiSIS t..r tin uvL'k ;tt ,t New Dress Patterns t or spring' );ir"tin. "own. Summer Goods in iYivak. c,iiv i- hums, and nil I'.-ihionaMc fain f. 1111111K-1' Jfcr drt'sx.'s and shirt waiM.. 3 5 Tailor SUIIS i'cr l' Cnn- and v. Mrs. flott, - Main St. Deadvvood UiiuUliiiUIliiUiuauUiiiiUuu.iiKNaiaiUiUiaiU American Sstecl and Wire company have been closed. The stated causes are labor Its property. This is a very liberal and wise provision on the part of the Incorporators, for If the developments from the sale of the first fifty thousand shares result aa Mr. Conzett predicts, the company will then have sufficient capital to erect any plants or machinery that may be necessary. The organization -of corporations of this kind upon desirable properties by reliable citizens of Dead wood, and vicinity, will result In much benefit to our mining Industry, and should receive due supsrt and encouragement from our people, for it not only tends to create oonfldene in the business management of such corporations, but It also provides a way for the development of our vast mineral resources, and we hope to see more of our citizens take hold of such enterprises. o Concentrates. Two sets of rolls for the new Cleopatra mill on 6quaw creek, have been ordered from Gates Iron works, to be delivered In forty days. Work on the building Is progressing rapidly. Shipments from the Hardin mine in Two Bit have been resumed, but on account of the condition of the roads only a limited Denver, Colo., advices note that former liovernor J. B. Grant, western manager for the smelting trust, has positively announced that there is no chance of a reduction, of rates, adding that the smelters supplied with all the ore they need for several months. His position is lh:it as long a.s the plants in the trust can be operated to full capacity there is no need of a reduct ion. Elk City, Idaho, advices say that 'here are now six hydraulic plants successfully at work in ihe Elk Ilasin gold fields. A Bucyrus dredge was Installed on the meadows of the Red River last season an 1 was so satisfactory that another is to b; put In place this year, (ire-at activity in $81 ?V' troubles and over production. ,!iMAV5!;V.!A V.V.V.V.V.VVV.V.V.V..' I GATES IRON WORK? 1 REVERE RUBBlR GO. people's party calcls. There will be a people's i arty caucus held at John f'.lickauf's barber shop in the Second ward. Dead wood, en Saturday night April 21, 190(1. at 8 p. in., to elect delegates to attend the county convention at Head wood on Saturday, April 28th, 1900. JOHN GLICICAUF. Committeeman. o AFTER THE OLD VETERAN'S. Many of the old veterans are now very quartz mining is reported. The Blue Rib bon, on Wheeler Mountain, is In fine bodies of pay ore. The Occident group, on Iieadwood Mountain, has TOO feet of tun nnnrm i Karl's Clover Root Tea V II 1 J I 1 1 1 J h ' ' I I I ! I I I 1 rasou nels and shafts, and contains three parral- A f i t I UIUiiL lel lodes, one of seventy, another of ten and a third of Ave feet in width, carrying . Beautifies the Complexion, p-nifips the Jbood, gives; Fresh. Cle.o skin. C'uresCoii stlpation, iri'-'iesti-'n, ftno -ill -.r-iMneis f the Skiji. An . ere'-iMt i.nxa.iv .Nrv Tonic. Sold on ulisolule "iirii!.ee ev u.i druggists at 25c.$ 60c. and 1.00 S. Ci WELLS i CO., LERO, V. susceptible to coughs and colds, and find a good friend in Chamberlain s Cough Remedy. It is, in fact, a favorite with mount of ore can be hauled. About four hundred tons of ore Is piled on the medium grade ore. o- The Mid-Roaoers. The mid-road people's party are organlz dump for shipment. Lidgerwood Manulacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. I). Agent for South Dak. many of them coughs and colds and particularly as a safeguard aginst pneumonia. Mr. J. S. Pitt, of Short Tract, N. Y. Vols., says: "Last winter while get Tor Sale by the Palace rnarmacy. The shaft on the British-American Gold and Copper Company's mine - in Butcher gulch, is down nearly 200 feet and th vein at ore has widened from 12 inches to S feet. The average of the ore in the drifts ing in this state. They are the old straight populists who refuse to be swallowed by the democratic party or Pettlgrew's silver and upper shaft Is about $4.50 per toa. ting out Ice. I contracted a severe cold, which settled on my lungs so badly that I thought sure I would have to send for a doctor. L. D. Burnett of this place, recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I bought a twenty-five cent bottle and the contents cured me.'' This remedy is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips, drugslst. . Knox Taylor, a mining expert from Idaho, arrived yesterday with Mr. Moloney Java from the southern Hiil, where be has been examining the Blue Lead copper and Mocha THE THREE BALLS mines. He will examine some other properties for Mr. Maloney In the northern Hill.. Coffee Dr. W. A. Shepard and F. R. Morse of Piano Tuning. H. Richardson, is permanently located here, as piano tuner; has had twenty years Yon know What Tlicjr Mpan. Tliev iiiMtn tlmt votirani Hdcntial republican machine. The fusion papers are keeping quiet about the movement and do not mention the matter In their columns. We have been requested to publish the following call, which we do as a mat-ter of political news. A referendum vote Is now being taken for delegates to the Cincinnati convention, and this state will have delegates there. The conference called for Sioux Falls Is to discuss the matter of putting s state ticket in the Held. Here is the call: Mid-Road People's Party, Sioux Falls, S. D. There will be a state conference meeting of the Middle of the Road Populists In Sioux Falls, S. D.. on May 9th, to consider the future action of the party. All Middle of the Road Populist are Invited to attaend this meeting. Colorado Springs, arrived in the city Tues lv liorrow all tlie nioncv voti on day and left yesterday morning for Roch L experience and worked for the 'following all naruiknxl 1 1 ii 1 1 ,n tf I (if V.'lllll 'U "Ut ford, to make examination of a free milling property located in Jenney'a gulch, The beat for Morning J Noon and Night. olfice. Wp curry n'lartre -l''k of un redeemed jletl.!;e :.t i ices tlmt surprise you . UuHiness Strictly ( oiifiuYntul. owned by Pennington, Gorman and others, and held under bond by William Hall and reliable piano bouses: Chase Piano Co., Chicago. Grinnell Bros., Detroit, Mich. Strascino Piano Co., Wisconsin. William Rolflng Lim., Milwaukee. Local references and orders at Fishers Bazaar. 3 POR 5 ALB BY associate of Colorado Spring. No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office. General Mining News. J. Report from' Leadvllle, Col., state that By order of the committee. E. J. TRACET. State Organizer. RISING BREAST And other painful and serious aliments nicB so UMiiv mothers s-ulT-.-r. can t.e avoided 07 the use of "MoTHKK'S Frienr remedv is a God-c-nl to women, "" . carries them - through their most cnuca. onlealwith peri'ea safety and no pai n- 4 . Parties desiring to vote for delegates to the Cincinnati convention can obtain referendum ballots by applying to the state woman who uses "MoTHRR'S" tieed fear the suiienng anu wt, orgalnzer. RUBY GOLD MINI & MILLING COMPANY OF DEADWOOD. CAPITAL STOCK $400,000. Divided Into 400,000 Shares at $L00'Per snare. Treasury Stock Shares assay return from or taken from the recent strike on the Little Fannie lodge, on Two Bit Gulch, gov 1.12 ounces of gold, I. ounce of silver and 1.S percent cop-par, of $25.40 to the ton. Kamloopa, B. C, sends word that the Tenderfoot, on Copper Creek, U working now. 106 feet In which Is expected to widen to thirty feet. The ore runs from $20 to $23 to the ton; and 125 tons of It sre on the dump. It Is high grade copper. Advicear from Koasland, B. C say that . the Evening Star has made connection be-tweent the cast and west drift on No, 2 MOTHER'S FRIEND child-birth for it robs thi ordeal of its horror and insures safety- to mother and child. Our book, " Before Baby is Born," is worth its weight iu 50M to every woman, and will be sent free in plain envelope by Bradfield Regulator Company, Atlanta, Ga. PEOPLE'S PARTY CAUCUS. There will be people's party caucus held In P. H. Early's office in the 3rd ward. Dead wood, on Saturday night, April, 1. 1900, at p. m., to elect delegates to Aetna Powder Co, IF Your Shoe attend the county convention at Dead wood, on Saturday. April 2Sth, 100. level, where It broke Into a large ore body which was forty feet wide in the bottom of HENRY McOILL, Committeeman. Needs a PATCH Dynamite and Blact Take if to. -o . PEOPLE'S PARTY CAUCUS. There will be people' party caueni held at the court house la the Fourth INCORPORATORS AND OFFICERS James Conzett, Norman T. Mason, Orville U. Pryse. The Board of Director of the Ruby Go id Mining and Millkig Company hare been authorised to sell 50,000 share of the tree ury stock of the corporation at the low prlo of tea Cents par hre. fully paid an d non-aeaessable, the proceed to be used eicluareily (or the developmeot of the Portland mining claims in Ruby Gulch, owned by th eompaay. It will pay yo a to Ureatlgau this offer and get soco stock at this low prloe before M is too late. For further information inquire of Jame eoaxett. or Orrill V. Pryos. t . the drift. The lowest assays show shipping grade, and In some place the values climb very high. ". : , Bingham, Utah, reports a perceptible la-crease in shipments. , The Highland Boy ended last week by sending out carload of copper, gold and silver bullion containing over 60,000 pound. Thli makes its Fnse and Caps, Electric Batteries, - Batteiy Supplies. f. l ADAMS COMPANY ward. Dead wood, on Saturday night, April, 21. 1900. at I p. m., to elect delegate to attend the county convention at Dead wood, oa Saturday. April Mth, 1900. ' P. H. EARLY, Committeeman. JOHNSOHN Jffm' 5 Lee treet. When It will ba done with neatnea " and DISPATCH. ;

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