The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 19, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

L IS, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. r A WORD :-GRAND BALL-: e e CRKSCENT LODGK NO. 20, D. of H. MINERS' UNION HALL. under thU head ONE each insertion, when ,e month, three lines payable in advai'.-e 0---HELP. clrrW. ;.-,T-Tllli. - lo i'.U 1,1 uural W. Martin, 42 K.rl i. K. I am direct aKent for all the leading and lest steamship lines that run into and out. of New York, Montreal, lioston, 1'hiladelpliia, Haltiiaorc, (ial-v est on and l'acific coiist ports. 1 can sell you railroad tickets in connection with Gteaniship tickets at reduced rates. If you wish to send to the olfi country for your friends or relatives you will save iiiori'-v by lalling at the Burlington route ticket office for full information as to time, tickets. &.-. W.T. ROBERTSON, City Ticket Agent. Central City April 26 1900 COMMITTEES: Kxwutivr tIs. Armstrong, Mrs. 1!. Williams, Miss Aliila Vincelktte. Reception Mrs. T. Connors, Mrs. A. C'Trans, Miss Alidu YiucclL'Ko. EutertainlnR Mrs. J. llinton, Mrs J. C. CavanaiiKh," Mrs. I!. Williams. Fluor Mr. 1!. Williams, Mr. J. Cav anaiiKh, Mr. Axel Erieksoii. TICKETS, - - fl.00. O C. JEWRTT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DEADWOOD. &. I) J. P. HYMER C0LLCTI0NSAOJUSTIENTS- X07? r FIDELITY BONDS, All kinds of bonds written: Appeal ct-tackment, replevin, bonds for executors ,r six woocVhiipper.s. ih r.rus. .t Hudson. n demonstrators; ap-last, Sherman street. Special Saturday Excursion via Burlington Route. One fare for the round trip to Hot Springs and Custer every Saturday, good to return on or before tbe following nen to bind dress Steady work; dis-;ige; ask your dealer a Shields and Alko ss Shields. Kora aist without sewing, ufiiie of work. Kora Mime St., New York. administrators. All Judicial bonds exe-cutrti without delay. Don't ask your A In !v hvir..' .it 1. iwrt-ticc, Mass., describes an interesting condition of affairs ir. he:- l..)ii..e:u.; J. Winn slic first heard of Ripans Tabulc she was liavn..j mi ; s;dl v.-ith her stomach. She had had them off and on a!! i;ti i.i' and had : wallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug sti.rc "1 was losing flesh everyday," said she. "Some days I was so w. .ik I couldn't ret out of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I wouldn't be here now " Two dollars' worth of Ripans Tabules wjs ail !:e ever u.-.ed, an! tliey made her a well woman. Hex husband :v sl:e looks better no than he ever saw her. Shd made hi;;. t..h.c the Tabules fur biliousness and they acted just as well in his case, kipans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . TITAirTCI)-- rm of Nul hmlU ttut RIPANS '111 not benefit. TbwT banluk M and prolons; Ufa W Ou irlvie rlK-f Note Uk word K'l" I 4 N'ti mm Im pArkve and ftonept do attetlfajut. H'l Pl'lf-C SALE. frleDd to sign for you until you gt our rates. Lodge officers, treasurers, and CAUTION NOTICE. The public is hereby warned not to purchase any alleged negotiable paper or contracts for lightning rods supposed to have been signed by me. as my signature was obtained" by false pretenses and payment will be umtes-ted. W. FRANK (lARUFNER. Sturgis, S. 1)., April I I. VMh). official bonds specialty. Olympic Block, Deadwood. PLones Harrison, 138: Black Hill. 101 Phone In residence, Harrison. 8ft. J. A. GREEN DEALER IN Groceries ail ConfsGtionery AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, ( a few of his prices as follovs ami wishes to announce that all othc-l ipids in his stock are Ix-ing told it the same low prices: 1', r Can. ''.(.matin's l-'j I st I'lum.s -0 i ulil'ornia On-eii (lagoM 2') I. est I'eaches -0 lust Raspberries -xi l'ist Strawberries 12 !j I n i Ili-nt Hirdle Sauce or 1'icc.i- lilli. was I'.-.e (jt., now 20 lest Mustard 1'nkles. per (it. .. 20 A trial order is solicited, and tli"1 I ( st of satisfaction guarantcd. TII1C HILL Oi' FA KMC ...AT... iul hand, in good luuter Crank engine, ink. 4 and 15 II. 1' I II. V. upright l-oil -wood lathe, pulleys, Kry. Sprague Mailt Jones St., Cir.a From Garrett to Cellar H for ( neDU. Bur lie hmd mi maj nrnf um. Ten mmmpim ftod one tboUMnd teetlmonlus will as mmr irttlriM ur aaiaa) fcarafa w u House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR Iscs at 0" Lower UU; half cash, lnl-lPply to It. M. Ma A SPECIALTY. CariM'ts bi'Htcn. Carpets laid. Carpets sewn, Carpels titled to any room, ino best of refeienees. Leave order as MILES John C. Haines. "EASTER TIM ic" HAST HOUND." A change of tinr.i between Not folk and Sioux City enables pasengers u.-1- g our train No. 4 to reach Sioux City at 4:00 p. ni. daily. Twelve hours saved between M1N NEAI'OI.13. ST. TATE ami the BLACK HILLS. West bound, leave Minneapolis at 7:10; St. I'aul at 7:40 a. m., Sioux City at 5:0.") p. m. Arrive Nor folk Junction 7:40 p. m., connecting with FREMONT. ELK HORN & MIS S0UR1 VALLEY RAILROAD train No. 3 due at Black Hills stations the next morning. PARTICULAR attention is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITY. r,:0:, p. m.. daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with train No. 3. thus enabling passengers from connecting lines to make connection at Sioilx Citv without lav-over W. H. MOORE iug lota on Lincoln lumber furnished VAN CISE. (tf) 1 location on Sher-ale at a bargain. ;u. Delive-y. 4 of mixed cattle, , cows, - and o year year uld hcifcra and ms apply id T. Ii. nal. or Henry Fra- Equippea Railway V m 1 w t tti m r. m r ,vsr w n v -r-w x h n wrrwn - - Is Complete ''.heir table merits the patronage o' the publi.'. No. 19 Lee Street. Blacksmith and Wagon IViaker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE- PAIRINV1D0NE UN SHORT NOTICE. All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage ! urnishings 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood. S. D. Anna A. Leuhrs NO. 644 MAIN STREET. FIENT. Mni house, SO" Up-Apply to 11. 1). lkes all kin-Is of wewirm from the chap- cM. to the filltwt, ;ili will lc p.;nc! to 1'irte you prices oil anything you may ie in her line. ,f her place you will tiii'i constantly in suck a nie- line of rejuly made wr;ipiers aiel urclerirarmeni s. which she lias on sale at reducible prices It will Jay you to call on her The Shortest and Quickest Route to Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and" St. Paul, Kk-ir-'int new Pullman Palace sleejiiiij,1" cars, and Free Re-clinino; Cliair Cirs on all throug h train-.. Railroad and Steam-hi Tickets to all parts of the world. For further information call mi or write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent. Deadwood. S. D. " in1;u'nu liiMni rxi-i'Hi. nitrlit !-;-e-.. iutvdiii i.'liihi v and allied irouMi- t rcali-d ninler a 1. -trill tiiarant'-'-. I 'orrc-i" uile!H-ft 'rinly privats H.'w.ire . iniiiutor- li ure cjpyiuK afier 14 (Writn fr ipn-l ion li-t.) ifti.l Curtl St., n?nvff, Colo. Beebc & Cleveland THE CROCERS 111.". Sherman Street. Harrison Telephone 141. Are prepared to supply your .van!:-, in the line of groceries or confection fry. With a complete stock at the low est prices, they respectfully solicit a fhare of your patronage. ood dwelling loom, lower tioor ibaugh block. J. K. Hakor. A. S. Haydcn Baker c7' II ay den ABSTRACTORS Syndicate bloek. I tend wood. S 1). mm ind hotel, Sherman lastered tbruout; earn heat, sewer 2 rooms besides n and kitchen. Ap-iley, Agent. mrrhfPi ar.'l m imnar',ir' A (IWDYJ 1tii,-':-i-. V J raj.-, rTP'-'i i'v " r-jww p-mthoti'iTi Iri(f! Ml. of AM .1, or 1'. i. ltT 2QS I . Cook Remedy Cc HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR (SiK:ceor to Frit? Ainniun) No. 13 a Street. Wishes to announce that his place 13 now in readiness to receive patrons. onico Restaurant, xfflce. Furnished F. D. Smith. Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. Itartifieially digests the food and aids Nature in strenuthenintf and reconstructing 1 he exhausted digestive or-fjans. It is i he latest discovered dipest ant and tonic. No other preparation can appmarh It In efficiency. It Instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea Sick Headache, Gastralpia.Oamps.anL all other resu 1 ts of 1 ni perfect (1 ipestion. Prepared by E C. OcWltt A Co, Chicago. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, PRIMARY. SECONDARY TKRTIARY l!I)OD POISON PKRMANKNTI.Y CURED IN lo TO 30 IiAYS. You can b MOOD POISON AGENTS. T. J. DC WD, : Watchmaker Optician, ! Jeweler o MHBsssssVB sssssssssssassssssssssssslsssssssssl treated at bunie for the same jiriee under same GT'ARAN'TY. If you prefer to come here we will A Full and Complete Line Of all the latest and staple drinks, and the best brands of cigars will be constantly carrbxl in stock, while his motto will be A Quiet Orderly Place To bring your friends for a social game. BEST BEER ON TAP AT 5c oys or loafers to llity. $200 to $500 nen and general commission. Exits. Racine Fire iclne. Wis. ITUATI0NS- in, by a flrst-clas6 dan. Address Maxfe a well IND1P0 thb White. House oontract to pay railroad fare and hotel Pills a:i 1 ni chnrge if we fajl to cure. II ou havo taken MERCl'RY. IOtilN'K "OT ASH an. anil have ai hps and paJna, Mrnu-iJ l-ATCHBS Id mouth. SOORK THROAT. I'IMI'I.KS. roei'KR-rOLOR-KI SPOTS. I'LfEKS on any prt of tr ll MMIt or KVEBRoWS FALLING opt it Is 'thli BLOOD POISON that c Cl'iliANTfR to nrp. We solicit the most' OH'TIN TE rSBS and rHALLFJNCI-: TDK WOULD FOR A CASE WE rN-NOT CPRE. This disease haa always IUFFLF-D THE SKILL OF THE MOST E -MINE NY THYSICIANS. Several of our nvwt prominent public mtt.. Kincs an-l Kmperors of forelsm land have murumbed to tbis disease -eveD when under th treatment of the Wt taJent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but - hive a SECRET REMEDY known onlv to onrwHvea. TMirlni? FOPRTEEN YEARS of our existence no lsn than twenty different concerns have started up to imitate our treatment, prompted by our uniirecedenled suceoss; today net one of the remain In business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands anil baa world-wide reputation for speedy cures, lion.-sty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. D. METHODS. .. aA ARsnt 1TE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED 3 v vkv a vni HINDOO RCMP PBODUCK8TBB ' B Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. ii Ntrrorii I)inuM. FninM Ikamrr nnm aVTn ramtafxi hi nut ahniga. anvM OUS WANT. vfitorand l to ahmtikf organs, tod qaicaiy bat mini j r towm Lm Jtood in old or roa&g. Eaiily nmd in vwt pockaC Frit $m.OO ptefcte. 8il for $& .OOtritH m wrUtr fttafwuto Mf w rtvnderi. 'H''T UTTt JMITATION, ba tBist oo hiring INT) A.PO. If yoar druofu hM aM iff it. w willMod U prrpald. WIM) 4EIEDY L4.. trr. Calurft, III r tf krri WUOOX ITil RM ACT XMdroM a. housecicaning or housework, at No. 0. Box 7Sa. Dead- Dont Be Fooledi Forrest Hill The most desirable location in the City. Its attractions are finely FURNISHED ROOMS, RUNNING WATER, . STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT. No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable wi44 50 YEARS' "JEXPEBIENCE GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. iJfiress m mm COMPANY, 1928 Hpsanic remple, CUicaso, 111. Take the genulna, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Co.. Madison. Wis. It keep you well. Oar trade mark cut on each packare. Price, 33 cents. Never sold In bulk. Accent no ubtp i. Will go out by ewing at home, a Lm street. Fox terrier "Social" om, strayed away my $20 to the Under MTtD tute. Aak your druggist. MB 1 I Lee-Glass -Ardreesen THE DCBIGNS Copyrights Ac. FINEST MEATS AT TRY MORMON BISHOP'S FILAS for all diseases arising from dissipation, self-abuse, excesses or cigarette smoking. In use over 59 years. Brings back your manhood, sures depleted, worn out men. makes, rich, red blood and tissue. Cures wast lugs and all losses, makes you lastingly strong, cures lm potency, lost power, emissions, loss of memoir. Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OUASX. nTnnriftl!1nK ft sltrtrh ind flwnptlon mj qnlrkly ajwertftin fr opmHn free whether ac inntUn i pmhftMT pmnthH. rmmank-ttontnrtlymnfiMiitiHl. Unndbookon i'miM ent 1rt. old"! ckict tr wmnrif palnu. Hatn:t ttn threh Mann A Co. reoelre tpvti nntitt wit hoot charge. La th Scientific flmeilcam A bndnmlT lllntTll wklT. I wrircrt rtr-mlallon of iit KwmUc. VrtiJ. nrm, as a r HOT tfPLI .v. Mind trip. ;urdays. lowlnc Toesdaj. m Deadvood i p. coiuiipation, adds lusture to the eyes, stops nervous twitching of the eve. Makes life worth living. A boon to young or old. MORMON Gus Keller's Market BISHOP TILLS strengthens and restores small, weak organs. Stops all losses by day or night. Don't delay. Prtce within tap. For sals by N. . FRANKLIN TPr: f nor months. IL Bow ttj all KifMn :50c J. C. CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Offlcfr Syndicate Blk. Price a hoi. SO cents, 4 for 13.50 by mail. Send for free circular. Address MUNN $ Go.38,B - New York i oWaarBUWaablato.Ixl. 1 CUVfc Mala Strwst, Deadwood. lift. BISHOP KJSMEDT CO., Ban Pranciaco, Chs reach of allL Gua steed to cure, Palaoa Pharmacy. Dead wood, C. D. .7.

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