The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 10, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1900
Page 4
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. 10. 1 City Creek Hand La. J. JULIUS J0NE8, Low Rates West and Northwest. :::8:8:8:!:8:8:S::8::ft::::8:8:::::8:8:S:8:8:!; CATERER AND PUBLIC WAITER, Parties, Luncheons, Picnics, Etc. BULLOCK HOTEL. 88 ? MINES AND MINING1 Martin. R. O. Robinson, Henry Lep-pla. W. McLaughlin, P. A. Qushurst, J. V. Freeman. Walter Simpson. Patsy Patterson. James Harding. H. T. Cooper. H. G. Hamaker, George Fo-glesong. George Northam, Arthur H. Marble. Bah RoherJsT John "F. Schrad-er. C. J. Buell. A. K. Gardner. W. S. Warner, J. T. Henry, W. R. Benedict. Buel R. Wood. E L. Grantham. Jo- CiO'UIPIDIE All work don tr vv viuer. ati. and delivered. Mrs C R e" II.Fi.lin ri o- ' otor Harrison 'Phone 85. 7 8 9 0 ;it ( r a i n 2 I 3 The above is our cost mark and all of our immense stock aiil uoys coats ,auus ana ouu rani a win oe on sal are all gone. lii niemb'T no Clothing is reserve.; in this t; )e CHASE'S Where They Sell Cheap Main Street, Deadwom PRIZES FORNOV. i3 tFirst Prize a S4.00 Eastman Kodak' joecona rrizea ai.uu urownie Kodak CONDITIONS The above prizes-) will be awarded to the part; clipping the largest number, and the second largest number of these a us auu uiiuLjuis lucui iu our biore on or oeiore I'.Ou a. m NV v. uiber 12, lOuO. Those who h ve already won prizes are barrei from thii contest. WE SELL BABIES' Hygiene nursing bottles and liealth foods At a Bargain. CIGARS TO BURN Try US whe . you want a fine fragrant, full flavored Five Cent Cigar. 13 a. .is i-T-Zt . "' - It seenis to be the wish and desire that certain leading mine manipulators for personal gain and convenience to confine the 'n-other lode' to within as small a scope of country os possible as mere are many investors in The nutiing world who place no faith ni anything outside their own religion and the 'mot tier lode To)-tiotch e. ulators undt rstand this failing of rh,'' P'-ople. and they therefore en deaViVr to confine the great "lode with ii. a territory siutable to their own oiivenienc e. And for this reason th y send out well paid experts to cry ilown any possili.lity outsiders ever unearthing the noted veins in sections beyond the sphere of the chief manipulators' c iiiiveii i. nt reach.' "Insist, however, that the lode call- i d the 'mother lode' has no claim to be i. io-.leil :is either mother or father of the network of quartz ledges that i-xist in California To many of them it is inferior in size, and to most of them in quality As a term, it is mis-b ading and ought to he dropped frdm mining literature ." FOUND WHAT HE WANTED. Poor Lo Wished Heap Smell" and Got It to His Taste. Chicago Record Some Indians from Buffalo Hill's Wild West, arrayed in bright colored blankets and an exceptional amount of face paint, wort, taking in the sights of the city toe other afternoon. They strolled down Walnut street, single file. and. beaded by a hue k who now anil then gave a grunt of satisfaction when something that pleased him caught his eye. they halted in front of a drug store and gazed at the window display for a moment. Then the band tiled into the establishment and began to look around. The clerk thought the place was going to be besieged and that he was likely to lose his scalp, but when the "big chief." who acted as spokesman, addressed him with the customary Indian greeting of "How!" the clerk regained his composure enough to ask the Indian what tit.- wanted, says the Kansas City Journal. "Heap smell," was the reply. Directed by the Indians finger to a show case the clerk produced a bar of soap. The brave took it gingerly, removed the wrapper, smelled it and bit Into the toothsome looking article. With a deep grunt oi displeasure he handed it back to the drug clerk, With a disgruntled look, he remarked : "Heap smell." The clerk began to tremble and the brave pointed to a perfume bottle in the show case. The bottle was hand ed to him. The Indian held it in both hands for a moment, closely scrutinizing it. He slowly removed the stopper, closely watching it as If he expected it to explode, and took a long sniff at the bottle, gave a grunt of satisfaction, handed the celrk some money and led his band of braves out of the store, to the delight of the frightened clerk, who had not been In the practice of waiting on real Indians. CAPTAINS BULLOCK AND HARE AND THE ROUGH RIDERS HERE TONIGHT. Committees of Ratification. Finance D. A. McPherson, John Treber, Ed Hanschka, Harris Franklin, Anson Higby. Transportation Harris Franklin, George V. Ayres, R. H. Drlscoll. Illumination and Decoration and Music Paul Rewman, Charles Hy-man, Sol Star, James Munn, Adolph Flshel. A. O. Berner, L.Werthhelmer, M,xFlahel, W. A. Iekea... Marshal Capt. Seth Bullock. Aides Henry Monheim, L,ead; John Blatch-ford, Terry; John Gray, Terraville; John Bell, Spearfish; C. K. Weedon, Central; Jomes Hoyt, Nemo; George Lawrence, Whltewood ; George L. Griggs, Galena; Charles Hardin, Two Bit; N. Treweek, Perry; Antone Jur-ich, Lead; M. McAllen, Lead, and others. Reception J. M. Fish, W. R. Steele, Arthur Simpson. George V. Ayres, Walter McKay, John Esterbrooks, K. O. Phillips, R. H. Drlscoll. L. P. Jenkins, H. T. Cooper, W. W. Qulllian. W. R. Dickinson. W. E. Smead, J. P. Wilson, Thomas Hardy, P. N. Carr. J. L. Bentley. William Selble, W. E. Lowe, William Bartolero, Henry Keets, J. F. Summers, Fred Stebblns, Gas Abrahamson, P. A. Gushurst, G. G. Bennett, C. C. Moody, Max Blatt, P Flavin, Henry Wyttenbach, James Allen, George Clark, W. H. Bonham, Frank Caretto, William Andrews, John Blewett, W. H. Disney, Joseph Pine, Aaron Murrlsh, August Peter son, S. N. Sweet, W. A. Clark, B. W. .. . 5 a SS ss 8:S:VK:S:S:Ti: VVVVV:V:V : BACK FROM NOME. Aiex. Cameron Tellt of Rich New Strikes North of Nome. AU'X. Cameron returned last niKht from Nome wIhtp he had been with his father nine.- last spring. Hp says everything was frozen up when he left, most f the people win) eoulil get away were KOtie. and probably not more than six thousand people are UJi U winter there. , .Theie .will . ;y plenty of provisions for these and al tho wood is nearee. there is plenty of coal. It sells. however for about $70 a day .lust after the storm It was as'high as $1"" .i ton Within the last two months ri. h strikes have been made on milestone i reek and its tributaries which are as rh h a- anything on Anvil creek. Kd Ciossfield of Spearfish is up there and has a lay" or "lease." as Illnrk Hills people would say. on some or the most valuable property along the creek. He will stay with it all winter The milestone is about sixty miles due north of Nome and about the only way to get there is to walk. Very few people own horses. Hay sells for 112", a ton and oats for 4 cents a pound, so that a man must be something of a capital 1st to keep a horse. After tho sleighing is settled and good, dogs are used but in the meantime people walk. The new town which has sprung up on the milestone is Teller. At Nome City, the people who have lived all summer in tents are building cabins and preparing for the f0 degrees below zeio. Efl Donnelson and Hob Cooper are Intending to spend the winter and so Is Jim Frawley, who has a large clientage among men with valuable ground but little money, and .lim him t,elf is grtting hold of some valuable ground. Alex. Cameron left Nome on the 20th of October on the Ohio anil leached Seattle on the 2!)th. The boats were making their last run out of Nome for the winter. 0 Concentrates. A force of men is at work at the nig Owl ground, taking out ore and piling It up. The work of development will be continued all winter and In the spring the company intends to erect a cyanide plant on the ground. H. R. Hughes was in the city yesterday from the Cleopatra mill on Squaw creek, which Is running full capacity and far exceeding the hopes of the owners. The Elkhorn ore train brought down yesterday, thirteen small carloads of ore, 175 tons, from Hald Mountain yesterday. The Rildonan mill will be ready to resume operations some time next week. A large body of ore has been encountered In the Lucile. said to be IiOO feet across, so that there will be an abundant supply of ore. The mill has a capacity of 100 tons a day. CAPTAINS BULLOCK AND HARE AND THE ROUGH RIDERS HERE TONIGHT. o The Mother Lode. correspondent oi the Pacific Coast Miner suggests that the mother lode la all a myth. He says: "No impartial thinker will investigate the so-called 'mother lode' theory without arriving at the conclusion that it is as big a fake as the 'Calaveras skull' that has for so long Imposed upon the scientltflc world. "Whot first invented the term 'mother lode,' it would require the genius of Mark Twain to discover, and why the Invention is, to say the least, a curious question. Why a certain ledge of gold bearing quaru should, In a 'country' where there are a score of ledges just as large and as permanent, .be termed the mother of them all, Is a question 'no fella can under-N stand.' Every miner knows that away on the summit of the blerras here and there crop out huge quartz ledges, in many cases over one hundred feet twJde, bearing a e-mail quantly of gold and having no possible connection with the so-called 'mother lode' of the southern tier of mining counties. So it Is apparent that as to bulk the 'mother lode' is not peculiarly large. As to the gold bearing qualities the comparison is worse yet, for it is indisputable that the 'mother lode' Is of the lowest grade that can be worked at a profit No doubt, like a., other myths, once established, the 'mother lode Idea Is bound to live, especially as it suits certain parties to encourage the delusion. In this relation the Miner of current Issue speaks pointedly when it ays: B . - j ' WILCOX PHARMACY. Every Tuesday during October and' November the Burlington Route will sell tickets at the following remarkably low rates: Ogden, Salt Lake City, Butte, Helena, and Anaconda, -one-way-; $28.35, Round trip, $33.35, return limit 30 days. Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Victoria and Vancouver, one way, J.'i3 3; round trip $55.70; return limit, 3 ik days. Tickets and information at all Bur linirton ticket offices. rxoticc There Is over $3.it0i of state school money on ham! In the county treas cry to loan on s hol bonds ani Im preve4 trm !aflt! 4ft l.awre?w.e eauu. ';. Appll.ation tor loans should !) tiled in this office soon. VV A ZI.VK Count- Andnoi ch e aexcusTons""w1est Via "The Northwestern Line." On October 23rd and 30th. Novem-1 er 0th. 13th. L'Cth and 27th, ONE WAY tickets will be sold to the following points: l'OCATi;i.l.O. IDAHO. OC.DKN. UTAH. IIKI.KNA. MONT. GARRISON, MONT. At the very low rate of $23.00. To l'OJiTI.AND. ORE. SKATTI.i;. WASH. SI'OKANK. WASH. TACOMA. WASH. Only fl'S.nit. Correspondingly low rates for the round trip to all above points. Call on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket Anent. for particulars. When you want to go to Central, whether It be day or night, just go over on the street and climb in Teller's hack. An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands, ..ho think themselves ill, that they are not afflicted with any disease, ! but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their heart.', as a costive condition ; is easily cured by using Syrup of j Kigs, manufactured by the California 1 Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all i druggists. THE SINGER! is now locaated In the j SYNDICATE BLOCK Lee St. near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing ma- i chines. Second hand machines for j sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of rrrchines repaired. A. N.PAKKS Mjrr. An Ounce of Medicine, If properly filled, will do more good than five gallons of guees-work prescriptions. If you would have a sure Preventive pay strict attention to your doctor's advice, take his medicine regular and be sure It is properly filled. Follow these instructions carefully and you will find It Is Worth More to you than money. The aecret Qf health -is to take as little medicine as possible; and when you have to, it Is better to take an ounce of the right kind than A Pound of doubtful ttuff. We are practical druggists, skilled in our profession and . graduates of the best colleges of pharmacy. We can flu any prescription with ab solute accuracy, and for thla on' we are safe to say that our wor win show the largest per centage. Of Cures Remember the Place Palace Pharmacy W. L. FAUST, P. G, Pro. its Pain like it. - It a-w re - ! seph Pilcher. D Carrigan, R. 11. , Hughes. A. J. Plowman, James A i George Titus Corkhill. Sol limirns. John Fall, John Truax, Charles Caton, R. K. Grimshaw I.. S. Cull, John I.. ' Burke. A S. Stewart. Chris Jensen, j Kd Marshall. ! Notice. Dr. A. H. Bowman has mov.-d his office Ihto'ifJe A3ains"6locf, rooms i No. 210 and 211. tf Present Bills for Settlement. All persons having bills aga.n.-t the Lawrence county central committee are requested to present them immediately to me for settlement. GEO. V. AYRKS, Chairman. Notice. To John II Russell. James M Fi-h and R. B. Stuart, i ommissioto i of Lawrence county. South Dakota: You are hereby notified to meet in special session at the court house in the city of Deadwood, on Monday, November 12th, 1900, for the transaction of the following business: To canvass the vtoe of the general election held November fith, 1900. Witness my hand and offic ial seal this 7th day of November, 19on. W. A. ZIXK, County Auditor. (Seal.) Liberty's Lightning Rods. The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor was recently struck by lightning and emerged unharmed. One bolt struck the upraised arm and another hit on the forehead. The statue is protected by the finest system of ligthning rods ever made. Llgthning is no more dangerous than disease, and yet many people will protect their homes, while exposing their bodies to this deadly enemy. The best protector In the world Is Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters'. It will cleanse the system, invigorate tho nerves and enrich the blood. It does this by strengthening the digestion. Good health depends solley upon the proper performance of this Important function. Weakness here results In constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia or biliousness. See that our frivate Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle. Hill City is the center of a district containing some of the richest vertical free milling gold mines, copper and tin properties in the Black Hills, .several prospects as phenomenal as the famous Holy Terror can he had on reasonable terms and at lower prices than in any other mining district. Write for particulars to E. C. John son. Hill City, S. D. 10-30-tf The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this property. We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight. We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few m jre shares at 17c. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address GLADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO.. Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building, Des Moines. Ia. Art Exhibit. The trustees of the public library will In the near future give an art exhibit 6t copies of the great masters and others. .Also pictures In oil and water .colors done by amateur artists. Many pictures are being donated and others loaned. The association would be glad of the co-operation of any local artists or anyone who hase works of art that she would" be willing to loan or will donate. The members of the board will guarantee careful handling and safe return. lw FIFTH ANNUAL DANCE LAK0TA TRIBE" NO. 1, I. O. R. M. City Hall November 15 Music by the Cyclone Orchestra. Tickets $1.00 Rods Confinement of Custom Ore We are now prepared to treat custom on. s by the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. GoMen Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward. Deadwood S.D GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. IHGERSOLL-SERGEANT DEL GO.! "THE BEST Only the rie.-t. ;,n.l nothing hut the IVst," fully describes' our STOCK OF DRUGS. "Better Be Sure Than Sorry." You're sure of riyl.t treatment If you trade with us. You may be sorry if you don't 9 i aminations are Brgeiy -rast-the obnoxious custom is w tonger necessary. WineofCar" 1s the only perfectly ,d'for yegdable Wine made todav for the cure of " female troubles Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists n t PIIRMEII V I I Ulllll-R-I. Deadwood. 8. D. Ae.nt for South Dafc. I 2H A LITTLE DOES MUCH, Boons. Iowa, Dec. .14 No tongue can Ull what 1 haTe endurpii in tneput ten year with mv monthly ick-neu. While uHeriuK uuuud airony, a inend called and recommeoiied Wine of Cardol. I sent for a bottle, and Oh! wha' nettar and hare bad no pain iiuce. tE8. GRACE LAMPHERE. Wtee of Cardul not only aires but It acts AT ONCE. Here is j& of ten yean standing, and yet one single dose madethe sufferer fe.-l renffi tad stopped the pain. The Wine goes straight to the seat of Hie "T" R acts directly upon the menstrual and genital organs. Its action is wh violent, and it does not force a result It simply gives Nature that im assistance- that the sufferer's system lacks. A single disorder w W feminine orgaju spreads many disorders all over tne body, anJ hen u wine cures the source, all the other ills vanish as a matter of course. onun can be her own physician and cure herself at home. Loca' n Assay oo cents Gold and Silver The Union assay Office . Established 1881. t No 37 tee Street 'Deadwood. Will Giv Correct Results of Both. Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. ON ALL 8AJiUfLE3 ii ROUGHT TO THB OFFICE. - M; H. Lyon & Co l(r children would b born if the mother could ' be rare that tbe paint, worries and tribulation of ffeitatioa could be avoided. "MOTHER'S FRlZliO" (that marveloui liniment) is unique in relieviag and relaxing all the strained tendons and mneclea. aa wall the distended organs. There, is nothing Ulltr Uiuyi iiuinii. JhlS'Sad.Sr! 'JS? rrtal m MRS.LUCTNDA ' -J - ) r Thr rtiirm itiaaul lim h. mi l sttciiUdrraMdwMalwavtalatarfolitvcaty-fovrtotaiftranm Tfcw wmm 1 M4 mmU om hotYWJ ' t--J'-.i--r -'-rr r-lj itiiil tii hin ' Mmaai TimJ I I f wkMttanaxaauadedtoba, 1 wiUar b wiflmw gia, - r " if"- - 1 " T -'r"-- f 1 TT per ami'a ak Druggists sell" Large Bottles for $1.00

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