The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 12, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1898
Page 2
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TI1K DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1823. Unci Sam'a "ante." says the Minne TUB PIONEER-TIMES. -i r p"" ""n ""v ty r" - H"" Want Column. snaWSHs ALL RC D3 ARE ALIKE TO A TAOULtlZ ' Pcr.ct!on Is the result of our long experiences Tit FturKs CsiteSr (a U!-S:a Biji Csi fttrsshsl fej H I QHl From M JVOrtiiity Mr. and Mrs. Camplwll Thonpson raa the 1 histarie Cuyler Hons at Plynwuth, HLt ho. trlry where Ahrahsm Liaeola eftea slept, whsra - Dick" xatas, Lymaa TrambsU aad Richard Oglssby bought refrsshaitbta tat th Inner man ia anU-bellaa days, and from the vtranda ot which Btephea A. Douglas de li vsrsd eoe of his great speeches. This articl ha not so much to do, how. ever, with, this historic hoUl, a U has with th landlord's thlrta-yMld Isnihing, biishtyed, nsy-ehMked danghur Ollie. Is one SMS btr to-day, ths pletare of per fect health, it is hard to believe that nearly alas of th thtrtoaa years of bar Ufa vtr nMot oa th bed of invalidism , that for aonths ih nsrtr wslksd. and for TMraiairend ths pain, misery and distroas of lnBaataiatory rhsuiaa-usra la its wont form. Able phrttetso war employed bat no permsnrnt beneat resulted. Mr. Thompsaa hrard of a wonderful rare which had hsB elTtetsd by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills fur Pals People, and was In flu- eaecd by it to parohss earns of th pills for her daughter. Before th hsd taken hair a bos, ihr wss msrKSd UDDroTtment I aer eondltlon vh.n sh bad taken two boise she was otnplttly nmnrwa w nrann, iimt, mere I But a heftltbier ehild thai Otli Thomsnn. Th ease earn to th attention of th editor ot the pri-Ontntf Serih, and a reporter was detailed to learn th stnrr of this remarkshle ar from Mr. Thoapsoa's ewa lips. 8b aidt " Olll was a hearty. well-develnnMl ehild from tb time she wu horn until mhm wu thre year old. Ia l7 ihe wu taken down with Inflammatory rlirumstlam. For nin years she wu never entirely rr from the His- eaaa, and mucn or tna time wu in aa alarm, tn.MM.Hlln. At .1 .k. -11. ,... w..-.. . ...... n., v im .'. .,w ..IK. aad bar spine wu drawn out of shape so thai LTl f.::;::r.o:i ai:o defiance bicycles mv th product of mechanical Ingenuity. C50.00 C00.C0 C.Toncrch Ghalnlooo 0100.00 Cand for ICS 3 Catalogue. Agents wanted In open territory. r.TOriARCII CYCLE MFC. CO., Lak, Haletad and FuHon Street, Chicago. ranchae-New York, London and Hamburg, a ) en aurnaa for a oh of Monarch Plarlna Card llloeM klllian Mull, Vom Cooper, Lee Biohordaon and Waller Jon. This is the . . . AERMOTOR Steel Wind Mill that people are talking so much about. .'Unole Sum" tented It In cumwiltlm with eight others and found that It wjuIJ tin twice the work of any ot ibem ia light wlaU. It rides tha storm like a bird. It wanla a poaltlon.on a farm to putnp water, grind f''d or ew wooil, .r would furnish water In cltlos for doiuestio uroaes. Ibave alao Eteam or Gaaolln Erjginea and horae Powera at Fair Prices. Call or AddxeaaMMaaflBa S. C. FOSTER, Agent. Dargains! DargainsJ FOR 90 DAYS. 10 Per Cont Will b returned on all Caah Salea to Cuatom-era on Leather Goods in the Shoe Line. They are marked in plain figures, less in price than any other house in the state. Como and Supply Yourself at OCT TIDD'Q MAIN 3TREET. C- a-lrr O DEADWOOD. sact. Oity, Stone'o Syndicate Restaurant Short Order House. Always Open. Always Beady. Day or Night STANDING BILL OF FARE. 0H AMD AFH SUM DAT J AMU AMY 73. 1898. Breakfast and Supper. FRUIT. FISH. OYSTERS. RANCH EGGS. dlh tni Stimulate the t(imi'U. IPillo rouae the liver rurr hllioiii Beaa. hcsriarlie. dKztnrM. itiititM'li. rtm.tiMUmi, r X) rnt. SnM by til Th only PIIU to was wltlt Huod'a Sanaar1ila SKJN OK A NATION. Hats of!? Along the street there com"8 A b aie i( lius'ej. a mfile of dnnis, A fiuu'i ilcjur l.ti.i'a.U the k) ; Hats on: The ; a " lJ ii.B by. liluc a .: ciiinnn and white it -hlne-t, odored lines. Over th. Hat oil: The colors brfoie us fly; But morn than the flag is passing ir. Sea flghi and laud fights, gri.n anrf area. Fought to make and to save thi - 'at;; Weary I larches, and sinking snip; Cheers of victory on dying l'ps: Days of plenty and days of pea-v: March of a strong land's swift increase Equal Justice, right and law. S.aUly honor and reverend awa; Sign of n Nation, great and atricg To warl her people from foreign wrorg; Pride anl glory and honor, all Live In the colora to stand or Mil. Hat off! Along ti e street there come A blare of bugles, a raffle of drum; And loy tl hearts are beating high; Hats off' The Rug Is passing by! It. H. Bennett In Youth's Companion NOW IS THE TIME To purity your blood with Hood'a Bar saparllla. March, April, May are the trying months of the year. At iMe sea son your blood Is loaded with injpu'i ties whl:h have accumulated taring the wluser, and these impurlti.u mut be Immediately expelled. Hood'r Sar saparllla la the One True Blood l urlfy sr. It la th medlcln which has a eompllsl ed many thouaands of emark- able curt of all blood dlaeasea. It 1 what the millions take In the rprlng to build up health and ward off sickness. NOTICE. To whjm It may conearn: W ban this day leased the "Modoc" group rf claims, in Blacktall Oulch (5 claims), vlx: the Modoc, Crown Point Good Hope, D mbl Standard, and Kins Sol omon lc Jes; to Fred A. Blonden, of l-ead, B. D who will be responsible tor all labor, material, supplies and other accounts incurred in the opera tic.! of i, a la group of claim. Ctnlril City, Feb., 4'Ji, 1198. HENRY BRESSERT, BARNEY FRANKLIN. W. U FAUST. SARAH uOULETTE. MOLLIS OOULETTE. RASMUS NELSON, WM. A. ZINK, J. IL MAT80N. FIRE INSURANCES. We hi ve Just received th agency of the Hai over Fir Insurance Co., of New York, which has Jnat entered tbla field, capital 11,000,000. and for them we solicit a part of your patronage In this Un, as they hav been la business since 18f 2 and are reliable. This agency now represents five companies, as to lows: Home, of New York, Orient and Phcsnlx of Hartford, Conn., Mr chanu, tf Newark, N. J., and H.inover of New York. FRED S. HARRIS, H. B. YOUNO. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING The rtgular annual meeting jf stockholders of the Pocohontaa Mining com pauy, will be held at the sterj of. J. P LcBeau, Central City, S. D., on Tuesday. Match 1G, 1898, at S o'clock p. m., for the tlectlon of a board of director1) to serve the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other bus'ness si may properly com beforo It. 8-9-lw. JVUCS REBSAMT7N, Sec. BIDS WANTED. Wantel, bids for sinking shaft, 60 or 100 feet slse of excavation. 7x10 feel. Shaft ia now 85 feet denp. Timbers oroperly f'amed will be funlshed on the ground, contractors to put them la shaft lu good workmanlike mannei. Slse of shaft inside of timbers, 6x8 feet, divided la S compartment. Contractors will !) allowed as of steam hoist and steaia drills. Location of sluft, head of Butcher Gulch, mar dlvlds of Two Bit The right re irved to rJct any or all bids. Please aldresa 6t a 3. BARRETT. Car Bollock ht. Deadwood. . U DOUIIMB ZNQLBH VIOLETS. Alw&yi (rata cut XS to f 1 pr baaafe. Ordsrs by mail or otBsrwls promptly filled. F tEMONT GREENHOUSES, lramoa(, N, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I will s at b responsible for any bills contracts! ay parties 11 v lag . la my hcuses In Deadwood. or Hhr places, for hcast material, without a wrtttaa f order fron th aaderslgned. WM. II. McMASTER. "HOUSE CLEANING." W art bow prsparlc' to do ooas and earpf cleaning with neatnee and despatch. Give us a trial. Rarrtaoa TeiephoaiNo. 1M. V ft IfeKARB. Th El thorn Is tl beat fin from Dead wood to th East This taWnaai Is verified everyone who has travelled over th road, SpltodJ $u!jj treat ill&t atrvloa. narpaonl time and good nnertlone. Call at tits Itgaot irw paawaat! 4. jrst rat. Ti jvpgh sleeps Uavas Tla ths EUthora rvary alcht ed saldck. n n apolis Journal, Is $30,00,000. It re mains dot to se whether Spain wants to "come In." Jarkaon Jones of Iong Island com mitted suicide becaime his wife had her hair cut short. He probably feared she was going to Join the "New Wo man" movement. In future years many a man with a dislocated Jaw will proudly point to the Injury, at camp fires, and sttate to an admiring audience that he did his full duty In the Spanish-American of 189S. One hundred thousand dollars' worth of "beautiful snow" fell in Nsw York week before last. At least It cost the city that aount to shovel it rff the streets and cart It to the bay. All the "beautiful snow" poet have fled from the city to avoid the Irate tax-payer, WlHoonttln depends greatly on rail-roads for revenue, a thing the popu lixt have overlooked. Of her 3,600. 000 revenue, nearly $2,000,000 Is raised by fees and the railrouils pay of this f 1.225.000, or about 33 per cent of the entire revenue. SUICIDE SAID TO HE EPIDEMIC. Dr. Ia Rue, the famous French au thorlty on abnormal phenomona, has, after exhaiiHtive comparison of facts in France, Kclglum, England and the United Slates, come to the conclusion that the Inclination to suicide Is a mania, and is epldfnilc. No learned authority has as yet discovered with ex-art It win whether malaria Is epidemic or endemic, but It has been a matter of notoriety for nearly half a century, thut the most reliable preventive and curative of the various forms of mala ria Is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Restored patient have not only set the seal of their approbation upon It In ma larial cases, but commend It for rheu matism, kidney and liver trouble, nervousness, dyspepsia and constipation. 8AFETY IN BUYING SEEDS. There Is no other way to measure the value of aeed than by the value of the crop. A good crop simply can not come from poor seed. Second-rate seeds will waste good land, good fertiliser, and good labor, and the crop won't pay expense. Now, aa the practical farmer cannot afford to waste time testing seeds to find out whether they sre true to name, sound and clean, It stands to reason that the only safe way to buy seeds Is to seek the protection of a name that has stood for reliability In the past. The great seed house of D. M. Ferry ft Co., Detroit Mich., has sold seeds all over the United States and Canada for the laat forty-two years. and the steady growth of the business Is a sure Indication that Ferry seeds have given satisfaction. Ferry's Seed Annual for 1898, a standard guide for farmers and gardners, containing much valuable Information, Is sent free to persons writing for It HIS HARMLESS FIB. Bfasoa's Pisa to ubvtoU the Watchful OhjMtloa of Senator Chandler. The latest itorv about Heuatcr Billy Mason concerns th energetio Senator Chandler of the Granite State. Long ago th larg hearted Illinois lawmaker had a friend whom be baa in recent years lost sight of. The friend lived for a time in Illinois, and later tried his fortune farther west, in th state of Colorado. There he participated in Re publican politics, won the esteem of his fellow workers, and early in the present session of congress was named by Ma JorMcKlnley a postmaster of his town. He had been here more tLan a week be for th session, attempting to secure the appointment, and, being a poor man, was running very low in purs befor his nam reached the senate. Then there waa a long wait for conftr nation, and be was on th vergs of de spalr. At last be came across the friend of his boyhood, Senator Mason, and to him be poured out the story of his trl ala He had purchased a round trip railroad ticket, the limit of which bad nearly expired, and bis nomination wat still buried with a heap of similar other papers and little chance of its being reached. "J net stay her for a mlnnta," said Senator Mason after listening patiently to his story, The meeting was in th senate corridor, and the senate was aboat to begin an executive session. The Illinois senator entered the chamber and immediately called op the Colorado case, requesting oonflruiatioa at onoe. "I object to that onless there are some nnusnal circumstance," pnt In Setator Chandler. "Well, there are onnsnal circumstance," replied Senator Mason, and he began to talk pathetically of fill friend's hsrdshipa "Why, his wlft died" "That is enough," interrupted Senator Chandler peremptorily. "I with draw my objection." And th nomination was confirmed then and there. "I didn't intend to deceive yon,' aald Senator Mason to Senator Chan dlcr a few minute later, "but yol didn't allow Hi to finish my tentenoa This man's wife died two years ago.' Washington Post Woald UmrSm la Ooo4 Tlsae. Dnrrant wis cool to the last; so wai Cyrus, the Atlanta murderer. And, talking about cool men on the gal low a t murderer while ascending to the death trap was offered a olgar by a man in th crowd, tie accepted It, when anothei man shouted: "Don't you want a match, pardnerf" "No, thanks," was the reply as lbs sheriff was adjusting the black cap. "I'll light it when I gel them" Atlanta Countitutiou. Tasslaatl la Mor way. Aa effectual way of compelling people to submit to vaccination baa been adopted in Norway. Ci ti sens who have not been vaccinated. II Is said, an sot allowed to vou at an election. New ldckTtribvss, Oatmeal with Cream fur Breakfast WANTED HELP fcr Wanted Upright and . faithful geaUemea or ladle to travel for rea-pooiible, established houv In Black Hills. Monthly $65.00 and expense. Position steady. Reference. Enclose atif-addreeaed stamped ent elope. The Dominion Company, Dept, K. Chi- sgo. i ..anted By an established house . an or oman, good church standing wining to learn our business then to a s manager and state corresponded Le.e. Salary 1900. Endow self-aiiilrc .- d envelope to A. V. Elder, Gen-eial manager, can Dally Pioneer-Times. FOU BALE. U'Fc-r Sal Two desirable building lota, Noa. 0 and 10, blork 12, Inglesld. 8 Mrs. A. Pollock. No. 61 Charlea St tor prices and terms. C-TDeslrable building lot on Lincoln venue Inglesld. Lumber furnlshe.l to bull L Edwin Van Cls. tf CLot For Sale Howatd's Addition. This addlUon U. Deadwood. biauUf al ly located on th Park bench, adjoin ing th Dudley Spring, In th Klnt ward, Is now open for settlement See plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Cls. MISCELANEOUS WANTS. 3REAT BARGAINS! RARE CHANCE! Wanted. To trade a 820 acre farm, with good Improvements, In Meade county, for Deadwood real estate (Im proved or unimproved). Address "A" Pioneer. FOR RENT. 7For Rent Two nicely furnished rooms on Williams St hlnqulrs at this ofllc. f Wan ted- -Furnished room in a pleas ant and quiet home, near business ceo ter; prefer a place where there are no other roomsrs. Address "M" tbla of-flc. S-26-U error Rent Six-room house, on City Creek street furnished throughout Well appointed with all modern conven lenctea. Apply at this office. 2-27-tf. COLORADO'S DISPENSARY, ! The physicians of ths Colorado Stat, Dispensary of Denver, late In th Syn dlcat block, may hereafter be found in their new offices, No. 89 Lj Street where they may be con' Suited regarding all chronic and ipecial diseases Including all affections Of the Eye, Chronlo Nasal Catarrh Deafness and ringing In the ears. All diseases and weakneas In ths male, Chronic female dtaeasee and all affections of the blood and skin, nervous debility, stomach and liver troubles, piles fistula and all chronic and Obstinate disease affecting any or gan of the body of either sex. Our electro-oxygen treatment ia the only speedy and permanent curs for sexual weakness. Consultation free Hours, from 10 a. m., to i p, m. and 7 to I evenings. Branch office Colorado State Dispensary, 39 Lee St (Mrs. L. C. Miller's) Jeadwood. Sou It Dakota. On month's remedies to office patients. fre Beware of Zmltttlxii St CoVc. Stra CRCAM BALM lsawrittvei. Apply tot th aoMrUs. ltlsak ki)rshariwd. M Ctt l ra4Mt or Sy SMll ftMpKs tec by imh. t SBOTUU. M Wspm Scw left Cap, III ru & MCUUCKLIH, at Im- OCw srWtuorMartl a Hot Moot. Deadwood. .... South Dakota, trow atria opcm awma ikb i fresh aad always th bm. rr alvrywBra, BMn BbtnatM. t ISO ftwt Aaaaal fraa, Writs tor a,! fcslKSlTAtMaajh, Aitoraeys ( - "m e 1 i (Established 1S7I-7.) PIONEER-TIMES PUBLI8HINO CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Every morning, except Mon day. OneTear $10.00 SU Month 1.00 Ob Mont LOO WEEKLY Issued every Thursday. Ob Year 100 Bis Month LOO PIONEER-TIMES. Deadwood, S. D. Entered at aecond-claaa matter at the Deadwood Poatofflc. THIS FREIGHT RATE DECISION. Property interests, both corporate and private, have gained an addition al sateguaid from the decision of the United tdates supreme court In what Is known as the maximum rate case. That trlbunul, In a decree representing the undivided opinion of Its mem bers, has affirmed certain goneralprln clples which are of vital Importance to the vested rlghta of the people. The legislature of Nebraska In 1893 enacted a law empowering the state board of transportation to establish maximum rates to be charged by railroad companies for the carrying of local freight within the borders of that commonwealth. When the state board published Its schedule three greet Interstate railways doing business la Nebraska procured an Injunction restraining the board from putting its rates into effect After pass-lug through various stages of litigation "e case was Anally taken to the United tSutes supreme court by the authorities of Nebraska, where it was twice argued, and when In May last Mr. William Jennings Bryan appeared aa an advocate of the original enactment In the decree handed down on Tuesday the supreme court holds that this law la unconstitutional, basing Its opinion upon several grounds, among which Is the following:: "A railroad corporation la a person within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitutes, which prohibits a state from depriving a person of his property without due process of law," According to this principle, the court aays, the state schedule which companies to do business at a loss or which prevents them from deriving a fair return from their legitimate In vestments. Is to all Intent c ronfisca tlon of property. The railroads have rignta as well aa obligations unaer the law. They cannot be operated ex cluslvely for their own profit nor can they be required to operate solely for the beneat of the people. Their stock holders have legitimate Interests which must be protected, and which might easily be ruined If the companies were compelled to do bualneaa at a loss. The decision of the supreme court on this point Is sound In law and equity and it rest upon the simple principle that there shall be no confiscation of property even by a state, except under Judicial process. The court does not hold that a stats cannot establish maximum rates tor transportation. It simply declare. that such rate must be fair and eqult ble and so adjusted a to afford a reasonable Interest on the Investment of the railway companies baaed upon a proper estimate of coat and value. It Is not ell likely, however, that this decision will satisfy the Nebraska pop-lists, at whose demand the law of 1893 waa enacted. The real purpose Is to place the railroads under control, and the maximum rate scheme waa merely the first step In that direction. Then la talk already of an extra session of the legislature to enact rat lawa that will conform to constitutional requirements, and Is by no means unlikely that the railway companies doing business In Nebraska may be subjected to renewed embarrassment and Injustice. The only thing that may avert such results is the prosperous condition of the farmers, who may conclude that their welfare and the welfare of the rail- ways are bound together by tie of com mon interest and that this is not the time to engage In any agitation which alms at the impairment of property rights. So far aa it affects the political stand lag of Mr. Bryan, the decision of the Supreme Court Is positively cruel. It deprive htm of aa Issu with which be a daasled the populist farmer of Nebraska for many years, and It leaves bis reputation as a constitutional lawyer In a badly shattered condition. For even he must realise that a public Cian who (and upon a platform which In one plank favors the confiscation of property and In another declare for the repudiation of debt occu-pie an exceedingly ahaky position. When you see a man with hi Jaw In a sling now-a-days it la not necessary to aak what Is th matter. You know at on that he la Just from th front In it war wltfc Spain. sVrts, JtymeKO, Xtl aha eonld not stand straight Oa f fh &) tors said If ah became wall she would be a cripple for life. 'Dr. Urigran, of Augusta, wu th Srst doctor who bad bar eaaa. Ha doetored bar through two serious tines of the dtseass, aad finally tnld as b eon Id not oar her. IV doetored btr mntt all the time, but when ah wu ten years old aha had an onususlly uver attack, and wa sailed in Dr. Kraider. of Prttf ria City, where wa war than lKlng. H triad hard to ur br but finally gav it MP. Ha said, ' I ran d aothlof funhar, th mm la tb worat I have witnaasad.' " Wa nearly gave Bp hop than, hut Balled Dr. MoDonial who dcetored her after wa ean to Plymouth, but no benefit wu derived. "Then I heard bow Uncle Wesley Walton had bean cured by Dr. William.' Pink Pill for Pale People. Knowing the eondltlon ha hai been In. I thought if the pill eared htm, thry might hi-lpOIHe. Consequently I bouaht a box for ber, and before aha bad BDlahad It ah wu much better. Sh continued tahina them, and when tha second box had been in sh wu wall, and hu never bad rheumatism sine. " I ean not My too much for the Dr. W11 llama Pink Pilla for I htllave Ollie wdtld hav beea dead long so,lf aha hod not taka inem." vicruaia muaraw. Huharrlhad and sworn to before ma this 11th day of September, IW7. W. P. Romick, JTeMry Pttblif. T hereby state that 1 hav examined Ml Olll Thompson, and And a outward ap pearaBM ot rheumatiun. W. D. Wabb. M. D. Suhaerlhed aad sworn to befor bm this 17th day of rJeptrm her, IW. W. B. RorntTt, KoT JVNe. All dulera Mil Dr. Williams' Pink Pill fnr Tale People, or they will be eent posf id on receipt or price, ou eenu a ooi or six srs rnr (thay ara never aoia in nuia. bw lha IUOI. hi addmain Dr. William' I Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. i In iiimiii In aalilii ailiiaiMi iiaMaim mi ill MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELD'S No. 95 Bhonnan fitraat Is last alatai aMorlety u wall m sopalarlty en lag to tb fast that It Is ta only AM yea ssa t the nest kind of baklsc M tb lowest agar Bar motto la Uv and lot live. Bar aa Imvm of a fall Un at braad, aakaa, aohla, araea taKs, saadMs, elgat, aula, eat., sad bjrlM yoa i Dontt Forgat ths Nnmbar. 85 ShertnanStreet, SYPHILIS GONORRHOEA LOST MANHOOD. Private Diieatti of K ta Bnooeasrally Our 3. . . FEMAMEar.rr'"tt' NO CURB NO PAY, Box 723, Dstdwcod, ti, D. Jff H P. SHERMAN ST. WHOLESALE L F.EU'L GROCERS. I Cass I 0 laAwitw..! WlssLDy , Liwi!) AND CIQAR3. trash Vnbanser-Bnsoh and St. Loali Bron Draught CC PER QLA03. Allen's Club Room Oanst Mala aad Wall skv. Desaweaa. TEE GlaaVTlE FC?aHJUI CIt:31 Was the bast Ogais aad Usa a a ettreaa to a4arf sight, Tea Soat aead t leok far aar aewer I llm h FALtlir.LEi zi and C:::r.d Ihni Gc:3 . . . If yon want to Bay or 8cU their Ejnree. Oonrtaoaa treatment to all. D. 2! Lc::r Jfr:;t Portarhoos Stsak, Tenderlola 8 task. Sirloin Steak. Pork Chops, Veal Chop, plain or brad4. Ifuttoa Chops, Sugar-cured Ham, Breakfast Eaooa, Pork Sausage, Corned Beef Hash, Calf a Liter. Breaded, Brains, Scrambled. Cold Meats, Cold Fowl, Pig's Fst, Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. FRESH FISIL Pitl.Enr Tl i 7 n IT Jl'b-)iWiU3aeiljB5ri Iiiiii ij.liii i HI RAILROAD TIME TAELES. BURLINGTON ROUT si. TRAINS LEAVS AS FOLLOWS: No. 203 PasBgr. Daily, Hill City, Hot Springs, Chicago aad all points east, south and west 1:30 p. m No. 206 Local, Daily esoapg San day. Bald MoaatalB and Bpearnaa 1:U p. m. Na 204 rrslght, Dei, H1U City, Custer and Edg moat. 8:00 a. m. DEADWOOD, LEAD D. C, TRAINS. Lav Deadwood. Dally Except Sunday 1:10 a. m. Dally 10:00 a. m. Dally 11:22 a. m. Daliy Except Sunday- 1:00 p. m. Dall7 2:08 p. m. Dally Except Saaday 1:10 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 4:2S p. m. Daily B:S0 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 7:00 p. tn. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Dally 1:00 p. a. Dally Except Sunday 10:30 p. m. Leave Lead. Dally Except Sunday ...... 1:52 a. m. Dally 10:28 a, n. Dally 11:80 a. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:23 p. m. Dally 3:28 p. m. Daily Except Sunday 3:48 p. aa. Daily Except Sunday 4:60 p. ffi. Dally 8:67 p. m. Dally Except 8unday 7:21 p. m. Di.tly Except Sunday 8:22 p. m. Dally 1:22 p. . Dally Except Sunday 10:66 p. m. Wo. 201 (EasUrn Pass) Ar 11:41 a. m. Na 20 (Bp'Bsh Train) Ar 10:20 a. m. No. 203 (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a. m. No. 202 (Paaaenger) De'p'ts 3:30 p. m. No. 210 Rpaarflsh train) Da. 1:68 p. ex. Vo. :m (freight) Departs 8:00 a. aa. r. E. M. T. R. R, THE NORTHWESTERN UNO. DEPOT: Btwa Detdw'd and IMn Street. Arrived, D parte. Though trains to Omaha Chicago, St Paul, Kla-neapolls, with cloee eoa nectlons tor all points west and south, at Fremont and Omaha .... U in,l; aa. DEPOT: Lower Mala Street. Whltewood 8turgia,Rap Id Chadroa and later- medlau polaU 10:46aa8:2Saa Ball Fourch IS:40paUaa Whltswood only .... 17:80 aaa t4:Hpa Dally. I Dally, xoept Saaday. 10IW1 DAGSALEY, LUIr4 pl rfls, Pteo Ciftdwood, 8. D. VI Laatiliil lna UtM,W Dealer la ISattj atoesa as4 Csal ta, ctaaastlf MA Kallroad ejaA akw-a mmM awl Belled Leg of Mutton. Pickle Bauce, Boiled Corned Beef and Cabbag. Boiled Best wltk Horseradish, Soiled Sugar-cured Ham, Roast Tnrkar, Sag Dressing. Roast Dock, Onion Dressing, Roast Oooaa, vita JU. Roast Lola of Bt wltk Brown Qrarr, Rout Pork wltk app'e Hauce, Roaat Veal wltk Cranbarrtea, Baked Pork aad Beans wltk Boston Brown Brand. -- Mouth XSealcotai Fried Onions, Totatoes in Cream. French Fried Potatoes, Horn Fried and Steamed Potato. Drr, Buttered and Dipped ToasV Cream Toast, Hot Cakes, with Maple Sjrrup or Heae) Hot Biscuit, and Rolls, Hot Corn Bread, Whit and Graham Bread, Boston Brown Bread, Syndlcat Cream Qrary a Speclaitr. Trip or Head Cheea for Supper Haked Spring Chicken, Btuffad. Irlah St.w, Spanish Stew, Stewed Mutton with Oren Psaa, Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Corn, TomatA Hum Pudding, Win Sauce, Mine Pie, Pumpkin PI, Appl pi, Raspberry PI, Cream Cheea, Fruits, Nuts and Candles, & DELAWARE C0L1PANY. BULLOCK Mine and Mill Supplies. Csera - o Connect aeaWaaQ, wve, a . .iu;irI oerrea IB ail E171M. COFFER, TEA, CHOCOLAT1, COCOA,' MILK AND PURE SPRING WATER. Srrd wltk all Mala. Slnjla lln o up. Meal Tickets $5.00. Lunches lOo up. Oysters Berred In all Styl. DEADWOOD .CELTIIIG W.H. SWIFT, President. SWIFT. Titsurer FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, General Manager. He Eiy d All ores Mml li tba Blcci Hills. DEADWOOD, go. DAK. STAR & Hardware Co. Hieavy and. Shelf Hardware. caltoy riuntln, U aow u, fjaCnu lis, dttaea firea aciar 7 ea at easWeanBaV 82 J- A!tmi:i3,cTia'caa Shcst Ucbl V7o, I

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