The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 18, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1900
Page 3
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IS, 19W. TUE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWOOD, S. D. the rich gold placers around Elk :-GRAND BALL-: J1JJ0RP Bcebc & Cleveland THE GROCERS 10.") Sherman Stroct. Harrison Telephone 144. Are prepared to supply your Aants in the line of groceries or confection ny. fTrTwwos' W- - irMir mil A I.tIv living .'t l..iwre:ii-e, M.lss., describes an interesting condition of affairs in her l..u ..e.ic'.d. When sl.e first heard of Ripans 1'abules she was havir. ,' ari ,:uT .1 s;itll with her stomach. She had had them off and on all lie-1 in'e .md had --wallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug store. "1 was losing flesh everyday," said she. "Soma days I was so weak I couldn't eet out of bed. I kne-w if I hadn't got relief 1 wouldn't be here now " Two dollars' worth of Ripans Tabules was all she ever used, and t:iey made her a well woman. Her husband sivs she looks better nov than he ever saw her. She made hi;:i t.'c the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Ripans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . WANTED A him or bari nrajta that K 11' a N S win not benefit. Thar banian mi 1 and prolong Ufa. One Hi"" rrlipf Nula lk ward KTI'I N U laa parkart and aeoapt an tnbaUtuta. H I 11 111 St for twntt, mar im had al aar drug atom Ten aarnplaaand on, thouaand taadmonlala will ba aaaikataf aav iililraai tar a aauta. tagaaroM hi aha H Hum (giaaiisal Cea. Ma. Ml ayrasa 81, aaw Isae, MILES Thoroughly . - City, Florence. Oro Fino, and Millers burg reached tho outside world, and a stampede marked the opening of the sixties. Bancroft, the historian, long ago expressed the belief that these plac er mines were but the outskirts or washiiiKsings of a richer central deposit, aud almost simultaneously with the recent completion of the Northern from Spokane, conies the announcement that prospectors have discovered immense ledges of gold-bearing quartz in the Buffalo Hump rang lying between the Salmon and the South fork of Clearwater, along which latter stream the Northern Pacific Is now building Its Clearwater line. For a mapholder giving fuller information regarding this new mining region send two cent stamp to Chas. S. Fee, St. Paul, Minn., or any general district passenger agent of the Northern Pacific Railway. I Burlington Route. No changes no delays no chance of missing connections if you go to California via the Burlington Route. The Burlington Route runs thru sleeping cars from Omaha, Lincoln and Hastings, to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, daily. Dining cars all the way. Library cars west of Ogden. Finest scenery in the world. See nearest Burlington tieket agent, or write J. Fiancis, (J. P. A., Omaha, Neb. "FASTKH TIMK EAST BOl'NI)." A change f tim between NuitnJk and Sioux City enables pasengors us- g our train No. 4 to reach Sioux (My at 4:u0 p. ui. daily. Twelve hours saved between M1N NKAI'OUS. ST. PAI Lan.l the BLACK HILLS. West bound, leave Minneapolis at 7:10; St. Paul at 7:40 a. in.. Sioux City at 5:0."i p. in. Arrive Nor (oik Junction 7:40 p. in., connectipg with 1- KLMO.N I . KI.KliOKN" t MIS SOURI VALLKY RAILROAD train No. 3 due at Black' Hills stations the next morning. PARTICTLAR attention is called to the change of time in leaving SI Ol'X CITY, TrAC, p. in., daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with train No. 3, thus enabling passengers from connecting lines to make connec tion at Sioux City without lay-over J. B. Baker, A. S. Havdoti Baker & Ilayden ABSTRACTORS Syndicate 1,1.x k, I oa. 1 wool. S. li TIIK HILL OF FAKMO ...AT... Tte SsailiiDi Restanraot U Complete Their table merits the patronage o' the public. No. Vi Lee Street. ( H uccc s mj r to 1-nt Aniinoni No. 15 1-rf-e Street. Wishes to announce that his place is now in readiness to receive patrons. A Full and Complete Line Of all the latest and staple drinks, and the best brands of cigars will be constantly carried In stock, while'his motto will be A Quiet Orderly Place To bring your friends for a social game. BEST BEER ON TAP AT 5c tub White House Fokkest Hill -The most desirable location in the City. Its attractions are fi neh' : FURNISHED ROOMS. RUNNING WATER, STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable .-a . Insomnia Constt; tlfvioi I j- I ,ni MAflllUUU Won ol a famounlrrach Tons i or Lsr-a-, oi tou wr . Usnaies oi rrai-.siatbe Pimples.. CoUl?s. Tim. Uofimess . Mtlni 1 1 odiscbarie, With a complete stock it the lov,-e:-t prices, they .respectfully solicit a share of your patronage. J. A. GREEN DKALEK IN GiDceries anil GonfeGtionery AT NO. 7 OHARLTCS STREET. Quotes a few of his prices as follow ;mI wishes to announce thai all othc toods in his stock are being sold at the same low prices: Per Can. '! i.inaloes 12 ' j P-st Plums 20 California Oreen (iagea 20 I. est Peaeh'-S 20 lii st Raspberries 12' Pcpt Strawberries Pxeelleiit' Saue.e or Piccalilli, was 2.".c qt.. now 20 lest Mustard Pickle, per qt. .. 2n A trial order is solicited, and 111"1 list of satisfaction giiaranted. Anna A. Leuhrs NO. 611 MAIN STREET. Inh i all Km I- of si'iig frnni the rli.'ap-.M l ihi' tin.-s-r, aiel will ! I'l'-.H.'! l ,ii.ii. .ni i'ri.-,-t .hi am i.liiiiL ;. i.ii may II, , 1 ill ll.'l' line. At her pllu-e Villi will lin : cniisiaiiily in sKM'k.a nice line of r. iria.l.' wrapMT.s and iiii.l.Ttrariiienis. whK'h -ihr has on Kale at rea.s.nable prieeK. Ii will ay you to call on Iier. Third Annual Ball Deailwouil LaUor rniuii N... 14, W. F. M. .Opera House.. DEADWOOD. Tuesday, Evening April 17 T Ri ( ) ORCHESTRA Ticket- - - SI-"" COMMITTEES. KxtH-utivc - ('. H. McAllister M Oaniiu.ick. W. ll'lamy. E. ('.. S:lj;ai. Floyd Smallidge. 1 )(mii E. (1. Sligar, William Turnkey. HiK'eption-C. II. McAllister, Chas Stover. Flo; d Smallidgc. W. C. M' -Laimlilin. E A. Hreeding. FbHir Frank Waugh, Chns. Con nors. William Iklaney. Arthur Wizf I Chas. Ixivinger. '-,i-i; wit mi.-, -i vri'i'Ti' llllJL1 J l ri'-'- I. oi ALU lru"- T. J- DCOTD, I Watchmaker Optician, Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. 'Dead wood. DON'T BE FOOLED! Take tb genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Co.. Madison. Wis. It kerns you well. Our trade mark cut on each package. Price. 3S cents. Never soN In hulk. A CCrnl no SUDStJ' tute. Ak your druggist. nnaAHll "CIJPIDCNE CRESCENT LODGE NO. 20, D. of H. MINERS' UNION HALL. Central City April 26 1900 COMMITTEES: Executive Mra. Armstrong, Mrs. 1!. Williams, Miss Alida Viucellctte. Reception Mrs. T. Connors, Mrs. A. Orrans, Miss Alida Vincletle. Entertaining Mrs. J. Ilintou, Mrs J. C. Cavanaugh, Mrs. 15. Williams. Floor Mr. It. Williams, Mr. J. Cav .inaugh, Mr. Axel Ericksoii. TICKETS, O C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DKAOWOOD. H. H J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- 07ARf FIDELITY BONDS. All kinds of bonds written: Appeal (t Lachmeut, replevin, bonds for exi-cutors administrators. All Judicial bonds executed without delay. Don't ask your friend to slKn for you until you gt out rates. Lodge officers, treasurers, and official boDda specialty. Olympic Block, Deadwood. P'.ionea Harrison, 13R: Black HI1U. 101 Pbone In residence. Harrison, gg. From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Cariets beaten. Carpets laid. CarpeU sewn, Carpets fitted to any room. The best of refeieuces. Leave order as John 0. Haines. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL REPAIRING UUNE ON SHORT NOTICE. AH kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood.. S. D. '..Ml.icuiii- l.l.d poison, nit-lit 1. -.. iiitviiih l.-liilhy mid a !lii .1 1 I rente.) under n lee ru;ir:iiite. 'orrp-tHUnleiirn H'rirtly privat H.-niireof iiiiii.iinrs ! arc cjpyiuB afver m i Write for ti inn li-t.) . mi l Curtl .M.. vynver. Coin. 5 Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. Itartl filially digests the food aDd aids Nature In strennthenitip and rfceon-structinpr t lie exhausted digestive organs. It is t lie latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparatior can approach It In efficiency. It instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigest ion, Heart burn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea SickHeadache,Gatralf?ia,Cramps,ani all other results of Imperfect digestion. Prepared by C C. DcWitt A Co.. Cbjcago. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, Macfa a well INDAP0 THItUlt HINDOO RCMKOY PhODUCKS thi UU ' m KuiiI'alitlOJina, "Vl nil Ncrron Ulnmi. I nil ins lasmntT ParaaU, bWapllwnm Kightlr Evia- . i tw. mt I . - . kv riA AfatMflA. M rigor ftod sis to ihmtikm organs, and quickly bat uralr rastorw Lt SfanAoorf in old or ronng. EmIIt caiTiad in M lor. !rlo4)..0O a package Biz (or i a rnSM rrulfkMn hmj rifmndnt HoT BfT ajl InrTATIOir. bs iBatoBhaTiBINlaJo. If roar drogcut hms mat sot it. m will mad it pnvaid. n.ntiOUUEHkUV W.. eroprs. Celeste. Ill ar aar rr WTXOOI PsUlBHACT Ossmatvoosj a. 44f BO YEARS' EXPERIENCE Trade Mrk 'rflt, COrYRKSHT8 Ac. A nTon ending sukrtch and description mat qnlcklT ascertain onr opinion free whether an Intention is pmhaMr patentable. Commnnira-ltonrlctljcontldntti. Handbook on Patents sent free. OMIe-t arencr for securing patents. . Patents taken t tinmen Mann Lo. reoeive sprrul avarice, without charge, in tbe Scientific Jlmcricam A hsndsomelT ntmrtrated weekly. larweat rtr- enlauon of anr sctenltac iotmtal. Tarma. ai a rear: fonr months, L Said by all newadeaiers. MUNN &Co."tB New York i erwsikii)itas.ii.c, , fTfl P" , inpriioi. when PayaMe.ia auva,..-. IANTED HELP. la.l.v , In k. A .1(1 .'ti 1.1 Vlf" wiUiout Ulan ani r n... In- W01K mi Shoudy r Pioneer-Time. Martin, 42 Hogarth ur'"- LWomen demo"&" m- C Verplast, ouei lWomen to l"ii nresa home. Sleaiy wofk, u.- iiadvantagp; a-sk your dealer u Kora Sliii'lils and aiko Odorless Shields. Kora Uon waist wii'ioul uwmh. catalogue of work. Mtr.i Brnonie St., New York. FOR SALE. k-Second hand, in good H. P. Ceuur Cnuik eniif. side crank. 4 and li II. i filers, 6 H. P. upright boil pumps, wood lathe, pulleys. machinery. Sprague M:i- . . r- r Mi. .loiit'd m., lE-Premlses at . Lower Ut, $600.00; half cash, bal- time. Apply to It. M. Ma- JULE building lots on Lincoln lagleside; lumber furnished EDWIN VAN CISE. Uf) tE-A No. 1 location on Sher bet (or sale at a bargain. L.M., Gen. Delive-y. hi-U hsad of mixed cattle, of milch cows. 2 aud 3 year and 3 yi-ar old heifers and For terms apply to T. U. Centennial, or Henry Kraw- Kiood. FOR RENT. pl-Sii-room house, 807 I'n-jiitreeL Apply to H. 13. PT-Two good dwelling hous- F STEARN. loom, lower fioo: I Washabaugh block. Ap-Wien k Munn. PT-Overland hotel, Sherman ly plastered tbruout; lights, steam heat, sewer P. c; 24 rooms besides room and kitchen. Ad- Baggaley, Agent. pT'-Delmonico Restaurant, I to postofflce. Furnished fiL F. D. Smith. 11 wt boys or loafers to o ability. 2aa tn ir.nn 8aleemen and general or commission. Ex-JMemenU. Racine Fire Co, Racine. Wis. SITUATIONS. iUon, by a first-class ectrlclan. Address En- Piooeer-Times. ANT. 'or housecleaning or Jy 01 housework, at No. P.O. Boi 785. Dead ly flon- W11, go out by ewlnS'ai home. Lee street. SoofTirTcoid: : h 4anwr placer W acoordK to Well - tT PT'" recalpta. t aast and nu8SeU from ' rort minion dollar '. t NotwltlwUnd- ia 'transportation ' -.otendM from clriK "-J'-t f,m of f .. M W. 1. The Shortest and Quickest Route to Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, lCley-ant new Pullman Palace sleqiinjr cars, and Free Re-clinino- Chair Cars on all through trains. Railroad and Steamship Ticket tn all parts of the world. For further information call on or write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Aent, Deadwood. S. D. Cook Remedy Cc. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR 100D POISON Equippca Railway PRIMARY. SECONDARY W TERTIARY HLOOI) POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 PAYS. You can b Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OitAHA. J. C. CARSON Agent, Deadwood Office SyndlcU Blkv aaaHHaWaaaaaK BBaaaaTHaaaaTJaaaaaaaVaTaaaaTJI treated at liOIlie for the Same price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will contract to pay railroad fare and hotel hills and no charge If we fail to cure. If you have taken MERCURY, IOUIN'E I'OTASH. and still have orhe and pains, MVCOUS PATCHES In month. SOORE THROAT.ffMMMPLES. COPPER-COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of tre bodv HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING OUT it Is this BLOOD POISON that we (UTARAN'TEE to cure. We solicit the most' OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAM-NOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public mec, Kinss and Emperors of foreign landa have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, hut we have a SECRET REMEDY known onlv to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no lesr. than twenty different concerns have started up to Imitate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; today not one of the remains in business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. haa permanently cured thousands and has world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Address C03K REMEDT COMPANY, 1928 M?sonic Temple, CUicaeo, JU. KtSIUKtUvaffiss! physician, will quickly cure Ton of ail Inej. Ihi- geoerauve oryai.t. ruch as Ul ManlKwl. . n .k nominal i mia nn. Nerrooa Debility. tie generauve ontaiii. Fucn as ix animwa, Seminal iimwslnns. Nerrnos Debility, B-xk, K-yrT, M Jauw JJS!S!SJl U K-ury, fc'iao.-uiii! ura;ii, nroria.H. Icism dsr or rlpht. THE FINEST MEATS AT Cos Keller's Market t 42ft Mala Strw. Deadvool 8tf-s nil by PT'"2nkk: i.- h ii netchecVert lead, to t-permawrrba ad ot ioEoSll Imnotencr. TP I lKS K deaosea U-ljTet. U-J CFOF.E atiD AFTER kM-.d ttieonnaryaremnsolaUunponuea. trz-XUBti m stftand reor rum reason S'.T ,VV,. knon rml r't-OPi biN K C th-on. -.rtnety pet reol are tr wnj J'Z1:11 r' a5SSia-.V ""i -Jill " returned to rnre wtinoui an t"- . If eix fcose Dot mm m " 4

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