The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 9, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 9, THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD-WOOD, S. D. Liberty's Lightning Rod. Low Rates West and Northwest. S:S:8J:S:S::!S:8:S:S:?i;:8::S: S:88:S:8:8:S:S:8:S::!i:8:8:S:8:8: ? Knights Templar, Atw Regular conclave Dakota dery No. 1, K. T., this W evening, November 7. Wo-v1 order of the Temple. All Si r are invited to attend r E0 w ci a nrivrro i Tim liTimTiiiii 1 ? mma Ann lumuw Every Tuesday during October and November the Burlington Route will sell tickets at the following remarkably low rates: Ogden, Salt Lake City, Butte, Helena, and Anaconda, one way, $28.35, Hound trip, 33.35, return limit 30 days. Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Victoria and Vancouver, one way, $33.3; round trip $55.70; return limit, 30 days. Tickets and Information at all Burlington ticket offices. pianos on account of this campaign and has donated the use of his rigs to our service.'' A vote of thanks was tendered to S. R. Smith. Attorney J. P. Wilson of Lead City was present and said: "Mr. Chairman, the miners and laboring men of Lead have requested that since the Lawrence County Board of Heaith re., fused to allow the pop burial in any of the cemeteries, they request that it he had at Annie creek, and that Congressman Martin be a committee of one on transportation for Coroner Zerfing, as he is the only one who wants to attend, besides the pall hearers.' Adams xpress"Remov.j The local offk of tho u NEW CYANIDE PLANT. press company has removed,! Main street tn th,. c. " W Lee street. Room, .Clt W The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor was recently struck by lightning and emerged unharmed. One bolt struck the upraised arm and another hit on the forehead. The statue is protected by the finest system of llgthning rods ever made. Ligthning is no more dangerous than disease, and yet many people will protect their homes, while exposing their bodies to this deadly enemy. The best protector in the world is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It will cleanse the system, invigorate the nerves and enrich the blood. It does this by strengthening the digestion. Good health depends solley upon the proper performance of this Important function. Weakness here results in constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia r biliousness. See that pur Private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle. by the postofHce. .1. It J been installed cashier. 'THEIR FINAL EFFORT. At Republican Headquarter, November 7th, 1900. "Please come to order gentlemen" said Mr. J. P. Hyrner. the chairman. wish to correct the minutes of a former meeting as appearing in Equality. It is Freeman Knowles that is in tied with the stomachache, and not .Jawjers. as stated. Jawjers is sound INOtice Notice. Notire i tinn.l,,. Tom Harvey of Lead City said. K. Smith's teams would haul lu arse and also, the pall bearers lie that I will ,.; ,r..ntotH The Imperial Mining Company Will Build a Cyanide Plant in Dca -jvood. The Imperial Mining company has secured a mill site In the First war ! of ttv- ' y and will erect a law cyanide plant, the exact ai;r 'ty a"1' details of whWli have not yet been decided. The mill Kite 011 .the (Jraham placer claim, which luies jus: iln.-s wide "of ThroidTortTIind Tmtnm-vt tww that and the mouth of Spru Kiilcli and inclndeH the hall ground-. The company exepects i b'Kin breaking ground within the ri :-t few-weeks and as much wink a.s possible -ri ! There is over $13,000 of state school the i money on hand In the county treaa-pro-1 cry to loan on school bonds and lm-hats ; proved farm lands in Lawrence j ty.' ""Apprnatiair for toaw -shea Id -be any debts com, i t,.H hv " Minnie T ,!.!.. " Y I J.4t.KullL dulkC. and touchjngthejj wear nigli whin high places since election returns 1k-T wrappi'd with't-'ropeT'T."' " Dated, Dead w-oo'-r November 1 Polly spoke up. "Mr. Chairman, l Gentlemen, -i con-the victory, even run to come in. gvatulate you on filed In this office soon. x W A. ZINK. Countv Auditor A- LUNc- j don't think there are six ot those i white hats left. Then up jumped I Lawrence count v onlv gave '.tun tho U's a Cinch V( ill u :l n t . 11. S 1 1 tw. 1 rtur ,i-mt.- ((Ill ' llll'l. lien Dwinnel and said be saw five of those w hite hats in John 'I ieruey's sa- j loon today, and Tierney was using I them for spittoons. ' Judge Plow man that Hie - " "Wh pa, new serie, ,,, Allhei, Arm ami .Navy .;i;. (.ar,, said he could Iind enough, as some Easy to Take Easy to Operate liecause purely vegetable yet tl. r ough, prompt, healthful, satisfactory- Hood's Pitts sued. Full size. nrh st quahtj lot' his neighbor ranchers' wives took edges, leatherette (-as ' v. S aim iavy n.-ro.-s appear on tf .ards. We mail th-mprepald , O- 1 CHEAP EXCURSIONS WEST Via "The Northwestern Line." On October 23rd and 30th, Novem-ler 6th, 13th. 2Cth and 27th, ONE WAY tickets will be sold to the following points: POCATELLO, IDAHO. OGDEN, UTAH. HELENA, MONT. GARRISON, MONT. At the very low rate of $23 00. To PORTLAND, ORE. SEATTLE, WASH. SPOKANE. WASH. TACOMA. WASH. Only $28.00. Correspondingly low rates for the round trip to all above points. Call on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket Agent, for particulars. . ei,,c ul ... money or pj slumps, .nan .Milnn,. Ipt Ay er-miscn tin-win:; Ass'n St Mo. City Creek Hand Laundry, All work done to order, gathered and delivered. Mrs. C. E. Storer, Harrison 'Phone 85. Present Bills for Settler,, All persons having liiils aeawi Lawrence county central and are requested to present themj I hem home Saturday night tor egg baskets. Representative John N. liawgood of Terry, who is quite a literary gentleman, arose in a solemn and dignified manner and said: "Mr. Chairman, speaking of the pop funeral reminds me that I have an epitaph sent down by the republicans of Tony, which they want plated on the pops' grave by the coroner. Scores of voices i ailed for the reading of the above, and .Mr. liawgood proceeded to read: " Pettigrew, Lee and Aguinaldo Joe, Tried running politics in S. 1)., November tith the voters spoke "No," Here they lie, ever let them be ever let them be, Promissory Joe no Moore no Moore." Colonel George jumped up aud began a speech congratulating Colonel Steele and Harris Franklin, when he was interrupted by Colonel Steele, who stated the election was congrat J. JULIUS JONES, CATERER AND PUBLIC WAITER, Parties, Luncheons, Picnics, Etc. BULLOCK HOTEL. uiuieiy 10 me mr settlement U-:0. V. AVKKS, Chair An Important Difference. To make It apparent to thousands, .ho think themselves ill, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive condition Will I M The mill will he supplied with or from the ciimiia ny's mines in !:!; kt.ii' guli h. -t The Mining Outlook. Now that the storm of election is over and things are once more settled for the next, four years, the people of the Mlack Hills will turn their atten tion again to wjiat has been the paramount Issue here since '74-gold mining- Conditions are more favorable now than they have ever been. The mining Industry is on a mure siibstan tial basis. A process has been discovered by which the great mountains of low grade ore can be treated at a profit, and men with practical experience in mining as well as unlimited capital to back their enterprises are becoming interested in this coiinttry. There are three big mining deals pending now on property in the immediate vicinity of l.e.idwood All three art! on ground concerning the value of which there is no question and are being considered by men with ample means, to open up and develop large propositions. The lilac k Hills is no longer a poor man's country. The fortunes that could bo taken out with a pick and shovel, a sluice box and a gold pan, have all been spent and now it is only the man with money to invest who can make mining in the Hills a paying in vestment. Hut while this is true, the chaneo is for the moderate investor. Men need not be millionaiares, as in Colorado, before they can buy a foot of mining ground,. It is the man with an ordinary amount of money who Is willing to take hold of a good prospect and make a mine of it. that are needed here. Well developed, paying mines, sell themselves, if for any reason they are offered for sale, but it Is the developing of the prospects that CIO U Pi D E H A I majority. Colonel Ceorge spoke up: "Mr. Chairman. I think it cut more figure in our majority when Colonel Steele did not speak sooner. You all know-that it was not until Monday night just before election that Colonel Steele demolished Freeman Knowies' bull pen at Lead City." Colonel Thornbv suggested that the republicans would have got more votes if the pops could have had one mure "White Mat Parade'' before election. Judge Plowman explained "The reason we did not get more votes was because the pop committee held hack Promissory Aguinaldo Joe. If they had let Joe make a few more speeches like he made in Lead City Monday night, then the republicans would have got sou more majority." The military secretary reasoned that "If Freeman Knowles' Equality could have been published and eircualted two weeks longer the republicans would have got 1 (K to more majority. The trouble was that the people would not take the paper from tho postoflice nor allow the boys to leave it at their homes because it was too vile a sheet." Chairman llymer spoke up: "Cen-tlenien. I do not want you to be too hard on Freeman Knowles' Equality, especially while the editor is suffering with cold sweats and cramps and the newsboys are hounding him for their pay. I received some free advertising in the Equality last week and appreciate it. More than this the Equality which came out today. November 7th, is much improved. It says everything has gone all one way. republican, and that the people have voted to become slaves and will continue to do so until Equality educates the voters of the United states. The article, "A Big Grasshopper," is fine." 1 Cable Interrupted, and said: "Mr. Chairman, I think that piece about the "Hig Grasshopper" was written is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California j Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all I druggists. 3 4 5 7 8 9 ulations enough for him, that he j . . in; lie n.-.-' stuck o! v.l" it COST tS The above is our cost mark and all of and ltovs' Coats .Suits and odd s will b are all gone. John Jennack, The well known hackman wnose barn Is that imposing structure on ti.o corner of Carney and Pine streets. Is prepared to furnish the finest rig3 In the city for funerals, calling parties, picnic crowds, etc. Residence! 'phone, 83 Harrison. Keiiieiuher no (,'loihiiiK is :i tl;;s .-, thought part of the yelling at Lead Monday night was pop yells, but .soon found his mistake and since election it is all the same republican shouts. W'. II. Moore wanted to say something about one man Lien, a mine operator from Cutty Sark, but the dour opened and Jawjers and Jim Munn rushed in and began to read tho telegrams from New York, Indiana, Illinois and all the other eastern states giving a landslide for McKinley. Reiner climbed on a chair and shouted, "Here's a telegram from Salisbury to McPherson that Utah has gone for McKinley." At the same time Roy Sharpo and Cable rushed in and yelled" that McKinley had a big majority at Terry, Spearflsh, Englewood, Custer, Penningtotu, Fall Kiver and all other Black Hills places. Seth linllock eluowed his way thru the crowd and shouted: "A telegram from Chairman Crane, saying that Estray Notice. Taken up at my ranch on Centennial Prairie, one black and white cow, about four year sold, branded ). U. N. " Owner can have same by proving property, paying for this ntoice and expense of keeping cow. W. O. HEAKE. POstofflce, Deadwood, S. D. DatedV October 30, 1900. CHASE'S we want. And it is to the old practi cal mining men that prospects appeal Amateurs In the business want to In Where They Sell Cheap Main StreeMfcuN snown me ore. iney want large quan THE SINGER after Knowles heard how Jim Mnnn did such tall jumping on the sidewalk after the returns came in." titles of it, blocked out in sight. They are afraid to take anv chances. "Hrlng "Then the article." continued the I Martin had carried the state by 2U,UU me a mining proposition," said a well known Chicago capitalist once to a friend from the Hills, "from which majority." Chairman Hynu-r pounded his gavel PRIZES FOR NOV. i the element of chance is eliminated and I'll take it." "O. I don't doubt it.' said the western man. "If I had that is now locaated In the SYNDICATE BLOCK Lee St. near Main, Deadwood. Most popular of all sewing machines. Second hand machines for sale or rent of all kinds. All makes of rrrchines repaired. A. N. PARKS Mgr. tvvvvvrv'v'sixs kind of a proposition, mining or any thing else, I wouldn't have to bring it First Prize a S4.O0 Eastman Kod: for order, but the crowd yelled tremendously.. Then Fred Doten and John Wringrose lifted the chairman up above the crowd and stood him on tho shoulders of jim Munn and Seth Hullock, where he finally succeeded in calling the crowd to order, and announced that it was after midnight and time to go home. That arrangements had been made to hold a mon anywhere." Second Prize a SI. OO Brownie Kod; It is for this reason, more than any chairman. Knocks Their Shoes Off. is very good," here Kid Simpson interrupted, saying that the article referred to the actions of John Baker, W. G. Rice and Kirk Phillips when they heard that Pettigrew did not carry his own city or county." "I was going to say," continued the chairman, "that the article on "Avoid Toadstools," is." but here he was interrupted by Sol Star, who said that the article must refer to Mr. Potter and but the chairman demanded order, and continued: "I do not think it is right to not give Freeman Knowles credit for some things. You are too severe. Kirk Phillips should be fined for laughing so loudly in other, that the closer relations established between the Black Hills and Colorado by the new Burlington short CONDITIONS The above prizeso will be awarded to tie clipping the largest number, and the second largest number otJ line, is beneficial to the Hills. Colo ster Black Hills republican rally oft An Ounce of ads and bringing them to our store oa or before 9:00 . a ember 12, 1900. Those who h ve already won prizes are barred this contest. rado capitalists know there la no such thing as "eliminating the element of chance" In mining. They know the possibilities of prospects and the very fact that it is a game of chance, attracts the man who made his money in mining He is willing to take the risk. next Saturday evening. John Tierney immediately shouted from the back part of the crowd. "Mr. Chairman and fellow citizens. 7 am a democrat, but McKinley Is my president. Put me down for $25 to help pay the expense of a rally Saturday night." This was greeted with loud and continued cheering, and The chairman failing to maintain order any longer, got down and was lost In the prolonged cheering for McKinley, Roosevelt. ao Martin, & -,.. John Gllckauf's barber shop. Mr. Ollckauf Is a gentleman and deserves better treatment, especially so soon after election. Then there Is the ar "THE BEST WE 8ELL BABIES' Hygiene nursing bottles and health foods At a Bargain. Only tho Best, and m ticle on 'Heart Disease,' and also the but the Best," fully flew rnr one on 'How Man s Brain Tires' ap pearing in today's Equality. This STOCK OF DRl'f Medicine, if properly filled, will do more good than five gallons of guess-work prescriptions. If you would have a sure Preventive pay strict attention to your doctor's advice, take his medicine regular and be sure it Is properly filled. Follow these Instructions carefully and you will find It certainly must be , by ? k Freenian Knowles himself. He is in a position "Better Be Sure Tliaf H to know how to get up such articles with originality. Mr. Zink, what do CIGARS TO BURN - Try US whej you want a fine fragrant, full flavored Five Cent Cigar. You'ro, sure ot right treH Hill City is the center of a district you think about it?" containing some of the richest vertical if you trade witn us. You may be sorry if you "Well. Mr. Chairman, I don't think iree milling gold mines, copper and tin properties in ' the Black Hills. Several prospects as phenomenal as we ought to be too hard on Knowles in his calamity, and I move that Bill Frailer be appointed a committee of the famous Holy Terror can be had on one to look after Knowles' bull pen reasonable terms and at lower prices The Kirk Deal. A. B. Amsden, the Colorado Springs mining expert who has been here for Teveral days examining-the "property between Lead and" Kirk which is under bond to the Crosby-Enrich syndicate, left for Colorado Springs yesterday morning. The bond Included a large amount of ground south of and adjoining the Homestake. and is considered one of the best propositions In the Black Hills. The deal Is one of considerable magnitude, and will, if consummated, mean another large company operating in the Black Hills. ft- Concentrates. The Elkhorn ore train brought down eight small cars and three large ones, amounting to 130 tons of oro. Otto Grants, who has shipped the richest ore ever shipped out of the Black Hills, will leave next week for Denver with two carloads of ore from his Hidden Treasure mine Just above lad. WILCOX PHARMAC1 until Knowles gets better." Sixteen Is Worth men seconded the motion, and it was than in any other mining district. Write for particulars to E. C. Johnson, Hill City, S. D. 10-30-tf carried with a whoop. Then Bill Frazer spoke up: "Mr." Chairman, I will go, but I heard John R. Wilson say since election, that it The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South was mighty chilly, and I don't care to More to you than money. The secret of health Is to take as little medicine as possible; and when you have to. It Is better to take an ounce of the right kind than Custom Ore take no chance of catching cold nor contagious diseases In that bad Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Oulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this prop bv tl George Porter moved that Pete vv i. vaitu tj utut v, n . ' l Cyanide process at reasonable rates. A Pound erty. We have millions of tons of medl um grade ore in sight.' We hare a tunnel proposition. Lowry be appointed a committee to supply Bill Frazer with plenty of disinfectants while watching Knowles' bull pen." Carried. GoMen Gate Mining & Milling Com We are selling stock to develop the Nathan Franklin rushed In and First Ward, Deadwood S.I) Notice. Dr. A. H. Bowman has moved his office into the Adams block, rooma No. 210 and 211. tf property. of doubtful stuff. We are practical druggists, skilled In our said: "I hare a telephone from S. R. Smith of Lead, saying he has sold 27 We have a few nure shares at 17 c. For particulars call on Aaron at the mines, or Central City, or profession and graduates of tha best colleges of pharmacy. We1 can nil any prescription with ab solute accuracy, and for this reas GATES IRON WORKS address GLADIATOR GOlJb M. A M. CO., Rooms 613-14 I. L. A T. Building.' Des Moines, la. on we are safe to say that our work will show the largest per centage. REVERE RUBBER GO. Of Cures IIEfiSOWGEiNT DRILL l Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver The Union assay Office Established 188S. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will Giv- Correct Results of Both Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. ON ALL SAAutJBS U ROX7GHT TO THE OFFICE. . M. H. Lyon & Co. Art Exhibit. The trustees of the public library will In the near future give an art ex hlblt of copies ot the great masters and others. Also pictures In oil and water colors done by amateur artists. Many pictures are being donated and others loaned. The association would be glad of the co-operation of any lo Remember the Place Lldgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoifl 0. F PIIRNFLL Palace Pliaiacy cal artists or anyone who base works of art that she would be willing to - fit' Deadwood, S. p. Agsrt for Soutn r W. L fAUST, Ph. G, Proi. loan or will donate. The members of the board will guarantee careful handling and safe return. lw

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