The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 10, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY 1'IONEEIl-TIMES, THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1893. t If vrMl ir. in tlMfl A mitliln amI am ft ft mm THE UIY Umytt wbotaa and want the beat, see F. D. Smith. Marriage llceneee were yesterday lamed to Albert M. Tyson, of Lead, to n n F 1 1 Br" wed Mlas Cora L. Vincent, of thit place; also to Martin H. Johnson to wed MUs Mary U Anderson, both of For eli'guut uppers go to Zlpp's. Home tiihilu aptile butler and mince meat. In pint Mas ju Jar, at Deadwood Ca.h Qrmtry. THY Bl'tiAlt.V.-t D.AMOND COAL. Freeh cut flowers and floral designs OTIGEI I SPECIAL fj Terry. Hugh Chlttick, general stock agent of the Elkhorn Is In the city. He ht jiut been out through the stock rang I So. SB. IV L Our business yesterday was beyond all expectations which proves north of Belle Fourrha river and itys cattle were never before In such fine condition at this time of the ytar as at present for any occasion i t Mra. Llcbmann's. If Have you tried the uew Swan's Down Flour. There is nothing to equal It Try a sack and to will uae no other. Sold by all grocer la Deadwood. Children and adults tortured by burn, scalds, luj irtes, eesema or akin dlaeaaea may seturt Instant relief by using DeWltt's V Itch Hasel Salve. It U the great Pile remedy. N. B. frank 11a; K. 0. Phl'llr,. Atolutely Kre TWO FAOTS: Lee Berryman, the well known chef, prospector and all round rustler, has bought a piece of valuable Deadwood property and says he will soon build XXmmSMxmtX JL07&. Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. ipciiieg f op MILLER DERBY. and locate permanently In thla ctty. We That it Fays to Advertise. (Ths P. T. loden VJL) Firstly: accused him of planning to get marriedhe merely smiled and would neither affirm nor deny the charge Zipp ran fit any foot to pertoctioa Whooping (.oust la the most distress lag malady; but its duration can be STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS THE Albert M. Tyson and Miss Cora L. cut short br the use of One Minute BEST. Cough Cure, whkk Is also the b Vincent, of Lead, were united In mar-riage at the parlor of the Keystone hotel, yesterday afternoon. Dr. E. E If you want the best of meats call known remedy for ereup and all lung CprnnHlv That it pays to always have on SeCOnaiy. J0nv Bh.iTes what you adrertiae and at the ptices you quote. Never Mislead the Public. at Fargo'a market la the First ward, and bronchial trebles. N. B. Frank Clough officiating. The cereinony was We have oysters, flsh, celery, poultry lin; K. 0. Phll'li e. brief and without ostentation and only and everything In the market, We J Top Notch In Hat Excellence. What pleasure U there In life with a few Intimate friends of the parties will please you every time. tf. headache, coast nation and billots ere present error Sale A fins matched driving nessT Thousaala experience them Mra A. H. Oleeon returned Monday i, and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. who could beoone perfeetiy healthy from Chicago, where she has been slnct Bowman. by using DeWlU Little Barly Eioan, last November being treated at a hoi Every article that we advertised yesterday though offered at ridiculously low prices, we had on our counters and were eagerly snapped up by the many who were lucky and wise enough to visit our store. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, 8T. LOUIS the famous Httlw pills. N. E. Frank lln; K. O. Phllltiie. pltal. She has fully recovered her AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS health and strength and speaks enthu Don't annoy clhen by your eough- slastlrally of the institution and facul MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE ASK FOR IT. lng. and rUk tour life by aaglatolag a ty that brought her through all right cold. One Mint to Couch Cure ei Go to MeGILL'S for MAY, GRAIN, "Wonderful Quklity and Capacity for wear make It more than satisfying moneyi worth. Graee in every Line, Goodness in every Particular Judge their Zlerita for Yourself. The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat Chicken thieves, or rather ie con coughs, colds, (roup, grippe a4 all and ROCK SPRINGS and DEES temptible work of chicken thieves, Is throat and lunx .roubles. N. E. Frank' CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel In evidence, on City Creek stroet A lln; K. Q. Phllllie, ephone No. 114. certain lady lost eight fine hens and rooster a few nights ago and several TWO BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON. A thrill of terror is axperlenoed whan a brassy eouh tf eroup sounds through times recently hae had her chicken house robbed. She knows the thieves and Is thinking strongly of prosecuting After years of untold suffering srorn the house at night But the terror piles, B. W. Pu -sell of KnltasrsrtUe, soon changes to relief attar One Min them. ute Cough Cure has been administered. Pa., was cured b using a single box of DeWltt's Witch Haael Salve. Skin dla A man who Is addicted to playing We wish to Announce that thh Grand Clearing Sale la still in Progress, And we have added several new bargains to the. already long list It is to your interest to visit out store at once and take advantage of these money saving bargains. A Word to the Wise is Sufficient, Bale and harmless for children. X O. Phillips; N. B. Franklin. practical Jokes on others and has the eases auch is ccsema, rash, pimples and obatlnate at res art readily oured reputation of being a great "josher. For some time I have suffered with We Are Sole Agents. "We Aim to Please and. do it. ought to cultivate a disposition of tak by this famous rimedy. K. 0. Phillips lng a Joke without becoming angry ard N. E. Franklin. making a monkey of himself. If hn America's Q: eatest Medicine Is cannot "take" a Joke without exhibit Hood's Barsaparllla, which accomplish- rheumatism, and tried every Imaginable remedy, wlUiout effect Mr. F. O 8. Wells advised me to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm, tellllng ms that It had cured many cases of long standing like mine. I have used four bottles and feel sure that one more bottle lng a foolish sensitiveness let him re es wonderful cu-es of blond diseases frsln from Joking entirely. when all other n edlclnes fall to do any The most worried man In South Di- sLirMrt$wiaOTeijiaafw good whateTer. Hood's PUls ai the best family cath kota today la the editor who published that wholesale lot of Insurance stsfe-ments sent out by Mr. Klpp wnlle his will make my cure complete. A. P. Kontx, Claremore, Ark. artic and llTar Onto. Gentle, reliable. re. ARE YOU GOING TO THE KLONt lght to office was hanging In tne bat Patronise a thoroughly conscien DIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY auce. ir the Press a Dakotan may d tious DniKslst. You will find blm at $3.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU permitted to make a prediction, it would like to remark that those edit Wilcox Pharmacy, Sherman street. Is Larger and Mere Complete Today Than Ever Before. MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT ITS COSTING A CENT. LEADER OF Low Pricks ors are out Just so much money as It There are thiee little things whUe i do more work tl an any other three lit was worth to publish those state-nenti Mark this prediction. Press ft Dako- The popular Delmonlco restaurant, tle things ereaied Otey are the ant. under the postoffice, la now In charge of Mrs. Weyman. The tables are sup the bee and JWttt's LUUe Barly Bis n. Albert J. Malterner yesterday receiv era. the last b-ing the famous little plied with the choicest of meats and ed a letter from his brother Silas N. pills for stomaei:t and Urer troubles. K. everything In the market and with Q. Phillips; N. lii. Franklin. competent cooks and help thf greatest Za A'iltJon to OurXaxte Asaortmsnt of St3lt Hsrfcsri, Ti:r:ra, St:m, Gutlsry snd Sporting Goods. Wt.Uso Carry a lull Line ot Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fu&e and Caps Maltener, saying he had changed his mind about coming to Deadwood and pains will be taken to please ths pat BLOOM OIY;2S BETTER VALUB rons. has decided to go directly east by another route. He may visit Deadwood FOR YOUR HONEY THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE:. LAMMS HAVE YOU GOT Ttf.3 KLONDIKE later In the season. The writer Is the MASQUERAtB SUITS OF ALL man who has traveled so extensively FEVER? IF YOU HAVE, BUY IS WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GST A DESCRIPTION!! FOR RENT AT MAX Prices tho Lowest, Goods th Best - through the Norths tstern Territory snd Alaska and has a most Interesting CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA FISH ELS. TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE (N and Instructive wsy of narrating his OF DEADWOOD. 80UTH DAKOTA: BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE TOWN. experiences. HOUSE IN DEiiDWOOD. tr For Rent A furnished front room G. A. GRIFFITH SMlDUAnE GO. The RED ANVIL. A letter was received yesterday by a From all or the country come at 684 Main street words of prali-s for Chamberlain's friend, from Wm. Uhlenberg, who hns been visiting with his parents at their 'ssaaMnaB TJsiltodL States Depositor-r CASH PAID lar, $100,000 . . . . . . B C&P LIT 8, $180,000 sxatxoToaia. o. i. baliuobt, t. J. ows. p. k. hpahkb, r. a. qubbomt,, WXCMWL Ot, Deadwood, A B. ft M. box-car left the rails st Cough Remedy. Here Is a sample let' home on the Rhine, In Germany more Treber's bottling works yesterday af tor from Mrs. Shop, of Little Rock, Ark.:' "I was s uffering from a very se ternoon while being pulled out of tue than a year. Mr. Uhlenberg said h hss bad a bard siege of sickness, being sidetrack. The rear truck wai outside vere cold, whoi I read of the cures a t. lALilBDHT I Uahtr D. A. MoFHKHHOH Dl the track entirely and It loked like that had been effected by Chamber VlerMldat laid up with rhuumatlsm and jaundice, but that he la Improving fast and ex pects soon to leave that counc-y for Iain's Cough R imedy. I concluded to bad job. A gang of section bantis was put to work and In a few momeuis th 2JE3E THE NEW Mexico and that he will be back at give it a trial snd accordingly procured a bottle. It gave me prompt relief, YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Col. W. D. Ford Is down from Port car was raised with Jack screw and temporary track built under it Ths and I have the best reason for recom Deadwood about the middle of May, The writer said Dr. Ooehlng Is at London, but did not state what he Is doing. car was then replaced with very little v mending It very highly, which I do land. OilS trouble. There la everything In know more House with pleasure. ' D. B. Mudgett. of 3t Joe, Mo., wt.t Read the announcement add "f A F. lng how to do these things. Fully SO't Veterinarian Treacy atUnda Dead- among yesterday's arrivals. men assembled at the scene to boss the Snyder, the new Jeweler. FOOLED You will be If you buy anything but the Genuine . wood the first 3'uesday of each as oath. W. L Howland, ot Sioux Falls, was Job and but for their advice probably Under New nantement. Best of all to cleanse the system in a Telephone Ft 1 leads. an arrival yesterday. tne car would not be on tne track nowr gentle and truly beneficial manner, Mllo A. Adams, of Sundance, was In STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL U Offers 2oe Attraction for less Honey than any Other whan ths Springtime cornea, use ths "The Situation In Cuba" is ihe sub the city yesterday. TH I BEST. true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Figs ject of an Interesting and handcomely Wm. Belble went to Rapid last even We are anxious to do a little good la Illustrated article in "The National DECOTll ROUND OAIC I ing on land office business. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale by all druggists, at to cents per Magazine" for March. The article .... nous In ths City. . . , . Best meals, Best Dining Service, Beat Hooms and Beit Location of any House in the City. this world and ean think of no plou-antar or better way to do it than by Henry Keeta, ot Bpearash, was in the especially timely and grapples the que city yesterday. tion fearlessly. There are evidences bottle. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mrs. DeAlta Ollland went to Sturgls recommending One Minute Cough Cure as reventlre of pneumonia, eonsump tlon And other serious lung trowbke Call on A. F. Snyder the new jeweler lai" evening for a brief visit having "stopped the press" to record the latest possible lnfi matlon, and by this means Mr. Hastings has curled for r nythlng In his Una. Carl Blank Prop. that follow trtloetof oolda. K. 0. Mrs. Harry Salmon, of Lead, left last evening for the east for a visit Phillips; N. . rraaklu. his dlscuaalon to a strong culminating climax. The article Is Illustrated by C. L. Slewers repairs aafea, looks. Otto F. Purnell returned yesterdsy Third Annual Bail drawings and from recent photograph. from Chicago. guns, bicycles, iranks, cutlery, etc. See the Name on the Leg it you want to be certain. SOLD ONLY BY ... . AYRES & WARDMAN HARDWARE CO. PkPAniiiAn Dm lTll nAlrtTA The Cuban Question, in the preseat Winter Ooodi Must Go. BlooFmcj Bale. E. 0. Brandt, traveling auditor ot ths J. H. Orahail. D. D. B., dental par status, was a most haxardoui under B. A M., waa In the city yesterday. lors over First National bank, Dead' Ancient Order taking for a magaslne, but there was true newspaper Instinct and expenem; Mrs. J. L. Bentley and son Marvin, wood. Crown snd bridge work a spe 80 Ptr Osnt Discount qn all Winter Goods. VI A Sk cialty. In handling it In the Marcn lue of Hibernianss- CITY HALL 'The National Magaslne." Men's Wool Fleeced Unen Underwear a. i u A customer said:" Z have had the best meat ata: I hara been buying of iOiOOOOOOOOOOaOOOO 00000000 Fargo, that I have had for a year." Everybody Is an epicure to greatsr Dr. Oanta, dtntlst, over Rosenthal's or less degree. The great number Thursday, March 17th t ffiyynwmMw aBBCBaBMB&iimiiw HwanamgMMH mmaiaiBiaMB i persons In Deadwood, who board appre clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE elate a meal when the articles are A. W. 001. BXrf. BAXR, Secretary. Treasurer. SOL STAB, President, WORK. Zlpps for fin shoes. brought before them snapping hot.a i "wvt tmuKj rcnpea unaerwoar an 7a Men's Wool California Underwear ,'M 'JL Men'a Plush Underwear. 7. 1'.'. IM llfO Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Un derwear M A Ladlea Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Un derwear 75 go Ladlea' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Uned Un derwear, Combination. . .' .' .' l.M IM "C7 ?UW F1C Un Un i9T" Combination UQ IM Child Natural, , i Heavy Woolen Flannsls, Oray. Blue and Pink. yard'.'.' .'. ,'n .11 Cap. Silttsns, OIotss, Lsjylng, and adman Bocks. NEW YORK STORE. COMMITTEES. prepared In a manner that will tick! Executive. John Tierney, Ja, Fraw Deadwood Buildinff & Loan Association. the palate. That la why the Palace Cafe on Lee street has the largest and DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVH NOT QOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY &3.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A ley. Matt Plunkett '0 Reception J as. Frawley, Henry Don ovan, John THrney, M. J. Donovan and LOANS MADE ON beat trade In the city. Everything Is cooked to please the most fastidious taste and everything that Is choice In HEAL ESTATE. FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. John I Sullivan. O. R. Brand; of Lead, has a novel Floor J. P. Laffey, Jno. R. Ruase'l the market can be had at the Palace t plan for disposing of a stock ranch at Timothy Foley, James Cualck. Matt suH you. If you are tired of that old, Shares of Stock for Sale. Payments and Interest Payable Monthly. left yesterday for Pawnee, Neb., to vis It a couple of weeks with her mother. Mrs. Frank Alexander, of Whltewool valley, was In the city yesterday, shopping. J. C. Moody went to Rapid last evening to transact some business of Importance In the land offloe. Miss Allls Jewell, assistant superintendent of the Children's Home, left last evening for Sioux Falls to be gone about a week. R. B. Howell, the well known civil engineer formerly 3lty engineer of Omaha, arrived yesterday from Detroit Michigan. Dr. Riser, the occullst of Lincoln, who haa bees operating la thla city the past week, left last evening for SturglB and other points down the road He will vtalt Deadwood again In June, Sol Bloom returned yesterday front a business trip to New York, while titer he bought a very handsome fox terrier dog at the big dog show, paying a largt pries for It At Council Bluffs the other day, Sol trusted the valuable dog to a coon porter at tho hotel, while be waa up town attending to some busl-nesss and tho eooo let the doc gfct away. Sol offered a good reward tor Ita rsturn but harlly hopes to recover It He la bitterly disappointed as It waa a beautiful animal. Hlghmora, thin stat. The ranch la a good one and worth at least $2,(00. Both dry beefsteak, that slop coffee or hesvy cakes you have been getting, Just try Plunkett Promter Thoa. Hurlsy. Music Prof. Krueger's orchestrs. A IT. SNYDER . . . the Palace, and you will find Just wont Read the circulars distributed In this Issue or call it this office for further Supper at the Palace Cafe. Tickets, you want Call and See A. W. COE, Secretary. 11.00. particulars. J. F. EDMONDS, General Agent. THE COAST DEFENSE3. CTFor Rent fine office in the Clark building, five line offices, steam heated and wired. Apply to Samuel Cush One-half the number of Improved Highest Honors WcrM'i Fair, Gold Modal, Midwinter Pair. man, 40 J William St, or the owner, tf A. F. 8nyder, the Jeweler announce cannon, mortars and emplacements will be located and placed In suitable positions ere the erplratlon of Is98.Th his grand open lng on next Wednesday. Keystone Restaurant Artillery Board Is constantly making crWauted Two or three well educat practical surveys, so far as those re ed young ladls to travel throughout late to the army, and the establish the state and take orders for a self- ment of adequate military protection selling article, tells on Its merits, you of our sea board Is receiving strong endorsement Meanwhile then la Cordially Invites you sll to attend hlj GRAND 0PENI50 atUoobon's old stand, on At wbloh time the most Magnlflolsnt Stock of Eiz:!; J2T3!rj. Silier KdTEltlES, Es. Will bo displayed that has ever been shown In the Hills. A dainty souvealer will ba Aran to eTery visitor- Tours, Respectfully, means of defense from greater physl can make fron 3 to $5. per day over and above eti,noe. One young lady wanted to Jolt a young lady already started and who wlahM a young lady companion to travel with her. For cal calamity, and that Is the use of Hoc tetter's Stomach Bitters, which oy re ' Reopened Management oi Bush & nundhenke. Practical Hotel men who will give tne but S5o meal In ihe City. Meal Tickets $3.00. Good Home Cooking $ By a First-Class Woman Cook. ast'TM, asl V 9 $ sums si sv storing the tone of the nerves and FISHXX8 BAZAAfe. Baa ranorta ts lft!sona oil stand sot door to Anortoja National task. particulars ad tress, Box 592, City. 10-1 I stomach, invigorates us entire ays. im. It also prevents malarial, kid crFor Rent 1 nicely furnished lnsldt room, also a good front and newly furnished rooti with kltrh privilege Centrally located. Enoutro at this If ney and rheumatic allmsn't, and cures bUouaneaa and constipation. Those who havs been eured by It apeak in no The inoaaer-Tlasa gtras twV the toaal news pggb4 in any ether c&S Is ths Back rZL P-rs ftrass Crstsa et Tarts PMaa. office. ueertala tarma as to Its affeoUrentat. YEARS TI3 STAIDAD, Ltochta's Cl fund, ttaln 6lrae DEADWOOD,

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