The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 9, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1900
Page 2
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FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 9, ijofl. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOO D, S. D. THE Aetna Powder AMERICA'S PLACE AMONG NA- j THE HAWAIIAN CAMPAIGN. saw hi political enemies use the ma-T.ONS. Honolulu, Oct. -Proba, in no E In 1800 the United Kingdom of ; part of the United States is the presi-' coatrol of party machinery with Great Britain and Ireland had 17,000,- j dential campaign developing so many whjch to fight him. Honest himself, THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. picturesque features as in the terri- i he could not Delude su-n -reu., . i rrA r-rw ftiMfrV bill tut? 000 inhabitants. France in that year had 27.000,000; Russia, 35.000.000; Ue territory comprised in the present em j true, twins a territory. Ni.u anJ the COBm), Q, ue parlv was wrest-pire of Austria Hungary. 20.000,000; has no voice in the selection of the .j from these manipulators and the 2 Keystone Hot. Main Street Deaawooa, !S OPEN. After going through a thoro course o repajr8 sucn as repapering. refitting ,tt,1,lch,t,B. p, the Keystone is now one of the desirable hostelries in the city Neatest and cleanest dining room and office in the city. One Dollar PcrDayr PETER KICKEU, Prop. THE BILL OF FARE .AT. TbB Spalini Restanrant Is complete Their table merits the patronage of the public. No. 19 Lee Street. Why (JO TO DEADWOOD can furnish you Dynamite ami Black Fiife Fuse and Caps ' Electric Baittria Batteiy Stippiiesl W. ADAMS COMPAK i he Latest Thing Out LOCK ami CHAIN stitch Combined or uv. Machines in one. The lii-h "STANDARD" lmnrj. W. R. YATES, Agt. DEADWOOD, .... SOUTH DAKOTA. when I Snain 1 1 0Gmmj0 : the states compos- .' .. . i the neighborhood of 13. 000.000, the territory n the Italy of the present, appxro:mateiy 2v'i)W. the Turkey of today about ly. "'.'. "W. The popu-lation of the United States in lS'.'O was 5. ''.'.'. 44. or in rojnl figures, j.wj" W.v In l '."' Ku.-.-.a has I.e.-vciM.ijuw- inhibuuf.i" - lic X- ite4 -K-ieif-iiorn has 4" ) ! , Frar. e. 3 ''.-Austria Hungary 4 J "" 1 ; Ger- many. 5:; '.""J."1'1" ; Itaiy. ! Spain. 1 S OOy.'MH' : Turkey. ; i.m..W. Th- figures for !'.'' for all these ' ountries are estimates ba.-t-.J on the rate of increaae in the pat twenty or thirty years. The population of the United States in :s 7 ;.'.'.''. Ow. Here are the (haneos which a cen tury has made in the relative stand- ing of the principal European countries and the United States. One hun dred years ago the United States was lower in the scale than any of the nations here named. It had less than a Oil LEAD, for less MONEY third as many inhabitants as Great a'lvo' a,e or represent the party, is Dritain and Ireland; half as many as , something new in Hawaii Parties Spain; less than a fifth as many as there have been in Hawaiian polit: . . France, and but little more than a 'and in gTf-at plenty In fact, the man seventh as many as Russia. The only who can give a list of the political par-nation of all those which have been ties of the last few years may be . :,-named w hich leads the United States siderer an en- y lop.-.iia of curious today in population is Russia. Benja- but useless information. Hut the pa--nnn Franklin, while still a loyal Brit- w,.r,. an ephein.-ial organizati"::- i.-h siibie.t, surprised the gentlemen , . . ', .... and combinations depending on par- at the head of George III. s government by showing them that th.i thir- . ticular on.liri.ui- a the :;m.- of !. teen colonies were at that moment ele.tion. Hen,,, no ! rioii was ' CENTRAL CITY, SO. DAK. A Complete stock of Hay, Grain, Chop Feed, Flour, Wood and Coal. TriaJ. Order I ONLY ASK. . . doubling their population every quarter of a century. '1 hat rate of increase continued for many years after the colonies gained their freedom, w hi' h is much more of a feat than making that rate of gain when a country is small. It is now doubling every thirty years, the population in 1870 having been a little over 38,000.-000. In another very important particular, however, the gain of the United States has been far more rapid than it has been in population. It Is but a little over a quarter of a century Bince Mulhall, the British ; ttle rp8t r the Lnited btates, probab- largely descended. Prince David Ka-statistician, told England that the ly. Such lightning changes as a man be- wananakoa. the democratic candidal"'". United States would soon pass it in ; ing a delegate to a republican partv. ; Is ;' lnlrP blooi((1 Hawaiian, son of the extent of Ita wealth. That pro- , . . .. ', Pikaii and nephew- of the late Queen 1 Stop i Think phecy became history even earlier than its author realized. The United htates passed the United Kingdom in that particular long ago, and took the first place among the countries of the world. Great Britain leading all'"1 ALL OUR SUMMER GOODS ViS wal seen by others. . ...... una ,1 1 re. tea to securing ij l. cue-.- -- - votes and victory at th polls Th..-gar.:z-. democrats were the last to or Th. . w av could promise nothing of poiiti. al preferment; men must join tneir rauns from principle But strange th fiTitr, the strongest ap- .at i. ii-jle. peniocrats up in the most unexpected :- Mai.y Hawa.ians seeing the .a. Mr.. r or I at- r ail citizens i.:-'n themselves with national t ::. rely R. a! parties enroll-n.-'lw-- as democrats. lOlljur.d p.ub::. j... py O.eVeial.d s name. ::.i. i.a'.-- i n able to pj'e-i ket w he i. in the per.-cmnl :. b:te.-. in their individual .-r and standing as business ; re.-. ::!a!; e .tizeiis is admit-i- ami in some respects tUti the r.-putdican ticket. !i :t wi-h the legi.-tration. with its c-,.: .cl'.- :i::ng preponderance of nat- ' - it ,s -. en on all hands that the .:. : ;.. ml' i,t.- win win unless the re- j i ubiicaiis an i ! mo rats an detach ; nuiigii Haai::ti's to give one or the other of th.-m a plurality. It looks as though it mitht l- the democrats. The ; .publicans hae the bluest meetings j ;.n 1 torchlight pro. e-sions. but there : a good ib-ai of insincerity among the r.a'.ws who join in th.-m. It is fedt I that the natives go to these meetings ; :! join in 'he para b-s l-e.-ause they : ! that th. :r employers want them I 'a and it i :u the Polynesian nature to want to p.-a-. Hut when the na- : ':.- g-t.- into th- polling booth, with Au.-irakan 1 allot before him. it :- f.-art d he w ill torg.-t the republican I- h- - h. h:i- h.-ard and vote for n.'b p. nd. nt party candidates, the t.i n. t of hi- ow n race. It i.- . mous fa. t. too. that the can- j c icTe (,; tie- native party has more c hit. blood in him than the candi- it.-s ior tlie .-am.- offb e of the other par.-. Ko;..,t Wilcox is a half-v !.;r. th'- son of a Newport. It. I . '. -a captain. His mother was of a. ( !ai:,i!i of p My chiefs on Maui. Sam barker, the republican candidate for j . oii-rress. is a quarter-white. His i Lr.indfather was a seafaring man who married a Hawaiian high cbiefess j early in the century, and from whom Parker's broad acres of ranch land are Kapiolani. and. like her. a descendant of Kauwailii, the last king of Kauai. He car. trace his descent by well-au thenticated genealogy through a thousand years. REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED TO THE ADAMS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAY AND MAY BE CALLED BT EITHER TELEPHONE. tf Lobby Saloon l?as 9"e tnru a thoro course of rePair an(1 cleaning and Is now one of ttle roea-f -a Mr J-CC? 10 be 1ouns ,n Deadwood for a social tlme- OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK . DR. BISMARCK DR. GEO S VflV WFftPT QTAEnT "" 1 A?U 1 . Office Phone. B.' H. 202. Res. 21 City Creek, Phone, B. H. 201. MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL Security at a lawful rate oi interest Business strictly confidential. Will call at your residence if requested. O. JACOBS. Cigar Stors Oposite Bullock Hotel. We Want... Yon to onaerstand that we are under small expense and can uu better by you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give ns a chance to prove our assertion, by giving ns a trial order. JOLITZ & LYNCH ssssskss SS3J3SSK3 ssssmrm THE BRICK H E B R I c K Next door to" the Bullock) FINEST ORCHESTRA In the City-Carry a full line of Best Wines, Liquors and Cl-Krs. You are always welcome. RYAN and RILEY Props. tory of Hawaii. presidential nut u is a priu(?D.;ai : ,. .... , . i j I i... n. r.1..,..,... of McKinley and Bryan are display as proiuseiy as anywnere. ana nat. al issues, imperialism, free silver trusts, are bandied about from e pol:ti a! rostrum a- much e. etn-.-? as anywh.-re el?e Still ii-re i- a i ertain amoiia: ; . ustorrls that arry themseh by long u.-e ar. states, w I,:, h a habit in ' ! soiiict::.- as iauehablt revelation an to the na'.n- T'j- . ampaign is . something entirely i.-Hawaiian, and, for : . rr.att - "to the iarg IKjpuiation wh element of : h was born h or has 1 heie o iung as to h.i forgotten how thmes in hta,H For one thing, the :,i.-a of a polit: ,ii party being something permanent u- embodying a system of principle? which accept for permanent polit i al guidance, independent of the men w !.o any gu tc he p SUlt anoi her. Tin- I'eti. h nf party nam.- has ne.r bad an i -1 e-n e here It is lj. ;:;.' T-:ited now. And campaign conn:..; tee.s have no way of telling before election ju.-t how firmly they have established their f. tich. because here have been more political somersaults in this little territory of 1".000 voters than have been performed in all I "u"Je,"-u u'6""" m"elu' cul ' '' cc,'"t,nf a democratic nomination for j the legislature, excites no comment, I Nevertheless there are certain lines U'KU a,e Luuusm6 lutlr Pari, aiuna- E" n, this: Cleveland is a democrat; Cleve- T Tr,toK:nto:1i"eenl,r.r!-! royalist, especially the white royalist, the same premises lead into tile dem - ocratic party. But both are puzzled to find that some of the most ardent annexationists, men who had formed political attachments before they came here, are nevertheless democrats. And if this puzzles the white rovalist and the missionary family annexationist, how must it puzzle the simple-minded Hawaiian? The only conclusion he can reach is that it is a "haole" (white) man's scheme, from which the native will get the worst of it. And the only thlnv frif him 4 An tn 4 . V. 1 " -" if. ii.u, lcf ucj is lu juiu cue luutr penuent nome-rule party, which he is satsneci is .anjj-haoleand whka he se retly believes will restore the (fueen. But though the campaign here' is not more truly a campaign of education than It Is elsewhere, it Is bringing to the minds of the voters certain propositions of Information, or misinformation, which are having a marked influence on the outlook. With the passage of the territorial act, Robert T. Wilcox began the organization of the independent home-rule party. His announced principle was that the people of Hawaii, for the present at least,, could have no interest in the party divisions of the mainland, as Hawaii had no voice in the selection of a president and no vote in congress ; that the prime interest of the people centered in their home affairs; that it was to the management of these that the people of Hawaii must look for their welfare. ,He called a convention, got these Ideas embodied in the platform, and with astute political -foresight got himself nominated for congress, and this before Hawaii was wen a territory. Then he began a tour of the islands and had his party well organised before the other litlcal parties had thought of organlx- ng. In effect the independent h"me-lule party was aa atU ha. e, anti-missionary movement. The republicans, on the other hand, assumed that every one would natur-alrybe a republican; the white man because the administration was republican, the native because It was a republican congress that had given him the franchise, and both because that was the only way to get a political Job or a political office. The question was not who would vote the ticket, but who would control the organization in which Gov. Dole sat quietly by, and 1 1 I j ; 1 ""ld6" u.a.eruiu.e, a.oug the other nations until that time PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TERM3 OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every, Except Monday. One Year CO m-m Uollhl 5.09 On Month. WEEKLY Issued Every Thura lay On Year SU Months... .,. 1 IN 2 fi 1 if Entered a Seoond-ClaM Matter at the Deadwood poetoffk-. A LABORING MAN'S VICTORY. The success of the republi' ;- farty In Lawrence co'inty was a victory for organized labor, won by the votes of laboring men. The time ha.- gon..- by when the w age earner an be deceived by demagogs of the Moore and Knowles type. They read and think for themselves and are now ' dead onto" the men who would use them to ride into fat unices. The occupation of the calamity bowler is gone. Hla discordant note is silenced forever more. A whole sermon could be preached or a page editorial written on this subject but the results of Tuesday's election carries its own lesson. 1000 ELECTRIC LIGHTS SATUR DAY NIGHT. Teddy and the tiger. Tammany's first round with the rough rider is a short one. On the Sunday before the election, Devery, Tammany's chief of police, issued a general order to the police of Greater New York directing them to pay no attention to the chief of the election bureau, McCullough, and disregard big orders. This meant war. The chief of the bureau is an officer treated by the laws of New York with certain specific duties to perform in the way of protecting the ballot from fraud. He has under him on election day a considerable force of special officers, appointed by himself, to attend the poll and secure the arrest of repeat-era aad rioters and all others who ball attempt by fraud or violence to stuff the ballot box or defeat the In-tentions of the majority of the voters. One of the principal obstructions apprehended by the republicans was the blocking of the polls by gangs of ruffians who after they had voted themselves, would again join the "cue" and by their presence keep the legal republican voters who were in line from depositing their ballots as long as possible by all means of halienglng, foot treading and ruffianism. That sort of tnlng McCullough and his deputies would look after as well as other Tammany devices. Now this' order of Devery's meant not that only that his police should refuse to co-operate for the preservation order, but that they should do what Tammany has threatened all along, prevent the deputies from carrying out the law under the orders of the chief of the election bureau. It was a municipal challenge of the authority of the state. Governor Roosevelt's answer to this defiance was swift and effective,, He jentimeatage to MayorVaa.Wyk calling' attention to Devery's order, and notifying him that be would hold him, the mayor, officially responsible for any disturbance or lawlessness at the polls that should arise from this attempt to nullify a state law. - The mayor knew in a minute that this meant his removal from his office for misdemeanor. The laws of New York, for regulating the municipality of the city of New York, gives the governor that power In an emergency, and the mayor knew that the days of his official life were numbered If he didn't act pretty promptly. He acted promptly. He drove In person to the police office, commanded Devery to rescind his order and Instructed him to act with the election commissioner with the whole power of the police tor the prevention of fraud and disorder at the polls. But It will never beforgotten that it required the Interference of the governor thus directly, to draw the teeth of the tiger at the election and prevent the boss from putting Into . active effect the threats that lie bad publicly uttered a few days previously,' of riot andf violence at the polls. In hla ignorance of the law or the power of the governor In the premises and Teddy's reputation as a cAck man with his hands, he fell down. FOUR YEARS MORE OF PROS-PERITY GUARANTEED. REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY. GLAD. with France second. Probably France 1 uon8' 1'reJua,ces "ount.ess are tne holds the place next to the United ; m,OStpotHent, factor Cleveland po-Kingdom Btlll. tho Germany has been IltlcaI,f dead, everywhere else has a growing in wealth with considerable "ame. to cnJure with in Hawaii. To rapidity for a European nation in the the Ha,waiian annexationist the pro- E Ginghams, Dimities and Percais B. THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR U 35c NOW GO AT 0' 25c NOW GO AT 3 I we are lino wlllne at a great 1 3 OOr I H"4'"- A b-'Hutiful linp o( I 1 O r - bed tprea.ii. laee curtln, 1 1 3 g Theyall go at a aaciifce. ic come a ccr ind got Itl on the l.kOL'NLi hLOOK g THE LADIES BAZAAR. 5 The Club Restaurant. THAT THIS MEANS "TO YOU. to Order. Know: JOHN WAGNER, Prop Meals Served past twenty-five years. The true v.i,,.Hnn f .ho ,i . property of the United States in 1850. as computed by the census authorities was, In round figures, $7,000,000,000. It was 116,000,000,00 in 1896, $30,000,-000,000 In 1870, $43,000,000,000 in 1880, and $65,000,000,000 in 1890. The figures fot 1900 will probably not be com-puted for several months yet, but the indications are that they will pass the $90,000,000,000 mark. In the 100 years In which the population of the countrty has been multiplied fourteen times, its wealth has been increased more than ninety titmes. At the pres ent moment the wealth of the United i States undoubtedly exceeds that of the United Kingdom and France in combination, and these two countries are the iecryi4and third, respectively. In this particular on the roll of the world's nations. Promissory Joe also ran. CAPTAINS BULLOCK AND HARE WWD THE ROUGn RIDERS. SATURDAY NIGHT. "Good-bye, Bill, take keer o' your- self.' Mr. Bryan has not yet determined which to do first write a history of "The Second Battle," or start his third campaign. Now that the campaign Is over and the action can have no political significance, members of the Lawrence County Bar association have commenced an investigation of the Mrs. McDermott matter with a view to the Impeachment of Judge Moore. o 1000 ELECTRIC LIGHTS SATURDAY NIGHT. , A', lawyer Is the qualification for a judge that la, to be a judge a man must be a lawyer in good standing before the courts. If he Is suspended for' non-payment of dues or conduct unbecoming a gentleman and member of the order, or In court parlance, if he is disbarred be will also be impeached, and if he is Impeached he will be disbarred. An affidavit filed with the supreme court specifying any one of the several specifications assigned and now being formulated for the impeachment proceedings against Joseph B. Moore will cause an order to show cause, why he should not be disbarred. THE TOWN DAY NIGHT. ABLAZE SATUR- 23- HVE. GILLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1878. DEALER IN WATCHES, CL0CK8, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR LINGTON A M. R- No. 659 Main Street, DeadwoodD Do you A Good Thing When You See it? If you do, then come and not only SEE, but taste.1 out brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, PORT and I'!'-'', MUSCATEL " They Are The Best in the West ! 5 Fine Old Whiskey of father time $3 00 aad up FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Case beer delivered free to residence , 635 Main St.

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