The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 30, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

IBB DAILY PIONEBB TIMES, TUESDAY MOItNINO, MAY 30, 18M. ,i i. s.Lrid dnrln wnicn no rvau UiCll rHr and was rerr careful not to get jyATCHESf DIAMONDS. too deep Into tactos in ordering the bat talion evolutions. .It is the statement of one officer that only once or twice during Sboes With a Reputation. THE OUDWOOO PIONEER 8TABLI8HBR JUNB t, 1871. HE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. Mfc OAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. the time Colonel Bryan acted as the head of a reKiment did he practice the men in marching himself and then they performed but a few o' fthe easiest movements There were many brave men in the Third reclmint and they were wondering what ...Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry, Black Hills Gold Rings, Sterling Silver Novelties. Our Boys 5eaI"Skin Seamless I hey would have been doing atiout that tlm woushrdluh.VtlEE CmC.;0 JW nmn hail thi-v ,hal fewer niii robei and TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: nut v-Evprr Morning. Except Monday SHOES! more Sianiards to meet. .... J10.00 One Year o Six Months 6.00 1.00 The Paris press is using Doss ("roker, Are noted lor their wearing qualities ; uhn Is now touring Eurone, as a horrible One Month WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday, One Year Six Months 2.06 1.00 excellent for school wear. At Special Prices for the Next 20 Days : at : example of American corruption, and It must be admitted that there is enough basis for their criticism, so far as he Is at the Entered as 8econd-Class Matter Deadwood Poatoflloe. L. C. VERPLAST.i concerned, to make honest Americans hidi their beads in shame. One of the papers . Jr W" i t .1 No. GO flXGXxxi.&,xx St. savs: "Venality and bribery have in the FROM HEARSE TO BAND WAGON. Speaking of newly coiined words and A. F. SNYDER I'nited States reached such a pitch that h T,hr.. th latest and oattest win the conduct of public administration can Main Street. be compared only to a coloesal eseroquerie be found In a communication from Oo to-Hell Gulch by Dick Deadwood in Sun Wa,S? ' IT 22 (grabbing of everything In sight) where everybody appropriates pubic funds." The day morning's Pioneer-Times wherein the M FIRST NATIONAL BANK intelligent portion of the Paris public, however, know that all Americans are not' like Croker. writer gives it as his opinion that a well known polltiotftB "knowi , a . Jap4 wagon from a hearse." There la a world of meaning in those seven little words no felicitously put together. Even the prattle scarred DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. The Philadelphia physicians are on the war path and have organized for the avow veteran Bryan who three years ago dedi ed purpose of driving out of business the CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 cated his life to the cause of steel to n has quit trailing the free silver CASH TALKS DIRECTORS: hearse and lfl anxiously looking for a band wagon. And Peffer, be of the mag 0. J. SALISBURY, T. J. GREBR.P. B. SPAiRKS, P. A. GUSHUHai d. a. Mcpherson. nificent whiskers, he turned from the hearse to the band wagon. In this state the defections from the ranks of (nose who have followed the hearse is very OFFICERS: Christian BeieaUsts, osteopaths, faith cur-lsts and a multitude of other "healers" of various sorts and appelatlons. A a recent meeting one of the doctors said that "either the law of Pennsylvania would be proven to be an Impotent mockery or this hydraheaded monster of quackery should be at once annihilated." The war Is also on in New York and various other states. When the doctors and healers get to fighting among themselves, perhaps the sick will have a chance to get well. o AMERICAN Rl'LE A FIASCO. . President.... 0. J. SALISBURY Vice-preaWMht T. J. OK1JBK Cashier D. A. McPHERSOU Assist. Ashler... J. S DENMiNl We have got the goods and want your trade, marked, the most noticeable being the Hon. H. It. Loucks, the South Dakota - we Come and see us, will treat you right. Peffer. The Bohemian Count of Dead-wood has forsaken the hearse and Is In prime condition for a convenient band wagon. "There are none so blind as those who wont see," is all that prevents the Hons Ous Cole, David Vaughn, John efc Spain believes that American rule the Philippines will prove a fiasco. Spain SPECIAL SALE DAYS! Mansfield, Freeman Knowles, H. DeLeray also, believed it utterly impossible for I Ayres & Wardman Hardware Co. I America to whip her. After vigorous ar- Smith and Andrew Frederick Seebick from deserting the hearse. Judge Joey Moore i MONDAY Furniture eJl Kinds. Begin the work risbt by buyiil with his mual half-cockedness has left I gument hpaiu changed tier mind on one I point, and she may yet on another. There the popullstlc hearse for the band w gon of Agulnalda. . The former w at the "ARK." TUESDAY Curtains, Palnta. Fix your house. Trunks and Sstdr els, if you're going to travel. Is no more chance of America's falling to do what she has made cp her mind to do drawn by a cow, the latter by A water than there Is of Hostetter's Stomach Bit the best dlKOmt WEDNESDAY Stoves and Ranges. On these of all. ters failing to cure any stomach trouble, or any disease arising from a weak atom THURSDAY Table China and Crockery. We have elegant pt- ach. The Bitters Is an American remedy which never has failed which cannot buffalo. Joey can be depended upon to see any old band wagon and hop onto It, quality of music making no difference. His musical education was neglected, hence all tunes look and sound alike to him.. o terns. FRIDAY Granite, Iron and Steel Ware. Prices cut half In tit Baby Carriages and Jumpers. fall. It has cured more oases of consti Bolhn. pation, indigestion, maralta, fever and ague, liver and kidney troubles than any other remedy. All druggists keep It. It I Arc You Prepared? SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash Boards, Tubs, Wringers, Ironing Boards, Sad Irons. Buy these you'll hare 'em read y for Monday. will cure you. ' O AN OLD WORD. A news Item Is going the rounds of the eastern press and baa gpt as far west as Sioux City, says: "The newest coined word Is containel In a sign displayed In New York the other day, reading: 'We hays engaged the most skillful mixologist at our soda fountain.' 8PBCIAL EXCURSIONS. The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. E, ROODS DELIVERED. DEMOUIH'S "ARK 70 Sherman street. tc JA. V. R. R. offers some exceedingly low round trip rates to the following Mixologist may be new in New York. Points: hut in the west ItTa as old aa the oldest! Buffalo, N. T. June 7-10 and June ' ' Fine weather has oome at last, and now ia the' time to get that pair of summer Shoes. k includes all of the latest a neatest summer footwear. No where can you flLnif same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to (rood Shoes at Low Price and our stook u 'the freehest as well a tb e largest In the BilL V"MM '" mining camp.. Bret Harte, Mark Twain 'Mil If 1 1 t-H-H 1 1 1 III 1 1 ( 1 tm and other Paeiflo coast and Nevada writers refer to It si does Cept. Bullock in his "Thirty Tears in the Territories.' During the first few years of the settle 14-15. Detroit. Mich. July 6-10. Hot Springs, S. D. June 7-8-9. Richmond, Va. July 11-16. fit, Louis, Ma-June 20-tl. Los Angeles, Cel. July 11-14. Sioux Falls, S. D. June (-S. Minneapolis, Minn. June 20-23. St' Paul, Minn. June t-lf. Yankton, 6. D. June lt-l. ment of a mining camp all bartender are "eminent mixologists." They outrank geologists and theoioglsts and wield an In FULLER BROS & McCUMSE ( GEDDES OLD BARN. ) New Carriages and 'Buggies. fluenoe In the camp exceeded only by that of the proprietor of the saloon. They are the only persons In the camp who wear Tfale Is only a few of the many points ZIPPS. In all parts of the country to which ex blled shirts, white collars and diamond shirt studa Their goings and comings, The Best Driviner and Saddle Hok doings and sayings are faithfully chron- ttttHIMMMMIHMh'm eurslon ticket will be sold at reduced rates during the summer Via "THB NORTHWESTERN IJNE." Dates of sale, rate and other Inform tion will b promptly and cheerfully furnished by fcled by th local newspaper and report' rs of th Dan Boott style of twenty year ann .vtrutnnnnjuuutnnnnuvuwxr er more ago, though Dan often called thm by their Christian names, a fam lmiTDTT 1 n I linn 5 iliarity not assumed by many mining camp reporters.. As Deadwood Is no calling on or writing to " V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent. Deadwood, S. D. MUimi LU&NfiU BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY OR MOICTH a specialty . : Prompt and Careful Attention will be Given to Funerals, for which we have both v hite ani black hearses. longer a mining camp, but a great min o nig, commercial and financial centre, On all personal property ol value. A large stock of NOTICE TO SETTLE. All parties knowing Uwmseiree In these men are only bartenders without any frills and are rery approachable and debted bo me are requested to call and social sort of fellows. ' O . ' puaniBUr i pnsingly Jow prices AU j business strictly coofidential ' ' Til nairfarnni I AMI.. tattle, their accounts with me at ooea. (t) . H, HERMANN. PLAT1N0TYPE PHOTOCKAjf PORTRAITS In OH. PaateJ, Water Colors and Crayon a There Is said to be more poUttoml excitement te the square yard In Montane than In any other state m the anion now, and 3' ' : ' .- -i 21 'Lee Street.' ; ; ? uuvnniuifUuinnnnnnnnnnnAnnnnnnnnnnniin. -,lnnn-.n-.. ' X Eorranha enUwuul? Tli fnnl a ...,, aniarcnd IS v"" It Is all on account of the mill between Clark and Daley for the senate la which the miners' favori te,. Daley, was don up. : Kodak and Camera Supplies. Daley began life as a miner and has al " ' t eft PbotOKTaxAitaig on SILK gad ForoetaJo. Wo tutre moved tow A Ohuii. a n r-t . , . tn do ways been la with the boy. Clark was a Butte grocerymaa and he got bJs start uwu4 m j ausus suuui. . iufi. sma aww pivi' n . V m msJ P USB nm wars. taaanrntlstuOOou Kueuairwed. Fhotograi" us Xij BMfl to ! nlssTsod. Ov work la done at homo. . Wiirnr tmro twnnm.Tm . wwtvtwid APT7 CO. Black HillsInstit ute Mr OSTEOPATHY on winter when the line of commun) cation were snowed up, and ke got a cor ner on baking powder and stack th min. "No Eye Like the Master's Eye." You w master of yottr health, And r if yott do not tttend to dttty, the bUme is eistty located. If your blood is oat of order, Hood's Sar-ssparilU xoUl purify it. It is the specific remedy for trembles of the blood, kidneys, bowels or hrer..r KkJnya - " My kidneys troubled me, and 00 advice took Hood's 8arsaparilla which gars prompt relief, better appetite. My sleep Is refreshing, it cured my wife also." Mica An Boy lb, 1473 Denny Street. Pittsburg, Pa. . SMAAdiwi. , 1, M T w 1 ... 1- No. e E. Usin SL, Lend. -U! , ruiXER STUBJap er In their camps to the tune of SM.MW. making them gtve gold dust for baking powder pinch for pinch. Then being sent ESTRAY NOTTCi 1 The Chicsgo Restaurant. Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building, Deadwood S. D. Taken up, at my I out by a Boston ayadioaU to Arisona te inTesUgai a copper mlae there which tub mm mxng piaoa u the city ot DMdirood, Nieo Ublen art set. ud trrtblas U tbm war of eatables: U prrv eanroo, , nree and i from Deadwood, one J1 weight about 1.000 P0"3 -Bar W." on left ou3fL!' E. P. WOOD, D. O. . ,5 J. L. DENMAN; Secretary. V J- J- UECKH AM, S, A. S. O. ' they thought of buying. Clark found th mine such a good thing thai he bought It himself, tearing the Boston syndicate to Tided, to tag ontku sAUsfaoUoa oC the hold the bag: 80 he to worth new fifty (neata. Short ordari err4 at sajr time of day or n)au. ppn all of tbo Om. . . alTS millions or more, wfcwll Daley can't rake pcoodUtioo from- tbe itching and burning of inf OOSU oc geep a Tho proprietor won '4 :ik to hare peo up more than twenty milieus. UWUWWIi . . -re rawra numor. urew worst under treatment ot several doctors. Took Hood's SarsaparUla and Hood's Pills. Theos cured an thoroughly. J. J. LrrrLX, Fulton, N. Y, TELEPHONES: Black HUls 155. Harrison 98. Treat all Barron and chronic diseases stick as Urar. kidnty and etotnach troubles rheumatism. Bt. Vitus dance and la fact, most of the ailments te which the people of this section are aWr. W benefit about M per ml of all chronlcaffecttona abandoned as Incurable brother systems ot treat merit while 75 percent, ot Ueto we cure ad Injure none. Colonel Bryan's experience as ple a"la bin caii trial. . lm. . WONO CHONO, Prop. MMoee oee- ,A t;;Jo,-rwvoBBs. FOR SAUS- J One of (be finest maader eeeurrsd during the time the men were fighting microbe and the regiment was not pot through drill rery seriously. r i f k. .. ...... crn:E c:ettell elcck lead city, s. o. try. XOO acres. PT0 Yy cash, beJaace one, two y atlperwt ..lot?' Th regiment, however, drilled few time and had a number of dress parade before t rtlM enr'anrllii;"u mm4itNm1b ad je D.A.I tttj

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