The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 9, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1898
Page 4
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DAILY HONKER-TIMES. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 3. 1898. THE Auditor May new was consUMnt and i 1 1 1 . faithful to tha last On Marcn i as Ittaataa pro. THE CUV I a i r rr i "" ' "" ""'"" 1 ' r J ! . ' Utmed J. H. Klpp a warrant lor nis pay tor the full month ot February. rw r tTIti rr ww . CI gant slippers go to Zlpps. For w when he knew that tna next oay we .....rorne court would anounc its d MV Li rllon upon the question ss to v hether Klyp had Iwn commiMloner jlnce the i-ih Ua) cf February. Of course he Horn. mude apple birtt uua uiiu meat, la pint Muun Jar, at ldwood Cash grocery. I HV tfTBARN 8 UiAMCNU COAL. FECIAL tJOHCEJ jasrtaaVallalxatca A B78. Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. was fortified by the opinion of Attorney General When the war- m I NtaV Fresli cut flower ana u. any occasion at Mr.. Llebmann. : liavi you tried tha new Swan'e Dowi. runt was presented to the elato ueai-iirer. however. G.'lg'B opinion didn't a-- J S -1 W3!tl. If go. Payment was promptly lefused. Estimates of state officers as to the value of the attorney general's opinion Our business yesterday was beyond all expectation! which proves Opening f op ..m to differ. Or does it make a o i- Flour Tber la nothing to equal u Try a aack aud you will use no other. Sold ly all grocera In Deadwood. Children aud adulU tortured by burnt scalda, injuries, eaaema or akin may securs lnetant rsllet by ualng DeWltf Witch Haiel Salve. It la the great Pile remedy. N. E. Frank forence whether the official Is tryln to do his duty, with sn eye .Ingle to th nubile rood, or attempting to pro- TWO FACTS: worm huum Pews Co.. tltute his office to promote private and political alms? Plorre Journal Read the announcement add t A F. jTs1 That it Pays to Advertise. (Ths P. T. Endoraaa ) Firstly: Snyder, the new jeweler. Un; 1- a. rniuips. Whooping eougr Is tha moat distress ing malady; but It duration can be .... . ,rt hv tha uae of Ona Minute Papers throughout the iate continue to publlHb that Item with the headline South Dakota Fed on Alum." A state MILLER DERBY Best of all to cleanse the system in a guntls at truly beneficial manner. the bast I that will no pop ougm to d! iwi u ... ... 1 tm U rni Cure, which la aiao Secondly: SfiKS&g and at the prices you quote. han the BDrlnatlma comes, use ue alum; In fail aiiim is uio Bw. Zlpp can fit any toot vs. pertacUoa known remedy lor croup and all long and l.ronchlal troubles. N. E. Frank true and P. .4ect remedy. Syrup ot Flga Buy the genuine. Manufactursd by ths California Fig Syrup Co. only, and for Never Mislead the Public. STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE BEST. It you want tha bast ot meats call at Faxgo'a market In tha First ward sals by all drugglata, at CO centa par bottle. lin; 1C O. PhilHpe. WUt pleaaur la thera la Ufa with a head.wb. con-tipaUon and biliousness.' Thouaanda experience ttex .ho could become perfectly healthy The Elkhorn railroad company has Wa hava oystsrs. fish, oeisry. pouwj advertised yesterday Wa by uilng DaWltfa Little Early RSaara, Try . B .... w9 nad and everything In tha market will please you svsry time. put up a large sign on lu elegant new pansengi'r depot on Deadwood street Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Elder will gL e a dancing and card party at their pala- though offered an n8!u' -- - ' . raw counters and were eagerly snapped up by JhVmany who were lucky and wise enough to trvcT naia A fine matched driving the tamoua Uttla pina. n. - Un; K. 0. Phllllpa. D n't annoy othera by your eougH-lng. and rlak four lit by negletclng a tlla home on Foreet aveuue mis even f;5! Top Notch in Hat Excellence. jg f'? pa Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear pg; 521 make it more than satisfying moneys worth. 'S Graee in every Line, Goodness in every Particular judge theT Merits for Yourself. The man g$ 1 who Buys one comes back when ho needs ?Ja another Hat g rr3 We Are Sole Agents. pS! team. I and 7 yeara old. Dr. Bowman. visit our store. There will be a regular meeting . ing. The Early uroa. macuuuu v.-cheatra will be In attendance. The Ploneer-Tlmes la prom'd s se cold Ona Minute Cougn vure coubr. oolda. croup, grlppa and aU throH and lung troubles, N. B. Fraak-lln; K. 0. Phllllpa. -r-vn BIT MAPS FOR 8 ALB. the Hometake lime company, at the department parlors at 8 o'clock thin evening. Foreman Franklin icquenti h. nw.miw.ra to ba oreent a -here l ries of Interesting srtloles on uoaa-wood Society and Soilety Entertain- am Viv Ana who knows. They will A. D. WILSON. After years of untold Buffering from tillei. B. W. Puraell ot KnltnerevUle, not be written as criticisms but In a pleasant, gowlpy manner, wn nwnrpr. suoerlntea Jent of buelneae of Importance to be iraneact-ed. Don't forget the meeting. ANHEUSHR-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND PABST M1LWAUKBE BHER IS . . . Kay af MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONUT. bridges of the Elkhorn, was In town yesterday and says the complotlon ot th Iron brldiee St Belle Fourche has HENCE ASK FOR IT, We wish to Announce that this Grand Clearing Sale Is still in Progress, And we have added several new bargains to the tJyloM Iti. to your interest to visit oni .ire at once and take advantage ot these xaoney saving bargains. A Word to the Wise is Sufficient. Go to McOILL'S for HAY, GRAIN, n delayed on account of lack ot ma- s " gij P We A-irn to Please and do it. p Ia. waa cured oy uam DeWltfs Witch Haaal 81 va. Skin dla eaai a auch aa ecsema, raah. pll and obaUnaW aoree ar raadUy oorad by this famous remedy. K. 0. Phlllljt N. M. Franklin. M in are Judged by what they do. o 1b Uood'B Saraapartlla. aa Rt grtat and ROCK SPRINGS and DESK teriai. He hopes to complete the struc-CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tal- ture jn a few days, sphons No. 114. "Cal." .Diamond, of BL Louis, vh A tkriU of Mrror 1. axparlMe whan genial I traveling aalMmu ot th- Meer Cal." make . . rni,n sounds tnrOUU K mar to., is iu i.i.j E DrMif WHJI" ' -r- a specialty of the popular Caear Au cum nTs fiTso e wh re. It U tha Oaa Trua Blood Purifier and Great Nanra Tonic. H ood a PUla are easy to take, aaay to gustus cigar, one of the choicest in tne market and on which he has a splen. did trade In this city and vicinity. Walter Joy. the aiwayer. haJ a couv tha house at night But tha terror soon changes to rellet attar Ona Mln-ute Cough Cura has been admUUtered. Safe and harmless for children. K. O. Phllllps;N. B. Fianklln. Martin A Mason yesterday -x-eived E2S ops rats. Curs IndlgasUon. biliousness. Prti M eenta. Fatronlxe a thoroughly consclen-niMiL You will find him at 1 In namd George Webster, who Is PV- I5 Larger and More Complete Today Than Ever Before. a. telenram from Pierre autlns the su M martnr on the I'nitea iaies u.i;.i boat "rinta." of the Pacltlc sfjiiadron. Walter has not beard from bis cousin Wi cox Pharmacy. Sherman atreet. Thr. ara thies llttls thmf wa1 LEADER OF " for some time ani expecta one of these preme court had affirmed the decislonr in two cases entitled Chas. 11. Oraham vs. Wm. Selble, administrator which involved oroperty of the J. K. P. Mil s, -J- - Low Pricks days to learn ot him being In the wer with Spain. rrf. Reno, the magician, closed a ler estate, upon a portion of which the Treber bottling establishment now do mora rork than any othsr thraa UtUa things eratd they ara tha ant, 5ha baa aad IViWltt's UtUa Early Rfc-rt, tha laat being tha famous UtUa pU a tor atomaoh and lirer troubles. K. O. Phllllpa; N. S rranklln. Za A.iltion to Our. Large Assortment of Stslt Mm, TiEiin, StSYas. Cutlery and Sportlnj Goods. Wa Also Carry s Bull Line ot Iron, Steel. Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils. Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Caps ,tands. very successful two-nights nana ai For some time I have suffered with the opera house In this city last night rheumattem. and tried every Imaglna- He was greeted by a large and appre- itt,i .ffrt. Mr. F. O clauve audience. The professor'B per- . a . . 1 a MLOOM OIVES BETTER VALUtt . FCR YOUR MONKT inn OTHER HOUSE. MASQUERADE SUITS OF ALL D1SCR1PTIONS FOR RENT AT MAX FIsHELS. 8. Wells advised me to try Chamber- formsnce was first claw and laln'a Pain Balm, tellllng ms that It him a good name In Deadwood. The had cured mYny case, of long aland trU-k dog. performed nlcel, at. usual. 1 Srmlni I h"v. luod four hot- The profeor will go to Usd for a two ,n llk! " . hoiu. nlahts' stand and will no doubt please rncos ins uuwooii wuuuo mo Pipct national Bant 80UTH DAKOTA: 6. win iu Konti, Claromore, Ark. DEADWOOU A. GRIFFITH imnDVARE GO. rodnv.l. f3"p-i oryn ii.T-1. ct, Doadwoodi OF BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABV. HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. Krom all over the country come wt ids of praise tor Chaiobarlaln s Couirh Remedy. Here 1b a rample let- The boys In blue at Ft M?ade are invariably the first to Introduce new games and sports In the country. The latest In this line Is "golf," ".hiit great tA whtn hn parried the eax to the TTsxitoa States Depositor r .... BUEPLXJS, $150,000 t in urn ii , m n --hi mm ill lav CASH PAID IN, $100,000 ARE YOU GOING TO THE KLONDIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY $3.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO OO WITHOUT ITS COSTING A CENT. The editor of the Canton Leader telegraphed to Klpp early this week for some Insurance statements. Klpp wired i. UHIW. t. K. VBB, a t. BALIBBOBT, extreme. Sedate old men haJ l-.ft their desks and libraries, tools old women have thrown away their crutches and abandoned their aches, to i. ir Yium mothers havo been ter from Mrs. Shep. of Llttls Roak, Arit.: "I was suffering from a rery save ro cold, when I read ot tha curai th.ii had been effected by Chamber-la'.ft'a Cough Remedy. I concluded to a-li-a It a trial and accordingly procur p. a. OCBBOHV. O. A. HoPHBltBOIJ cTTicxna. YESTERDAY'S FERSONALS. n . 4 f .Hit Us I AMiaUut OMblar PTMiatBt ..V.T. J. 0W known to leave their nursing babes and domestics have left the d'.shes In returned yesterday back that there were plenty of atatr-ments for "our friends" and he asked suggestively "on which side of the R. B. Hughes THE NEW Qtlknore House Under New nanagement. ed a bottle. It gave me prompt rellaf, acd I have the beat reason for recom-.,nlln It VrV hlchlr. which I d) the nan. to play golf. In fact Uie coun- from Rapid. C. C. Crartdall, of Sioux Falls, wts an arrival yesterday. fence are youT" mt. ivipp r or of a large elemeut In the pop party, anil was aDDolnted by Ue In tecognl- try has gone craxy over that ldlosyn-cracy that possesses the people to drive the ball farther than somon elsn. wan Ft MmiIi has the craw. A fine Chaa. W. Upham, ot Keystone, la in wi th pleasure." Veterinarian Traacy atunda Daad-w od tha first Tuesday of aach month. Telephone C Maada. itkidm'a niAVOND COAL U FOOLED Q You will be if you buy anything but ground has been laid out and the fu'l I the city on business. Offers Xlore Attractions for less Money than any outer lion of his prominence as a populist leader. Argus-Leader. The popular Delmonlco reetaurant, under the Dostofflee, Is now In charge equipment baa been purchase. 1 ne 1 j c Car,on eft yMterdsy for a bus-field may oe extended to the Mv tj Bhsrl(jMi Wyo, tna uenuine ailkniMi mm TLi'B BEST. Wa are anxious to do a Uttla good lu rMirche river on u .vu ------- -v th. , cl,f mlnln. .... House n the City Best meals, Bert Dining Service, Best Ilooma and Best Location of any House in the City. lr the country south of the post Is not man returned horns after a short visit J. T. Shotwell returned to tha Southern HIUs. everything In the market and with competent cooke and help ths greatest BEGKVJ1TH ROlltlD OAK tlla world and can think ot no Disss auter or betur way to do tt than by recommending Ons Mlnuta Cough Cum am a pravanUTS of pnsumonl. aoniump adapted to golf playing. Although he seldom speaka ot It palna will be taken to please tne pai- Carl Blank Prop. r.L.f ViMe Donovan rarely sees the Mrs. Harry Reed and UtUa daughter, left yesterday for 6t Joe, Ma, to spend . . 1 h. m tvtfmhlaa rona. HAVE YOU GOT THJ KLONDIKE a few weeks vlaltlng with relative, gee the Name on the Leg it you rloM of a day that he does not perform some charitable act and befriend a needy person. Mike has a heart in him on ann ouier wmimvm at follow neglected oolda. K. 9. hllllpa; N. V. rTtnklta. C. L. SlewarB rspalrs safes, locks, ins, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, ato. J. H. Graham. D. D. ., dantal par- Miss Pearl Carrlngton went to HM City where she will remain to- a month FEVER? IF YOU HAVE, BUT J WORTH AT BLCOM'S AND OBT A CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA Winter Oooda Must Qo. Blearing Sale. or more visiting relatives. TION. THE CHEArKal nuuou n as big sa an ox and will not aeny a per son whom he considers worthy. Yes terday a lady came to town from out In th. timber east of Galena, looking t.r Age-nt F. A. Harmon, ot tha Elkhorn, want to be certain. BOLD ONLY BY . AY RES & VARDMAN HARDWARE CO. Lira over First National nana, urmu- TOWN. I j- For RentA furnished front room at 684 Main atreet SO FerCent? Discount on all Winter Goods. Before. Now. un'a Wnni wiMcaA UnsA Underwear I .75c' I .CO ood. Crown and bridge work employment She la a person of mora than b.v prase lnLeUlgrsn-r and refill returned yesterday from a ouslneis trip to Omaha. He saya that place lively and work on tha exposition It going along rapidly. J. S. Arnold, tha Sturgla grocer, was . t . i r want. at 3 Lee V. 3 uee The Colorado Dispensary. ment ana nas ow-n rm.u . .., v -k- V... Kaon In rood f.lrcum- a customer said:" I hava had tha t est meat alnea I hara baan buying ot nPADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA g street has had several paneu mouia - the vicinity of Sundance during the .tancee. The woman la willing io .wort . .w ThBv were suf- i.nt hr Dhvstcal condition will not aa- In the city yesterday. Joe siya tne Fargo, that I ha?a had tor s year.- Men'B Wool Fancy Striped Underwear 0 Men's Woal California Underwear 1.00 Men'a Plush Underwear 160 Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Un derwear 5 Ladlee' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Un derwear 75 Ladlea' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, Combination 1.25 Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, Combination 1.90 Dr. Ganta. dentist over Rosso thai a Sturgltes have caught the war fever too and several companies ot volun .71 .50 L At .10 1.00 IM M .11 ferlna from eye troubles, some requtr- mil. Her husband has been Pursuing .n, mnulvd tret I. n hnnast endeavor to get work DUl clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE teers have been organised. " " . .. .u. .j muni nil..... v,. r.nnni find anything. ot ava he cannot nnu adjustment WORK. the ment, and oinera W. S. Furat of Philadelphia: Chaa. vision. The errors of Zlpps tor fine ahosa BAXR, Treaaurer. glasses tor SOL STAR, . W. 00B, Secretary. Child's Natural Umt, Woolen Flannels. Oray. Blue and Pink, per yard 15 seems like an honest, consc.enuou man and aays he Is willing to work at anything. Chief Donovan provided t r ..a A a a. ta, aa Art DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVK I cases came through the Influeace of L H. Miller, ot Omaha; 0. R. Klock. of Lincoln; W. W. Light, of Racine, WIb ; President i'HII 1 IfW a m 'W a. Tfai, T , - a- KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY 13.00 Caps, Ulttens, Gloves, Leggings, and Gdrman Books. NEW YORK STORE. DeadwoodBuilding& Loau Association. and J. C. Puets. of Chlcao, were among yesterday's arrivals at tha Bullock. tit. and Mrs. W. V. Gage, of MoCook WORTH AND GET A CHANCK ur a I'REB TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Smith operated successfully tor cataract of both eyes. Dr. Franklin R. Carpenter, managei of the Deadwood and Delaware Smelt- the woman and will are wai s.i-not need tor the nwe-sltles of llfs and hopes to find employment for ths hu-w Uand. Ut the charitable people of Deadwood help thla worthy co'ipla. R. Brandt, ot UfA baa O. t lan tor dlapoalng ot a Btock ranch at tag company Is confined to his nome o a badly wrenched foot, which he sus- Neb., arrived yesterday and ara the guests of Mr. and Mr. F. 8. Harris, a few days. Dr. Gaga waa formerly In tfi.hmora. this BUta. Tha ranch la Shares of Stock for Sale. A.. IT. SNYDER . . . FISHEL'B BAZAAR. .... .-a in Nation's old stand the Burllncton relief. The party went Monthly. rood ona and Forth St laaat H.M0. ulned while alighting from bl bugn ll-?ad the circulars distributed In this I up at one of the Ruby Basin mines yee i..... en at this office tor further I ,.P(,,r afternoon. The doctor think; Both Payments and Interest Payable nait door to American National task, I to Spearflsh yesterday to sea tha bean- ilea ox iu uuivu ivn, tartleulara. crFor RentFlna offlca In tha CUrk Gall and Sea A. W. COB, Secretary. J . T. 1 DM0NDS, General Agent. building, five Una offices, tteam heated be stepped upon a atone or wuu.u, in auch a manner a to wrench tha foot and severely strain the muscles and ter dona. Dr. Howe Is attending him am thinks the patient will be laid up twi or three wwka. Am .rttod I Call on A F. snyaar ma new jeweiet and wired. Apply to Samuel cusn- lllhast Moaors-WorM'S Pel. for anything la hla Mr-. man, 402 William St or tha owner, ti Gold Medal, Mldwlnur Fair, CerJIally Invite ton all to attend hi OUAND OPENING atMoohon's old at and, on A. F. Snyder, tha jeweler announca. on? NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. his grand opening on next Wedneaday. Everybody la an epicure to greaw or less degreev Tha great number o.' . . a 11 - aMASMYaai I a B aaaj. Wka. The regular annual BMatlng of stock 4,u ADiey. a wwu wo """"- I noranni in oeaawooa, wuw iru -rr-- rC3 Keystone Restaurant holdars ot tha Poeohontoa Mlnlag com. tha articles are at the contingent known aa tor ruuuj . mMj WD.n Daay. will b held at th atora of J. B. Kro,,rht before them snapping boU il LaBean. Central City, 8. D., on Tuea- i Under tne TTc'2z.zzio,y Ilaroli Dili, At which time the most Magrlflclent Bt tck nf Ez:!i, K:VA JEry, Sflrer Ho?elto( 1c. prepared In a manner that will tkk1 h. na.le.te. That la why the Palac er element, returned to tne cny Monday aftwr an absenca ot aeveral weeks He proceeded to bowl up and make himself obnoxious to nearly everybody day. March 15. INI, at t o'clock p. m. ROOpenea Management of for th-) elactton ot a board of dlracton Cafe on Lea street has ths largwt and g SafcalBBBM t aa to serve tha ensuing year and frr th fcafrJ within reach. He threatened vlolenc ha,t trade In tha city. Everything I transaction of such other business a cooked to please tha mosi raauaiou. may properly com be for It agatoat the chief of pollca and the police force and seemed to curry trouble. Yesterday the chief of polio rounded taste and everything that to choice 1 14-lw. JULIUS REUSAMrN, Bee. A dainty ioQVnUf Bush & nundhenke. , o,..lla lb.CltJ. M..1 TKk.l. .0). i Good Home Cooking I tha market can ba had at tha Palace t auM yon. It jou ara tired ot that ol Will ba iatoplay! thai hu e?.r been shown In tha HIUs. will h RlTea to avary lltor Yonr. RepcUnlly. Tha Plonr-Tlmea ctvas twtoe th flry beefsteak, that alop off or heart pt - " """ if S V f km a ... i I A flrsas Crests af Tartar Pawttff. him up. having a warrant tor his arrest Ably begged and promised If h b allowed to go ba would null the town. In consideration ot this promlie k. a-aa allowed his freedom and ha local nw pnbUahad U say athar daSy cakaa yon have been getting, jaai m (lain E rnt, DSADWOO! tha Palac. and yon will find Just wb li-rttca'i 014 Stand, U tha EmX Bla. ... . - - . a First-Class Wom Cook. jott want BT a jumped the town tor tha town' good,

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