The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 17, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1900
Page 1
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r Daily Pioneer -Times. DKADWOOI), S. I). tl'.LACK HILLS ), Tl'KSDA Y MOKXINV, Ai'KML 17, 1' KM). FIVE CENTS. m -I , ia! The exposi Ill NEWS IS th'iiL'. .urn inn the way they f-f'l "I s.i'V .1 gruldle whore thei making p.ih.-akes fur 'he World'.; il ,CO- werc Fair." Tl.. WILL PLEAD FOR THE FILIPINOS I'AlilS. Ap,, 1 1 1. n gi .Hind- w . i The alt. ii. I.u, , 'I'll, ex, .11, , ,, i' style .He I a:', -in "a- in s . r more , -. id, i ' nun, I is to I.,- , ha'viiM' o ,tt-,i m and ha ipahle of gr, n, g i h- !..-i ITALIANS PLOT AGAINST LOUBET liih i 'mil'! laird .: . bo! l.lll-ir he t.b-ol'S. .1. ami 11 wa-i a pt ach ::ni f, t t i sii-iim engine at ,-ai-h rui - . a -. ., ,,' people today, w '- ' HI l-lntly glral t I iiited Slat, s . xhiblt f gs ii. ial .111111111.111. It is i 1. 1 1 . 'oc t., ,,,, tit- ti n hi-nil. h ner -( in 1 1 i ng hat ter and ii nigsei-s skat- UNCONFIRMED es Say that Brabant .'or should I,.. nip.ithrii. v w as I he suhj g, in ! a lis tot glounds of I he IllelllU l ton. Mrs. Hi.w al'd-nll Ilk. W 1: go uiir.. orni,.,1 ,-s. i '-. l: Mr It ir, .lr-iT ltig ol th. ss a One Had Started for Paris When the Plot was inn loiind ill) l.aroii rinds on their feet . In grease it " .lini ssas undonhi. dly a litj nil in his method, l.nt his scale was all ugh;. Kchl-aal ha.-' one restaurant where he feeds 11. unci p.oplo duii.ig the lunch Iwiiir, and there are numerous others where ii ally as many arc Riven I heir lunches. nd th.-y are crowded for two hour during the middle of the dav. A i Kohlsnat's Slate has Raised the Seige of Wepener. KMlillTS 'J'F.MI'I.AK. 11 Sir Ktiiglit.s in .r:ul ninl vicinity will iiseinhle al the lmlge ronm.s at f..!il sliarp this evening 'or the jiur-IMise of meeting; the Sir Knighls froni I ti ailw (mil and then alleiuliug Kaster rs! Th., - I'a-l. r 1 sei, ni- v. ,,i , j,a: : 1 1 1 1 ' u . ..nd . s ai ion inlis id ua I and class i ,.ii. and Maining or . ho.,1 t, ... hi rs Mrf, Turk-liitle ones rts ited iheir lit L 1 - . t. Senator Hoar Will Make the Great Effort of his Late Years Today. Squadron of the Third Cavalry Surprises 200 Rebels Near Manila. the S'lndav s ila-s of versen and j services at the Kpist tipa 1 church in Lead. Hy order of the 10. lewspaper Correspondent Tells toi ! llKOUCi; M HI'.KVKs Ki colder. sai g svith appropriate gestures. In a manner thai would relied cr. ."lit or inn. Ii t Id United States Exhibit Said be the Finest at the Exposition. of Kruger's Narrow Escape. street restaurant provision-; are prepared hy the carload, ami dishes are cleansed Py machinery, ip lots thai would fill an ordinary watering lank, so lhat Jim's statement wsis not a thousand miles out of the way after all. '1 he people of ('hiiilgo do not exeft ;ts r.'i. h of a iinin in the way of decorum and die--; as the people of I )eail WlKld . They iii ver look at his clothes. They do not UJNIHIN.- April lu Special Iiicimi- SPKCIAI, A N N I ) I : N ( ' i; M K N T Mr. '. A. Clark ftom Chicago is at the Hiillneli for a limited tune on his way to the l'acitlc (otust, vsltli his line nf cloths, for ladles' man tailored suits, made (o order, tils 1 i n- is probably the largest shown, and affords a rare opportunity to 1 k'udsviur! ladies to supply their wants in Ibis liih grade line. His prices) arc reasonable. ied dispati ties say that Hrahant de- ASHIMiTilN. i. ('., April HJ i ial. Senator Hoar will begin his on ihe Philippine ipnsiion T-ue-.lay ts-.l Hi hied the boers a! V opener and 'aised I'MMS. p., p; Splal The p-m Ju'v il. blares lhat a plot t - I lit . del, I l...u!.r; has I,., n tlisrosi red at A.i. Thi Italians are Implicated ..lid "in- of I hem hat alieady t Paris to 'lo the deed. Je of thai place SRl'SSEI-S. April If.. Sp-ual i.ens- .are f,i.' family di-ninction. If he has money t hi y may look al him The stM-on.l tun,. If no! . they do not Lsk him if he ever made a study of th-e latefsl mkwear. hut rath r. what he ha.s done or can do. r roriesltondent writes r.vently that will contend for the immediate relea.-, if the islands. The speech contains furty-nine ihousaud words and will reipiire eight hours in delivery. Hoar will take two days and Kxssihly three to complete it. He h.ia "I'lr i iiei, mu-i nasi- been many a (.rind parent in Hi, audience pba--d ai 'l.e i liibli, n s arues! efforts. Mi-s Zipp lead an mti n Mini; . ,,sav on "I'asler," and the exen ;s were i 1 os, - I wiin an -ft-, us, laldea.l of 'The link of A Res.' !he con gregai ion -ingtiig the is-ll; :ai:-of the old livmit. To make ihl- sets I, e ,-spe, i.illv a lla. live iht re were given vo-al and ins! ru iii.i. Ial solum by artists who are only too sel tlom heard In . Miss I I.iiiiiiiol.I ang The llrtaklng of the Has " by inal sviih a purity of tone and charm of stylt that was ib ligTn ful Mi- Hum, ugh-low e.l with 1 'ream of l'.iraih.-c ' bs tiriir Her voice, tho not large in volume, is ,b Melons in tuiaiiis . and was wtii sup lir'tl by the siolm obligato playett l-v .Mr Heirs, who later in the evening contributed a bteiutiful violin solo. "Flower Soiti ien Knier '.vas ;i( the fnril. he narmw- acajic.1 being killed Tin- Hniish Urned that t h lloor president was on the iMfltl. mnl wi'l "I1 a halloon. disrov- ,ti his ss hereabouts aii.l directed tin-. artillery fire became mi severe lhat ; We Make leral Botha forced Knif-r to iciire. tl; a few seconds after Kruger left III it - M shells 81 ru i -It and exploded h here Kru- Spent several Weeks preparing; the speech. which will probably be the grcate.-i , tioi ; of his late years. MAN J LA , A. til n; . - -Special litis three insurgents were kilksl. forty four captured, and a village in Heninel i ru vincc burned by a equadron of the Tl lavalry w hich surprised the luirra, ks containing two hundred rebels. One Ann rieau was wounded. Captain liodd ssas u, . om inaml. o- Death of Gay Kemper. b carriage had been standing. OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR . ... and ssith pure iittie Struok By a Tornado. by Tobani. given smooth !ei llllltpic. DALLAS'. Texas. April ..rial if llrl I'. S lion ti Lrs, a tost n hi rt v m i It I hey ihi not give a rap for his Kene-alo.g'i-ral t.r.iit.W. or- w belli. -r he wears his hair a la mode. They are busy, and exjK'rt n i in to he when tie has t raimir! ions with 'hem. The best nieu of business in Hie ciiv wear ban. I - nie-dow ns. and I have ,-e. ii l.ui i nr full dress suit at the theaters. Tin fellow who had lhat was mistaki n for : h.. usher. The 1 ig labor strike i on here, and. in--.le.el of improving, the situation appiars I., he. inn more aggiavaied II is a fight 1m us ..en ihe contractors and the union. UhI i'.Tsonal itilelii is li.T'iHiilig a daily, .iinin:. hourly orciirn lire. The few nun ai w nl. in the building circles are laboring ul.drl pill.c I ot ' I loll, and .ire compelled lo i i.nd take lb. ir meals :n ihe buildings, a' I . . t ihe union men i a: . h I hem inlaws, ir,-.- and under iheiii incapable for fur-luis Sam lr.sal .w all of I n a.l s imm! is here . 1 1 1 1 1 l.' In s'lnss wnh ihe big; furniture tltal-t rs. ile i i i s to ! hen' a week or two. Sunday Game at the Fort. j struck bv a tornado, aia Men and Boys ; . reiKtrtcl in h is e r i lo I in inn ami tlefmiie particular Mi-s Cay Keiup-r. the von Miss Kate Ki niper. foriuerl in four hundred I'm I . ade Sunday l, base bill b-twtH u the -I ,is lor of tuiiiy sup- i W i ! ' n:ii.. More Japanese. "'ho public have lit i n nl the proper Hfyles in male apparei. that which is newest r ml lies'. habit of lcokitip, to us for the Kach Hcnsun wo have shown l d have c.iablisheii the stand. an-i lhat of I'onipan II. l-'..r r.itupany 1. Knolls Wore the mask b-hilld ttie while Lieutenant Iill. l ihe lux in tin utdhia. h. c . tvA i; sp , .al d.,y i I'tiit. tften hundred Japanese i:ni"l i. ccii'i r of ihe diamond wnh credit, i.'om- I Steamers losljllrl f..r the name lines as those male fashion ci'iiifrs ards in this sxctinn of the co n tiy on the which have met with popular .; v. r in the fit. pany II ssas r-pri s-ni.l behind ih,- bat by Dl'llrv. while caused Ihe ball to i l ii.iendent of s, hoots, died .11 her home in Spea.lish yesterday morning at 1 o'clock She had heell ill for ,-s,-ral weeks wnh yellow jaillldlre, but lie scrum- J' - u 1 1 s '.sere anticipatiHl. She was about fifteen years old and ssas a student m the Speat -fish Normal school Her father lives on a ranch m ar SpeaiTuh, and the three (Oris. Khoda, K.ssie and (lay, have been keeping house in town. Tli- oldest sist-r, Isate, is in I'hieago, studying to Lea trained nurse. The funeral will lake place this afternoon from the family resident c in Was it the Woman. curse, under or over ttie Mirk in Ihe hands of the battels, at will M-ssrs ICHICAOO. A in il If Special UuM rharle., '. liner and wife arrnod a few .bus ago. Mrs Zi.ellncr is on her way to Wheeler mid Uurgess, un l-r the title nf t ne country Our exhibit for tne ooiniiiK winnn is realy the most interesting which wo have ever made. 'I lie styles of the men's garments SPein to us to posse-sis moro er-Meful lines, and the hoys' and children's clothe are more tasteful to our minds than any Flight, llir millionaire In yi lr inaiiiifai pr, died unlay from th.. IT ret of a un umpire, called halls or strikiv. a the case migl t be, and at the end of the nlulh in wound t o't'i vim) in I. In- items of Mrs. ning Ihe olll.c o .'-.eeper announced the t "triilge. a in the 1.' land h.itrl . v r which have been produced in many years. The fabrics thru raSbt exonerated the vmuui l.y sasing game won I.; , ,..y 1 by a cor or 'XJ A lo :. I It out the entire line show the progress which has been made, in .ir he shot himself am-i.l. m;. II v I. hi ihr 9 tistic lolh weaving, both in America and abroad, while the "let holt- in his head tells a different' AT THE CHURCHES. perfectly matched trimmings pp(i.k volumes for the painstaking Trcop ": L'lll. pr? Mrs. Iott ridge a under th- intlu- w of Intoxicants anl cota'tie when the good taste of tho manufacturers. Taken altogether, this exhibit l-.ur to spend I'm! of the 8Uiinner (i.-orge i ;,rr of Ioca.lw.Kul is slopping al the til' at North, -n hotel, on mining husi-iii -s. Hi was al one tine, treasurer of I'eiining'ion utuniy. -. T. I'rire of Kapid "its. of the tiim of llulst Ai I'rire. is al the sain.- hotel J II JaiiiiB. who promoted t h. deal at (laysille for the ltallimore A: I k ad I'.'ood einnimny. Is hero. He is noss iu-iciesnd in the proinolinu of deaLs in other part.-, of the country. George Wood, who built the r-altinmit ft IH-adwiKMl Ktaiiip mill at Haysille. is also slipping in the , iu a. . . mi allied by his wife. His home it ai i'n ,coti. Ariz., an 1 he is Ihe inventor ii. d patentee of the Wood titeij'tn stamp, of was entered by' officers. She is now is well worth tho effort it cost, its to gather, and we will bo more than repaid for our trouble ii it proves as interesting to er arrest. OfflcerH are invest i pat ing. The even! ' i.a !; .s.-k. sit. lally. will te the guard nn. n.t and ttall to Ite gist-n on Wednesday evening. Invitations have bt.n issued to th- nicmbi is and friends of Troop A -ai..l C.ffee's eyelcno on hestra has 1 ecu t-gag-,i to fir nish the music As An Early Hearing. ST. JOHN'S (THTU'II A ve-ttsl choir of user forty von eg furnished mr-sic at Si. John's Episcopal church Easter morning. Several anthems were beautifully n tillered as were also the Te Ileum, chants and solos by Mrs. Weat-pheling, Mr. Tegarty. ami others. The al far was decorated with lilies and other cut Mowers and a very excellent sermon was deliver, d l.y the pastor from ttie u x: ' I t Not Your Heart He Troubled " USHIXOTON. I) ('.. April If Sp. , ial you as wo anticipate Uiat it vill. Thf spring shapes in Hats ami ttie new shalx'S in Haberdashery -An 11 also be shown for the first time today. Wo will speak of them in more deiail at ano'tier time. -Attorney for l.oth sides in the K. nun ky sembly will be al s. , lo, k, Uar,l mount at 8 30, and after guard mount the sabre Split ap)eare,l in suprenir .oi:rt today. teked the rourt for an early hearing glSe'l OS Iht leciskm. The court set the hearing as a prize 'loi.eerTiines as a prize ?Y'r l.t pre-- iiie-l to T: -.op. r i. in- ; '. .11 begin proinp' Is 9 i 9 9 9 'April 30. The democrats intend to raise ! tIT'.l i 1 1 II g l!l ,sl, I.ailghlm I a t '.' o'clo, k. ROSENTHALS PALACE ss lie ti 'he Kiiginocring anil M Hung journal coriained a limn; di-cription .1 wis'k or two ago. His iiivintion is sit l. ling him u rimmI i es clllle. question of jurisdiction. Th-y ilaim 11 tile supreme court will hold tlmi it F.ASTKK WISH'. Th. Eh--' ter music al the ' 'on gi eg il inn i M Jurisdiction and dismiss the nur SHAWMUT COMPANY. AAjvwWWWAWAW AAAl -A. WW A. A W W. Shippers Must Pay Tax. wTiir a nirn in a ii aiTini!Al DAMI ASHIN(;T()X. II. C. April If Sp, The supreme com-'l. U i.dav I nCMmcniUMi. imi euiihluhiiix rhun h on Suniiay was excel, t II is doubtful if such beautiful music lu-s ever been so will reiidcnsl in a Iicadwootl t hlil'l ll. atld I irge collgi ta! lolls- al isi;h morning and evening services attested lb. ir i.iiion of ihe ellorts t,f , h,,,r and soloists, who km Hy soloiitc r.! t'.iei;' by many expression.- of appi-sal and contributions of eighty-five dollars. e.-tburv'.s inagnifici til To Ileum was "press companies can charge "ai t fM to shippers Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE A Kentucky Tragedy. fOPKINSVILI.K. Ky.. April 1 Sp, , ;ai CITT, C0U1TTT am. STATE, ih- firs! s.sal iiuniti.'r gisrn in 'tie morn- I i Present Capacity Will Be Doubled Within the Next Sixty Days. Kdison K licssey. pr. sid. -tit oT the Siiaw-iii 1 1 T Cold Miring company, with his wife. ..nd It. ii j ; ill i ii I.. H.ath, treasurer, arris. ! in the i its- Sunday and will h- here seseral days looking after their interests. Tiny expect to be joined by .Mr. Farmer, th- vice prcsidt ru of Ihe company, attoat I he I'm h of the moii! h. Work on the company's property in It I u k t ail . known as the Esmeralda mine, is b, ing pushed vigorously and the owners are well pleased wilh tie prospects. The Huntington mill is running full capacity and is mating atHHit thirty-five tons of I -"O. a.iJ -J l'S ; - & . e inc. b ting sung ssitti a .limine cnoir ssn.u nirc expression and tine .Iranian, eff. t t It is an eminently melodious Te Ileum, having stra.n of t x piisi;e harmony and Boone, a colored man. sssagiierisl tt exeusion irain last, r.igh: n: '"kterville. cursing and linindishir.i; a He broke a white man's skull with '"Wing pin. Uoone w aj shol and kille.1 "Ubody thrown from the irain. The """twa were panic stricken. Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. C0IiXECTI02TS ore a day. me mill is eiuai 10 a leu- Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. i i siamp mill and has In addition, six cyanide tanks. It hoa been running several weeks affording splendid opHirtuniti-s for solo md chorus work. Mrs Hullo, k s i lear and true soprano voice was heard to a.i-antage in the iiitrisluetory -olo io :b" ret numbsT. "Tiny Have Taken Away My Uir.l." by Stainer, and when iuptort-el Iv the full choir, it rang eweet ai. 1 strong above the other voices in the following quartets. Many of the congregatio-i were reminded of former davs when she s;uie more frequently than noss To Mrs. Kemer should be award-"! th" chi. f honors and praise for th- oB"rtnry solo. "An Easter Song." hy Toombs. Hav To Elect Senators. Washington. d. c.. Apm le sik- Butler int roduced a re.:itlu-the senate providing for the sub-,( of a constitutional amendment to '"let that senators be electee! by direct "' the people. The resolution was re-to the committee on privileges and " after a spirited colloquy tlween d Chandler. now and the first clean-up will be made uevt week. The ore body from which the ore is being taken is Z0 feet wide and 3u MONEY FTJ-RXTISXIETJ To any extent warrantt'ti by Ixirrowers names collaterals Acts gently on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels r.EANSES THE YSTEM err no i UML.L.1) A - . Cl!n!nrl inn ii Correspondence Ihvited. A Chicago Letter. CAGO, 111., April IS. fellow from 1 Uck Hills flniLs a great deal in t hi- the OVERCOMES sOur lonr exiK-'rience in the Black Hills is at tstoniah him. but 1 am like the service of intending investors. feet thick and runs all the way from 1-1 up. a large amou;it of it averaging from ;if, to J-'". At present, from twelve to fourteen tons a day are being taken out and milled, lhat run J40 to the ton. In a hlnion to this ore there is a good body of iron pyrites running t0 to the ton. which the tniH is unable to treat and which will be shipped to the D. 4- D smelter. Between twenty-five and thirty tons have been taken out and are ready for shipment. Preparations are being made to double the capacity of the plant as soon as the development of the mine will wan rant iu Another Huntington mill and six more vats will be put in and tt ia expected that the work will begin sometime within the next two weeks. HabitualConst'10" 1 1 UMU PErfMANENTlY Buy vwe &ENviNt -MiHTO ty ing recently returned from the benefit of study in Chicago wilh I'rof. Clement Te, .-doux, she sang, if anything, better than ever before, realizing the dramatic eft eel of the glorious song, and givint; the t li max with superb delivery and power. The last anthem, and perhaps the most beautiful, was "I Wtii Mention." hy Sullivan, consisting of a Terr lovely solo for tenor with choral responses, and ending with a brilliant chorus and amen. Mr. Flinterman, was heard at his best in th nolo of .this anthem. There ii ny voice In Dead wood of lovelier quality than bis, and DIRECTORS JOHN TREBER. iibbi' of people who ire fed in the 4 tb way It in doiie. That cow ) caJled "Ho-Ere Jim." No "l Mked his true name but tbe book-tltho Teryone waj interested lo K k was ma orhji nal. He came to wltk a trata UtmA of beef cattle, be ot Wk ba -was asked what it enM mmrabiT t one BEN BAKR, T i W. E. ADAMS. 4 HARRIS FRANKI.IN, Pres. g WM. SELBIE. Cashier.

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