The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 28, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 28, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

4 THE DAILY PIONEER TIME SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 28, 1899. DECORATION DAT. A am..j.... j. .j,t.,.....,..,.j.......... ONE GENT A WORD I no committee on observance of Decoration Day, appointed by Keogh Post, O. A. R., has prepared the follow . and Jobber ol ... Auveruaements under this head I .anuiao""'" MONEY SAVED! ONE CENT A WORD each insertion ing program and sub-committees: wuen run lasa than one month. Three manee Frank DeMouth, Thomas Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. Dowd, Chris. Randall. lines J1.00 per month. Payable in ad vance. boidieirs Graves William Gray, WANTED HELP Ltsfor. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... uiaAUWUOl) EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Furnishee help for all irho WyOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM PUMPS John Gebhart Music E. E. Clough, F. Zipp, W. 0. Rice. 7. Oration. 8. Music by the band. Male Quartette. Flowers Womans' Relief Corps. Speakers in Public Schools: High School Hon. Frexnan Knowles, employ labor and procures positions for all who want work. Mrs. Brana- gUEiud sioux oirr . fleld-Oomilin, 85 Sherman 6t N. I. WOOD. A. M M. D.. Praaidant Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, D aarwin van Ulae. Dc Helen Sachs WANTED A competent trl at Mr. A. McPhereon'a. 017 LaSalle Avenue, Chicago, III. (btaMlakttli CUm-o SUo. Bu l.t, KJS.i Tkc .Moat, UrMt, moot reliable aad nmural First Ward Rev. GWdings, N. T. Mason. Fourth Ward W. O. Temple, Judge WANTED A flrat-claaa barber Immediate lr. Apply at the Campbell house barber Washabaugh. r. rvwM. NT HUNU Wit raCIHCl. TOT .Br mMnej. Sartleal .aeratl... aarferBea la U. Bloat acl-atiae hii.w. Writ, fur circular, on Dcformltd. and Bnm, Club Ef!,2"r7,""y ' ,h sP'n. Tumor., Cancer, Blghth Grade, Congregational church hop. Lead. (tf.) rvo, Pianoforte Lessons AMD French Classes Daily; terms apilyat the Black Hill Steam Lauudry, winvDmiiciijui, -myitis, KpiieiMT. Kldn.r. Kje, Bar, Skin and Blood LliaMi, and all Suiileil Judge J. H. Burns. We also Save money in buying goods in large quantities. This s made possible since we have six large stores in whioh to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and canh discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CAS 3. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED uperauona. bm larllltlt-a, aurtu and reine.ll. President of the Day Past Comman .v. wi. .ui.ttoiui .irMiinv oi ever form of dlaeaae reouliinar medical or nurirlirai tmtmit e ak.oluw lj gaaiaatee t rare a-err eaee ol der MaJ. J. B. Falrhank. WORK WANTED Competent woman, by the day, at No, 8 Watafr at.. City. Orator of the Day Rev.. C. B. Clark, n.r..H ifcuiiKj .mi uiwases retiuiiinr rrom atiunen and lndlcret!on of Youth and Manhood ; SjMiraiator-rBpa, KeaUmal Weakaean naht Ion.,-.), laipotnary Ion (Ottxmil icen, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Mtrlo-" Fain ill. ate, etc, 'bar. KraMaable -Ak D. D. MEN Vou can earn wages while lu-nln Marshal W. A. Reiner. and expenea.', are Important- No merrury . rtnjurlna. medioinM used (imr ht froflr work or tm.ineiui-'- N. taeuraale aaaea aeeeatea, Nnediolne sent Co. D. Failure ! unknown u. we cure thnuMnds annually barber trade and complete In two months; catalogue free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. VMES P. WILSON PROGRAM: Exercises in City hall, commencing at o'clock p. m. sharp. 1. Music by the band. 2. Reading of orders by post adju w have ten thnuund WNtimn lial letters on file from rrraiesful p&tleota permanently rured. Write ua Vm4mj. Patienta frum a dl;anre treats! tiy maltJtffff.rtnr- tent ereryvtherr fret frm gaze and breakage St ate fit'l hi story mtul exact aynmtoma of your ruse and nend t or plnfloa and teraM fonnultt1on .'reeand confidential, pemonally or t.y letter 1 0 nuge Hook oa all MintnU and ftBtfrtcal meaea vnd llet of ISO queatiaa fre. (Mention Ji i par FOR SALE. ttorney-at-Law, Olymple Club Building Owner Sherman and Dead wood Street Clothing Shoes, tant. iJt-sirablo building lots on Lincoln avenue, Ingleside. Lumber furnished Dry Goods and I GO TO ... to build. Edwin Van Cise. t' BY BUYING - South Dakota. DWOOD FRANK SGHREYER, Ixrts P.-ir Sale Howard'8 Addition. 3. Prayer by Rev. Barron. 4. Song by Male Quartette. 5. Recitations, singing, etc.. by school children. 6 Song by Male Quartette. Immediately on conclusion of exercises in hall, the procession will be formed byy the marshal, and proceed to Mount Marian cemetery, wiiere the services will be concluded according to the G. Notions at his additioT to Dead.vood, beautiful Fresh and Salt Meats, ly Kx-ntrd on the Park bench, adloin Xo. too Sherman St. CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP A, R. ritual, conducted by Commander Clough. A committee will be sent to 'V. H. MOORE acks-nith and Wagon Maker, 'JEJD-IIj an gsne-ul re- i (he Dudley Spring, iu the First ward, is now open for settlement. Se pl.t! and prices at ollj.-e of I'"d .vin Van t"ise. 1ot.s for sale from $o.j up in Pleasant View Addition to the City of Dead wood. J. J. Keldhauser, Black Hills, telephone 109.. JOS, FORD, AUOTIOJMBEIl. Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. RINvJ done on short notice. Persons removing from Dt'iulwood should have their household goods disposed of by a responsible auctioneer. 66 Sherman St - Harmon Tel. 165 All Kindt of Carriage and Wagon Woo4 Work; alio Carriage Fur FOR SALE New Hattenhauer phaeton at bargain. Inquire of J. J. Feldhausen. FOR SALE Furniture and lease of best paying lodgingB in town. Apply to Pioneer-Timee. Deadwood, May .anil Satirflay mm int 11 Pine Street, Deadwood, I. D. UAUaaaaaaaaaaaaaikaaaaa l1l?TfffffffffaffffTTf ff THE DERBY Is Headquarters For Wines, Liquors and Cigars, No. ,43 Main Street. BJ- fj( QHTER PfOP FOR SALE Three of the beat ranchee on Bear Butte T alley, 16t acre each; orer 11,000 Improvements on one; wllj be told at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Tlmea ofttce. Call on the Hills Liter Company, Befork Buying Lanber, Lath. Shingles, Sash Ooors, and Moulding Saamai St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. Sand's & Astley's English-American Shows. FOR SALE A diamond stud, on tad one-half karats, for lees than Wholals prtoe; Inquire at this office. the Catholic cemetery to decorate the graves of soldiers buried there.. The order of march will be arranged and duly announced by the marshal. The memorial sermon will be preached in the First M. E. church at 8 p. m. by Rev. C. L. Kirk, on Sabbath preceding Memorial day. OBSERVATIONS. The 30th day of May is national holiday for all the people, and Is not claimed exclusively by the Grand Army of the Republic, and that organization by common consent, 1s expected to taks the lead In Its observance. Sines last Memorial day, our army and navy have toeien making history with unprecedented rapidity, have added a new lustre and glory to our arms and national achievements, have carried our flag, victoriously, Into foreign ports and hostile lands, until today the sun never sets on its beautiful fold. With all this has come sacrifice, suffering, death, but out of lit has been barn a purer love of country, a sub-timer patriotism, and a broader and more unselfish devotion to the causa of liberty and human rights everywhere. This glvi to Memorial day a new baptism and a holler consecration. Let Deadwood, laying all else aside, for one short half day, remember the fallen heroes of their coimiury, garland their graves, perpetuate their memory and gather such Inspiration from their noble deeds of daring and sacrifice, as will render dearer to us all tihe land we love, and which their valor saved. -TRAVELINQ ON IT8 OWN9PBCIAL RAILROAD TRAIN8.- FOR RENT. The Henshaw . . European Hotel Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room, Nicely furnlsLed roonu M reaaona-bla rates Noble block, 721 Main Btreet, Mrs. Garr. J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public. 5 Agent la Black HUlt for U. 8 FURNISHED rooms by the night or week 'or lodgings, 26c and 60c. Grand Central, Main street. Prop. OmahA, Neb T. J. O'BBIEN, 1509 Parnam St. - "utr and Guaranty Co. AU kind l watts and Judicial bond written wly. Please get ray rates before rI to sign your bond. PT"" " insurance polldes, "iocs, ueadwood, 8. D. Telephone.: Harriaon 118. i Black Hllla 14. FOR RENT Six-room house, Jut newly papered and In fine order, at $18.00 per montai. Apply to Cush-man, 402 William art., or at Toung'i office, Lee ct. tl Mlllaaa B. M. AIKINS. ATTORNEY AT LAW Room I Syndicate Block, DBADWOOD, - - SOUTH DAKOTA T.J. DO WD, ttrleVOTXQAX. atchmaker, Jeweler FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by day, week or month. Inquire over Ladles' Bazaar. FOR RENT For the summer, to party with . small family,- furnished five-roam house, with bath. ! 69 Forest ave. The committee trust that all the persons whose names appear on the pro AWII OPTICIAIf. In 4S liunra Oonorrhrpa nd aiharirvsf mn. the nrinarT"- gram and committees will cheerfully serve, and do all in their power to make this one of the most successful "r Din. t i ... . - . can. ermtp-i by HantaJ WMy Carwrote wi thou tin con venlenoe Capmlwwlthoutlnoin venienoe .nuw. Priot, SI. of ALL. rrujrjriW, p. Q. Box pwjmr, furnished room. FOR RENT One nicely 729 Main street. tiA EiamiflBr for the F. E. & M. ?. tail win tmr wtWaotlon m work and Inquire FOR RENT Four-room house, of Miss Cooper, 97 Forest ave. Memorial days ever known In our city. It comes but once a year, and to some of us may never corns again. This la the last Memorial day of the 19th century. Ere that of the 20tb century 'shall dawn, many old soldiers will have answered the reveille sounded from the heights of eternal peace. C. B. CLARK, F. ZIPP, GRANVILLE G. BENNETT, Committee. DBADWOOD. S. D. STRAY NOTICES. Painter, Paper Hanger, Kalsominer. Having secured the paint shop tic-marly occupied by Williams & Son under the new Western Union Telegraph oflioeM ajn prepared to prwrnptly eie- A Grand Display of Arenic Talent And Rare Zoological Collections. Rare and Costly Wild Beasts from rem ote Countries and Troupe of Wonderfully Trained Domestic Animals. Stupendous Aggregation of Noted .Male and Female Performers In Startling and Sensational Feats ot Skill and Daring. -3rGIass-Andrfi(?SRn STR i VRD From Carbonate, two horses, one dark brown, weight 1,100; Hwuware Comnani. cut from wire right foreleg. Just below shoulder: shod all around; one light 8ATURDAT EXCURSIONS The Northwestern Line" to Hot Via sorrel, white hind feet, little white In face, unshod. Leave at Simpson's Springs. fyde and To Hot Springs and .return at one far Lcujmll orders for nouae painting, pap- Portia Qood. barn, Deadwood, or send Information to for the rovad trip ticket good for return "Mij . I m- ti&nirin caJclminlnK. GfeLln and Pioneer-Times. . Funny Clowns to Make You Laugh. on or before the following Tuesday. The aLi a. H . r? , r baj U -work ot timt Character. Elkhora 1 the popular route to this pop I ajhah employ only first-class work- 1 9 allnAH ster resort JAs " the train leaves Dead-wood I d. m! st the close of bustness Novel Performs noes New and Highly Educated Poatea and Dogs in Exclusive Festares Never Seen Before. men and will fraaraatae satlafaoUan. it wity not be Wr Wp 1 can do work, bat bxnr good. Trial orders soUoltsd. : O. C: LACKOUS. hoars. o X FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER. ' Will ofWetusi' a horrible Burn, Sralda Cut er Brulsa Bncklen's Arnica Salve. tn es In the world, win kin the pain and promptly beat It Cures Old Sores, ver Sores, Ulcere, BoOa. Felons, ' .' Cora, all , BWa Brapttoaa. Beat File cure oa eartlv Only Be. a SUBURBAN RESIDENCE FOB SALE AT A BARGAIN. Good, substantial 8-room ; frame bouse, cellar, firs acres ground three-quarters of an acre fenced and planted to vegetables, adjotaliig the Peck garden; for sals cheap. Francte W. Russell. o COMBINED, The First ward meat market and the -Cash Market," the new firm k styled Ue "Ornate Meat Market." They mmi boatness and irtn do t , too, Deadwood Two Days Only SSSdS? June 2 and 3, -CO TO - OvIIillard, ' iUSKEL & SOU. Headnuarters ii P.ifis t. - i f rt i ' If ' ' J - box. Core guaranteed. Bold oy TaOSpa a Bttenasn. Prtggtsta. Twe Fwformaaoaa At S:N and t:M a, as. Doors Opea One Boer BarUer. For a'Flne Loach, Fine Drinks, Best In the City. : CHAS..C. BOHL, Prep Het Omaha prions, eon and sm or and get a pleasant awrprlee at Md. , rrrr a- OaWItt .'.Wife' Hev 7Haln 7

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