The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

T. RIL 15' 19- THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEAD WOOD, S. D. WANTEDSITUATIONS. Beebe & Cleveland O. C JEWETT, fST a word THE GROCERS ARCHITECT. WANTED Position, by a first-class engineer and electrician Address Engineer, care 1'ionecr-Times rtiiemenU under tnu neaauc A WORD each insertion, when $ ,lsn one month, three lints iii.'i Sherman Street New Waite Block. Harrison Telephone 114 OUIU, yujau'o ... b per n .van'.: 1 to supply your Are prep. u MISCELLANEOUS-WANT. --J-, rmm in the line- of groceries o; i y. WANTED HELP. Orders tak'-n for house, -it aning DKADWOOD. . D. J P. HYMER COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- 0TRr r or nfecttor. the lovv solic't ; iii at No. Dea.I- With a e.-t price' s hare of other sliort jobs (jf housew.-rk. G Water street, or 1'. (). Box ;,, wood. . ni;i;lete stock it 1 1:. y 11-spiM'ffiill .I'll1 patronage. ... unrk on a ranch. In- lllr!f I Slioiidy or IMoneer-Times. jaire oi J- FIDELITY BONDS. All kinds of bonds written: Appeal tt- Plain sowing done. Will K,, out by the day, or teke s-wing at home. Itooir It, Mis. Miller's Lee street. J. A. GREEN t .TEl) good woman for fit tiera! ' Forrest House, St. HEALER IN lachment, replefln, bonds for executors, administrators. All Judicial booda exe cuted without delay. Don't uk 7xir 9lge, S. 1- Groceries aid GonfectionBTV friend to sign for you until you gat our rates Lodse officers, treasurers, and official bonds specialty. SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SI'k. .-. One- fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. flood to return following Tuesday. Popular train leaves I lead wood 6 m. Via Northwestern line. P1EI ,, firo.s. . Hudson. Olympic Block, Dvadwood. rimnu VI.rrlnn 19- Rll-k Hlll Ifll' a i i Phone In residence, Harrison, 88. rrTdernonstrators; ap- AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, ' t.iuotes a few of his prices as fiillov'" and wishes to announce that all othc roods in his stock are lieing sold -it tbe same low prices: Per Can. 'Y-11' "toL C. Verplast, Sherman street. From Garrett tu Cellar 7Er-Vomen to bind dress " k.m. Steady work; dis- House Cleaning Republican State Convention. To Ihe lii'iHiblic an Electors of the Slate of South liukotu: There will be a rlcle-Kare c i.nv, in iUii of the republicans of the stale of South l)iikoi:i. hebl in the city of Sioux Palls, on Weilnes.lay, ihe 2'M day of May, A. I). l!i(Ml, at '2 o'rlack p. m , for Ko disadvantage;, ask your dealer P ... v..ra Shields and Alko FLOOR CARPETS ON A SPECIALTY. 'ne iui'i(Kse or electing eight del gait's. 1 0 Tomatoes Pst Plums t alifornia I reen Cages l.est Peaches Lest HiLspl.erries Post Si raw berries Excellent Hirdle Sauce Ihe rei ublii an national convention, to be .peptic Odories 1 .nap on wait without sewing, doctor catalogue of work. Koru Co.. f-2 l!'",,n,p St- New V"rk- held in the en y of Philadelphia. June l!i .l-'l- :o JO Jn 12'i 'JO jo th- Carix ts beaten. Carpets laid, Carpetd A. 1). l'.iiio. and for the furl hr Purpose A v I iv. iv.; . t l.awcta-c. Mass.", describes an interesting condition of affairs in !.cr in isc':u.'nl When she fi rst heard of Ripans Tabule she was lnvi:;s' an a .. . ;1 spell with her stomach. She had had them off and on .all lur life anJ l:ad sv.allowcd enough medicines to stock up a drug store. "1 was losin; flesh everyday," said she. "Som days I was so weak I couldn't ;ct out of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I wouldn't be here now" ' Two dollars' worth of Ripan Tabules was all she ever used, an l they made her a well woman. Her husband s ivs site looks better no.v than he ever saw her. Shd made lu a t.-.-c the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Ripans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . of iilaeiiiK nomination two candidates sewn, Carpets fitted to any room. I no Picca- for congress, a candidate for governor, 1 ion 1 1 nan! governor. slat I reasurer. Ix st of refetences. Leave order as John C. Haines. ' FOR SALE. supcrititcii'lciit of coininMsioncr of -laic auditor, public in-t i net ion. lilli. was --".c it.. now 1 est Mustard Pickles, per qt. . . A trial order is solicited, and 1 , st of satisfaclii.n guaran 1 cd . IbE-Hecond hand, in good !V jirfiL' on,'in" school an I public- landsd, attorney general, railroad commissioner, four candidates for ure-idct.l ial electors, and also W. H. MOORE national coinmitl for reconitnciidtii order. 25 H. l- " jH. P. side crank. 4 and la II. . '. ... i,iior f, II. P. upright boil t rans.i. I ion of such oilier titan and fur lb bieiness as ni.e may come before a republican ntion All voters of ihe state ,;ilc I Leam pmups, wood lathe, pulley,, Anna A. Leuhrs NO. f.ll MAIN STREET. -4 other machinery. oi':- eWorks. 1210 Jones ht.. v.... is, Neb. I-hm-, all kinds .- to llle til.o ,lo!e 1 1 1 pine II. c .1 111 her llll f -ew um from I he cie ap ,111-1 will fe pb-as. , to t hi ,-i-i i !i : 'u- - u may Ai be.- p 1. 1. "'i w ill siok a in..- ho.- of Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE- PAIRING UUNE ON SHORT NOTICE. All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carnage i- urtiisliings 11 and 1 J Pine St.. - lieadwood. S. D ,R 5A1.E-A seven-room dwelling A. L. tin i cum am ly in l-.-.olv lnade wrappcl w Inch -he bus on sal It w ill pay you to cm in and mob ri-'a me n t s. at teas. .liable p; ic.-s on her. Oclnving in republic-an principles, and ho c-:i Icl-C the policy of the republic .111 part'., arc iiou.d to unite under this call f, - lie- -c-b .' of .1. l.-uat. -i in pad c.ui- V lllloh. 'Idle state c-omilllllec has ret- - m, lid. d Dial no ln-oi'-s be aliened in ihe sin- convention, and Hint the del"-ir-,1, aicl ab. rnatcs pr.-. nt cast the full vol, for .a'h county The ratio of repp--s, ,, canon w ill be as follows: Two delegates at large from each county on- additional dob-gate for each fec-v vc-c-s ..r major friction tin-roof east for II .n. Kirk : rhillil"-. republican ,d,,la.c for governor, at Hie elecimn of ivcv The rej.reselllallnn to Mch the s.vcial counties will be enutled to under this .-all is a follows: Number of voles Number for K '. 1' "f 3rown. MILES L c.i t.'t'r..mlss at 5.1 1iwer iaia Btieet, $0ou.00; half cash, bailee on time. Apply to H. M. Ma CATARRH THK CI.KANSINO iMI 1IKAI.INO luney. ,,1,111 ...I.H .JJ, , Thoroughly Equipped Railway 1 S5BAU?M LsiRABLE building lots on Lincoln in ive,, iien-BJi Third Annual Ball Dead wood Laltor rninn No. 14, V. F. M. .Opera House.. DKADWOOD. Tuesday, Evening April 17 11 CATARRH Wit Ingleside; lumber turnisneu ! to build. EDWIN VAN CISE. Of I m w. - i w .v..---- -- Ely's Cream Balm Air.-' i . II. a ll-Hon 11. until III, . .klllC llrow n' llrule liufi.ib) ... .'barbs Mi BR SALE A No. 1 location on .-.her- aan street for sale at a bargain. The Shortest and Quickest Route to T.mJ and pleasant" u- C'.'i'iaais 110 in-jurioim tlrui.. ll is inio!,ly absorbc.l. (.ivcs ltelicf ill inii'i . Address I.. M-, Gen. Delive-y. is It 1 iiic, 18 ami CI' 'him'h "COLD 'N HEAD tlie Nanal I'as-iic s R SALE- head of mixed catlle. T K I RClIi:STKA :ivkct. - - ?i-,H' . I IVB 1 Cllli.1 11 '"- ... lb lis ancl I'r .lci is Mciiil.nuie. noslcrc uic s :'... of T-iste and S,ci. -II. l.arce Size. ( out- at niisisuiig of milch cows, 2 and o year Ur.ic.'-.'ii-l'" ,,r l,v mad : l s.c, I" i-i-iim "y man. eld steers, 2 and 3 year old heifers and t'OM.VnTTEi-: ELY UltoTUElts, iii w arreu Mruci, .M-w mu. !ir!ings. For terms aj.ply to T. tamoDil, Centennial, or Henry l-'raw - Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Eletrant new Pullman Palace sleeping cars, and Free Re- kj. DeaJwood. Kx.i-uliv. -C ! 1. Mc Hitter Canmiack. W. In lam y. E. 1. S : Floyd SmaPidge. i i,,,r I-' ('. Sliurar. illi nn ' is I 4:'l V.'" .171 ': n FOR RENT. Dyspepsia Cure 4ss ::is 4ii7 l.llM FOR RENT Small furnished n-oin K pr month. Enquire at room . clin'mo- Chair C;irs on all thn.uj;h trains. Railroad and Steam-ship Ticket- to all parts of the world. For further informa key. lt,.,e,li.ii'. C. H. McAllister, fhas Stuvi. KloMl Smalliilge, V. C. Mo l.augblin. P.. A. Iii ee.Jiiip. FIoor-Kr.'.nk n'augli, Chas. Cor. in us. William I. laney. Arthur Wize Chas. Lovinger. tiler House. Digests what you eat. Ttor-tlcH-iolltf rliiruut. 1 Vic ffMfJ And aid n cv Codiiigton . . I'usi.r Ihni'lsen - Hay I lend I lunulas Kdmunds .. f ill Itiver Faulk ilrnn' lln-rlin Hani Han-son .... Hughes Hun hmson Hvde loranbl .... Kingsbury . Lake Lawrence .. Lincoln Lyman Marshall ... Mri'ook Mcl'herson Meade Miner Minnehaha Mond Pennington Potter Itob.-rtr Sanbor.i Jl :0E RENT Three partly furnished tion call 'Hi r write. jifti unit mnj Mip,..-i.u i..- Nature in strenntheiiiiit,' and reconstructing t ho exhausted digestive or-pans. It is 1 he latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation moms, 11 Fillmore street. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent, Deadwood. S. D. 4t :.m :. '.si LP'O 1-'". :.t'. . .47:t 41-11 n:'.ii can approach it in clhcieiicy. it in KRN1SHED rooms. Inquire secon'l stantly relievpsanii pernianeni iy cuies Ik loorofMrs. L. E. Miller's block. 14 Dyspepsia, jnaiesiion, nrauuuiu Qiiir Stnmnrh. N:ilK(a In b.inrfl OonciThfc-i ai. 1 dic:,ap--c-l r--To Ci" ic - nar-v i- 1 I v Mel . I v pi RENT Six-room house, b07 I'p- I KM UIV.IIt.1) trrnii iiw Sick ncadache,Gastralciii.Cramps,ant all other resultsof imperfect dikrestion. Cook Remedy Cc .-. s. .-I A 1.1 W Main street. Apply to H. O . l.-.T For Sale by K. (1. PHILLIPS. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR PR RENT Two giKxl dwelling hous- i " 41! 1 o. . .-41 l.'J'i -pink Stanley . eV.T. "Wl T. H. M STEARN. "I 100D POISON PRIMAIiV. SECONDARY 01 TERTIARY II LOO D POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b treated at home for the same Sully Turner :4 J. DO WD, Watchmaker : Optician, I nion fat RENT Three nice rooms, fur- out leioii- bi.'od poison, nitbt l..s,cs liervoni ic' . i ! -1 v nod allied I rouble- t reatod under a leid ni-irinf- ( orre-ixilidclico sinrlly pnval ft.. w ire. .f imiiaiors bo are cjpyinB us iWrito for .ue-lion list.) 31 Walworth 1.1 V. Yankton tiihcd or unfurnished. 519 Wil- uountiiw lnon-'anizoil nrice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will 1 .. . .... V. mote lams street. 3-15-1 m e- . .n-o fa hrtj,l bills and no charee If we fall to cure. II Delano ami Sc" "' Jeweler Cregory . . at :i IS'.' 71 no or. a ml Jackson. Now no pRENT-Offlce iooni, lower floor Sterling & Washabaugh block. Mullen & Munn. Pratt I'resho Ziebach Maca a wen von haVe taken MEKCURY.- IODINE POTASH. and still have ache and pains. V roV" erUES in mouth. SOORE THROAT. PIMPLES. COPPER-COLOR-rM SPOTS V-LC-ERS on any part of tre bodv HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING ti T It Is this HLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure. We solicit tb L,Lt f niriN-ATE PASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT rt RE This d I sease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST , EMINENV PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public met. Klnns and Emperors of forel rn lands have succumb to ti... disease-seven when under . "emeY unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we hare a SECRET REM -UY oi rlelve,. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no ?JentY dlffnt conrms have started up to lmlute our treatment, prompted by ou .ipnted success: today net one of the remains In business. 1.(152 nan or p RENT-Overland hotel, Sherman rrnled February 1 ' liaioi. tate ooroniliov. Ity order of the wait- ,,KR1,KD. C11AK' 'chalrnian. a. r a. ir.i i INDAPO Secretary. "Wt; newly plastered thruout; rtrie lighu, steam heat, sewer "Mrtlons, etc.; 24 rooms besides , dining room and kitchen. Ap-totoJcjn Baggaley, Agent. HINDOO RtMtOY We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, r Kl 1 1 ' . V l" inm, m."" X 1 4 - .ll J1 . Si I THh WlU'ii: HOUSE Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. Fsrai 81ee?lew.DcM4. Nisbtly Ei-1- I RENT Delmonlco Restaurant, I lilt Ja. . ... 1 1 rigor and.iie to .hmnkrn omna. and qnteUJ DB. mr,lT rwr V Manhood in oii or bull) carried in vock. Fri ''ll Forrest Hii.i The most desirable location vur io pO8l0mce. r urnisueu team heat F. D. Smith. tamrt aa hiring IND iPO II xoar drusgl haa in the City. Its attractions a. , 20 IV. We Will M) C . l.u- rt.MlNlO JF.'HtDy CO.. ero.r. Ckf III or aar arts THE COOK REMEDY CO. ha8 permanently curert thousands ana na ' world-wide repuUtlon for speedy cure, honesty and integrity. v..' NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. 0. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLEDGES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Mires: CM REMEDY COMPANY, 1928 M?sonic Temple, Chicaio, 111. Don't Be Fool edi LOST. STHOT.' I :!.! -oftl vkM4, SO YEARS' OK EXPERIENCE finelyi. 1 " FURNISHED ROOMS. RUNNING WATER. STEAM HEAT. PT.FCTRIC LIGHT, , - UJCU-UICCU 1J 1 C IV C 1 ' J Put of chain. Please return to Takf Ue genuine. oniu. ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Msdion Medicine Co.. Madison, Wis. It keeps you well. Our trsde mark cut on each package. Price, 35 cent. Never sols In bulk. Accept no substk i street, or this office. -k man of PalpRtine. with ,o ... tute. Ask your arugsis.. No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Trade Marks nrtlCNI "CL1PIDCNE" r.A.vRir.uTS Ac THE FINEST MEATS lk, fastened to roller. If the C! 100,1 the map from thr r desk- In the post office" lobby L it with Jason Baker, no iU be asked.- L WAKTED--AGENTS. I Thc..rMlVMtUbll .... - ' .... . - . r. rfotfrintlcin ma. Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and Sporting Goods. J v-i ti. i7j. r.the oreecrl Fill quickly cure too of all Dep. AT tlonol a iaaiu..- . T m;.ve enru, Ton or lbs- -' ' ''; ... ..mi, al J.aa niilckW aKwrtai-i our opinion free whether ap invention is prahlr ratentablft f otnroonlra-li..n.rictlfs.nnJiiuaL llnlbnok on H.tetKa .ont free. olrte.t nceiicr for MTinng patent.. P.tents taken'h Munn a Co. receive tprruil nnlict, wi'hout cb.ive. In the Scientific American. . .. . .., . . ..h T wMt rir. iibubi.iu. - : .c i-:v. l.inan'ui s- . . - r.wT Coiisiirat.nn. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OJaiAHA. I u:- it.'' - . j I'P)t,.i' rttrMwc- ' Gus Keller's Market Bcroar.-. w , sr, A nanaaomeiy - all ml.tton .f any ertenoSj J-"1 ; 'A J. C.CARSONi V' ant boys or loafers to wt aen ot ability. 200 to $500 tV Salesmen and general ..J" Sllw7 or commission. Ex-inducement. Racine Fire !jt Mrt Co, Racine, Wis. Deadwood Office Syndicate few: tour ioohim, i- d uj .t ii I. ' MUNN XGn.36111"-"' NeW lOrk l 12 Main Strwt. Deadwood. aTSOT

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