The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 15, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1900
Page 2
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SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEEKTIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. This terrible example may serve as a warning to other sons of millloniares who may be tempted to go to work, it may teach them that there are things worse than accepting paternal checks. Your Liver Will be roused to its natural duties and your biliouMir, headacbe and constipation U- cured if you take Hood's PaSBs Sold by all druggists. 25 cents. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877, CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. whereat they may fortify themselves i resurrection of Lazarus but counrmed this conviction that Christ being dead they would never see- him again, ana furthermore that Hi', had died rhe vic-tinie of his ow n zeal and that wiih I..a death liis mission had forever failed. Hut when in the old familiar tone lie addressed them, sayiim "Handle me ami see; a spirit ha'li nut flesh and hones. :.s ye see I h:ive." their dotilit Kav way and when Christ le- liifsted the old till!" privilege (.( eat-iiiK with tliein llei skepticism winish-ed forever. With what i-ooin ; f i-iler-liess does Jesus deal with the l.n II, lis PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. against the seductions of a six-dollars-a-wi-ek situation. It will lie just as well, perhaps, for them to leave such disirable jobs to other young men who really in ed the money, and w ho have sounder bodies and stroug-T eyes, for the reason, possibly, that lh'y luu'e not rich papas. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year . ,1o.00 Six Months 5.00 One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 Entered us Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. also with the dark inin-ied do.ihter. Thomas? As He met him eih. days alter, challenged by his Master in test tlie truth of His real mvk in - !i the t st the dis' iple proposed, the las: doubt vanishes, and Thomas, with mingled sorrow ;.ml exultation, exclaims: "My Lord and my God." Supremely convinced of the stupendous fact of th" resurn ( tlon. w nat flaming evangels the ome doubting, disciples became. L'ntil uie last day of their lives they proclaimed everywhere the death and resurrection of Custer Chronicle: The republicans of Kail River and Meade counties hciu tliiir conventions last Saturday. Both instructed their delegates to the state convention to supiiori E. V. Martin tor congress. The :.;ik and file of the republican voters of the Black Hills, t'uster county will hold its convention this afternoon, and there is no doubt but what the delegates will be instructed for Mr. Martin. As this writing it looks as tho nothing could preveni Mr. Martin's nomination, even tho he should lose his own delegation, that of LawTeuce county. Rev. T. M. THE NOMINEES. ForMayor JAMES M. FISH. For Treasurer H. BISCHOFE. 'cr Treas. School Board MARIE J. GASTON. consulting the best int -rests of t In ii publican party It a bad time f.r ' "-.i If-gratifying politicians to attempt to control tin party m tlnir own m-ten st It it is going to be necess try for the republican newspapers of the llhlck Hills to speak plain in tin sf matters the Star is tint going to be backward alHuftifcJui.t. ''"I"' ,n:'' it may not be necessary. The results thus far have shown that tiie republican press has fairly represented the republican sentiment an I if it is possible for a minority of the party in any county to in some manner thwart the will of the majority ;.nd thus stall the party and the newspapers of the party nothing less can be expectcu than to hear some straightforward discussions from th" newspapers, anu "manipulators" alone will lie accountable for whatever unfortunate results may ensue. These remarks are i -tiled foi th by the follow ing discission between the SpcaitishMail and I'iniieer-Tiint s as to the possibilities of the contest between Mr. Martin an I Judge Moody: " The coming county convention will furnish a pretty clear inde of the popularity of the two genii "men in tlnir home county - Mail. Perhaps so. That will depend upon whether the primaries and convention are manipulated. - Pioneer-Times. Shouid Mr. Martin fail of nomii.,1-tion, Mr. Moody's chanc.'-s are greatly enhanced. Lawrence county republicans will decide tlie question. Mail. How about the other Black Hills counties'. Are tin y to have no voice in tho matter? Are tlie instructions of Meade and Fall River utilities to ignored? A largo majority of the republican voters of Lawrence county favor Mr. Martin. Are thev to Bo die Shanilfelt of Huron, superintendent oi Baptist missions, is reported in the Deadwood Pioneer-Times as having itcently stated to a reporter that Mr. Martin's nomination is i unci iled east of the river. It is Ileiried. Martin f u Burke. For luBtice of the Peace P. H. EARLY. NATHAN COLEMAN. 10HN SHEEHAN. SOLD ONLY Aps & Wardman Hardware k Christ. Saul, the scoffer ami persecutor, became Paul, the believer and missionary. How mightily the church grew in numbers ai d in inllueine. In evpry town and city of the Roman empire the good news that deatn had been conquered and that there was lifo beyond the grave was proclaimed. Light from another world brok in upon the darkness of our world. The last winds comins from the risen Christ to John, His beloved, were: "I am !: that liveth and was wead. Heboid, I am alive forever; 1 hold in my hamis the keys of death and the grave." The rtsurrection then is no legend as a C. L. SlEWERS, FOR ALDERMEN. First Ward A H. OLSEN. allen Mcdowell. Second Ward GEO. V. AYRES. SIMON JACOBS. Third Ward SFENCER V. NOBLE. A. E. 1IORNBERGER. Fourth Ward BERNARD VYLLEN. FREEMAN KNOWLES. 'I he I'ioncer- l inn s is not prepared :o positivilv s(y that the i iiy. th-state or the nation will go to tlie demon ion dogs 11 Mr. Ay res is" not elected to the council from the Siii.ud wan!, and Mr. Mull, u from the Fourth, but ir noes know laat city affairs will be in much bett' i hands. Without them flu re will only be two or three men in the conih i callable of lending intelligent aid to Mayor Fish in making :i successful I'dministratioii. It wo'ibi be a scurvey trick to elect the old man mayor and then giv him a majority ot nonenities for aldermen. Columbia Bicycles glorious historic lact. i: has been severely tested and found immovable.; Our own Easter Sunday service with its songs of joy and its anthems swelling with immortal hope, becomes ( AND BICYCLE SUNDRIES The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills fated to by the minorit v ? Pioneer- MEMBERS SCHOOL BOARD. Ftret Ward G. W. HOWES. Second Ward. S. M. HOUGHTON. Third Ward F. ZIPP. Fourth Ward FRANK DENNIS. a fitting memorial of the greatest fait in human history. The world would he lonely loday without thee annual observations. The great fact they commemorate dispels the gloom ot deatli ; robs the grave of it:; horrors, and brings heaven and earth 'together in a common bliss. Our dead live; for the Risen One said before He went away: "He that believelh iu .Me shall never dfe." What we call d"ath has Custer county fell into line with Meade and Fall River 'n it.i instructions to its delegates to support Mr. Martin for congree. Bennington anu Butte will do likewise without opposition. There may b some unw ise, illy-conceived opposition in tins county, hut it will vanish as soon as the convention is called.. Times. The Pioneer-Times fhitiKs that four- ' fifths of the republican voters of Law- j mice county are favorable to Mr. .Mi,' tin. I hen if the isr,!ie is fairly tested j there can be no doubt of the result In i that county. That will make the Hills' unanimous. But should Lawrence V.VV.V.W.V.V.W.M WAVW.V.W.V.V.'S Shortest- today another definition. God's plan is eventual immortal life. Let the graves of loved ones V.j decked with flowers todav. Let oil? hearts and homes be gladdened by the story that will never ,'row old; the Shortest EASTER sr.VD.1l'. All hail! was the Jubilant sentence with which the risen Christ saluted the . frightened women who had come to Joseph's sepulchre early on the morning after the Jewish Sabbath. They had come with spices to embalm the body of Christ, the last office which love could perform in proof of The British home government will doubtless do its best to keep the dis-coruaging news from the army in South Africa of the Boer expedition of a Philadelphia messenger boy who caier ries -O.l'Ol) boy's signatures to Oo:n l'aul. story of the resurrection. county be otherwise manipulated the acting of the other counties will not be .uni ted thereby. The Speartish Mail is very presumptuous in declining that: "Lawrence county republicans will decide the question." These matters have been left to the "lost Direct Saves Let the churches be fragrant with the sweetest flowers. Let it's songs he those of joy and blessed hoie; let Hours Hours its ministers rise to the glory of this The Boer forces which are again operating far south of Bloemfontein are memorial day and proclaim with a new running a big risk of not being so sue To earnestness the blessed truth, a starving world is hungering for. eesful in escaping Roberts on their Its constancy. As those women approached the sepulchre they were met by a group of angels, who astounded them by announcing, "He is not here, he is risen." Thus angels announced to the slumbering shepherus the birth of Christ And it was also their mission to proclaim to these heart-broken women his wav back as they were on a former he- dictation of Lawrence county so long that some of the manipulators there actually have the notion that they do control the Black Hills. They will find things changed this year, and even tho the republicans of Lawrence county may be so unfortunate as to he controlled by someof the manipulators ot "The Ixrd is Resurrected,' and cause He lives, we fhall live a'.so. soccasion. Bryan is good enough to pity Dewey Kansas City, St. Louis and all Southern Points And . Days Days BACKERS HARD LIFE. The admiraljtilK-probably return the compliment in November, when the resurrection from death. "The Lord is risen, indeed, ' was the boy-orator has nothing to fall back upon except his book on "The Second Battle " startling report made by two of the disciples as they entered the little room where the rest of- their number were Deadwood, the other counties of the Hills propose to assert their independence and do what they think is for the best interests of the Black Hills and the republican party just as indicated by the county conventions of Meade and Fall River counties ;ast Saturday. Thers is an erroneous impression concerning the character of the banking business which has given rise to the phrase of "bankers' hours" in referring to the comings and goings of any person holding down a soft job. It is generally supposed that the lifs of a banker is one of uninterrupted ease, To They are a little hard to suit in con assembled, on the evening of the Sun gress. They threw Roberts out because day. "These men Jiad met tue Master he had too many wives und now they Cape Nome Portland, Seattle, and all Pacific Coast and Montana Points, throw Clark because he has too much while on their way to Enunans. Blinded by their great sorrow, they had failed to recognize Him within their I money. a ceaseless round of "beer and skittles The mistake of all this is made appar own humble home, in the early twi light hour. ent by the present condition of Honore Palmer, son of Potter Palmer by his MARTIN ENDORSED. Belle Fourche Bee: Meade and Fail River counties have endorsed Hon. E. W. Martin for representative. There is no question but Pennington W, T. ROBERTSON. TICKET AGENT. Maybe there won't be a lot of haw-hawing in the Marcus Daly camp out in Montana over yesterday'3 action of the senate committee on elections. And in the breaking of bread the wife. Bertha Honore Palmer, now in charge of the Paris Exposition. familiar voice returned thanks to the Father of all voices. Then the veil Young Palmer started in to learn to and Butte will follow in the same course. It is now up to Lawrence be a bank president by accepting a. was lifted; their eyes saw clearly the familiar feature, and knew it was the county to meet the other counties halt M;N Our catalogue explains how we teach barber trade in short time, without expense, mail free. Moler Bar"-ber college, Minneapolis, Minn. position of messenger for the Merchants' Loan ATrust Company, of Chi Lord. way and thus secure the certain nomination of the most popular candidate r cago, at a salary of ?6 a week. He was All day long conflicting reports had been circulated in the Holy city. The also fired by a spirit of independence, of the Hills for representative to congress. Never before has a candidate had such unanimous support from women had told the disciples they had seen and talked with the risen The next thing we know the English will be getting jealous of the Irish because of the latter's fervid attentions to Queen Victoria. the people of the Hills, and it must not I LA FAYETTE STOCK FARM t Litaetti, Ind. Has on hand 100 Stallions c onsisting of OLDENBL'K'j i;KKMA"N COACH Stallions, Draft Stallto us, consisting of NORMAN' ami KNG-SUSH SHIRE and BELGIANS. T rottlne Stallions and Jacks Anyone and wished to earn cigarette money by his own exertions. In the pride of his young manhood he would only ask his millionaire papa to pay his other bills. With sublime fortitude he stuck -Christ The disciples refused to believe. be that a clique of Deadwood politi cians shall defeat the candidate of the people by failure of their endorsement. senator-to rule They charged these women with being the victims of a delusion. Peter ana John Tisited the tomb, and finding n6 body there, they had returned to the to the arduous employment for twelve weeks. At the end of that time he was Inthe future the price of ships in Montana is likely much lower. The failure of Lawrence county to en - . w 5 so worn by the weighty duties of his ' city at a loss to account for its dis oosition that he was forced to reluc-J appearance. THE HILLS FOR MARTIN. Hot Springs Star: If the people who have been trying to convince tantly resign and seek the Berkshire Hills for recuperation. Not only was wanting a Stallion of any kind shoiuu address us at LaFayette, led., or write or call on our agent, WM. LEFORS. Belle Fourche, S. D. We can sill stallions as low as any other firm. Every Stallion guaranteed to be a g' breeder. I the evening hour drew near the ncinlei came, one by one", to their he exhausted by his onerous task, but themselves and some others that the room In Jerusalem where, with mind Black Hills talk in favor of Hon. E. it is said his eyesight was greatly impaired by the work of earning checks dorse E. W. Martin for representative at this stage of procedure, invites defeat of the nominee of the party, whoever he may be. We cannot believe that Lawrence will fall to meet the other countiea half way and give Mr. Martin endorsement and thus secure the nomination of a candidate from this section of the state. It Is folly at this time to think of any other candidate. The people of the Hills are for Martin, first last, and all of the time, and ful wonder and alarm they reviewed W. Martin for congressman was mere from one bank to another. Honore will ly newspaper talk, seriously believed the events of the day. In the midst of their conversation the disciples frr.m Emmans entered. Their radiant J. Grouch & Son, I'roprirtors. Join bis mamma at Paris so soon as he their own arguments they must be has recovered his strength sufficiently j V very much disappointed over the re to take an ocean voyage. When one sees lusty youth thus wrecked In messenger Work, some idea faces and their Joyful, confident assertions must have been in striking contrast with the sadnes and despondency into which the rest of the disciples had fallen. As the twi'ght passed and the darkness deepened. Jesus himself appeared. His saUtati.on to may be gathered of the enervating du ties of a bank president and the iron Custom Ore constitution needed by. whoever hopes when you defeat their will you Invite defeat to the' party. Let Lawrence come into line on the candidate of the people and success, not only in the nomination but election as well, is assured. to hold such a job. After all it may sult of the republican county conventions of Meade and Fall River counties. These counties were unanimous in their instruction to delegates elected to use all honorable means to secure Mr. Martin's nomination. That expression comes direct from the people. The newspapers of these counties have been merely.: voicing public sentiment It is the same all over the Hills. Every county is honestly la favor ot Mr. Martin and the element that opposing that sentiment is certainly nut be better to train our young men to the them was "reace do wuu -. worn confounded, and v. eUil vw"- . - - - honeht they saw a rplrit Their fright nn confusion, as we view it was noC less lucrative but more healthful employment of sewer digging, for longevity is preferable to wealth. It is sad to see a brave young life thus broken by ambitious endeavor, but after all it man be for the best surprising. They had s"een the man DR KAULTEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Ft. Naulteus has remoyed his office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothlnr stor Ws arc now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyan'6 eea at reasonable rates. Northwestern Oold and Silver Extraction bo. First Ward, Deadwood South DaKoW tled body of Christ laid in the tomb. antecedents save the All history, all 681 Main street r '-

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